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           July 18, 2011

Roger's Knight in Tarnished Masonic Armor

by Thomas A. Droleskey

No, this article is not about Roger "The Steroid Rocket" Clemens, whose trial for perjury while testifying before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform of the United States House of Representatives on February 13, 2008, ended in a mistrial when the presiding judge, United States District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Reggie Walton, who had presided at the trial of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, former Vice President Richard Bruce Cheney's longtime chief of staff, from January 16, 2007, to March 6, 2007, ruled that Federal prosecutors had violated his own order to redact a reference to testimony in a videotape that was being shown to jury. I don't have anything more to say about the headhunter who beaned Mike Piazza at the refurbished den of evil, now demolished, called Yankee Stadium in the night game of the split stadium (Shea Stadium-Yankee Stadium) day/night doubleheader on Saturday, July 8, 2000. It's all be said in Shamelessness of the Shamed.

This particular article is about a thirty-third degree Mason, Rupert Murdoch, who was "papally knighted" at the behest of the now retired conciliar "archbishop" of Los Angels, Roger "Cardinal" Mahony, in 1998, along with fellow Mason Roy Disney, the nephew of Walt Disney, and Bob Hope, whose conversion to Catholicism, which had taken place some years before, was not announced until after his death on July 27, 2003.

Rupert Murdoch, the Chairman and President of the News Corporation that owns, among scores upon scores of other publications, the New York Post, The Wall Street Journal and The Times of London and the Harper-Collins book publishing company (and its subsidiaries and various "imprint" subdivisions), Fox Television, Fox News Channel, Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Sports, and a phalanx of newspapers, satellite and cable companies and magazines in various parts of the world, including in Murdoch's native Australia and in the United Kingdom. The Fox broadcast television network broke much ground in the field of producing and airing some of the most reprehensible and morally offensive programming in the history of American television. Murdoch's newspapers and their websites are filled with what can be described of nothing short of pornographic photographs that are inspired straight from the devil himself.  

Rupert Murdoch has gained "respectability" in the eyes of naturalists of the false "opposite of the right" because of the launching on October 7, 1996, of the Fox News Channel that was the brainchild of his well-paid propagandist, Roger Ailes, who had worked in various capacities with the amoral Richard Milhous Nixon and the American "exceptionalist" Ronald Wilson Reagan and the Skull and Bonesman named George Herbert Walker Bush and the completely pro-abortion, pro-perversity Rudolph William Giuliani in his failed race for the Mayor of the City of New York against then City Clerk David N. Dinkins in 1989.  The Fox News Channel launched the career of Sean Hannity and it gave impetus and broader prominence to the careers of Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck and Greta van Sustern, among many others. Many former public officials and off again/off again candidates or for public office and a variety of political consultants have become very wealthy by drinking at Rupert Murdoch's trough that is Fox News Channel. Sarah Heath Palin, Leroy Newton Gingrich, Michael Dale Huckabee and Dick Morris are among some of the "stars" of the political world who have profited handsomely from Murdoch's Masonic blood money as it has been doled out to them by Roger Ailes.

Far from being "fair and balanced," the Fox News Channel is a propaganda arm of the government of the State of Israel and thus of the so-called "global war on terror" that has wound up bankrupting the treasury of the United States of America while this country's own global war of terror against Christ the King by means of its promotion of sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance, including the chemical and surgical assassination of children and special "rights" under cover of the civil law for those engaged in perverse sins against the binding precepts of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments. The Fox News Channel is just a much a propaganda arm of the false opposite of the naturalist "right" as the Monotonous and Seething Nest of Blind Communists (MSNBC) network is for the false opposite of the "left."

It is the case, however, that Rupert Murdoch has gotten a "pass" from "conservatives" for his promotion of indecency in films and magazines and on the Fox broadcast television network because of the "good work" that he has permitted Roger Ailes to do at the Fox News Channel. Money talks in this land where God is offended so regularly and the blood of the innocent shed so freely. Rupert Murdoch's got the money, which means he's got the influence to make or break public figures as his employees sell advertising time on his television/satellite/cable channels around the world and advertising space in his plethora of newspapers, magazines and book publishing companies.

Murdoch, a native of Australia, has used this influence broadly in the United States of America and in the United Kingdom. The influence of his media conglomerates in the United Kingdom helped the Conservative Party win enough of plurality of the seats in the House of Commons last year to form a coalition government with the Liberal Democratic Party, resulting Queen Elizabeth II's requested Conservative Party leader David Cameron to form a government to replace that of the defeated head of the Labour Party, the then incumbent Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. Cameron is a complete creature of Rupert Murdoch, having had ties of very longstanding with Murdoch and his associates, one of whom, Andy Coulson, was Cameron's director of communications (press secretary) until January 21, 2011, resigning under pressure as a result of revelations associated with Murdoch's now shuttered News of the World Sunday newspaper during a time when its employees were hacking the telephone voice messages and e-mails of members of the British royal families, public officials, celebrities and crime victims. Coulson was arrested on July 8, 2011, two days before the News of the World was closed after a one hundred sixty-eight year history of publication.

The scandal has reached the Metropolitan Police Service, more commonly known as Scotland Yard (or "The Yard"), which has had evidence of the hacking collecting dust in its files for five years now without much in the way of any serious investigations having been conducted. It turns out that some key figures in Scotland Yard have had a "revolving door" relationship with Murdoch's News International (the British subsidiary of his News Corporation, which is incorporated in the State of Delaware). This revelation prompted the resignation yesterday, Sunday, July 17, 2011, of Sir Paul Stephenson, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, after it became publicly known that various police officers at The Yard had been paid to provide information to News International (see An Arrest and Scotland Yard Resignation Roil Britain). Stephenson's deputy commissioner, John Yates, resigned today, Monday, July 18, 2011 (see Another Top Police Official Resigns in British Scandal.)

It is only quite logical that officials at Scotland Yard would want to cooperate with the minions of Rupert Murdoch as The Yard has been a nest of Freemasonry for a very long time. A Labourite Party member of the House of Commons, Chris Mullin, attempted in 1992 to force members of the lodge who served in public office to declare their membership as lodge "brothers" were known to be a corrosive on British politics and society, an interesting observation for one naturalist to make of an organized set of naturalists. As a naturalist though, Chris Mullin was not objecting to Freemasonry in se, just to its secrecy:

A BBC radio news item about secret societies was dropped yesterday because the World at One was unable to find a Mason to debate the issue with Chris Mullin, the Labour MP who later moved a Commons Bill to force public office holders to declare their membership.

Mr Mullin, MP for Sunderland South, was given unopposed leave to introduce his Secret Societies (Declaration) legislation, a 10- minute rule Bill which will make no further progress.

He warned earlier that the parliamentary device was an 'opening shot' in a campaign to require candidates either for appointment or election to public office to make public declarations of secret society membership.

'Recently, there have been a number of speeches by senior Masons designed to persuade public opinion that they have entered an era of glasnost,' he told the House.

But he added that that openness did not extend to discussing the matter with him on BBC radio, which, with 'characteristic gutlessness', had cancelled a planned interview with him at lunchtime yesterday.

Mr Mullin told a Westminster press conference: 'I was rung up by the World at One at 10 o'clock and asked if I'd come on the programme, and they would find a Mason to debate the issue with me. They've declined to co-operate, so it's off. I said to the BBC, 'You're allowing them to dictate the agenda', and I was told by the person I spoke to, 'I'm afraid I disagree with you.' That was the end of the conversation.'

Moving his Bill, Mr Mullin told MPs: 'I wish to stress that my Bill makes no objection to the practice of Freemasonry. If grown men wish to wear aprons, bare their breasts and indulge in strange rituals, that is entirely a matter for them.

'What I object to is the secrecy and corrosive effect which that secrecy has on public confidence in many of our most respected institutions.'

Martin Short, author of Inside the Brotherhood, a book about the Masons, told the earlier press conference: 'It goes on in all walks of life.

'The Ministry of Defence lodges are very peculiar; procurement officials in the same lodge as people who supply military goods and services to the procurement department of the Ministry of Defence.'

He said he had only discovered that because someone had found a file of papers in a junk shop. 'Although I can't prove any corruption, I can't see that this can be right.' (Masons' silence scuppers debate.)


The issue was raised several times later in the 1990s, once in 1997 (in an article in Section IV "Week in Review" of a Sunday edition of The New York Times that I am unable to find in an online search) that dealt specifically with Scotland Yard and in 1999:

The names of thousands of magistrates, crown prosecutors and judges who have failed to disclose whether or not they are masons should be published, the Commons home affairs committee demanded yesterday.

The initiative is needed because progress in establishing voluntary registers in the police, the crown prosecution service and other areas of the criminal justice system has been too slow, the MPs say. In future, similar disclosure of masonic influence should be made by those who work in parliament, including MPs and local authorities, they add.

The MPs, led by veteran Labour campaigner Chris Mullin, also report that their investigations into the influence of freemasonry have concluded that they cannot rule it out as a significant factor in both the Stalker affair and the miscarriage of justice cases involving the 1980s West Midlands serious crime squad.

However, the committee concludes that freemasonry was not a significant factor in the Birmingham pub bombings case.

But the MPs voice concern about the high proportion of masons in the ruling group of Pembrokeshire county council, and over allegations of improper masonic influence in the way the charity commissioners handled the sale of the Gorsey Hey masonic home at Bebington on Merseyside.

The latter allegation was made to the committee by an officer of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons.

The report says that 'there is a great deal of unjustified paranoia about freemasonry, but there is a widespread belief that improper masonic influence does play a part in public life.' Most of these allegations were impossible to prove. 'The solution is a simple one. It merely requires public servants who are members of a secret society to disclose their membership'.

The MPs are critical of attempts so far to set up voluntary registers of masons within the criminal justice system, pointing out, for example, that of the 2,097 members of the crown prosecution service who were asked, 48% refused to disclose whether or not they were masons.

They conclude that the government needs to speed up the process and set a firm timetable for establishment of registers in every police force and other parts of the criminal justice system. If necessary, legislation should be passed to compel full public access.

The committee's investigation into the involvement of masons in the now disbanded West Midlands regional crime squad established that eight officers were masons during the relevant time and two of them featured prominently in allegations of corruption but neither had ever been charged or disciplined.

'We conclude that freemasonry was not a primary cause of the difficulties, although we cannot exclude the possibility that it may have been a contributory factor,' say the MPs.

On the abandoned Stalker inquiry into an alleged shoot-to-kill policy by the RUC, the MPs provided the Grand Lodge with a list of serving or former police officers of the rank of superintendent or above who were prominently involved in the case. The Grand Lodge confirmed that two of the names were masons.

The MPs' inquiry into Pembrokeshire county council established that at least two-fifths of the majority independent group were masons or former masons. (MPs seek new action on masons.)


Typical Protestant English obfuscation. Masons may not be responsible for various crimes or they might be responsible. They might have close connections with various police departments or they might not. It's not Freemasonry that's the problem. We just want them to "register" to compel "full public access." One wonders if members of the royal family, including Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, had to register. Ah, then again, the there is a entire lodge consisting of members of the "royal household" even if the queen herself is not amused (see Freemasons open a lodge at Buckingham Palace .) Such must the only outcome in a country whose venal, lustful and thoroughly corrupt monarch overthrew the Social Reign of Christ the King in 1534 and then embarked upon a bloody persecution of Catholics who remained faithful to the true Church that took the lives of over 72,000 Catholics between then and the time of Henry VIII's death in 1547. Once again, my good and few readers and fewer still financial supporters, the devil must reign supreme when Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ does not reign over men and their nations. There is nothing "benign" or "brotherly" about Judeo-Masonry.

Ah, yes, Roger Mahony's "papal" knight's Masonic armor is just a little tarnished now in eyes of a broader world audience. It did not matter to Mahony that Murdoch's "armor" was tarnished by the very fact that he was a Freemason who had helped to promote indecency and vulgarity while he heaped hefty profits from doing so.

Then again, blood money has always "talked" for Roger "Cardinal" Mahony, something that I made clear in an article published ten years ago in the printed pages of Christ or Chaos (and at a time, of course, I was a sedeplenist, that is, someone who accepted what I came to recognize five years later is the nonexistent "legitimacy" of the conciliar "pontiffs" and their "hierarchy"):


    The vestigial after-effects of both Original Sin and our own actual sins incline us to sin. The Catholic Church has long categorized seven sins as being the deadly trees from which all other sins branch out in our lives. Pride, greed, lust, envy, anger, gluttony, and covetousness are the seven deadly sins. Although they are separate and distinct from each other, it is nevertheless true that they intersect with one another. It is no exaggeration to state that the capital or deadly sin of Pride is the queen of all sins, as it was the sin of Pride in the Garden of Eden which was committed by Adam and Eve when they disobeyed God by eating of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Ultimately, each sin we commit is related to Pride in that we place ourselves and our disordered desires above a love of God and the teaching He has deposited in Holy Mother Church. "Pride goeth before a fall." Indeed.

    Sadly, it is frequently the case that the rich and the powerful believe that they are exempt from God's immutable laws. Usually, although certainly not always, the rich and powerful people who believe that their money and fame exempt them from all moral truths have come by their money and power deceitfully, or, at the very least, they have come by their money and power by participating in the cultural and/or commercial promotion of sin for their own profit and empowerment.

    To wit, most of those who have made a great deal of money (and have thus acquired a good deal of fame)in the entertainment industry in the past thirty years have been active participants in the promotion of the undermining of the existence of objective moral truths which can be known with certainty by the use of reason and which have been revealed definitively in the person of the God-Man and taught in His Name and on His authority by Holy Mother Church. Almost all of the aspects of contemporary music, television, theater, motion pictures, books, magazines, and other media outlets exist to promote the glorification of a relativist and atheistic view of the world. Indeed, much money is made by those who promote direct attacks on the very tenets of the true Church, enabling addle-brained fallen-away Catholics to have a forum to express their contempt for the very means our Lord instituted to help them to get to Heaven.

    Similarly, those who acquire political power come to believe that they are exempt from God's laws, the subject of a commentary in last month's Christ or Chaos ("The Powerful Never Learn"). Many of our own people use their political careers to promote the nonexistent "right" of women to slaughter their unborn children. Others, such as the Republican Party boss of Nassau County, Long Island, New York, Joseph Mondello, actively recruit pro-aborts to run for office on his party's line while insisting they are pro-life themselves, something that former Senator Alfonse D'Amato did quite boldly from 1990 until the point of his self-inflicted defeat at the hands of then Representative Charles Schumer in 1998.

    However, Mondello and D'Amato are still considered Catholics in good standing, perhaps largely because they contribute generously to their local parishes. The same is true of former Representative Rick Lazio, who is a parishioner in good standing in his local parish on Long Island even though he, like New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, supports the destruction of our Lord mystically in the persons of unborn children by means of abortion. And this increasingly more common phenomenon of Republican Catholic pro-aborts who try to cover their sins with the blood money they contribute to the Church has been built on the longstanding receptivity given by one parish after another to Democratic pro-aborts.

    Indeed, Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd's blood money contribution to St. Joseph's School in North Grovernorsdale, Connecticut, was so important to Norwich, Connecticut, Bishop Daniel Hart in 1996 that the parish's temporary administrator, Father George Parker, was told he would not be considered as the parish's permanent pastor after he returned Dodd's blood money contribution. Blood money talks. It talks real loud.

    True, blood money has always talked in the Church. Fallen men have made up the human element of the Mystical Body of Christ in the Church Militant from her very beginning. Some have resisted temptation and scaled the heights of great sanctity. Others, however, have succumbed to the blandishments offered by the rich and the powerful. The Church is divinely founded and maintained. She will last until the end of time. The fact that she has survived for nearly two millennia despite the bad example given by the weak men who have composed her human element is one of the negative proofs for her indefectibility. Nothing that is merely of human origin and composition could possibly survive the repeated efforts of those who have held prominent positions of ecclesiastical authority to scandalize the faithful and to aggrandize themselves.

    And, too, each of us plays a role in the undermining of the Church. Each one of our sins wounds the Mystical Body of Christ and inclines us to sin all the more. None of us is exempt from responsibility for the state of the Church and thus of the world.

    That having been noted, however, those who do give bad example by succumbing to the blandishments of the rich and the powerful to pervert the Faith and/or to receive what become in effect a Church blessing for moral evils are directly responsible for their own actions. It was not so very long ago that a lot of pastors looked the other way as their Mafioso parishioners became wealthy by playing their evil trades. Mafia chieftains were given full requiem Masses when they died.

    They were married with special honors. Many of their children were baptized in private baptismal ceremonies. After all, some of the pastors rationalized, they had no direct knowledge of how their parishioners made their money. Pastors of souls thus accepted blood money from blood suckers and merchants of eternal death who made money by profiting from the weakness of others, if not tempting people into lives of abject evil (especially through prostitution and pornography and gambling).

    To his credit, the late Terence Cardinal Cooke, Archbishop of New York from 1968 to 1983, put an end to what are now called Masses of Christian Burial for notorious public sinners such as Mafia chieftains.

    Unfortunately, many in the hierarchy are still catering to those among the rich and the powerful who have come by their money or power illicitly. Enter Roger Cardinal Mahony, the Archbishop of Los Angeles, California. Cardinal Mahony has been very friendly to the monied forces within the Democratic Party.

    As should be reasonably well known by anyone familiar with my writing, I am a critic of the Republican Party, pointing out over and over again that most of its so-called "pro-life" office-holders are not pro-life at all. They are simply less pro-abortion than other politicians, and they have absolutely no intention of putting their political careers on the line to try to defend the sanctity of all innocent human life without exception. However, the Democratic Party is institutionally committed to the promotion of the very thing which caused our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to suffer once in His Sacred Humanity on the wood of the Holy Cross (and which wounds His Mystical Body today)-sin-as a matter of public policy and established "constitutional rights."

    How can a person say he loves our Lord and yet promote the very thing which caused Him to suffer His horrible death by Crucifixion on the wood of the Holy Cross? It is one thing to sin and to express sorrow for it in the Sacrament of Penance. It is quite another to persist in sin unrepentantly, worse yet to promote it under cover of law, which is what the Democratic Party does in its party's national and state platforms.

    Cardinal Mahony has not only looked the other way at all of this. No, he has done far more than that. Cardinal Roger Mahony has close friendships with powerful forces in the Democratic Party, some of which felt close enough to him to importune him to write a letter in support of the pardon application of a convicted drug dealer (whose father is a major donor to the Democratic Party and to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles).

    How interesting it is to note that a Prince of the Church does not care to recognize that those who donate to the fully pro-abortion political party have the blood of the innocent on their hands. To do their bidding in any way is to do the bidding of the Devil himself. However, modernist cathedrals and modernist catechetical conventions do not get funded with the contributions of the ordinary schnooks in the pew alone. Those thirty pieces of silver must be accepted in order to accomplish the destruction of reverence in worship and integrity of doctrine in lavish style.

    Cardinal Mahony expressed shock when the full facts of the drug dealer's pardon story became known. He was particularly incensed that former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, who is still working for the now beleaguered former forty-third president, misled him about how his letter in support of the pardon application would be used. Why the shock, your Eminence? If you lie down with pro-abortion dogs and take their money, you are going to wake up with the dirt left by their pro-abortion fleas.

    Cardinal Mahony was the first bishop in the United States to endorse then President-elect Bill Clinton's decision in November of 1992 to seek to change the military's longstanding policy concerning practicing homosexuals and lesbians in the military. He had Clinton speak from the pulpit at St. Vibiana's Cathedral on Palm Sunday one year. His functionaries in the Los Angeles archdiocesan chancery office are alleged by press reports to have been involved in helping illegal aliens to register to vote in 1996 so that they could vote for the pro-abortion Catholic Loretta Sanchez against the pro-life Robert K. Dornan. Mahony even went so far as to bestow Papal honors on two purveyors of indecency and filth in the media: Rupert Murdoch, a thirty-third degree Mason, and Roy Disney. Nothing like a little blood money from those who have produced motion pictures and television programs glorifying sin, eh? And this is to say nothing of how he has used the money of ordinary Catholics to try to "de-Europeanize" the liturgy, which has been the subject of many commentaries and analyses in the last few years.

    Cardinal Roger Mahony has no one but himself to blame for the embarrassment he is suffering at present. He does not care to learn the simple fact that those who support the promotion of sin under cover of law are unfit to hold any office-and that they should be given no quarter in the Church whatsoever.

    Many are the good and sincere people who have come by their money honestly, people who want to use the treasure God has bestowed upon them for the promotion of reverence in worship and integrity of doctrine. How sad it is that those good people are mocked and reviled as reactionaries while the supporters of the baby-killing political party and soul-killing entertainment fare are honored as great supporters of the "progressive" Church. Says a lot right there, doesn't it?

    Naturally, the fact that Bill and Hillary Clinton, who promised to run the most ethical administration in history, sold everything they could to the highest bidder should come as absolutely no surprise. They are base, coarse, vile, vulgar, greedy, prideful human beings who believe in all utter arrogance and righteousness that they can do whatever it is they want whenever it is they want with complete and total impunity, responding with indignity when even forced to answer questions about their corrupt practices.

    They have done that which has come to them so naturally during the course of their entire lives. (And it would be highly ironic if one of Clinton's own pro-abortion United States Attorneys, Mary Jo White of the Southern District of New York, turns out to be the one to force the crooks from Arkansas and Chappaqua to finally face a jury of their peers for the first time in their lives.) [2011 note: All right, all right. Wishful thinking. It didn't happen.]

    However, even though scandals are part of the Church's history and are sewn into the fabric of fallen man, it is nevertheless true that each man is responsible for his own actions and that those in positions of ecclesiastical authority have a special obligation to avoid even the whiff of scandal and favoritism. Cardinal Mahony, who claims to be an advocate of the poor and the downtrodden, certainly likes to hobnob with the rich and the famous who help to subsidize and to perpetuate the culture of death in this country (and to export it around the world).

    John Paul II created forty-four new cardinals in a consistory on February 21, 2001, the subject of a commentary in the late-May/mid-June issue of Christ or Chaos. I hereby propose that a special un-consistory be held to remove the cardinalate red hats of those bishops who have proven themselves to be enemies of the Cross of Jesus Christ. The red blood which stains the money in the hands of Roger Cardinal Mahony cries out to Heaven for the removal of his red hat. For he has no one to blame for the embarrassment caused by his doing the bidding of blood sucking pro-aborts than himself and his own desire to ingratiate himself to all of the wrong people in high places for all of the wrong reasons.  [Another 2011 note: All right, all right. I'm a wiser man now.] (Blood Money Talks.)



Rupert Murdoch is just one of many purveyors of evil who have been "knighted" at the behest of conciliar "bishops. Among the others have been two pro-abortion, pro-perversion Talmudic rabbi, Dr. Walter Jacob, the Rabbi Emeritus of the Rodef Shalom Congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who is now active in helping to launch “Reform Judaism” in Germany, was "knighted" to the Papal Order of Saint Gregory by the then conciliar "bishop" of Pittsburgh, Donald Wuerl, who has since succeeded Theodore "Allah" McCarrick as the conciliar "archbishop" of Washington, D.C., on June 18, 2005, and the late Rabbi Leon Klenicki, who was "knighted" by Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI on August 27, 2007, in an United Nations ceremony that was presided over by Sean "Cardinal" O'Malley (remember him?--here's Another Victim of Americanism; Behold The Free Rein Given to Error; Behold The Free Rein Given to Error; Unfortunate Enough to Be A Baby; Unfortunate Enough to Be A Baby; Beacon of Social Justice?; Spotlight On The Ordinary; What's Good For Teddy Is Good For Benny; Sean O'Malley: Coward and Hypocrite: More Rationalizations and Distortions and No Crime Is Worse Than Deicide just in case your memory is deficient).

What's the big deal? Killing babies? Promoting perversion and indecency and vulgarity? Providing people with incentives to sin, whether naturally or unnaturally, against the Sixth and the Ninth Commandments? What's the big deal? The only impedient to fame, fortune and public honors in the counterfeit church of conciliarism is if you hold to everything that the Catholic Church teaches prior to the dawning of the age of conciliarism and reject the nonexistent legitimacy of the false conciliar church's officials. Oh, yes, I guess there is another impediment: put into question supposedly "settled" matters of secular history. That just might be a slight impediment to winning the favor of Ratzinger/Benedict and his conciliar "bishops" (see Williamson, Bishop Richard, for example; See Those Who Deny The Holocaust, Recognize and Capitulate, As We Forgive Not Those Who Trespass Against Us, Yes, Sir, Master ScribeDisciples of Caiphas, Under The Bus, Nothing New Under the Conciliar Sun, "And They That Passed By Blasphemed Him".)

Will the now retired Roger "Cardinal" Mahony request that Murdoch, who divorced the Catholic woman to whom he was married at the time of his "papal" knighting in 1998 just one year thereafter, resign his knighthood. No. Mahony is probably too busy involved in some project to promote the "rights" of those who have entered this country illegally (see Apostasy Is His Field).

Although the ever-widening scandal that is breaking apart Rupert Murdoch's media empire is breathtaking in its scope, it should be kept in mind that we live at a time when all manner of people, including Catholics, are so bereft of even the precepts of the Natural Law, no less those of the Divine Positive Law, that they feel quite free to publish the e-mails of correspondents on various blogs and "forums" without obtaining the consent of the person with whom they have corresponded. There are lots of people out there with nothing better to do with their lives than to speculate quite publicly--and sometimes quite definitively--on the lives of private persons (that is, those who are not publicly known) others without just cause to do so. This is what is done all of the done, it appears, on such things as antisocial networking sites as Twitter and Facebook (see Caligula's Got Nothing On This Crowd). Rupert Murdoch and his minions merely have the means to do this on a much grander scale in order to maximize their own profits.

In the end, of course, these profiteers lose at the moment of their Particular Judgment if they do not convert to the Catholic Church before they die and repent of their sins. They are doomed otherwise. And while it is sometimes true that those who overreach bring themselves down even in this life, it is frequently the case that God permits the rich and powerful to "enjoy" themselves here as they attempt to exploit us for profit and to lead us into temptation, thereby providing us with an opportunity to pray for their conversion and to make reparation for their sins (and for our own many sins, of course). The "worldly man" may have "success" in this life. He cannot have any in eternity if he persists in "worldliness" until the moment of his death.

Saint Louis Grignion de Montfort explained to us that we cannot live according to the rules of the "worldly man:"


    There are several kinds of Wisdom. First there is true and false wisdom. True wisdom is fondness of truth, without guile of dissimulation. False wisdom is fondness of falsehood, disguised under the appearance of truth. This false wisdom is the wisdom of the world, which, according to the Holy Spirit, is threefold "Earthly, sensual and devilish wisdom" (Jas. 3: 15). True wisdom is natural and supernatural. Natural wisdom is knowledge, in an eminent degree, of natural things in their principles; supernatural wisdom is knowledge of supernatural and divine things in their origin.

    But we must be aware of being mistaken in our choice, for there are several kinds of wisdom. There is the Wisdom of God--the only true Wisdom, that deserves to be loved as a great treasure. There is also the wisdom of the corrupt world, which must be condemned and detested as evil and pernicious. Moreover, there is the wisdom of the philosophers, which we must despise wen it is not true philosophy and because it is often dangerous to salvation.

    So far, following the advice of St. Paul, we have spoken of the Wisdom of God to chosen souls, but lest they should be deceived by the false luster of worldly wisdom, let us expose its deceit and malice. The wisdom of the world is that of which it is written: "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise" (1 Cor. 1: 19) according to the world. "The wisdom of the flesh is an enemy to God.... This is not the wisdom descending from above but earthly, sensual, devilish" (Rom. 8: 7, Jas. 3: 15).

    This worldly wisdom consists in the exact compliance with the maxims and fashions of the world; in a continuous trend toward greatness and esteem. It is a secret and unceasing pursuit of pleasures and personal interests, not in a gross and open manner, so as to cause scandal, but in a secret, deceitful and scheming fashion. Otherwise, it would not be what the world calls wisdom, but rank licentiousness.

    Those who process according to the wisdom of the world, are those who know how to manage well their affairs and to arrange things to their temporal advantage, without appearing to do so;

    --who know the art of deceiving and how to cleverly cheat without it being noticed; who say or do one thing and have another in mind;

    --who are thoroughly acquainted with the way and the flattery of the world;

    --who know how to please everybody, in order to reach their goal, not troubling much about the honor and interests of God;

    --who make a secret, but deadly, fusion of truth with untruth; of the Gospel with the world; of virtue with vice; of Jesus Christ with Satan;

    --who wish to pass for honest people, but not as religious men; who despise and corrupt or readily condemn every religious practice which does not conform to their own.


    In short, the worldly-wise are those, who being guided only by their human senses and reason, seek only to appear as Christian and honest folk, without troubling much to please God, or to do penance for the sins which they have committed against His divine Majesty. The worldling bases his conduct upon his honor, upon what people say, upon convention, upon good cheer, upon personal interest, upon refined manners, upon witty jokes. These are the seven innocent incentives, so he thinks, upon which he can rely, so that hey may lead an easy life. He has virtues of his own, for which is canonized by the world. These are manliness, finesse, diplomacy, tact, gallantry, politeness and sprightliness. He considers as serious sins such traits as lack of feeling, silliness, dullness and sanctimoniousness.

    The Ten Commandments of the Worldly Man:

    1. Thou shalt be well acquainted with the world.

    2. Thou shalt appear to be an honest man.

    3. Thou shalt be successful in business.

    4. Thou shalt kept what is thine.

    5. Thou shalt get on in the world.

    6. Thou shalt make friends.

    7. Thou shalt be a society man.

    8. Thou shalt make merry.

    9. Thou shalt not be a killjoy.

    10. Thou shalt avoid singularity, dullness and an air of piety.

    Never was the world so corrupt as it is now, because it was never so astute, so wise in its own conceit and so cunning. It is so skillful in deceiving the soul seeking perfection, that it makes use of truth to foster untruth, of virtue to authorize vice and it even distorts the meaning of Christ's own truths, to give authority to its own maxims. "The number of those who are fools, according to God, is infinite" (Eccles. 1: 15)

    The earthly wisdom, spoken of by St. James, is an excessive striving for worldly goods. The worldly-wise make a secret profession of this type of wisdom when they allow themselves to become attached to their earthly possessions; when they strive to become rich; when they go to law and bring useless actions against others, in order to acquire or to keep temporal goods; when their every thought, word and deed is mainly directed toward obtaining or retaining something temporal. As to working out their eternal salvation and making use of the means to do so--such as reception of the Sacraments and prayer--they accomplish these duties only carelessly, in a very offhanded manner, once in a while and for the sake of appearances.

    Sensual wisdom is a lustful desire for pleasures, The worldly-wise make a profession of it, when they seek only the satisfaction of the senses; when they are inordinately fond of entertainment; when they sun whatever mortifies and inconveniences the body, such as fasting and other austerities; when they continually think of eating, drinking, playing, laughing, amusing themselves and having an agreeable time; when they eagerly seek after soft beds, merry games, sumptuous feasts and fashionable society.

    Then, after having unscrupulously indulged in all these pleasures--perhaps without displeasing the world or injuring their health--they look for the "least scrupulous" confessor (such is the name they give to those easy going confessors who shirk their duty) that they may receive from him, at little cost, the peaceful sanction of their soft and effeminate life, and a plenary indulgence for all their sins. I say, at little cost, for these, sensually wise, want, as penance, the recitation of only a few prayers, or the giving of an alms, because they dislike what afflicts the body.

    Devilish wisdom consists in an unlawful striving for human esteem and honors. This is the wisdom which the worldly-wise profess when they aim, although not openly, at greatness, honors, dignities and high positions; when they wish to be seen, esteemed, praised and applauded by men; when in their studies, their works, their endeavors their words and their actions, they seek only the good opinion and praise of men, so that they may be looked upon as pious people,  as men of learning, as great leaders, as clever lawyers, as people of boundless and distinguished merit, or deserving of high consideration; while they cannot bear an insult, or a rebuke; or they cover up their faults and make a show of their fine qualities.

    With Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Wisdom, we must detest and condemn these three kinds of false wisdom if we wish to acquire the true one, which does not seek its own interest, which is not found on this earth, nor in the heart of those who lead a comfortable life, but which abhors all that which is great and high in the estimation of men.

    To come to the perfect possession of Divine Wisdom, we must accept and follow His teaching. We must begin renouncing ourselves and keeping the great commandments of loving God and our neighbor. We must renounce the flesh, the world and its temporal goods. Above all we must renounce our self-will. To do this, we must humbly pray, we must do penance and suffer persecution. For all this we need the help of Divine Wisdom, Who invites us to go to Him.

    With His help we need not fear, provided we be clean of heart. To succeed we must persevere and not look back; we must walk in the light and act according to the teachings of Divine Wisdom; we must be vigilant and avoid the maxims of the false prophets; we must not fear what may be done to our body and reputation, but only be solicitous about the kingdom of God, which we can only enter by the narrow gate. Therefore, we must keep in mind the Eight Beatitudes and we must be thankful to God for having taught us these heavenly truths. (St. Louis de Montfort's True Devotion: Consecration to Mary, Complete Five-Week Preparation, compiled by Father Helmuts Libietus, Angelus Press, 1998, pp. 31-36, taken from Saint Louis de Montfort's book, The Love of Eternal Wisdom.)


Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort taught us that we must pray the Rosary constantly to obtain the Heavenly graces that we need to reject the false "wisdom" of this world.


    The chief concern of the Christian should be to tend to perfection. "Be faithful imitators of God, as his well-beloved children," the great Apostle tells us. This obligation is included in the eternal decree of our predestination, as the one and only means prescribed by God to attain everlasting glory.

    Saint Gregory of Nyssa makes a delightful comparison when he says that we are all artists and that our souls are blank canvasses which we have to fill in. The colors which we use are the Christian virtues, and the original which we have to copy is Jesus Christ, the perfect living image of God the Father. Just as a painter who wants to do a lifelike portrait places the model before his eyes and looks at it before making each stroke, so the Christian must always have before his eyes the life and virtues of Jesus Christ, so as never to say, think or do anything which is not in conformity with his model.

    It was because Our Lady wanted to help us in the great task of working out our salvation that she ordered Saint Dominic to teach the faithful to meditate upon the sacred mysteries of the life of Jesus Christ. She did this, not only that they might adore and glorify him, but chiefly that they might pattern their lives and actions on his virtues.

    Children copy their parents through watching them and talking to them, and they learn their own language through hearing them speak. An apprentice learns his trade through watching his master at work; in the same way the faithful members of the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary can become like their divine Master if they reverently study and imitate the virtues of Jesus which are shown in the fifteen mysteries of his life. They can do this with the help of his grace and through the intercession of his blessed Mother.

    Long ago, Moses was inspired by God to command the Jewish people never to forget the graces which had been showered upon them. The Son of God has all the more reason to command us to engrave the mysteries of his life, passion and glory upon our hearts and to have them always before our eyes, since each mystery reminds us of his goodness to us in some special way and it is by these mysteries that he has shown us his overwhelming love and desire for our salvation. "Oh, all you who pass by, pause a while," he says, "and see if there has ever been any sorrow like to the sorrow I have endured for you. Be mindful of my poverty and humiliations; think of the gall and wormwood I took for you in my bitter passion.

    These words and many others which could be given here should be more than enough to convince us that we must not only say the Rosary with our lips in honor of Jesus and Mary, but also meditate upon the sacred mysteries while we are saying it.

Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort suffered much for his own rejection of the ways of the world in his day, especially from those vile people known as Jansenists. He had to be detached from many of his own plans, including his famous Calvary scene, which he was ordered to tear down after he had gone to so much time and effort to build it for the honor and glory of God and to bring to the public's mind the sufferings of Our Lady at the foot of the Holy Cross as she watched her Divine Son, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, suffer and die to redeem us from our sins. We must trod the path of the saints as well by being totally detached from the ways of this passing world, being attached always and at all times only to the will of God, Who desires us to scale the heights of personal sanctity with every beat of our hearts.

Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort offered the ineffable Sacrifice of the Cross in an unbloody manner in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We, too, must be devoted to the Holy Mass, which is the perfect prayer, in order to attached to the things of Heaven that we are willing to sacrifice all in this world for the love of the Most Holy Trinity.

This is how the matter is put in the American preface to The Hidden Treasure: Holy Mass, by Saint Leonard of Port Maurice:


    "Where there is no Mass," writes one of the Fathers of the English Oratory, "there is no Christianity." The reason is plain. Christ's life was one of sacrifice--not merely of the figurative sacrifice of praise and prayer, but one of outward act, of suffering and of death. His religion must be like Himself: it must be the continuation of the divine human life that He led upon earth, representing and perpetuating, by some sacred rite, the sacrifice that began in the womb of Mary and ended upon the cross of Calvary. That rite is the holy Mass. Do we always realize it as such? Does the conviction sink deep into us, when offering, or assisting at the adorable sacrifice, that Jesus is re-enacting, in our presence, the mysteries of His life and death?

    The altar of the Mass is the holy house of Nazareth, the city of Bethlehem, the Egyptian place of exile, the hill of Calvary, the garden-tomb in which Our Saviour's corpse reposed, and the Mount of Olives from which He ascended. The Passion, it is true, is that which is primarily represented and continued in the holy Mass; yet the prayers and rites of the sacrifice refer, at times, to other mysteries. Thus the dropping of a part of the sacred host into the chalice, before the Agnus Dei, represents the reunion of Christ's soul with His body and blood on the morning of the Resurrection. For a description of the many and beautiful analogies between the eucharistic life of Our Lord and His sacred Infancy, we refer the reader to Father Faber's Treatise on the Blessed Sacrament.

    The Mass is truly a "hidden treasure," and, alas, our cold, dead faith allows it to remain so. If we valued it as we ought, we would hurry every morning to the church, ceaseless of the snows of winter and the heats of summer, in order to get a share of the riches of this treasure.

    The saints knew the value of one Mass: that it was a dark day in their calendar on which they were deprived of the happy privilege of saying or hearing Mass. Although St. Francis de Sales was overburdened with apostolic work on the Mission of the Chablais, he made it a point never to miss his daily Mass. In order to keep his holy resolution, he had frequently to cross the river Drance, to the village of Marin, in which there was a Catholic church. It happened, in the winter of 1596, that a great freshet carried away a portion of the bridge over the stream, and the passengers were, in consequence, compelled to cross on a plank laid over those arches of the broken structure that had withstood the waters. Heavy falls of snow, followed by severe frosts, made this board very slippery, so that it became dangerous to attempt passing on on it; but St. Francis was not be deterred, for despite the remonstration of his friends, he made the perilous journey every morning, creeping over the icy plank on his hands and feet, thus daily risking his life rather than lose Mass.

    Dear Christian reader! beg this glorious saint to obtain for you and me some portion of his burning love for the most holy and adorable sacrifice of the altar.


The antidote to the madness of the likes of Roger Mahony and his knight in tarnished masonic armor, Rupert Murdoch, and to all of the conciliar revolutionaries of Modernism and the lords of naturalism of Modernity remains in a faithful fulfillment of Our Lady's Fatima Message as we continue to champion the Social Reign of Christ the King, starting in our own homes, from which we must banish as much trace of worldliness as possible.

We must never be discouraged or disheartened because others, be they relatives or friends or total strangers, calumniate us for our defense of Christ the King. It has been this way since the Sanhedrin sought to intimidate the first Pope, Saint Peter, into silence about the Holy Name of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ:

    And calling in the apostles, after they had scourged them, they charged them that they should not speak at all in the name of Jesus; and they dismissed them.

    And they indeed went from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were accounted worthy to suffer reproach for the name of Jesus. And every day they ceased not in the temple, and from house to house, to teach and preach Christ Jesus. (Acts 5: 40-42.)


We must, as the consecrated slaves of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray as many Rosaries each day as our states-in-life permit, confident that Our Lady will use whatever merits we earn and give them to the Most Sacred Heart of her Divine Son for the honor and glory of the Most Blessed Trinity and for the good, temporal and eternal, of the souls of all men on the face of this earth. Nothing should matter to us other than being faithful as we seek to be ready at all times to die in states of Sanctifying Grace as members of the Catholic Church and to be known at that moment as a friend of Christ the King in life and at the hour of our deaths

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our deaths. Amen.

All to thee, Blessed Mother. All to thy Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, we love you. Save souls!

Viva Cristo Rey! Vivat Christus Rex!

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Camillus de Lellis, pray for us.

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