Revised and Expanded: Sin: More Dangerous Than the Coronavirus, part eleven

As has been noted in previous parts of this series, the Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus, which is part of the plandemic devised at Event 201 in the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York, New York, on Friday, October 18, 2019, the Feast of Saint Luke the Apostle, has enabled pro-abort, pro-perversity pantheistic statists to become a veritable caste of latter-day Stalinists. These arrogant tyrannical monsters have busied themselves by exploiting the plandemic to rule by executive fiat and to elevate non-elected scientists and medical advisers to positions of such unquestioned authority that anyone who dares to question their judgments, refutes their manufactured “evidence,” or exposes their crimes against God and man must be subjected to immediate “cancellation” by the high priests and priestesses of Big Technology. 

At the Root of It All: Red China

Not that it matters to the presidential usurper named Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., or to the so-called World Health Organization, more and more evidence continues to be amassed that Xi Jinping’s Red China is at the root of the whole plandemic in an effort to wage global warfare against the West to transform it into the image of a repressive Chinese Communist state.

The following images depict the exact Red Chinese military strategy, translated by the whistleblower of Wuhan, Dr. Li Meng Yan, that is being employed by the plademicists as they execute with exquisite intricacy the details of their “Global Reset of Humanity”:


(A man fluent in the Chinese language assures me that these images are real and that the text reads the same in Chinese and in English. Whistleblower Dr. Yan has exposed this strategy:  Dr. Li Meng Yan.)

The description found in the image just above is a devastating summary of exactly what we are facing at this time as one statist monster after another in the United States of America and elsewhere in the supposedly “free” world imposes ever more draconian restrictions and never cease to move the “goalposts” so that the “normal” of the past will come to replaced by a “reset” at the cost of genuine human rights, including those of life, liberty, and property. Red China is engaged in genetic warfare, which is solely responsible for all that has followed, including the plandemicists' plans to change election laws because of "lethal" virus in order to rid themselves of President Donald John Trump so that there could be a "reset" of Chicom-American relations as well as the "great reset of humanity."

The nefarious Dr. Anthony Fauci, of course, is forever changing his story as to when we can take off those stupid masks and return to “normal” as it is his job to continue to keep us under some kind of statist supervision and monitoring so that we will come to resign ourselves to the fate his Red Chinese allies have in store for us: to become nothing other than expendable wards of the civil state, whose monstrous statists want “dissenters” to toe the line on the Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus, the chemical and surgical execution of the innocent preborn, the agenda of sodomy and the other perverse vices that flow from unnatural vice that not even Saint Peter Damian, whose feast we celebrate tomorrow, Tuesday, February 23, 2021, could have imagined possible over 1050 years ago, “palliative care”/hospice, “brain death” and the vivisection of vital bodily organs from living human beings to be transplanted in the name of “organ donation” and “giving the gift of life” (by carving up a living human being, of course), the starvation and dehydration of innocent human beings, explicit classroom instruction in matters pertaining to the Sixth and Ninth Commandments, the corruption of Big Pharma and many, although not all, of its medicines, the whole regime of “vaccinations” that produce all matter of short-term and long-term side-effects, including death within a relatively short time of administration and/or at a later time when a vaccine’s genetic modifiers make the recipient a candidate for “palliative care,” and almost anything else that our censorious lovers of tyranny decide to mandate for belief and acceptance without question. In others, Fauci has helped to unleash a massive effort to transform the United States of America into Red China by means of executive fiats, most of which have passed judicial muster in the name of “following the science,” and his own ever-changing and quite transparent efforts to teach us dummies that our “independent spirit” must yield to whatever the “experts” say must be done, and to call to mind a catch phrase of the fictional Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, he is “loving every minute of it.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, now says that we may have to continue wearing masks until sometime next year, 2022:

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday that it is "possible" Americans may still need to wear face masks in 2022, even as the country could approach a certain "degree of normality.

While Fauci noted he can't predict when the U.S. could return to the way it operated during pre-pandemic life, he believes that, by the end of the year, the United States could have "a significant degree of normality beyond what the terrible burden that all of us have been through over the last year." 

"As we get into the fall and the winter, by the end of the year, I agree with [President Biden] completely, that we will be approaching a degree of normality," Fauci said. "It may or may not be precisely the way it was in November of 2019 but it’ll be much much better than we’re doing right now." 

However, Fauci stressed that it is just an estimate and that "a lot of things can happen to modify that."

"That’s the reason why we’ve got to be careful," Fauci added. "Because you have variance that you need to deal with. There are so many other things that would make a projection that I give you today on this Sunday, wind up not being the case six months from now."

Fauci explained that the community prevalence of the coronavirus will be the determining factor as to when Americans will not need to wear masks, noting that he would like to see the level of transmission drop to a baseline so low that there is a "minimal threat that you will be exposed to someone who is infected." 

"If you combine getting most of the people in the country vaccinated with getting the level of virus in the community very, very low, then I believe you are going to be able to say you know for the most part we don’t necessarily have to wear masks," Fauci said. "When it goes way down, and the overwhelming majority of the people in the population are vaccinated, then I would feel comfortable in saying you know we need to pull back on the masks, we don’t need to have masks." (Fauci says it is possible Americans may be still be wearing face masks in 2022.)

I, for one, have lost track of how many times Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the swamp creatures that former President Donald John Trump should never have enabled the way that he did as he, the former president, fell into the trap that the plandemicists had set for him during Event 201 on October 18, 2019, has contradicted himself while explaining to the public with a straight face, accentuated at times by a smirky smile that exudes a condescension of a power-drunk statist, that he is only “following the science." However, there are those who have kept track of Fauci's flips and flops and other kinds of intellectually dishonest gynmastics:

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director Anthony Fauci’s often inconsistent comments and mixed messages on the coronavirus pandemic are prompting renewed scrutiny as debate rages over reopening schools and businesses nearly a year after the lockdowns started.

“Dr. Fauci is a very good public-health official. His job is to advise policy makers and inform the public,” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said on Tuesday. “But his job is NOT to decide what we can do, where we can go or which places can open or close And his job is NOT to mislead or scare us into doing the ‘right things.'”

“Why should we trust Fauci with a national plan? Back in March, Fauci famously told Americans, ‘There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask,'” wrote David Harsanyi in the National Review. “(Fauci now says we should wear two masks. No thanks, Dad.)”


Fauci in an interview on “60 Minutes” in early March of last year warned of “unintended consequences” of masks, saying “people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.” 

On masks, Fauci and former Surgeon General Jerome Adams – who also warned against buying and wearing masks in spring 2020 – said officials recommended against wearing masks early in the pandemic because at the time there was a massive shortage of PPE for medical workers who needed it most. Further, more evidence of asymptomatic spread of the virus later came out. 

Fauci later enthusiatically embraced wearing masks.

“What has changed in our recommendation?” Adams said in a White House briefing in July. “We now know from recent studies that a significant portion of individuals with coronavirus lack symptoms.”

Now, Fauci more recently has backed recommendations that Americans wear two masks instead of one if possible in order to keep the masks tighter on people’s faces. 

“If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective,” Fauci told NBC News last month. The CDC officially put out double-masking guidelines this month. 


Another issue on which Fauci has adjusted his stances is on exactly what level of vaccination is necessary for the U.S. to reach herd immunity to the virus. Fauci previously said the percentage of Americans who need to be vaccinated to reach that goal was 70% before revising that number up to higher than 80%. 

This inspired a story in the New York Times that accused Fauci of “quietly shifting” recommendations. Fauci then explained to the paper that he was taking public opinion polls into account in how he shaped his comments. 

“When polls said only about half of all Americans would take a vaccine, I was saying herd immunity would take 70 to 75%,” Fauci said, according to the paper. “Then, when newer surveys said 60% or more would take it, I thought, ‘I can nudge this up a bit,’ so I went to 80, 85.”

He continued: “We have to have some humility here … We really don’t know what the real number is. I think the real range is somewhere between 70 to 90%. But, I’m not going to say 90%.”

And on returning to normal after Americans get their vaccines, Fauci has made several different comments that are not necessarily consistent. 

“It’s gonna depend very much on what the percent or level of efficacy of the vaccine is,” Fauci said in an interview of what post-vaccine life would look like with Bloomberg in August. “I would be very happy with 70-75% and I would be accepting of 50 to 60%.”

Fauci said continued public health measures would be necessary if the vaccine was on the low-end of effectiveness. But vaccines have been shown to be significantly more effective than anticipated – upwards of 90% – and Fauci now says Americans may need to wear masks until 2022. 

“Obviously, with a 90-plus-percent effective vaccine, you could feel much more confident,” Fauci said on CNN in November. “But I would recommend to people to not abandon all public health measures just because you have been vaccinated, because even though, for the general population, it might be 90 to 95% effective, you don’t necessarily know, for you, how effective it is.”

He added Sunday, also on CNN, that whether Americans wear masks into 2022 “depends on the level of dynamics of the virus that’s in the community… If you see the level coming down really, really very low, I want it to keep going down to a baseline that’s so low, that there’s virtually no threat – or not no. It’ll never be zero, but a minimal, minimal threat that you will be exposed to someone who is infected.”

More than 500,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus, which is an airborne disease that is not severe in most healthy people but can be deadly to older people and those with compromised immune systems. Fauci and his defenders have said their recommendations on the virus, which did not exist before 2019, have evolved as Americans’ understanding of the virus has evolved. They also say the strict recommendations reflect the vast number of deaths the virus is capable of causing and has caused. 

But those who are more critical of Fauci say he made pronouncements of “science” with far too much finality when the science was not in fact settled; has not leveled with Americans in some cases, including on the length of the lockdowns; and is not taking into account the mental and emotional toll of the virus lockdowns. 

Also this month, Fauci said on NBC’s “Today” that “by the time we get to April, that would be what I would call … open season” on vaccines and nearly full vaccination by “the middle and end of the summer.” The epidemiologist was then contradicted by President Biden, who said in a CNN town hall that vaccine would be available to all Americans by the end of July, and it would take longer than that to get doses in everybody’s arms. 

Fox News reached out to the NIAID for comment on Fauci’s messaging on masks, herd immunity, vaccines and when life may return to normal and did not receive a response. 


Many Americans continue to wonder when the nation’s top infectious disease expert will tell them that they can resume life as normal.

One issue on which Fauci has remained more consistent is the reopening schools, which he has reiterated is possible before teachers get vaccines. In fact, he said this month on CBS that vaccinating every teacher before opening schools is “non-workable.”

Fauci on Sunday declined to say on CNN that grandparents who are fully vaccinated could see their grandchildren, saying “I don’t want to be making a recommendation now on public TV. I would want to sit down with the team, take a look at that.”

That prompted a rant from Meghan McCain on “The View.” 

“I was very frustrated when I saw this clip,” she said. “The fact that Dr. Fauci is going on CNN and he can’t tell me if I get the vaccine, I’ll be able to have dinner with my family… It’s terribly inconsistent messaging and it continues to be inconsistent messaging.”

Fauci answered some of that criticism on CNN Tuesday. 

“If I’m fully vaccinated and my daughter comes in the house and she’s fully vaccinated … common sense tells you that in fact you don’t have to be as stringent,” Fauci said. But, he added, “we want to get firm recommendations from the CDC” on what people can and cannot do when they are vaccinated. (Fauci's Mixed Messages and Inconsitences About Covid-19, Masks, Vacines, and Reopenings Come Under Scrunity.)

It is interesting that “the science” has a funny way of following the needs of elected and unelected statists without fail, is it not?

Anyhow, Anthony Fauci is saying now that two masks are better than one, meaning that such a “two mask” mandate or “recommendation” may have to be issued sooner rather than later, something that is already being enforced in the Federal courthouse and other buildings under the jurisdiction of the Southern District of New York in the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York, New York:

Visitors to Manhattan federal court and other buildings in the Southern District of New

York are now required to either wear two face masks or an FDA-approved N95 mask.

The double-mask requirement was included in the federal court district’s COVID-19 “phased re-entry plan” released on Feb. 11.

“You are required to wear either: (i) one disposable mask underneath a cloth mask
with the edges of the inner mask pushed against your face; or (ii) a properly fitted, FDA-authorized KN95 (or N95) mask,” the text of the plan states.

If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective,” top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said in January.

“Gaiters, bandannas, or masks with valves/vents are not acceptable face coverings. If you do not have the approved mask(s), a screener will provide one. No one will be admitted without the proper mask(s),” it adds.

Security guards at the court buildings — which include the Daniel Patrick Moynihan courthouse at 500 Pearl Street, the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse at 40 Foley Square and District Court in White Plains — will enforce the mask mandate.

The plan extends only to the federal courthouses in the district, but other federal court districts across the country can impose similar mandates if they choose to.

The CDC last week recommended double masking for more protection against COVID-19.

If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it i would be more effective,” top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said in January. (Manhattan Federal Court Builidings Now Require Two Masks.)


All these changing “recommendations,” mandates, executive fiats, monitoring, “contact tracing,” economy-killing lockdowns, the enforced isolation of the population, the isolation of the hospitalized and institutionalized from their family members and friends, are the constant histrionics and grim warnings that never come true for a weakened version of a genetic weapon that kills less than one percent of those infected with it even including the cases of those who suffer from preexisting conditions that predispose them to succumbing to the virus.

For this?

For this?


Those who incant the “follow the science” mantra and expect us dumb sheepies to do the same cannot even seem to agree amongst themselves as to when it might be “safe enough” for daily living to resume without the monstrous restrictions.

Dr.Marty Makary, who teaches at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland, says that “herd immunity” might be achieved as soon as April if the program of genetically-modifying vaccines is able to get enough people encoded—excuse, me, “immunized” against a virus that is not a mortal threat to lives of most people:

A Johns Hopkins professor and surgeon says that the coronavirus could be “mostly gone” by April.

Marty Makary, who teaches at the university’s School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health, said in an opinion piece published in the Wall Street Journal on Friday that daily infections have declined by 77 percent since January.

“There is reason to think the country is racing toward an extremely low level of infection,” Makary wrote. “As more people have been infected, most of whom have mild or no symptoms, there are fewer Americans left to be infected. At the current trajectory, I expect COVID will be mostly gone by April, allowing Americans to resume normal life.”

Vaccinations and the high number of people who have already been infected in the US — more than 28 million — could contribute to herd immunity in the spring, Makary said. Herd immunity occurs when enough people become immune to a virus, ending its spread. Makary also said it would protect against new strains of the coronavirus from spreading.

“When the chain of virus transmission has been broken in multiple places, it’s harder for it to spread — and that includes the new strains,” he said. (Johns Hopkins Expert Says Covid-19 Pandemic Could End by April. For an analysis of the damaged caused by the lockdowns, please see Dr. James Pierson's and Naomi Riley's co-authored commentary, "we are not safer at home," which is very good no matter their support of public concentration and indoctrination of all that is evil camps hat are sometimes referred as "public schools.")

Fauci says now that the plandemic will last until 2022, but Dr. Marty Makary says that it will end in a little over two months.