Blood-Stained Villains All Over The Map

The farce that is the American electoral system that is controlled by the anti-Incarnational forces of Judeo-Masonry deceives even most Catholics without distinction as to where they fall along the vast expanse of the ecclesiastical divide during this time of apostasy and betrayal.

This is true each and every election cycle without fail, and it is true largely because Catholics permit themselves to be deceived by the blood-stained villains of the false opposite of the naturalist “right” who appear to be “better” than the blood-stained villains of the false opposite of the naturalist “left.” Glued to their televisions and listening with rapt attention to the insane babblings of naturalists who make millions of dollars spewing their blathering on the radio, most Catholics in the United States of America take leave of their senses believing that a given election cycle is going to be “different,” forgetting that the root cause of all human problems is Original Sin and that the proximate causes of our social problems are to be found in the Actual Sins of men, including our own.

There have been many times on this website that I have reminded readers why the members of the organized crime families of the naturalist “left” and the naturalist “right” are false opposites. Let me do so again the in the midst of the current agitation as the cast of Midget Naturalists 2015-2016 assembles for the quadrennial sideshow that is a Republican presidential nomination campaign:

I refer to the "false opposites" of the "left" and the "right" because, despite their differences over  the powers "government" over that of the "individual," both the "left" and the "right" reject Catholicism as the one and only foundation of personal and social order. The adherents of the "left" and the "right" believe that it is neither prudent or necessary to acknowledge that the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity in the Virginal and Immaculate Womb of His Most Blessed Mother has changed human history. Such adherents also reject any suggestions that both men and their nations must be subordinate to Christ the King and the authority of His true Church on all that pertains to the good of souls and that the civil government has an obligation to pursue the common temporal good in light of man's Last End.

No matter the differences between "conservatives" and "liberals," my friends, they both have one mind and one heart in the belief that man does not need the teaching and sanctifying offices of the Catholic Church to guide them in their private and social lives. This is, of course, the triumph of the Judeo-Masonic spirit of naturalism that was dissected so well by Pope Leo XIII. It matters little as to who is or is not a formally enrolled member of the "lodges" when most Catholics and non-Catholics alike are infected with the ethos of naturalism.

Similarly, any civil leader who believes that can, either by himself or with others, pursue genuine order without the help of Our Lady and the use of her Most Holy Rosary is a fool. We must give public honor to Christ the King and to Mary our Immaculate Queen. 

Those who followed the proceedings of the conventions of these two false opposites will see that the thumbnail definition I provided for the vast readership pretty much summarizes the what unites the competing organized crime families of naturalism now raising hundreds of millions of dollars so that they can control the levers of civil power. One false opposite, "the left," has an agenda of statism. The other false opposite, the "right," is committed to appealing to whichever constituency will get its candidates elected, which means that policy positions are like so much "sands through an hour glass."

Do not get lost in the "trees" of the hysteria of the moment. Keep focused on the fact that we are simply witnessing the perfect of the inherent degeneracy of the founding principles.

It's all a farce and an absolute sideshow, one that I took seriously for far too long and, as is known, participated in quite actively as a candidate in the State of New York (who run solely to defend the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law) and as a surrogate speaker in the Patrick Joseph Buchanan presidential campaign twenty years ago now.

To wit, as predicted on this website last week, the effort on the part of Republicans in the United States Senate to defund Planned Barrenhood has failed despite the belief of one of the supporters of this effort, United States Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), who is one of the seventeen candidates running for the privilege of being defeated by Hillary Rodham Clinton on November 8, 2016, that he had “fifty-eight” votes in support of the defunding measure, which was nothing other than a “shell game” that would have shifted funds from one evil organization, Planned Barrenhood, to many others, something that was explained in Shifting Funding From One Evil Organization To Many Others. Such a prediction was rather bold considering the fact that there are only three supposedly “pro-life” Democrats in the United States Senate (Joseph Donnelly of Indiana, Robert Casey of Pennsylvania, and Joseph Manchin of West Virginia) and one fully pro-abortion Republican senator, Mark Kirk of Illinois.

As it turned out, of course, only fifty-three senators voted for the defunding measure, including Democrats Donnelly and Manchin, while two Republicans, the aforementioned Mark Kirk and Senate Majority Leader Addison Mitchell McConnell (R-Kentucky), who did so, we are supposed to believe, because he wanted to bring the matter up for another vote at a later time. It is easier to believe in the tooth fairy or the “goddess” Gaia, which some in the false sect of conciliarism openly worship without fear of rebuke by Jorge Mario Bergoglio (see When "Gaia" Calls.)

The Senate failed Monday to advance a Republican-led measure to halt federal aid to Planned Parenthood, but leaders of the GOP-controlled chamber appear ready to continue the fight, galvanized by a series of unsettling videos about the group.

The vote to bring debate on the bill was 53 against to 46 in favor.

The measure had not been expected to get the 60 votes needed to move it toward a final vote because Republicans needed several “yeas” from Democrats, who largely support Planned Parenthood.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin was among the Democrats who voted to defund the group. Manchin, whose state has increasingly become more Republican leaning, was undecided until a few hours before the vote.

“I am very troubled by the callous behavior of Planned Parenthood staff in (the) recently released videos, which casually discuss the sale, possibly for profit, of fetal tissue after an abortion,” he said before voting. “Until these allegations have been answered and resolved, I do not believe that taxpayer money should be used to fund this organization.”

Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly was the only other Democrat to vote yes. The only Republicans to vote no were Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He voted no so he could again bring up the measure.

On the GOP side, Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa said, "The American taxpayer should not be asked to fund an organization like Planned Parenthood that has shown a sheer disdain for human dignity and complete disregard for women and their babies."

The first of the videos were released late last month and show group officials negotiating the price of aborted fetal tissue for research.

Federal law prohibits the sale of fetal tissue for profit. And whether the officials were indeed negotiating a for-profit price, as critics charge, may never be settled.

Planned Parenthood says it only recovers costs of the procedures and gives the tissue to researchers only with a mother's advance consent.

However, the videos have sparked renewed efforts by pro-life organizations and others to restrict abortions and undermine Planned Parenthood.

The group provides abortions and such health and family-planning services as contraception and sexual-disease treatment to roughly 2.7 million people annually, mostly women.

By law, federal funds are already barred from being used for abortions except for cases of incest, rape or when a woman's life is in danger.

The White House says it would block legislation to defund the group.

Still, Republicans could try to gain leverage for the defund effort when Congress returns from August recess by threating to vote against spending bills to keep the government running after Sept. 30 if they include Planned Parenthood funds.

GOP leaders are reluctant to force a shutdown fight that could haunt them in the 2016 elections.

In 2013, firebrand Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, now a 2016 presidential candidate, led a showdown against Washington Democrats over funding for ObamaCare that resulted in a partial government shutdown that voters largely blamed on Republicans.

Planned Parenthood leader Cecile Richards told Fox News on Monday that a shutdown effort would be “politically unpopular” but that her group would be prepared for such a fight.

The furtively recorded videos released in July -- with close-ups of aborted fetal organs and Planned Parenthood officials describing how "I'm not going to crush that part" -- have forced the group and its Democratic champions into a defensive crouch.

Democrats are sounding a theme they have employed in recent elections, characterizing the GOP drive as an assault on health care for women.

"It's our obligation to protect our wives, our sisters, our daughters, our granddaughters" from the GOP's "absurd policies," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev, said before the vote. "The Republican Party has lost its moral compass."

The videos were made by anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress, which has so far released four videos in which people posing as representatives of a company that purchases fetal tissue converse with Planned Parenthood officials.

In the longer term, GOP leaders are hoping that three congressional committees' investigations, plus probes in several states and the expected release of additional videos, will produce evidence of PlannedParenthood wrongdoing and make it harder for Democrats to defend the organization.

Their measure calls for funneling Planned Parenthood’s federal dollars to other providers of health care to women, including hospitals, state and local agencies and federally financed community health centers.

Republicans say that transfer would enable women to continue receiving the health care they need because PlannedParenthood's nearly 700 clinics are far outnumbered by other providers.

PlannedParenthood and Democrats contest that. They say many of the organization's centers are in areas with few alternatives for reproductive health care or for other services for the low-income women who comprise a majority of its clients. (Senate Fails to Advance Planned Barrenhood Defund Effort.)

One will note that the news story just above included the simple fact that Federal taxpayer funds do pay for the direct, surgical execution of innocent preborn babies in their mothers' wombs in the so-called “hard cases,” meaning that all of the protests about “defending” the preborn against Planned Barrenhood's barbaric practices is so much hubris as I will never tire of reminding the readership of this site that no one who supports, no less funds, even one single direct attack on an innocent human being at any time from the first moment of his conception to the time of his natural death is “pro-life,” and it is an offense against truth and violence against all logic to claim otherwise. Moreover, no one who supports contraception of any kind or who supports explicit classroom instruction in matters pertaining to the Sixth and Ninth Commandments is “pro-life. Perhaps even more tellingly, no one who supports the vivisection of supposedly “brain dead” human beings as a means of “giving the gift of life” is “pro-life” as vital bodily members can only be “transplanted” if the victims being vivisected having beating hearts with which to pump blood into them. Period.

The adherents of the false opposite of the organized crime family of the naturalist “right” like to make “pro-life” “noises” even though most of them support the chemical assassination of children by means of abortifacient contraceptives at all times and support the direct assassination of children in certain supposedly “hard cases.” No matter how well-intentioned some of these naturalists may be, their support of objective evils as a matter of principle and not as a matter of a supposed legislative necessity is indefensible and provides an illusion of “virtue” when none exists.

The adherents of the false opposite of the organized crime family of the naturalist “left,” however, are far, far more honest than those of the naturalist “right.” Hideous human beings such as Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., Hillary Rodham Clinton, Harry Reid and Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi, et al., openly and proudly support the daily execution of the innocent preborn under all circumstances without any restriction for any reason at any time, up to and including the practices of Planned Barrenhood, which show an open defiance not only for the immutable laws of God but also for the feeble efforts of Federal law to “regulate” the use of the tissue and bodily members taken from innocent babies as they are being killed:


A Planned Parenthood executive admits in an undercover video that her doctors alter abortion procedures and she manipulates prices to accommodate specific fetal tissue harvesting requests -- including delivering fully intact fetuses -- though doing so may violate federal law.

In the nearly 16-minute, edited video, the fifth released by Center for Medical Progress, a woman identified as Melissa Farrell, director of research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, discusses pricing for specimens -- ranging from intact fetuses to tissue and organs -- for outside tissue procurement companies.

“Yeah, and so if we alter our process, and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, then we can make it part of the budget, that any dissections are this, and splitting the specimens into different shipments is this,” Farrell said. “I mean it’s all just a matter of line items.”

Altering abortion procedures to procure fetal tissue, delivering intact fetuses and selling fetal tissue for profit are all against federal law.

Planned Parenthood has denied breaking any laws and has said payments discussed in the videos relates to reimbursement costs for procuring the tissue -- which is legal.

However, Farrell tells undercover investigators from the center multiple times that abortion doctors can change a procedure in order to procure intact specimens.

“And you know, when it matters, you know in the cases of when it’s mattered, you know, physicians also need an intact specimen, they can make it happen,” said Farrell, noting that some of the clinic’s doctors have research projects of their own for which they’re collecting specimens.

“So they do it in a way that they get the best specimens,” Farrell said. “So I know it can happen.”

The video’s revelations stand in stark contrast to public statements made recently by top officials of the Planned Parenthood regional affiliate.

The head of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast denied the organization sold or donated fetal tissue in a July 24 letter to Louisiana Dept. of Health and Hospitals Secretary Kathy Kliebert.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is also running for the Republican presidential nomination, directed the DHH to investigate Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, which was seeking to open a New Orleans facility.

In her letter to Kliebert, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Melaney A. Linton, specifically addressed the fetal tissue issue.

“Do any Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast facilities, or any affiliates, subsidiaries or associates thereof, sell or donate any unborn baby organs or body parts? Answer: No.” Linton wrote.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called for an investigation into Planned Parenthood following the release of the first video on July 14, and the new video also drew immediate condemnation from the Republican.

“The latest video showing Planned Parenthood’s treatment of unborn children in a Houston clinic is repulsive and unconscionable," Abbott said in a statement. "Selling baby body parts is the furthest thing imaginable from providing women’s healthcare, and this organization’s repeated and systematic disrespect for human life is appalling. The State of Texas is aggressively investigating this matter and must use all available legal remedies to address this depraved conduct.”

CMP has been the target of two restraining orders by federal judges banning them from releasing some of their recordings. The orders, however, have so far been limited to videos made at meetings of the National Abortion Federation and those dealing with a tissue procurement company, StemExpress.

Tuesday’s release, purely reliant on video taken inside a Planned Parenthood clinic, would not seem to violate either order.

At the end of the video, CMP investigators film a segment in what they say is the abortion clinic’s pathological laboratory. Farrell and two unidentified Planned Parenthood workers demonstrate the “quality” of fetal body parts, including intact arms, legs, lungs, intestines and eyeballs.

The CMP investigators ask to see any intact specimens, but one of the unidentified female workers begins laughing.

“We had a really long day and they’re all mixed up together in a bag,” she says.

The “Just a Matter of Line Items” video is the fifth release from CMP. Like the first four, it contains undercover video of Planned Parenthood officials and associates.

CMP has yet to release the full footage of its latest video. But a preliminary link for "full footage" exists on its website, and the organization has in the past typically released unedited video several hours after the edited video has been released

The videos have brought investigations of Planned Parenthood's policies on aborted fetuses by three Republican-led congressional committees and three states.

The Senate failed Monday evening to advance a Republican-led measure to halt federal aid to Planned Parenthood. The vote to bring debate on the bill was 53-46, shy of the 60 votes needed to move on. (Planned Barrenhood Official Does Alter Baby-Killing Procedures Price Structure on the Basis of Supply and Demand.)

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Tuesday said the next president should defund Planned Parenthood.

In an on-stage interview at the Southern Baptist Forum, Bush was asked if Republicans should make funding for Planned Parenthood an issue as more controversial videos about its practices are released.

e should, and the next president should defund Planned Parenthood,” he said, adding that he defunded the non-profit when he served as governor of Florida.

Bush said the argument against that effort would be that it’s a “war on women.”

“You could take dollar for dollar — although I’m not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues — but if you took dollar for dollar, there are many extraordinarily fine community health organizations that exist to provide quality care for women on a wide variety of health issues,” he said.

The U.S. government, or any government, shouldn’t fund abortions, Bush said. The Hyde Amendment bans federal funding from being used for abortions, except in cases of rape, incest or when it's necessary to save a mother's life.

Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, quickly fired back at Bush on Twitter for his remarks about the amount of federal funding for women's health services.

Democrats also pounced on the funding remark.

“Jeb Bush is sure about one thing — he wants to restrict access to affordable health care for women, which isn’t surprising considering his ‘shame and blame’ playbook. This backwards ideology isn’t only the exact opposite of what women need from their next president – it could put the health of millions of women in jeopardy,” said Kaylie Hanson, the director of women’s media for the Democratic National Committee.

On Capitol Hill, chatter has been growing about a possible government shutdown in October over Planned Parenthood funding. The White House has vowed that President Obama would veto any measure that cuts off the more than $500 million in federal funding the group receives each year.

“I don’t remember how many times we’ve had government shutdowns and budgets not passed,” Bush said Tuesday. “If I’m president, we’re going to respect the Constitution get back to regular order way where democracy works again where you submit a budget, you work with Congress, you pass a budget and in that budget, there will not be $500 million going to Planned Parenthood.”

His remark comes a day after GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said he'd be willing to force a government shutdown to defund Planned Parenthood.

On “The Hugh Hewitt” show, he was asked if he supports a shutdown, Trump said, “Well I can tell you this: I would.

Democrats also pounced on the funding remark.

“Jeb Bush is sure about one thing — he wants to restrict access to affordable health care for women, which isn’t surprising considering his ‘shame and blame’ playbook. This backwards ideology isn’t only the exact opposite of what women need from their next president – it could put the health of millions of women in jeopardy,” said Kaylie Hanson, the director of women’s media for the Democratic National Committee.

On Capitol Hill, chatter has been growing about a possible government shutdown in October over Planned Parenthood funding. The White House has vowed that President Obama would veto any measure that cuts off the more than $500 million in federal funding the group receives each year.

“I don’t remember how many times we’ve had government shutdowns and budgets not passed,” Bush said Tuesday. “If I’m president, we’re going to respect the Constitution get back to regular order way where democracy works again where you submit a budget, you work with Congress, you pass a budget and in that budget, there will not be $500 million going to Planned Parenthood.”

His remark comes a day after GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said he'd be willing to force a government shutdown to defund Planned Parenthood.

On “The Hugh Hewitt” show, he was asked if he supports a shutdown, Trump said, “Well I can tell you this: I would. (The next president should defund Planned Barrenhood.)

This is a case of Jeb Bush opposing Planned Barrenhood after he had supported it.

What do I mean?

Well I am glad, good and attentive readers, that you asked at an early hour of the morning of the Feast of Our Lady of the Snows (the Dedication of the Basilica of Saint Major Major).

Here is your long-anticipated answer:

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush was founding director of the Bloomberg Family Foundation.  He was named to that post in 2010 and resigned in 2014 as he prepared to announce his candidacy.  While he was on the board, this foundation gave tens of millions to Planned Parenthood and funded international abortion efforts.  Michael Bloomberg had always been up front about his vision for the foundation.  It would be intellectually dishonest for anyone to insinuate that Bush had no knowledge of the foundation's pro-abortion fundings.  I had discounted Bush as a candidate long ago; this news only confirms my instincts. (DO GOP Officals Support Planned Barrenhood?)

Jeb Bush knows full well that there will never be sixty votes in the United States Senate to defund Planned Barrenhood even if the Republican Party retains control of it after the elections to be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, an outcome that is far from guaranteed.

Furthermore, it is not even certain that the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Representative John Boehner (R-West Chester, Ohio), could secure enough votes from his own Republican caucus to support the defunding of Planned Barrenhood as there are enough Republican “moderates” from so-called “swing districts” that will not want to anger “moderate” voters concerned about “bread-and-butter” issues (viz., the money, the money, and the money).

Then again, maybe there are those who work for Speaker Boehner don't want such a measure actually winning a floor vote when and if one should take place:


The founder of StemExpress, the private company that has engaged with Planned Parenthood in the sale of aborted baby body parts, is the younger sister of the health policy director of House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH).

In response to Breitbart News’ request for comment, Emily Schillinger, Boehner’s press secretary, said, “Charlotte Ivancic is a dedicated public servant who enjoys the utmost respect among her peers and Members of Congress. She has the Speaker’s complete trust and confidence in both her work and her character.”

As reported at Breitbart News, StemExpress, located in Placerville, California, describes itself as “a multi-million dollar company that supplies human blood, tissue products, primary cells and other clinical specimens to biomedical researchers.” The company says it “offers the largest variety of raw material in the industry, as well as fresh, fixed and cryopreserved human primary cells.”

StemExpress touts that it is the only company of its kind to obtain tissues and isolate cells for the individual needs of researchers in its own labs.

“Our human tissue products range from fetal to adult and healthy to diseased, and we also collect bone marrow and leukapheresis for isolation,” the company says.

The Center for Medical Progress, the pro-life group that produced the undercover video of a Planned Parenthood medical director eating a salad while discussing the harvesting and sale of aborted baby body parts, has posted StemExpress’s flyer which states:

By partnering with StemExpress, not only are you offering a way for your clients to participate in the unique opportunity to facilitate life-saving research, but you will also be contributing to the fiscal growth of your own clinic. The stem cell rich blood and raw materials that are usually discarded during obstetrical procedures can, instead, be expedited through StemExpress to research laboratories with complete professionalism and source anonymity.

On Wednesday, Boehner ordered an investigation into Planned Parenthood following the release of the now-viral video.

“Nothing is more precious than life, especially an unborn child,” Boehner said in his statement. “When anyone diminishes an unborn child, we are all hurt, irreversibly so. When an organization monetizes an unborn child – and with the cavalier attitude portrayed in this horrific video – we must all act.”

“As a start, I have asked our relevant committees to look into this matter,” the Speaker continued. “I am also calling on President Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell to denounce, and stop, these gruesome practices.”

On Thursday, Boehner again addressed the Planned Parenthood video. At his weekly press briefing, he pledged that the House would get to the bottom of Planned Parenthood’s practices discussed in the video:

Also this week, at my request, our committees have begun looking at some of the gruesome practices embraced by Planned Parenthood. I’m also demanding that the President denounce and stop these practices.

If you’ve seen this video, I don’t have to tell you how sickening it is. So rest assured, we’re going to get to the bottom of this and protect the values that we hold dear.

I want the committees to do their investigation. I want them to do their hearings.  And, once they have, then we’ll decide what’s the proper course of action…

I could talk about the video, but I think I’d vomit trying to talk about it. It’s disgusting.

In May, the National Journal credited Boehner’s health policy director Ivancic with bringing about a permanent “doc fix,” a nickname for the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act, a measure that addressed the threatened cuts to doctors’ reimbursement from Medicare. In the past, Congress has performed the “doc fix” on a temporary basis.

ccording to the Journal, Ivancic, 37, worked as a laboratory administrator in the tissue-engineering department at Children’s Hospital Boston after graduating from college, and then went on to study health law at Boston University. Her first job on Capitol Hill was in the office of former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) for a year. She then moved on to work for Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN), a physician and former Senate Majority Leader.

Ivancic next went on to join the team of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who had become ranking member of the House Budget Committee, where she remained for six years.

Ivancic joined Boehner’s office as health care and veterans’ adviser over two years ago.

“I knew going in she was probably one of the best health care minds on Capitol Hill,” said Mike Sommers, Boehner’s chief of staff. “What I didn’t fully appreciate was her political skill. She also has the capacity to evaluate the political scenarios around the deal. I think that’s what makes her invaluable to the speaker.”

“I knew going in she was probably one of the best health care minds on Capitol Hill,” said Mike Sommers, Boehner’s chief of staff. “What I didn’t fully appreciate was her political skill. She also has the capacity to evaluate the political scenarios around the deal. I think that’s what makes her invaluable to the speaker.”

The Journal notes that Ivancic said Boehner’s “optimism” and the efforts of the “bipartisan committee” that worked on the permanent “doc fix” were essential to passing the legislation.

The article continues:

[A]s the speaker’s health care adviser, Ivancic was the go-between between Boehner and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA),working daily with her counterpart in the minority leader’s office to negotiate a deal very few people thought could be pulled off. As daunting of a task as that might seem, it encompassed everything Ivancic loves about her job.

“When I think about what I have enjoyed most about what I do, it’s anything bipartisan,” Ivancic said. “I really love to be able to work on a deal with the other side. I think that’s kind of where the sweet spot is in terms of producing the best legislation.”

Writing at the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), however, G. Keith Smith, M.D. said the purpose of the doc fix was to “delay the bankruptcy and end of Medicare,” but that the permanent fix would only “hasten” that end.

He continued:

Central to the progressive goal of controlling the practice of medicine—and to the success of the [Un]affordable Care Act (UCA)—is the need to push physicians into employment contracts with hospitals. As hospital employees, doctors are easier to control, and less able to act as uncompromising advocates for their patients.

Fear leads many doctors to succumb to ‘offers’ of hospital employment they would otherwise not entertain. The threat of massive SGR cuts was a great fear generator…

Smith says that with the permanent doc fix, Medicare payments will no longer be made directly to physicians, but to hospitals.

“That the American Hospital Association lobbied so strongly for this provision should provide an indication of what they have in mind for doctors’ payment,” he wrote.

The worst part of the doc fix, however, according to Smith, is “outcomes-based pay,” a provision through which physicians get paid based on how well patients do after surgery.

“This provision is particularly diabolical,” says Smith. “Its true intent is the denial of care to the sickest and neediest (and likely the most expensive), as physicians fearing that they will be profiled for poor outcomes with sick patients will slow play their care or not see them at all.”

“To bureaucrats, this provision has the added advantage of a built-in fall guy: the physician,” he added. “The physician who denies care out of fear of a soiled profile will be pilloried, while the real perpetrators in D.C. will celebrate and take credit for lower Medicare expenditures.”

Smith says that with the doc fix, more physicians will leave Medicare completely, rather than play the “beg the hospital for payment” game. (Boehner Heatlh Policy Director Is Sister of StemExpress.)

This is not to say that House Speaker John Boehner is not personally revulsed by Planned Barrenhood's barbaric ways, only to note that some who advise him may not be so revulsed. After all, Boehner permitted Charlotte Ivancic to cut a deal with House Minority Leader Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi to “fix” Medicare payments in such a way as to provide hospital administrators with more contol of physicians, who might not get paid for their services if they resist the directives that the administrators bark unto them.

Remember, good and weary readers, that we've been through this all before as it was but a scant three years ago that Willard Mitt Romney's involvement with Stericycle caused not a stir among those “pro-life” voters who thought that he, a veritable Bob Dole III (following George Herbert Walker Bush, who won the presidency only because Ralph Nader won 97,421 votes cast by committed leftists in the State of Florida, permitting Bush to win the Sunshine State's twenty-five electoral votes even though he out polled Gore in Florida by a meager margin of 517 votes, and John Sidney McCain III, who ran a pathetic campaign against then United States Senator Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro, D-Illinois), was going to defeat President Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

David Corn, a leftist journalist who writes for the thoroughly far "left" Mother Jones journal, followed quite a paper trail in 2012 that led very reasonably to the conclusion that the real reason that Willard Mitt Romney did not want to reveal his tax returns for certain years was they would have shown that he had invested, both when associated with Bain Capital and on his own after he left that company for good in 2002, in a company, Stericycle, which disposes of "medical waste." Among the "medical waste" that Stericycle collects and then incinerates are innocent babies who have been sliced and diced to death in their mothers' wombs at baby-killing mills and hospitals:

Despite the firm's [Stericycle's] regulatory run-ins, the deal worked out well for Bain. In 2001, the Bain-Madison Dearborn partnership that had invested in the company sold 40 percent of its holdings in Stericycle for about $88 million—marking a hefty profit on its original investment of $75 million. The Bain-related group sold the rest of its holdings by 2004. By that point it had earned $49.5 million. It was not until six years later that anti-abortion activists would target Stericycle for collecting medical waste at abortion clinics. This campaign has compared Stericycle to German firms that provided assistance to the Nazis during the Holocaust. A Stericycle official told Huffington Post that its abortion clinics business constitutes a "small" portion of its total operations. (Stericycle declined a request for comment from Mother Jones.)

In response to questions from Mother Jones, a spokeswoman for Bain maintained that Romney was not involved in the Stericycle deal in 1999, saying that he had "resigned" months before the stock purchase was negotiated. The spokeswoman noted that following his resignation Romney remained only "a signatory on certain documents," until his separation agreement with Bain was finalized in 2002. And Bain issued this statement: "Mitt Romney retired from Bain Capital in February 1999. He has had no involvement in the management or investment activities of Bain Capital, or with any of its portfolio companies since that time." (The Romney presidential campaign did not respond to requests for comment.)

But the document Romney signed related to the Stericycle deal did identify him as a participant in that particular deal and the person in charge of several Bain entities. (Did Bain and Romney file a document with the SEC that was not accurate?) Moreover, in 1999, Bain and Romney both described his departure from Bain not as a resignation and far from absolute. On February 12, 1999, the Boston Herald reported, "Romney said he will stay on as a part-timer with Bain, providing input on investment and key personnel decisions." And a Bain press release issued on July 19, 1999, noted that Romney was "currently on a part-time leave of absence"—and quoted Romney speaking for Bain Capital. In 2001 and 2002, Romney filed Massachusetts state disclosure forms noting he was the 100 percent owner of Bain Capital NY, Inc.—a Bain outfit that was incorporated in Delaware on April 13, 1999—two months after Romney's supposed retirement from the firm. A May 2001 filing with the SEC identified Romney as "a member of the Management Committee" of two Bain entities. And in 2007, the Washington Post reported that R. Bradford Malt, a Bain lawyer, said Romney took a "leave of absence" when he assumed the Olympics post and retained sole ownership of the firm for two more years.

All of this undermines Bain's contention that Romney, though he maintained an ownership interest in the firm and its funds, had nothing to do with the firm's activities after February 1999. The Stericycle deal may raise red flags for anti-abortion activists. But it also raises questions about the true timing of Romney's departure from Bain and casts doubt on claims by the company and the Romney campaign that he had nothing to do with Bain business after February 1999. (Romney Invested in Medical-Waste Firm That Disposed of Slaughtered Babies.)

Although some tried to spin and cover for Romney by saying that Bain Capital sold forty percent of its shares in Stericycle in 2001, the fact remains that Bain Capital sold those shares to another company owned and controlled by a man named Mitt Romney, a fact that David Corn missed but another left-leaning journalist discovered by following the paper trail:

David Corn notes that one of the  vehicles that owned Stericycle was Sankaty High Yield Asset Investors, Ltd., but in this paragraph--

Another SEC document filed November 30, 1999, by Stericycle also names Romney as an individual who holds "voting and dispositive power" with respect to the stock owned by Bain. If Romney had fully retired from the private equity firm he founded, why would he be the only Bain executive named as the person in control of this large amount of Stericycle stock?

--he misses an important point.  Sankaty is the Bermuda corporation that was listed on Mitt's 2010 tax return.  It was not owned by Bain; instead,

Sankaty was transferred to a trust owned by Romney's wife, Ann, one day before he was sworn in as Massachusetts governor in 2003, according to Bermuda records obtained by The Associated Press. The Romneys' ownership of the offshore firm did not appear on any state or federal financial reports during Romney's two presidential campaigns. Only the Romneys' 2010 tax records, released under political pressure earlier this year, confirmed their continuing control of the company.

So the Romneys owned Stericycle stock through Sankaty -- not as part of Bain.  And that's an extremely important point: If Mitt wasn't involved in Bain, why did he invest directly in Stericycle?

It's obvious why abortion foes would object to this, of course; but I think there's a larger point, and that goes to the non-release of the tax returns. Many have suggested nefarious reasons why those returns have not been released.  I'm coming to believe that the reason is more tactical in nature.  I'm betting that Mitt has been a truly amoral (n.b.: NOT immoral) investor.  If it made money and wasn't patently illegal, he'd invest in it.  If his tax returns are public, they will show bets on all kinds of things that look -- well, unseemly for a President to be involved in.  Mitt must know this; it's obviously why he transferred Sankaty to Ann's blind trust.  It's also obviously why he put long-time confidante Brad Malt in charge of the Romney's trusts, no doubt with an eye to weeding out the investments that shouldn't see the prying eyes of voters.  

When Mitt's folks vetted his returns, I think they still found things like Stericycle that would damage him.  Not illegal, as I said, but not good.  Let's hope when the Globe or the Post or the Times gets ahold of Stericycle, it points out the direct tie to the Romneys and not the Bain connection -- and wonders what else is lurking on Mitt's tax returns. (Stericycle will be Mitt's next scandal.)

The claim of one Romney apologist, Steven Ertelt of Life News (not to be confused with Lifesite News), that Stericycle only became involved in the business of collecting the butchered bodies of innocent babies at this nation's killing centers in 2007 was absolutely irresponsible as the documentary evidence completely contradicted this claim. Here is a link to a "pdf" that provec even in 2012 that  Stericycle was "collecting" and "disposing" of butchered babies at a baby-killing mill at the so-called Greenville Women's Clinic in Greenville, South Carolina, in 2003: Greenville Women's Clinic 2003.

Oh, I forgot. Romney's hidden interest and investment in Stericycle at that time was in a "blind trust," established under the laws of the Commonwealth of Masschusetts and directed by longtime Romney confidante R. Bradford Malt (see Assets offshore raise Romney wealth question). Romney was just too busy being the pro-abortion Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts while donating a few shekels out of his own monetary larder to Planned Barrenhood to be involved. The investment of Bain and then Sankaty in Stericycle yielded dividends. That's all that mattered. Dividends. Dividends. 

Neither former United States Senator Richard John Santorum (R-Pennsylvania) and former United States Representative Newton Leroy Gingrich (R-Georgia), the "last two men standing" against Romney in 2012, had the time, personnel or resources to pore through those 2010 tax returns of the Romneys during the 2011-2012 presidential nominating cycle.

The facts, however, were clear three years ago even though most "pro-life" voters ignored them:  Willard Mitt Romney and his wife Ann Romney profited from an investment in a company that incinerated slaughtered preborn baes. That they may not have known about this is irrelevant. They would not have to have gone to the extent that they have to keep those tax returns from public scrutiny or to send their willing spin-doctors in the blogosphere to bat for them if they cared about Stericycle's evils and were truly sorry for having involved themselves in the company. Thy did not care at the time and they care now only to the extent that the issue must be dealt with by those who have no direct ties to the Romney-Ryan campaign apparatus.

What about the "blind trust." Well, a candidate for office said in 1994 that a "bind trust" is not so "blind:"

"The blind trust is an age old ruse, if you will, which is to say you can always tell the blind trust what it can and cannot do.  You give the blind trust rules." (Stericycle and the Issue of Blind Trust.)

You know "where" I'm "going" with this, of course, don't you?

Sure. Come on, admit it.

Yes, the man who said this was none other than the Republican Party nominee for the United States Senate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1994, a fellow named Willard Mitt Romney, who was using the "blind trust" issue against his opponent, United States Senator Edward Moore Kennedy (see Another Victim of Americanism; Behold The Free Rein Given to Error; Behold The Free Rein Given to Error; Unfortunate Enough to Be A Baby; Unfortunate Enough to Be A Baby; Beacon of Social Justice?; Spotlight On The Ordinary; What's Good For Teddy Is Good For Benny; Sean O'Malley: Coward and Hypocrite: More Rationalizations and Distortions).

It was during that same race that the now "pro-life" Willard Mitt Romney tried to out-abortion Kennedy himself:

Q. Mr. Romney, you personally oppose abortion and as a church leader have advised women not to have an abortion. Given that, how could you in good conscience support a law that enables women to have an abortion, and even lets the Government pay for it? If abortion is morally wrong, aren't you responsible for discouraging it?

ROMNEY One of the great things about our nation, Sally [ Sally Jacobs of The Boston Globe ] , is that we're each entitled to have strong personal beliefs, and we encourage other people to do the same. But as a nation we recognize the right of all people to believe as they want, and not to impose our beliefs on other people. I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country; I have since the time that my mom took that position when she ran in 1970 as a U.S. Senate candidate.

I believe that Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years, that we should sustain and support it, and I sustain and support that law and the right of a woman to make that choice. And my personal beliefs, like the personal beliefs of other people, should not be brought into a political campaign. Too much has been written about religion in this race. I'm proud of my religious heritage; I am proud of the values that it's taught me. But if you want to know my position on issues, ask me and I'll tell you. I think the low point of this race was when my opponent and their family decided to make religion an issue in this campaign -- brought it out, attacked me for it. I think that's a mistake. I think the time has passed for that. John Kennedy was the one who fought that battle; let that battle live for all of us of all faiths.

KENNEDY I would agree with Mr. Romney that religion has no place in this campaign. And the best way to make sure that it doesn't is not to talk any further about it, and I don't intend to do so.

On the question of the choice issue, I have supported Roe v. Wade. I am pro-choice; my opponent is multiple choice.

I have not only introduced the freedom-of-choice legislation but I have fought -- wrote and saw successfully passed -- the clinic access bill that will permit women to be able to practice their constitutional rights in selection of abortion. And I have also led the fight against judges in the Supreme Court of the United States that refuse to permit a woman's right to choose. (THE 1994 CAMPAIGN; Excerpt From Debate By Kennedy And Romney; The Real Romney, a video clip of this exchange.)

Yes, "the right of all people to believe as they want, and not to impose our beliefs on other people. I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country, I have since the time that my mom took that position when she in 1970 as a U.S. Senate candidate."

Fake, phony, calculating fraud. That is what Willard Mitt Romney was in 2012, and that's why the midget naturalists, each of whom, save perhaps for Rand Paul (who supported the shifting of funds from Planned Barrenhood to other evil organizations), are complete shills for the Zionist State of Israel, who leaders have had blood-stained hands from the very beginning.

Romney may not have known and he did not care about what Stericycle did when he was with Bain Capital or when it was owned by Sankaty, his "offshore" company based in Bermuda and placed into his wife's name the day of his being sworn in as Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2003. He cared about the money, the money, the money. After all, the butchered babies had to be "disposed" of somehow, right? Perish the thought that these victims of an American genocide should be buried properly. Perish that thought.

As scandalously amoral as this all was at the time, what was even more scandalous was the very calculating manner by which supposed "conservatives" and "establishment" "pro-life" leaders tried to cover and spin for Willard Mitt Romney three years ago this very month, the kind of covering and spin that we will see in the months ahead in the current election cycle. Truth did not matter to many "pro-life" voters in 2012 as they believed that they could "get rid" of one open pro-abort statist by supporting a supposedly "converted" pro-abort who sought to conceal his potentially damaging investments in a company that profited handsomely from the butchery of innocent babies, a man whose own statist RomneyCare served as the prototype for ObamaCare. Many "pro-lifers" maintained "silence" about this scandal, which spoke volumes about Romney's utter amorality, just had to be maintained in order not to hurt the "cause," and it will be the same thing this election cycle. Gee, how that all work out back in 2012?

A lot of those in the "pro-life" establishment who maintained their silence on the Stericycle issue in 2012 are well practiced at making excuses for their heroes. "Oh, if only poor Francis knew what was happening.  If only these "popes" really know everything that's going on. Well, he just has to say certain things to keep 'peace in the church.'" Yes, indeed, get used to silence about apostasy and betrayal and sacrilege in that which appertains to the Deposit of Faith and Sacred Worship and it is a very easy thing to make one's accommodations to realpolitik (politics in the "real" world).

Thus it is that there will be many to defend Jeb Bush's tenure at the Bloomberg Family Foundation even though it gave lots of money to Planned Barrenhood. Indeed, why in the world would a supposedly "pro-life" Catholic want to have any association whatsoever with the pro-abortion, pro-perversity Nanny State Michael Rubens Bloomberg in the first place?

What a system.

What a farce.

Nothing has changed since I wrote the following in fifty months ago, that is, in June of 2011:

1) It is impossible to fight naturalism with naturalism. The statism of the elitist named Barack Hussein Obama, who believes that he has a right to stifle dissent and to limit press "unfavorable" press coverage of his administration (see Dangerous Precedent for Press), is but the other side of the false opposite of naturalism that is the so-called "right" as it is impossible to retard the growth of the size, the scope and power of the civil state over the course of the long term by any means other than a due subordination of men and their nations to the Social Reign of Christ the King as It must be exercised by Holy Mother Church. No amount of advertence to "constitutional principles" will "save the day" as a written constitution that admits of no ultimate authority for its proper interpretation in light of man's Last End, the possession of the glory of the Beatific Vision of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost in Heaven for all eternity, will be as utterly defenseless against positivists in the civil realm as the words of Holy Writ are in the hands of Protestants and modernist Catholics. We need Catholicism, my friends. We need the Social Reign of Christ the King.

2) None of the naturalists running for the Republican nomination understand the principal purpose of civil government. It is impossible to "restore" order in a society steeped in the madness of naturalism, emphasizing material well-being as the ultimate end of human existence without realizing that material prosperity is transitory and is only a by-product of right-living by citizens in conformity with the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law and of the pursuit of justice in the civil realm by public officials who are mindful that they must govern according to the Mind of Christ the King as He has discharged It exclusively in the Catholic Church.  Our popes have taught us this very clearly, teaching us that the only end result that can occur when Our Lord is not recognized as King is the pursuit of material well-being and that public life would be stained by crime:

For you well know, venerable brethren, that at this time men are found not a few who, applying to civil society the impious and absurd principle of "naturalism," as they call it, dare to teach that "the best constitution of public society and (also) civil progress altogether require that human society be conducted and governed without regard being had to religion any more than if it did not exist; or, at least, without any distinction being made between the true religion and false ones." And, against the doctrine of Scripture, of the Church, and of the Holy Fathers, they do not hesitate to assert that "that is the best condition of civil society, in which no duty is recognized, as attached to the civil power, of restraining by enacted penalties, offenders against the Catholic religion, except so far as public peace may require." From which totally false idea of social government they do not fear to foster that erroneous opinion, most fatal in its effects on the Catholic Church and the salvation of souls, called by Our Predecessor, Gregory XVI, an "insanity," viz., that "liberty of conscience and worship is each man's personal right, which ought to be legally proclaimed and asserted in every rightly constituted society; and that a right resides in the citizens to an absolute liberty, which should be restrained by no authority whether ecclesiastical or civil, whereby they may be able openly and publicly to manifest and declare any of their ideas whatever, either by word of mouth, by the press, or in any other way." But, while they rashly affirm this, they do not think and consider that they are preaching "liberty of perdition;" and that "if human arguments are always allowed free room for discussion, there will never be wanting men who will dare to resist truth, and to trust in the flowing speech of human wisdom; whereas we know, from the very teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, how carefully Christian faith and wisdom should avoid this most injurious babbling."

And, since where religion has been removed from civil society, and the doctrine and authority of divine revelation repudiated, the genuine notion itself of justice and human right is darkened and lost, and the place of true justice and legitimate right is supplied by material force, thence it appears why it is that some, utterly neglecting and disregarding the surest principles of sound reason, dare to proclaim that "the people's will, manifested by what is called public opinion or in some other way, constitutes a supreme law, free from all divine and human control; and that in the political order accomplished facts, from the very circumstance that they are accomplished, have the force of right." But who, does not see and clearly perceive that human society, when set loose from the bonds of religion and true justice, can have, in truth, no other end than the purpose of obtaining and amassing wealth, and that (society under such circumstances) follows no other law in its actions, except the unchastened desire of ministering to its own pleasure and interests? (Pope Pius IX, Quanta Cura, December 8, 1864.)

So, too, the liberty of thinking, and of publishing, whatsoever each one likes, without any hindrance, is not in itself an advantage over which society can wisely rejoice. On the contrary, it is the fountain-head and origin of many evils. Liberty is a power perfecting man, and hence should have truth and goodness for its object. But the character of goodness and truth cannot be changed at option. These remain ever one and the same, and are no less unchangeable than nature itself. If the mind assents to false opinions, and the will chooses and follows after what is wrong, neither can attain its native fullness, but both must fall from their native dignity into an abyss of corruption. Whatever, therefore, is opposed to virtue and truth may not rightly be brought temptingly before the eye of man, much less sanctioned by the favor and protection of the law. A well-spent life is the only way to heaven, whither all are bound, and on this account the State is acting against the laws and dictates of nature whenever it permits the license of opinion and of action to lead minds astray from truth and souls away from the practice of virtue. To exclude the Church, founded by God Himself, from the business of life, from the making of laws, from the education of youth, from domestic society is a grave and fatal error. A State from which religion is banished can never be well regulated; and already perhaps more than is desirable is known of the nature and tendency of the so-called civil philosophy of life and morals. The Church of Christ is the true and sole teacher of virtue and guardian of morals. She it is who preserves in their purity the principles from which duties flow, and, by setting forth most urgent reasons for virtuous life, bids us not only to turn away from wicked deeds, but even to curb all movements of the mind that are opposed to reason, even though they be not carried out in action. (Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei, November 1, 1885.)

This generative and conservative power of the virtues that make for salvation is therefore lost, whenever morality is dissociated from divine faith. A system of morality based exclusively on human reason robs man of his highest dignity and lowers him from the supernatural to the merely natural life. Not but that man is able by the right use of reason to know and to obey certain principles of the natural law. But though he should know them all and keep them inviolate through life-and even this is impossible without the aid of the grace of our Redeemer-still it is vain for anyone without faith to promise himself eternal salvation. "If anyone abide not in Me, he shall be cast forth as a branch, and shall wither, and they shall gather him up and cast him into the fire, and he burneth" john xv., 6). "He that believeth not shall be condemned" (Mark xvi., 16). We have but too much evidence of the value and result of a morality divorced from divine faith. How is it that, in spite of all the zeal for the welfare of the masses, nations are in such straits and even distress, and that the evil is daily on the increase? We are told that society is quite able to help itself; that it can flourish without the assistance of Christianity, and attain its end by its own unaided efforts. Public administrators prefer a purely secular system of government. All traces of the religion of our forefathers are daily disappearing from political life and administration. What blindness! Once the idea of the authority of God as the Judge of right and wrong is forgotten, law must necessarily lose its primary authority and justice must perish: and these are the two most powerful and most necessary bonds of society. Similarly, once the hope and expectation of eternal happiness is taken away, temporal goods will be greedily sought after. Every man will strive to secure the largest share for himself. Hence arise envy, jealousy, hatred. The consequences are conspiracy, anarchy, nihilism. There is neither peace abroad nor security at home. Public life is stained with crime. (Pope Leo XIII, Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus, November 1, 1900.)

That the State must be separated from the Church is a thesis absolutely false, a most pernicious error. Based, as it is, on the principle that the State must not recognize any religious cult, it is in the first place guilty of a great injustice to God; for the Creator of man is also the Founder of human societies, and preserves their existence as He preserves our own. We owe Him, therefore, not only a private cult, but a public and social worship to honor Him. Besides, this thesis is an obvious negation of the supernatural order. It limits the action of the State to the pursuit of public prosperity during this life only, which is but the proximate object of political societies; and it occupies itself in no fashion (on the plea that this is foreign to it) with their ultimate object which is man's eternal happiness after this short life shall have run its course. But as the present order of things is temporary and subordinated to the conquest of man's supreme and absolute welfare, it follows that the civil power must not only place no obstacle in the way of this conquest, but must aid us in effecting it. The same thesis also upsets the order providentially established by God in the world, which demands a harmonious agreement between the two societies. Both of them, the civil and the religious society, although each exercises in its own sphere its authority over them. It follows necessarily that there are many things belonging to them in common in which both societies must have relations with one another. Remove the agreement between Church and State, and the result will be that from these common matters will spring the seeds of disputes which will become acute on both sides; it will become more difficult to see where the truth lies, and great confusion is certain to arise. Finally, this thesis inflicts great injury on society itself, for it cannot either prosper or last long when due place is not left for religion, which is the supreme rule and the sovereign mistress in all questions touching the rights and the duties of men. Hence the Roman Pontiffs have never ceased, as circumstances required, to refute and condemn the doctrine of the separation of Church and State. (Pope Saint Pius X, Vehementer Nos, February 11, 1906.)  

By the way, one of the correlative proofs of how the conciliar "popes" have defected from the Catholic Faith is that they have done what our true Roman Pontiffs have never ceased to do, to "refute and condemn the doctrine of the separation of Church and State. To refresh your memories on this point, please see Mocking Pope Saint Pius X and Our Lady of Fatima.

3) Each of the Republican naturalists aspiring to be our next caesar support one or more grave evils under cover of the civil law. Each supports contraception, thereby denying the Sovereignty of God over the sanctity and fecundity marriage. All except Herman Cain, who has little chance of securing the Republican Party presidential nomination, support the direct, intentional killing of innocent human beings in their mothers' wombs in some "exceptional" circumstances. One, Obama's former Ambassador to Red China, Jon Huntsman, Jr., supports "civil union" status for those engaged in perverted against in violation of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments. Two possible candidates, former New York Governor George Elmer Pataki and former New York City Mayor Rudolph William Giuliani, are out-and-out pro-abort Catholics. Each of the presidential aspirants, save for United States Representative Ron Paul, is a bought-and-paid-for subsidiary of the Israeli lobby and are full-throated supporters of the fascism represented by the "Patriot Act" to fight the "Global War on Terror." None of them would understand that the legitimacy of their own candidacies is sunk by these words, written in the Sixteenth Century by Silvio Cardinal Antoniano and quoted by Pope Pius XI in Divini Illius Magistri, December 31, 1929, because they believe in and support various evils that have caused the very social and economic disorder that they seek to redress by means of their candidacies:

The more closely the temporal power of a nation aligns itself with the spiritual, and the more it fosters and promotes the latter, by so much the more it contributes to the conservation of the commonwealth. For it is the aim of the ecclesiastical authority by the use of spiritual means, to form good Christians in accordance with its own particular end and object; and in doing this it helps at the same time to form good citizens, and prepares them to meet their obligations as members of a civil society. This follows of necessity because in the City of God, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, a good citizen and an upright man are absolutely one and the same thing. How grave therefore is the error of those who separate things so closely united, and who think that they can produce good citizens by ways and methods other than those which make for the formation of good Christians. For, let human prudence say what it likes and reason as it pleases, it is impossible to produce true temporal peace and tranquillity by things repugnant or opposed to the peace and happiness of eternity. (Silvio Cardinal Antoniano, quoted by Pope Pius XI in Divini Illius Magistri, December 31, 1929.)  

4) Each of the Republican naturalists fails to recognize that they need to be openly devoted to and publicly reliant upon the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven and of earth, to advance the common temporal good in light of man's Last End. Orestes Brownson discussed this exact point in the middle of the Nineteenth Century:

I have spoken of the influence of devotion to Mary in elevating maternity and with it, womanhood. The nations are in need of this influence still. Christendom is lapsing anew into heathenism, and the abominations I have referred to as existing in heathen nations, are reviving in nations that profess to be Christian, and even to a lamentable extent in the bosom of nations that call themselves Catholic. Faith has become weak, charity has given way to a watery philanthropy, and the worship of Mary is branded as idolatry or as besottish superstition. Every thing is Profaned, the church, the state, God, man, and woman; and society, while boasting of its progress, seems to be rapidly lapsing into barbarism. Never did the nations more need the church, or the pastoral authority of the vicar of Christ; never was there a greater need of the prayers and intercession of her whom we invoke as Health of the Weak, Refuge of Sinners, Comforter of the Afflicted, and Help of Christians. No small part of the world, once Christian, and adoring the Cross, needs converting anew. The crescent profanes the sacred dome of Saint Sophia, and more than two-thirds of the population of the globe are infidels or pagans; while heresy, schism, incredulity, indifferentism, dishonor Christ and our Lady in fair lands that still retain the Christian name. The work of converting and purifying the world is not finished, and is apparently, to a great extent, to be done over again.

If there is any truth in the view I have presented of the moral and social influence of devotion to the virgin-mother of God, it is to that devotion, as a powerful means of reconverting and repurifying Christian nations, and of converting and purifying heathen nations, that we must have recourse. The enemy of man to be overcome, is the same old enemy of God. Man would be God, not in God's way, but in his own; he would stand on himself, and suffice for himself. In the pride of his strength, and the light of his own intellect, he refuses to bend to the Highest, and to learn of the Wisest, and his strength turns to weakness, his light to darkness, and his manhood disappears. He loses heart, and likens himself to a worm, and crouches, and grovels. What can restore him? Not to-day need we fear an excess of faith, an excess of devotion. The enemy is a cold, freezing rationalism, which, pretending to be reason, becomes lifeless materialism. Nothing can overcome him but devotion to her who, as the mother of God, was to crush the serpent's head. We must call on Mary to call on God with us, and for us, to help us as he did the first Christians.

In conclusion, I will say that efforts to increase devotion to the Blessed Virgin are, to me, among the most encouraging signs that God has not forgotten us; that there are still faith and love on the earth, and that there is still a recuperative principle in Christian society. I thank God, for society itself, that there are still those who delight to call themselves children of Mary, and to keep alive in our cold, heartless world, the memory of her virtues. While she is loved and reverenced there is hope for society, and most grateful am I to God that the hard reasonings of this reasonless age, and the chilling sneers of the proud, the conceited, the worldly, the corrupt, have not frightened all out of their deep, ardent, and simple devotion to her who is blessed among women. If I have not been able to speak fit words in honor of our Lady, as I fear I have not, let me at least avow that I honor and cherish, in my heart of hearts, an who honor her, and show their devotion to her, by imitating her virtues. They are the real philanthropists they are tile real moral, the true social reformers, and are doing more for society, for the progress of virtue, intelligence, wisdom, than all our statesmen and philosophers put together. They love and honor God, in loving and honoring his mother, and I love and honor them, and, all unworthy as I am, I pray them to have the charity to implore her to bestow on me a mother's blessing, and to obtain for me the grace, when my life's pilgrimage is ended, to behold the face of her divine Son, my Lord, and my God. (Orestes Brownson, Moral and Social Influence of Devotion to Mary.) 

5) Whether of the "left" or of the "right," the men who govern us are Pelagians, people who think that human beings are more or less self-redemptive, that they can stir up the graces within themselves that are necessary to correct wrongs and to change course of history. Consider once again Father Frederick William Faber's explosion of this heresy:

All devotions have their characteristics; all of them have their own theological meanings. We must say something, therefore, upon the characteristics of the devotion to the Precious Blood. In reality the whole Treatise has more or less illustrated this matter. But something still remains to be said, and something will bear to be repeated. We will take the last first. Devotion to the Precious Blood is the devotional expression of the prominent and characteristic teaching of St. Paul. St. Paul is the apostle of redeeming grace. A devout study of his epistles would be our deliverance from most of the errors of the day. He is truly the apostle of all ages. To each age doubtless he seems to have a special mission. Certainly his mission to our is very special. The very air we breathe is Pelagian. Our heresies are only novel shapes of an old Pelagianism. The spirit of the world is eminently Pelagian. Hence it comes to pass that wrong theories among us are always constructed round a nuclear of Pelagianism; and Pelagianism is just the heresy which is least able to breathe in the atmosphere of St. Paul. It is the age of the natural as opposed to the supernatural, of the acquired as opposed to the infused, of the active as opposed to the passive. This is what I said in an earlier chapter, and here repeat. Now, this exclusive fondness for the natural is on the whole very captivating. It takes with the young, because it saves thought. It does not explain difficulties; but it lessens the number of difficulties to be explained. It takes with the idle; it dispenses from slowness and research. It takes with the unimaginative, because it withdraws just the very element in religion which teases them. It takes with the worldly, because it subtracts the enthusiasm from piety and the sacrifice from spirituality. It takes with the controversial, because it is a short road and a shallow ford. It forms a school of thought which, while it admits that we have an abundance of grace, intimates that we are not much better for it. It merges privileges in responsibilities, and makes the sovereignty of God odious by representing it as insidious. All this whole spirit, with all its ramifications, perishes in the sweet fires of devotion to the Precious Blood.

The time is also one of libertinage; and a time of libertinage is always, with a kind of practical logic, one of infidelity. Whatever brings out God's side in creation, and magnifies his incessant supernatural operation in it, is the controversy which infidelity can least withstand. Now, the devotion to the Precious Blood does this in a very remarkable way. It shows that the true significance in every thing is to be found in the scheme of redemption, apart from which it is useless to discuss the problems of creation. (Father Frederick Faber, The Precious Blood, written in 1860, republished by TAN Books and Publishers, pp. 258-259.)

Those who want to think that we will make "progress" in 2012 will do so they get all worked up about debt ceilings and Medicare reform and repealing ObamaCare and the state of the economy without for one moment recognizing that men must do penance for their own sins that have worsened the state of the world and made them sad in their own lives as they have become the mere creatures of the state more and and more. We are living in a time of major chastisement as the lords of conciliarism who present themselves as officials of the Catholic Church, who should be looked to by the powerful in the world for leadership are but laughing stocks who have enabled moral and civil crimes while they have committed crimes against God by means of blasphemous speech and the promotion of heretical doctrines, have played their their own insidious role in helping to reaffirm men and their nations that something short of Catholicism is "good enough" in the eyes of God to please Him. It is not.

Each of the naturalists running for the Republican Party presidential nomination in the year 2012 has this or that "plan" to improve the economy or to secure the nation or to reform this or that program. No one but one believes in the Divine Plan that God Himself instituted to effect man's return to Him through the Catholic Church as each is a son or daughter of the rotten fruit of that Divine Plan's violent overthrow wrought by the Protestant Revolution and institutionalized by the forces of Judeo-Masonry that are committed to the elimination of the Holy Name of the Divine Redeemer, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, from public discourse as all manner of evils become accepted gradually over time as "regrettable realities" about which we can do very little. After all, we have to win an election. right? Things will get "better" after that. This is but sheer deception.

Men, whether acting individually or collectively, deceive themselves if they think that they can make the world a "better" place absent a profound devotion to Our Lady's Most Holy Rosary. Our Lady told us in the Cova da Iria near Fatima, Portugal, ninety-four years ago that we must pray the Rosary to console the good God and to make reparation for our sins as we pray for the conversion of poor sinners and for the faithful fulfillment of her Fatima Message. This is a work of the Mercy of the Divine Redeemer, Who is giving us every chance to repent and convert. Why do men still persist in their obstinate refusal to take Our Lady's Fatima Message seriously and to organize Rosary processions and rallies to counter the naturalism of the day and to serve as valiant champions of Christ the King?

Let me reiterate some passages that I wrote over seven months ago now:

The following words of Pope Pius XI, contained in his first encyclical letter, Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio, December 23, 1922, are eternally true as it is impossible for the falsehoods of naturalism to do anything other than to worsen the situation of men and their nations:

Because men have forsaken God and Jesus Christ, they have sunk to the depths of evil. They waste their energies and consume their time and efforts in vain sterile attempts to find a remedy for these ills, but without even being successful in saving what little remains from the existing ruin. It was a quite general desire that both our laws and our governments should exist without recognizing God or Jesus Christ, on the theory that all authority comes from men, not from God. Because of such an assumption, these theorists fell very short of being able to bestow upon law not only those sanctions which it must possess but also that secure basis for the supreme criterion of justice which even a pagan philosopher like Cicero saw clearly could not be derived except from the divine law. (Pope Pius XI, Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio, December 23, 1922.) 

Error divides. Catholicism unites.

Protestantism has divided into a welter of warring, contradictory sects, numbering well over thirty-three thousand. Its errors have influenced the development and progression of conciliarism, which has seen a situation arise where the divisions between formerly Catholic parishes are so pronounced that many "conservative" and traditionally-minded Catholics attached to the conciliar structures go to great lengths to avoid the "ultra-progressive" revolutionaries who believe in a different faith than they do. Catholicism is supposed to speak with one voice, una voce, as it is the voice of Christ the King, Who has but one voice. It is no accident that our nation and the world is seeing more overt manifestations of evil and error when the lords of conciliarism have made their own "reconciliation" with the principles of Modernity, starting with religious liberty and separation of Church and State.

Error divides. Catholicism unites.

We are fighting the forces of darkness that can be defeated only if we base our efforts in the temporal realm upon a firm, unshakable and uncompromising commitment to the Social Reign of Christ the King and a tender reliance upon her Most Holy Rosary and fidelity to her Fatima Message. Anyone who believes in political ecumenism, mixing false religious beliefs with the tenets of the true Faith or with Freemasonry and outright atheism, has no business speaking to Catholics about "solutions" to the social problems that have been caused, proximately speaking, by the overthrow of the Social Reign of Christ the King wrought by the Protestant Revolt and the rise of Judeo-Masonry.

How can any Catholic not take seriously these words of Saint Augustine, quoted by Pope Gregory XVI in Mirari Vos, August 15, 1832, concerning the fact that there must no place whatsoever for errors concerning First and Last Things in our lives?

This shameful font of indifferentism gives rise to that absurd and erroneous proposition which claims that liberty of conscience must be maintained for everyone. It spreads ruin in sacred and civil affairs, though some repeat over and over again with the greatest impudence that some advantage accrues to religion from it. "But the death of the soul is worse than freedom of error," as Augustine was wont to say. When all restraints are removed by which men are kept on the narrow path of truth, their nature, which is already inclined to evil, propels them to ruin. Then truly "the bottomless pit" is open from which John saw smoke ascending which obscured the sun, and out of which locusts flew forth to devastate the earth. Thence comes transformation of minds, corruption of youths, contempt of sacred things and holy laws -- in other words, a pestilence more deadly to the state than any other. Experience shows, even from earliest times, that cities renowned for wealth, dominion, and glory perished as a result of this single evil, namely immoderate freedom of opinion, license of free speech, and desire for novelty. (Pope Gregory XVI, Mirari Vos, August 15, 1832.)  

Error kills the soul. Catholicism makes it possible for one to save his immortal soul. 

Pope Leo XIII, writing in Sapientiae Christianae, January 10, 1890, explained that there is a never a time when a Catholic can speak as a naturalist or as a political ecumenist. We must speak and think and act always as Catholics:

The chief elements of this duty consist in professing openly and unflinchingly the Catholic doctrine, and in propagating it to the utmost of our power. For, as is often said, with the greatest truth, there is nothing so hurtful to Christian wisdom as that it should not be known, since it possesses, when loyally received, inherent power to drive away error. (Pope Leo XIII, Sapientiae Christianae,  January 10, 1890.) 

We must be champions of Christ the King and Our Lady, she who is our Immaculate Queen, champions of the Catholic Church in this time of apostasy and betrayal, champions of the truth that Catholicism is the and only foundation of personal and social order. Those who disagree do so at the peril to the nation they say they love but for which they have a false sense of nationalistic pride that impedes her conversion to the true Faith, which is what Our Lord Himself mandates for each nation on the face of this earth.

We must not be distracted by the side shows of naturalism or conciliarism. We must serve as champions of Christ the King through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, especially by praying as many Rosaries each day as our state-in-life permits, refusing to march along in the parade of the blood-stained midget naturalists.

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Snows, a day on which snows fell on the Esquiline Hill in Rome whereon was found the trace of what became the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, one of the four Roman archbasilicas, the very place where the Crib in which the Newborn Baby Jesus was placed by Our Lady can be found, the Crib on which Saint Jerome rested his own head in adoration. It is no accident that Saint Jerome's relics themselves are to be found inside of the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, whose history began on this very day, August 5, with the miraculous snows in the middle of a Mediterranean summer:

In the time of Pope Liberius, there lived at Rome a certain nobleman named John and a noble lady his wife, who had no children to whom to leave their substance. Then they vowed that they would make the most holy Virgin Mother of God their heiress, and earnestly besought her in some way to make known to them upon what godly work she would that the money should be spent. The blessed Virgin Mary graciously listened to their prayers and heart-felt earnestness, and by a miracle assured them of her will.

On the 5th day of August, which is that time when the heat of summer waxeth greatest in Rome, a part of the Esquiline Hill was covered by night with snow. And on this same night the Mother of God appeared in a dream to John and his wife separately, and told them that on that spot, which in the morning they should see clad with snow, they should build a Church, to be dedicated in the name of the Virgin Mary, for that this was the way in which she chose that they should make her their heiress. John went and told it to Pope Liberius, who declared that he also had been visited by a like dream.

Therefore he came in a solemn procession of Priests and people to the snow-clad hill, and traced upon that spot the plan of a Church which was built with the money of John and his wife. It was afterwards rebuilt by Sixtus III. At the beginning it was called by divers names, sometimes the Liberian Basilica, sometimes the Church of St Mary-at-the-Manger. Howbeit, since there are in Rome many Churches called after the Holy Virgin Mary, and this Church doth excel them all, both in honour, and because of the strange sign wherewith it was dedicated, it hath come to be called the Church of St Mary, the Greater. The memory of the dedication thereof is kept every year by a Feast-day that taketh name from the wonderful fall of snow which on this day took place. (Matins, The Divine Office, August 5, Feast of Our Lady of the Snows.)

A miracle took place on this day during the heat of the summer on the Esquiline Hill in Rome.

Why do we doubt that such a miracle will take place at some point during the "heat," if you will, of the Great Apostasy in which we find ourselves?

Indeed, this Great Apostasy is witnessing a remarkable and rapid convergence of all of the heretofore disparate forces of Judeo-Masonry make their "official reconciliation" with what most people think is Catholicism but is in fact her counterfeit ape, a sect of Modernism that has been from its very beginning a means to make the events through which we are living at this time possible to come to fruition.

Do not be agitated.

We need to rely upon Our Lady now as did the Roman patrician and his wife during the reign of Pope Liberius. We need pray for the miracle of the restoration of a true pope on the Throne of Saint Peter, a true pope who will then consecrate Russia with all of the world's true bishops in fulfillment of her Fatima Message. The devil fears this miracle as he knows that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary spells doom from him and his forces of Judeo-Masonry that are preparing the way very rapidly for the ascent of Antichrist.

We entrust ourselves to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary to help us in this time of apostasy and betrayal as we seek to make reparation for our own sins, which have indeed stained our souls so terribly, and for those of the whole world as the consecrated slaves of her Divine Son, Christ the King, Whose Kingship is so mocked and reiviled by the lordds of Modernity in the world and in the counterfeit church of conciliarism, through her own Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart.

Viva Cristo Rey! Viva La Virgen de Guadalupe!

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.