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This feature allows individuals interested in inviting me to speak to do so.

As I noted in the "About Us" feature on this website, does not elicit and will not publish comments from the peanut gallery. Although it is my very firm preference that this feature be used to contact me to arrange legitimate speaking engagements, readers may submit their comments as long as they understand that my duties as a husband and a father preclude me from having the time to respond to each and every message, no less to engage in colloquies.

Also, the delete "key" is a wonderful invention. I use it liberally. I have no compunction whatsoever about using the delete key. I ask you, therefore, to respect my policy of using this feature principally to arrange legitimate speaking invitations.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

For those who just can't resist the temptation, though, to "tell me off," please understand that I know most of the common complaints lodged against me and my work:

  1. You are disloyal to the Pope.
  2. You are too soft on the Pope.
  3. You are a sedevacantist.
  4. How did you become a sedevacantist?
  5. How can you be a sedevacantist?
  6. You are too soft on the Novus Ordo.
  7. You are too hard on the Novus Ordo.
  8. You are unrealistic politically.
  9. You are an unpatriotic American.
  10. You have left the Church by becoming a sedevacantist.
  11. You are a schismatic for writing articles friendly to Bishops Dolan and Sanborn and Pivarnunas and McKenna.
  12. Why haven't you been a traditionalist all of your life?
  13. Why wasn't it until the 1990s that you became traditionally minded?
  14. Why did you abandon the Church and become a traditionalist?
  15. Your articles give scandal to the Church.
  16. Your articles are too long.
  17. Your sentences are too complex.
  18. Your writing is to hard to understand.
  19. You don't write in sound bites.
  20. You are a stupid idiot.
  21. You are an arrogant stupid idiot.
  22. You are simply arrogant.
  23. You are pompous.
  24. You are arrogant and pompous.
  25. You are uncharitable, arrogant, pompous, stupid, and ignorant.
  26. You are uncharitable.
  27. You are judgmental.
  28. Father Hardon would be ashamed of you.
  29. What's gotten into you, man?
  30. Have you lost your mind?
  31. You and your family deserve to starve to death.
  32. You are evil for being a sedevacantist.
  33. You are trailer trash (this is a new entry).
  34. All of the above.

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