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August 31, 2012


Bombast From a Literal High Priest of the Devil

by Thomas A. Droleskey

Looking for an analysis of the content of Willard Mitt Romney's naturalistic bombast last evening?

Look elsewhere for that, my friends. Look elsewhere.

There is nothing more to add to what I have written on the now-concluded festival of naturalism that was held in Tampa, Florida. Readers who have been away on vacation or who have permitted themselves to be agitated or excited by the festival of naturalism are invited to read recent articles such as Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, Heard It All Before, Conserving The Welfare State, Devils Without Tails, Blood Money Talks Loud And Clear, Blood Money Talks Loud And Clear, part two, Blood Money Talks Loud and Clear, part three, Only So Much Tolerance In The Republican Big Tent and Herods To The Naturalist Right, Herods To The Naturalist Left.

Before providing you with a bit of historical context to Willard Mitt Romney's naturalistic bombast, I do want to spend a few moments emphasizing the simple fact that the supposedly "greater evil" since 2008, Barack Hussein Obama, has convinced the usual array of clueless "conservatives" that they just have to "live" with the supposedly "lesser evil," Willard Mitt Romney, the former one-term Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, even though Romney shares many views in common with Obama, starting, of course, with the belief that the Incarnation, which, as a Mormon, he does not accept (Mormons believe that Our Lord was the embodiment of a preexisting created spirit-being), and the Redemptive Act of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ are matters of complete indifference to personal and social order.

It is this common rejection of the Incarnation and Redemptive Act of the God-Man, Christ the King, that unites the false opposites of the naturalist "right" and the naturalist "left" despite their differences on the edges of various matters, principally concerning who gets to control the money, money, money.

The battle to control the "money, the money and the money" is what has prompted Barack Hussein Obama's bare-knuckles "Chicago Way" operatives to throw the kitchen sink at Willard Mitt Romney in order to "define" him as a monstrous brute who is such a callous human being as to revel in the misery of others, a man who, along with his "heavy metal" devotee of a vice presidential running mate, United States Representative Paul Davis Ryan (R-Wisconsin), wants, according to Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., Demagogue, to "put y'all back in chains." And it was to counter this caricature of Romney in particular that the campaign operatives of the former pro-abortion, pro-"gay rights" Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts brought forth a series of speakers last night to "humanize" the "real" Willard Mitt Romney.

The effort to put a "human face" on the man so demonized by the street thugs of the Obama-Biden campaign included stories highlighting Willard Mitt Romney's work as a "bishop," yes, a "bishop," in the sect that goes by the completely blasphemous name of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, more commonly referred to as the Mormons after the blasphemous "book" inspired only by the devil. 

Two of the people who told their story about "Bishop" Romney were a husband and wife, Ted and Pat Oparaowski, whose last name is most likely of Polish origin, which means that it is highly probably the case that they are baptized Catholics. That's right, it is very likely the case that Ted and Pat Oparaowski are baptized Catholics who turned to "Bishop" Willard Mitt Romney for spiritual support and guidance as their son was dying, even letting the Mormon "bishop" plan their son's supposed funeral.

As is the case with all false religions, Willard Mitt Romney's Mormonism is of the devil. It has a temple "liturgical" service that is similar, although not entirely identical, to Masonic temple "liturgical" services. It is an American ethnocentric religion of wealth and prosperity wrapped around sets of blasphemous creeds that grieve the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Catholics are supposed to be silent about all of this and accept this in order to get rid of Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetero? Not me. Not me.

Indeed, I gave an address to a group of donors at a luncheon at the Constitution Party Convention in Saint Louis, Missouri, thirteen years ago now during which gave an overview of the Ten Commandments according to Catholic teaching to explain how each was being violated under cover of law and promoted in every aspect of popular culture. During my condemnation of Judeo-Masonry in front of an audience composed of a variety of Protestants, including Calvinists, and Mormons, some of whom were Freemasons, one Freemasonic Mormon stood up to denounce me. I kept my calm and reserve to defend the truths of the Catholic Faith. He was, though, on the verge of attacking me at one point. (The petty ante thugs in the rubber room of traditionalism who think that their tactics of character assassination and intimidation will keep me from writing what I know to be true can attack and mock all they want. I've been in far worse situations in my life, facing real honest-to-goodness threats to my physical well-being  Everything gets revealed on the Last Day at the General Judgment of the living and the dead. That's the only thing that matters. Nothing else.)

With many people having "tuned out" this site because of my relentless opposition to all forms of naturalism and the utter farce that is electoral politics, permit to remind the few remaining readers of the truly diabolical nature of Mormonism and why the nomination of Willard Mitt Romney by the organized crime family of the naturalist of the "right" does not mean that "relief" is at hand from the high priest of Marxism, Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetero.

Willard Mitt Romney, a member of the Americanist sect that goes by the name of the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" or, more commonly, the Mormons, does not believe in the Most Blessed Trinity. He is a polytheist. He believes that there are three "gods," not Three Persons in the Divine Godhead. The Mormon cult, born of a confidence man in Palmyra, New York, Joseph Smith, who was a Freemason, is not even a generically Christian religion as it is a total man-made concoction that produces human beings who believe that Our Lord and the devil are "spirit brothers."

Here is but a brief description of this cult as found on the Tradition in Action website:

What, exactly, therefore, is the doctrine of the Mormon religion, vis-à-vis what the Mormons themselves have become? (3) One example of their doctrines is the one that declares war on Catholics, stating that the Roman Catholic Church is the "most abominable above all other churches" (4).

According to Mormon teaching (5), in New York in the early 19th century, Moroni, the son of a Nephite general turned angel, paid a visit to a young illiterate treasure hunter named Joseph Smith. Moroni gave his permission for Smith to dig up some hidden golden plates, hitherto guarded by a "white salamander"(6), an occult figure. One Mormon historian, Michael Quinn, in fact was excommunicated for his "painstaking work (documenting) Smith's involvement with the occult" (7). Moroni presented Smith with some magic spectacles to read the hieroglyphics written on the plates, which was in "Reformed Egyptian." Since Smith couldn't write, he hired others to do the job. Among them was Oliver Cowdery, an unemployed school teacher.

Cowdery sat under a blanket and dictated from the plates The Book of Mormon, believed by Mormons to be the true history of our continent from 600 B.C. to 421 A.D. We are informed by their teaching "that Christ preached to the American Indians after His ascension and founded a church among them for the Western hemisphere... That (Smith) re-established the church of Christ which had been wiped out in the Americas and had apostatized elsewhere... (and) that the Mormon church is the only true Christian religion." Moroni further states that, pari passu, "all existing churches were in error, corrupt and apostate."

From the golden tablets we learn that North and South America were peopled by Jews, who came by ship from Palestine. Eventually they split into two nations, the Lamanites and the Nephites. Christ appeared to the Nephites, chose 12 Indian apostles and set up a church which was a counterpart of the Church he had established in Jerusalem. The Lamanites killed off the Nephites, and Moroni buried the plates which recounted the history of his race.

According to Bringham Young, Jesus was a polygamist and Mary and Martha were two of his wives. Mormon theology also teaches that the god of this world is a man (probably Adam), a physical being, a polygamist. Further, God did not create matter, which existed eternally (he 'organized' it.) There is not one God but many gods, and Mormons can become gods of other planets when they die.

The Book of Mormon contains verbatim, lengthy statements from the New Testament. In his study on it, Whalen observes:

"It abounds in anachronisms, contradictions, and stock Campbellite answers to the theological questions of the early 19th century. At times its hindsight prophecy becomes entangled in such statements as `the son of God shall be born of Mary at Jerusalem.' Shakespearean students will be surprised to find the phrase ‘the undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns’ appearing in a passage written 2200 years before the Bard (8).

It will be interesting to observe how American voters react to Mitt Romney. His religion seems impossibly at odds with the disciplines of archaeology, anthropology, history and philology, to mention a few. If a person is willing to buy into the magic glasses and golden plates story (they seem to have disappeared) and all that came from it, what else is he willing to believe? But one of the most disturbing things about Mormonism is the bold claim that "all" other churches are in apostasy.

It seems Mormons may have a secret knowledge. The same kind of exclusive knowledge exists in Gnosticism, which affirms that "unless carefully interpreted according to this secret wisdom, everything the Bible says is wrong" (9).  (Mormon enigmas.)


This is what the former "Bishop" Willard Mitt Romney believes. He believes it completely. Perhaps he even told the son of those people who spoke last night that he would be the "god" of his own planet after death. This is your "answer" to Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetero? Lots of luck to you now. Lots of luck.

Yet it appears that Catholics are "just fine" with this because Willard Mitt Romney is not Barack Hussein Obama. In many ways, of course, he is worse as Obama is up front and in our faces with his Marxism and relativism. Romney is the creature of focus group polling who wants to take certain stands to "excite" his "conservative" base of support while at the same time taking more "moderate," "nuanced" stances in order not to alienate voters in "swing" states.

Catholics in the United States of America have become so conditioned by the myths of Americanism that they look to their secular saviors in the two organized crime families of naturalism to provide them with a "better world." It has ever been thus. There is nothing new this year except to the extent to which Catholics are willing to accept increasingly higher doses of the so-called "lesser evil" in order to rid themselves of a supposedly "greater" one.

All one needs to do is contrast the bombast from last night's festival of naturalism with the babbling inanities of the past:



The income tax is a just law. It simply intends to put the burdens of government justly upon the backs of the people. I am in favor of an income tax. When I find a man who is not willing to pay his share of the burden of the government which protects him, I find a man who is unworthy to enjoy the blessings of a government like ours.. . .

We go forth confident that we shall win. Why? Because upon the paramount issue in this campaign there is not a spot of ground upon which the enemy will dare to challenge battle. Why, if they tell us that the gold standard is a good thing, we point to their platform and tell them that their platform pledges the party to get rid of a gold standard and substitute bimetallism. If the gold standard is a good thing, why try to get rid of it? If the gold standard, and I might call your attention to the fact that some of the very people who are in this convention today and who tell you that we ought to declare in favor of international bimetallism and thereby declare that the gold standard is wrong and that the principles of bimetallism are better—these very people four months ago were open and avowed advocates of the gold standard and telling us that we could not legislate two metals together even with all the world. . . .

You come to us and tell us that the great cities are in favor of the gold standard; we reply that the great cities rest upon our broad and fertile prairies. Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic; but destroy our farms, and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country. My friends, we declare that this nation is able to legislate for its own people on every question without waiting for the aid or consent of any other nation on earth, and upon that issue we expect to carry every State in the Union. I shall not slander the inhabitants of the fair State of Massachusetts nor the inhabitants of the State of New York by saying that, when they are confronted with the proposition, they will declare that this nation is not able to attend to its own business. It is the issue of 1776 over again. Our ancestors, when but three millions in number, had the courage to declare their political independence on every other nation; shall we, their descendants, when we have grown to seventy millions, declare that we are less independent than our forefathers? No, my friends, that will never be the verdict of our people. Therefore, we care not upon what lines the battle is fought. If they say bimetallism is good, but that we cannot have it until other nations help us, we reply that, instead of having a gold standard because England has, we will restore bimetallism, and then let England have bimetallism because the United States has it

If they dare to come out in the open field and defend the gold standard as a good thing, we shall fight them to the uttermost, having behind us the producing masses of the nation and the world. Having behind us the commercial interests and the laboring interests and all the toiling masses, we shall answer their demands for a gold standard by saying to them, you shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns. You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold. (William Jennings Bryan, "The Cross of Gold Speech," Democrat Party National Convention, Kansas City, Missouri, July 9, 1896, The "Cross of Gold" speech by William Jennings Bryan.)

I can conceive of a national destiny surpassing the glories of the present and the past -- a destiny which meets the responsibility of today and measures up to the possibilities of the future. Behold a republic, resting securely upon the foundation stones quarried by revolutionary patriots from the mountain of eternal truth -- a republic applying in practice and proclaiming to the world the self-evident propositions that all men are created equal; that they are endowed with inalienable rights; that governments are instituted among men to secure these rights, and that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. Behold a republic in which civil and religion liberty stimulate all to earnest endeavor and in which the law restrains every hand uplifted for a neighbor's injury -- a republic in which every citizen is a sovereign, but in which no one cares to wear a crown. Behold a republic standing erect while empires all around are bowed beneath the weight of their own armaments -- a republic whose flag is loved while other flags are only feared. Behold a republic increasing in population, in wealth, in strength and in influence, solving the problems of civilization and hastening the coming of an universal brotherhood -- a republic which shakes thrones and dissolves aristocracies by its silent example and gives light and inspiration to those who sit in darkness. Behold a republic gradually but surely becoming the supreme moral factor in the world's progress and the accepted arbiter of the world's disputes -- a republic whose history, like the path of the just, "is as the shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day." (William Jennings Bryan, Acceptance Speech, Democrat Party National Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana, July 9, 1900, William Jennings Bryan: The Paralyzing Influence of Imperialism.)

William Jennings Bryan may have been opposed quite rightly to imperialism. He did, though, believe that it was the example of the United States of America that would hasten "the coming of an universal brotherhood" and that this country "is as the shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day." Substitute the names, my friends, the rhetoric reminds pretty much the same over the years. It must remain the same. Naturalism admits of no supernatural realities other than what it projects onto an imagined deity.

Indeed, Abraham Lincoln, the nation's only unbaptized president, issued a "thanksgiving day" proclamation making reference to Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in Whose Sacred Divinity he did not believe, only to please the "fools" (as found in Franklin Steiner, The Religious Beliefs of Our Presidents, Prometheus Books, 1998, p. 138).

Although most American presidents and presidential candidates have studiously avoided mentioning the Holy Name of Jesus in their speeches and writings (see Not A Mention of Christ the King), they have made, at least as a general rule, references to the "destiny" of the United States of America to be the world's leader so that an era of peace abroad and prosperity at home could be known:



Thirty-two years from now most Americans living today will celebrate a new year that comes once in a thousand years.

Eight years from now, in the second term of the next President, we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the American Revolution.

And by our decision in this election, we, all of us here, all of you listening on television and radio, we will determine what kind of nation America will be on its 200th birthday; we will determine what kind of a world America will live in the year 2000.

This is the kind of a day I see for America on that glorious Fourth -- eight years from now.

I see a day when Americans are once again proud of their flag. When once again at home and abroad, it is honored as the world's greatest symbol of liberty and justice.

I see a day when the President of the United States is respected and his office is honored because it is worthy of respect and worthy of honor.

I see a day when every child in this land, regardless of his background, has a chance for the best education our wisdom and schools can provide, and an equal chance to go just as high as his talents will take him.

I see a day when life in rural America attracts people to the country, rather than driving them away.

I see a day when we can look back on massive breakthroughs in solving the problems of slums and pollution and traffic which are choking our cities to death.

I see a day when our senior citizens and millions of others can plan for the future with the assurance that their government is not going to rob them of their savings by destroying the value of their dollars.

I see a day when we will again have freedom from fear in America and freedom from fear in the world.

I see a day when our nation is at peace and the world is at peace and everyone on earth -- those who hope, those who aspire, those who crave liberty -- will look to America as the shining example of hopes realized and dreams achieved.

My fellow Americans, this is the cause I ask you to vote for. This is the cause I ask you to work for. This is the cause I ask you to commit to -- not just for victory in November but beyond that to a new Administration.

Because the time when one man or a few leaders could save America is gone. We need tonight nothing less than the total commitment and the total mobilization of the American people if we are to succeed.

Government can pass laws. But respect for law can come only from people who take the law into their hearts and their minds -- and not into their hands.

Government can provide opportunity. But opportunity means nothing unless people are prepared to seize it.

A President can ask for reconciliation in the racial conflict that divides Americans. But reconciliation comes only from the hearts of people.

And tonight, therefore, as we make this commitment, let us look into our hearts and let us look down into the faces of our children.

Is there anything in the world that should stand in their way?

None of the old hatreds mean anything when we look down into the faces of our children.

In their faces is our hope, our love, and our courage.

Tonight, I see the face of a child.

He lives in a great city. He is black. Or he is white. He is Mexican, Italian, Polish. None of that matters. What matters, he's an American child.

That child in that great city is more important than any politician's promise. He is America. He is a poet. He is a scientist, he is a great teacher, he is a proud craftsman. He is everything we ever hoped to be and everything we dare to dream to be.

He sleeps the sleep of childhood and he dreams the dreams of a child.

And yet when he awakens, he awakens to a living nightmare of poverty, neglect and despair.

He fails in school.

He ends up on welfare.

For him the American system is one that feeds his stomach and starves his soul. It breaks his heart. And in the end it may take his life on some distant battlefield.

To millions of children in this rich land, this is their prospect of the future.

But this is only part of what I see in America.

I see another child tonight.

He hears the train go by at night and he dreams of far away places where he'd like to go.

It seems like an impossible dream.

But he is helped on his journey through life.

A father who had to go to work before he finished the sixth grade, sacrificed everything he had so that his sons could go to college.

A gentle, Quaker mother, with a passionate concern for peace, quietly wept when he went to war but she understood why he had to go.

A great teacher, a remarkable football coach, an inspirational minister encouraged him on his way.

A courageous wife and loyal children stood by him in victory and also defeat.

And in his chosen profession of politics, first there were scores, then hundreds, then thousands, and finally millions worked for his success.

And tonight he stands before you -- nominated for President of the United States of America.

You can see why I believe so deeply in the American Dream.

For most of us the American Revolution has been won; the American Dream has come true.

And what I ask you to do tonight is to help me make that dream come true for millions to whom it's an impossible dream today.

One hundred and eight years ago, the newly elected President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, left Springfield, Illinois, never to return again. He spoke to his friends gathered at the railroad station. Listen to his words:

"Today I leave you. I go to assume a greater task than devolved on General Washington. The great God which helped him must help me. Without that great assistance, I will surely fail. With it, I cannot fail."

Abraham Lincoln lost his life but he did not fail.

The next President of the United States will face challenges which in some ways will be greater than those of Washington or Lincoln. Because for the first time in our nation's history, an American President will face not only the problem of restoring peace abroad but of restoring peace at home.

Without God's help and your help, we will surely fail; but with God's help and your help, we shall surely succeed.

My fellow Americans, the long dark night for America is about to end.

The time has come for us to leave the valley of despair and climb the mountain so that we may see the glory of the dawn -- a new day for America, and a new dawn for peace and freedom in the world. (Richard Nixon's 1968 Acceptance Speech.)

It's the same speech over and over and over again. That one was given forty-four  years ago now. I watched it live. I tape recorded it at the time. It will always be the same.

Look for yourselves:

You might have asked yourself if these last years are really the America we want, the America won for us by the greatest generation.

Does the America we want borrow a trillion dollars from China? No.

Does it fail to find the jobs that are needed for 23 million people and for half the kids graduating from college? No.

Are its schools lagging behind the rest of the developed world? No.

And does the America we want succumb to resentment and division? We know the answer.

The America we all know has been a story of the many becoming one, uniting to preserve liberty, uniting to build the greatest economy in the world, uniting to save the world from unspeakable darkness.

Everywhere I go in America, there are monuments that list those who have given their lives for America. There is no mention of their race, their party affiliation, or what they did for a living. They lived and died under a single flag, fighting for a single purpose. They pledged allegiance to the UNITED States of America.

That America, that united America, can unleash an economy that will put Americans back to work, that will once again lead the world with innovation and productivity, and that will restore every father and mother's confidence that their children's future is brighter even than the past.

That America, that united America, will preserve a military that is so strong, no nation would ever dare to test it.

That America, that united America, will uphold the constellation of rights that were endowed by our Creator, and codified in our Constitution.

That united America will care for the poor and the sick, will honor and respect the elderly, and will give a helping hand to those in need.

That America is the best within each of us. That America we want for our children.

If I am elected President of these United States, I will work with all my energy and soul to restore that America, to lift our eyes to a better future. That future is our destiny. That future is out there. It is waiting for us. Our children deserve it, our nation depends upon it, the peace and freedom of the world require it. And with your help we will deliver it. Let us begin that future together tonight. (Willard Mitt Romney Acceptance Address, August 30, 2012.)


The "better world" envisioned by one naturalist after another is as illusory as Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI's "better world" through his mythical "civilization of love' that is supposed to flower from a "respect" for the nonexistent ability of all religions to "contribute" to the establishment of "world peace" and "solidarity." 

Nothing changes in these farces of naturalism. Nothing. Ever. Ronald Wilson Reagan's Puritan imagery of the United States of America as the "shining city set on a hill," applying to a country born of false principles what Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ meant as His Holy Catholic Church, remains burned into the minds of men who believe in one naturalistic fairy tale after another.

Nothing changes in these farces of naturalism. Nothing. 

Well, let me correct myself.

Nothing changes except for the worse, especially as what is considered to be acceptable language (the use by United States Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, of the last word uttered by Clark Gable's Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind), acceptable attire (or the lack thereof, look at the sleeveless dress of Mrs. Janna Ryan and shockingly short dresses worn by her young daughters and by so many of the female delegates and speakers at the now concluded Republican National Convention) and, not at all the least, the further "mainstreaming" of "rock 'music" and mindless video images. (Mind you, I am leaving out entirely any discussion of Clint Eastwood's innuendo laden performance last evening and the fact that he supports chemical and surgical baby-killing on demand and is a support of "marriage" beween persons of the same gender, which means that he should have been placed in the program immediately after former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, who is a complete pro-abort.)

"Heavy metal" is now acceptable because Paul Davis Ryan likes it? Really? Says who? Not Christ the King? Not His Most Blessed Mother.

Anyone who thinks that the mainstreaming of "heavy metal." which Michael Matt described as "morally twisted" in his excellent Gods of Wasteland (see a brief excerpt from this book in the appendix below) is not diabolical because Paul Davis Ryan, is who really just another big government "conservative" (see Conserving The Welfare State), will give Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., a hard time in debate is not thinking with the mind of Christ the King. (How can Paul Davis Ryan know this? Who in the counterfeit church of concilairism has told him that "heavy metal" is morally twisted"? No one. No one. My point here is that Paul Davis Ryan's love of "heavy metal" is considered perfectly normal and natural, not morally twisted.)

Anyone who thinks that Willard Mitt Romney's gratuitous mention of the "sanctity of life" and his promise to defend the family mean anything ought to read Only So Much Tolerance In The Republican Big Tent, Herods To The Naturalist Right, Herods To The Naturalist Left and Illusions Die Hard. Delusions do indeed die hard. Very hard.

Dream on. Dream on. Believe what you want and act as you will. Dream on. Believe all of the naturalistic bombast you want from a man who has been quite literally a high priest of the devil.

The Catholic Church teaches us that men and their nations need her infallible teaching and her supernatural helps to pursue the common temporal good in light of man's Last End, the possession of the glory of the Beatific Vision of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost for all eternity in Heaven. Men and their nations need to subordinate themselves at all times and to exemplify the Social Reign of Christ the King.

Obviously, the counterfeit church of concilairism does not teach this, which is one of the reasons why it is counterfeit. The Catholic Church makes no terms with error. None. And she insists that the only path to know social order is through her loving embrace:



As for the rest, We greatly deplore the fact that, where the ravings of human reason extend, there is somebody who studies new things and strives to know more than is necessary, against the advice of the apostle. There you will find someone who is overconfident in seeking the truth outside the Catholic Church, in which it can be found without even a light tarnish of error. Therefore, the Church is called, and is indeed, a pillar and foundation of truth. You correctly understand, venerable brothers, that We speak here also of that erroneous philosophical system which was recently brought in and is clearly to be condemned. This system, which comes from the contemptible and unrestrained desire for innovation, does not seek truth where it stands in the received and holy apostolic inheritance. Rather, other empty doctrines, futile and uncertain doctrines not approved by the Church, are adopted. Only the most conceited men wrongly think that these teachings can sustain and support that truth. (Pope Gregory XVI, Singulari Nos, May 25, 1834.)

Just as Christianity cannot penetrate into the soul without making it better, so it cannot enter into public life without establishing order. With the idea of a God Who governs all, Who is infinitely Wise, Good, and Just, the idea of duty seizes upon the consciences of men. It assuages sorrow, it calms hatred, it engenders heroes. If it has transformed pagan society--and that transformation was a veritable resurrection--for barbarism disappeared in proportion as Christianity extended its sway, so, after the terrible shocks which unbelief has given to the world in our days, it will be able to put that world again on the true road, and bring back to order the States and peoples of modern times. But the return of Christianity will not be efficacious and complete if it does not restore the world to a sincere love of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. In the Catholic Church Christianity is Incarnate. It identifies Itself with that perfect, spiritual, and, in its own order, sovereign society, which is the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ and which has for Its visible head the Roman Pontiff, successor of the Prince of the Apostles. It is the continuation of the mission of the Savior, the daughter and the heiress of His Redemption. It has preached the Gospel, and has defended it at the price of Its blood, and strong in the Divine assistance and of that immortality which has been promised it, It makes no terms with error but remains faithful to the commands which  it has received, to carry the doctrine of Jesus Christ to the uttermost limits of the world and to the end of time, and to protect it in its inviolable integrity. Legitimate dispenser of the teachings of the Gospel it does not reveal itself only as the consoler and Redeemer of souls, but It is still more the internal source of justice and charity, and the propagator as well as the guardian of true liberty, and of that equality which alone is possible here below. In applying the doctrine of its Divine Founder, It maintains a wise equilibrium and marks the true limits between the rights and privileges of society. The equality which it proclaims does not destroy the distinction between the different social classes. It keeps them intact, as nature itself demands, in order to oppose the anarchy of reason emancipated from Faith, and abandoned to its own devices. The liberty which it gives in no wise conflicts with the rights of truth, because those rights are superior to the demands of liberty. Not does it infringe upon the rights of justice, because those rights are superior to the claims of mere numbers or power. Nor does it assail the rights of God because they are superior to the rights of humanity. (Pope Leo XIII, A Review of His Pontificate, March 19, 1902.)

Unlike what the naturalists keep blathering on and on and on about election after election, the one and only standard of true liberty is the Holy Cross of the Divine Redeemer, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Nothing else. Nothing else at all.

We must, as always, therefore, have recourse to Mary Immaculate, who was preserved from all stain of Original and Actual Sin at the moment of her Immaculate Conception in the womb of her mother, Good Saint Anne. Our Lady is the patroness of the United States of America under the title of her Immaculate Conception. May we, never ceasing to use whatever time we can given the duties of our states-in-life to pray as many Rosaries as we can each day, ask her to help us to be so detached from sin and to be ever more ready to make reparation for our sins and those of the whole world so that the seeds we attempt to plant for the restoration of the Social Reign of her Divine Son, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, whom she conceived in her Virginal and Immaculate Womb by the power of God the Holy Ghost, will bear much fruit. That fruit might be manifest only in the hearts and the homes of those who are consecrated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. Nevertheless, you see, the conversion of nations starts with the conversion of just one soul.

Concentrating first and foremost on our own souls and getting ourselves to Sacrament of Penance on a weekly basis, if possible, may we call upon Our Lady, Mary Immaculate, to recover by penance what we have lost by sin, seeking freely to lift high the Cross, which is the one and only standard of true human liberty, inviting all men to keep her company at the unbloody re-presentation of the Sacrifice of that same Cross in the Immemorial Mass of Tradition offered by true bishops and true priests in the Catholic catacombs where no concessions are made to conciliarism or to the nonexistent legitimacy of its false shepherds who have made their "reconciliation" with the false principles of 1787 and 1789.

May we make this prayer of Saint Germanus, a Sixth Century Bishop of Auxerre, France, our own as we close the month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and begin the month of September tomorrow, the month of the Holy Cross and the Dolors of Mary, as we seek to serve Christ the King through Mary our Immaculate Queen:



Hail Mary, full of grace, more holy than the Saints,
more elevated than the heavens,
more glorious than the Angels,
and more venerable than every creature.

Hail heavenly paradise,
all fragrant and a lily
that gives off the sweetest scent,
a perfumed rose that opens up for the health of mortals.

Hail immaculate temple of the Lord,
constructed in a holy fashion,
ornament of Divine magnificence,
open to everyone,
and oasis of mystical delicacies.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
more holy than the Saints,
more elevated than the heavens,
more glorious than the Angels,
and more venerable than every creature.  

Hail mountain of shade,
grazing ground for the holy Lamb
who takes upon himself
the miseries and sins of all.

Hail sacred throne of God,
blessed dwelling,
sublime ornaments,
precious jewel,
and splendiferous heavens.

Hail urn of purest gold,
who contained the manna Christ,
the gentle sweetness of our souls.

Hail most pure Virgin Mother,
worthy of praise and veneration,
fount of gushing waters,
treasure of innocence,
and splendor of sanctity.

O Mary, lead us to the port of peace and salvation,
to the glory of Christ
who lives in eternity
with the Father and with the Holy Spirit.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, triumph soon!


Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Raymond Nonnatus, pray for us.

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From Michael Matt's Gods of Wasteland

The reader will no doubt ask: "How do you define rock n' roll?" For the purpose of this book, we will be using the term "rock n' roll." Rock n' roll, as we reference it throughout, is intended to be inclusive of most of the styles of today's pop music--r&b, slow, classic, dance, hard, funk, gothic and heavy metal, indie, new wave, progressive, punk, rockabilly, surf rock, grunge, alternative country, hip-hop and Christian, etc. It is important to note that since the early 1990s, no particular brand of rock n' roll is "in," so much as every rock genre is. For the MTV generation, "anything goes!"  The "retro" rage includes '60s, '70s and '80s rock n 'roll. Of course, I realize that a huge distinction is made by, say, the hip-hop artists between their particular brand of pop music and classic rock n' roll. However, for the purpose of this exercise, we will not be following the subtle little nuances between the various modes within pop/rock music--the fads come and go, but the music is essentially the same. Since it's all based on rock n' roll, it is not inaccurate to simply discuss rock n' roll and try, as much as possible, to ignore the pseudo-distinctions which are drawn most often by the rock music industry anyway, to corner ethnic and age markets who fancy that "their music" makes them different. But, for the most part, their music is not different; it's just another one of rock's many faces. Today's rock n' roll has many varieties and each and every one of them, to varying degrees, is considered modern/pop music.

In other words, where disco once ruled the pop music scene in the late '70s, and heavy metal in the '80s and grunge and hip-hop in the early '90s, today there is no one style of rock n' roll that is passe. Within modern rock--i.e., r&b, metal, alternative, and dance--anything and everything is popular, even country, funk, disco (in some markets) and neo-hippie music.

The arguments that will be made in this study will generally apply to all of the different variations of modern pop, rock-based music. While I will be the first to admit that some forms of today's rock n' roll are worse than others (e.g., "easy listening" rock is not as morally twisted as gothic and metal), I will also argue that there is no such thing as an innocent genre within rock n' roll. Why? A) Because rock n' roll is a fundamentally flawed musical expression, and B) because rock n' roll has always been synonymous with social, moral and political rebellion, and to listen to it and take pleasure in it is to ally oneself with a rapidly degenerating pop culture.

Whereas healthy good and wholesome music is necessarily composed according to the correct order of melody, supported by balancer harmony and founded upon regular rhythms, rock n' roll is just the opposite, as it relies heavily on beat (rhythm), with an inordinate emphasis on harmony to the virtual obfuscation of melody, in order to create its signature sound. Rap music, in a sense, might be described as the result of rock n' roll's natural de-evolution, in that it completes what early rock n' roll started by removing melody altogether, isolating and amplifying pounding beat, and using lyrical obscenity for lyrics.

We will touch on this again shortly, but for the moment, the reader should under that this book is not attempting to expose this or that band or style of rock n' roll. For years as an amateur musician an avid rock fan, I tried to find the "good stuff." Finally, I woke up one day and realized that is just doesn't exist. Rock n' roll is rock n' roll . . . and trying to categorize its moral worthy is like trying to draw a line of moral distinction between soft core and triple X pornography' you can do it, I suppose, but what's the point? It's all tainted! This is why I believe that "Christian rock" is an oxymoron and an exercise in absolute futility, as well shall se in subsequent chapters.

By way of recapping, let us repeat then that the term "rock n' roll will be applied to the fundamental musical expressions of modern pop music, which encompasses all of the various forms of pop/rock/dance/funk/rap/music . . . all recognizable by the predominant and central beat and all regularly showcased in major rock forums today, e.g., MTV, VH-1, BET, Billboard magazine, Spin magazine, Country Music Television (CMT), Vibe, Rolling Stone magazine, rock radio stations, and the college-scene music magazines.

Technically, rock n' roll can be defined as (but not limited to) a style of music which places primary emphasis on often-syncopated beat, with a sound that is most often composed of (but not restricted to) various applications of bass, acoustic and electric guitars, drums and electronic synthesizers, which typically support high-range vocals and highly repetitive refrains. All of rock is "blues-based," but its jazz influence cannot be minimized, nor can its country, boogie-woogie, folk and western music influences The definition of classic rock n' roll in the purest sense might go along these lines: It was the dominant American pop music, which evolved from 1954 to 1965. At that time it was almost exclusively teenage dance music, and it was closely related to the country (or hillbilly) and blues/gospel genre called "rockabilly."

Legends such as Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore, and Bill Black were products of the pioneering entertainment producer, Sam Phillips and his famous record company called Sun records, but they were, technically speaking, "rockabilly" musicians. Sun was also responsible for the rise of Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Billy Riley, Roy Orbison and Conway Twitty--names which immediately call to mind the country music scene . . . thus illustrating how country music and rock n' roll have always been inseparable. Rock and country are also products of the same industry--and this industry is made up of thousands of record "labels" or companies who record, produce and market (via radio, television, concerts, CDS and tapes) all of rock's various genres to the myriad of cultural, class and racial segments within society. Today, there are countless ways to prove that there's little discernible difference between Nashville and MTV. Currently Shania Twain is one of country music's biggest stars. Who would have guessed that her career was actually kicked off in 1997 by the same management team that is at least partially responsible for the rise of such rock icons as Bruce Springsteen and Natalie Merchant? But it's true: Twain is a product of the Jon Landau management team, which, of course, makes her appearance on the cover of the September 3, 1998 issue of the premier rock n' roll magazine Rolling Stone not so strange. The highly successful country band, the Dixie Chicks, were also featured in the October issue of Rolling Stone. Country music is part of rock n' roll and it always has been. The difference with today's country, is that, rather than merely being "part" of rock n' roll, it IS rock n' roll  . . . pure, unadulterated rock n' roll. The days of Tammy Wynette and Merle Haggard are gone from the modern country milieu. More on this in a subsequent chapter.

Ironically, classic country music is a much purer form of rock n' roll than, say, heavy metal or punk. Elvis would eventually become mainstream rock n' roll, but his early music was more akin to country in style than TOP 40 rock as we think of it today. Ultimately, the first true rock n' roll song to reach the top of the pop music charts in America was not performed by Elvis. It was a song called "Rock Around the Clock," and it was performed by Sun Records' Bill Haley and His Comets. This song, while becoming definitive "rock n' roll,. also marks the beginning of rock n' rolls rise as the dominant and most popular form of American music of all time.

The history of rock n' roll will be discussed in the next chapter. But for now, let it suffice to say that rock n' roll has not been somehow corrupted over times since 1954 when it was born. It was marketed to be rebellious, provocative and sensual...and it was all that and more, right from the start. (Michael Matt. Gods of Wasteland, The Remnant Press, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 2000, pp. 20-24. The book can be purchased at this link: Gods of Wasteland.)


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