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October 16, 2011


Blazing More Paths For Antichrist

by Thomas A. Droleskey

Supposedly "spontaneous" street protests that originated as "Occupy Wall Street" in the Borough of Manhattan in the City of New York, New York, have spread to other cities in the United States of America and in the world. The Eternal City, Rome, was set ablaze yesterday by those protesting against "inequality" and corporate greed and a variety of other complaints.

Protestors in Manhattan have refused to leave Zuccotti Park, which is privately owned, forcing Mayor Michael "Nanny State" Bloomberg to back off of plans to clear out them out for a power washing of the park after weeks of litter and, for the sake of decency, other "souvenirs" that the "people" have left as a reminder of their presence. Bloomberg, the self-described billionaire playboy who is one of the most fervent supporters of perversity and baby-killing to be found anywhere in the world, back down in a manner reminiscent of the way that then New York City Mayor John Vliet Lindsay blinked when black Muslim leaders staged a confrontation on April 14, 1972, by placing a false call to the police to respond to an emergency. Those black Muslim leaders wanted to ambush whichever police officer entered the mosque. Officer Philip Cardillo was killed at point blank range. Fearing that a riot would ensue if he confronted the racialist bullies, Lindsay was involved in a cover-up to prevent any questioning of the sixteen eyewitnesses, who were in all likelihood accomplices, to the Officer Cardillo's execution:

The 1972 slaying of a city cop inside a Harlem mosque moved quickly from political hot potato to police cold case, with no convictions or answers for the slain officer's family.

A new NYPD investigation, launched more than two years ago, only opened old wounds - and left Officer Phillip Cardillo's son now demanding a federal probe in the racially charged shooting.

Todd Cardillo was assured in a letter last week from Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly that his father's fatal shooting remains an active investigation.

But the cop's son has doubts.

"This letter, it's just a list of what they want to check off to say they did it," said Cardillo, who was barely a year old when his father died. "It reads like the whole thing is not going anywhere."

The son wants a Department of Justice investigation, while lawyers who have been involved in the case for decades say the answers could lie in long forgotten FBI files.

"What the police department needs," says former prosecutor James Harmon, "is for the FBI to open their books 100%."

Officer Cardillo was fatally wounded April 14, 1972, after answering a phony 911 call of a cop in trouble inside the Nation of Islam Mosque No. 7 on W. 116th St. He died on April 20.

"We got suckered into it," recalls Cardillo's partner, Vito Navarra. "My partner lost his life and no one made good on it."

Sixteen witnesses were identified in the mosque's basement - but all were quickly let go as Mayor John Lindsay, Rep. Charles Rangel and then-Police Commissioner Patrick Murphy feared a race riot.

Cardillo's unsolved murder became one of the NYPD's darkest chapters. His family felt out of the loop; Todd Cardillo was shielded for years from what his family considered the NYPD's callous treatment of his father.

So he wasn't overly optimistic in 2006 when Kelly - who guarded the mortally wounded Cardillo's hospital room as a young cop - reopened the investigation.

Cardillo credits the new probe to a scathing book, "Circle of Six," written by retired case Detective Randy Jurgensen and another NYPD detective, Robert Cea.

The original case broke every rule of police work, Jurgensen argued, as frightened politicians and top police brass bowed to pressure from mosque leader Louis Farrakhan.

No crime scene was ever established and no one determined who made the fake call. The only suspect ever arrested walked after one trial ended with a hung jury and a second with an acquittal.

Jurgensen said his digging revealed the FBI spoke with Louis 17X Dupree in Manhattan's 24th Precinct after the shooting - information the feds denied they even had when the suspect went to trial.

The FBI, years later, provided redacted documents indicating they had informants attached to the mosque, Jurgensen said. Missing in the paperwork were their names, along with details of possible FBI surveillance at the mosque.

FBI sources counter that they surrendered everything. The FBI also checked its files and told the NYPD that Dupree was never an informant or source for them.

Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne, without going into detail, said the FBI did make a good faith effort. Prosecutor Harmon disagreed.

"The documents are incomplete," Harmon said. "There are additional records that have not been turned over. What has been turned over has been redacted." (Nation of Islam mosque killing of NYPD cop still a mystery, 37 years.)


One will notice the involvement in this case of United States Representative Charles Bernard Rangel (D-New York), a pro-abort Catholic is also a Freemason, maintaining his "good standing" in the conciliar structures all the while without a peep of protest from any "archbishop" of New York (Terence Cooke, John O'Connor, Edward Egan, Timothy Dolan). One will also note the involvement of "minister" Louis Farrakhan.

John Lindsay caved to pressure in 1972. Do did New York City Mayor David N. Dinkins as in Crown Heights section of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, burned followed the accidental death of a seven year-old black boy named Gavin Cato by a Hasidic Jew named Yosef Lifish on August 19, 1991. As had been the case in Harlem nineteen years before, the police were given orders to stand by as crowds of angry blacks rioted and shouted "Death to the Jews." Passions were so inflamed that a Hasidic student named Yankel Rosenbaum was stabbed to death in "retaliation" for the accidental death of Cavin Cato. One of those inciting the riots was none other than the infamous not-so-reverend Alton Sharpton, just four years removed from his infamous Tawana Brawley hoax. This is why there was a great deal of resentment in the Talmudic community when Sharpton was invited to speak two months ago at an event commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the riots:

An East End synagogue has reignited bitterness over the 1991 Crown Heights race riots by inviting the Rev. Al Sharpton to a symposium marking the 20th anniversary of the bloody confrontations.

"It's just an absolute disgrace," said Norman Rosenbaum, whose brother Yankel was killed at the height of the mayhem. "His vile rhetoric incited the rioting."

What revived the nightmare was Sharpton's invitation to appear on a panel on the "State of Black-Jewish Relations: Twenty Years after Crown Heights."

The riots were touched off when 7-year-old Gavin Cato was struck and killed by a car in the motorcade of a Hasidic leader.

Yankel Rosenbaum, an Australian-born Hasidic scholar who had nothing to do with the motorcade, was stabbed to death in the violence that followed.

Sharpton was criticized at the time for saying, in a eulogy for Gavin, that he wasn't killed by a car accident but by "the social accident of apartheid." He led 400 protesters, chanting "No justice, no peace" despite pleas by then-Mayor David Dinkins for calm.

Norman Rosenbaum said the title of the forum falsely implies the four nights of rioting were due to "ongoing problems between the Jewish community and the African-American community."

"It was just wanton criminal attacks," he said. "This is Crown Heights revisionist history," he said of the forum, scheduled for Sunday night.

He said Sharpton "did absolutely nothing then to improve black-Jewish relations -- and nothing since."

Community leader Isaac Abraham, who was invited to the forum, accused The Hampton Synagogue's Rabbi Marc Schneier of trying to gain attention by including Sharpton.

"To get some publicity for your phony West Hampton ethnic bullcrap, you invite the biggest race hustler who played a large part in those four nights of the pogrom," he wrote Schneier.

Yosef Lifish, the driver of the car that killed Cato, was cleared of charges and left for Israel. Sharpton flew to Tel Aviv later in 1991 in an attempt to slap Lifish with a civil suit.

When a passer-by at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport recognized Sharpton, she shouted, "Go to hell!"

"I am in hell already," Sharpton replied. "I am in Israel." (Fury over Sharpton speaking at Crown Heights riot.)


Could you imagine what would happen if Patrick Joseph Buchanan made the comment about Israel that was uttered by Sharpton? Certain professional victimologists (Sharpton, Jesse Louis Jackson,

David N. Dinkins and his police commissioner, Lee Brown, ordered the police to stand down.

Things rarely change in the land of the midget naturalists, which is why Michael Bloomberg, who had threatened to have the current crop of protestors who have gathered in Zuccotti Park removed for a few days so that the area could be cleaned, has a spine made of the same kind of jellyfish as John Lindsay and David Dinkins.

The midget naturalists of the false opposites of the "left" and the "right" usually cave when it comes to confronting those who can give them bad press, being especially sensitive, of course, to professional victimologists in various racial, religious and ethnic groups, although, as happened in Crown Heights, certain of those groups take precedence on the politically correct totem pole. Rioting blacks trumped Jews at that time.

 Today's totem pole features blacks on top, followed closely by "gays" and Mohammedans and those who speak Spanish (especially if they are in the country illegally). Yes, adherents of the Talmud still carry great clout, especially when they conflict with those seeking to carve out some space for displays of Christian symbolism in our "pluralistic" society. Not to be overlooked, however, is the clout carried by professional organizers of the "left."

Yes, even self-styled "moderate" midget naturalists are particularly squeamish about offending their "leftist" friends, which is why the current well-organized and funded "street protests" in the United States of America and elsewhere in the world will continue for some time despite the fact that European police do not hesitate to use water canons and other proportionate measures to deal with professional hooligans and the full-time anarchists, who are never far from the surface in the Republic of Italy, long a den of Judeo-Masonry, as they take to the streets.

What is happening in the United States of America is simply part of the "left's" effort to deflect attention from the state of the economy that was wrecked by the profligate domestic and war spending of President George Walker Bush and brought to ruins by the expansion of Bush's policies by the 2009 Nobel Prize laureate, President Barack Hussein Obama, who has now launched military operations with Congressional approval in three places this year (Libya, Nigeria and Yemen). The "Occupy Wall Street" protests have been endorsed by Caesar Barackus Obamus Ignoramus and the Minority Leader Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi (D-California) as they seek to maintain their own power by any means necessary. And power is the bottom is the bottom line of all midget naturalists, including the "establishment" Republicans, who believe that themselves to be the "gatekeepers" of the "mainstream" to acquire and then to maintain power by supposedly "respectable" means. The acquisition and retention of power by any means necessary is a particular concern of the "left," which is why it is important for them to make it appear as though that the "masses" support their cause of "social justice" to "soak the wealthy" in order to empower themselves and to enslave the rest of us to their whims.

It must be remembered that Barack Hussein Obama cut his political eyeteeth as a "community organizer" in Chicago, Illinois, learning how to muscle his way into the labyrinth of bare knuckles ward politics in the Cook County Democratic Party machine. Obama wants to hold onto power. He rewards his friends with lucrative governmental contracts that cost taxpayers billions of wasted dollars (see the burgeoning Solyndra scandal and subsequent cover-up by the White House and the United States Department of Energy). He knows only one thing: the ways of acquiring power.

"Occupy Wall Street" is thus a means for him to motivate his "base" and to energize younger voters whose votes helped him win the presidency in 2008 and are vital to him to win enough votes in "swing states" next year. Obama does not care what he has to do win. He needs every hard-core "left" vote that he can get, including, of course, of those who are in this country illegally. Does anyone think that Attorney General Eric Holder of "Fast and Furious" and other outrages (see No Rules For Liars and Fascists and Accepting Evil With Ease) is going to stop illegal immigrants from voting next year?

Here is the Alinsky playbook that Obama and his aides use to plot all of their efforts to retain power:

Opening page - Dedication

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to


the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history... the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.


"An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent... He must create a mechanism that can drain off the underlying guilt for having accepted the previous situation for so long a time. Out of this mechanism, a new community organization arises....

     "The job then is getting the people to move, to act, to participate; in short, to develop and harness the necessary power to effectively conflict with the prevailing patterns and change them. When those prominent in the status quo turn and label you an 'agitator' they are completely correct, for that is, in one word, your functionto agitate to the point of conflict." p.117

11. "If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside... every positive has its negative."

12. "The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative."

13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.  In conflict tactics there are certain rules that [should be regarded] as universalities. One is that the opposition must be singled out as the target and 'frozen.'...

     "...any target can always say, 'Why do you center on me when there are others to blame as well?' When your 'freeze the target,' you disregard these [rational but distracting] arguments.... Then, as you zero in and freeze your target and carry out your attack, all the 'others' come out of the woodwork very soon. They become visible by their support of the target...'

     "One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other." (Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.)


Well, at least Saul Alinsky gave credit where credit was due, the devil himself, who, of course, is the author of the lies of Modernity and the architect of a world of madness that has convinced many Catholics that there is something short of Catholicism that can stop the lies being told by the naturalists of the "left" to thwart their anti-Incarnational cousins in the naturalist "right" from winning the farce called elections. Readers of this site know that Catholicism is the one and only foundation of personal and social order. You do understand that now, don't you?

Class warfare can still be employed with just enough success to make possible the retention of political power in a system that refuses to recognize the Sovereignty of Christ the King and of Mary our Immaculate Queen, a system that is premised on one lie after another as contingent beings who did not create themselves and whose bodies are destined one day for the corruption of the grave believe that they and their naturalistic "ideas" can "save" the world.

Father Edward Cahill explained in The Framework of a Christian State that complaints about "social inequality" that are the foundation of the class warfare technique employed by the "left" to acquire and retain power is a rebellion against God Himself:


That the relations of master and servant and the social inequality which these relations imply are necessary and inevitable in man's present state [fallen human nature] is easily shown. Men differ in their capabilities, their natural tastes, the degree of energy they possess, the good or bad fortune that attends their efforts. Some excel in physical strength or endurance, others in mental or artistic gifts; some are naturally fitted for direction and rule, others need guidance and help. As a result of these inequalities, differences in men's social status would inevitably arise after a little while even if all were to begin on the same footing.

But in fact all men do not begin life on the same footing or within reach of like opportunities. For once granted the individual's right to acquire the ownership of productive property--a right which is natural to man--men will be born under very varying conditions. The parents of some are poor or even destitute; those of others have independent means. Some parents are wicked or careless or incompetent; others are quite the reverse. These and such like circumstances, more or less inherent in the life of fallen man, co-operate to produce varying types and classes of men, and to cause the widest differences in the initial opportunities of temporal well-being the reach of each. Some will be highly cultured, others rude and ignorant, Some will have virtuous habits and instincts, carefully instilled and fostered from their infancy; others inherit from their

parents, or acquire from their surroundings of their childhood, inclinations and principles which handicap them while life lasts. Finally, some begin life with abundant means which relieve them to a large extent of the necessity of earning their daily bread; while others experience more or less from their infancy the constant pressure of poverty. Hence it is that Leo XIII writes:

"It is impossible to reduce society to dead level. . . . There naturally exist among mankind manifold differences of the most important kind. People differ in capacity, skill, health, energy; and unequal fortune is a necessary result of unequal condition." [Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum, May 15, 1891.]


Now, difference of social condition leads to or necessarily implies the institution of master and servant. The wealthy owner cannot exploit or utilise his property without the assistance of others working under his control. One cannot enjoy the leisure that is needed for high intellectual or artistic work or for application to public administration except by employing servants to attend to one's ordinary wants. Besides, in a society made up of such various elements as we have described many will have no suitable opportunity (and some even have no desire) of procuring the food, clothing and shelter which they need, or of enjoying the advantages of of domestic life except by attaching themselves to another family and working under the direction of its head.

Social Inequality Beneficial to Society.--This inequality of condition, resulting as it does in the institution of a master and servant, at least in so far as it proceeds from a variety of talents and tastes, and from moderate degrees of difference in the goods of fortune, has been wisely permitted by Providence for the good of man; for it is quite indispensable for the attainment of high any level of progress and social well-being. Though all cannot be wealthy and leisured, yet it is well that some should be so, and that there should be no insuperable barrier to prevent others attaining to that position. For, in the first place, the hope of attaining to wealth and independence is a useful spur, which most men need to stimulate energy and enterprise and to promote inventiveness and resource. Without such a motive, given human nature as it is, industry would languish; progress in invention and organisation would be slow; and the development of the earth's resources, so needful for man's temporal welfare, would be delayed.

Again, intellectual progress, artistic culture, the production of beautiful literature, the cultivation of music, painting, sculpture, architecture, and all of the ornamental side of life, would be well-nigh impossible, without the cooperation of a more or less leisured class. The same applies to elaborate civil organisation. Without a multitude of men, highly educated and trained and free to devote their whole energy to public administration, there can be no great political development. And such a class cannot exist without leisure and independent means and the co-operation of servants and labourers.

Finally, the virtues of reverence, obedience, loyalty, resignation, and the submission to the dispositions of Providence on the one hand, and those of kindness, generosity and liberality on the other--all so singularly fitted to develop the moral capabilities of men--would have less scope for their exercise, were not society made up of rich and poor, ignorant and learned, powerful and weak. On this subject Leo XIII again writes:

"Inequality is far from being disadvantageous either to the individual or to the community. Social and public life can be maintained only by means of various kinds of capacity cooperating for business and the playing of many parts; and each man, as a rule chooses the part which suits his own domestic condition." [Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum, May 15, 1891]. . . .


Social Inequality no Obstacle to Peace and Harmony.--That the different social classes can live together in harmony and contentment, and that such a union of various elements produce a well-ordered and prosperous society, is proved from the testimony of history. We have already shown in sketching the social conditions of the mediaeval period how mutual harmony, contentment and widespread social well-being were realised at that period under the influence of Christian principles.

Class War Unnatural and Destructive.--The natural and divine law, which ordains differences of gifts and talents and a consequent distinction of social classes, reprobates the repulsive theory of the Socialists--a product of an unjust and oppressive social regime--that the different classes are naturally hostile to each other, and are meant to live normally in mutual conflict. In fact, the very contrary is true; for each class needs the other, and each is meant to assist the other; and in a just and well-ordered social regime, this mutual co-operation can be realised. For, as Leo XIII, writes:

"Just as the symmetry of the human frame is the resultant of the disposition of the organs, so in a State it is ordained by a nature that these two classes should dwell in harmony and agreement and should, as it were, groove into each other, so as to maintain the balance of the body politic. . . . Mutual agreement results in pleasantness of life and the beauty of good order, while perpetual conflict necessarily produces confusion and disorder." [Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum, May 15, 1891] ( (Father Edward Cahill, S.J., The Framework of a Christian State, published in 1932 and reprinted by Roman Catholic Books, pp. 380-382; 383-394


Pope Pius XI explained in his first encyclical letter, Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio, December 23, 1922,  that World War I, which was fought on the soil of formerly Catholic nations of Europe for reasons of nationalism and geopolitical self-interest with the most brutal means of warfare then known to man (gas warfare, aerial bombardments, sophisticated attacks by torpedoes fired from submarines), worsened the relations of the classes, engendering much hatred and needless conflict in its wake:

7. One thing is certain today. Since the close of the Great War individuals, the different classes of society, the nations of the earth have not as yet found true peace. They do not enjoy, therefore, that active and fruitful tranquillity which is the aspiration and the need of mankind. This is a sad truth which forces itself upon us from every side. For anyone who, as We do, desires profoundly to study and successfully to apply the means necessary to overcome such evils, it is all-important that he recognize both the fact and the gravity of this state of affairs and attempt beforehand to discover its causes. This duty is imposed upon Us in commanding fashion by the very consciousness which We have of Our Apostolic Office. We cannot but resolve to fulfill that which is so clearly Our duty. This We shall do now by this Our first encyclical, and afterward with all solicitude in the course of Our sacred ministry.

8. Since the selfsame sad conditions continue to exist in the world today which were the object of constant and almost heartbreaking preoccupation on the part of Our respected Predecessor, Benedict XV, during the whole period of his pontificate, naturally We have come to make his thoughts and his solutions of these problems Our own. May they become, too, the thoughts and ideals of everyone, as they are Our thoughts, and if this should happen we would certainly see, with the help of God and the co-operation of all men of good will, the most wonderful effects come to pass by a true and lasting reconciliation of men one with another.

9. The inspired words of the Prophets seem to have been written expressly for our own times: "We looked for peace and no good came: for a time of healing, and behold fear," (Jer. viii, 15) "for the time of healing, and behold trouble." (Jer. xiv, 19) "We looked for light, and behold darkness . . . we have looked for judgment, and there is none: for salvation, and it is far from us." (Isaias lix, 9, 11)

10. The belligerents of yesterday have laid down their arms but on the heels of this act we encounter new horrors and new threats of war in the Near East. The conditions in many sections of these devastated regions have been greatly aggravated by famine, epidemics, and the laying waste of the land, all of which have not failed to take their toll of victims without number, especially among the aged, women and innocent children. In what has been so justly called the immense theater of the World War, the old rivalries between nations have not ceased to exert their influence, rivalries at times hidden under the manipulations of politics or concealed beneath the fluctuations of finance, but openly appearing in the press, in reviews and magazines of every type, and even penetrating into institutions devoted to the cultivation of the arts and sciences, spots where otherwise the atmosphere of quiet and peace would reign supreme.

11. Public life is so enveloped, even at the present hour, by the dense fog of mutual hatreds and grievances that it is almost impossible for the common people so much as freely to breathe therein. If the defeated nations continue to suffer most terribly, no less serious are the evils which afflict their conquerors. Small nations complain that they are being oppressed and exploited by great nations. The great powers, on their side, contend that they are being judged wrongly and circumvented by the smaller. All nations, great and small, suffer acutely from the sad effects of the late War. Neither can those nations which were neutral contend that they have escaped altogether the tremendous sufferings of the War or failed to experience its evil results almost equally with the actual belligerents. These evil results grow in volume from day to day because of the utter impossibility of finding anything like a safe remedy to cure the ills of society, and this in spite of all the efforts of politicians and statesmen whose work has come to naught if it has not unfortunately tended to aggravate the very evils they tried to overcome. Conditions have become increasingly worse because the fears of the people are being constantly played upon by the ever-present menace of new wars, likely to be more frightful and destructive than any which have preceded them. Whence it is that the nations of today live in a state of armed peace which is scarcely better than war itself, a condition which tends to exhaust national finances, to waste the flower of youth, to muddy and poison the very fountainheads of life, physical, intellectual, religious, and moral. (Pope Pius XI, Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio, December 23, 1922.)


Such must ever be the case when men do not submit themselves to the sweet yoke of Christ the King through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, who must be honored by all men and all nations as their Queen.

Are some of those protesting at this time motivated by legitimate grievances? As I noted a few days ago in Living In The Netherworld Of Internet Cafes (I will append the pertinent material below for those of you who missed that article), our entire economic system--and the socialist/communist alternative to it--is based upon Calvinism. It is the economics of Calvinism and Judeo-Masonry that has given rise to gross income disparity and to the exploitation of the middle class and the poor by the charging of usurious interest rates. There would be no "Federal Reserve System" if we lived in a Catholic nation governed by right principles where men sought to please God at all times by being just in their brothers and sisters in Christ the King. Government officials would not be inclined to curry favor with lobbying forces (such as the subprime mortgage business) in order to secure campaign donations for themselves. The principles described by Father Cahill would govern men in their social and economic relations, and while there will always be greed and injustice in a world filled with fallen men, a world informed by Catholic principles would resemble the justice of the High Middle Ages.

The diabolical forces that made possible the rise of the chaos of Modernity that is blazing a path for Antichrist are not going to be retarded by any kind of naturalism of the "right." The Tax Enough Already (TEA) Party movement will not be able to do so as it is the result of the same same of forces that have convinced men it is possible to believe in any religion or no religion at all and still be a "good person" who can "contribute" to the building of the "better" world.  Such a view is of the essence of Judeo-Masonry, which is, of course, the fundamental building block of the "world view," such as it is, of the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Order cannot be built on the foundation of the errors of Modernity and Modernism, which are really the errors of Russia (as has been explained on this site many times in the past).

The inter-related errors of Protestantism and Judeo-Masonry that produced Modernity--and Modernism's efforts to "reconcile" Catholicism with it must spread and worsen over time. Father Felix Sarda y Salvany, a Spanish priest, explained in What Is Liberalism?, which was translated and published in the United States of America in 1899, that the spirit of Protestantism leads to the toleration of error. Toleration of error results in its own turn in the false belief that error can serve as the foundation of social order:

Protestantism naturally begets toleration of error. Rejecting the principle of authority in religion, it has neither criterion nor definition of faith. On the principle that every individual or sect may interpret the deposit of Revelation according to the dictates of private judgment, it gives birth to endless differences and contradictions. Impelled by the law of its own impotence, through lack of any decisive voice of authority in matters of faith, it is forced to recognize as valid and orthodox any belief that springs from the exercise of private judgment. Therefore does it finally arrive, by force of its own premises, at the conclusion that one creed is as good as another; it then seeks to shelter its inconsistency under the false plea of liberty of conscience. Belief is not imposed by a legitimately and divinely constituted authority, but springs directly and freely from the unrestricted exercise of the individual’s reason or caprice upon the subject-matter of Revelation. The individual or the sect interprets as it pleases–rejecting or accepting what it chooses. This is popularly called liberty of conscience. Accepting this principle, Infidelity, on the same plea, rejects all Revelation, and Protestantism, which handed over the premise, is powerless to protest against the conclusion; for it is clearer that one who, under the plea of rational liberty, has the right to repudiate any part of Revelation that may displease him, cannot logically quarrel with one who, on the plea of rational liberty, on the same plea, no creed is as good as any. Taking the field with this fatal weapon of Rationalism, Infidelity has stormed and taken the very citadel of Protestantism, helpless against the foe of its own making.

As a result, we find amongst the people of this country [Spain] (excepting well formed Catholics, of course) that authoritative and positive religion has met with utter disaster and that religious beliefs or unbeliefs have come to be mere matters of opinion, wherein there are always essential differences, each one being free to make or unmake his own creed–or to accept no creed.

Such is the mainspring of the heresy constantly dinned into our ears, flooding our current literature and our press. It is against this that we have to be perpetually vigilant, the more so because it insidiously attacks us on the grounds of a false charity and in the name of a false liberty. Nor does it appeal to us only on the ground of religious toleration.

The principle ramifies in many directions, striking root into our domestic, civil, and political life, whose vigor and health depend upon the nourishing and sustaining power of religion. For religion is the bond which unites us to God, the Source and the End of all good; and Infidelity, whether virtual, as in Protestantism, or explicit, as in Agnosticism, severs the bond which binds men to God and seeks to build human society on the foundations of man’s absolute independence. Hence we find Liberalism laying down as the basis of its propaganda the following principles:

1. The absolute sovereignty of the individual in his entire independence of God and God’s authority.

2. The absolute sovereignty of society in its entire independence of everything which does not proceed from itself.

3. Absolute civil sovereignty in the implied right of the people to make their own laws in entire independence and utter disregard of any other criterion than the popular will expressed at the polls and in parliamentary majorities.

4. Absolute freedom of thought in politics, morals, or in religion. The unrestrained liberty of the press.

Such are the radical principles of Liberalism. In the assumption of the absolute sovereignty of the individual, that is, his entire independence of God, we find the common source of all others. To express them all in one term, they are, in the order of ideas, Rationalism, or the doctrine of the absolute sovereignty of human reason. Here human reason is made the measure and sum of truth. Hence we have individual, social, and political Rationalism, the corrupt fountainhead of liberalist principles [which are]: absolute worship, the supremacy of the State, secular education repudiating any connection with religion, marriage sanctioned and legitimatized by the State alone, etc; in one word, which synthesizes all, we have Secularization, which denies religion any active intervention in the concerns of public and of private life, whatever they be. This is veritable social atheism.

Such is the source of liberalism in the order of ideas; such in consequences of our Protestant and infidel surroundings, is the intellectual atmosphere which we are perpetually breathing into our souls. Nor do these principles remain simply in the speculative order, poised forever in the region of thought. Men are not mere contemplatives. Doctrines and beliefs inevitably precipitate themselves into action. The speculation of today becomes the deed of tomorrow, for men, by force of the law of their nature, are ever acting out what they think. Rationalism, therefore, takes concrete shape in the order of facts. It finds palpable expression and action in the press, in legislation, and in social life. The secular press reeks with it, proclaiming with almost unanimous vociferation, absolute division between public life and religion. It has become the shibboleth of journalism, and the editor who will not recognize it in his daily screed soon feels the dagger of popular disapproval. In secularized marriage and in our divorce laws, it cleaves the very roots of domestic society; in secularized education, the cardinal principle of our public school system, it propagates itself in the hearts of the future citizens and the future parents; in compulsory school laws, it forces in the entering wedge of socialism; in the speech and intercourse of social life, it is constantly asserting itself with growing reiteration; in secret societies, organized in a spirit destructive of religion and often for the express purpose of exterminating Catholicity, it menaces our institutions and places the country in the hands of conspirators, whose methods and designs, beyond the reach of the public eye, constitute a tyranny of darkness.

In a thousand ways does the principle of Rationalism find its action and expression in social and civil life, and however diversified be its manifestation, there is in it always a unity and a system of opposition to Catholicity. Whether concerted or not, it ever acts in the same direction, and whatever special school within the genus of Liberalism professes it or puts it into action–be it in society, in domestic life, or in politics–the same essential characteristics will be found in all its protean shapes–opposition to the Church–and it will ever be found stigmatizing the most ardent defenders of the Faith as reactionaries, clericals, Ultramntanes [See p. 92, par. 1], etc.

Wherever found, whatever its uniform, Liberalism in its practical action is ever a systematic warfare against the Church. Whether it intrigue, whether it legislate, whether it orate or assassinate, whether it call itself Liberty or Government or the State of Humanity or Reason, or whatnot, its fundamental characteristic is an uncompromising opposition to the Church.

Liberalism is a world complete in itself; it has its maxims, its fashions, its art, its literature, its diplomacy, its laws, its conspiracies, its ambuscades. It is the world of Lucifer, disguised in our times under the name of Liberalism, in radical opposition and in perpetual warfare against that society composed of the Children of God, the Church of Jesus Christ. (Father Felix Sarda y Salvany, Liberalism Is A Sin, republished by TAN Books and Publishers, pp. 8-13; translated and adapted by Conde B. Pallen, Ph.D., LL.D., and published originally by B. Herder Book Company, St. Louis, Missouri, in 1899 under the title of What Is Liberalism?)


That the world of Saul Alinsky which formed Harvard Law School graduate Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetero) was the world of Lucifer is one of the many consequences of the simple fact that the world of Martin Luther was nothing other than that Lucifer, and anyone, no matter was a prominent "conservative" author might assert in his books, Protestantism can never be the foundation of any kind of social order as it is the instrument of the devil to accustom people to the toleration of theological falsehoods in preparation for the acceptance of philosophical and ideological falsehoods. And the falsehoods that have inspired the demonstrators in New York City and Rome and elsewhere to take to the streets are indeed blazing a fiery path for the coming of Antichrist.

Street protests and violence, accompanied by theft and lewd, obscene conduct in public, are not the methods used by Catholics, and it is the duty of civil authorities to respond with to such illegal and immoral behavior committed in public that poses a threat to the health and safety of others. Catholics make sacrifices to effect the conversion of those committing injustice. They pray for the conversion of their fellow citizens and their nation to the Social Reign of Christ the King. They do not engage in street protests for weeks on end.

Moreover, Catholics are not anarchists. That the civil state has become monstrous in country after country is the consequence of the rejection and revolution against the Social Reign of Christ the King, something that was near and dear to the heart of Martin Luther and John Calvin and Thomas Cranmer and Henry VIII and John Knox and John Wesley, each of whom made possible the rise of the Synagogue of Satan that is Talmudism and its allies in the lodges of Freemasonry. The Synagogue of Satan is indeed anti-Christ and His Social Kingship. And thus it is that the stooges demonstrating and, at least in some cases, rampaging in various cities around the world hate Our Lord and His Most Blessed Mother just as much as do the corporate executives against whom the are protesting. Catholics can in no way support or be sympathetic to savages who can destroy a statue of Our Lady as happened in Rome two days ago now:


We have much for which to make reparation as Our Lord does not look kindly upon those who have such hated for His Most Blessed Mother. And it si because the conciliar revolutionaries have destroyed the Faith and have, harkening back to the iconoclasts who were opposed by Saint John Damascene, destroyed and/or thrown into dumpsters statues of Our Lord and Our Lady and Saint Joseph and other saints and the angels that the street savages in the news today, living in a world where there is less Sanctifying and Actual Grace as a result of the barrenness of the conciliar liturgical rites, are more prone to be steeped in their sins and to seethe with hatred for their own Most Blessed Mother.

The only way out of this chaos, which is nothing other than the logical result of the errors of Modernity, including those that went into the founding of the United States of America, runs through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our Lady told us so at Fatima ninety-four years ago. Sadly, the Holy Father who could have prevented World War II by obeying her request for the collegial consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart with all of the world's bishops did not heed her Fatima Message. This great apostle of Christ the King and enemy of all forms of naturalism, Pope Pius XI, refused the assistance that Heaven had sent from all eternity to help him prevent the outbreak of the war that began just under seven months after his death on February 10, 1939. His Secretary of State, Eugenio Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Cardinal Pacelli, acceded to the Throne of Saint Peter on March 2, 1939 as Pope Pius XII. Although he was concerned about the Fatima Message and instituted the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and did a singular consecration of Russia to that Heart, he did obey Our Lady either. Behold the consequences that we are suffering as a result.

This is all a mystery that has happened entirely within the Providence of God. We must be aware, however, that our sins deserve far worse than we are suffering at this time. Moreover, we must recognize that it is a great grace to be alive at this moment, especially when there is such hatred for the Holy Faith by the lords of Modernity and the masses, most of whom have been brainwashed in the concentration camps known as public schools, and when there such hatred for the immutable truths of the Holy Faith by the lords of Modernism in the One World Ecumenical Church of conciliarism.

The calendar of the Roman Rite teaches us how to grow in holiness by giving us a treasure of riches in the saints whose feasts are commemorated annually. The saint whose feast day is commemorated today, the Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Saint Hedwig, a royal wife who still teaches us how to avoid worldliness and to grow in grace as we treat all others, including those outside of the household of the Faith who have been redeemed by the shedding of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, whether or not they realize or can accept it at this time, with genuine kindness and respect as we exhort them to convert to the true Faith.

Here, as included in Dom Prosper Gueranger's The Liturgical Year, is the account of Saint Hedwig's life and work:

Hedwige was illustrious for her royal descent, but still more for the innocence of her life. She was maternal aunt to St. Elizabeth, the daughter of the king of Hungary; and her parents were Berthold and Agnes, Marquis and Marchioness of Moravia. From childhood she was remarkable for her self-control, for at that tender age she refrained from all childish sports. At the age of twelve, her parents gave her in marriage to Henry, duke of Poland. She was a faithful and holy wife and mother, and brought up her children in the fear of God. In order the more freely to attend to God, she persuaded her husband to make with her a mutual vow of continency. After his death, she was inspired by God, whose guidance she had earnestly implored, to take the Cistercian habit; which she did with great devotion in the monastery of Trebnitz. Here she gave herself up to divine contemplation, spending the whole time from sun-rise till noon in assisting at the holy Sacrifice. The old enemy of mankind she utterly despised.

She would neither speak of worldly affairs, nor hear them spoken of, unless the affected the interests of God for the salvation of souls. All her actions were governed by prudence, and it was impossible to find in them anything excessive or disorderly. She was full of gentleness and affability towards all. She triumphed completely over flesh by afflicting it with fasting, watching, and rough garments. She was adorned moreover with the noblest Christian virtues; she was exceedingly prudent in giving counsel; pure and tranquil in mind; so as to be a model of religious perfection. Yet she ever strove to place herself below all the nuns; eagerly choosing the lowest offices in the house. She would serve the poor, on her knees, and wash and kiss the feet of lepers, so far overcoming herself as not be repulsed by their loathsome ulcers.

Her patience and strength of soul were admirable; especially at the death of her dearly-beloved son, Henry duke of Silesia, who fell fighting against the Tartars; for she thought rather of giving thanks to God, than of weeping for her son. Miracles added to her renown. A child, that had fallen into a mill-stream and was bruised and crushed by the wheels, was immediately restore to life when the saint was invoked. Many other miracles wrought by her having been duly examined, Clement IV, enrolled her among the saints; and allowed her feat to be celebrated on the fifteenth of October, in Poland, where she is greatly honoured as patroness of the country. Innocent XI extended her Office to the whole Church, fixing it on the seventeenth of October.


The once thoroughly Catholic land of Poland (in which most of Silesia is located) is now littered with men claiming to be "bishops" who have renounced the Social Reign of Christ the King, good conciliarist that they are, of course (see last year's Distracting Us With More Side Shows, part three). Our own country is letter with men claiming to be "bishops" who have never accepted the Social Reign of Christ the King, men whose belief that the insidious "market place of ideas" would help everyone, including men such as Barack Hussein Obama, to find "common ground" has made possible the legal institutionalization of various evils that they are now powerless to resist. None of this can come from the Catholic Church. Not one little bit of it.

Yes, a world where Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ does not reign as King and where His Most Blessed Mother is not honored as its Immaculate Queen is one where most every man will live and think and act and speak naturalistically, not supernaturally according to the Mind of the Divine Redeemer as He has discharged It exclusively in the Catholic Church. The Faith must be shunted aside in favor or the pursuit of wealth or popularity or career success or in favor of this or than naturalistic"system" of economic, social and political "order" to which which must be rendered an assent of faith and a due submission of will at all times.

It cannot be this way with us, ladies and gentlemen. We must be deceived by the farce of the "battle" between the naturalists as the out-and-out-statists tell lies to protect their own power against its being diminished by the "conservative" statists while both combatants believe in the lies of Modernity.

We must grow in love more and more with God as He has revealed Himself through His true Church. We will come to hate our sins the more. We will seek to do voluntary penances for our sins and those of the whole world. We will be more attentive to the needs of the members of the Church Suffering in Purgatory. We will have more apostolic zeal for the salvation of souls, seeking to distribute Green Scapulars to those whom God's Holy Providence places in our paths each day. We will live for the Faith, not for the passing things of this world.

We must blaze paths for Christ the King as His consecrated slaves through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, never fearing the onslaughts of the figures of Antichrist that walk amongst us as long as we pray the Holy Rosary every day as well as to wear and to fulfill the conditions associated with the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

Vivat Christus Rex! Viva Cristo Rey!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.


Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Hedwig, pray for us.

See also: A Litany of Saints


The Judeo-Calvinist Foundation of the Modern Economy


Madness envelops us as large numbers of adult delinquents, agitated by the methods of Saul Alinsky in which the reining caesar was trained, seek to deal with economic problems caused by contemporary capitalism with mindless street protests and barbaric behavior as they mouth slogans designed to advance statist prescriptions derived from socialism and communism without realizing that their nonexistent "solutions" derive from the same source as capitalism, namely, Calvinism:


The thesis we have endeavoured to present in this essay is, that the two great dominating schools of modern economic thought have a common origin. The capitalist school, which, basing its position on the unfettered right of the individual to do what he will with his own, demands the restriction of government interference in economic and social affairs within the narrowest  possible limits, and the socialist school, which, basing its position on the complete subordination of the individual to society, demands the socialization of all the means of production, if not all of wealth, face each other today as the only two solutions of the social question; they are bitterly hostile towards each other, and mutually intolerant and each is at the same weakened and provoked by the other. In one respect, and in one respect only, are they identical--they can both be shown to be the result of the Protestant Reformation.

We have seen the direct connection which exists between these modern schools of economic thought and their common ancestor. Capitalism found its roots in the intensely individualistic spirit of Protestantism, in the spread of anti-authoritative ideas from the realm of religion into the realm of political and social thought, and, above all, in the distinctive Calvinist doctrine of a successful and prosperous career being the outward and visible sign by which the regenerated might be known. Socialism, on the other hand, derived encouragement from the violations of established and prescriptive rights of which the Reformation afforded so many examples, from the growth of heretical sects tainted with Communism, and from the overthrow of the orthodox doctrine on original sin, which opened the way to the idea of the perfectibility of man through institutions. But, apart from these direct influences, there were others, indirect, but equally important. Both these great schools of economic thought are characterized by exaggerations and excesses; the one lays too great stress on the importance of the individual, and other on the importance of the community; they are both departures, in opposite directions, from the correct mean of reconciliation and of individual liberty with social solidarity. These excesses and exaggerations are the result of the free play of private judgment unguided by authority, and could not have occurred if Europe had continued to recognize an infallible central authority in ethical affairs.

The science of economics is the science of men's relations with one another in the domain of acquiring and disposing of wealth, and is, therefore, like political science in another sphere, a branch of the science of ethics. In the Middle Ages, man's ethical conduct, like his religious conduct, was under the supervision and guidance of a single authority, which claimed at the same time the right to define and to enforce its teaching. The machinery for enforcing the observance of medieval ethical teaching was of a singularly effective kind; pressure was brought to bear upon the conscience of the individual through the medium of compulsory periodical consultations with a trained moral adviser, who was empowered to enforce obedience to his advice by the most potent spiritual sanctions. In this way, the whole conduct of man in relation to his neighbours was placed under the immediate guidance of the universally received ethical preceptor, and a common standard of action was ensured throughout the Christian world in the all the affairs of life. All economic transactions in particular were subject to the jealous scrutiny of the individual's spiritual director; and such matters as sales, loans, and so on, were considered reprehensible and punishable if not conducted in accordance with the Christian standards of commutative justice.

The whole of this elaborate system for the preservation of justice in the affairs of everyday life was shattered by the Reformation. The right of private judgment, which had first been asserted in matters of faith, rapidly spread into moral matters, and the attack on the dogmatic infallibility of the Church left Europe without an authority to which it could appeal on moral questions. The new Protestant churches were utterly unable to supply this want. The principle of private judgment on which they rested deprived them of any right to be listened to whenever they attempted to dictate moral precepts to their members, and henceforth the moral behaviour of the individual became a matter to be regulated by the promptings of his own conscience, or by such philosophical systems of ethics as he happened to approve. The secular state endeavoured to ensure that dishonesty amounting to actual theft or fraud should be kept in check, but this was a poor and ineffective substitute for the powerful weapon of the confessional. Authority having once broken down, it was but a single step from Protestantism to rationalism; and the way was opened to the development of all sorts of erroneous systems of morality. (Dr. George O'Brien, An Essay on the Economic Efforts of the Reformation, IHS Press, Norfolk, Virginia, 2003.)


Dr. O'Brien went on to state that true pope after true pope has stated concerning the necessity of men and their nations subordinating themselves to the Catholic Church as they pursue the common temporal good in light of man's Last End:


There is one institution and one institution alone which is capable of supplying and enforcing the social ethic that is needed to revivify the world. It is an institution at once intra-national and international; an institution that can claim to pronounce infallibly on moral matters, and to enforce the observance of the its moral decrees by direct sanctions on the individual conscience of man; an institution which, while respecting and supporting the civil governments of nations, can claim to exist independently of them, and can insist that they shall not intrude upon the moral life or fetter the moral liberty of their citizens. Europe possessed such an institution in the Middle Ages; its dethronement was the unique achievement of the Reformation; and the injury inflicted by that dethronement has never since been repaired. (George O'Brien, An Essay on the Economic Effects of the Reformation, first published in 1923, republished by IHS press in 2003, p. 132.)

None of the midget naturalists of the false opposite of the right who are running for the chance to run against the midget naturalist of the false opposite of the left understand any of this. Not one little bit of this. None of them realize that our economic and social problems will only worsen as long as men sin wantonly and as long as they continue to ignore and to defy, both individually and collectively in the institutions of civil government and the levers of commerce and culture, the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law as they have been entrusted to Holy Mother Church by Christ the King in order to be taught infallibly for the right ordering of their souls and thus of their nations.

We are consigned to subject to the schemes of those live in a virtual netherworld of internet cafe-dwelling confidence men of the "right" and of the "left" until there is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the fruit of her Fatima Message, that will vanquish the interrelated forces of Modernity in the world and Modernism in the counterfeit church of conciliarism once and for all. We just have to make sure that we do not wind up in the netherworld of the damned for all eternity, which is why we must persevere in our assiduous, fervent and devout praying of Our Lady's Most Holy Rosary every day. We must use this time of chastisement and disarray to make reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary for our many sins.



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