On the (Transferred) Feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This is a revised reflection in honor of the of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was instituted by Pope Pius XII in 1954. This feast is annually on May 31 at the conclusion of the month of May, which is the month of Our Lady, but is transferred this to this day, the first free date following the superseding Octave of the the Solemnity of Corpus Christi.

Every person on the face of this earth is called to honor Mary our Immaculate Queen. Every nation on this earth is called to give public honor to the Queen of Heaven and of Earth, Our Lady, she who made possible our very salvation by her perfect Fiat to the Holy Will of God the Father at the Annunciation. It is fitting that we end her month, the month of May, with this great feast as we hope end our lives with the help of her prayers so that we can enjoy an unending Easter Sunday of glory in Paradise as we give all adoration and worship to the Most Blessed Trinity and give her our due love, honor and gratitude.

Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and of Earth, pray for us.

Saints Primus and Felician, pray for us.

 An original article should be appear tomorrow

Living in A Supremely Absurd World

As it is now about forty minutes after Midnight on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, there is time only to note that the current article is a commentary on the absurdities contained in the case of Masterpiece Cakemakers v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, June 4, 2018.

I also want to call to the attention of those who access this site even in its relatively dormant state four reflections on today’s glorious feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Remedy for the Cruelty of An Evil Age, Enthroning the True and Unsurpassed Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus In Our Homes, Tender Mercies and No One Is A Stranger to the Sacred Heart.

A blessed Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus to you all!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us.

Saint Gertrude the Great, pray for us.

Saint Boniface: The Apostle of Germany

Before providing a brief introduction to this republished reflection on the life and missionary work of Saint Boniface, the Apostle of Germany, I want to apologize for the continued length of time between original articles. It would belabor the point to provide a daily medical bulletin, but a number of afflictions—some chronic, others of recent vintage that are by their nation chronic—have slowed me down considerably.

As I have noted on other occasions recently, I need to have most of a full day to complete a new article. The next such day will be tomorrow, the Seventh Day in the Octave of the Solemnity of Corpus Christi and the Commemoration of Saint Norbert, as I complete work on a commentary about yesterday’s decision of the Supreme Court of the United States of America in the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd., et al. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, et al. Although a temporary reprieve for the owners of Masterpiece Cakeshop, the entire decision is premised on the acceptance of a legally recognized and protected class of citizens based solely upon their propensity to commit the sin of Sodom and its related vices. A nation whose laws do not recognize the binding nature of the Divine Law and the Natural Law as they have been entrusted to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church for their infallible and authoritative interpretation will wind up with situations wherein judges find themselves flummoxed by the intersection of the very secular principles that have gotten us to this point of absurdity.

Yes, I have read the entire decision and the concurring and dissenting opinions. Public Law (Constitutional Law, Administrative Law) was one of the minor fields in which I was examined prior to being granted permission to proceed with the doctoral dissertation forty-three years ago, and I taught it for thirty years. Thus it is that I have a few things to say on the decision and it absurdity. It is my expectation to have the article completed for posting by Thursday.

Once again, I apologize the slowness of original articles. I am doing the best that I can under the circumstances. Thanks for your understanding. Penance is truly better than ever in 2018, and I need all the penance that Our Lord desires to send me.

Today's republished offering is abrief reflection on the missionary work of Saint Boniface, the Apostle to Germany, who stands as a rebuke to the conciliar "popes" and their embrace of false religions. 

Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, pray for us.


Saint Boniface, pray for us.

By Their Fruits, part two

This is a brief follow-up to my commentary posted on Sunday about the Irish referendum to choose death over the Author of Life, to choose Barabbas over Christ King.

My annual reflection on the Solemnity of Corpus Christ has been republished. Please scroll below.

Finally it is my privilege to inform the few remaining readers of this website that the renowned poet and great literary champion of the cause of Christ the King, Mr. Joseph Charles MacKenzie, has published a book of sonnets in honor of Our King that have earned high praise from literary critics. For information on purchasing this edifying and inspiring book of sonnets, please see Amazon, Barnes & Noble for the companion audio book to his sonnets, which have been professionally performed and are available to view at: Sonnet Visions 10.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!

Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, pray for us.

On The Solemnity of Corpus Christi: All Adoration, Praise and Thanksgiving Be Given to Our Eucharistic King

Today is the great Solemnity of Corpus Christi. This article, written a long time ago now and slightly revised over the years, is an exhortation to the readers of this site to spend more and more time in adoration before Our Beloved before His Real Presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament if this is at all possible in your area.

Adoration is the first end of prayer, including the perfect prayer that is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in which Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ becomes Incarnate under the appearances of bread and wine when a men man, uttering mere words over the elements of the earth, calls Him down from Heaven. We must adore God with our whole mind, soul, heart, body and strength. To spend time before the Most Blessed Sacrament in prayer is a foretaste of Heavenly glories. Our goal in life is to behold the glory of the Beatific Vision of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost for all eternity in the company of Our Lady, Saint Joseph, our Guardian Angels (each of whom beholds the Beatific Vision as he tries to guide us home to Heaven!), our patron saints and all of the members of the Church Triumph, whose ranks we hope and pray will include our dearest and nearest relatives and friends. We must make time for the foretaste of Heavenly glories by means of profound Eucharistic Adoration in this life is we want to enjoy the glories of Heaven itself for all eternity.

There are infused graces that are flooded into the souls of those who spend time in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, those souls who are conscious of the need to make reparation for their sins as they give thanksgiving to God for all of the favors, both spiritual and temporal, they have received and who recognize the need to petition God for the favors we need, both spiritual temporal, starting with an earnest petition each day that we be given the grace to have a holy and sacramentally-provided-for death. Our Lord stands ready to send us this infusion of graces through the loving hands of His Most Blessed Mother, who is mystically with us when we pray before her Divine Son’s Real Presence. All we need to do is to arrange our lives in such a way as to make time for prayer before Our Eucharistic King and Lord.

We must, of course, be conscious of our need to get to the Sacrament of Penance on a weekly basis, if possible, of course,in order that our reception of Our Lord’s Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in Holy Communion will be worthy and fervent. The frequent, devout and worthy reception of Our Lord in Holy Communion gives strength even to those souls who have been steeped in one sin after another, those souls who have perhaps surrendered all too readily to the devil’s attacks upon them over the years:

And then come, and accuse me, saith the Lord: if your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as white as snow: and if they be red as crimson, they shall be white as wool. If you be willing, and will hearken to me, you shall eat the good things of the land. (Isaias 1: 18-19.)

We must ask Our Lady on this great feast day of Corpus Christi, which, of course, is celebrated as an Octave in those chapels that use the Missal of Saint Pius V before it was “reformed” by the revolutionary efforts of Annibale Bugnini and Ferdinando Antonelli in the 1950s, to help give us more and more graces to recognize the Most Sacred Heart of her Divine Son, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, beats for with great love in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

We must ask Our Lady to help us approach the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through her own Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart with such fervor and devotion that we will consider it as a great loss if ever there is a day we are unable to get a true offering of Holy Mass and unable to spend at least some time with her Divine Son, Who is the Prisoner of Love in tabernacles today just as He was the Prisoner of her Virginal and Immaculate Womb from the time of His Incarnation to the day of His Nativity.

Today should be devoted entirely to gratitude to Eucharistic King for the great gift of Himself in Holy Communion and our ability worship Him in His Real Presence even though He sitteth at the right hand of God the Father in Heaven. What a mystery of love. Words fail.

A blessed Solemnity of Corpus Christi to you all!

An original article, which is a follow-up to Sunday's posting, will be published in a short while. 

Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, pray for us.

By Their Fruits

Perhaps it is just as well that the article that was ready for publication about forty-eight hours ago before it went “poof” into cyberspace was not to be rewritten. It was better to wait for the actual results from the Irish plebiscite on Friday, May 25, 2018, Whit Friday and the Commemoration of Pope Saint Gregory VII and Pope Saint Urban I, before composing a new article.

Well, this is a new article, although it contains very familiar themes to those who have been readers of my writing for the past two decades or so.

That the Irish have voted in favor of decriminalized baby-slaughter should surprise us not in the slightest as evil must flow from the lies upon which Modernity is founded and with which the counterfeit church of conciliarism has made its “official reconciliation.”

Work will begin tomorrow, the Feast of Saint Augustine of Canterbury, on “Sober Up, part thirteen. Spoiler alert: Although I will once again stipulate the fact that the Deep State, directed then as now by former President Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetro, has sought to undermine and to overthrow President Donald John Trump, much evil is being done by the current administration that cannot go without comment and comment upon it I will.

Finally, my writing continues to be impeded by nagging health issues, which have included the addition of a skin condition called Rosacea. (I am not even a consumer of alcoholic drinks, and I never have been!) This is penance that I deserve for my own sins, but it is one I would not wish on anyone else. I am, though, thankful for the penance and its accompanying sleepless nights as our goal is to rest for all eternity in Heaven. We must bear the cross with patience, love and gratitude in this passing, mortal vale of tears.

A blessed Trinity Sunday to you all.

My Trinity Sunday reflection is to be found by scolling below.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Bede the Venerable pray for us.

A Reminder on Trinity Sunday: We Adore the Only True God, the Blessed Trinity

Today is Trinity Sunday and the Commemoration of the First Sunday after Pentecost and of Saint Bende the Venerable, thus beginning the second half of the liturgical year that began with the First Sunday of Advent.

The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity was revealed to us by Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Although there are clear references in the text of the Old Testament to a plurality of Persons in the Divine Godhead ("Let us make man in our own image"), human reason, which can come to the conclusion that God exists, is insufficient to know about the existence of the Most Blessed Trinity. Our Lord Himself, the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity made Man in Our Lady's Virginal and Immaculate Womb, had to reveal this to us. The doctrine of the Most Holy Trinity is rejected by all infidels and misrepresented by most Protestant sects.

To wit, many Protestants, especially in the evangelical and fundamentalist sects, are "baptized" in "the name of the Lord Jesus," not in "The Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost," which is invalid on its face. This means that many hundreds of thousands of Protestants are not even Christians despite their thinking that they are. We must defend the doctrine of the Most Blessed Trinity with our very lives if necessary, having frequent recourse to the making of the Sign of the Cross throughout the day. This is a custom that is held dear by many Spaniards and Latin Americans.

Indeed, the jockey who rode Nyquist to victory in the 2016 Kentucky Derby, which was held on Saturday, May 7, 2016, the Feast of Saint Stanislaus, did so, something that was shown in slow motion as a replay of the post-race "cooling off" of the horse’s trot was broadcast. This should put many Catholics in this country to shame for fearing to make invoke the very sign of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost when in public or in the presence of Protestant relatives, friends or neighbors.

Remember, Jorge Mario Bergoglio did not want to give a "blessing," not that he is capable of giving one as a lay Jesuit revolutionary, that is, when address the crowd on the Capitol Mall in Washington, District of Columbia, on Thursday, September 24, 2015, the Feast of Our Lady of Ransom, for fear of offending "unbelievers."

An original aritlce on the Irish plebescite in favor baby-slaughter will be published in a few moments.

A blessed Trinity Sunday to you all.

Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, pray for us.

Saint Barnabas, pray for us. 

Jorge Blasphemes God (Again!) to Tickle the Itching Ears of Men

[A brief article about the referendum in Ireland today, Whit Friday, was ready to be posted when its entire content was lost forever after this site's software program required me to login again. Poof! 

[Pray for Ireland today as voters choose, in effect, to permit their national legislature, the Oireachtas, to "legalize" the slaughter of the innocent preborn in their mothers' wombs by surgical means at least through the first three months of these babies' lives. Pray to Our Lady of Knock. Pray! 

[I will rewrite the article later today. Penance is better than ever in 2018.]

Jorge Mario Bergoglio had one of those "private" chit-chats recently. Like so many of the other such confabs he has had in the past, however, what was "private" was blurted out pretty publicly, which is exactly what this wretched blasphemer from Argentina desired.

May God have mercy on us all!

A commentary on the ongoing coup should follow in a day or two.

Today, Whit Wednesday, is an Ember Day. Those between the ages of twenty-one and fifty-nine are required to fast, and all over the age of seven are to take meat (or products made from meat) at the principal meal.

Our Lady of the Cenacle, pray for us.

Jorge and His Church of Anti-Apostles

It was four days ago, that is, on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, that Jorge Mario Bergoglio expressed words of praise for a visiting delegation of the devil-worshippers known as Buddhists. There is not an apostolic bone in this apostate's body, although he is only carrying on the anti-apostolic "traditions" established by his predecessors in the antipapacy of the counterfeit church of conciliarism.

A revised reflection on Pentecost Sunday may be found by scrolling below.

Our Lady of the Cenacle, pray for us.

Set Aflame on This Day for the Conversion of Men and Their Nations

Today is Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of Holy Mother Church, the upon which the first pope, Saint Peter, who was vivified as the Vivifier Himself, God the Holy Ghost, descended upon him and Our Lady and the other Apostles (and the rest of the disciples) gathered in the Upper Room in Jerusalem as they completed their Novena to God the Holy Ghost ten days after Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's glorious Ascension to His Father's right hand on Ascension Thursday. Saint Peter wasted no time in doing something that is forbidden, at least in a de facto sense, in the counterfeit church of conciliarism: he preached to the Jews about the necessity of their converting to the true Faith.

The missionary work of the Church to seek with urgency the unconditional conversion of all men and all nations to the her maternal bosom, outside of which there is no salvation and without which there is no true social order, brought us glorious missionaries who were willing to embrace many sacrifices, including martyrdom itself, to spread the Faith of the Divine Redeemer, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, so that men and all nations would be able to order themselves rightly according to the Deposit of Faith that He has entrusted exclusively to Holy Mother Church for Its eternal safekeeping and infallible explication and by means of a fervent cooperation with the graces won for us by the shedding of Our Lord's Most Precious Blood and that flow into our hearts and souls through the loving hands of Our Lady, she who is the Mediatrix of all Graces. The work of conversion does not end when one is Baptized or Confirmed.

The work of conversion away from our sinful selves to become more conformed to the Cross of the Divine Redeemer and the merciful designs of His Most Sacred Heart for us is one that is constant. Every beat of our hearts, consecrated as they must be to that same Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, must burn with fire for the love of God as He has revealed Himself to us through His true Church and as we seek to grow in holiness and to make reparation for our sins and those of the whole world. It is useless for us to be converted in the Baptismal font unless we are willing to let God the Holy Ghost help to convert us every day to cooperate more fully with His Seven Gifts and Twelve Fruits. Saint Paul the Apostle explained that the spiritual man, the one who is filled with Sanctifying Grace, cannot be understood by the sensual or worldly man:

For what man knoweth the things of a man, but the spirit of a man that is in him? So the things also that are of God no man knoweth, but the Spirit of God. Now we have received not the spirit of this world, but the Spirit that is of God; that we may know the things that are given us from God. Which things also we speak, not in the learned words of human wisdom; but in the doctrine of the Spirit, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the sensual man perceiveth not these things that are of the Spirit of God; for it is foolishness to him, and he cannot understand, because it is spiritually examined. But the spiritual man judgeth all things; and he himself is judged of no man. (2 Cor. 2: 11-15)

We must keep this in mind when our relatives and friends and associates do not understand how we can refuse to keep our silence when a putative "pontiff" calls a mosque as a "jewel" or as a "sacred" place or as he prays as a Jew without mentioning the Holy Name of the Divine Redeemer (doing voluntarily what the leaders of Sanhedrin tried to force the Apostles to do, that is, to mention the "name of that man no more") and has he praises the nonexistent ability of false religions to help build the "better world."

We cannot care about what others think of us. We must say and do only those things that are pleasing God, never fearing to raise our voices to defend His greater honor and glory and majesty when these are offended by one claiming to speak for the Catholic Church on earth. The Mystical Bride of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Holy Mother Church, is as spotless and as immaculate as Our Blessed Mother herself.

The Catholic Church did not give us "hootenanny" liturgies before the aftermath of the "Second" Vatican Council. She did not give us "inter-religious dialogue" and "inter-religious" prayer services. She gave us liturgies that came from God the Holy Ghost, not travesties that reaffirm people in the spirit of the world.

The Catholic Church can only give us clarity of doctrine, not ambiguity and complexity that took one "clarification" after another to attempt to make "clear." And Holy Mother Church has always mirrored Our Blessed Mother's hatred of heresy and error, which was part of the meditation written by the late Father Frederick Faber on the Sixth Dolor of Our Lady:

In the judgment of the world, and of worldly Christians, this hatred of heresy is exaggerated, bitter, contrary to moderation, indiscreet, unreasonable, aiming at too much, bigoted, intolerant, narrow, stupid, and immoral. What can we say to defend it? Nothing which they can understand. We had, therefore, better hold our peace. If we understand God, and He understands us, it is not so very hard to go through life suspected, misunderstood and unpopular. The mild self-opinionatedness of the gentle, undiscerning good will also take the world's view and condemn us; for there is a meek-loving positiveness about timid goodness which is far from God, and the instincts of whose charity is more toward those who are less for God, while its timidity is searing enough for harsh judgment. There are conversions where three-quarters of the heart stop outside the Church and only a quarter enters, and heresy can only be hated by an undivided heart. But if it is hard, it has to be borne. A man can hardly have the full use of his senses who is bent on proving to the world, God's enemy, that a thorough-going Catholic hatred of heresy is a right frame of mind. We might as well force a blind man to judge a question of color. Divine love inspheres in us a different circle of life, motive, and principle, which is not only not that of the world, but in direct enmity with it. From a worldly point of view, the craters in the moon are more explicable things than we Christians with our supernatural instinct.

We must therefore permit God the Holy Ghost to come into our souls with His bright burning flames at every moment of our lives so that we will filled with love of God and hatred of our own sins as we seek to cooperate with the graces He sends us through the loving hands of His Spouse, Our Lady, making sure to honor His Spouse as we pray as many Rosaries each day as our states-in-life permit. May this be our prayer this day and every day our own lives:

Come, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.

V. Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created.

R. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

Let us pray. O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Ghost, grant us in the same Spirit to be truly wise, and ever to rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

A blessed Pentecost Sunday and Octave to you all!

Our Lady of the Cenacle,  pray for us.


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