Updated: Sin: More Deadly Than the Coronavirus, part eight

Part one of this commentary focused on Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s apologia for the lockdown state’s diabolically-conceived and executed effort to impose a Red Chinese-style Communist dictatorship upon the “free world” in order, our civil minds say, to protect us from a virus, while certainly a threat to some people, has a mortality rate of less than one percent in those who are not elderly and/or do not suffer from one or more pre-existing conditions (co-morbidities).

To be sure, what is called “Covid-19” by many but is more accurately referred to as the Wuhan virus it was in a Red Chinese “Bio-Safety Lab 4” there that the biological weapon was developed and leaked accidentally before being completely weaponized. Even the less potent strain of the Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus, however, was enough for Chicom dictator Xi Jinping and his minions to deploy Chinese nations from Wuhan and other places in the Hubei province around the world to spread the disease as part of Even 201’s plandemic to create a mass panic that would be endorsed by Red Chinese subsidiary known as the World Health Organization as a “pandemic” and thus be used as the pretext for the restriction of legitimate human liberties in the name of “public health.” The plandemicists’ end goal is to create a “new normal” of state surveillance, mandatory injections of genetically-modifying vaccines replete with all manner of potions and derived, in part, from the stem cell lines of butchered babies, that will make us all mere creatures of the civil state.

Thus, before delving into a detailed analysis of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s role as the papal” useful idiot for Xi Jinping’s massive propaganda machine to get Catholics to accept the Red Chinese-style “global reset of humanity” after having renewed his sellout of underground Catholics who have been persecuted endlessly for trying to remain faithful to men they have believed to be true “popes” even though they were unaware of the fact that the past three of these imposters were setting the stage for the Bergoglio’s betrayal in 2018, I want to emphasize a few points made in part one of this series so that readers will be able to make some necessary, perhaps even life-saving, distinctions in the midst of statist/conciliarist propaganda and inadequate conclusions reached by some Catholics that ignore the prophetic nature of the times in which we are living.

To Know the Signs of the Times

We are not living in the 1950s and it is thus the case that we need to see the signs of the times as they really are while recognizing that very few Catholics, whether credentialed theologians or ordinary laymen, in that first decade of my life could ever have imagined that the world as they knew it then would be transformed over time into a thinly disguised totalitarianism run by a scientific and technocratic elite who would take over trusted professions and them into tools for the advancement of one evil, whether physical or moral, after another.

As one whose late father was a veterinarian, I was immersed into a culture of fundamental respect for whatever the medical professions said was true. None of us realized that the pro-everything-bad Rockefeller Foundation had coopted most, although, although far from all, medical training and scientific schooling and research to accomplish its anti-Theistic, anti-family goals of population control (contraception, abortion, sterilization, eugenics, the replacement of natural remedies with a cornucopia of pharmaceutical products, recommendations for needless surgical procedures such as tonsillectomies, etc.) to condition us all to offer our grains of incense to the high priests and priestesses of “science” and their stooges in the civil government whenever they tell us to do something for our “own good” and/or the common good, for the sake of “public health” and “public safety.”

Believing Catholics, of all people, should be aware that the world in which we are living now is not the same world as it was fifty, sixty or eighty years ago. A believing Catholic knows that things are being taught by supposed Catholic clergymen, starting with the Argentine Apostate, that are opposed to the truths of the Catholic Faith and thus inimical to the sanctification and salvation of souls, upon which the entirety of social order is premised. Many younger Catholics have no concept of the Catholic Faith as they have been immersed solely in the doctrines, liturgies and general ethos of conciliarism and its official “reconciliation” with the ideas of the “new era” that was, to quote the then Joseph Alois Cardinal Ratzinger in Principles of Catholic Theology, “inaugurated” in 1789.

Perhaps one way to demonstrate these observations anecdotally is to present a few news reports from the August 2, 1936, edition of the nationally-based but locally printed Catholic Register, which was under the supervision of the Catholic Press Association, that I came across in what turned out to be a futile effort to locate a pamphlet produced by Bishop James Edward Walsh, one of the early Maryknoll missionaries to China, contrasting the Chicom’s rump church, the so-called Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA), with the Catholic Church that was written in the 1950s. These news reports are fascinating, and those who have the time might want to peruse the entire edition as it is a veritable time capsule containing a defense of Catholicism conjoined with an unabashed spirit of Americanism (especially in article praising rough and ready, jocular, and familiar American priests with the supposedly more “reserved” and overly “cultured” European priests).

Of special relevance to this long commentary is the Catholic Register’s news report concerning the then Father James Edward Walsh’s appointment as the head of the Maryknoll order:

Maryknoll, N. Y.— The Most Rev. Bishop James Edward Walsh of Cumberland, Md., Vicar Apostolic of Kongmoon, South China, was elected superior general of the Catholic Free Mission Society of America (Maryknoll) at an extraordinary chapter of the society July 22. Bishop Walsh succeeds the late Bishop James Anthony Walsh, founder and first superior general of the society, who died April 14 of this year. In spite of the identity of their names, with the exception of the middle name, there is no relationship between the late Bishop Walsh and his successor.

Bishop Walsh will be assisted by four councilors—• Father James M. Drought of New York city, formerly of the Kaying vicariate, China; Father William F. O’Shea of Newark, N. J., formerly of the Kong;moon vicariate, China, and at present head of the Maryknoll college, Venard, Scranton, Pa.; Father John J. Considine of New Bedford, Mass., formerly of the Fides News service, Rome, and Father Thomas V. Kiernan of Cortland, N. Y., at present a missioner in the Wuchow prefecture, China. Bishop Walsh was born in Cumberland, Md., April 30, 1891, the son of William E, and Mary (Concannon) Walsh. His father was a lawyer of Cumberland; his mother came from Montegut, La. He was graduated from Mt. St. Mary’s college at Emmitsburg, Md., from which his father and grandfather had also been graduated. In 1911, he became one of the first group of six students with which the Maryknoll Seminary for Foreign Missions opened in the fall of 1912. He was the third student to be ordained for the American Catholic Foreign Mission society (Maryknoll) when he received Holy Orders Dec. 7, 1915, at the hands of Bishop Maurice Foley of the Philippine islands. The ceremony took place in the farmhouse that then served as a seminary for the society.

Bishop Walsh has been a mission pioneer in every sense of the worn. He is one of four priests sent to China in 1918— the first group of American priests to enter the Far Eastern mission fields. After the death of Father Thomas F. Price a year later, he was named superior of the group and of succeeding groups acting under the nominal direction of the Bishop of Canton. He opened the first Maryknoll missions in South China, the cradle of the society in the Orient, at Yeungkong and Noting, and in 1921 started Wuchow, which is now a separate prefecture apostolic.

In 1924, he was named Prefect Apostolic of Kongmoon, the first American-born Prefect in China. When Kongmoon was raised to a vicariate in 1927 and Msgr. Walsh was consecrated Bishop, he was the first American Bishop in China.

The consecration took place on historic Sancian island, off the coast of South China, where St. Francis Xavier died in 1552. Consecrators were the Most Rev. A. Fourquet, Bishop of Canton; the Most Rev. Jose de Costa Nunes, Bishop of Macao, and the Most Rev. T. Pratt, O.P., Bishop of Amoy.

Bishop Walsh attended the first general council of the Church in China, held in 1924, and the first general chapter of the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America (Maryknoll) in 1929.

In his 18 years as a missioner in China, Bishop Walsh has had spiritual charge of an area covering 20,000 square miles, approximately as large as West Virginia. The Catholic population in the area has shown a steady, sure increase from 6,333 to 8,535 during his 11 years as administrator. More than 6,000 Baptisms have been registered in that time.

Bishop Walsh is a brother of Judge William C. Walsh of Cumberland, and of Father John F. Walsh, also a Maryknoller, now stationed at the Maryknoll College, Venard, Scranton, Pa., after several years’ service in Manchukuo.

Three sisters have entered religion: Sister M. Rosalia of the Mission Helpers, Towson, Md.; Sister M. Joseph of the Notre Dame convent, Puerta de Tierra, Puerto Rico, and Sister Marguerite, St. Joseph’s College, Emmitsburg, Md. Other sisters are Mrs. F. L. Werner of Baltimore and Miss M. G. Walsh of Cumberland. (August 2, 1936, issue of the Catholic Register, Denver Edition.)

Quite unlike Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who is nothing but a “Catholic” front man for the lockdown state’s new world order, and his predecessors. The original Maryknoll missioners sought to convert the pagan Chinese people. Although unfailingly kind and thoroughly immersed in Chinese languages, studies and history, the original Maryknoll missionaries were not ecumenists and they would be, as will be demonstrated later in this commentary, persecutor by the Red Chinese with whom Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his equally red-loving secretary of state, Pietro “Cardinal” Parolin, have made their own “official reconciliation” as they have thrown the memory of the Maryknoll missionaries, including martyrs, and the very lives and property of underground Catholics under the bus and down the Orwellian memory hole.

The same August 2, 1936, edition of the Catholic Register, contained three different news reports about the attacks on Catholic priests and churches in Spain by the illegal Communist government that was being opposed by Generalissimo Francisco Franco:

The revolt of a large section of the army against the Leftist government of Spain came on the heels of months of horror, in which more than 150 Catholic churches were destroyed. Catholic newspaper plants were confiscated and turned over to the Reds, thousands of Rightists were imprisoned, and murder ran rampant, under the guidance or at least in the face of indifference on the part of the government. General Emilio Mola, inset, commander of the northern army of the Spanish rebels, mentioned as the next premier if the revolt is successful, is an outstanding Catholic.

Equipment of Madrid Church Papers Seized Marseilles, France.— (INS) — News has reached here that in a week of fighting in Barcelona between rebel and federal troops, every church in the city had been burned except the famous Barcelona Cathedral. The newspapers El Debate and Ya, leading Catholic organs in Madrid, were seized by the government, and their American-made presses, regarded as the finest on the continent, have been turned over to the Mundo Obrero, left-wing government organ. El Siglo Future and two other Madrid Catholic papers were also seized.

At the time this is written, it is impossible to forecast the results of the Spanish revolt, which started in Morocco and by July 25 had left 28 of the 50 Spanish provinces, perhaps more, in the hands of the rebels. The trouble started with the murder by government troops of the efficient Rightist leader, Jose Calvo Satelo. The government, at his funeral, refused to allow 30,000 Rightists to enter the cemetery and assault guardsmen fired into the crowd, killing five and wounding three. The rebel, lion broke when 20,000 Legionnaires turned against the Red government in Morocco. Within one day, that African colony no longer bore allegiance to Madrid. Army garrisons throughout Spain quickly joined in the revolt, which so swiftly swept the country as to leave serious doubt whether the elections that not long ago gave the Leftists a small majority were straight. The rebellion has proved a large section of the army definitely Catholic.

The reprisals of the Reds against the clergy are horrifying. One refugee to Gibraltar said he had seen 50 priests gathered together and shot down. A woman writing for the United Press tells of seeing a priest killed in Barcelona, his body being dismembered, and the parts hanged on a statue of the Blessed Virgin(August 2, 1936, issue of the Catholic Register, Denver Edition.)

Yes, there was firm opposition to Communism in 1936 even though Marxism-Leninism’s fifth columns were busy infiltrating American universities, colleges, public school systems and the motion picture industry as well a few influential voices in various media outlets than extant and, quite importantly, in the nooks, crannies and crevices of the administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. (The August 2, 1936, edition of the Catholic Register, also contained a news story about the controversy then raging around Monsignor John A. Ryan’s support of a universal minimum wage that would do away with state’ rights, which was part of Roosevelt’s New Deal policies, a support that would earn him the moniker as “Right Reverend New Dealer. Ryan was not a Communist. However, he was a leftist in the mode of those who would follow him in the decades leading up to and after the “Second” Vatican Council” in the offices of the National Catholic Welfare Council/National Conference of Catholic Bishops/United States Catholic Conference/United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.)

By way of contrast, contrast these news reports about Communist atrocities in Spain with the Vatican News Service’s announcement concerning the renewal of the Bergoglio-Parolin sellout of faithful Catholics who have suffered for over seventy years now in Red China:

The Provisional Agreement between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China regarding the appointment of Bishops was signed in Beijing on September 22, 2018. That Agreement expires today since it went into effect one month later, with the term of two years ad experimentum. As this date drew near, the two parties evaluated various aspects of the Agreement’s application, and through an official exchange of Note Verbali, have agreed to prolong the term for another two years, until October 22, 2022. Therefore, the renewal of the Provisional Agreement seems to be a propitious occasion to explore its objective and motivations.

The primary objective of the Provisional Agreement regarding the appointment of Bishops in China is that of sustaining and promoting the proclamation of the Gospel in that land, restoring the full and visible unity of the Church. In fact, the primary motivations that have guided the Holy See in this process, in dialogue with the Government leaders of that country, are fundamentally of an ecclesiological and pastoral nature. The question regarding the appointment of Bishops is of vital importance for the life of the Church, both at the local as well as at the universal levels. In this regard, Vatican Council II, in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, stated that “Jesus Christ, the eternal Shepherd, established His holy Church, having sent forth the apostles as He Himself had been sent by the Father (see John 20:21); and He willed that their successors, namely the bishops, should be shepherds in His Church even to the consummation of the world. And in order that the episcopate itself might be one and undivided, He placed Blessed Peter over the other apostles, and instituted in him a permanent and visible source and foundation of unity of faith and communion” (Lumen Gentium, 18).

This fundamental teaching regarding the particular role of the Supreme Pontiff within the Episcopal College and in the appointment of Bishops itself, inspired the negotiations and was a point of reference in the drafting of the text of the Agreement. Thus will be ensured, little by little as things go forward, both the unity of faith and the communion among the Bishops, as well as being able to completely be at the service of the Catholic community in China. As of today, for the first time after many decades, all of the Bishops in China are in communion with the Bishop of Rome and, thanks to the implementation of the Agreement, there will be no more illegitimate ordinations.

It should, however, be noted that all the open issues or situations that are still of concern for the Church have not been treated in the Agreement, but solely the issue of episcopal appointments, which is decisive and essential to guarantee the ordinary life of the Church in China, as in all other parts of the world. His Eminence Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, recently spoke about “The Catholic Church in China, past and present” at a Convention held in Milan this month for the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the PIME missionaries in Henan. On that occasion, he pointed out that various misunderstandings had arisen regarding the Provisional Agreement. Many of them originated because extraneous objectives or unrelated events regarding the life of the Catholic Church in China were attributed to the Agreement and it was even connected to political issues that have nothing to do with the actual Agreement. Recalling that the Agreement exclusively concerns the appointment of Bishops, Cardinal Parolin stated he is aware of the existence of various problems regarding the life of the Catholic Church in China, but also that it is impossible to confront all the issues together.

The stipulation of the Agreement, therefore, constitutes the destination point of a long journey undertaken by the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China, but it is also and above all the point of departure for broader and more far-sighted agreements. The Provisional Agreement, the text of which, given its experimental nature, has been consensually kept confidential, is the fruit of an open and constructive dialogue. This dialogic posture, nourished by respect and friendship, is strongly willed and promoted by the Holy Father. Pope Francis is well aware of the wounds the Church’s communion has sustained in the past, and after years of prolonged negotiations that his Predecessors had begun and carried on and indubitably in continuity with their thought, he has re-established full communion with the Chinese Bishops who were ordained without the necessary Pontifical mandate and authorized the signing of the Agreement regarding the appointment of Bishops, which had already been approved by Pope Benedict XVI in draft form.

Cardinal Parolin emphasized that the current dialogue between the Holy See and China has age-old roots and is the continuation of a journey begun a long time ago. The last Pontiffs, in fact, sought that which Pope Benedict XVI described as the overcoming of the heavy “situation of misunderstandings and incomprehension” that serves neither the “interests of…the Chinese authorities nor the Catholic Church in China”. Citing his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, he wrote in 2007: “It is no secret that the Holy See, in the name of the whole Catholic Church and, I believe, for the benefit of the whole human family, hopes for the opening of some form of dialogue with the authorities of the People's Republic of China. Once the misunderstandings of the past have been overcome, such a dialogue would make it possible for us to work together for the good of the Chinese People and for peace in the world” (Letter of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI to the Bishops, priests, consecrated persons and lay faithful of the Catholic Church of the People’s Republic of China, no. 4).

Some sectors of international politics have sought to analyze the Holy See’s work primarily along geopolitical lines. Regarding the scope of the Provisional Agreement, instead, the Holy See views it as a profoundly ecclesiological issue, in conformity with two principles stated thus: “Ubi Petrus, ibi Ecclesia” (Saint Ambrose, “Where Peter is, there is the Church”) and “Ubi episcopus, ibi Ecclesia” (Saint Ignatius of Antioch, “Where the Bishop is, there is the Church”). Moreover, there also exists an awareness that the dialogue between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China favors the search for the common good for the benefit of the entire international community.

Specifically with this intention, Archbishop Paul R. Gallagher, Secretary for Relations with States, met with Mr. Wang Yi, State Councilor and Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China, on February 14, 2020 in Munich in Bavaria, in the context of the 56th Munich Safety Conference, even though their first personal meeting, although not official, had taken place on the occasion of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization in New York in 2019. It should be noted that both meetings took place in the context of multilateral diplomatic meetings in favor of global peace and security, thus seeking to pick up on even the slightest signal to foster and sustain the culture of encounter and dialogue.

As was made public by the Holy See, the two diplomats acknowledged the contact between the two parties that had developed positively over time during the meeting that took place in Germany. On that occasion, the desire to pursue the bilateral dialogue at the institutional level fostering the life of the Catholic Church and the good of the Chinese people was reiterated. In addition, the hope was expressed that increased international cooperation would promote civil co-existence and peace in the world and they exchanged considerations regarding intercultural dialogue and human rights. In particular, the importance of the Provisional Agreement regarding the appointment of Bishops, which has now been renewed, was highlighted with the hope that its fruits might grow on the basis of the experience gained over the first two years of it being in force.

Regarding the results achieved so far, on the basis of the regulatory framework established by the Agreement, two Bishops have been appointed (His Excellency Antonio Yao Shun, Diocese of Jining, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and His Excellency Stefano Xu Hongwei, Diocese of Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province), while various other processes for new episcopal appointments are in the process, some at the initial stage, others in more advanced stages. Even though, statistically speaking, these results may not seem to be that great, nevertheless they represent a good start, in the hope that other positive goals might be progressively reached. It cannot be overlooked that in recent months the entire world has been practically paralyzed by the health crisis that has influenced both life and activity in almost all sectors of both public and private life. The same reality has obviously influenced regular contact between the Holy See and the Chinese government as well as the implementation of the Provisional Agreement.

The application of the Agreement, with an effective and progressively more active participation of the Chinese Episcopate is, therefore, of great importance for the life of the Catholic Church in China and, as a consequence, for the universal Church. It is also in that context that the pastoral objective of the Holy See can be situated: to help Chinese Catholics, who have long been internally divided, to manifest signs of reconciliation, collaboration and unity for a renewed and more effective proclamation of the Gospel in China. In a Letter dated September 26, 2018, the Pope had entrusted in a particular way to the Catholic community in China – to the bishops, priests, men and women religious, and lay faithful – the commitment to live love for one another in an authentic spirit, expressing it through concrete actions so as to help overcome misunderstandings, giving witness to their own faith and genuine love. It must be acknowledged that there are still many situations causing serious suffering. The Holy See is very much aware of them, is taking them into account and does not fail to draw them to the attention of the Chinese government so that religious freedom might be truly exercised. There is still a long and difficult road ahead.

Trusting completely in the Lord of history who unfailingly guides His Church and in the maternal intercession of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Sheshan, the Holy See entrusts this delicate and important step to the gracious support and, above all, to the prayers of all Catholics, and hopes that with this contact and dialogue with the People’s Republic of China, which has matured to the point of the signing of the Provisional Agreement on the appointment of Bishops and its renewal today, that they might contribute to the resolution of the matters of common interest that are still open, in particular, those touching the life of the Catholic community in China, as well as the promotion of an international vision of peace, in a moment in which we are experiencing numerous tensions on an  international level. (Bergoglio and Parolin Renew the Sellout of Faithful Catholics in Red China. For a detailed summary of how the conciliar “popes” have sold out faithful Catholics to Communists, please see Appendix B below).

Comment Number One:

No one today in Red China today (or anywhere else in the world) is in communion with the “Bishop of Rome” as the Throne of Saint Peter has been vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII on October 9, 1958.

Comment Number Two:

There are hundreds of illegitimate ordinations around the world, including in Red China, and there are zero legitimate consecrations of “bishops” within the counterfeit church of conciliarism, save for the Eastern rite churches whose ordinals have not been “update” yet, because the conciliar rites of episcopal consecration and priestly ordination are invalid.

Comment Number Three:

Lumen Gentium, November 21, 1964, is the progenitor of the “new ecclesiology” of “full” and “partial” communion that was described by the late Father Anthony Cekada as “Frankenchurch.” Indeed, I wrote  Red China: Still A Workshop For The New Ecclesiology on this site in 2009 (and revised in 2013) to demonstrate to my readership that the conciliar authorities, including Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, has long been used as a laboratory of the “new ecclesiology.” This “workshop” has left faithful Catholics bewildered as they wonder how a man they consider in all good conscience to be the Successor of Saint Peter and the Vicar of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ could have sold them out to their persecutors.

Comment Number Four:

The entire “agreement” is premised upon the counterfeit church of conciliarism’s presumption of “good will” on the part of the Chicoms to engage in a “dialogue” that will arrive at a permanent agreement sellout.

The presumption of “good will” on the part of Communists is as foolish as the presumption that the officials of the counterfeit church of conciliarism are Catholic and that their doctrines, liturgical rites and pastoral practices are fully in accord with the Holy Faith. Presumptions of this sort have no foundation in fact and thus must based that those who are steeped in falsehoods do not actually believe in or are willing to act upon their falsehoods. In other words, such presumptions are acts of insanity and willful disbeliefs of truth.

What kind of “good will” did the brutal Red Chinese dictators show to bishops, priests and presbyters in the underground church after Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI issued his pastoral letter to Chinese Catholics on June 29, 2007?

Let me refresh your memory:

Rome (AsiaNews) - AsiaNews sources are reporting that the official bishop of Hengshui was forcibly removed from his residence by police and taken to an isolated location. The police had besieged the prelate’s house for hours, struggling against believers and priests who had formed a wall in an attempt to defend the freedom of their bishop.

Another bishop of Cangzhou, has disappeared and the police threatened the diocese: either he hands himself in to police custody or they will issue an arrest warrant throughout China identifying him as a "dangerous wanted criminal."

In a format reminiscent of the period of the Cultural Revolution, these events took place today.

Everything is due to the forthcoming meeting of the representatives of Chinese Catholics, which the Patriotic Association wants to force official Chinese bishops to attend to elect the presidents of the PA and the Council of Bishops, the Pope defines both bodies as against the Catholic faith, because they aim to create a Church independent of Rome.

To ensure even a meager participation, the PA has put under house arrest some of the bishops who participated in the illicit ordination of Chengde, on 20 November. On that occasion, eight bishops were kidnapped and forced to attend the ceremony, condemned by the Holy See as "a serious violation of religious freedom."

Since the illicit ordination, Mgr. Hengshui Feng Xinmao had been kept in isolation, banned from seeing any faithful, under constant police supervision. Days ago a very elderly priest of his diocese died, and the bishop asked to at least be allowed to celebrate the funeral. After much resistance from the police, and his threat to carry out a hunger strike, he was granted permission. At the end of the funeral the faithful and the priests surrounded him and brought him to the episcopate, from where he had been missing for nearly a month and set up a watch to make sure he would not be placed in isolation again. The police besieged the bishop's house, and after several hours managed to take the bishop back to prison.

The other episode involves Mgr. Li Lianggui, bishop of Cangzhou. After the illicit ordination, the bishop disappeared, perhaps because he didn’t want to be forced to take part in the meeting of representatives of Chinese Catholics. The police, after having searched throughout the diocese, threatened all the faithful either he hands himself into police custody or they will issue an arrest warrant throughout China identifying him as a "dangerous wanted criminal.  (The return of the Cultural Revolution: Chinese bishops imprisoned or hunted like criminals.)

Beijing (AsiaNews) – The eighth National Assembly of Catholic Representatives in China began in Beijing on Tuesday afternoon at the Friendship Hotel, in the city’s Haidian district. Its high-sounding goal is “to support patriotism and independent Church principles, resist outside forces and unite all clergy and Catholics to walk the path of socialist society.”

In Chinese Communist terminology, “independence” means autonomy and separation from Rome. “Outside forces” refer to the Vatican and the Holy See, which exercising their Ecclesial ministry, are guilty of “undue colonial influence” on the Chinese Church, this according to the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (CCPA).

CCPA vice president Liu Bainian chaired the assembly’s opening session. Bishop Fang Xinyao of Linyi (Shandong) delivered the opening address; Bishop Ma Yinglin of Kunming (Yunnan) read a report on the association’s activities; Bishop Zhan Silu of Mindong (Fujian) explained the revisions to the constitutions of the CCPA and the Bishops’ Conference. Both Ma and Zhan were unlawfully ordained in 2006 and 2000 respectively.

In his Letter to Chinese Catholics, Benedict XVI said that the CCPA and the Bishops’ Conference as well as the Assembly of Catholic Representatives are organisations whose purpose is “irreconcilable” with the Catholic faith. For this reason, the Vatican back in March told Chinese prelates not to attend the event.

For the past four years, the Assembly has had to be postponed because official bishops had refused to participate, following directives from the Holy See.

According to China’s State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA), 341 people from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities are "nominated or invited members" at the assembly. They include 64 bishops, 162 priests, 24 nuns and 91 laypeople. It is unclear whether the number 64 refers to bishops invited or actually present.

As AsiaNews has already reported, a number of bishops have gone into hiding or called in sick to avoid being dragged to Beijing. Others have been forcibly taken by government officials. Some, knowing that they could not refuse, came on their own but have refused to concelebrate Masses because of the presence of excommunicated bishops.

Zhu Weiqun of the United Front’s Work Department, Wang Zuo’an, SARA chief, and Jiang Yongjian, SARA vice director were present at the opening ceremony. In his speech, Wang praised the Communist Party and government for the respect they show to the Catholic religion and the interests of Chinese Catholics. Leaders of Protestant, Buddhist, Taoist and Muslim organizations were also present.

In Hong Kong, members of the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission staged a protest outside China’s Liaison Office. Demonstrators stressed that the three-day assembly violates Catholic Canon Law and undermines the freedom and normal operation of the Catholic Church.

They also noted that Chinese authorities had to use violence and pressure to coerce bishops and lay people into coming, holding some in isolation or taking them into custody, violating the religious freedom and rights of Chinese Catholics.

The commission called for the release of detained clergymen, including Baoding’s Bishop Su Zhimin, Father Lu Genjun, Father Ma Wuyong and Father Liu Honggeng, as well as Bishop Shi Enxiang of Yixian.  (Chinese patriotic assembly gets underway to build Church independent of the Vatican.)

How has Xi Jinping and his band of murderous thugs responded to initial conciliar Vatican-Red Chinese agreement in 2018 that has just been renewed?

Sure enough, I can help refresh your memory on that score as well:

INA, November 26, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – The refugee, Catholic journalist, Dalù, has detailed the torture of Catholic priests by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), only days after a bishop was ordained by the CCP approved church.

Dalù, a pseudonym, is the journalist and radio show host who made public the Tiananmen Square massacre. Dalù was subsequently fired and fled to Italy, with his life spared only as a result of his public status. 

He posted a video, in which he described the torture inflicted on a priest called Fr. Liu Maochun: “As a form of intimidation and even torture, Chinese Police often bang a gong close to the ears and shine bright lights into the eyes, and do so consistently for several days. This method of torture is called ‘exhausting an eagle’.” 

Dalù continued: “Through that technique, Father Liu Maochun of Mindong Diocese was deprived of sleep, he was kidnaped, tortured and repeatedly punished for his refusal to join the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. The brutality and sheer wickedness of the Chinese Communist Party is beyond comprehension.”

Fr. Liu is part of the underground Catholic Church, and as such is not recognised by the Chinese state, or the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA). He was visiting his parents in hospital on September 1, when he was arrested and put “in the hands of the Religious Affairs Bureau for 17 days.”

Speaking to religious liberty magazineBitter Winter, a source from Mindong Diocese said, “The government claimed that Fr. Liu Maochun has disobeyed its rule and was ‘ideologically radical’.”

Bitter Winter confirmed that Fr. Liu has been persistently persecuted by the CCP, with the authorities even taking to pressuring his relatives. The source mentioned “Fr. Liu Maochun is Bishop Guo’s assistant. The regime arrests and wants to control those priests close to him who also refuse to join the CPCA.”

The magazine also said that Fr. Liu’s arrest and torture were part of an investigation to discover the leak regarding the torture of Fr. Huang, another priest of the diocese who refused to join the CPCA.

Fr. Liu is one of a number of 20 priests in the diocese who have “refused to join the state-approved Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association” and are thus “viewed as national security threats.” These priests are deemed to be “ ‘illegal’ and a ‘subversion of the state’.”

The bishop of Mindong diocese, Msgr. Vincenzo Guo Xijin, is one of the “victims” of the Vatican-China deal, as the diocese has been used as a “pilot project” for the implementation of the agreement. Bishop Guo was asked by Pope Francis to step down in favor of the CPCA approved bishop. 

Just days ago, the CPCA announced the ordination of a new bishop in Qingdao, Bishop Thomas Chen Tianhao, who “had previously served as the president of the Patriotic Association of Qingdao in Shandong Province in 1998 and as a National Patriotic Association Standing Committee member since 2010.”

Asia News reports that Chen “is considered very obedient to the government’s religious policy.” Only last year, Chen led a committee to “study the spirit” of President Xi Jinping’s speech, celebrating the United Front Work Department.

Just a few weeks ago, the Vatican renewed its deal with China. The deal allegedly recognizes the state-approved church and allows the Chinese Communist Party to appoint the bishops. The Pope apparently maintains a veto power although in practice it is the CCP who have control

It also allegedly allows for the removal of legitimate bishops to be replaced by CCP approved bishops. The actual precise terms of the deal, however, remain a closely guarded secret.

Cardinal Zen, the emeritus bishop of Hong Kong, said that through the deal “the Vatican is selling out the Catholic Church in China.” He also described it as “the murder of the Church in China by those who should protect and defend her from her enemies.” (Renowned Journalit Reveals CCP Tortunre of Catholic Priest As Chinese State Appoints a New “Bishop.”)

So much for a “happy” reconciliation.

All the evidence of the Holy See's actions in the past twenty years since death of the Bishop of Shanghai at the time of his  arrest and show trial in 1956, the Most Reverend Ignatius Kung, has pointed to the betrayal that is being decried at this time by “Cardinal” Zen.

To consider the rump church in Red China to be legitimate is to ignore a number of rather inconvenient facts. The schismatic church in Red China about which the conciliar Vatican has been so obsequious in the past twenty years supports the "population" policies of the Communist government.

Thus, it supports contraception and sterilization. It supports Red China's one child per family policy. Its bishops are appointed by the Communist authorities. In other words, the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association supports policies that are founded in a rejection of the binding precepts of the Divine positive law and natural law. It supports sin and sinful behavior as legitimate and just as a means of demonstrating fealty to the State and not to the Deposit of Faith entrusted by the God-Man, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to Holy Mother Church through the Apostles.

How can this rump church be considered as one that is faithful to the Divine Redeemer?

It is faithful to the exigencies and dictates of the Communist government:

BEIJING, China, February 20, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) ― The confusion around the Vatican’s concordat with China and its state-founded version of the Catholic Church has been compounded by the failure of the so-called Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA) to transmit the Gospel of Life.

According to expert Steven Mosher, the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association is in lockstep with the pro-abortion, pro-contraception Chinese Communist government when it comes to life issues. 

“The CPCA cannot deviate from the Party's position, since it is controlled by the Party,” Mosher told LifeSiteNews yesterday.  

“Moreover, the CPCA has affirmed that national laws supercede Church, or canon, law,” he added.   

“And the Party's position is that contraception, abortion and euthanasia are moral.”

An American consultant to the Vatican on China, Msgr. Anthony Figueiredo, now 55, admitted to the National Catholic Register early in 2018 that the government-appointed bishops of the CPCA support China’s totalitarian two-child policy. 

“I spoke with some of these bishops and some of the officials at the bishops’ conference on issues such as abortion, the two-child family policy; and certainly in those areas, and I won’t hide this, they do back the government on those areas, because I think they feel they need to,” Figueiredo said. 

“They need to because they’re part of [the Patriotic Association], there’s a loyalty to the government,” he continued.

“I think that conversion, that opening, can only take place if there is a first step and there is dialogue that’s opened. Again, it’s very much I think within Pope Francis’ thinking: ‘We’re not going to wait until everything is absolutely perfect in order to say, well, we’re now going to approve these bishops.’”

According to the National Catholic Register, Figueiredo is a “full-time consultant to the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development” who has traveled to China every year since 2008 on the Vatican’s behalf. A Kenya-born priest of the diocese of Newark, New Jersey, in October 2018 Figueiredo was arrested in England for drunk driving. He was formerly disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s personal secretary for nine months in 1994 - 1995 and continued to assist the former prelate from Rome for 19 years. McCarrick, too, had an interest in China, where he travelled frequently, ostensibly on Church business. 

In his interview, Figueiredo’s sympathies lay with the state-appointed bishops of the now 63 year old CPCA who, he said, deeply desire full communion with Rome. 

“I’ve always perceived in these bishops, whether it was Pope Benedict or Pope Francis now, a real desire to be in communion with the See of Rome,” he told the National Catholic Register.

“I think the bottom line is that they do feel themselves ex-communicated, out of communion. That’s the bottom line,” he continued. 

“And I know — having spoken with them, having shared with them, having met with them — there’s a real suffering, and it’s a real pain to them. And so, I think that’s the deepest reason why they want communion with Rome.

However, it was not at all clear from Figueiredo’s interview that the CPCA bishops were prepared to achieve this communion by accepting Church teaching on contraception, abortion, and euthanasia.   

Catholics, whether they adhere to the authentic “underground” Church or attend services held by the CPCA, are a small minority in China. Figueiredo suggested that Chinese Catholics who are “underground” and whose activities are approved by the government mix and mingle. 

“... When we go to these meetings, whether it’s at the bishops’ conference or at the national seminary in Beijing, which is the main seminary, or we go to other places, for example, to churches in Beijing, to speak or to celebrate or whatever, it’s almost impossible to distinguish who are these Patriotic bishops and priests and faithful and who are the underground because I think there’s a lot more collaboration, or significantly more collaboration, than we know about or perceive,” Figueiredo said. 

“I’ve been in meetings, I’ve given formation at the national seminary, such as ongoing formation to priests and religious sisters, where there’s just a mix of the Patriotic and underground there together. So I think there’s a lot more going on than we realize.”

David Mulroney, a former Canadian Ambassador to China, told LifeSiteNews yesterday that he believes some priests of the CPCA do try to follow Catholic teaching. 

“It is very hard to determine the extent to which the Patriotic church remains faithful to Catholic teaching on issues like abortion, because it is allowed no voice in China and is in fact under growing pressure to transform itself into an anodyne and docile affiliate of the Party, “ he said.  

“That said, my understanding is that, despite their separate and isolated status, many of the clergy are guided by documents like the Catechism, which they have translated and follow as faithfully as they can.” 

According to the Cardinal Kung Foundation, which is dedicated to the authentic Catholic Church in China, the establishment of the CPCA in 1957 led to the confiscation of all the Catholic Church’s property. Later some of the confiscated churches and other buildings were given to the CPCA. 

Not only have Catholics and other religious people themselves been persecuted and harrassed by the communist regime, married women who have found themselves pregnant with their second, or since China relaxed its one-child policy to allow for a second, third child have been forced to have abortions. Single women are expected, or forced, to abort any child they conceive. 

Steve Mosher told LifeSiteNews, “When the one-child policy was in place ― it ended in 2016 ― enforcement depended upon fines, abortions, and sterilizations, not contraception.”

“It is still illegal for young women to get pregnant if they are not married, however, so they are basically the only remaining target of the family planning workers.” (Communist Run Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association is Pro-Abortion, Pro-Contraception.)

Obviously, it is wrong for anyone to use the generative gift outside of wedlock. Mr. Mosher’s point, however, is that, unlike Catholics who extend mercy upon sinners without condoning nor excusing the sin, the Chicoms’ punish unmarried women who get pregnant and will forcibly kill their preborn children and possible face sterilization as a punishment.

The Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association supports the Red Chinese “family planning” measures, something that was not an obstacle for Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI one hundred sixty-two months ago, and it is certainly not an obstacle to Jorge Mario Bergoglio or Pietro “Cardinal” Parolin. A supposed “ecclesiastical communion” is more important than anything else.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio made his peace with Marxism-Leninism decades ago, and it has pleased him no end to make peace with Xi Jinping’s brutal ways as, to call to mind his disparagement of personal liberty in his November 27, 2020, op-ed commentary in The New York Times, the Argentine Apostate has no problems with Red China’s brutality as, after all, personal liberty can become, he believes, something of a “ideology” that cannot stand in the way of building that mythical “better world” while men continue to sin wantonly. The counterfeit church of conciliarism is an illegitimate, heretical religious sect that was imposed upon faithful Catholics as the Catholic “past” was consigned to the Orwellian memory hole, and the current Communist Chinese government on mainland China is an illegitimate government that was imposed upon the Chinese people who were near and dear to the heart of the early Maryknoll missionaries in a sea of blood that continues to be shed to this very day.

The false “pope” loves the lockdown state as it is premised upon the Red Chinese model of civil rule that has, as will be demonstrated shortly in this commentary, insinuated itself into Western nations and bodies of international governance such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations, that there may be no need for a massive Chinese invasion of the West given the fact that they have a ready supply of apologists in education, law, politics, public administration, educational institutions, textbook publishers, the motion picture industry, to say nothing of local civil officials who are then groomed to be witting or unwitting agents of Chicom propaganda as they climb the ladders of civil power.

The Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus originated in Red China, and its “accidental” (?) leak from a “biosafety” “gain of function” laboratory there provided the impetus for Event 201’s plan of action to destroy Western economies, accustom most of the “civilized world” to Red Chinese prison-state lockdowns in the name of “public health” and to provide the pretext for absentee ballots in the United States of America that would manufactured at will to make that China Joe Biden and his band of quislings to steal an election from the incumbent president.

Then again, of course, the counterfeit church of conciliarism is unfaithful to the Divine Redeemer and it is faithful to the exigencies and dictates of Communist governments worldwide.

Red China’s Fingerprints and Tentacles are Everywhere, Including in the Conciliar Vatican

The Red Chinese model of one-party governance, internal travel controls, total surveillance, and concentration camps (“re-education centers”) has long appealed to the leftist “intelligentsia,” which has the beneficiary of the largesse of various Chinese Communist Party (CCP) front groups, dummy corporations and “research centers” for decades. The CCP’s agenda matches that of George Soros, who has spread his billions of dollars around quite generously to fund an agenda almost identical to the CCP’s, and that of Bill and Melinda Gates and most of the other major players in big technology and the pharmaceutical industry.

The Chinese Communist Party has been the real beneficiary of the plandemic, whose course of action is proceeding exactly as was “gamed out” fourteen months ago at Event 201, to such an extent that it is now ready to use its sleeper agents peppered across the Western world, including here in the United States of America, to be even more aggressive than ever in its efforts to recruit and cultivate Americans in the smallest of our counties, cities, towns, villages, and unincorporated communities to become active apologists in their behalf. The scandal involving United States Representative Eric Swalwell (D-People’s Republic of California) is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as there are thousands of these sleeper agents all over the world:

It is the stuff of a James Bond blockbuster: a young, attractive woman lures a rising political star into a romantic web, all the while collecting critical information to trickle back to her handler or big bosses back home.

Axios revealed this week that more than six years ago Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., began a relationship with a woman suspected of being a Chinese espionage operative. He was alerted by federal investigators in 2015 and given a “defense briefing,” which resulted in him breaking off ties to the suspect. 

However, Swalwell wouldn’t be the first or last political figure to be “honey-trapped” – with multiple former intelligence officials surmising that such schemes carried out by Chinese spies have long played out on U.S. soil, and remain ongoing.

“I can say with a high level of confidence that there are many more of these women out there,” Daniel Hoffman, a retired CIA Senior Clandestine Services Officer, told Fox News. “China’s MO is to flood the zone.”

While several current and former intelligence and security officials and experts interviewed by Fox News said that it was impossible to put a number on just how many honey trap scenarios might be in motion at present, one former defense and intelligence operative noted that it could be well into the hundreds – if not thousands. Such spies are assumed to be at top universities, known to speak perfect English, and routinely use social media platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook to connect with their prey.

But it is not only about enmeshing big names – it is about having an eye for talent, and starting when one’s star is about to begin rising.

In Swalwell’s case, he was seemingly ensnared by a woman named Christine Fang or Fang Fang, who helped raise money for his 2014 congressional re-election campaign and recruited at least one intern in his office.

However, U.S. investigators in the northern California Bay Area believe Fang was also circling close to numerous up-and-coming politicians between 2011 and 2015, engaging in sexual relationships with at least two mayors in other states.

According to the report, Fang was sent to gather information and attain influence on those rising in the ranks at the direct behest of China’s Ministry of State Security, with a “handler” based out of the San Fransisco consulate

In 2015, her most high profile associate – Swalwell – became a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. However, around that time, Fang abruptly fled the U.S. as the FBI was homing in.

But unlike Fang, whose communications with the consulate came under scrutiny, Hoffman asserted that there are likely many more who have zero links to any officials. 

“The goal is to become a trusted individual with who (the target) can share information. The spy here would have wanted to learn everything she could about his personality, every little detail of his leadership style to build a profile,” Hoffman said. “The idea here is to latch on to someone like a Swalwell when they are a junior and make contacts. It is much harder to do that when someone is already big and well-known. (This spy) recognized that.”

Indeed, the California Democrat is seemingly not alone in having fallen for the bait.  

“The females who are employed in this tactic place themselves in a position where they come into contact with the targeted individual. The target is almost always a male, but there have been some instances of females also falling prey to this,” observed Del Wilber, a former U.S. intelligence officer. “The goal is to get the target into a compromising position, usually with photos or video evidence of their indiscretions.”

Wilber underscored that married men are most often the targets, but at one point homosexual behavior was also targeted and used against individuals. 

“Once compromised, they are told to cooperate, or else their actions will be disclosed and they’ll be divorced, lose their government clearance and their job, etc.,” he asserted.

Multiple former intelligence officials told Fox News that China, while one of the dozens of countries that relies heavily on the honey trap tactic, has perfected it with a spattering of stratagems and techniques, used for different purposes with varying motivations.

And it is not only the likes of Swalwell, the main target, which the operatives want to glean but also those around them. Thus, many befriend aides, junior staffers, interns and the like to build a more comprehensive profile of the “high-value target.”

While covert Chinese operatives in recent times have come to be heavily associated with cyber espionage and hacking, the human intelligence gathering, termed “HUMINT,” remains a traditional staple.

In terms of intellectual property (I.P) theft, there is the colloquially-dubbed “mushroom.” This entails canvassing business proposals from companies in the U.S. and continuing to rebuff the applications and push for improved bids – all the while stealing the ideas and technical elements. Chinese I.P. theft has cost the United States $225 billion to $600 billion a year.

In other cases, the honey trap can be centered on collecting incriminating intelligence personally and professionally, to later destroy an ascending or already high-ranking career. Traps typically begin with perhaps an offer to help a political campaign or struggling business with personal expertise or via funding, and relations steadily swell from there.

“The honey trap technique has been glamorized by the Russians over the years, but the Chinese are the ones who have really been stepping up their game,” said one former U.S. intelligence official, who still works in the national security sector and thus requested anonymity. “But it has only been in more recent years that it has been targeted toward the more political side of the house.”

While much of China’s honey trap resources in decades past were centered on entangling high-flying businessmen or professors running top laboratories across the country, the source explained, efforts have expanded into the political sphere.

“And it is much easy trapping a politician than a CEO making millions, who has a lot more that money can buy,” the insider surmised.

Nonetheless, experts also emphasize that it isn’t always so clean-cut for the trap setter themselves, given that the Chinese leadership is well-versed in casting their own nets, too.

“We don’t always know if they are just doing it for the money, sometimes their families back in China could be threatened,” said Jamie Williamson, the founder/CEO of strategic management firm Global Executive Management (GEM), and a former U.S. military counterintelligence specialist. “Or they are being targeted in their own blackmail scheme if they don’t deliver.”

While being the oldest trick in the book, China’s specialty in that espionage field is believed to have been more systematically crafted and perfected in the years soon after President Richard Nixon visited Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chairman Mao Zedong – and China’s subsequent economic opening to the world – just as prostitution and promiscuity became publicly entrenched in the social fabric.

Perhaps most famous for bringing the method to American soil was Katrina Leung, a Chinese national who emigrated to New York in the 1970s. She went on the become a naturalized citizen and signed on to become an FBI informant spying on her homeland. However, it was later exposed – after having seduced her FBI handler for two decades, all while sending classified material back to the CCP leadership – that she was a double-agent for the Chinese Ministry of State Security.

 Leung was indicted in 2003 but her case was later thrown out on “grounds of prosecutorial misconduct.”

And the Beijing honey trap network extends well beyond the U.S. borders and is what officials deem a worldwide web.

According to a BBC analysis, rather than being run centrally, these operations tend to be run out of the provincial State Security bureau, each of which deals with a different geographic area of the world. So the Shanghai bureau, for example, covers the U.S., Beijing covers Russia and the former Soviet republics, Tianjin covers Japan and Korea, and so on.

In early 2011, French intelligence officials issued a warning that China has been deploying “beautiful female spies” to steal business secrets and blackmail their subjects. Such incidences included a Chinese spy sleeping with a top French pharmaceutical researcher and videotaping the affair as fodder for blackmail.

A year earlier, Britain’s security agency M15 accused the Chinese government of directing honey trap plots to hack into corporate British computer networks.

MI5 had, in 2008, distributed a document entitled “The Threat from Chinese Espionage” to numerous security officials and executives of banks and businesses, boldly cautioning that “Chinese intelligence services have also been known to exploit vulnerabilities such as sexual relationships and illegal activities to pressurize individuals to cooperate with them.”

When U.S. and other western officials make trips to China, even more warning words are raised.

In particular, Hoffman said there was a bevy of anxieties ahead of the September G20 Summit held in Hangzhou in September 2016. 

Moreover, officials working with then-British Prime Minister Theresa May were also issued direct notifications by U.K. government security experts in advance in a bid to avoid the lure of “Chinese spies offering sex” during the major foreign policy event.

And a dossier collated in the U.K. earlier this year is reported to detail how honey traps have been used on bigwigs across the region in promoting the interests of Huawei, the Chinese 5G cell company banned by the Trump administration over security skepticism. 

In 2016, the newly-appointed Dutch ambassador to Beijing was disclosed as having fallen for the classic ploy – despite apparent training in security given his high rank – with reports that his phone was stolen and secrets were siphoned by a female Chinese spook. 

The FBI declined to comment further on the Swalwell case, but it is assumed to be barely the tip of the iceberg.

“The Chinese have a very ubiquitous presence here and the only way to prevent it is through education and awareness,” Hoffman added. “Instead of saying ‘No comment,’ Swalwell should be doing a public service announcement – warning others to be vigilant.” (Chinese Honey Trap Could Hold Thousands of Operatives.)

Unsurprisingly, Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, has said that he has “no concerns” about Swalwell’s presence on the House intelligence committee:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she's not concerned about Rep. Eric Swalwell's ability to serve in Congress despite his past connections with a suspected Chinese spy. 

"I don't have any concern about Mr. Swalwell," Pelosi said Thursday during her weekly news conference. 

She pushed back on GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy who has publicly questioned whether Pelosi knew of China's alleged attempt to infiltrate Swalwell's office when she appointed him to the House Intelligence Committee in January 2015.

Pelosi said GOP and Democratic leadership were briefed "at the same moment" in the spring of 2015 about a suspected Chinese spy targeting members of congress. 

"In terms of Mr. Swalwell -- in the spring of 2015, the leadership of the House and the [Intelligence] Committee were informed that overtures from a Chinese person were being made to members of Congress," Pelosi said. "When that was made known to the members of Congress, it was over."

Pelosi said both Democrats and Republicans got the briefing jointly.

"l do think that it's unfortunate that Mr. McCarthy is trying to make an issue of this when we all found out at the same time," Pelosi said. 

Fox News' Chad Pergram asked Pelosi whether background checks are necessary for all staff and interns given that the suspected spy placed at least one intern in Swalwell’s office, as Axios first reported.

"I don't know that it means that we have background checks for every intern who comes into the Capitol," Pelosi said. 

McCarthy wants Swalwell, D-Calif., to resign from the Intelligence Committee, calling him a "national security threat."

“Why did (Pelosi) allow him to stay on that committee? Let's hope she does not in the next Congress," McCarthy said Thursday.

A spokesperson for Pelosi said Wednesday that the speaker has confidence in Swalwell's ability to stay on the Intelligence Committee, which has access to classified materials.

“The Speaker has full confidence in Congressman Swalwell’s service in the Congress and on the Intelligence Committee," Pelosi's spokesman Drew Hammill said.

Swalwell's judgment has been in the spotlight after Axios reported that a Chinese national named Fang Fang or Christine Fang targeted up-and-coming local politicians, including those who had the potential to become national figures.

Fang reportedly took part in fundraising for Swalwell's 2014 reelection campaign -- although she did not make donations nor was there evidence of illegal contributions. Fang’s earliest known engagement with Swalwell occurred through the Chinese Student Association, Axios reported, and by 2014, she had developed "close ties" to Swalwell’s office.

Investigators became so alarmed by Fang’s behavior and activities that they alerted Swalwell in 2015 to their concerns, and gave him a “defensive briefing.” Swalwell then cut off all ties with Fang and has not been accused of any wrongdoing, according to an official who spoke to the outlet.

Officials do not believe she received or passed on classified information. 

Fang's relationships with at least two Midwestern mayors turned sexual, according to Axios, with at least two incidents being caught by FBI surveillance. When asked about the nature of Swalwell's relationship with Fang, the Democratic congressman's office declined to comment.

The congressman's office told Axios that Swalwell "long ago, provided information about this person — whom he met more than eight years ago, and whom he hasn’t seen in nearly six years — to the FBI." Beyond that, however, his office would not discuss the story, citing concerns related to classified information. (Pelosi Does Her Best Alfred E. Newman impression: “What? Me Worry? .)

Eric Swalwell, who was briefly a candidate for the 2020 presidential nomination of the organized crime family of the false opposite of the naturalist “left,” remains unapologetic about his relationship with a Red Chinese spy, Christine Fang. Very few people to realize that the numbers of compromised Democrats and Republicans in public life may well reach into the tens of thousands.

Even more to the point is the fact that the Chicoms do not need any “honey traps” to insinuate themselves into the heart of American-based multinational corporations, universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools, banking/finance and even American real estate companies:

As we try to come to terms with the extent of Chinese influence over the Biden family, a leaked database of registered members of the Chinese Communist Party has exposed a mass infiltration of American companies — with serious national security implications. 

Boeing, Qualcomm and Pfizer are just three US companies that have employed dozens of CCP members in their Chinese facilities, the database reveals. 

As well, three female employees of the US consulate in Shanghai have been identified in the list of 1.95 million party members that was leaked to an international group of legislators, the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, which includes Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ). 

All CCP members swear an oath to “fight for communism throughout my life, be ready at all times to sacrifice my all for the party and the people, and never betray the party [and] guard party secrets, be loyal to the party.” 

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), a member of the Homeland Security Committee, said yesterday: “CCP agents have no place in US government facilities, and this report should serve as a much-needed wake-up call to Washington, DC, and corporate executives, who continue to welcome the Chinese government with open arms. 

“[It] is just more evidence of the extent to which the CCP has successfully infiltrated American companies and government.” 

While none of the people listed in the database have been identified as spies, mounting concerns in the State Department about the CCP have resulted in tightened visa rules for its members earlier this month. CCP members and their immediate families now are limited to one-month, single-entry US permits. 

The database was verified by international cybersecurity firm Internet 2.0, which found it was originally leaked on encrypted messaging app Telegram in 2016. It was passed on to IPAC six weeks ago by a third party. 

“We have high confidence this list is authentic,” Internet 2.0 co-founder David Robinson, a former Australian army intelligence officer, told me Sunday. 

“Someone — an insider, a dissident — managed to get physical access to the server [in Shanghai] from outside the building. They didn’t have to hack it over the internet.” 

Each data entry contains the CCP member’s name, ethnicity, place of birth, education level, identification number and, in some cases, a phone number and address. 

Robinson has verified the identity of three women who work at the US consulate in Shanghai. 

The three, all listed as ethnic Han college graduates, are registered in a 31-strong Communist Party branch listed as Shanghai Foreign Institutional Service Co., which is a state-owned employment agency, which provides local staff for foreign consulates, schools and news media. 

A department spokesperson yesterday had no comment about “an allegedly leaked database of Communist Party members” and said “the department does not discuss security protocols or personnel matters.” 

However, she said: “Influence and interference operations are fundamental to how the Chinese Communist Party engages with the world. 

“China’s role in the world today cannot be understood without reference to the wide array of malign activities that the [CCP] undertakes to influence our societies in ways that are covert, coercive and corrupting.”

The CCP database is split into 79,000 branches. 

For example, Boeing has 17 branches, totaling 252 CCP members. Sixteen members are part of Boeing’s Hongqiao Maintenance Base Boeing Line Maintenance Division . . . First Workshop Party Branch; 22 are in the Second Workshop Party Branch; 13 are in the Third Workshop Party Branch, 14 in the Fourth Workshop Party Branch. 

There are four subdivisions of the Pudong Maintenance Base Boeing Line Maintenance Branch, totaling 49 members. 

Two branches of the Pudong Maintenance Base Boeing Line Maintenance Branch Cargo Aircraft Line Maintenance total 33 members. 

Also listed are 27 members of the Party Branch of Boeing Fourth Branch of the Flight Department of Eastern Airlines Yunnan Co. and 23 members of the China Eastern Airlines Beijing Maintenance Department Party Committee Boeing Maintenance Workshop Party Branch. 

Boeing spokesman Bradley Akubuiro said last night the company was satisfied with its security. 

“As a global company, we enforce strict security protocols and maintain secure firewalls to protect both our customer and company proprietary data in all countries we operate in.” 

According to the database, 96 members in the Qualcomm Wireless Communication Technology (China) Co. Ltd. Party Branch, and 133 additional members spread over six party branches of Qualcomm Enterprise Management (Shanghai) work for semiconductor manufacturer and 5G wireless technology company Qualcomm, a US-based multinational. 

Qualcomm was awarded a contract by the Defense Department in 2018 to develop multifactor authentication security systems for US military computers. 

Another US company crucial to national security is pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which began rolling out COVID-19 vaccines Sunday. 

The database lists 69 CCP members in four Pfizer branches in Shanghai. 

Neither Qualcomm nor Pfizer responded to inquiries yesterday. 

New York University also appears with 71 members attached to a branch named East China Normal University Shanghai New York University Faculty and Labor Party Branch. 

The database leak comes just days after a number of disturbing revelations involving CCP infiltration of American institutions: 

  • Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe warned that China has targeted members of Congress and poses “the greatest threat to democracy and freedom” since World War II. 
  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned of China’s infiltration of US universities, which are “hooked on Communist cash” and stifle criticism of Beijing. 
  •  Media reports identified Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), a member of House Intelligence Committee, as one of several San Francisco politicians courted by Chinese spy Christine Fang. 
  •  It was confirmed last week that Joe Biden’s son Hunter is under federal investigation over tax fraud and potential money-laundering over his foreign business dealings, including in China. 

“Communist China has been allowed to infiltrate our universities and corporations with people loyal to only the Communist Party,” former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell said Sunday. 

“Our beloved Chinese American community has been warning us about these tactics for many years, and the political class has ignored those warnings.” (US Companies Riddled With Members of Chinese Communist Party.)

Here is another story demonstrating the extent of the presence of CCP agents throughout the United States of America:

Revelations this month about U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, a California Democrat, highlight Beijing's complete penetration of American society.

China's influence, intelligence and infiltration attempts are overwhelming America. Given the emergency, Washington should immediately close down all of China's bases of operation in the U.S., including its four remaining consulates.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the news about Swalwell is that Fang Fang, a suspected Chinese Ministry of State Security agent also known as "Christine," first contacted him not while he was sitting on the House Intelligence Committee but when he was a councilmember in Dublin City, California.

Fang followed and promoted his career as he was elected to the House of Representatives and assigned to a committee of great interest to China.

China has hundreds — perhaps thousands — of agents in the U.S. identifying, grooming, supporting, influencing, compromising, and corrupting Americans in politics and other fields of importance to it.

To identify and work with all the Swalwells, China's collectors may even number in the hundreds of thousands. Darrell Issa, the Republican returning to Congress from California, told Fox News on December 11 that there are "hundreds of thousands of people that act like spies that are coordinated by China."

China has a "thousand grains of sand" approach of interviewing students, tourists, and businessmen and women returning to China, collecting seemingly inconsequential bits of information. Beijing, however, is able to collate collected material, using its growing artificial intelligence and other capabilities.

Fang appears to be more than just a casual collector of information. She may have even "honey-trapped" Swalwell, who has yet to deny allegations of a sexual relationship with her. Fang came to America sometime around 2011 to study at Cal State University East Bay, where she ran a political group, a local chapter of the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs organization. At the moment, China has approximately 370,000 students in American colleges and universities. The number of Chinese students has tripled in a decade.

Each student is a potential agent because all are under a legal compulsion to commit espionage against the United States. Articles 7 and 14 of China's National Intelligence Law of 2017 requires every Chinese national to spy if demanded. Moreover, no Chinese citizen can resist a demand to spy — or to commit any other act — in the Communist Party's top-down system.

China, not surprisingly, is systematically employing its nationals for gathering intelligence and using diplomatic facilities to handle them. Fang, for instance, was in contact with a diplomat suspected to be a Ministry of State Security agent, based in the San Francisco consulate.

That consulate even harbored a fugitive wanted by the FBI. Tang Juan finally surrendered to U.S. authorities on July 24 after fleeing to the safety of the compound a month before. She is suspected of concealing links to the Chinese military while working as a biology researcher at the University of California Davis.

In July, the State Department ordered the closure of China's Houston consulate. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the facility was a "hub of spying and intellectual property theft." There is speculation the consulate was used to illicitly obtain, among other things, oil-drilling technology of nearby Texas firms.

China's New York consulate is also an espionage hub. James Olson, a former CIA counterintelligence chief, "conservatively" estimated that China, in the words of the New York Post, "has more than 100 intelligence officers operating in the city at any given time." New York City, he said, is "under assault like never before."

Pompeo told the New York paper that those intel officers are operating out of the New York consulate and the Chinese mission to the United Nations.

China's agents are overwhelming U.S. law enforcement. FBI Director Christopher Wray, in July at an event sponsored by the Hudson Institute, said that "almost half" of the bureau's counterintelligence cases are against China. The FBI opens a "China-related" counterintelligence case "about every 10 hours."

Wray, in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee in February 2018, stated that China is using "nontraditional collectors, especially in the academic setting, whether it's professors, scientists, students," something "we see in almost every field office that the FBI has around the country."

Sometimes diplomats directly engage in espionage. They have been, according to a study by Anastasya Lloyd-Damnjanovic for the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, "probing faculty and staff for information in a manner consistent with intelligence collection."

As Dan Hoffman, a former CIA station chief, said to Fox News's Harris Faulkner, on December 10, "China is flooding the zone."

There is one way to meet this espionage-flood emergency: shut down China's bases of operations in the U.S. This means closing Beijing's four remaining consulates — Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco — and substantially reducing the staff of the embassy. The embassy, in reality, needs only the ambassador, immediate family, and personal staff, not the hundreds currently assigned there.

While cutting the embassy staff to the bone, the State Department should expel the current ambassador, Cui Tiankai. He and someone from the New York consulate tried to recruit a scientist in Connecticut as a spy.

Washington can tell Beijing that it can send another ambassador, but should warn the Chinese that he or she will be expelled at the first sign of inappropriate conduct.

Will Beijing merely transfer spies to Chinese banks and businesses operating in the U.S.? Probably, but that will take time and, in any event, Washington can order the closure of non-diplomatic outposts as well. In this regard, President Trump can use the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977 to end trade, investment and technology cooperation with a regime using these ties to commit espionage.

China will retaliate, of course, by closing U.S. consulates and reducing the size of the embassy staff in Beijing. Analysts will argue that because America is an open society and China is a closed one, Washington needs diplomatic outposts in China more than the Chinese need theirs in America.

This is a strong argument, but the U.S. should nonetheless act to show Beijing that it is absolutely determined to defend itself. Nothing says "political will" more than being willing to take a big hit.

Others will say American businesses in China need consular support. Of course they do. My reply is that it is in America's interest to get its companies out of that country, for moral as well as other reasons. The loss of consular support will be one more reason for them to pack their bags in a hurry.

China's spies are overrunning America, and less drastic measures have failed. It is time, therefore, to do something effective. (CCP Spies Are Everywhere in the United States of America.)

The pro-abortion, pro-perversity, pro-everything bad statist and shill for Red China who will be sworn in as the forty-sixth president of the United States of America on January 20, 2021, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., will not only do nothing about the infestation of Red Chinese spies in this country he will welcome more and more with open arms as a sign of international “comity” and American “diversity. After all, is it not “racist” to criticize foreign nationals no matter if they are nefarious actors sent to conduct espionage and even acts of technological sabotage where possible? (This is a tongue-in-cheek rhetorical question. It is satirical, of course.)

There is no need to worry about the “Commies” coming in to take us over as they are already here and have exercised great influence throughout American public life to such an extent that the incoming presidential administration is headed by a man, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., has always been soft on Red China and whose son, Hunter Biden, is under Federal investigation for tax evasion concerning his multimillion dollar deals in Ukraine as well as in Red China itself.

Red China has profited the most from the plandemic that it helped to engineer and is actively engaged in distributing its own “safe” Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus vaccines around the world, principally in nations that constitute part of the so-called Third World:

It has been almost a year since global health officials heard word that a new coronavirus, officially termed COVID-19, had emanated from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

And while much of the world is grappling with crippled economies and the second wave of infections and deaths, analysts and economists project that Beijing is already standing to gain from the devastation long before the dust has settled.

"China's rapid return to more normal activities, including commercial, puts it ahead of the United States and Europe, and now South Korea, in terms of economic activity," Dean Cheng, a research fellow in Asian Studies and National Security at The Heritage Foundation, told Fox News. "It can also use its position to try and pick up market share from competitors – from shipbuilding to steel-making to chip-making – who are still operating under COVID quarantine conditions."

In the realm of biotechnology, defense experts have also pointed to exponential levels of growth.

"As of December 2, 2020, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), in terms of the phase 3 trials of prospective COVID-19 vaccines, 7 out of the 13 candidates have links to China," John Wood, a prominent U.S.-based defense analyst, told Fox News. "Three of these candidates are not only from China, but are directly tied to the People's Liberation Army [PLA]."

Already, China has vaccinated over 1 million of its own citizens and is in the process of a large scale roll-out of up to 100 million people.

"By and large, China has contained the COVID-19 pandemic in its own country, and as a result, is looking to be a less expensive supplier to third world countries, who may not be able to afford pricey vaccines from Europe and the USA," Wood explained.

For one, Sinovac, a China-based biopharmaceutical company, has contracted to supply 50 million doses to Turkey, 46 million to Brazil and 40 million to Indonesia. Meanwhile, CanSino Biologics, another China-based vaccine conglomerate, has agreed to supply 35 million doses to Mexico, as well as supply its vaccine to Argentina, Chile, Pakistan and Russia.

"Because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, China is emerging as a biotechnology superpower, poised to surpass the United States, particularly in genomics. China is a worldwide major supplier of PPE, and COVID-19 testing kits is cashing-in to the tune of billions of dollars," Wood continued. "China is positioned to do the same thing with regards to COVID-19 vaccines."

Because of the fusion between the military and civilian sectors of the Chinese biotechnology sector, stands the PLA.

"[Beijing] is well placed not only to weaponize but to assume the global strategic commanding heights over biotechnology," Wood said.

And in terms of overall markets, China's economy is back on the upswing.

Beginning in April, as the novel contagion seeped into almost every pocket on the planet, Chinese authorities rapidly sought to jumpstart factories and dramatically increase its share of global exports – especially in the domain of medical equipment such as sterilizers and face masks, as well as teleworking necessities such as computers and technology devices.

Despite marketing campaigns indicating that the medical supplies were out of generosity to nations overwhelmed by the virus, analysts have since contended that many were sold – shipped with a Chinese flag across the packaging and phrases of friendship – and much of the vital supply line, including test kits, were proven defective.

By October, according to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), its gross domestic product had surged by 4.9%, returning its economy to its pre-COVID path. Data released late last month by the country's National Bureau of Statistics, China's industrial profits expanded 28.2% year-on-year in October.

A number of economists attributed China's fast rebound to the notion that it has managed to avoid a second rash of the pathogen, which is ravaging much of the developed world.

But others have a vastly different take.

"Whilst withholding information about the coronavirus from the outside world, China was preparing and planning to combat the hard times ahead, and as a result have been the first major economy to get back running at full capacity," contended Ken Mahoney, CEO of the Wall Street financial firm Mahoney Asset Management. "Time is money, so financially, it has allowed Chinese manufacturers and businesses to fill the depleted goods and services of other countries around the world. To add to this, the Chinese have taken financial advantage of vulnerable countries crying for fiscal support by offering credit in exchange for national assets as collateral."

Derek Scissors – a resident scholar and Chinese economy expert at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) – surmised that the biggest advantage China has due to its production of medical goods is also political.

"It can threaten companies and countries with loss of medical supplies to ensure their cooperation with its political and commercial goals," he said.

Over the course of the pandemic, China's economy was bolstered in particular by the tech demand from the U.S. – a growth of 37% in shipments of products such as tablets, monitors, and parts, throughout the first quarter and contributing to 2.4 percentage points over the overall uptick, according to a report by investment bank UBS. Experts expect it will remain strong into 2021 on a trajectory of continued economic growth.

"The Chinese economy is already back to pre-coronavirus levels as they benefit from reopening factories early, coupled with low wage workers, and reduced regulation they are perfectly placed to exploit the rest of the world," Mahoney said. "Chinese medical manufacturers have a cost advantage over the rest of the world when it comes to personal protective equipment and testing kits. Combine this with government subsidies and being allowed to reopen early; it is no surprise they have monopolized the medical supplies market as other countries stay locked at home."

Cheng also pointed out that China has resumed sending workers abroad, in some cases with claims of being vaccinated, or at least subjects of test vaccinations.

"While Chinese statistics should always be treated with some skepticism, it does appear clear that China is not under anywhere close to the lockdown conditions marking the U.S., and increasingly Europe and even South Korea," he said. "China clearly hopes to use its economic position and rapid recovery from COVID to pick up market share in a variety of technologies and sectors, from information and communications technology (ICT) to 5G/broadband to shipbuilding, as it competes with countries, economies, and companies that are still recovering."

Domestically, Chinese brands and businesses have sought to recover quickly. Despite hotels and other accommodations being twice the average prices, rooms have primarily been occupied. Its movie theaters, unlike in the U.S., have remained open albeit with fewer available seats, attributing hundreds of millions to the economy.

In total, the International Monetary Fund is projecting China's economy to surge 1.9% by the year's end, while the American system is slated to decrease by 4.3% and the Eurozone by 8.3%.

Observers expect China's upward trend to continue well into the new year.

"China will deliver one of the strongest and fastest macro recoveries in 2021 among major economies globally," Goldman Sachs noted in its China outlook report, forecasting a 20% rebound in Chinese corporate profits and staying overweight Chinese equities.

Morgan Stanley has additionally portended China as "solid," with the country's benchmark CSI300 Index is expected to rise to 5,570 points at the end of 2021 in a best-case scenario.

According to Reuters analysis in late November, "Chinese regulators have been aggressively wooing foreign investors with accelerated moves to open up China's capital markets."

The Chinese growth has frustrated many not only in the financial arena but in the political one too, given that the devastating virus originates from China and for weeks was covered up and information suppressed by Beijing and its close allies in the U.N.'s World Health Organization (WHO). That, in turn, has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, with a lasting ripple effect on the economy.

A 2020 Report to Congress of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, unveiled this month, emphasized that "China's actions to influence the votes of United Nations members, including through coercive means" and the "actions by nationals of the People's Republic of China serving in functional positions in United Nations organizations impacting hiring practices, internal policies, and other functions that appear to support the interests of the Chinese government in violation of United Nations impartiality standards" was of particular concern.

"China is engaged in a global competition for power and influence with the United States," the report stated. "China's economic engagement with the United States has proved to be a critical enabler of its rapid economic growth, steadily feeding Beijing's confidence in its ability to act on its longstanding ambition to match and ultimately displace the United States as the predominant global leader."

The commission went on to illuminate that as Chinese leaders have perceived the power gap between China and the United States as steadily closing, they have become increasingly confident in their ability to expand the reach of the CCP's authoritarian values and repression to the detriment of the United States, its workers, businesses, and allies.

"China has one foot in front of their competitors in the fact they are back to full capacity whilst other countries remain completely shut down or partially open," Mahoney added. "This causes a domino effect, and benefitting from first-mover advantage will only accelerate them further."

As it stands, there have been at least 70 million coronavirus infections across the globe, and more than 1.5 million people have died. (How China Stands To Profit from the Plandemic.)

Ignoring the above news story’s insistence that there is a pandemic, something that many have refuted (see Fake Pandemic, Fake Casedemic, Then Fake Pandemic, and the Fraud Continues and World Doctors Alliance Statement on the Coronavirus) and has been discussed on this site many times, including most recently in Sin: More Deadly Than the Coronavirus, part seven, the fact remains that the lying monsters of the CCP are reaping a great deal of money from the plandemic the helped to plan and execute in order to fund their intelligence operations in their quest for effective world domination by means of convincing enough Westerners that it is in their own self-interest to implement Red Chinese styles of governance and surveillance rather than by military conquest and occupation. It is without fear of contradiction that one can include Jorge Mario Bergoglio as an apologist not only for the lockdown state of Western nations but also for the Red Chinese themselves, who realize that the man believed to be the Catholic “pope” is as much under their thumb as President-elect Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

To Know the Signs of the Times and the Facts of the World as it Exists

As noted at the beginning of this commentary, there is almost nothing about the world as it exists now that is the same as it was eighty-four years ago when that edition of the Catholic Register was published. Opposition to Communism and state absolutism by the Catholic Church and by many in public life was nearly universal.

Consider the following report in the aforementioned August 2, 1936, Catholic Register about a condemnation of state absolution made in a speech by the then lieutenant governor of New York, Michael William Bray, a Catholic:

Cliff Haven, N. Y.— Declaring that we are witnessing "persecutions, the denial of individual liberty, the abolition of individual enterprise and not only the denial of religious liberty but the denial of religion itself in foreign lands,” Lieutenant Governor M. William Bray, speaking at the Catholic Summer School of America, said, “ We do not want, I am sure we never will have, in America the Absolute or Totalitarian State, with power vested in one man or in a small group of men. (Lieutenant Governor Wray Condemns State Absolutism.)

Obviously, such a declaration was based upon the naïve belief that the heresy of religious liberty was a bulwark against state absolutism when it is actually the gateway that leads to the triumph of practical, if not actual, atheism over the course of time:

To hold, therefore, that there is no difference in matters of religion between forms that are unlike each other, and even contrary to each other, most clearly leads in the end to the rejection of all religion in both theory and practice. And this is the same thing as atheism, however it may differ from it in name. Men who really believe in the existence of God must, in order to be consistent with themselves and to avoid absurd conclusions, understand that differing modes of divine worship involving dissimilarity and conflict even on most important points cannot all be equally probable, equally good, and equally acceptable to God. (Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei, November 1, 1885.)

We are living at a time now when one statist governor after another—Andrew Mark Cuomo (New York), Edward Miner Lamont, Jr. (Connecticut), Philip Brian Scott (Vermont), Charles Duane Baker, Jr. (Massachusetts), Philip Murphy (New Jersey), John Edward Sununu (New Hampshire), Gina Marie Raimondo (Rhode Island) Philip Dunton Murphy (New Jersey), Lawrence Edward Hogan, Jr. (Maryland), Thomas Westerman Wolf (Pennsylvania), John Charles Carney, Jr. (Delaware), Ralph Shearer Northam (Virginia), Richard Michael DeWine (Ohio), Jay Robert Pritzker (Illinois), Eric Joseph Holcomb (Indiana), Andrew Graham Beshear (Kentucky), Gretchen Esther Whitmer (Michigan), Timothy James Walz (Minnesota), Anthony Steven Evers (Wisconsin), Michelle Lynn Lujan Grisham (New Mexico), Gavin Christopher Newsom (California), Katherine Brown (Oregon), Jay Robert Inslee (Washington)—have used the plandemic to ban religious services, making it almost impossible for Americans to celebrate Easter during the first wave of a mostly nonlethal virus and to do the same as Christmas approaches in the so-called “second wave.”

State absolutism is here, and hostility to Catholicism in particular and to “religion” in general is worn as a badge of honor by the same state absolutists who are but the end results of the flawed premises of the American founding and who are enamored of, if not coddled by, the Chicoms themselves, who have created the “Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association” as the means to control Catholics, a control to which Jorge Mario Bergoglio has given his full antipapal seal of approval while looking the other way as Xi Jinping sacks underground Catholic churches and shrines, replaces Crucifixes and other images of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in Catholic churches with those of himself and still authorizes the arrest, imprisonment and torture of Catholics who are trying to be faithful to Catholic Church. Hostility to religion on the part of the cultural elite in the United States of America is as pronounced now as it always has been in nations under Communist control, and the era of overt persecution with criminal penalties for defying state-sanctioned limitations on religious expression and worship are becoming more and more of a reality. The plandemic has furthered these nefarious goals with great determination.

Well, just as opposition to state absolutism even on the part of baptized Catholics has waned in the name of “social justice,” “racial justice,” “saving the planet” and “fighting Covid-19,” so is it the case that state of modern medicine has changed since 1936. Yet it is, however, that very few people are willing to see that this is the case and are thus ready to offer however many grains of incense it takes to pay their obeisance both to our statist civil minders and to public health officials who are concerned about social control, not genuine public health, which must be grounded in a respect for the body as a Temple of God the Holy Ghost. Most people alive today, including most Catholics, are willing to render unto the high priests and priestesses of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry the sort of submissiveness that is reserved only to Christ the King and His true Church.

To make informed judgments about the moral liceity of particular medications, vaccines and medical practices, therefore, Catholics must know the signs of the times and not live in a vacuum by relying upon 1950s ethics journals that accepted the “science” then known without any degree of critical inquiry and without any knowledge of the fact that that “science” was, at least for the most part, as bogus as the “science” today that is being used to instill fear into the hearts and souls of the multitudes about a mostly nonlethal virus and as though the worst thing that we have to fear is dying from a virus, not dying in a state of Mortal Sin, a state of final impenitence. We must use the gift of reason that God has given us to recognize the signs of the times and to act accordingly.

In this regard, therefore, the mere fact that one is never morally obliged to do that which is merely an arguably permissible material cooperation with a moral evil if one is aware that said material cooperation involves an uncritical acceptance of gratuitous assurances that, say, a certain vaccine is “safe” even though the preponderance of legitimate scientific studies has concluded to the contrary. No one can ever be under any moral compulsion to cooperate with something that involves a monstrous use of fetal cells derived from babies who were killed as so much refuse during the process of the illicit and immoral money-making practice known as in vitro fertilization and no one can ever be under any moral compulsion to submit to a vaccine that will pollute his body, which, as noted before, is the Temple of God the Holy Ghost, and cause chronic problems that need to be treated by pharmaceutical products manufactured to deal with those problems.

The Catholic principle of Proportionality, which is not the same thing as heretical moral theology of proportionalism (which contends that an inherently evil action can be rendered morally licit to pursue given a preponderance of “extenuating” circumstances and supposedly “good” motivations on the part of the one making a decision), teaches us that an action that is otherwise considered to be morally permissible might be rendered illicit to undertake if the good end sought (the argument in favor of remote material cooperation by the taking of a vaccine derived in part from fetal stem cells) is outweighed by a preponderance of foreseen but unintended evil consequences. It is thus irresponsible for anyone, no less a Catholic, to think that those who have lied to us about contraception, sterilization, surgical baby-killing, “brain death”/human organ vivisection, the starvation and dehydration of innocent human beings, the homosexual collective’s push for the medical acceptance of deviant behavior and the surgical/chemical mutation of human bodies, and “palliative care”/hospice are telling us the truth now about the Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus. Indeed, I would argue that the evil consequences of contemporary vaccines, including the ones for the Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus are fully foreseen and intended by their manufacturers, rendering it immoral in the objective order of things to subject oneself to such poisons. This makes state, employer or school mandates to take one of these vaccines is particularly odious, although the moral culpabilit in this instance is on the souls of the manufacturers and those who issue the mandates and not on those forced to choose between poisoning their bodies and keeping their jobs or enrollment in schools, which is why those who administer fully Catholic schools must be in the vanguard of opposition and resistence to these evils and not submit to what they erroneously is a just exercise of civil power while ignoring the entire agenda of plandemic and of the vaccine manufacturers. (It is also to be noted here that home-schooling is not an option in some countries. In these instances, as noted in an earlier commentary, one has to trust in the power of Our Lady's Miraculous Medal of Grace and in the intercessory power of our Wonder Worker, Saint Philomena.)

I mean, how can anyone trust that those medical and scientific “experts” who believe that in vitro fertilization is ethically licit and that there is nothing inherently wrong in killing off frozen human beings who were, we are told, going to be “discarded” if not to put to “good use” in experiments, vaccines, medicines, additives in food and drink and supplements in shampoos, conditioners and body lotions, to tell us the truth about the “safety” of vaccines? Those who defy the laws of God by killing innocent human beings are not to be trusted in anything as they have demonstrated that they are bound only by the limits of what “science” can accomplish, not the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law.

We must know the signs of the times and we must be informed about what the mad scientists and our statist minders who are in league with them desire to us and what little regard they have actually for “saving lives” when they readily support the execution of the preborn and then anyone after birth who is deemed “brain dead” or suffering from a decreased “quality of life.” It should matter to us that Chinese Communist Party plants work at Pfizer and that each of the “approved” vaccines to fight the Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus contain genetic modifiers and other pollutants about which we have a moral obligation to inform ourselves rather than relying upon the word of proven liars who have their vaccination campaigns in Third World countries to execute a policy of mass sterilizations of entire lines of human families.

One will come to realize that those who conclude that a certain action might be morally permissible without considering other factors that prove its impermissibility in the practical order of things as are doing Catholics a disservice, especially if they can convince themselves into believing that the information below on the harmful consequences of contemporary vaccines is at all debatable:

“If the American people knew some of the things that went on at the FDA, they’d never take anything but Bayer aspirin.” — Len Lutwalk, FDA scientist

“The FDA, by spinelessly knuckling under to every whim of the drug companies, has thrown away its high reputation, and in doing so, forfeited our trust.” — Drummond Rennie, deputy editor of JAMA

“[The] honest employee fears the dishonest employee. There is also irrefutable evidence that managers at CDER (Center for Drug Evaluation and Research of the FDA) have placed the nation at risk by corrupting the evaluation of drugs and by interfering with our ability to ensure the safety and efficacy of drugs. While I was at FDA, drug reviewers were clearly told not to question drug companies and that our job was to approve drugs … If we asked questions that could delay or prevent a drug’s approval — which of course was our job as drug reviewers — management would reprimand us, reassign us, hold secret meetings about us or worse … When you are able to dig in, if you found issues that would make you turn down a drug, you could be pressured to reverse your decision, or the review would then be handed off to someone who would simply copy and paste whatever claims the company made in the summary document … I believe I also have documentation of falsification of documents, fraud, perjury and widespread racketeering, including witnesses tampering and witness retaliation.” — Ronald Kavanagh, Ph.D., pharmacist who reviewed medications for the FDA from 1998 to 2008

oday — Thursday, Dec. 10 — the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), which is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) internal panel that licenses new vaccines as “safe and effective,” will meet to consider Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. VRBAC will meet in one week, Dec. 17, to consider approval of the Moderna vaccine.

The damning safety studies in Pfizer’s late release clinical trial data dump, and the severe (life-threatening) allergic reactions that bedeviled the vaccine’s UK rollout, have raised red flags and public anxiety about the safety of the companies’ mRNA vaccines. Anthony Fauci has addressed growing skepticism about COVID vaccines and the Operation Warp Speed program, by reassuring the public that “VRBPAC” is an “independent panel of leading experts” whom the public can absolutely trust to assure vaccine safety.

In order to help you make your own conclusion about how reliably VRBPAC will protect your health, I excerpt below the transcripts from the cavalier, ignorant and astonishingly unethical deliberations during the 2012 VRBPAC meeting where panelists voted unanimously to allow use of human tumor cells in vaccines. I urge you to read and make up your own mind whether you want to place your health — and perhaps your life — in the hands of these reckless charlatans and irresponsible clowns.

How FDA originally approved use of fetal cells in vaccines

FDA allows both human fetal cells and adult human tumor cells in vaccines. Both types have cancer risks. While both Pfizer and Moderna tested their mRNA vaccine using fetal cells, there are no fetal cells, cell debris or DNA in their final products.
However, according to company documents, Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) and Altimmune’s COVID vaccines are manufactured in the human fetal cell line PER-C6, and thus the final vaccine products will contain cellular debris and DNA fragments from these cells. Researchers harvested these cell lines from the eyeball of an 18-week-old human fetus aborted in 1985, and then rendered them immortal by making them cancerous.

The AstraZeneca, Cansino, Gamayela, Vaxart, LongComm and Upitt vaccines are manufactured in the human fetal cell line HEK293, and thus the final vaccine products will contain cellular debris and DNA fragments from the fetal HEK-293 cell line. Scientists harvested this cell line from the kidney of a female Dutch fetus legally aborted in 1973 and then immortalized the cells by rendering them cancerous.

Normal primary cells, which are unable to replicate indefinitely, ultimately die. Immortalized cell lines are derived from known malignant cancer cells such as those obtained from Henrietta Lacks (HeLa) or created in the laboratory by introducing viral oncogenes or chemical exposures capable of mutating normal primary cells into immortal tumor cells.

According to FDA’s “The Pink Sheet” dated Nov. 29, 1999, for two decades the agency has been acutely aware of the inherent risks of using immortalized cell lines for vaccine development. The FDA CBER Director Dr. Peter Patriarca, M.D. explained that continuous cell lines are used for their ability to self-propagate, making them an ideal substrate on which to grow viruses, “the worst thing we are concerned about is …  malignancy, because some of these continuous cells have the potential for growing tumors in laboratory animals.”

Patriarca further conceded that “the technology to make these vaccines actually exceeds the science and technology to understand how these vaccines work and to predict how they will work.” This dire “black box” conundrum that Patriarca described in 1999 is even more acute today with the urgent pressure to develop COVID vaccines before manufacturers have tested them in animals or subjected them to long-term safety studies.

We call vaccines “biologics” because vaccinologists have traditionally grown their antigens on biological substrates — usually animal tissue. Competing companies culture COVID vaccines on a variety of animal strata. The Merck and IAVA COVID vaccines are manufactured in vero monkey cells, and thus contain cellular debris and DNA fragments from vero monkeys in the final product. The Sanofi, GSK, and Novavax COVID jabs are manufactured in insect cells and thus contain insect cellular debris and DNA fragments in the final products.

Public health advocates criticize the use of animal tissues in vaccines due to risks that they carry endogenous viruses, microbes, parasites and lack safety testing. (Plague of Corruption, Mikovits 2020).The first use of human fetal cells in vaccines occurred around 60 years ago, but the practice is increasingly popular. It was always controversial. Immunologists long considered using cells from aborted human fetuses in vaccines to be a high-risk gambit; human DNA debris is much more likely to infiltrate cells in vaccinated individuals than insect or monkey DNA.

Researchers and regulatory agencies have worried for more than 50 years about the potential for injected DNA to cause cancer. According to Dr. Theresa Deisher, a research scientist, primitive (unmethylated) DNA chains from human fetuses have the ability to 1) activate immune receptors that could lead to autoimmune attacks in susceptible individuals who have genetic predispositions that cause their own DNA to be under-methylated, or 2) insert into cells where they could combine with host DNA and cause mutations.

Regulators have in the past predicted that the odds of that happening were less than 1 in a trillion. However, in early gene therapy trials this event did indeed occur in 4 of 9 boys, 1 of whom died from the leukemia the insertions caused.

“Researchers have long observed that when introduced DNA enters a cell, it chooses a region of the cell that gives it a survival advantage. These could be the regions that are most likely to produce long-living cancer cells,” Dr. Deisher told me. FDA has never made any effort to test the safety of this practice or to determine whether the epidemic of soft-tissue cancers is “vaccine-generation” children is related to the use of cancerous fetal cells in vaccines. Even worse, in 2002, FDA green-lighted vaccine companies to use cancerous tumor cells from adults in vaccines.

FDA as an arm of Big Pharma

Before reviewing the shocking transcript of the FDA meeting that approved this dubious practice, we need to understand the conflicts and corruption that pervade this rogue agency. If we are to ever develop safe, effective COVID vaccines, we need first to stop thinking of the FDA as a regulatory agency; it is an arm of the notoriously corrupt pharmaceutical industry.
According to a 2017 Emory University study entitled “Thick as Thieves? Big Pharma Wields Its Power with the Help of Government Regulation,” FDA bureaucrats act as “enablers, or perhaps worse still, [they are] complicit in questionable or ethically unsound activity as a result of being driven by self-serving motives ….” A 1992 law that allows drugmakers to buy fast-track approvals for new products from FDA has poured concrete on a regulatory dynamic already corrupted by all the ubiquitous mechanisms of “agency capture.”

Between 2000 and 2010, pharmaceutical companies paid the FDA $3.4 billion to gain rapid drug approvals. Today, Pharma companies underwrite three-quarters of FDA’s budget for scientific reviews (ProPublica) and fund nearly 50% of the FDA’s total annual budget through PDUFA fees. In exchange, the agency increasingly fast-tracks expensive drugs and vaccines with significant side effects and unproven health benefits.

No one at FDA wins kudos for slowing down those money flows. To the contrary, according to FDA’s own employees, drug company payments bias regulators, with “an inclination toward approval.”

According to Dr. Michael Carome, a former Health and Human Services (HHS) official and a director of the advocacy group Public Citizen, “Instead of a regulator and a regulated industry, we now have a partnership … That relationship has tilted [the FDA] away from a public health perspective to an industry friendly perspective.”

Corrupt vaccine approval panels

But as corrupt as FDA is, the internal panels — VRBAC — that approve new vaccines make the rest of the agency look like a Sunday church picnic.

When Dr. Fauci, Paul Offit, Peter Hotez and Bill Gates tell you that you needn’t worry because FDA is the “gold standard” for vaccine safety and that the ultimate licensing decision will be made by an “independent panel of experts,” they are talking about VRBPAC. But VRBPAC is far from “independent.” It is not even comprised exclusively of public officials. Instead, it is populated by outside “experts” who are almost all pharmaceutical industry insiders.

In 2003, following a 3-year investigation, the United States Congress’s House Oversight Committee found VRBAC was completely dominated by the vaccine industry.

According to findings of the congressional investigation, VRBAC’s “independent” vaccine panel members often share vaccine patents with the pharmaceutical companies whose products they are evaluating. They “own stock in those vaccine companies, receive payment from those companies for research and paid speeches. They occupy consulting lofty and powerful sinecures and accept payments to monitor vaccine trials and funding for their academic departments.”
he 2000-2003 U.S. House Government Reform Committee’s investigation of VRBPAC found that: (1) “The overwhelming majority of members, both voting members and consultants, have substantial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.” (2) “Conflict of interest rules employed by the FDA … have been weak, enforcement has been lax and committee members with substantial ties to pharmaceutical companies have been given waivers to participate in committee proceedings … In many cases, significant conflicts of interest are not deemed to be conflicts at all.”

Congressional investigators offered a typical example of the sort of financial entanglements that put VRBPAC under Pharma’s slavish control. That example was the December 12, 1997, VRBPAC meeting that approved Wyeth’s (now Pfizer’s) rotavirus vaccine, Rotashield.

The Congressional investigators detailed the committee’s cozy nepotism with vaccine makers.

“Examples of Conflicts of Interest:

  1. “For instance, 3 out of 5 FDA advisory committee (VRBPAC) members who voted to approve the rotavirus vaccine in December 1997 had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies that were developing different versions of the vaccine.
  2. “One out of five voting members’ employer had a $9,586,000 contract for a rotavirus vaccine.
  3. “One out of five voting members was the principal investigator for a Merck grant to develop a rotavirus vaccine.
  4. “One out of five voting members received approximately $1 million from vaccine manufacturers toward vaccine development.”

Congressional investigators concluded that, “Altogether, four out of the five committee members had conflicts of interest that required waivers, and their recommendation for approval of the vaccine was unanimous.”

Here’s what happened at the 2012 FDA meeting on fetal cells

HHS acknowledges that the FDA and Centers for Disease Control committees that contract and review new vaccines have historically not used “evidence-based medicine.” To illustrate what this means, one only need read (below) the astonishing transcript of the 2012 panel that first approved the use of adult cancer tumor cells in vaccines.

This transcript shows what the public is never supposed to see: the behind-the-scenes sausage-making of federal vaccine approvals. Here, you will read for yourself how the “independent,” “gold standard” panelists entrusted with protecting your children made monumentally consequential decisions, not on evidence-based science, but by rolling the dice and taking what they knew was a horrendously risky bet on public health

In any other realm, this transcript would be proof of negligent homicide. The sickening side-view of VRBAC’s deliberations reveals FDA’s “trusted experts” for what they are; sadistic boys in lab coats giddily discussing the removal of wings from flies. We are all lab rats in their high-risk population-wide experiment. At FDA’s vaccine division, that sort of reckless decision-making is routine.

In 2012, most live virus vaccines were from animal tissue and the idea of putting potentially cancerous tumor cells from adult “donors” in vaccines was still a daring and audacious gamble. That September, the FDA VRBPAC committee met to discuss this risky innovation. The transcript of that meeting — showing captive FDA officials considering a proposal by the pharma cabal to allow the use of human cancer cells (HeLa) to replace animal tissue in the manufacture of vaccines — is proof of reckless criminal conduct.

The HeLa cells are well known to cause cancer in animals, but Big Pharma wanted to lower production costs of vaccines and this method is cheaper and faster than using animal tissue for the cultivated media. The obvious question of whether such vaccines might induce cancer in recipients was on the top of the VRBPAC agenda. Health authorities and vaccine manufacturers blatantly acknowledged their uncertainty regarding the safety of vaccines made from HeLa cancer tumors as they voted to make a dangerous high-stakes gamble that would lower costs for vaccine makers

Unbelievably, FDA voted to allow pharmaceutical companies to produce vaccines using human cells without reviewing a single scientific study to determine if the outcome would be safe.

Before, I quoted some of the criminally reckless statements from the meeting directly. A more detailed account appears in this article.

This was a full meeting of FDA’s VRBPAC in 2012 to decide on the use of human tumor cell lines for the production of vaccines. I list these speakers and their titles at that time:

  • Dr. Philip Krause, Acting Deputy Director of OVRR (Office of Vaccine Research and Review) and FDA’s CBER (Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research). Also, Principal Investigator for Vaccine Safety: Virus Detection and Latency.
  • Dr. Doug Lowy, Director of the National Cancer Institute of the NIH.
  • Dr. Robert Daum, Chair of the VRBPAC.
  • Donald W. Jehn M.S., Designated Federal Officer for VRBPAC.
  • Keith Peden, PhD, Chief of LDNAV, DVP/OVRR/CBER.
  • Dr. Marion Gruber, Director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines.
  • Dr. Nathanial Brady, a self-described clinician.
  • Dr. Pamela McInnes, a vaccine development expert and the Director of the Division of Extramural Research at the NIH’s National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, and previously a Deputy Director under Anthony Fauci at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Pharma knew that their tumorigenic vaccines might cause tumors in recipients.

Dr. Philip Krause acknowledged the risks when he said: “We have really identified three major factors that could potentially convey risk from tumor-derived cells. And these include the cells themselves … and if they were tumor-derived cells then maybe they themselves could form tumors in a vaccine recipient.”

Government regulators acknowledged that tumor cell lines can cause tumors.

Dr. Doug Lowy acknowledged this when he said: “What I think is qualitatively different about the tumor cell lines is the fact that they can cause tumors.”

FDA officials knew that tumors might occur decades after vaccination.

Dr. James Cook acknowledged this when he commented: “But certainly, if you are going to address this question about tumor risk from vaccines made in tumor cell lines, it’s going to have to be a decade’s question.”

FDA openly acknowledged that its primary objective was not to assure public safety but to help vaccine manufacturers.

Dr. Robert Daum, the leader of the meeting, commented: “ …but we are here to consider the issues that we would like to advise the agency to consider in helping the company continue the manufacturing process, what should they be concerned about, what should they be watching for.”

FDA officials knew that they could not prove vaccine safety using test animals to assess oncogenicity.

Dr. Keith Peden acknowledged this fact when he said: “I’m not optimistic that we’re going to find animal models to assess oncogenicity of DNA. That’s why I’m feeling that maybe it’s the clearance aspect that we have to deal with, with respect to DNA.”

FDA officials deliberately terminated animal safety tests too early in order to conceal consequences.

Dr. Robert Daum acknowledged this fact when he said: “Are they watching these animals long enough? Should it be longer?”

Dr. Keith Peden acknowledged this fact when he said: “Is it relevant to safety that a cell forms a tumor after a year, a year-and-a-half?”

FDA decided to keep the tumor cell lines secret, because doctors and the public may be alarmed and say “Oh, my God!” if they knew the truth.

Dr. Nathanael Brady acknowledged this when he said: “How is this group (of vaccines) going to be able to be accepted by the consumers … As soon as you hear “a tumor-derived cell line,” how do you explain that, put the public at ease?”

Dr. Robert Daum further acknowledged these facts: “ …the practicing medical community and also the lay public. They are going to hear that we are recommending, or that the manufacturers are making, vaccines with tumorigenic cell lines and say, ‘Oh, my God,’ even if there’s no scientific basis to say, ‘Oh, my God.’”

FDA decided to use deceptive language to convince doctors and the public that the vaccines were safe even when they, themselves, were unconvinced of safety.

Dr. Philip Krause acknowledged this when he said: “… because it’s a discussion of how one communicates these issues and how the public will perceive them. But I’m not completely sure that we have a complete answer on the fundamental scientific question. So how can you communicate a scientific consensus that the product is safe unless we’re sure that you, the experts we are asking to advise us, are convinced that it’s safe?”

FDA decided to hide information about their use of tumor cells and omit it from package inserts.

Dr. Marion Gruber proposed this deception when he said: “The minute you describe something in the package insert in terms of potential clinical safety concerns, I think that really precludes using these cell substrates.”

Dr. James Cook agreed to the deception when he said: “When it gets right down to what’s in the vial and what the patient is going to ask me about, whether it’s safe, I’m not going to say, well, you know, HeLa cells kill nude mice.”

Dr. Robert Daum acknowledged the deception when he said: “I don’t know that our charge is to micromanage the package insert today. I think that’s a new discussion, with lots of issues that we haven’t really aired completely.”

Health authorities were skeptical about safety of the tumor lines, but they decided to subject the public to the risk, so that they could perform a global population-wide live human experiment.

Dr. Robert Daum agreed to conduct the mass human experiment with the following statement: “So I’m not sure that we can give a certainty there’s no risk — don’t worry about this … It’s sort of a brave new world. We’re all doing it together. But I think that you are doing a beautiful job.”

FDA officials opted to toss the dice, perform the population-wide human experiment, and learn about the risks as time goes by.

FDA officials even cast this experiment as a noble venture in the quest for scientific knowledge. Dr. Pamela McInnes made this stunning appeal to her colleagues: “… even though there are challenges [risks to humans] to using the new technologies, they have to be embraced and we have to continue to try to learn from them and struggle through that learning curve.”

In the end, FDA decided to take the risks. The leader of the committee says, “I’m a vaccine guy,” then urged his cronies to approve.

Dr. Robert Daum said: “I’m a vaccine guy. They are wonderful to prevent infectious diseases … I hope that I’m speaking for everybody when I say that’s the answer to your question. If not, please chime in now.”

The committee formally approves the method of making vaccines from human cancer tumors.

Dr. Robert Daum said: “To come back to the agency’s question of whether this committee believes it’s correct scientifically to go forward with the development of these vaccines, our answer is yes.”

Prior to voting to go forward, the committee made the following conclusions:

  • Making vaccines with cells that are directly derived from human cancer tumors is faster and cheaper than breeding animals for the culture media.
  • Millions of potentially cancer-causing vaccines will be produced.
  • The vaccines may possibly cause genetic mutations.
  • Millions of dollars will be made by vaccine promoters.
  • The health of millions of consumers may be jeopardized.
  • Information about how vaccines are made will be hidden from doctors and consumers.

This 2012 VRBPAC meeting perfectly illustrates the reckless, malevolent and murderous zeitgeist underlying the Pharma/HHS partnership. VRBPAC’s “devil-may-care” decision-making allowed pharmaceutical companies to use potentially cancerous fetal cells to make millions of vaccines.

Since that meeting, vaccines containing cancerous cells and DNA strands from aborted fetuses have become pervasive among the 72 doses of vaccines that FDA has approved, and CDC “recommends” for American children. Today, the vaccines for chickenpox, MMR, hepatitis A and shingles contain fetal DNA.

There is little chance of consequence to vaccine makers from making this reckless choice, and much potential benefit. The 1986 National Vaccine Injury Act makes pharmaceutical companies immune from negligence claims and from product defect lawsuits by injured plaintiffs. Since cancer takes years to develop, causation is virtually impossible for injured petitioners to prove in the Federal Vaccine Court where HHS is the defendant.

Furthermore, by the time a tumor develops, the three-year statute of limitations for the vaccine injury has long expired. Pharma is therefore recklessly and pathologically bold about putting carcinogens in vaccines.

Finally, it’s worth considering that cancer treatment drugs like Keytruda are among pharmaceutical companies’ largest profit makers. Precipitating a cancer epidemic in human populations only benefits vaccine makers’ bottom line.

Remember, these are the same companies and the same FDA regulators that brought us the opioid epidemic. (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Sausage Making at Food and Drug Administration: How Human Cancer Cells Get into Vaccines.)

Those who believe at this late date that one can trust governmental agencies and the assurances of pharmaceutical companies about the safety of vaccines despite all the empirical evidence to the contrary are not reliable guides about what is or is not morally permissible, especially when one considers this question: Can it ever be morally permissible to take a substance that changes one’s genetic structure—and the genetic structure of one’s progeny—for the rest of time as “post humans”?

Once again, I mean to belabor this point as the evidence to prove what I have been stating in these commentaries is overwhelming and irrefutable:

From the UK, The Guardian has the story: “People with a history of significant allergic reactions should not receive the Covid vaccine, the medicines regulator has said, after two NHS workers experienced symptoms on Wednesday.”

They just figured this out? Now?

The Guardian is referring to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, which has just been approved in the US.

Two people experiencing significant adverse effects may not sound important, particularly since they already a history of allergic reactions, but the following quote in the Guardian article raises major red flags a mile high:

“The MHRA [UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency] advice states: ‘Any person with a history of a significant allergic reaction to a vaccine, medicine or food (such as previous history of anaphylactoid reaction or those who have been advised to carry an adrenaline autoinjector) should not receive the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine. Resuscitation facilities should be available at all times for all vaccinations. Vaccination should only be carried out in facilities where resuscitation measures are available’.”
First of all, a very large number of people have a history of allergic reactions to a vaccine or medicine or food. Automatically, these people should not take the vaccine. But how many people in the general public are aware of this restriction?

Second, with the operation to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people running at top speed, who actually believes that many locations where shots are given will have the necessary resuscitation equipment on hand? Sheer insanity.

Then, on top of all this, we have a bombshell statement from the Denver Post: “Documents published by the two [vaccine] companies [Pfizer and BioNTech] showed that people with a history of severe allergic reactions were excluded from the [clinical vaccine] trials, and doctors were advised to look out for such reactions in trial participants who weren’t previously known to have severe allergies.”

In other words, the clinical trials were already biased, because they excluded people with a history of allergic reactions. Therefore, the performance of the vaccine looked safer. Therefore, no one would find out that allergic reactions to the vaccine are a MAJOR danger.

And NOW, as if it’s nothing more than an afterthought, we get—“Oh, by the way, if people have allergies, they shouldn’t take the vaccine.”

Why don’t regulators simply admit, “This vaccine is as disastrous as possible, but we can’t let that cat out of the bag.”

I have written about the inherent dangers of the new experimental RNA technology deployed with this COVOD vaccine. The world population is a vast group of guinea pigs. Past efforts to introduce RNA tech have failed because serious autoimmune reactions have occurred. The body basically attacks itself.

What rational person would line up to take this shot?

You have to ask yourself why some Pittsburgh and Chicago medical centers aren’t making the new COVID vaccine mandatory for their own healthcare workers.

They’ve issued that announcement on the basis of wait-and-see. They know the vaccine carries major risks, and the clinical trials were far from convincing.

According to WebMD, “more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year.” 200,000 people come to the ER with food allergies. 4-5% of the population have food allergies. Who can say, with certainty, how many Americans would experience, say, life- threatening anaphylactic shock from the COVID vaccine?

And when it comes to medicines, consider just one type of allergic reaction—to penicillin or antibiotics. Is the outbreak of a rash serious enough to warrant automatic exemption from the COVID vaccine? Should shortness of breath be the standard? No one knows.

Finally, as I’ve reported in these pages several times, the 3 major clinical trials of COVID vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca) were designed to prevent nothing more than a “mild case of COVID-19.” That means a cough, or chills and fever.
Serious cases of illness? Hospitalization? Death? These were not on the radar of the clinical trials.

Cough, or chills and fever, cure themselves naturally. No need for a vaccine.

So again, what rational person would line up to take the COVID shot?

What rational person would imagine the celebratory media coverage of the vaccine rollout, or the carnival barking of Trump, amounts to more than a typical sales job and a hustle and a con?

Of course, you’re not supposed to know about the information in this article, even though it’s readily available in open source literature and in mainstream news. Social media censor the ANALYSIS OF THE MEANING OF THIS INFORMATION.

That’s called a clue.

That’s called medical tyranny.

A dictatorship wants you to take the COVID shot.

That’s another clue. (Shocking Report on the Covid Vaccine;s Adverse Effects But the Roll Out Continues Anyway.)

We must be informed of facts, not dazzled by the self-congratulatory propaganda being disseminated by the president. No matter the fact that President Donald John Trump had his re-election stolen from him precisely as a result of the plandemic’s master plan for the use of absentee ballots that could be manufactured at will and to make his actual election numbers on November 3, 2020, seem like the “red mirage” that the plandemicists predicted beforehand, the outgoing president permitted himself to be played  for a fool by people he did not realize were his enemies and gave them everything they wanted while creating the Operation Warp Speed task force that is designed to place us  all under surveillance and to drug us out of one pretext or another from the cradle until the time they choose to do away with us under some other pretext of your choosing. Look, the days of Dr. Kildare, Ben Casey, and Marcus Welby, M.D., are long over. One must inform himself of the truth concerning contemporary vaccinations and what they do to our bodies.

Mind you, Catholics are not Christian Scientists or Jehovah's Witnesses. (Quick Henny Youngman line: "Someone asked me if I was a Jehovah's Witness. I told him I didn't even see the accident.") We do not reject medical procedures/diagnostic tools (X-rays, magnetic resonance imagining, computed axial tomography scans, heart catheterizations, colonoscopies, etc.) and treatments and I, for one, am on various prescription medications to treat hypertension and hypokalemia (low levels of potassium in the blood) in addition to taking a variety of number of natural supplements every day. (I know that there are natural ways to treat hypertension. Thus, I need no well-meaning emails to inform me of what I know and may indeed try one day. We know two very fine physicians with whom we consult as needed.

Even these physicians, however, understand the nefarious agenda of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and we know another, an anesthesiologist, who wrote to me in 2019 to say that he had come to be a critic of most allopathic medicine. These physicians have informed themselves of the truth, and it is not difficult for ordinary Catholics to do so, especially one considers the wealth of information available to prove every point made in this commentary about the harmful effects of contemporary vaccines.

It is thus critical to absorb and accept information such as that p earlier in this commentary and to information provided by Dr. Dianne N. Irving below to protect one’s body and to keep one’s own soul from making more and more compromises to the point of being willing one day to get microchipped because governmental officials mandate it, and the microchip manufacturers assure of us its safety and that such technology would never be used to control our minds:


[Note:  Please note that BOTH the DNA in the cell nucleus AND the DNA in the mitochondria constitute the "human GENOME". 

[See also Irving, "Why Genetically Engineered Vaccines Are Dangerous" (Nov. 4, 2020),  at:  http://www.lifeissues.net/writers/irv/irv_254engineeredvaccines.html ;  also David Knight video, re Pfizer vaccine chemicals cause infertility, Gates, depopulation, at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0heB3FnXyCI&feature=youtu.be ;  also, "'Pandemic is Over' - Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Says "Second Wave" Faked On False-Positive COVID Tests", at:  https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/pandemic-over-former-pfizer-chief-science-officer-says-second-wave-faked-false-positive ]

Changing a patient's genes (as therapy) that won't be passed down through all of that patient's future generations is one thing (all things considered!).  But changing the human genome in a patient and such changes are passed down through all of that patient's future generations is something else entirely!  The latter involves the genetic engineering technique used by such new experimental vaccines as those by Moderna (created by Fauci's NIAID/NIH) and pushed by Bill Gates et al), and Pfizer.

What should be the proper response to Moderna -- or Pfizer?  Might send them the horrific but accurate objective scientific information about their messenger-RNA technique (a form of "germ line gene editing" and "heritable gene editing") -- such as those from the Center for Genetics and Society for starters (quoting from scientists around the world!).

The Center for Genetics and Society (CGS) is definitely NOT a "prolife" organization -- and has said so for decades.  Yet it has provided everyone with objective scientific facts about human "germ line" and "heritable" gene editing for decades.  (Human Germline Genome Editing = human embryos created are NOT used for reproduction (not implanted); Heritable Genome Editing = human embryos created ARE used for reproduction (are implanted).  In either case, new living human embryos with genetically altered genomes are reproduced!)

Either or both of these genetic engineering techniques are being used by Moderna, Pfizer, and a few other current COVID vaccine producers!  See recent articles by the Center for Genetics and Society/BioPolitical Times: "The "Geneva Statement" Calls for Course Correction on Heritable Genome Editing", at: https://www.geneticsandsociety.org/biopolitical-times/geneva-statement-calls-course-correction-heritable-genome-editing ;   also, "Assessing the Global Policy Landscape for Human Germline and Heritable Genome Editing", at:  https://www.geneticsandsociety.org/biopolitical-times/assessing-global-policy-landscape-human-germline-and-heritable-genome-editing

See additional articles by them:

--  The Center for Genetics and Society refutes new pronouncement promoting heritable human genome editing, at:  https://www.geneticsandsociety.org/press-statement/setting-aside-social-concerns-and-public-participation-scientific-committee-maps

-- "The "Geneva Statement" Calls for Course Correction on Heritable Genome Editing", at: https://www.geneticsandsociety.org/biopolitical-times/geneva-statement-calls-course-correction-heritable-genome-editing

--  "CRISPR gene editing in human embryos wreaks chromosomal mayhem; Three studies showing large DNA deletions and reshuffling heighten safety concerns about heritable genome editing", at:  https://www.geneticsandsociety.org/article/crispr-gene-editing-human-embryos-wreaks-chromosomal-mayhem

--  "'Disastrous' Embryo Editing Results Deliver 'Restraining Order' for Heritable Genome Editing", at:  https://www.geneticsandsociety.org/biopolitical-times/disastrous-embryo-editing-results-deliver-restraining-order-heritable-genome

--  "Gates Pushes Gene-Altering Technology on Seven Billion Humans", at:  https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/vaccines/gates-pushes-gene-altering-technology-on-seven-billion-humans/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=853be8fe-dc0a-44f2-8216-4b68e2ac7785

--  Germ-line gene editing: garbage in garbage out! [e.g. Moderna-type genetically engineered vaccines], at:  https://www.geneticsandsociety.org/biopolitical-times/whats-not-about-perfect-technology

As noted before, the vaccines now reported by Moderna and Pfizer are messenger RNA-based vaccine.  So consider the following concerns:

(1) Scientifically impossible for any vaccine to be 90% or 94% effective;  as even the charts on the CDC website document, the highest % ever historically is about 60-62%, most far less than that;

(2)  Never used for flu vaccine production before;

(3)  No reliable  "data" or research studies on such use, no Scientific Method (including independent Replication);

(4)  The DNA  or RNA of a virus constantly changes as it infects different people (using their DNA or RNA to replicate!), so vaccine producers would not know exactly what the DNA or RNA sequence of the virus is to use in any vaccine;

(5) Could use RNA to RE-code the person's own DNA against this virus .. OR use the RNA to RE-code the person's own DNA in any way they want but you won't know that;

(6)  RE-coding a person's natural DNA or RNA would include that person's germ line cells (primitive sperm and oocytes) and THUS the Re-coding would be passed down through that person's generations.

(7)  Absolutely no formal social discussions or debates on the real issues involved;

(8)  These vaccine producers are legally shielded from any law suits if injuries or deaths occur!

(9)  What could possibly justify making such vaccines mandated?!

Thus it is quite discouraging to see Moderna's  and Pfizer's efforts for vaccines are still even acknowledged as legitimate, as they are using a genetic change in the mRNA -- that changes the functioning of the DNA in the cell's mitochondria in the cytoplasm outside the cell's nucleus, causing that DNA to produce "foreign" proteins.  Please note that both the DNA in the cell nucleus AND the DNA in the mitochondria constitute the "human GENOME".  This genetic engineering technique is one that has received extensive international criticisms.

Such genetic changes are eugenic by nature and touted by Transhumanists to little by little create "post-humans" who would have different genome than members of the human species and thus be able to fuse into "Cosmic Consciousness"!

Why would anyone want to use "vaccines" to change our natural DNA genomes? Why don't they call it like it is -- germ line and heritable genetic engineering?  Who would be making the decisions as to which changes would be used?  Obviously, if people don't really know precisely what is in those "vaccines" and precisely what the consequences are to them in-the-flesh -- including those volunteers to be used in 4 stages of clinical trials -- then they are precluded from giving ethically and legally required INFORMED CONSENT.   Yet because of current legislation, these vaccine producers are legally shielded from any law suites!  Far far more needs to be discussed, debated and determined about the use of any messenger RNA-based "vaccines", especially those by Moderna and Pfizer.

[Note: Important to know the accurate empirical scientific definition of the "human genome", because some producers of the current genetically engineered vaccines want you to think that ONLY the DNA in the cell nucleus comprises the "human genome" -- and thus that their vaccines are OK because they don't change the DNA in the cell's nucleus.  But see the direct quotes below from human genetic text books, etc., that explain that the "human genome" is comprised of the DNA in BOTH the cell nucleus AND in the mitochondria outside the nucleus in the cell's cytoplasm.  Therefore, scientifically, since these genetically engineered vaccines actually change the FUNCTIONING of the DNA in the cell's mitochondria (i.e., have the mitochondria produce "foreign" substances that naturally they would never make), they thereby also change the functioning of the human GENOME, and such genetic changes are passed down through all of one's future generations.  --  DNI]


-- Tom Strachan and Andrew P. Read, Human Molecular Genetics 2 (2nd ed.) (New York:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1999):

--  In animal cells, DNA is found in both the nucleus and the mitochondria. (p. 10)

--  The mitochondria also have ribosomes and a limited capacity for protein synthesis. (p.   18)

--  The human genome is the term used to describe the total genetic information (DNA content) in human cells.  It really comprises two genomes:  a complex nuclear genome which accounts for 99.999d% of the total genetic information, and a simple mitochondrial genome which accounts for the remaining 0.0005%.   ...  Mitochondria possess their own ribosomes and the few polypeptide-encoding genes in the mitochondrial genome produce mRMAs which are translated on the mitochondrial ribosomes. (p. 139)

--  Benjamin Lewin, Genes VII (New York: Oxford University Press, 2000):  

--  A genome consists of the entire set of chromosomes for any particular organism, and therefore comprises a series of DNA molecules, each of which contains a series of many genes.  The ultimate definition of a genome is to determine the sequence of the DNA of each chromosome.  (p. 4)

--  Genes not residing within the nucleus are generally described as extranuclear;  they are transcribed and translated in the same organelle compartment (mitochondrion or chloroplast) in which they reside.  By contrast, nuclear genes are expressed by means of cytoplasmic protein synthesis.  ...  One type of uniparental inheritance is seen in higher animals.  Maternal inheritance can be predicted by supposing that the mitochondria are contributed entirely by the ovum and not at all by the sperm.  So the mitochondrial genes are derived exclusively from the mother; and in males they are discarded each generation. (p. 81)

--  DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. Nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA. Most DNA is located in the cell nucleus (where it is called nuclear DNA), but a small amount of DNA can also be found in the mitochondria (where it is called mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA).


--  The human genome is a complete set of nucleic acid sequences for humans, encoded as DNA within the 23 chromosome pairs in cell nuclei and in a small DNA molecule found within individual mitochondria. 


--  Although most DNA is packaged in chromosomes within the nucleus, mitochondria also have a small amount of their own DNA (called mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA).


--  Although most DNA is packaged in chromosomes within the cell nucleus, cell structures called mitochondria also have a small amount of their own DNA (known as mitochondrial DNA).   (Information provided by Dr. Dianne N. Irvin in an email forwarded to me by a reader of this site. https://medlineplus.gov/genetics/understanding/dtcgenetictesting/ancestrytesting/.)

One of this site’s readers sent me links to additional information that readers of this site should investigate for themselves to understand that the representations being made by many true priests at this time no matter where they fall along the vast expanse of the ecclesiastical divine is simply irresponsible and without any medical or scientific merit whatsoever:

Preview YouTube video Fetal cells, DNA & proteins in vaccines - Theresa Deisher, PhDFetal cells, DNA & proteins in vaccines - Theresa Deisher, PhD

For the kind of moral monsters we are dealing with, see for instance:








At one point do we say a loud and unequivocal “NO!” to putting more and more grains before the feet of the high priests and priestesses of medicine and science who have no regard for the eternal law of God nor even much for the just laws of men?

This is not 1936, not that everything was peachy keen swell in the scientific world then as much of it had been coopted already by the Rockefeller Foundation’s anti-life, anti-family Sangerite agenda that was shared en toto by the German government under the Weimar Republic and Adolf Hitler thereafter and that characterized the Soviet approach to medicine as well. However, most physicians eighty-four years ago were committed to assisting their patients, not seeking to evaluate whether they are deserving of proper medical treatment according to their (the physicians’) own subjective views about their “quality of life.”  

Pharmaceutical companies are in business to make money. Government officials are eager to demonstrate that they are doing or have done “something” to ease an apparent pandemic. The executives of the pharmaceutical companies are legally indemnified from having to face any legal consequences when their vaccines have adverse reactions and the politicians just go on with their lives content that they have “helped” the public when nothing could be further from the truth?

The new red dawn of the lockdown state which has Jorge Mario Bergoglio as one of its front men must be opposed by our prayers and by using our Catholic reason to recognize truth from error, fact from fiction, virtue from vice, good from evil, right from wrong, safe from unsafe, morally permissible from that which is morally impermissible because of a sane, rational, and sober consideration of factors such as those listed above.

Those who do not want to become mere creatures of the state and pawns in their perpetual imprisonment by a civil state whose leaders are as one with Jorge Mario Bergoglio in believing that legitimate personal liberty is an “ideology” that gets in the way of the “better world” had better realize that the “better world” our minders have in mind for us is on full display in Red China, which has its agents in our communities ready to act when the order is given for them to do so.

As We Approach the Final Days of Advent

We are in the Third Week of Advent, and are as of today, Wednesday, December 16, 2020, the Feast of Saint Eusebius and the Commemoration of Ember Wednesday in Advent (a day of fast and partial abstinence), just nine days away from Christmas Day and thus the glorious season of celebration that lasts until the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary on February 2, 2020, although Christmas joy this liturgical year will be impinged somewhat with the return of purple vestments near the end of the Christmas season on Septuagesima Sunday, January 31, 2021.

These are the days of intensifying whatever voluntary fasts we may have undertaken during this season of preparation and withdrawal from the world as we continue to meditate upon Our Lady’s time of expectancy. Indeed, a Mass that is not on the universal calendar of the Catholic Church but can be celebrated principally on a ferial day (or commemorated on an Ember Day) is that of Our Lady’s Expectancy on December 18 annually.

Dom Prosper Gueranger’s reflection for this date, December 16, on Our Lady’s confidence in God and of Saint Joseph’s calm acceptance of the words spoken to him by Saint Gabriel the Archangel remind us of the confidence we must have in the Providence of God in all the circumstances of our lives, especially as we are in the final nine days of Advent:

Let us consider how our Blessed Lady, having returned to Nazareth, is overwhelmed with joy to feel living within her Him who gives being to every created thing, and whom she loves with all the intensity of the Mother of God. Joseph, the faithful guardian of her virginity, tenderly loves this his Spouse, and blesses God for having entrusted such a treasure to his keeping. The Angels crowd round this favored house wherein dwell their Sovereign Lord, and she whom he has chosen to be his Mother. Never was there happiness like that which fills this little dwelling; and yet, God has decreed to visit it with a heavy trial, in order that he may give an occasion to Mary to exercise heroic patience, and to Joseph an occasion of meriting by his exquisite prudence. Let us listen to the Meditation of St. Bonaventure, in which he thus ponders the Gospel narrative:

“But while our Lady and Joseph her Spouse were thus dwelling together, the Infant Jesus grew within his Mother’s womb. Then Joseph perceiving that Mary was with Child, he was above all measure grieved. Here give, I pray thee, all thine attention, for thou hast many fair things to learn. If thou wouldst know wherefore it was that our Lord wished that his Mother should have a husband, whereas he always wished that she should be a Virgin, I answer thee that he so wished on three accounts: firstly, that she might not be disgraced when it was seen that she was a Mother: secondly, that she might have Joseph’s aid and company; and thirdly, that the birth of the Son of God might be concealed from the devil.

Now, Joseph did look many times on Mary, and grief and trouble of heart fell upon him, and his displeasure was seen in his face, and he turned his eyes away from her as one that was guilty of that which he perforce suspected. See how God permits his servants to be afflicted and sorely tried, that they may so receive their crown. Now, Joseph was minded to put her away privately. In very truth may it be said of this holy man that his praise is in the Gospel, for the Gospel says of him that he was a just man, that is, a man of great virtue. For albeit they say that no shame, nor suffering, nor insult can befall a man so grievous as that of his wife’s unfaithfulness; yet did Joseph restrain himself withal, and would not accuse Mary, but bore this great injury patiently. He sought not how to avenge himself but, overcome with pity, and wishing to forgive, he was minded to put her away privately. But herein also had our Lady her share of tribulation, for she took notice of Joseph’s trouble, and it sorely grieved her. Yet did she humbly hold her peace, and hide the gift of God. Better did it seem unto her that evil should be thought of her, than that she should reveal the divine Mystery, and say aught of herself which would come nigh to boasting. Therefore did she beseech our Lord that himself would right this matter, and make pass this grief from Joseph and herself. Her thou mayest learn what great tribulation and anxiety was theirs. But God came unto their assistance.

He therefore sent his Angel, who spake unto Joseph in his sleep, and told him that his Spouse had conceived of the Holy Ghost, and that he was to abide with her in all surety and joy. Whereupon all tribulation ceased, and they were both exceedingly comforted. So likewise would it befall us if we would suffer patiently, for after a storm God brings a calm. Neither oughtest thou to doubt this, for God suffereth not his servants to be afflicted save for their good. After this, Joseph requested our Lady to narrate unto him what had happened; and she faithfully narrated all unto him. Whereupon Joseph remains with his Blessed Spouse, and lives with her in all contentment, and loves her above what words can say, and diligently proves her whatsoever she needed. So also our Lady continues to remain confidently with Joseph, and they live right joyfully in their poverty.”


(The Mozarabic Breviary, Wednesday of the First Week of Advent, Capitula)

O God, to whom the whole earth proclaims its glad praise; whose glory is celebrated in the sweet melody of the Psalms; and whose mighty power is confessed by thy works; make known thy Savior unto all of us thy servants. Reveal thy justice, whereby we may acknowledge thee to be our Creator: and be mindful of thy mercy, whereby we may deserve to find the forgiveness of our sins; that seeing the Savior whom thou sendest, we may hymn thee our hymns of joy, and sing our Psalms in gladness, and deserve to enjoy the reward of thy blessed sight. Amen. (As found in Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., The Liturgical Year.)

We must have the same trust in Divine Providence, and we must turn our eyes towards the coming Feast of Our Lord’s Nativity rather than be focused in the muck and mire of this passing, mortal vales and/or fixated upon the evils wrought by the sort of men described by Pope Leo XIII as “forgettable.”

In this regard, therefore, perhaps it is good to consider the Gospel passage that will be read on Ember Saturday, December 19, 2020, which is also the anticipated Vigil of Saint Thomas the Apostle, and again on the Fourth Sunday of Advent to remind us that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ wanted us to put His Nativity, Passion, Death, and Resurrection within the framework of a specific period in Roman and Jewish history and to indicate to us that the former was going to be eclipsed in time by His true Church and the latter to be ended as He breathed His last breath on the wood of the Holy Cross on Good Friday as the earth quaked and the curtain in the Temple was torn in two from top to bottom:

Now in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, when Pontius Pilate was procurator of Judea, and Herod tetrarch of Galilee, and Philip his brother tetrarch of the district of Abilene, during the high priesthood of Annas and Caiphas, the word of God came to John, the son of Zachary, in the desert. And he went into all the region about the Jordan, preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins, as it is written in the book of the words of Isaias the prophet. The voice of one crying in the desert, ‘Make ready the way of the Lord, make straight His paths. Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low, and the crooked ways shall be made straight, and the rough ways smooth; and all mankind shall see the salvation of God.’ (Luke 3: 1-6.)

God lives outside of time and space and, as I have explained in past commentaries, sees both the beginning and the end of the world as an instant” now. He has situated each person who had lived in the past, is alive now at this time and those who will be born in the future until the end at a time in a place of His choosing. We must, therefore, be able to read the signs of the times and to be aware of the snares that are laid for us by the invisible enemies of our salvation as well as the more visible enemies both of our salvation and our own physical lives as there will always be new Herods, new Pontius Pilates, new Diocletians, new Julian the Apostates, new Lenins, new Stalins, new Maos, new Castros and new high priests and priestesses of medicine and “science” who are setting their snares for us, which is why we must be informed of the dangers that surround us, reject falsehoods without compromise and to live with complete reliance upon and confidence in, but never being presumptuous of, the loving help of Our Lady to guide us in these difficult times.

Pope Saint Gregory the Great’s sermon on the passage taken from the Gospel according to Saint Luke that will be read on both December 19 and 20 this year, reminds us of the simple fact that everything that occurs to us is within the Providence of God and that the mighty kings and other civil potentates of the world who act unjustly will be swept aside just as surely as was Judaism itself, which is why the adversary stirred up such hostility to Our Divine Redeemer even before His Nativity:

The date, at which the Fore-runner of our Redeemer entered on his public office of preaching, is indicated to us by the name of the ruler of the Roman Commonwealth, and by those of the princes of Palestine. The time of his preaching is indicated by these names, because he came as the Fore-runner of Him Who was to be the Redeemer of some Jews and many Gentiles. Moreover in the enumeration of these worldly monarchs there is a foreshadowing of the fact, that the Gentiles were about to be gathered into one, and the Jews to be scattered abroad in punishment of their unbelief; in the whole heathen Commonwealth we find the title of one Emperor, but in the small kingdom of Judaea are mentioned four masters.

The blessed voice of the Saviour itself hath said, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation Luke xi. 17. And we may well look for the ruin of the Jewish state when we see it divided among so many rulers. We observe likewise that the names of the reigning priests as well as kings are given. The Evangelist Luke hath left on record the chiefs both of the monarchy and of the priesthood who held office when John the Baptist began to preach, because John preached Him Who is at once our Priest and our King.

And he came into all the country about Jordan, preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins. It is evident from these words that John the Baptist not only preached, but also administered the baptism of repentance, and yet that baptism of repentance which he gave, was not really a baptism for the remission of sins. For there is only one baptism for the remission of sins, and that is our Christian baptism. It is worthy of note here that the words used are, preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins, for he himself owned that his baptism was not the true baptism that washes away sin. Even as the Eternal Word of God made Flesh was greater than the preacher that went before Him, so was His holy baptism, by which our sins are washed away, far greater than that baptism of repentance which the Fore-runner preached, and which could never wash away sin. (Pope Saint Gregory the Great, Tenth Sermon on the Gospels, as found in Matins, The Divine Office, Ember Saturday in Advent.)

We are Catholics, which means that we do not live in fear of anything save for falling into a state of Mortal Sin and of dying therein.

We do not live in fear of the civil potentates of this passing world.

We do not live in fear of the apostates who control the Vatican and each of the institutions that belong to the Catholic Church.’

And we certainly do not live in fear of any virus, no matter how deadly or mild, as sin is always more dangerous than anything else, including the Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus.

Perhaps it is good to consider Dom Prosper Gueranger’s reflection on the life of Saint Eusebius of Vercelli, who suffered a martyrdom that, although did not kill him immediately, wounded him sufficiently to be raised to Holy Mother Church’s altars as a martyr and whose feast was placed on the precipice of the Greater Antiphons, which begin tomorrow, December 17, 2020, because he was a firm opponent of Arianism and thus a vigorous defender of the fact that the Word became Flesh, and dwelt amongst us:

When asked to tell the names of the Saints who were foremost in defending the dogma of the Incarnation, we think at once of the intrepid Eusebius of Vercelli, as one of the glorious number. The Catholic faith, which was so violently attacked in the fourth century by the Arian heresy, was maintained at that time by the labors and zeal of four Sovereign Pontiffs: Sylvester, who confirmed the decrees of the Council of Nicæa; Julius, the supporter of Athanasius; Liberius, whose faith failed not, and who, when restored to his liberty, confounded the Arians; and lastly, Damasus, who destroyed the last hopes of the heretics. One of these four Pontiffs appears on our Advent Calendar—Damasus, whose feast we kept but a few days since. The four Popes have for their fellow combatants, in this battle for the Divinity of the Incarnate Word, four great Bishops, of whom it may be said the the defense of the dogma of the Consubstantiality of the Son of God was what they lived for, and that to say anathema to them was to say anathema to Christ himself; all four most powerful in word and work, lights of the Churches of the world, objects of the people’s love, and the dauntless witnesses of Jesus. The first and greatest of the four is the Bishop of the second See of Christendom, St. Athanasius, the Patriarch of Alexandria; the second is St. Ambrose of Milan, whose feast we kept on the seventh of this month; the third is the glory of Gaul, St. Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers; the fourth is the ornament of Italy, St. Eusebius, Bishop of Vercelli, whom we have to honor today. Hilary will come to us during Christmastide, and will stand at the Crib of the Word, whose Divinity he so bravely confesses; Athanasius will meet us at Easter, and help us to celebrate, in the triumphant Resurrection, Him whom he proclaimed as God in those dark times when human wisdom hoped to destroy, by a fifty years of peace, that Church which had survived the storm of three centuries of persecution. St. Eusebius’ place is Advent; and divine Providence has thus chosen him as one of the patrons of the faithful during this mystic season; his powerful prayers will help us to come devoutly to Bethlehem, and see in the Child that is lying there, the eternal Word of God. So great were the sufferings which St. Eusebius had to undergo for the Divinity of Jesus that the Church awards him the honors of a Martyr, although he did not actually shed his blood. Let us now listen to the admirable account which the Church gives us of his life.

Eusebius, by birth a Sardinian, was a Lector in the Church at Rome, and afterwards Bishop of Vercelli. It may well be said that it was God himself who chose him to be the pastor of this Church; for the Electors, who had never before seen him, no sooner set their eyes upon him, than they preferred him before all their fellow citizens; and this instantly, and as soon as they first saw him. Eusebius was the first of the Bishops in the Western Church who established Monks in his Church to exercise the functions of the Clergy; he did it in order that he might thus unite, in the same persons, the detachment from riches and the dignity of Levites. It was during this time that the impious doctrines of the Arians were devastating the whole of the West; and so vigorously did Eusebius attack them, that Pope Liberius’ greatest consolation was the unflinching faith of this holy man. It was on this account, that the same Pope, knowing that the Spirit of God burned in Eusebius’ soul, commissioned him to go, accompanied by his Legates, to the Emperor, and plead the cause of the true faith. Eusebius and the Legates being come before Constantius, the Saint pleased so powerfully that the Emperor granted what he asked, namely, that a council of holy Bishops should be convened.

That Council was held the following year, at Milan; Eusebius was invited by Constantius to be present at it, which was what the Legates of Liberius had desired and begged. So far was he from being duped by the synagogue of the malicious Arians to side with them against St. Athanasius, that he openly declared from the first that several of those present were known to him to be heretics, and he therefore proposed that they should subscribe to the Nicene Creed before proceeding any further. This the Arians, infuriated with anger, refused to do; whereupon, he not only refused to subscribe to what was drawn up against Athanasius, but he also, by a most ingenious device, succeeded in having the name of St. Denis the Martyr blotted out from the decree, which the craft of the Arians had induced him to sign. Wherefore, they being exceeding angry against Eusebius, loaded him with injuries, and had him sent into banishment. The holy man, on his side, shaking off the dust from his feet, caring little either for the threats of the Emperor, or the sword which was held over him, submitted to banishment as to something which belonged to his episcopal office. Being sent to Scythopolis, he there endured hunger, thirst, blows, and sundry other punishments; he generously despised his life for the true faith, feared not death, and gave up his body to the executioners.

How much he had to put up with from the cruelty and insolence of the Arians, we learn from the admirable letters, full of energy, piety, and religion, which he addressed, from Scythopolis, to the clergy and people of Vercelli, and to other persons of the neighboring country. It is evident from these letters that the heretics were unable, either by their threats or by their inhuman treatment, to shake his constancy, or to induce him by the craft of their flattery or arguments to join their party. Thence he was taken into Cappadocia, and lastly into Thebaïs of Upper Egypt, in punishment of his refusing to yield. Thus did he suffer the hardships of exile until the death of Constantius: after which he was allowed to return to his flock; but this he would not do, until he had assisted at the Council which was being held at Alexandria for the purpose of repairing the injuries done by heresy. This done, he travelled through the provinces of the East, endeavoring, like a clever physician, to restore to perfect health such as were weak in the faith, by instructing them in the doctrine of the Church. Animated by the like zeal for the salvation of souls, he passed over into Illyricum; and having at length returned to Italy, that country put off its mourning. He there published the commentaries of Origen and Eusebius of Cæsarea on the Psalms, which two works he translated from the Greek into Latin, with such corrections as were needed. At length, having rendered himself celebrated by a life spent in such actions as these, he died at Vercelli, in the reign of Valentinian and Valens, and went to receive the immortal crown of glory which his so many and great sufferings had merited for him. (Reflection and Selection from Matins in the Divine Office as found in Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., The Liturgical Year.)

Dom Prosper Gueranger’s prayer to Saint Eusebius should inspire us to defend the Holy Faith no matter the difficulties that may befall us for doing so as even a white martyrdom is a path to purification and thus of salvation for those who persevere until the end by carrying their daily crosses with love and gratitude while persisting in a state of Sanctifying Grace as members of the Catholic Church:

Valiant Soldier of Jesus, Eusebius, Martyr and Pontiff, how much labor and suffering thou didst undergo for the Messias! And yet they seemed to thee to be little in comparison with what is due to this eternal Word of the Father, who, out of his pure love, has made himself the Servant of his own creatures by becoming Man for them in the mystery of the Incarnation. We owe the same debt of gratitude to this divine Savior. He is born in a stable for our sakes, as he was for thine; pray, therefore, for us that we may be ever faithful to him both in war and peace; and that we may resist our temptations and evil inclinations with that same firmness wherewith we would confess his name before tyrants and persecutors. Obtain for the Bishops of our holy Mother the Church such vigilance that no false doctrines may surprise them, and such courage that no persecution may make them yield. May they be faithful imitators of the divine Pastor, who gives his life for his sheep; and may they ever feed the flock entrusted to them, in the unity and charity of Jesus Christ. (Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., The Liturgical Year.)

May we, like Saint Eusebius before us, defend the truths of the Holy Faith as best we can with the help of Our Lady’s graces by praying her Most Holy Rosary with increased fervor during these final days of Advent and by remembering that Saint Eusebius defended the truth of Our Lord’s Incarnation in her Virginal and Immaculate Womb by the power of God the Holy Ghost and that our civil minders give more thought to the fact of the Incarnation than do the pagans and Arian heretics before them.

Yes, indeed, the Word was made Flesh, and dwelt amongst us, and, as Our Lord spoke to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque:

"I will reign in spite of all who oppose Me." (quoted in: The Right Reverend Emile Bougaud. The Life of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, reprinted by TAN Books and Publishers in 1990, p. 361.)

Yes, Viva Cristo Rey

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!  

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Eusebius of Vercelli, pray for us.