Sin: More Deadly Than the Coronavirus, part eighteen

Much has transpired in the past four and one-half months since part seventeen on this series was published, including the fact that there is now overwhelming empirical evidence to prove the harm that has been caused by the various “vaccines” that were developed at “warp speed” under the orders of the clueless slave of Big Pharma, then President Donald John Trump, who continues to deny to this very day that his “salvific” Operation Warp Speed has warped the lives of hundreds upon thousands of people in the United States and around the world and has killed many untold hundreds of thousand of others.

The empirical evidence about the harm caused by the vaccines is real. It is massive. Yet it is that those who planned the plandemic, which was caused by the “accidental” (?) release of a “gain of function” virus from a Biosafety Four laboratory, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in Wuhan, Red China, after its development had continued with the financial assistance of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute on Allery and Infections Disease (NIAID) even after the administration of then President Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro placed a moratorium on such gain-of-function studies in 2014 are unbent and unbroken in their denial of the evil effects of their “vaccines” as they try to find some other “hook” by which to impose more lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates in time for the farce called the midterm elections in less than three months from now, something that will be examined later in this commentary.

I. The “Vaccines” Continue to Kill, Maim, and Cause Long-Term Medical Conditions

Although the so-called “public health professionals” and most everyone within the Big Pharma/Medical complex either lie, obfuscate, shut their eyes, plug their ears and seal up their lips in the face of the mounting evidence concerning the untold harm done by the warped “vaccines” produced by Donald John Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed,” the statistics speak for themselves:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released new data showing a total of 1,371,474 reports of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and July 29, 2022, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). That’s an increase of 13,534 adverse events over the previous week.

VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

The data included a total of 29,981 reports of deaths — an increase of 191 over the previous week — and 249,116 serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 1,430 compared with the previous week.

Of the 29,981 reported deaths, 19,348 cases are attributed to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, 7,981 cases to Moderna, 2,603 cases to Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and no cases yet reported for Novavax.

Excluding “foreign reports” to VAERS, 851,372 adverse events, including 13,894 deaths and 87,050 serious injuries, were reported in the U.S. between Dec. 14, 2020, and July 29, 2022.

Foreign reports are reports foreign subsidiaries send to U.S. vaccine manufacturers. Under U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, if a manufacturer is notified of a foreign case report that describes an event that is both serious and does not appear on the product’s labeling, the manufacturer is required to submit the report to VAERS.

Of the 13,894 U.S. deaths reported as of July 29, 7% occurred within 24 hours of vaccination, 15% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination and 54% occurred in people who experienced an onset of symptoms within 48 hours of being vaccinated.

In the U.S., 603 million COVID-19 vaccine doses had been administered as of July 27, including 357 million doses of Pfizer, 227 million doses of Moderna and 19 million doses of Johnson & Johnson (J&J). 

vaers data vaccine injury august 5

Every Friday, VAERS publishes vaccine injury reports received as of a specified date. Reports submitted to VAERS require further investigation before a causal relationship can be confirmed.

Historically, VAERS has been shown to report only 1% of actual vaccine adverse events.

U.S. VAERS data from Dec. 14, 2020, to July 29, 2022, for 6-month-olds to 5-year-olds show:

U.S. VAERS data from Dec. 14, 2020, to July 29, 2022, for 5- to 11-year-olds show:

U.S. VAERS data from Dec. 14, 2020, to July 29, 2022, for 12- to 17-year-olds show:

The most recent report of a death in the 12- to 17-year-old age group was that of a 17-year-old male from Pennsylvania (VAERS I.D. ​2396146) who died from lymphocytic myocarditis approximately five months after receiving his first dose of Pfizer. The patient had no relevant medical history, according to the report.

The report states the “patient was just hanging with buddies at a soccer game, patient just collapsed, just died right there, EMT rushed patient to hospital and tried 42 minutes of CPR — nothing happened. Once autopsy was done, the patient definitely had myocarditis, and think it was lymphocytic myocarditis.”

The patient did not receive any other vaccine within four weeks of his first dose of Pfizer. The batch and lot number have been requested and “will be submitted if and when received.” However, this information will not be available to the public.

According to the CDC, “VAERS data available to the public include only the initial report data to VAERS. Updated data which contains data from medical records and corrections reported during follow up are used by the government for analysis. However, for numerous reasons including data consistency, these amended data are not available to the public.”

  • 63 reports of anaphylaxis among 12- to 17-year-olds where the reaction was life-threatening, required treatment or resulted in death — with 97% of cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine.
  • 658 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis with 645 cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine.
  • 165 reports of blood clotting disorders with all cases attributed to Pfizer.
  • 20 cases of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) with all cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine.

U.S. VAERS data from Dec. 14, 2020, to July 29, 2022, for all age groups combined, show:

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) asks anyone who has experienced an adverse reaction, to any vaccine, to file a report following these three steps.

South Africa confirms first death caused by J&J shot

South Africa’s health regulator on Thursday confirmed a person died from Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) caused by J&J’s COVID-19 vaccine. It is the country’s first death officially attributed to a COVID-19 vaccine, officials said.

GBS is a rare neurological disorder in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks part of its peripheral nervous system, the network of nerves located outside of the brain and spinal cord.

GBS symptoms can range from mild, brief muscle weakness to paralysis, leaving the patient unable to breathe independently.

According to South African health authorities, the person who died developed symptoms shortly after receiving J&J’s vaccine, which led to prolonged hospitalization, mechanical ventilation, further infections and death. No other cause for the GBS could be identified.

To protect patient confidentiality, no patient details, including the province where the death occurred, will be made public.

Family of 27-year-old who died after AstraZeneca shot weighs legal action

The UK family of a 27-year-old engineer who died from catastrophic brain bleeds after receiving AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine is considering legal action, pending an upcoming preliminary review of their son’s case.

Jack Last, who was vaccinated March 30, 2021, died three weeks after receiving the AstraZeneca jab. A CT scan on April 10, 2021, revealed Last had developed a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, which occurs when a blood clot forms in the brain’s venous sinuses and prevents blood from draining out of the brain.

Last died at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, UK, on April 20, 2021 — 11 days after he sought medical treatment for severe headaches.

His family retained legal counsel after raising concerns about the circumstances leading to Jack’s death, the East Anglian Daily Times reported.

A pre-inquest review will be held on August 11, after which a full inquest will be scheduled. An inquest is a formal investigation conducted by a coroner in order to determine how someone died. The purpose of an inquest is limited to establishing the identity of the deceased individual as well as where, when and how they died.

Woman feels ‘like the walking dead’ after COVID vaccine injuries

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Catherine Parker, 48, said she had a complete and fulfilling life prior to receiving her first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine on April 1, 2021.

Within two weeks of receiving the J&J shot, Parker said she began to have chronic fatigue and insomnia, but doctors said her symptoms were related to menopause. After receiving a Pfizer booster on Nov. 9, 2021, her symptoms worsened. Her hair began to fall out, she had brain fog and she developed uncontrollable tremors, spasms and migraines to the point she couldn’t walk or communicate.

Parker developed a “laundry list of ailments” and tested positive for the Epstein-Barr virus, despite “never [having] had mono in my entire life,” and for antinuclear antibodies and kidney abnormalities.

Parker’s symptoms — and the dismissive attitude of much of the medical establishment — led her to start the Vaccine Injury/Side Effects Support Group on Facebook earlier this year.

In addition, Parker has presented her personal story on social media platforms, including FacebookYouTube and TikTok, and launched an online crowdfunding campaign to help support her rising medical costs.

The Defender interviewed three other people injured by COVID-19 vaccines who are members of Parker’s group. Read their stories here.

EMA says Novavax COVID vaccine must carry warning for heart inflammation 

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) Wednesday recommended adding a warning for two types of heart inflammation to Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine, marketed under the brand names Nuvaxovid and Covovax, based on a small number of cases reported in those who received the vaccine.

According to a statement, the EMA’s Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee — responsible for assessing and monitoring the safety of human medicines — concluded that “myocarditis and pericarditis can occur following vaccination with Nuvaxovid.”

“The Committee is therefore recommending listing myocarditis and pericarditis as new side effects in the product information for Nuvaxovid, together with a warning to raise awareness among healthcare professionals and people receiving this vaccine,” the statement said.

The committee also requested the “marketing authorization holder of Nuvaxovid provides additional data on risk of side effects occurring.”

According to Reuters, the FDA flagged Novavax’s risk of heart inflammation in early June. Yet, the agency on July 13 granted Novavax’s request for Emergency Use Authorization of the vaccine for adults 18 and over in the U.S. (Nearly 30,000 Deaths Reported to VAERS, Including 17-Year-Old Who Died of Myocarditis 5 Months After Pfizer Shot.)


It is important to put these staggering statistics and tragic stories in a degree of context to explain how callously indifferent and willfully blind to the truth so-called “public health experts” and their accomplices in Big Pharma, hospital administrative positions, physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurses, and other medical staff continue to be concerning the poisons that have caused so many innocent human beings to suffer and to die after being convinced that the “emergency use” “vaccines” were “safe” even though the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tried to keep the records of Pfizer BioNTech vaccine’s failures hidden for seventy-five years until a United States District Court Judge, Mark Pittman, ordered them seven months ago to start opening up their files for public review:

The Food and Drug Administration won't have 75 years to release thousands of pages of documents it relied on to license its COVID-19 vaccine. Instead, the federal agency will have just over eight months to do so, per a federal judge's ruling.

The timeline ordered Thursday by U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman radically shortens the timeline under which the FDA has to produce troves of documents. The order stems from a Freedom of Information Act document lawsuit by a coalition of doctors and scientists with the nonprofit Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. The group seeks an estimated 450,000 pages of material about the vaccine-creation process during the COVID-19 pandemic, which came into full force in the United States in March 2020.

Rather than producing 500 pages a month, the FDA's proposed timeline, Pittman ordered the agency to turn over 55,000 a month. That means all the Pfizer vaccine data should be public by the end of September rather than the year 2097, the deadline that the FDA wanted.

"Here, the court recognizes the ‘unduly burdensome' challenges that this [Freedom of Information Act] request may present to the FDA," the court ruling noted. "But, as expressed at the scheduling conference, there may not be a ‘more important issue at the Food and Drug Administration … than the pandemic, the Pfizer vaccine, getting every American vaccinated, [and] making sure that the American public is assured that this was not rush[ed] on behalf of the United States."

Pittman's ruling requires the FDA to start producing documents at an expedited pace — more than 12,000 pages before Jan. 31. That timeline is also in line with the agency's proposal. But deviating sharply from the FDA's desired timeline, the judge ordered the agency to "produce the remaining documents at a rate of 55,000 pages every 30 days, with the first production being due on or before March 1, 2022, until production is complete."

Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency said the data should be made public quickly because the FDA took just under four months to review the data before granting full approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

"Pfizer began its rolling submission on May 7, 2021, and the vaccine was licensed on August 23, 2021, a total of 108 days from initial submission to licensure," the PHMPT wrote in a December filing.

Pittman cited a quote from the late Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican and 2008 GOP presidential nominee, that excessive secrecy from a government agency "feeds conspiracy theories and reduces the public's confidence in the government." (Judge scraps 75-year FDA timeline to release Pfizer vaccine safety data, giving agency eight months.)

Even as this information is released, however, the United States Food and Drug Administration, following the example of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton’s 30,000 “lost” emails from her time using a private server in own home in Chappaqua, New York, store records that were to be kept by the United States Department of State and the endless examples of how the United States Department of Justice have “lost” files on almost everything to with the politically motivated and grossly biased “Operation Hurricane” and the subsequent Robert Mueller investigation into the “Russian Collusion” hoax that was cooked up by none other than Madame Defarge and her confederates, says it has “lost” records of the clinical trials that they claimed to have relied upon to authorize the life-changing, gene-therapy mRNA injections to be given to children under five years of age:

Earlier this month the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the mRNA vaccine for emergency use in young children, aged six months to five years old, after its advisory committee voted in favor of the experimental treatment, claiming that it has passed its clinical hurdles and is effective in preventing symptomatic infection without causing worrisome side effects. 

However, in addition to ignoring the mountain of evidence showing the vaccines are regularly causing life-threatening injuries – especially in healthy children and young people, the FDA ‘experts’ have routinely skipped crucial steps in the testing process, allowing them to manipulate the data in order to suit their desired outcomes.

This inexcusable act of criminal malpractice was confirmed this month by the team leader of the FDA’s clinical review staff, Rachel Zhang, who explained during an advisory panel zoom call that the agency had lost the results from the placebo group during its clinical trials related to the decision to approve the experimental jab for America’s youngest children.

Without this data from the placebo group, the effectiveness of the vaccine cannot be measured against those who did not receive the treatment. Therefore, the clinical trial is meaningless. But the gaping hole in the results apparently doesn’t matter to the ‘experts’ at the FDA, who went ahead with the EUA approval anyway.

“There is no efficacy data,” Zhang explained. “I guess it will have to come from real-world effectiveness,” she added glibly.

In other words, babies and toddlers are essentially vaccine guinea pigs that will provide the lost data. Remember, Zheng is the team leader of the FDA’s clinical review staff, which oversees the approval of new medical treatments.

From Zheng:

“…We have lost the placebo groups, so we cannot really say anything about the duration of vaccine efficacy after that.

There’s no more efficacy data, basically, after that time point. So, unfortunately, we are limited to – in this study – would be the results that we have shown you in the slide with the data cut off. The latest one [placebo group data] would be the May 31st one, and that still is, unfortunately, very few cases…

I guess it will have to come from real-world effectiveness.”  

How does something like this even happen? They don’t even have to come up with a viable excuse anymore. This is literally on par with the old ‘dog ate my homework’ line. What a joke. (FDA Panel Advisor Admits Agency "LOST" Clinical Trial Data for Placebo Group Before Approving Experimental Vaccine for Babies and Toddlers.)

This is not a joke. This is deadly serious business of deliberate and planned malfeasance to assure that nothing gets in the way of experimenting on children between six months and five years old for the sole benefit of maximizing the profit-margin of the corrupt corporations that produce the so-called “vaccines.”

Let us remember facts, ladies and gentlemen: Do we really expect those who manufacture pills and potions to kill the innocent preborn by chemical means and who are overwhelmingly in favor of the surgical vivisection of babies within the sanctuaries of their mothers’ wombs to care for the lives of the innocent children after birth who are being used in a manner worthy of the Aztecs and the Nazis themselves as experimental guinea pigs?

There has been a long history of social engineering in the world that long predated and actually led up to the crimes of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Third Reich of Adolph Hitler, the ongoing crimes of the so-called “People’s Republic of China,” which continue to play a very large, if not predominant, role in the direction the West’s own social engineers have taken to exploit a virus, that, though capable of causing serious health problems all on its own, especially for those who are elderly and have preexisting comorbidities, is not deadly if caught early and, as noted before, treated properly according to sound use of both medical procedures, certain drugs, and massive doses of Vitamins C and D and Zinc.

To wit, the unification of the Germanic states into a single country as a result of Prussia’s victory in the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 ushered in the triumph of social engineering in northern Europe’s industrial and economic giant. Masterminded by Otto von Bismarck, the “Iron Chancellor,” the social engineering that began in Germany during the Kulturkampf sought to create a brave new world where people would become more and more dependent upon the beneficence of the state. Bismarck knew that one of the ways to solidify political power was to create a sense of dependence on the part of the citizenry, who would become convinced that it was impossible for them to live their lives without the direction and largesse of government bureaucrats.

Bismarck’s Kulturkampf, which started off as a direct assault upon the Catholic Church (viewed by Bismarck as an obstacle to the social and economic advancement of human society), occurred at a time when two complementary schools of thought were coming to the fore: Darwinian evolutionism and the historical-critical method of Scriptural exegesis. The latter was designed by Protestant Scripture scholars in Germany as a means of “demythologizing” Scripture, a goal that dovetailed neatly with the agendas both of the Darwinians and of Hegelian philosophers who were intent on creating the illusion of change in the very nature of God Himself. The old way of religion had to yield to the new ways of progress and social advancement. And that social advancement would entail, among other things, the discarding of those who were economically unproductive and thus relatively useless for the life of society.

Bismarck was not as aggressive as his successors in Germany would be during the period of the Weimar Republic (1919-1933). However, he laid the groundwork for the sterilization and euthanasia policies that would be the hallmarks of both Weimar and the Third Reich. One of Bismarck’s principal legacies was the establishment of the modern welfare state, paving the way not only for the Weimar democrats and Hitler but also for V.I. Lenin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Social Security was the crown jewel of Bismarck’s welfare state. For Bismarck desired to create a world where grown children believed that they were relieved of the natural-law responsibility to care for their elderly parents when they became incapable of caring for themselves. He wanted to rally the elderly to his side by making it appear as though he was their friend — and he wanted to do the same with the young, convincing them that he had made it possible for them to live a more comfortable life materially by relieving them of the “burden” of providing for their parents (never mind the nasty little fact that confiscatory taxes were used to pay for Social Security). Thus, Bismarck sought to pit generations against each other in preparation for the day when those who were retired could be deemed useless to society and thus worthy of liquidation. Bismarck relied upon the German traits of obedience to authority as the means by which he could convince the public that he, their chancellor, knew best.

Social scientists and natural scientists had a field day in Germany during the Weimar Republic. Yes, democratic Germany was home to scores of biological and eugenic experimentations. Science is a tool given us by God to use as a means of assisting the legitimate development of human progress in the natural world. Absent the direction provided it by the true Church, however, science can become a terrible weapon of destruction and of maniacal social and biological engineering.

Thus, the fuller development in the Third Reich of the monstrous policies pursued during the Weimar Republic was quite logical. In 1935, the German populace quite docilely accepted Hitler’s implementation of the wholesale extermination of the retarded and infirm. Germans had become used to the principle that the state knew best. Only Clemens von Galen, the Bishop of Munster, had the courage to speak out publicly against Hitler’s eugenics, which is why it is useful at this juncture to keep in mind the degenerative state to which the so-called “professionals” in the medical, scientific, “public health” and pharmaceutical world bears a striking if not identical resemblance to what the famous Bishop Clemens von Galen denounced in his three sermons against the Nazi eugenics laws in 1941:

It is a deeply moving event that we read of in the Gospel for today. Jesus weeps! The Son of God weeps! A man who weeps is suffering pain either of the body or of the heart. Jesus did not suffer in the body; and yet he wept. How great must have been the sorrow of soul, the heartfelt pain of this most courageous of men to make him weep! Why did he weep? He wept for Jerusalem, for God's holy city that was so dear to him, the capital of his people. He wept for its inhabitants, his fellow-countrymen, because they refused to recognise the only thing that could avert the judgment foreseen by his omniscience and determined in advance by his divine justice: “If thou hadst known . . . the things which belong unto thy peace!" Why do the inhabitants of Jerusalem not know it? Not long before Jesus had given voice to it: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem . . . how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!" (Luke 13,34).

Ye would not. I, your King, your God, I would. But ye would not! How safe, how sheltered is the chicken under the hen's wing: she warms it, she feeds it, she defends it. In the same way I desired to protect you, to keep you, to defend you against any ill. I would, but ye would not!

That is why Jesus weeps: that is why that strong man weeps; that is why God weeps. For the folly, the injustice, the crime of not being willing. And for the evil to which that gives rise which his omniscience sees coming. which his justice must impose if man sets his unwillingness against God's commands, in  opposition to the admonitions of conscience, and all the loving invitations of the divine Friend, the best of Fathers: “If thou hadst known, in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! But then wouldst not!.: It is something terrible, something incredibly wrong and fatal. when man sets his will against God's will. I would) than wouldst not! It is therefore that Jesus weeps for Jerusalem.

Dearly beloved Christians! The joint pastoral letter of the German bishops, which was read in all Catholic churches in Germany on 26 June 1941, includes the following words.

“It is true that in Catholic ethics there are certain positive commandments which cease to be obligatory if their observance would be attended by unduly great difficulties; but there are also sacred obligations of conscience from which no one can release us; which we must carry out even if it should cost us our life. Never, under any circumstances, may a man, save in war or in legitimate self-defence, kill an innocent person.”

I had occasion on 6th July to add the followings comments on this passage in the joint pastoral letter:

“For some months we have been heating reports that inmates of establishments for the care of the mentally ill who have been ill for a long period and perhaps appear incurable have been forcibly removed from these establishments on orders from Berlin. Regularly the relatives receive soon afterwards an intimation that the patient is dead, that the patient's body has been cremated and that they can collect the ashes. There is a general suspicion, verging on certainty. that these numerous unexpected deaths of the mentally ill do not occur naturally but are intentionally brought about in accordance with the doctrine that it is legitimate to destroy a so-called “worthless life,” in other words to kill innocent men and women, if it is thought that their lives are of no further value to the people and the state. A terrible doctrine which seeks to justify the murder of innocent people, which legitimises the violent killing of disabled persons who are no longer capable of work, of cripples, the incurably ill and the aged and infirm!”

I am reliably informed that in hospitals and homes in the province of Westphalia lists are being prepared of inmates who are classified as “unproductive members of the national community” and are to be removed from these establishments and shortly thereafter killed. The first party of patients left the mental hospital at Marienthal, near Munster, in the course of this week.

German men and women! Article 211 of the German Penal Code is still in force, in these terms: “Whoever kills a man of deliberate intent is guilty of murder and punishable with death”. No doubt in order to protect those who kill with intent these poor men and women, members of our families, from this punishment laid down by law, the patients who have been selected for killing are removed from their home area to some distant place. Some illness or other is then given as the cause of death. Since the body is immediately cremated, the relatives and the criminal police are unable to establish whether the patient had in fact been ill or what the cause of death actually was. I have been assured, however, that in the Ministry of the Interior and the office of the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Conti, no secret is made of the fact that indeed a large number of mentally ill persons in Germany have already been killed with intent and that this will continue.

Article 139 of the Penal Code provides that “anyone who has knowledge of an intention to commit a crime against the life of any person . . . and fails to inform the authorities or the person whose life is threatened in due time . . . commits a punishable offence”. When I learned of the intention to remove patients from Marienthal I reported the matter on 28th July to the State Prosecutor of Munster Provincial Court and to the Munster chief of police by registered letter, in the following terms:

“According to information I have received it is planned in the course of this week (the date has been mentioned as 31st July) to move a large number of inmates of the provincial hospital at Marienthal, classified as ‘unproductive members of the national community’, to the mental hospital at Eichberg, where, as is generally believed to have happened in the case of patients removed from other establishments, they are to be killed with intent. Since such action is not only contrary to the divine and the natural moral law but under article 211 of the German Penal Code ranks as murder and attracts the death penalty, I hereby report the matter in accordance with my obligation under article 139 of the Penal Code and request that steps should at once be taken to protect the patients concerned by proceedings against the authorities planning their removal and murder, and that I may be informed of the action taken".

I have received no information of any action by the State Prosecutor or the police.

I had already written on 26th July to the Westphalian provincial authorities, who are responsible for the running of the mental hospital and for the patients entrusted to them for care and for cure, protesting in the strongest terms. It had no effect. The first transport of the innocent victims under sentence of death has left Marienthal. And I am now told that 800 patients have already been removed from the hospital at Warstein.

We must expect, therefore, that the poor defenceless patients are, sooner or later, going to be killed. Why? Not because they have committed any offence justifying their death, not because, for example, they have attacked a nurse or attendant, who would be entitled in legitimate self-defence to meet violence with violence. In such a case the use of violence leading to death is permitted and may be called for, as it is in the case of killing an armed enemy.

No: these unfortunate patients are to die, not for some such reason as this but because in the judgment of some official body, on the decision of some committee, they have become “unworthy to live,” because they are classed as “unproductive members of the national community”.

The judgment is that they can no longer produce any goods: they are like an old piece of machinery which no longer works, like an old horse which has become incurably lame, like a cow which no longer gives any milk. What happens to an old piece of machinery? It is thrown on the scrap heap. What happens to a lame horse, an unproductive cow?

I will not pursue the comparison to the end, so fearful is its appropriateness and its illuminating power.

But we are not here concerned with pieces of machinery; we are not dealing with horses and cows, whose sole function is to serve mankind, to produce goods for mankind. They may be broken up; they may be slaughtered when they no longer perform this function.

No: We are concerned with men and women, our fellow creatures, our brothers and sisters! Poor human beings, ill human beings, they are unproductive, if you will. But does that mean that they have lost the right to live? Have you, have I, the right to live only so long as we are productive, so long as we are recognised by others as productive?

If the principle that men is entitled to kill his unproductive fellow-man is established and applied, then woe betide all of us when we become aged and infirm! If it is legitimate to kill unproductive members of the community, woe betide the disabled who have sacrificed their health or their limbs in the productive process! If unproductive men and women can be disposed of by violent means, woe betide our brave soldiers who return home with major disabilities as cripples, as invalids! If it is once admitted that men have the right to kill “unproductive” fellow-men even though it is at present applied only to poor and defenceless mentally ill patients ” then the way is open for the murder of all unproductive men and women: the incurably ill, the handicapped who are unable to work, those disabled in industry or war. The way is open, indeed, for the murder of all of us when we become old and infirm and therefore unproductive. Then it will require only a secret order to be issued that the procedure which has been tried and tested with the mentally ill should be extended to other “unproductive” persons, that it should also be applied to those suffering from incurable tuberculosis, the aged and infirm, persons disabled in industry, soldiers with disabling injuries!

Then no man will be safe: some committee or other will be able to put him on the list of “unproductive” persons, who in their judgment have become “unworthy to live”. And there will be no police to protect him, no court to avenge his murder and bring his murderers to justice.

Who could then have any confidence in a doctor? He might report a patient as unproductive and then be given instructions to kill him! It does not bear thinking of, the moral depravity, the universal mistrust which will spread even in the bosom of the family, if this terrible doctrine is tolerated, accepted and put into practice. Woe betide mankind, woe betide our German people, if the divine commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”, which the Lord proclaimed on Sinai amid thunder and lightning, which God our Creator wrote into man's conscience from the beginning, if this commandment is not merely violated but the violation is tolerated and remains unpunished!

I will give you an example of what is happening. One of the patients in Marienthal was a man of 55, a farmer from a country parish in the Munster region I could give you his name who has suffered for some years from mental disturbance and was therefore admitted to Marienthal hospital. He was not mentally ill in the full sense: he could receive visits and was always happy, when his relatives came to see him. Only a fortnight ago he was visited by his wife and one of his sons, a soldier on home leave from the front. The son is much attached to his father, and the parting was a sad one: no one can tell, whether the soldier will return and see his father again, since he may fall in battle for his country. The son, the soldier, will certainly never again see his father on earth, for he has since then been put on the list of the “unproductive”. A relative, who wanted to visit the father this week in Marienthal, was turned away with the information that the patient had been transferred elsewhere on the instructions of the Council of State for National Defence. No information could be given about where he had been sent, but the relatives would be informed within a few days. What information will they be given? The same as in other cases of the kind? That the man has died, that his body has been cremated, that the ashes will be handed over on payment of a fee? Then the soldier, risking his life in the field for his fellow-countrymen, will not see his father again on earth, because fellow-countrymen at home have killed him.

The facts I have stated are firmly established. I can give the names of the patient, his wife and his son the soldier, and the place where they live.

“Thou shalt not kill!” God wrote this commandment in the conscience of man long before any penal code laid down the penalty for murder, long before there was any prosecutor or any court to investigate and avenge a murder. Cain, who killed his brother Abel, was a murderer long before there were any states or any courts of law. And he confessed his deed, driven by his accusing conscience: “My punishment is greater than I can bear . . . and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me the murderer shall slay me” (Genesis 4,13-14).

“Thou shalt not kill!” This commandment from God, who alone has power to decide on life or death, was written in the hearts of men from the beginning, long before God gave the children of Israel on Mount Sinai his moral code in those lapidary sentences inscribed on stone which are recorded for us in Holy Scripture and which as children we learned by heart in the catechism.

“I am the Lord thy God!” Thus begins this immutable law. “Thou shalt have not other gods before me.” God ” the only God, transcendent, almighty, omniscient, infinitely holy and just, our Creator and future Judge ” has given us these commandments. Out of love for us he wrote these commandments in our heart and proclaimed them to us. For they meet the need of our God-created nature; they are the indispensable norms for all rational, godly, redeeming and holy individual and community life. With these commandments God, our Father, seeks to gather us, His children, as the hen gathers her chickens under her wings. If we follow these commands, these invitations, this call from God, then we shall be guarded and protected and preserved from harm, defended against threatening death and destruction like the chickens under the hen's wings.

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem . . . how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!” Is this to come about again in our country of Germany, in our province of Westphalia, in our city of Munster? How far are the divine commandments now obeyed in Germany, how far are they obeyed here in our community?

The eighth commandment: “Thou shalt not bear false witness, thou shalt not lie.” How often is it shamelessly and publicly broken!

The seventh commandment: “Thou shalt not steal”. Whose possessions are now secure since the arbitrary and ruthless confiscation of the property of our brothers and sisters, members of Catholic orders? Whose property is protected, if this illegally confiscated property is not returned?

The sixth commandment: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Think of the instructions and assurances on free sexual intercourse and unmarried motherhood in the notorious Open Letter by Rudolf Hess, who has disappeared since, which was published in all the newspapers. And how much shameless and disreputable conduct of this kind do we read about and observe and experience in our city of Munster! To what shamelessness in dress have our young people been forced to get accustomed to” the preparation for future adultery! For modesty, the bulwark of chastity, is about to be destroyed.

And now the fifth commandment: “Thou shalt not kill”, is set aside and broken under the eyes of the authorities whose function it should be to protect the rule of law and human life, when men presume to kill innocent fellow-men with intent merely because they are “unproductive”, because they can no longer produce any goods.

And how do matters stand with the observance of the fourth commandment, which enjoins us to honour and obey our parents and those in authority over us? The status and authority of parents is already much undermined and is increasingly shaken by all the obligations imposed on children against the will of their parents. Can anyone believe that sincere respect and conscientious obedience to the state authorities can be maintained when men continue to violate the commandments of the supreme authority, the Commandments of God, when they even combat and seek to stamp out faith in the only true transcendent God, the Lord of heaven and earth?

The observance of the first three commandments has in reality for many years been largely suspended among the public in Germany and in Munster. By how many people are Sundays and feast days profaned and withheld from the service of God! How the name of God is abused, dishonoured and blasphemed!

And the first commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” In place of the only true eternal God men set up their own idols at will and worship them: Nature, or the state, or the people, or the race. And how many are there whose God, in Paul's word, “is their belly” (Philippians 3:19)” their own well being, to which they sacrifice all else, even honour and conscience ” the pleasures of the senses, the lust for money, the lust for power! In accordance with all this men may indeed seek to arrogate to themselves divine attributes, to make themselves lords over the life and death of their fellow-men.

When Jesus came near to Jerusalem and beheld the city he wept over it, saying: “If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes. For the day shall come upon thee, that thine enemies . . . shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation.” Looking with his bodily eyes, Jesus saw only the walls and towers of the city of Jerusalem, but the divine omniscience looked deeper and saw how matters stood within the city and its inhabitants:       “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem . . . how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings ” and ye would not!" That is the great sorrow that oppresses Jesus's heart, that brings tears to his eyes.   I wanted to act for your good, but ye would not!

Jesus saw how sinful, how terrible, how criminal, how disastrous this unwillingness is. Little man, that frail creature, sets his created will against the will of God! Jerusalem and its inhabitants, His chosen and favoured people, set their will against God's will! Foolishly and criminally, they defy the will of God! And so Jesus weeps over the heinous sin and the inevitable punishment. God is not mocked!

Christians of Munster! Did the Son of God in his omniscience in that day see only Jerusalem and its people? Did he weep only over Jerusalem? Is the people of Israel the only people whom God has encompassed and protected with a father's care and mother's love, has drawn to Himself? Is it the only people that wou1d not ? The only one that rejected God's truth, that threw off God's law and so condemned itself to ruin?

Did Jesus, the omniscient God, also see in that day our German people, our land of Westphalia, our region of Munster, the Lower Rhineland? Did he also weep over us? Over Munster?

For a thousand years he has instructed our forefathers and us in his truth, guided us with his law, nourished us with his grace, gathered us together as the hen gathers her chickens under her wings. Did the omniscient Son of God see in that day that in our time he must also pronounce this judgment on us: “Ye would not: see, your house will be laid waste!” How terrible that would be!

My Christians! I hope there is still time; but then indeed it is high time: That we may realise, in this our day, the things that belong unto our peace! That we may realise what alone can save us, can preserve us from the divine judgment: that we should take, without reservation, the divine commandments as the guiding rule of our lives and act in sober earnest according to the words: “Rather die than sin”.

That in prayer and sincere penitence we should beg that God's forgiveness and mercy may descend upon us, upon our city, our country and our beloved German people.

But with those who continue to provoke God's judgment, who blaspheme our faith, who scorn God's commandments, who make common cause with those who alienate our young people from Christianity, who rob and banish our religious, who bring about the death of innocent men and women, our brothers and sisters with all those we will avoid any confidential relationship, we will keep ourselves and our families out of reach of their influence, lest we become infected with their godless ways of thinking and acting, lest we become partakers in their guilt and thus liable to the judgment which a just God must and will inflict on all those who, like the ungrateful city of Jerusalem, do not will what God wills.

O God, make us all know, in this our day, before it is too late, the things which belong to our peace!

O most Sacred Heart of Jesus, grieved to tears at the blindness and iniquities of men, help us through Thy grace, that we may always strive after that which is pleasing to Thee and renounce that which displeases Thee, that we may remain in Thy love and find peace for our souls!

Amen. (Three Sermons of Bishop Clemens von Galen.)

Anyone who does not think that the situation in Nazi Germany that was described so clearly and condemned so forcefully by the late Bishop Clemens von Galens i 1941 obtains in the United States of America and elsewhere in the world at the present time is spiritually blind. We are living through the precise situation now as that described and condemned by Bishop Clemens von Galens.

Please do yourself a favor and re-read the late bishop's remarks again.

Bishop von Galens's remarks resonate with Catholic truth and serve as prophetic warnings to us not to trust in the diagnoses and judgments of so many doctors today who have accustomed themselves to lying and killing, something that is especially the case as a result of everyone in the medical industry having to undergo “training” in the ethos of “palliative care.” Patients are evaluated by many, although not all, medical professionals now on a “quality of life,” cost-benefit basis that dehumanizes them and permits medical “professionals” to start the processes, tailored to the “needs” of each person and carried out by conditioning patients and their families to accept the “inevitable,” of expediting their deaths in the name of “mercy” and “compassion” in hospices across the world.

Make no mistake, therefore, about what is happening at this time as the so-called “vaccines” continue to poison countless numbers of people while many, although not all, in the medical industry do not have the sufficient intellectual curiosity even to investigate such stories such as the tragic ones told recently by four victims of the “miracle cures” for the coronavirus:

My heart was breaking to watch so many people suffering just to get information and help and I could not stand by and continue watching them go through this,” said Catherine “Cat” Parker, who in April 2021, was injured by Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) COVID-19 vaccine.

Wanting to help others enduring similar experiences, the 49-year-old Minnesotan — whose story The Defender featured earlier this week — founded the Vaccine Injury/Side Effects Support Group

Within two weeks, the group attracted 200 members from all over the world “with stories that are heartbreaking, but also [inspire] resiliency to keep going through this,” Parker said.

The Defender interviewed three members of the group. Here are their stories.

Donna Zuk Adley: ‘I feel like a voodoo doll where someone keeps taking turns stabbing me in my different body systems’

Donna Zuk Adley, 64, a nurse from Connecticut, is co-administrator of the Vaccine Injury/Side Effects Support Group.

Adley holds degrees in criminal justice and legal studies and has a 33-year career in nursing.

She said she was reluctant to get the COVID-19 vaccine from the get-go — in part because she had “two previous reactions to vaccines, one of which [tetanus] left me with a permanent partial disability.” She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after the tetanus shot.

“I dragged my heels for nine months because I did not want to get the vaccine,” Adley told The Defender.

“I had restricted my lifestyle, and did all the protocols to avoid COVID,” she said. “I had been working on a COVID floor with up to 32 COVID patients, and never got COVID.”

But after Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont in August 2021 mandated all workers in a broadly defined list of medical and long-term care facilities get vaccinated, Adley gave in and got her first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, on Aug. 11, 2021, and her second dose on Sept. 17, 2021.

She developed reactions soon after receiving both doses of the vaccine:

“After the first Moderna [dose], I had severe lower back pain that felt like shattered glass. I did not realize at the time that many have this symptom after the vaccines.

“[On] September 17, eight hours after my second Moderna [dose], I began to get the initial symptoms that I had expected (fever, muscle aches), [but] I felt very strange and weak, as if I had a mono relapse, which I hadn’t had in over a decade.”

Her symptoms worsened. According to Adley:

“Suddenly I began to have lapses in memory, first slightly, then it got worse. I realized that I couldn’t see small print. I have many reading glasses, and I tried five or six pairs before I realized I had blurred vision. This blurred vision was constant for four months, both near and far vision, and far vision [is] blurry intermittently now, nine months later.

“I began to feel confused, and texted to my granddaughter that I feel like I have a ‘brain disconnect.’ I lost my ability to think right, comprehend and follow directions.

“When work was explaining how to have my doctor fill out my FMLA [Family Medical Leave] paperwork, I was having a hard time following directions.”

The injuries that Adley sustained and the conditions she continues to experience include damage to her brain, heart, gastrointestinal tract and her vision.

Adley described the symptoms as “progressive and interchangeable,” coming and going for a few hours at a time, before reappearing again or new symptoms appearing.

She likened the experience to feeling like “a voodoo doll where someone keeps taking turns stabbing me in my different body systems,” and a “pinball machine in slow motion.”

Adley kept a notebook of her symptoms and injuries, and categorized them broadly as follows:

  • Brain and cognitive: “The most terrifying” injuries she experienced were “a loss of executive function and cognitive function” and a diagnosis of “autoimmune response from COVID-19 vaccine” from her doctor who said her symptoms matched those of autoimmune encephalitis.

She also described blurred vision and confusion, forgetfulness, some loss of short- and long-term memory, confusion, disorientation, an inability to follow instructions or find solutions, some loss of reasoning and judgment skills, slurred speech and difficulties with spoken and written language, sudden anger issues and paranoia, a skewed sense of taste or loss of taste, partial loss of hearing and difficulty performing normal activities such as walking up and down stairs.

Adley recalled telling a nurse’s aide she felt her “brain got dumbed down … like I dropped 50 IQ points,” and added, “I finally coined the term: I have a loss of thought process algorithms,” as a catch-all for the collection of brain function and cognitive symptoms she was experiencing.

Many of these symptoms, such as taste or hearing loss, still come and go, she said, adding she has “a two-second memory … if I don’t write it down, I will forget.”

  • Heart: Adley described severe edema in her feet and ankles, saying that as a nurse, she is “aware this could be a sign of congestive heart failure.” She also described symptoms of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, or POTS, which only recently subsided, including feeling like her “heart was being pumped up like a balloon.”

Adley also described alternating low and high blood pressure, fainting episodes and heart palpitations.

  • Gastrointestinal: Adley described “diarrhea, vomiting and dry heaves for months,” and quick alternations between feeling hungry and not hungry and an overall loss of “desire to eat anything that I used to have cravings for.” She said it was “like my food was staying in my stomach and not going anywhere.”
  • Lungs: Adley said she experienced “episodes of coughing for hours with clear phlegm” and then the coughing would “suddenly disappear.”
  • Muscles: Adley described “burning, boiling pain, terrible muscle spasms” that would travel through her body “in a quick wave.” Her muscle spasms, while now less severe, still continue when she lies down.
  • Skin: Adley described peeling skin at the tip of her fingertips and spontaneous bruising all over her body.

Adley also experienced intermittent sudden weakness in her ankles and knees, intermittently swollen lymph nodes and tinnitus that also was initially intermittent but “appears to be permanent in both ears.”

Together, these symptoms “affected everything,” Adley said. She was terminated from her job of 10 years because she “took too long” to return from family leave due to her vaccine injuries.

She also experienced an Epstein-Barr relapse and continues to experience fainting episodes.

Finding new employment has been challenging. Adley described going through “an entire month’s process to obtain a job, and they told me … my medical [vaccine] exemption was denied by corporate.”

This was despite the fact that her doctor wrote, in reference to Adley, an “autoimmune reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine” and that “this individual had significant side effects from prior COVID-19 vaccinations … The COVID vaccine is precluded because the risks of vaccination outweigh the benefits.”

The loss of her employment also meant the loss of her health insurance, according to Adley, who also said that “walk-ins were not accepting me.”

She said her neurologist told her that “the CDC [U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] is being very strict, and only allowing exemptions if you have paralysis, such as from Guillain Barre, or death.”

Kate: ‘I don’t think I’d be here’ if I took the second dose

Kate, a Minnesota teacher who asked that her full name be withheld, received her first and only COVID-19 vaccine, a dose of Moderna, on Feb. 16, 2021.

Kate told The Defender that she feels “lucky” she did not get another dose, despite almost doing so.

Kate said she heard of many people who had a reaction to the first dose, but a much worse reaction following the second dose. “I don’t think I’d be here,” she said, if she had received the second dose.

Kate got “super sick” after getting the Moderna vaccine, sustaining vaccine injuries including “tinnitus, head pressure, dizziness, bone pain, difficulty walking, heart enlargement and atrial fibrillation” — and “the most severe insomnia of my life.”

She feels better now than in the last 16 months and has done “a lot of natural healing,” she said, but added, “I don’t know if my heart will ever be the same.”

While she was previously very active physically, since the vaccine, she’s had to limit activities she used to enjoy, like hiking and biking.

Kate contracted COVID-19 in December 2021, but “it was nothing compared to the vaccine injury,” she said. “Absolutely nothing for me.”

Her injuries have affected her ability to work. Kate said:

“There were days I would literally drive into a parking lot at school and realize I had to go home … at least ten times, maybe more.

“I would drive into the parking lot and think, man, my legs are killing me. There’s no way I can get out of this car and go to work.”

Kate said she feels fortunate she could afford a private doctor, and one who has not been dismissive about her vaccine injuries.

She said:

“We’ve probably spent … a little over $10,000 out of pocket because of the private doctor co-pays, meeting the deductible, which is great compared to lots of other people. So I feel like I’ve had a lot more resources than some people … so I feel lucky.

“I was already seeing a … doctor before this happened to me, and she was more open. She recognized right away that something was wrong. She didn’t quite believe me right away, she was a little skeptical, but when she found out that my heart was not reacting the way it was … she said, ‘Oh my God, you’ve never had a heart issue before?’”

Her doctor recommended Kate visit a cardiologist, who initially was dismissive:

“Basically told me that I probably just got stressed out and that’s how I suddenly got atrial fibrillation, which I thought was hilarious.

“I went home and I was like, he’s doing the ‘anxiety’ card on me. He’s treating me like I’m a woman and oh, I just got so anxious over my shot.”

After leaving the cardiologist a poor review online and stating she was “really upset,” he retracted his original diagnosis and “agreed it was from the vaccine.”

For Kate, her most difficult experiences with vaccine injuries haven’t been with doctors, but stem from “the psychological pressure you get from other people.”

She said:

“The way that other people treat you has been terrible and I had probably five straight months I didn’t want to get out of bed.

“Mostly people think, ‘I don’t know, I’ve never seen it.’ If somebody got in a car accident, someone wouldn’t say, ‘well, I’ve never gotten in a car accident.’ Nobody would say that to you. So that emotional side is difficult.”

Ayman: ‘There is no human left in me’

Ayman, a graphic designer in Melbourne, Australia, who also requested his full name be withheld, received his first and only dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in late 2021.

“After 48 hours, I had this range of heartbeats, from resting to 160, all of a sudden, and I freaked out,” Ayman told The Defender. “I jumped, my head reached the ceiling, and I had to call the ambulance.”

Ayman’s experience with doctors and other healthcare practitioners mimicked those of many injured by the vaccines.

“I told them that I took the first dose of Pfizer … and then they said, ‘this is anxiety.’”

Ayman described what happened soon after he was vaccinated:

“The next day, my body went into, I don’t know, how can I explain it? If I open my eyes, I just shout and cry and go into hallucinations, a panic attack, anxiety, suicidal thoughts.

“But all of a sudden, these thoughts, with the nerve pain like electrical shock [along my] entire body, spinal cord to the brain … going into shakes and tremors, and I couldn’t even walk.

“Half of my brain was extremely not able to connect with the other side of the brain. So it was like, imbalanced.

“It’s like something not normal … I don’t know what happened to my brain, like something really not normal … I used to walk and I didn’t know how to come back home, barely use my phone on GPS and then come back home on my GPS even though I would walk just a few blocks over.”

His injuries are impacting every aspect of his life, Ayman said.

“I have extreme memory loss, and this is not normal. I’m a graphic designer, I work in creative work, and all of a sudden I don’t know who I am. I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t walk. I had to learn how to eat. I didn’t know how to hold a spoon, so I didn’t know how to eat.”

Ayman described experiencing “dementia, demoralization, depersonalization, dissociation, all of a sudden, at once.”

He also developed heart palpitations, “like my heart was either overbeating, or sometimes it’s not. Sometimes [being] a bit disoriented, vertigo, fatigue, all that kind of stuff.”

He added:

And the top of my symptoms is, I don’t feel my body. I don’t feel the upper body, so there is no sensation there. I don’t have feeling in my face, in my ear … so I can’t find work. I can’t work. I can’t do anything. I’m basically disabled. I just walk a few steps out of my house just to go to the park a little bit and then come back home. But otherwise there is no mind.”

Ayman reported all these symptoms to his general practitioner and to the immunization center he had visited. However, “they didn’t offer any treatment, anything,” he said, other than a diagnosis of “anxiety,” a diagnosis of long COVID “without being tested positive for it,” and a referral to a psychologist.

Reflecting on his current condition, Ayman said, “I don’t have a past or a future, just barely the present. I don’t know what I’ve done yesterday or this morning. It’s nonexistent.

“I’m just talking to you right now … and then that’s it,” he added. “I don’t have anything in my head.”

Support group members: ‘I feel I’m not alone’

Parker told The Defender that she decided to start her online support group for vaccine-injured individuals because she “felt so alone” — a sentiment that was shared by the other members of her group who spoke with The Defender.

“A lot of us have anxiety and depression from this now,” said Parker. “And I hear people who just want to give up or they feel like they’re dying or that [they] wanted not to wake up.”

Experiences like these prompted Parker to establish her group. She said:

“My anxiety and depression were getting worse, and my daughter said to me, ‘Mom, you have always been the person to help others, maybe you need to focus on that for now.’

“So I created my support group to focus more on offering support to those that have immediate needs, whether it is emotional support, resources for food, housing, rent, financial assistance, and educational/medical information related to helping them get treatment, medication, and other [needs].”

Parker described “a two-and-a-half hour phone call with somebody the other day who just needed to talk. That’s all they wanted.”

“Sometimes, when you’re in your own head and you’ve got your own thing going on, it’s hard to help yourself,” added Parker. “So I wanted to be a platform for people to be able to help those other people find resources, find others they can connect with.”

Kate told The Defender she initially started a tinnitus group, before joining Parker’s group. For Kate, her membership in such groups is “so very valuable.”

“Any group that I’ve been in has been fantastic,” she said. “A lot of it is just emotional support, suggestions for treatment … and then sometimes, when I’m just super stressed or up at night … I know there’s always somebody online that I can message.”

“It just makes you feel not alone,” she said.

Ayman also finds the group helpful, in a context where family members and other individuals in his life tell him to “just get over yourself” — a reaction he described as “like a knife in my heart.”

“The emotional part of it is really, really helpful,” Ayman said. “you go in a group, they understand these symptoms, but in real life, nobody gets you … to them, it’s just anxiety.”

Adley told The Defender she found the group when she “began looking for help and support” because she “felt so alone in this.”

Parker’s group also played an important role in helping members go public with stories that often are not only emotionally difficult to recount, but also frequently censored by social media platforms.

“It has been difficult to get out our stories to the world,” Parker said. “Everywhere we turn, we are blocked and banned on social media. Our videos are removed for ‘community standards violations,’ which makes no sense when they are videos of our pain and suffering or us going through tremors and brain fog.

We are ridiculed and made fun of as crazy, lying pigs, ‘anti-vax’ and people with agendas to stop others from getting the vaccine. It breaks my heart, how far humanity has fallen that it is okay to make fun of others’ suffering and downplay what others are going through.” (Exclusive: 3 People Injured by COVID Vaccines Describe Physical, Emotional Pain.)

On July 9, 2021, Jeff Diamond, a professional musician, vocal instructor and backup guitarist, got the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) COVID-19 vaccine.

About a week later, Diamond was found unconscious in his apartment, He was taken to a local hospital in Minnesota, where he remained in a coma for three weeks.

Pervasive blood clots — a known side effect of the J&J vaccine — had shut down his kidneys and other organs. The condition caused doctors to amputate eight of his fingers, without his knowledge or consent, while he was still in a coma.

Diamond, a guest on the July 5 episode of “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” told Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., he got the vaccine only because he’d been performing at an event in Atlanta, and didn’t want to risk infecting his mother.

“I was taking care of my mother, and that’s the only reason I got the shot in the first place,” Diamond said.

When Diamond awoke from the coma, he also found himself intubated, which impaired his singing voice.

With his kidneys barely functioning and his balance thrown off by all the medications he was prescribed, Diamond lay in the hospital for another three weeks until he was able to go into a nursing home.

While in the nursing home for six weeks, Diamond’s feeding tube burst open and he was rushed to an emergency room. “Blood was gushing out of my stomach,” he told Kennedy. It “almost killed me.”

A doctor in Minneapolis saved his life, but Diamond told Kennedy he’s been “in pain with these fingers ever since.” Diamond was fitted with prosthetic fingers, but while “they may look great,” he said, “they’re not working out for playing the guitar.”

Diamond’s singing voice has “bounced back a bit,” he said, but not all the way.

And it’s “all from, I believe, the Johnson & Johnson shot,” Diamond said.

Asked if doctors acknowledged a link between the vaccine and his injuries, Diamond said all but one were non-committal.

Now, a year after he was injured, Diamond said he’s taking things day by day, and hopes to someday play guitar again.

More importantly, though, he wants to get the word out about what happened to him.

“What happened to me … I don’t want to see this happen to anybody else,” Diamond said. “I think it’s a crime … People have got to be held accountable.” (Guitarist Who Lost 8 Fingers After J&J Vaccine Tells RFK, Jr.: People Have to Be Held Accountable.)

Taking nothing away from the suffering of the three people who stories were recounted on the Children’s Health Defense website, it is nevertheless a telling commentary that none of these three victims knows anything about the theology of redemptive suffering, which would teach them that, although their suffering is real and was totally unavoidable, has occurred within the Providence of God, Who alone stands ready to provide them with the supernatural support that they need from the treasury of graces won for us by His Co-Equal, Co-Eternal Divine Son during His Redemptive Act on the wood of the Holy Cross on Good Friday. Nothing we suffer in this passing, mortal vale of tears is the equal of what one of our least Venial Sins caused Our Lord to suffer during His Passion and Death, and we must consider it our privilege to suffer in reparation for our sins as we accept whatever slight merit that they might earn from the patient endurance of our suffering with love, joy, and gratitude as the consecrated slaves of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

It is nothing other than tragic that the revolutions of Protestantism and Modernism have robbed most, including most Catholics, of any sense of the beauty and the privilege of suffering, especially if it has been imposed upon us unjustly by the misrepresentations of others as our we must remember that our sins imposed the greatest injustice of all: the death of the God-Man in ignominy on the dung heap of Golgotha, Mount Calvary. Those who do not understand this will, obviously, look to mere mortals for consolation in time of suffering, and although there is nothing inherently wrong in seeking the advice of others it is far more important for those who suffer to learn how to do so with gratitude as they seek to warn others about how the sufferings were imposed upon them so that the vaccinators will not have more victims that will be crying out for Divine justice against them at the moment of their Particular Judgment.

Stories such as the ones recounted above on the Children’s Health Defense are global in nature. Indeed, a German language website based in Austria has reported that there is now a “twitter” “hashtag” entitled “I regret the vaccination” that is “trending” at this time:

Under #I regret the vaccination, thousands of Twitter users unpacked their experiences with the corona gene injections. Many of them hoped for freedom and health through the state-mandated "stab" and are left behind with dire health consequences. They feel betrayed, abused and abandoned. Some also suffer psychologically from having been forced to perform physical interventions by the state.

Numerous users report:

For example, a user writes: " In our office, 7 people are #unvaccinated, the rest (about 40) are vaccinated. Of these 40, 35 say that they regret it because of side effects and only got vaccinated because they had to, not because they believed in the effect. "

Another explains:

“I trusted politics, dutifully picked up 2 shots. Emergency room after 2 weeks with suspected pulmonary embolism! D-dimer extremely high, as Wodarg warned. Thanks Spahn, Wieler & Co. I took about 50 shots against everything, never had any problems. Never again mRNA! "

Great regret:

"I encouraged my family to do it"

A user reports that she motivated her family to get vaccinated. She now feels guilty. Because: Her sister is now suffering from chronic pain and her grandmother died from the vaccination.

Vaccination damage reporting can save lives

If you suffer from health consequences of the gene injections, consult a trustworthy doctor. Make sure that your vaccination damage is reported and don't forget: The doctor is obliged to do this, as Austria's Minister of Health Rauch recently clarified in a query response. This is important to generate statistical clarity but also to confront doctors with the consequences. In addition, you are only entitled to compensation if you also disclose the vaccination damage. How this works is explained by our trusted doctor, Dr. Hannes Strasser here . The vaccine damage report can save lives. (IchbereuedieImpfung: Bad side effects as a Twitter trend.)

Meanwhile, in Austria’s neighbor, the Federal Republic of Germany, officials there admit that they have been underreporting the numbers of deaths and injuries caused by the vaccines, but are still underreporting the true statistics nevertheless:

(The Daily Sceptic) – The German government publicly acknowledged on Wednesday that the COVID vaccines cause serious side effects for one in every 5,000 doses.

A tweet from the Ministry of Health stated (via Google translate): “One in 5,000 people is affected by a serious side effect after a COVID19 #vaccination. If you suspect #sideeffects, get medical attention and report your symptoms to @PEI_Germany.”

It later added a correction that the figure related to the reporting rate and to doses rather than individuals: “Correction: According to PEI_Germany, the reporting rate for serious reactions is 0.2 reports per 1,000 vaccine doses.” Subsequently, the original tweet was deleted and a corrected version put up.

This is an unusual and welcome admission from a government, and perhaps the beginning of governments properly acknowledging the scale of injuries caused by the novel COVID vaccines.

However, the one in 5,000 figure is certainly on the low side. The correction tweet clarified that it was a reporting rate of serious reactions, and it appears from the PEI website to refer to the rate of adverse event reports to the German equivalent of the Yellow Card and VAERS passive reporting systems. Assuming this is right, then we might expect an under-reporting factor of around ten, meaning the true number of serious side-effects may be ten times higher.

The Germans are actually very good at monitoring vaccine safety. In addition to their passive reporting system, the German medicines regulator, the PEI, runs an active vaccine safety monitoring app called SafeVac 2.0. The data from this monitoring app were included in a Europe-wide report on vaccine safety published last month and showed that 0.3 percent of vaccine recipients in Germany reported at least one serious adverse reaction to the first dose of the vaccine. The report states:

“Of the 520,076 participants from Germany who had received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, 1,838 (0.3%) reported experiencing at least one serious adverse reaction. A total of 1,191 (0.2%) and 39 (0.2%) participants receiving BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna respectively reported experiencing a serious adverse reaction while 608 (0.7%) receiving AstraZeneca reported a serious reaction.”

These German figures are in line with the overall rates across Europe, according to the report: “Across the sites 0.2–0.3% reported at least one serious adverse reaction after receiving the first and/or the second dose.”

However, note that a rate of 0.3 percent is 15 times higher than the rate of 0.2 per 1,000 (i.e., 0.02%) quoted in the tweet. If the figure in the tweet comes, as I suspect, from a passive reporting system (which seems likely as the tweet directs readers to the PEI’s passive reporting portal), this would be an under-reporting factor of 15, which is about what we expected.

But why, then, is the German government using the 0.02 percent figure instead of the 0.3 percent figure from its state-of-the-art vaccine safety monitoring tool when drawing attention to vaccine side effects? I’d like to think that question didn’t answer itself.

I should add that it wasn’t easy to find the SafeVac 2.0 data. I searched in vain for them on the PEI website; if they’re there then they are nowhere obvious. In the end I could only find them, via a general web search, embedded in the Europe-wide study cited above.

Worries about high rates of serious vaccine side effects have been raised before in Germany. In May, Professor Harald Matthes, a scientist leading a separate study into the safety of the vaccines, said that according to his data around 0.8 percent of vaccinated people in Germany were struggling with serious side-effects. This was in line with international evidence, he said, and much more needs to be done to help them.

“The number is not surprising. It corresponds to what is known from other countries such as Sweden, Israel or Canada. Incidentally, even the manufacturers of the vaccines had already determined similar values ​​in their studies… Most side effects, including severe ones, subside after three to six months, 80% heal. But unfortunately there are also some that last much longer.

In view of around half a million cases with serious side effects after COVID vaccinations in Germany, we doctors have to take action. We have to come to therapy offers, discuss them openly at congresses and in public without being considered anti-vaccination.”

A board member of a large German insurance company also spoke out in February, saying that his company’s data showed serious vaccine injuries running at around ten times the rate reported by the German government.

Elsewhere, an Israeli government survey found that 0.3 percent of vaccinated people reported being hospitalised as a result of their COVID vaccination, while a U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) survey found 0.9 percent of vaccinated people reported seeking medical care as a result of their vaccination.

The evidence is consistent, then: 0.3–0.9 percent of vaccinated people (the percentage partly depending on the number of doses) suffer a serious reaction to the vaccine that leads them to require medical care or hospitalization.

These data should be much more widely publicized as part of obtaining informed consent. Everyone who receives a COVID vaccine should have been told in writing that the rate of serious side effects is around one in 300 doses (with variations for age and sex).

Note that such a frequency is properly termed “uncommon,” rather than “rare” as per the current labeling. This is an extremely high frequency for a vaccine of course, and raises serious questions about whether the vaccines should be approved at all, especially for younger age groups.

As it is, hardly anyone knows that these are the government’s own data on serious vaccine reactions, and governments are making no obvious effort to tell them.

So, it’s one cheer for the German government for actually doing something to raise awareness of serious vaccine side effects. But next time, maybe use the actual data, rather than a figure that’s 15 times smaller. (German gov't admits COVID jabs cause serious injuries but still underreports the true rate.)

To demonstrate that the deaths and injuries caused by the Pfizer BioNTech, AstraZeneca, and Moderna poisoned jabs are not confined to Europe or the United States of America, a report out of Australia demonstrates that fully healthy young people are dying at alarming rates there, something that has been occurred throughout Europe as reported in part seventeen of this series over four months ag now:

In 2021, the government of Australia colluded with three vaccine manufacturers to oppress the Australian people with various levels of discrimination, coercion, propaganda, unlawful detainment, segregation, digital compliance systems and broader threats to individuals’ livelihoods. These totalitarian actions were not rooted in any data or science and provided no public health benefit. These actions were designed to break people down psychologically, to subdue their body autonomy and personal beliefs and force experiments into their bodies.

Today, healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly across Australia. Even though journalists are reporting on the matter now, the corporate media still won’t dare mention the causes behind this scourge.

Fully-vaccinated individuals who maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle are dying unexpectedly. According to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, this new death category is dubbed “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).” People under the age of 40 are now being urged to get their hearts checked, as a wave of young people collapse after being coerced to take part in blood-clotting vaccine experiments.

Melbourne’s Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute has developed a new national register to better record the surge in death among young, healthy populations. This registry is the first in the world to include hospital, ambulance and forensics information. A spokesperson for the Institute said “there are approximately 750 cases per year of people aged under 50 in Victoria suddenly having their heart stop.” The Institute reports that approximately nine young people are now dying without cause every month, even after a full autopsy. Of course, this autopsy does not include any investigation into the heart-damaging vaccines that these young people are needlessly getting.

In the US, a SADS organization was set up to bring awareness of Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome in young people. This foundation estimates that 4,000 children now die from SADS annually. The foundation reports that over half of the cases include a family history of a SADS diagnosis; however, the foundation does not mention what similar actions those family members engaged in, nor do they investigate the lifestyle factors and vaccine use that those family members have in common in relation to the SADS diagnosis.

Much of the scientific community is ignoring the causes of SADS and SIDS to please their overlords — the vaccine industry

enetic screening is used to determine one’s risk of SADS, yet genetic screening is just a formality. It does not accurately predict a SADS case, investigate its causes or prevent it from happening. Cardiologist Dr. Elizabeth Paratz said it’s very hard to combat SADS because it’s really a “diagnosis of nothing.” It’s a “very hard entity to grasp” for family and friends of victims, she said.

It’s “not as easy as everyone in Australia getting genetically screened,” she said, because scientists are not 100 percent sure “what genes cause this.” Maybe the scientific community is looking in the wrong place, as they protect their overlords, their sponsors and their government enforcers — the vaccine industry.

As more people get screened for SADS, the real problems are ignored and patients are given a false sense of security. The real pressures on the heart include covid-19 vaccines and all the oppressive measures that were put in place to force compliance. The persistent genetic interference of the human body with toxic spike proteins is causing heart inflammation, blood clots and emergency heart problems. The persistent oxygen deprivation and cardiovascular strain from masks also plays a role. Living in fear and in an oppressive state, where government and pharmaceutical companies dictate associations and human rights, has also negatively impacted cardiovascular health. These issues can no longer be ignored.

The generation that grew up with a runaway, unaccountable childhood vaccine schedule and an ever-increasing rate of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and autism is suddenly becoming the generation that must face a runaway covid-19 vaccine program and all of the sudden adult death and heart damage it has wrought. (Healthy young people now dying en masse across Australia, and the corporate media still won’t dare mention vaccines.)

The following commentary drives home the point about the incontestable harm being caused by the “vaccines” to fight the SARS Cov2 virus:

The Covid vaccine kills people. This is hardly a secret, and the question naturally arises, why are people pushing the vaccine on us? Why are they pushing this deadly drug on small children? Answering this question takes us to the root of the dark forces controlling the world.

It’s clear that those who push the vaccine know about its lethal effects. As the great Dr. Naomi Wolf points out, “I’ve been silent for some weeks. Forgive me.

The truth is: I’ve been rendered almost speechless — or the literary equivalent of that — because recently I’ve had the unenviable task of trying to announce to the world that indeed, a genocide — or what I’ve called, clumsily but urgently, a ‘baby die-off’ — is underway.

The WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers, a group of 3000 highly credentialled doctors, RNs, biostatisticians, medical fraud investigators, lab clinicians and research scientists, have been turning out report after report, as you may know, to tell the world what is in the 55,000 internal Pfizer documents which the FDA had asked a court to keep under wraps for 75 years. By court order, these documents were forcibly disclosed. And our experts are serving humanity by reading through these documents and explaining them in lay terms. The lies revealed are stunning.

The WarRoom/DailyClout Volunteers have confirmed: that Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew by December 2020 that the MRNA vaccines did not work — that they ‘waned in efficacy’ and presented ‘vaccine failure.’ One side effect of getting vaccinated, as they knew by one month after the mass 2020 rollout, was ‘COVID.’

Pfizer knew in May of 2021 that 35 minors’ hearts had been damaged a week after MRNA injection — but the FDA rolled out the EUA for teens a month later anyway, and parents did not get a press release from the US government about heart harms til August of 2021, after thousands of teens were vaccinated.

Pfizer (and thus the FDA; many of the documents say “FDA: CONFIDENTIAL” at the lower boundary) knew that, contrary to what the highly paid spokesmodels and bought-off physicians were assuring people, the MRNA, spike protein and lipid nanoparticles did not stay in the injection site in the deltoid, but rather went, within 48 hours, into the bloodstream, from there to lodge in the liver, spleen, adrenals, lymph nodes, and, if you are a woman, in the ovaries.

Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew that the Moderna vaccine had 100 mcg of MRNA, lipid nanoparticles and spike protein, which was more than three times the 30 mcg of the adult Pfizer dose; the company’s internal documents show a higher rate of adverse events with the 100 mcg dose, so they stopped experimenting with that amount internally due to its ‘reactogenicity’ — Pfizer’s words — but no one told all of the millions of Americans who all got the first and second 100 mcg Moderna dose, and the boosters.

Pfizer skewed the trial subjects so that almost three quarters were female — a gender that is less prone to cardiac damage. Pfizer lost the records of what became of hundreds of their trial subjects.

In the internal trials, there were over 42,000 adverse events and more than 1200 people died. Four of the people who died, died on the day they were injected.

Adverse events tallied up in the internal Pfizer documents are completely different from those reported on the CDC website or announced by corrupted physicians and medical organizations and hospitals. These include vast columns of joint pain, muscle pain (myalgia), masses of neurological effects include MS, Guillain Barre and Bell’s Palsy, encephaly, every iteration possible of blood clotting, thrombocytopenia at scale, strokes, hemorrhages, and many kinds of ruptures of membranes throughout the human body. The side effects about which Pfizer and the FDA knew but you did not, include blistering problems, rashes, shingles, and herpetic conditions (indeed, a range of blistering conditions oddly foreshadowing the symptoms of monkeypox).

The internal documents show that Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew that angry red welts or hives were a common reaction to the PEG, a petroleum-derived allergen in the vaccine ingredients — one that you are certainly not supposed to ingest. Indeed, PEG is an allergen so severe that many people can go into anaphylactic shock if they are exposed to it. But people with a PEG allergy were not warned away from the vaccines or even carefully watched by their doctors, EpiPen in hand. They were left to their shock.

Pfizer knew that ‘exposure’ to the vaccine was defined — in their own words – as sexual contact (especially at time of conception), skin contact, inhalation or lactation.. ‘Fact-checkers’ can deny this all they want. The documents speak for themselves.

Of course, people who have tried to raise any of these issues have been deplatformed, scolded by the President, called insane, and roundly punished.

Athletes and college students and teenagers are collapsing on football and soccer fields. Doctors wring their hands and express mystification. But BioNTech’s SEC filing shows a fact about which the CDC and the AMA breathe not a word: fainting so violently that you may hurt yourself is one of the side effects important enough for BioNTech to highlight to the SEC.”

But why are the forces of evil doing these terrible things to us? Paul Craig Roberts has some important things to say on this topic: “The medical and scientific evidence is completely clear that the entire Covid narrative is counterfactual and that the authorities know it. Yet they still push, using coercion, for more vaccination.

Vaccination does not protect. It harms. So the only reason to enforce it is to kill people.

The inability of people to distrust ‘authorities’ and the inability of people to inform themselves and to think for themselves guarantees that millions will die from being vaccinated. When you see thousands of independent doctors and medical scientists damning the vaccine only to be ignored by bureaucratic ‘public health’ organizations, you have clear evidence that real authority is not speaking. It is being suppressed.

Anytime debate and information is suppressed, you know that something is being hidden and that a secret agenda is operating.

The orchestrated ‘Covid pandemic’ is a massive crime against humanity. Are we going to allow them to get away with it? Or will there be too few of us left to do anything about it?


An expert pointed out to me that clearly medical authorities do not mind if the vaccine is killing people, and the deaths are consistent with the Bill Gates/World Economic Forum intent to reduce the world population. However, an intermediate goal is to transition to the vaccine passport as in Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, and with France, Belgium and the Netherlands about to join in the requirement of a digital ID that allows tracking of everyone and every interaction and, thereby, control of the population with rewards and punishments like the Chinese Social Credit System. This allows the controlled populations to be scapegoated for the mayhem caused by depopulation.

This is a reasonable explanation for the emphasis on Covid passports. As it is known and admitted that the vaccine is inefficient as a protection against the virus, and as the virus is dangerous mainly to untreated patients with comorbidities, the passport is pointless for any purpose other than control. The passport provides no protection whatsoever against the spread of the virus and the immune system’s attack on the body’s vital organs.”

I’d like to follow up on the key to the whole operation. The dark forces that aim to kill much of the world’s population had their agenda in place long before the alleged Covid “pandemic.” As Brandon Smith pointed out in an article written a couple of months before Covid became an issue, “Population control has also been brought up consistently as an issue in the 2020 Presidential Election race. Bernie Sanders argued for birth control measures in poor countries. Elizabeth Warren promoted abortion by saying it was as safe as ‘getting your tonsils removed’. She has consistently promoted the carbon control agenda of the UN and was, interestingly, a member of the University Of Texas Population research Center in the 1980s. And, Green New Deal politicians are throwing their support behind the statements from the Worthy Garden Club on population reduction.

This is the first time I have seen the argument for population reduction used so blatantly and widespread in the mainstream media, and it suggests to me that a trend is forming. For years I have warned my readers that they will know when the globalists are about to pull the plug on the current system when they start talking about their criminality openly. When they admit to their agenda in a free way, this means they are close to a global reset and do not care anymore who knows about it. The openness of the plan to cut world population is becoming apparent.

Strangely, there has been little mention of the fact that the world population, in the west most of all, is actually in decline. Far from exploding beyond the Earth’s capacity, people are barely having enough children to keep the current population stable. It would appear that the globalist agenda is already in motion. Through engineered economic disintegration, the population is being slowly reduced.  However, this slow decline may not be enough to satisfy the globalists.


How many people would the globalists like to kill off to achieve their utopian aspirations?  Well, globalist Ted Turner in a moment of honesty said when confronted by We Are Change that the population should be reduced to 2 billion down from 7 billion. (The Covid Vaccine Plot. See also Are You Prepared for the Coming Food Catastrophe?, which can be found in Appendix B.)

There comes a time when at least some in the medical communities are going to have wake up and stop serving as willing stooges of the “public health professionals” who care only about spinning for their own failed protocols and “vaccination” programs. Bureaucrats are almost entirely immune, if I can use that phase, to any information that discredits them and/or their supposed “strategies” to deal with all manner of problems, including the problems caused by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the National Institutes for Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and their sycophantic superiors in Big Pharma.

The suppression of sound protocols to treat the SARS Cov2 virus (protocols that are discussed more fully in the next-to-last-section of this commentary) brought together a mystery writer named John Leake, of whom I had no knowledge prior to the report below, and the courageous Dr. Peter A. McCullough to write an entire book tracing how successful protocols were rejected in favor of those that helped, whether advertently or inadvertently, to inflate the numbers of deaths attributed to the virus in 2020 and thus augment the power of the lockdown con artists in their insatiable lust to control the masses after the pattern of the murderous brute named Xi Jinping of Red China:

When true-crime writer John Leake set out to chronicle the suppression of effective COVID-19 treatments, he thought it would be difficult to find a top medical authority who was challenging the official narrative about the pandemic.

Then he discovered that Dr. Peter McCullough lived just a few miles away from him. McCullough is the cardiologist who in August 2020, published a seminal article on early outpatient treatment of COVID-19.

McCullough, who early in the pandemic became a vocal proponent of treating the virus rather than relying solely on vaccination, is now chief medical advisor of the Truth for Health Foundation. He lost his position at Baylor University Medical Center due to his stance on COVID-19 treatments and vaccines.

Leake contacted McCullough and the two collaborated to write “The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.”

On a recent episode of “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. interviewed Leake and McCullough about the book, which Kennedy called a chronicle of the “deliberate, purposeful and lethal suppression of early treatment during COVID.”

“Our theme [of the book] is: It’s a crime,” said Leake. “It’s a deliberate suppression … deliberately preventing [patients] from accessing drugs that could help keep them out of hospital and dying.”

“It’s precisely because [the drugs hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin] worked that they were suppressed,” he added. Leake called this not only “a massive crime” but also a mystery.

“What is it about this … biopharmaceutical complex that becomes so voracious and so ruthless and unmoored from ethical considerations? he asked. “This is one of the mysteries that we grapple with in the book.”

McCullough said the two had “a clear impression” that it was only those therapies that really worked that were being actively suppressed.

He added:

“No matter what we did [or] actually found that worked, we were actively being suppressed at multiple levels: federal agencies, the biopharmaceutical complex, medical systems, hospitals, medical societies, licensing boards [and] pharmacy boards.

“It was a complete and total suppression of our attempts to save lives.”

McCullough called “The Courage to Face COVID-19” “a window to the true narrative — what really can and should be done to treat a deadly illness.” (It’s a Crime’: COVID Treatments ‘Deliberately Suppressed,’ Authors of New Book Tell RFK, Jr..)

Dr. Peter A. McCullough is a busy cardiologist. However, he has devoted himself wholeheartedly to exposing the truth as to what has happened since early 2020 and has committed himself to helping victims of the vaccines as well as to advise those who are suffering from the SARS CoV-2, and he also spends much time researching the harm caused by the vaccines, which, in addition to the problems cited just above, include liver damage:

We were made aware of reports from Bril and Boettler in the medical literature that forms of autoimmune hepatitis were emerging after the COVID-19 vaccination.1,2 This was on the heels of a report from Alden and colleagues that discovered reverse transcription of the Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine mRNA code into liver cell DNA.3

This created the possibility that some hepatocytes may harbor the genetic code for the Wuhan wild-type Spike protein and thus, may be primed for liver injury with a superimposed hepatic insult or infection. Lensen et al. have now reported fatal hepatitis C reactivation after COVID-19 vaccination with Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.4

Reports are summarized in this issue of the McCullough Report about a breaking series of cases around the globe of adenoviral or similar forms of hepatitis in children, with several requiring liver transplantation. Both the respiratory infection and vaccination give the body exposure to the Spike protein, which is known to be injurious to every cell line that it touches. 

Additionally, the Spike protein damages the endothelial cells that line blood vessels, and it directly causes blood clotting even in the absence of platelets; thus, blood vessel injury and clotting, which is common in many acute organ injury syndromes, should be considered a complication of SARS-CoV-2 infection and or COVID-19 vaccination until proven otherwise.5 Liver Problems Heighten Global Medical Concerns.)

Perhaps it is important to remember at this juncture that the last time “public health professionals” in the United States of America stopped a mass vaccination program was in 1976 when a supposed “swine flu epidemic” that was confined to the barracks of a United States Army base within the country was halted after the deaths of seventy-six people! Seventy-six in 1976 and the whole scam was stopped while the severely under-reported statistics on the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System of the Centers for Disease Control and Protection admit, however reluctantly and mostly out of the view of a public that has shown little interest in being informed about the facts, that nearly 30,000 people have been killed by the “vaccines” developed to “fight” the SARS Cov2 virus while “public health officials” continue to urge people to play the game of Russian roulette caused by the vaccines’ short-term and long-term consequences, including the immutable alteration of their own genetic codes.

Take a look at what happened in 1976 to see both the similarities that led to a so-called “public health emergency” when none actually existed and the differences in response after the “swine flu vaccine” program was stopped:

(LifeSiteNews) September 10, 2021— If you’re like most people who feel you’ve suddenly awakened in a new and totally unrecognizable America, in which hastily-produced vaccinations are offered as the only salvation from a spurious public health menace, your reaction to the rapidly changing social order has probably not been déjà vu

But while lockdowns, mask mandates, and an apparent move toward vaxxed and unvaxxed water fountains are all new developments, the path of mass immunization for no legitimate reason has been trodden before.  

For a bit of historical background to our current situation, we need look no further than the 1976 swine flu debacle, an entirely contrived catastrophe in which an unsuspecting American public was snookered into taking a rushed-through injection while big business and big government covered up the risks of neurological damage and even death. 

‘The flu season is upon us’ 

In a recently resurfaced investigative documentary, 60 Minutes journalist Mike Wallace took on the story of the 1976 public health disaster that even The New York Times called a “fiasco.” 

The saga began after a single soldier at Fort Dix, New Jersey, contracted a strain of influenza and died.  

What was not immediately reported was that the soldier had gotten up out of his sick bed to participate in a physically strenuous nighttime march in the middle of the winter, after which he passed away.  

Instead of overexertion, the flu was blamed for his death, and not just any flu: a strain of the virus known as H1N1 and dubbed the “swine flu,” thought at the time to have the capability of plunging the United States into a 1918-type pandemic that could cause a million deaths. 

The trouble was, according to 60 Minutes, only a handful of other soldiers at Fort Dix contracted the swine flu, all of whom recovered.  

The crisis was a non-starter. 

Nonetheless, the event, combined with a handful of unconfirmed reports of other swine flu cases in various other countries, was packaged as a harbinger of viral destruction and triggered a massive government wartime campaign for nationwide immunizations using hastily produced flu shots out of a misguided sense of urgency.  

As it turned out, rushing through the production of influenza inoculations to attempt to get ahead of an ostensibly looming health crisis was a recipe for disaster. 

As Discover Magazine reported in a 2013 article, the haste with which the flu vaccine was produced led developers to use an attenuated “live virus” rather than an inactivated form, thereby increasing the chance that the vaccinated would develop adverse side effects from the injection.  

But the government didn’t stop to examine the risks and failed to warn the public of potential side effects.  

Instead, government officials claimed that the public would not be safe from the swine flu scourge until 80% of Americans were vaccinated.  

Vaccinate ‘every man, woman, and child in the United States’ 

In March 1976, President Gerald Ford announced in a press conference that the government planned to vaccinate “every man, woman, and child in the United States.”  

In April, Ford signed into law the federal government’s “National Swine Flu Immunization Program,” a sweeping vaccination scheme with a $135 million price tag.  

After initially facing resistance from vaccine manufacturers in rushing through the new drugs, the corporations only agreed to go through with it after the government agreed to provide them protection against any claims that the vaccine had caused adverse reactions. 

Months later, a massive public relations campaign was kicked off, with persuasive advertising including an impressive lineup of politicians and celebrities pictured getting the shot. 

As Wallace later observed, however, not all celebrities who allegedly got the shot ever did — notably, flu shot marketing listed actress and dancer Mary Tyler Moore as a prominent personality who got the jab, but when interviewed by 60 Minutes, she said that she had never taken it. 

Just 10 weeks after the shots were rolled out on October 1, roughly a quarter of the U.S. population (about 46 million people) had been vaccinated. 

Faulty data 

Heading up the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the time was Dr. David Senser, who helped devise the government’s immunization program and whose CDC led the public relations campaigns urging people to take the shot. 

After resigning in 1977 after the swine flu narrative crumbled, Senser told 60 Minutes that while “several” cases of swine flu had been reported around the world by the time his CDC launched its mass immunization program, none had been confirmed. 

Asked if any outbreaks of the virus had been reported anywhere in the world, Senser answered: “No.” 

Nonetheless, apparently going on faulty data and a mistaken belief that the swine flu would lead to an apocalyptic-scale pandemic, Senser’s CDC shifted into overdrive, launching an urgent and nationwide vaccination scheme. 

It’s a chain of events at least mildly reminiscent of last March’s Imperial College London COVID-19 model, in which epidemiologist Neil Ferguson projected a cataclysmic number of deaths from the virus, leading to public hysteria and the lockdown of both the United States and the U.K. under draconian and unprecedented shutdowns. 

The model turned out to be based on faulty data and Ferguson himself was discredited after violating his own social distancing recommendations to engage in an extramarital affair. 

‘I can’t believe that they would say that they did not know that there were neurological illnesses associated with influenza vaccination’ 

In 1976, the panicked response to the potential of a swine flu outbreak led to the rushed creation of vaccination centers relying upon personnel other than doctors to perform vaccinations in a sweeping immunization program.  

Lacking a sufficient number of medical professionals to advise people properly, the emergency setup required the CDC to devise a “consent form” providing people with the information they needed to know before getting the jab.  

Information sheets at the time informed Americans that the vaccines had been successfully tested. 

“What it didn’t say was that after those tests were completed, the scientists developed another vaccine, and that was the one given to most of the 46 million who took the shot,” the 60 Minutes report noted. “That vaccine was called X53A.” 

Asked if X53A had ever been field tested, Dr. Senser told the network: “I don’t know.” 

After the vaccines were linked to serious injuries, including neurological conditions, Senser said that no one had ever informed himself or his colleagues in the CDC that there could be the risk of neurological damage from the injections. 

However, Dr. Michael Hattwick, who directed the surveillance team for the swine flu program and the CDC, and whose job required that he nose out any potential harms that could come from the immunizations, said, “that’s nonsense.” 

Asked whether he and the CDC knew that neurological disorders could result from the vaccine, Hattwick said “absolutely.” 

“I can’t believe that they would say that they did not know that there were neurological illnesses associated with influenza vaccination,” he said. “That simply is not true. They did know that.” 

Asked for his reaction to Hattwick’s claims, Dr. Senser implied that the surveillance team director was lying, and insisted he had no knowledge of potential neurological damage resulting from the shots. 

Contrary to Senser’s claims, a July 1976 CDC report specifically listed neurological complications as a potential side effect of the vaccines. 

‘They should have told us’ 

In 1976, the Ford administration did not shut down the national economy. Neither governments nor businesses cracked down on public gatherings, imposed mask mandates, forced social distancing, or locked down schools and workplaces.  

In 1976, vaccination status was not made a prerequisite for participation in ordinary life. The vaccines, while urged, were not mandated. 

But while government officials hyped up the urgency of a public health crisis that turned out to be nothing more than the sniffles, the swine flu debacle was more or less a sin of omission: while pushing vaccination, the government failed to advise the public of the risks, or to let them know that the anticipated crisis had simply never materialized. 

After tens of millions of trusting Americans voluntarily rolled up their sleeves for the swine flu jab, hundreds developed Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralysis-inducing disease that has also been traced to COVID-19 vaccines. 

One woman interviewed in the 60 Minutes documentary was Judi Roberts, an active, healthy teacher in her mid-30s who developed Guillain-Barré syndrome within weeks of taking the wholly unnecessary flu shot in late 1976. 

“I’d never taken any other flu shots, but I felt this was going to be a major epidemic,” Roberts said. “And the only way to prevent a major epidemic of a really deadly variety of flu was for everyone to be immunized.” 

Roberts said she was motivated to get the shot after hearing about the young Fort Dix soldier who allegedly died from the swine flu, but would have acted differently had she known the whole story. 

“If this disease is so potentially fatal that it’s going to kill a young, healthy man, a middle-aged schoolteacher doesn’t have a prayer,” she said, but added that “if I had known at that time that the boy had been in a sick bed, got up, went out on a forced march, and then collapsed and died, I would never have taken the shot.” 

The consent form supplied ahead of vaccination was supposed to warn people of possible adverse side effects from taking the injection, but Roberts said she had never heard of any negative effects except for a sore arm, fever, or other mild reactions. 

Roberts’ husband also got the shot, and agreed that he was not forewarned of potential risks. 

“I looked at that document, I signed it, nothing on there said I was going to have a heart attack, or I was going to get Guillain-Barré, which I’d never heard of,” he said. 

In the interview, the 60 Minutes journalist asked Roberts what her reaction would be if she discovered that the CDC and other government officials indeed knew about the risks associated with the vaccines. 

“They should’ve told us,” Roberts said. 

In October 1976, the swine flu immunization program was halted in nine states after three elderly people died following inoculation, just six months after President Ford signed a bill authorizing the immunization plan. 

By December, the scheme was stopped nationwide. 

How many need to die? 

While the 1970s federal government lost the public trust for its botched immunization scheme in response to a trumped-up public health crisis, it did one thing right: After serious side effects and deaths were reported from the vaccines, it halted the rollout and scrapped the PR campaign. 

What about our current public health debacle? More than nine months into the launch of rushed-through experimental drugs supposedly to treat COVID-19 (the fatality rate of which is drastically lower than the public was initially led to believe), reported injuries and even deaths attributed to the drugs have skyrocketed. 

Data released late last month show that between Dec. 14, 2020 and August 27, 2021, a total of 650,077 total adverse events connected with COVID-19 shots were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the government-funded database for logging adverse reactions to vaccines.  

Among the reported adverse events were 85,971 serious injuries and 13,911 deaths. As of last month, at least 504 cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, the same syndrome that afflicted Judi Roberts in 1976, were reported to VAERS in connection with the COVID-19 jab. 

U.S. VAERS reports can be filed by doctors, pharmacists, other healthcare workers, or private citizens who have experienced or witnessed an adverse event. While each case must be investigated to determine a causal relationship between the vaccine and the event described, it is illegal to fabricate a VAERS report. 

It is possible that reported adverse reactions may provide only a glimpse at the true damage. A 2009 Harvard-Pilgrim Healthcare study found that the VAERS’ passive reporting system had captured only 1% of the true adverse events that should have been reported to the system. 

How many serious adverse reactions and deaths must occur after COVID-19 vaccination before vaccine mandates are stopped and the hastily-produced inoculations are poured down the drain? 

‘Who’s going to take the shot?’ 

In late 2020, mainstream media outlets ran stories detailing the “fiasco” of the 1976 swine flu response and its hurried vaccination scheme, eager to discredit the efforts of then-President Donald Trump and his “Operation Warp Speed.”  

“With a pandemic looming, the US president announced a warp-speed effort to vaccinate every man, woman and child in the country,” wrote the BBC of the swine flu effort in a September 2020 article, clearly hinting at Trump’s sped-up vaccination development program while describing a universality in the vaccination scheme that Trump never promoted.  

Ultimately, “Warp Speed” turned out to be the perfect lose-lose strategy for the 45th president.  

The program was designed to push through COVID-19 inoculations and put an end to a trumped-up pandemic, which was itself expertly harnessed by bad actors in media and government to put an end to Trump’s presidency. 

By 2021, of course, the establishment won the battle, ousting Trump from office after blaming him for every COVID death, berating him for refusing to mask up, accusing him of irresponsibly speeding up vaccine development, and then accusing him of staging an insurrection, deplatforming him from public discourse, and impeaching him a second time, just for good measure. 

But corporate media thought-pieces comparing COVID-19 shots with the debacle of the 1976 influenza immunization scheme faded away after the White House was ceded to Joe Biden in a bizarre swearing-in ceremony whereby the barely sentient new president peacefully and legitimately took power surrounded by razor-wire and armed troops.  

Suddenly, elites in the media and government scrambled to legitimize the COVID-19 vaccines they had spent so much time discrediting, and the new narrative had to leave the past behind.  

1976 was a debacle, surely, but 2021 would be different. 

Thus the same Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who publicly slung mud at Trump for his administration’s rushed-through vaccine program, asking “who’s going to take the shot?” and quipping, “if Donald Trump tells us to take it, I’m not taking it,” once in power immediately shifted to an aggressive knockdown-drag-out vaccination scheme, demanding complete and total acceptance of the same hastily produced experimental concoctions they had derided as a matter of cynical political posturing just months earlier. 

No end in sight 

Nine months into an increasingly mandatory mass vaccination program, the COVID-19 debacle is showing no signs of slowing down.  

The matter of COVID-19 vaccination has moved from public derision by establishment media figures and politicians to public compulsion by the same powers, with the Biden administration now opting to use the full weight of the federal government to force private businesses to require their employees to get the jab or face weekly testing, a strong-arm tactic affecting tens of millions of Americans. 

Meanwhile, although the World Health Organization has called for a slowing of approval for booster shots, COVID czar Dr. Anthony Fauci has signaled that a third shot is on the horizon. 

And despite a lack of evidence that harsh and oppressive lockdowns, mask mandates, and cancelling of public events do anything whatsoever to stop the spread of the virus, the Australian state of Victoria has entered its sixth lockdown. 

The unprecedented global totalitarian response to the COVID-19 pandemic has made the “fiasco” of the 1976 swine flu scare look insignificant by comparison.  

Incredible as it may seem now, only a few years ago thoughtful articles published by left-leaning news outlets and medical journals examined what went wrong back in 1976 and took away lessons from the now-historical events. 

“The American public can be notably skeptical of forceful government enterprises in public health, whether involving vaccine advocacy or limitations on the size of soft drinks sold in fast food chains or even information campaigns against emerging outbreaks,” Discover Magazine commented.   

The magazine cited historian George Dehner, who in 2010 wrote that the swine flu debacle “triggered an enduring public backlash against flu vaccination, embarrassed the federal government and cost the director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control his job.”  

“There was always the fear of doing too little,” observed Dr. Hattwick, hypothesizing that in future, “there’ll be more fear about doing too much and that may be a lesson we learned from ’76.” 

By December of ’76, it appeared the flu shot posed a bigger threat than the flu itself, and red-faced officials halted the vaccination program,” observed NPR’s Scott Horsley in 2009. “The ’76 flu scare is now taught as a case study in government and public health courses.”   

But if the swine flu scare is a case study, what has it taught us? In 2021, have government officials stopped concealing side effects and risks, and done their due diligence before launching a mass immunization program? 

More pressingly, what have citizens learned? If millions of Americans saw their trust in government authority betrayed in 1976, why should Americans in 2021 trust a government that has only become more corrupt over time? 

If the deaths of a few people led to a nationwide halt of the influenza vaccine strategy back in 1976, how many will need to die before the federal government shuts down COVID-19 vaccinations, or at least mandates? 

Unfortunately, there appears to be no limiting principle. 

‘The chief feature of our time is the meekness of the mob and the madness of the government’ 

If the COVID-19 pandemic is ever to end, only the public has the power to stop it, meeting mass mandates with mass noncompliance. 

As the great Catholic writer G.K. Chesterton noticed in his 1922 work entitled Eugenics and Other Evils, the “[g]overnment has become ungovernable; that is, it cannot leave off governing. Law has become lawless; that is, it cannot see where laws should stop.” 

“The chief feature of our time is the meekness of the mob and the madness of the government.” 

We must overcome our meekness in the face of a government that is either too foolish, or mad, or perhaps too corrupted and evil to govern properly. 

If the 1976 swine flu scare taught the American people anything, it should have been this: We ought not take the government at its word, especially in matters of personal autonomy and physical health.  

The same federal government that so badly bungled the alleged swine flu pandemic in 1976 — the same federal government, indeed, which has legalized and sanctified the mass slaughter of babies through abortion — has no business demanding trust and obedience when it seeks to impose medical treatments upon the populace. Only disaster can follow. 

History has shown it, and history will show it again.  (It’s happened before: Gov’t launched dangerous mass immunization program during 1976 swine flu ‘pandemic’.  The 60 Minutes interview that the late Mike Wallace conducted with a victim of the swine flu vaccine is embedded in the article to which I just quoted and linked.)

The story of the woman victimized by the swine flu vaccine in 1976 is very similar to that of a woman in southern California who was injured by the Pfizer BioNTech jab:

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (LifeSiteNews) — Two days following a Pfizer experimental COVID-19 vaccine injection last August, Jenny Porter, a very healthy real estate professional and single mother of three children, became “horrifically ill” experiencing “non-stop excruciating pain” while losing her ability to walk, sit, and sometimes even move.

As a result, she remains unable to work, has been alienated from her children, and despite the generous efforts of a network of loyal friends over many months, is now residing in a southern California homeless shelter.

“She’s the all-American girl who did what was right, and she lost everything,” explained Brenda Maingot in a telephone interview with LifeSiteNews. Maingot and her husband Gary, close friends of Porter for 27 years, cared for her in their home for an extended period of time following her injury.

An education specialist from Marietta, Maingot described her friend Jenny as “stunningly beautiful, always active, always exercising. She was like the PTA soccer mom at her kids’ school… just the epitome of health.”

Porter’s personal chiropractor, Dr. Sean Rundle, concurred. “Prior to this incident, Jenny had always been the type of patient that when she walked in the office the energy just went up. She’s always high energy, always positive, just a go-getter and full of life.”

“In August, after the vaccine, she was unrecognizable,” he told LifeSiteNews. “She was oftentimes carried in [the office] as she couldn’t walk in on her own… her whole body just completely blew up in an inflammatory state. Her eyes were puffed in, her cheeks were full, her legs were swollen.”

“It’s like Jekyll and Hyde, it’s a tale of two different women from where she used to be [before the shot] to where she is now,” Rundle lamented.

In a June interview with Broken Truth, Porter explained that her doctor of almost 20 years had diagnosed her with Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS) as a result of the Pfizer injection.

MIS is “an autoimmune-type inflammatory disease which attacks your organs, your tissues, your muscles. It also activated old sports injuries. It activated arthritis. It damaged my spine and bulged discs in my lumbar. We also believe it bulged discs in my neck,” she explained.

In addition, Porter experienced cognitive and reproductive issues, with “multiple allergies” being activated and “severe nerve pain.”

“The spasms I would have, from about my sternum down, felt like I was having labor contractions in my muscles. Like the most insane Charley horse you can imagine,” Porter told LifeSiteNews in a telephone interview.

As her industry strove to reopen last year following COVID shutdowns, Porter said she “felt a lot of pressure” to get the injection to ensure others around her felt comfortable, for to do otherwise might make it difficult for her to make a living.

“I was trying to do something that I thought would make everyone else feel safe around me,” she said. “And shame on me because I shouldn’t have made a decision out of fear like that, but I did, because I didn’t think I could handle the loss of income for me and my kids.”

Yet not only have governments provided legal immunity to Pfizer and other “vaccine” manufacturers for adverse reactions to their products – despite their disturbing track record of criminal and civil liability – but employers cannot be held liable for exerting any such soft coercion upon their employees either.

With the exception of her general practitioner, who went to great lengths to help, Porter discovered that physicians in the medical systems, “are not acting in a way that they’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with me.”

Even her own doctor had limitations as to what he could do out of fear of losing his license.

One of the reasons it’s so difficult to get well is because the doctors we should be able to go to, can’t help us or they will lose their license,” she explained.

In May, a group of 17,000 physicians and medical scientists, calling themselves the Global Covid Summit (GCS), issued a ten point declaration demanding “the [COVID] state of medical emergency must be lifted, scientific integrity restored, and crimes against humanity addressed.”

Their sixth principle called attention to the medical establishment’s abandonment of the many thousands of patients like Jenny who have been inflicted with what they call “Post COVID vaccine syndrome.” This point declares that “funding and research must be established for vaccination damage, death and suffering.”

In describing this principle during the press conference, Dr. David Wiseman, a former Johnson & Johnson research fellow, stated the complications that have created so many injuries from the injections, must be recognized with names and ICD 10 codes “so the patients can begin to receive treatment. Without that they are just left in complete limbo.”

The GCS goes on to indicate that individuals within “a corrupt medical alliance of pharmaceutical, insurance, and healthcare institutions,” along with government agencies, big tech and media corporations must be investigated “and accountability must be had for those who have committed [these] crimes against humanity.”

Also failing Jenny was the California Department of Social Services which, after granting her subsistence funds for less than six months, suddenly no longer recognized her disability despite several reapplications and reaffirmations of her condition by her personal doctor.

As a result of these developments, she was forced to exhaust her savings, sell her car, and use these funds to stive for the restoration of her health, including the out-of-pocket expenses necessary for compensating holistic doctors whom she described as being very interested in helping her identify what is wrong with her internally.

Through certain techniques of detoxification, Jenny said she experienced a “1000% improvement” from these specialists allowing her to move around a bit on her walker and perform some personal tasks, but she has a long way to go.

In addition, Jenny has been blessed to be served without charge by Dr. Rundle and kinesiologist Chuck Pechin, who told LifeSiteNews that they were treating her free of charge “because she’s such a wonderful person and nothing, but nothing, like this should happen to anybody in the United States. It’s just terrible.”

“And I’m really upset that Pfizer doesn’t do a damn thing about it. With all of the billions of dollars that they make, they can’t help people who were screwed up by their shot? That’s not right,” he said.

Rundle agreed the “complete immunity” of the pharmaceutical companies “just screams trouble. It’s just not fair and I don’t understand why they’re not taking responsibility for the injuries that their vaccine is causing people like Jenny who actually, physically, needs the help and has been maimed by this vaccine.”

Yet he also emphasized that Jenny is “a fighter and is not giving up. Even when she has been at her deepest and darkest moments, she still seems a to find a way to find the positive and continue to keep her head up and move forward.”

In reflecting spiritually on all that has happened to her in the last eleven months, Jenny said, “Jesus can use this so that the rest of the half of my life will be so much different. I’m such a different person than I was.  My eyes are so open to the hurting in this world. I’ll never be the same.”

“God has a plan for my life, and it requires me to see that no matter what, He’s there.  And He’s going to take care of me,” she said. ('She lost everything': California mom severely disabled after Pfizer shot now homeless.)

Unwilling to admit the truth when it is before their very eyes, men and women trained to believe in the demigod of fake “science” cannot accept the plain cause-and-effect evidence when living human beings suffering from serious life-altering injuries are directly in front of them and, instead of investigating the truth even quietly unto themselves, are advised by superiors to refer the victims to psychologists to treat the “neuroses” that have caused these victims to claim that their conditions are in fact real and not imaginary. This is the dystopian Brave New World of which Aldous Huxley himself had warned.

The author of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, gave an interview to the then chain-smoking Mike Wallace in 1961 in which he commented on how the draconian measures he wrote about in fictional terms were coming true before the world's very eyes at that time sixty years ago. Dr. Joseph Mercola provided a link to the interview and summarized it as follows:

The video above features a 1958 interview of Aldous Huxley with Mike Wallace. It really is a great glimpse from the past. Wallace was smoking on the set, but that was natural back then, and Rod Serling, who produced the “Twilight Zone,” did the same. Interestingly, they both developed lung cancer.

You might recall that Huxley wrote the classic novel “Brave New World,” in which he presents a dystopian vision of a future society known as the “World State,” a society ruled by science and efficiency, where emotions and individuality have been eradicated and personal relationships are few.

Children are cloned and bred in “hatcheries,” where they are conditioned for their role in society from an early age. There are no mothers and fathers as natural procreation is outlawed. There are no family units.

Embryos are sorted and given hormonal treatments based on their destined societal classification, which from highest to lowest are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon. The Alphas are bred and conditioned to be leaders while the Epsilons are designed for menial labor, free of higher intellectual capacities.

At the time Huxley wrote the book in 1931 (it was published the year after), optimism about technological advancements were high and there was widespread belief that technology would solve many of the world’s problems. “Brave New World” demonstrates the naiveté of such hopes by showing what can happen when technocracy is taken to its extreme.

Huxley believed his world of horror was right around the corner and, today, just shy of 60 years later, we’re starting to see Huxley’s “World State” closing in around us in the form of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s transhumanist agenda and the Great Reset, designed to trap us inside a net of constant surveillance and external control.

Enemies of Freedom

Huxley also penned a series of essays called “Enemies of Freedom,” which he discusses in the featured interview. The series outlines “impersonal forces” that are “pushing in the direction of progressively less freedom,” and “technological devices” that can be used to accelerate the process by imposing ever greater control of the population.

Huxley points out that as technology becomes more complex and complicated, it becomes increasingly necessary to form more elaborate hierarchal organizations to manage it all. Technology also allows for more effective propaganda machines that can be managed through those same control hierarchies.

Huxley cites the success of Hitler, noting that aside from Hitler’s effective use of terror and brute force, “he also used a very efficient form of propaganda. He had the radio, which he used to the fullest extent, and was able to impose his will on an immense mass of people.”

With the advent of television, Huxley foresaw how an authoritarian leadership could become a source of “a one-pointed drumming” of a single idea, effectively brainwashing the public.

Beyond that, Huxley predicted the technological capability to “bypass the rational side of man” and manipulate behavior by influencing people on a subconscious level. This is precisely what we’re faced with today.

Google, but also to a large extent Facebook, has been collecting data on you for nearly two decades. They have created massive server farms that are capable of analyzing this data with deep learning and artificial intelligence software to mine information and generate incredibly precise details on just what type of propaganda and narrative is required to surreptitiously manipulate you into the behavior they are seeking.

Huxley also points out the dangers inherent in advertising, especially as it pertains to marketing of political ideas and ideologies:

“Democracy depends on the individual voter making an intelligent and rational choice for what he regards as his enlightened self-interest in any given circumstance but …

There are particular purposes for selling goods, and [what] the dictatorial propagandists are doing is to try to bypass the rational side of men and to appeal directly to these unconscious forces below the surface so that you are in a way making nonsense of the whole democratic procedure, which is based on conscious choice or on rational ground …

Children are quite clearly much more suggestible than the average grownup and, again, suppose that for one reason or another all the propaganda was in the hands of one or very few agencies, you would have an extraordinarily powerful force playing on these children who are going to grow up and be adults …

You can read in the trade journal the most critical accounts of how necessary it is to get hold of the children, because then they will be loyal brand buyers later on. Translate this into political terms, the dictator says they will be loyal ideology buyers when they’re grown up.”

Huxley argues that in order to create the dystopian future presented in his book, you have to centralize wealth, power and control. Hence, the way to protect against it is to insist on decentralization. It’s surprising that even 60 years ago Huxley was wise enough to understand this profoundly important principle.

I believe that it is the decentralization of the internet that is required to prevent censorship and manipulation in the future. This means that websites and platforms are not stored in one central place that can easily be controlled and manipulated but, rather, widely distributed to thousands, if not millions, of computers all over the world. It would work because if there is no central storage it can’t be removed.

Decentralized platforms allow the majority of power to reside with the individual. Technologies that can be easily misused to control the public narrative must also remain largely decentralized, so that no one person or agency ends up with too much power to manipulate and influence the public. Our modern-day social media monopolies are a perfect example of what Huxley warned us about.

The same goes for economic institutions too. Today, we can see how the role of the central bank (in the U.S. known as the Federal Reserve) — a privately-owned entity with the power to break entire countries apart for profit — is forcing us toward a new global economic system that will impoverish and quite literally enslave everyone, with the exception of the technocratic social bankers themselves and their globalist allies.

Our Orwellian Present

A contemporary and student of Huxley was George Orwell (real name Eric Blair1), who wrote another dystopian classic — “1984” — published in 1949. The two books — “1984” and “Brave New World” — share the commonality that they both depict a future devoid of the very things that we associate with having a healthy, free, creative, purposeful and enjoyable life.

In “1984,” the context is a society where an all-knowing, all-seeing “Big Brother” rules with an iron fist. Citizens are under constant watch. Privacy is nonexistent, and language is twisted to justify and glorify oppression.

Some of the spectacles of 2020 could have easily been ripped straight out of the pages of “1984,” as riots were described by cheery news anchors as “mostly peaceful protests,” even as city blocks were engulfed in flames behind them and people were bleeding to death in the streets. For those familiar with the book, such scenes were difficult to watch without being reminded of 1984s “double-think.”

Orwell Versus Huxley

There are differences between the two works, however. While Orwell foresees people being forcefully enslaved by an external agency, and kept in that state by the same, Huxley’s vision is one in which people have been so thoroughly conditioned that they come to love their servitude. At that point, no external authoritarian ruler is actually required.

If you think about it, I’m sure you will agree that this is clearly the most efficient strategy to take control of the population. Moore’s law and the exponential improvement in computer processing capacity has exponentially accelerated the global elites’ ability to precisely identify how to implement peaceful control that will have the majority virtually begging for tyranny.

In Huxley’s “Brave New World,” people have fallen in love with the very technologies that prevent them from thinking and acting of their free will, so the enslaved maintain their own control structure.

As noted by Neil Postman in his book, “Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business,” in which he compares and contrasts the futures presented by Huxley and Orwell:

“What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism.

Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy.

As Huxley remarked in ‘Brave New World Revisited,’ the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny ‘failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.’

In ‘1984,’ Huxley added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In ‘Brave New World,’ they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we hate will ruin us. Huxley feared that what we love will ruin us.”

One can argue about who predicted the future best, Orwell or Huxley, but in the final analysis, I think we’re looking at a mixture of both, although it seems obvious to me that Huxley was more prescient and he was actually Orwell’s mentor. Huxley’s concerns are far more serious as the programming is essentially silent, and it is patently evident that the technocrats have been highly successful in implementing this strategy in the past year.2

That said, we’re facing both the threat of externally imposed authoritarianism and control predicted by Orwell, and the subversive, subliminal programming through mindless entertainment and the lure of convenience proposed by Huxley.

Undoubtedly, the combination is a powerful one, and likely far more effective than either control strategy by itself. I’ve already touched on how Orwell’s work is playing out in the real world through the “double-think” mental gymnastics we get from the controlled, tightly centralized mainstream media these days.

For an example of how Huxley’s ideas have influenced the technocracy’s planning, look no further than the globalists’ call to “build back better” (video above) and the World Economic Forum’s 2030 agenda (below), which includes the strangely ominous dictum that you will own nothing and be happy.

The unstated implication is that the world’s resources will be owned and controlled by the technocratic elite, and you’ll have to pay for the temporary use of absolutely everything. Nothing will actually belong to you. All items and resources are to be used by the collective, while actual ownership is restricted to an upper stratum of social class.

Just how will this imposed serfdom make you happy? Again, the unstated implication is that lack of ownership is a marvelous convenience. Rent a pot and then return it. You don’t need storage space! Imagine the freedom! They even promise the convenience of automatic drone delivery straight to your door.

Artificial intelligence — which is siphoning your data about every aspect of your existence through nearly every piece of technology and appliance you own — will run your life, predicting your every mood and desire, catering to your every whim. Ah, the luxury of not having to make any decisions!

This is the mindset they’re trying to program into you, and for most, it appears to be working. For others who can see the propaganda for what it is, these promises look and feel like proverbial mouse traps. Once you bite the cheese, you’ll be stuck, robbed of your freedom forevermore. And, as Huxley told Wallace, individual freedom is really a prerequisite for a genuinely productive society:

“Life of man is ultimately impossible without a considerable measure of individual freedom. Initiative and creativity — all these things that we value, and I think value properly, are impossible without a large measure of freedom.”

When Wallace challenges Huxley on this by pointing out that the Soviet Union was successfully developing both militarily and artistically, despite being a tightly controlled regime, Huxley counters by saying that those doing that creative work, especially scientists, were also granted far greater personal freedom and prosperity than everyone else.

As long as they kept their noses out of politics, they were brought into the upper echelon and given a great deal of freedom, and without this freedom, they would not have been able to be as creative and inventive, Huxley says.

The Threat of the New Normal

This anti-human “new normal” that world leaders are now urging us to accept and embrace is the trap of all traps. Unless your most cherished dream is to lie in bed for the rest of your life, your body atrophying away, with a pair of VR goggles permanently strapped to your face, you must resist and oppose the “new normal” every day going forward.

As noted by Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill in his February 5, 2021, article,3 while the first lockdown was marked by a sense of camaraderie and the promise of it being a temporary measure that we can get through if we just address the problem together, by the third round, all forms of social connection have vanished, as has the anticipation of a return to normality.

“In the first lockdown, the dream of normality was what kept people going; it was actively encouraged by some politicians and even some in the doom-laden media. This time, dreams of normality are treated as ‘dysfunction’, as a species of ‘denial,’” O’Neill writes.

Make no mistake. The media’s rebuke of a return to normalcy as a nonsensical piped ream is dangerous propaganda territory. The reality is we could easily open everything back up and go back to business as usual, and nothing out of the ordinary, in terms of sickness and death, would occur.

People die every year. It’s an inevitable reality of life and, up until the last two weeks of 2020, there actually were no greater number of deaths recorded than the year prior, and the year prior to that, and the one before that.4

While new numbers released by the CDC indicate that 2020’s final two weeks may have pushed the total deaths beyond 2019’s (final data won’t be available for months),5 COVID-19 simply isn’t as lethal as initially suspected. It primarily kills the elderly and the chronically ill — what’s most interesting is that suicide deaths among teens went up dramatically as lockdowns and school closings dragged on.6,7

What’s more, we now have effective prophylactics and treatments that ensure the loss of life due to COVID-19 can be radically minimized. Yet, our leaders don’t want you to think in those terms. They want you to remain fearful because they have a deep appreciation of the value of fear in catalyzing the precise type of capitulation and surrender they need in order to implement the Great Reset.

Tragically, many citizens have so embraced the fear culture, they don’t even need an authoritarian figure to tell them to comply with rules that have no medical benefit anymore. They’ll happily act as the designated COVID police, making sure everyone around them complies.

Hell hath no fury like one caught in the unsound belief that they will die if you don’t wear a mask. This is no way to live. It’s not sane and it’s not healthy, and the prophetic works of Huxley and Orwell illustrate where it will all end if we don’t push back. (Brave New World.)

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a superb researcher and provides excellent medical advice. However, he does not realize that the forces we are fighting are preternatural, not merely natural, and that we need to pray to Our Lady through her Most Holy Rosary for a restoration of the Catholic City as Pope Saint Pius X exhorted us over one hundred ten years ago:

But, on the contrary, by ignoring the laws governing human nature and by breaking the bounds within which they operate, the human person is lead, not toward progress, but towards death. This, nevertheless, is what they want to do with human society; they dream of changing its natural and traditional foundations; they dream of a Future City built on different principles, and they dare to proclaim these more fruitful and more beneficial than the principles upon which the present Christian City rests.

No, Venerable Brethren, We must repeat with the utmost energy in these times of social and intellectual anarchy when everyone takes it upon himself to teach as a teacher and lawmaker - the City cannot be built otherwise than as God has built it; society cannot be setup unless the Church lays the foundations and supervises the work; no, civilization is not something yet to be found, nor is the New City to be built on hazy notions; it has been in existence and still is: it is Christian civilization, it is the Catholic City. It has only to be set up and restored continually against the unremitting attacks of insane dreamers, rebels and miscreants. omnia instaurare in Christo. (Pope Saint Pius X, Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910.)

“Democracy” and “freedom” are not our goals.

Our goal must be first to seek the Kingdom of God as children of His Holy Catholic Church and to be ready at all times for our Particular Judgment by begging Our Lady to send us the graces won for us by her Divine Son during His Passion and Death on the wood of the Holy Cross and to remember not to be distracted by the side shows of naturalism. The forces working against truth in the world are the same as those who conspire against our salvation at every point of our lives:

Put you on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil. For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high place. Therefore take unto you the armour of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and to stand in all things perfect. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of justice, And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace:

In all things taking the shield of faith, wherewith you may be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the most wicked one. And take unto you the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit (which is the word of God). By all prayer and supplication praying at all times in the spirit; and in the same watching with all instance and supplication for all the saints. (Ephesians 6: 11-18.)

We need a return to Christ the King and His true Church, she who is the only means of human salvation and also the foundation—but, given fallen human nature, never an absolute guarantor—of a just social order within nations and peace among them.

It is, however, precisely because of the Protestant Revolution’s overthrow of the Social Reign of Christ the King that men and their nations have descended into a “civilized” form of barbarism wherein the masses are readily controlled by those “who know better,” those who believe in killing off innocent preborn children with impunity, dispatching anyone after birth under a variety of pretexts (“brain death” for purposes of human vivisection in the name of “giving the gift of life,” the starvation and dehydration of innocent human beings, “palliative care”/hospice) and of instilling such fear and trembling into the hearts of men about a virus to predispose them to become experimental pawns in the creation of the so-called “global reset.”

How tragic it is that there are so many in white coats with medical degrees who can dismiss the suffering of so many victims, including the three whose cases were recounted above, as having nothing at all to do with the vaccines and thus treating the symptoms as anything but the virus, including supposed psychological neuroses or even psychoses by those who are the “victims,” they believe, of “overactive imaginations” conjured up by “vaccine deniers.” Those who are propagating lies that injure untold numbers of unsuspecting victims who have “trusted in the experts” are guilty of the actual disinformation while accusing those of telling the truth of being the sources of “disinformation.” There is a time for this: gaslighting, and it is damnable unto the souls of those who engage in it if they do not repent before they die.

Medical professionals have to stop relying slavishly upon the “directives” of the apparatchiks at Centers for Disease Control who are so callous as to recommend denying insurance coverage for those suffering from Guillain Barre Syndrome caused by the vaccines unless they are paralyzed. How can any right-thinking person not understand that this monstrously heartless?

The interview with the victims of the vaccines quoted earlier in this commentary represents the tip of the proverbial iceberg about the extent of the injuries that have been caused by the vaccines as I, for one, know of several people who have suffered from severe long term consequences from being doubly or more “vaccinated” by having contracted the virus that the vaccines were supposed to “save” them from because, unbeknownst to them, the spike proteins within the vaccines have changed their body’s genetic code and thus suppressed their natural autoimmune system to make them susceptible to life-altering injuries that they may never be able to accept as caused by the vaccines and not by the virus that the vaccines to keep them from contracting. It would not be to divulge too much information about these people to say anything more except to note that one highly educated man has had difficulty formulating his words to speak intelligibly and another, a highly fit athlete, has developed deep vein thrombosis after trusting in the vaccines again and again. Neither believes that their being “vaccinated” multiple times has anything to do with their current conditions.

II. A Multiple “Boosted” Doddering Old Man Gets the Virus Tests Positive for Two Weeks

Moreover, we have seen the thoroughly corrupt, baby-killing enabler of statism (and, more importantly, enabler of his own son’s life of utter moral depravity and a participant in his get-rich-quick schemes from Red Chinese, Ukrainian, and Russian oligarchs that compromise legitimate American national security interests by emboldening foreign enemies, particular the Chinese Communists, to blackmail American officials into doing whatever is in the interests of Xi Jinping, whose model of social engineering and of social credit controls is admired by so many in American political, legal, educational, intellectual, journalistic, and entertainment communities), Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., promise the American public thirteen years ago that those who get vaccinated will never get “covid” only to contract it himself after being vaccinated four different times:

President Joe Biden claimed in July 2021 that people vaccinated against COVID-19 would not catch the virus, exactly a year before he tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday.

Biden argued vaccinations would prevent people from hospitalizations and death from COVID-19according to CNN's transcript of the July 21, 2021, town hall event during which he made the claims.

"You're OK," Biden said. "You're not going to — you're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations."

Biden, 79, has exercised caution during most of the pandemic, submitting to regular, proactive testing for himself and aides, as well as socially distanced meetings with staff whenever possible. In March, he received his second booster shot against COVID-19.

The president is currently "experiencing mild symptoms" and "will isolate at the White House" as he continues his work. All of the White House's planned meetings will be held over the phone or with Zoom from his residence, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wrote in a statement.

Biden traveled to Massachusetts on Wednesday to deliver a speech on climate change action and was scheduled to deliver remarks on gun violence in Pennsylvania later in the day. Last week, Biden completed a trip to the Middle East, where he visited Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Vice President Kamala Harris tested positive for the virus in April. Her husband, Doug Emhoff, tested positive for the virus in March. Both were fully vaccinated. (Biden says 'vaccinated people won't catch COVID-19' in resurfaced clip.)

After continuing to test positive repeatedly even after a five-day course of Pfizer’s Paxlovid drug that seems to be of no use to the vaccinated but can be helpful to those are not if they catch themselves developing symptoms of the coronavirus, the cognitively challenged soon-to-be octogenarian finally tested negative on Saturday, August 6, 2022, the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ:

AUGUST 2—President Joe Biden continued to test positive for COVID-19 Tuesday but is feeling "well," according to a memo from Dr. Kevin O'Connor, Biden's physician.

"The President continues to feel well, though he is experiencing a bit of a return of a loose cough. He remains fever-free and in good spirits. His temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation remain entirely normal. His lungs are clear," O'Connor wrote.

O'Connor added that Biden "will continue his strict isolation measures" and "will coBiden initially tested positive for COVID-19 on July 21. His symptoms at the time were said to have included a runny nose, cough, sore throat, a slight fever and body aches.

He was treated with Paxlovid and tested negative last Wednesday before emerging from isolation.

O'Connor added that Biden "will continue his strict isolation measures" and "will continue to conduct the business of the American people from the Executive Residence."

However, he tested positive again Saturday in a so-called rebound infection, which can occur when patients take Paxlovid.

High-risk patients still face drastically diminished risks of hospitalization after taking Paxlovid.

O'Connor's memo Tuesday marked the first time he noted a reemergence of symptoms from the rebound case. (Biden continues to test positive, has 'return of a loose cough': Doctor.)

President Joe Biden has finally tested negative for COVID-19, two weeks after extended isolation and testing positive again after testing negative.

The White House has continued to monitor Biden's health on a daily basis since testing positive for COVID-19 a second time a week ago. On Saturday, Biden's antigen testing came back negative, and Biden "continues to feel very well," according to a letter from Dr. Kevin O'Connor, Biden's White House physician.

"In an abundance of caution, the President will continue his strict isolation measures pending a second negative test as previously described," the letter read. " As promised, I will keep your office updated with any changes in his condition or treatment plan.

Biden reentered quarantine last weekend after receiving a positive antigen test result on the morning of July 30. O'Connor took care to underscore how "a small percentage of patients treated with Paxlovid" are susceptible to a rebound diagnosis in his note to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Biden initially tested positive last month, complaining of a sore throat, runny nose, cough, body aches, and fatigue. White House aides gathered in the Rose Garden last week to applaud his return to the Oval Office after his first period of isolation in the residence. There, he compared his experience with the virus to that of former President Donald Trump.

"When my predecessor got COVID, he had to get helicoptered to Walter Reed Medical Center," Biden said at the time. "He was severely ill. Thankfully, he recovered. When I got COVID, I worked from upstairs of the White House — in the offices upstairs." (Joe Biden finally tests negative for COVID-19 after lengthy isolation.)

All this spin to cover for the fact that Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., who is still as late as Tuesday, August 9, 2022, the Feast of Saint John Mary Vianney and the Commemorations of the Vigil of Saint Lawrence and of Sant Romanus, coughing after having emerged from his long period of isolation to bask in the sunshine of his SS’s unprecedent raid on the estate of his immediate predecessor whom he defeated for reelection in 2022, boasted thirteen months ago that one will never get the coronavirus if vaccinated while, of course, engaging in his trademarked pattern of fear-mongering demagoguery against the vaccinated. Biden’s insidious efforts to claim that the man responsible for the death-dealing vaccines, Donald John Trump, Jr., had to be hospitalized because no vaccines had been produced for mass consumption in September of 2020 is absurd on its face because the former president and first class narcissist did not want people to know that he had the virus and waited to get treated with a proper set of medical protocols that did indeed save his life until he his oxygen levels had dropped to a very dangerous level.

III. Fauci Continues to Move Goalposts and to Rewrite His Own Personal Predictions

Nevertheless, however, the pathological liar named Dr. Anthony Fauci, who had himself boasted that the “vaccinated” would never get the virus is now engaging in his own stereotypical effort to claim that he never said any such thing and that, instead, he insisted that he always claimed that the “vaccines” would mitigate the effects of the virus and avoid serious cases requiring hospitalization:

Appearing Tuesday afternoon on "Your World" with Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, Fauci - recently recovered from a bout of coronavirus himself - admitted that Covid vaccines "don't protect overly well against infection" and "didn't protect [him] against infection," yet went on to call for a higher rate of vaccination because without it "we're giving the virus an opportunity to continue to spread in our community."

"There’s no doubt that the vaccines themselves, particularly vaccine plus a booster at the appropriate time ... One of the things that's clear from the data, that even though vaccines, because of the high degree of transmissibility of this virus, don't protect overly well, as it were, against infection, they protect quite well against severe disease leading to hospitalization and death," Fauci told Cavuto.

Fauci went on to credit vaccines for his own "mild course" of the virus, despite the fact that he had to also received two separate courses of the anti-Covid drug Paxlovid during his illness.

Later responding to Cavuto's question about most people being ready to "move on" from Covid despite a rise in cases of the Ba.5 subvariant, the White House coronavirus advisor insisted "we're certainly not over it" before calling for a higher vaccination rate to not give "the virus an opportunity to continue to spread in our community."

So, how exactly would a higher vaccine uptake work to keep Covid from spreading? Good luck getting anyone in televised media to ask Fauci THAT question. (The Latest Fauci Contradiction on Vaccine Transmission Will Leave You Scratching Your Head .)

Anthony Fauci is a self-seeking sociopath who is oblivious to the pain and suffering his policies continues to inflict upon those gullible enough to fear a mere virus rather than fearing to offend God by the commission of grave sins in the objective moral order of things. Fauci does not, of course, think supernaturally, but he knows that fear sells, and he is profiting handsomely financially from the “salvific” vaccines that are not preventing people from catching the virus nor even mitigating the consequences of it if they contract it after receiving the jabs and has been colluding with Big Media to suppress any legitimate scientific criticism of his ever-changing and sometimes mutually contradictory claims that keep being adjusted to provide himself with retrospective cover for having stated the opposite with authority earlier during the plandemic:

Top-ranking Biden administration officials — including Dr. Anthony Fauci — and five social media giants have 30 days to respond to subpoenas and discovery requests in a lawsuit alleging the government colluded with social media companies to suppress freedom of speech “under the guise of combatting misinformation.”

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry on Wednesday served third-party subpoenas on Twitter, Meta (Facebook’s parent company), Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Schmitt and Landry on Tuesday filed discovery requests seeking documents and information from the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Fauci, its director; White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre; Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy; and former Disinformation Governance Board executive director Nina Jankowicz.

Discovery requests also were sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and its director, Jen Easterly; the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS); and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

“In May, Missouri and Louisiana filed a landmark lawsuit against top-ranking Biden Administration officials for allegedly colluding with social media giants to suppress free speech on topics like COVID-19 and election security,” Schmitt said in Tuesday’s press release.

Schmitt added:

“Earlier this month, a federal court granted our motion for expedited discovery, allowing us to collect important documents from Biden Administration officials. Yesterday, we served discovery requests and today served third-party subpoenas to do exactly that.

“We will fight to get to the bottom of this alleged collusion and expose the suppression of freedom of speech by social media giants at the behest of top-ranking government officials.”

Schmitt announced in a July 12 statement that Terry Doughty, a judge in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, ruled in favor of a June 17 motion for expedited preliminary injunction-related discovery and set a timetable with specific deadlines for depositions.

According to Schmitt, government officials “both pressured and colluded with social media giants Meta, Twitter and Youtube to censor free speech in the name of combating so-called ‘disinformation’ and ‘misinformation,’ which led to the suppression and censorship of truthful information on several topics, including COVID-19.”

“The Court’s decision cleared the way for Missouri and Louisiana to gather discovery and documents from Biden Administration officials and social media companies,” Schmitt said in a press release on Tuesday.

“The order states, ‘The First Amendment obviously applies to the citizens of Missouri and Louisiana, so Missouri and Louisiana have the authority to assert those rights,’” he said.

In a statement on Twitter announcing the court’s decision to grant the attorneys general’s request, Schmitt said, “No one has had the chance to look under the hood before — now we do.”

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) President Mary Holland, who also serves as CHD general counsel, praised the ruling:

“CHD welcomes this groundbreaking ruling from Judge Doughty of the Western District of Louisiana to discover whether the Biden administration has violated the First Amendment through censorship.

“For two years, CHD and many other media outlets have not been able to comprehend the mechanisms whereby our major media platforms have ruthlessly censored, suppressed and distorted our information.

“Now, through the discovery process that the judge has allowed, we’ll find out how Meta, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have been colluding with the federal government to curb so-called ‘disinformation’ and ‘misinformation.’ This is a new day.”

Fauci, CDC, White House press secretary and more must turn over documents

According to the press release, Fauci, chief medical advisor to President Biden and director of the NIAID, was asked to turn over any communications with social media platforms related to content modulation and/or misinformation, and to disclose all meetings with any social media platform related to the subject and to provide all communications with Mark Zuckerberg from Jan. 1, 2020, to the present.

Fauci also must turn over all communications with any social media platform related to the Great Barrington Declaration; the authors and original signers of the Great Barrington Declaration; Dr. Jay Bhattacharya; Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D.; Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Sunetra Gupta, Ph.D.; Dr. Scott Atlas; Alex Berenson; Peter Daszak, Ph.D.; Shi Zhengli, Ph.D.; the Wuhan Institute of Virology; EcoHealth Alliance; and/or any member of the so-called “Disinformation Dozen,” including CHD chairman and chief legal counsel Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is required to identify every officer, official, employee, staff member, personnel, contractor or any other person associated with the White House communications team who communicated or is communicating with any social media platform related to content modulation and/or misinformation — and to turn over those communications.

Jean-Pierre also must identify all persons who “engage[s] regularly with all social media platforms about steps that can be taken” to address misinformation on social media, which engagement “has continued, and … will continue,” as stated during an April 25 White House press briefing — and turn over all communications with any social media platform involved in such engagement.

Defendant Nina Jankowicz, who was tasked with heading up the Biden administration’s “Disinformation Governance Board” must provide all documents related to communications with social media platforms and content modulation and/or misinformation.

Jankowicz is required to identify the nature, purpose, participants, topics to be discussed and topics actually discussed at the meeting between DHS personnel and Twitter executives Nick Pickles and Yoel Roth scheduled on or around April 28.

The CDC is required to provide the names of every officer, official, employee, staff member, personnel, contractor or agent of CDC or any other federal official or agency who communicated or is communicating with any social media platform regarding content modulation and/or misinformation.

The CDC must disclose communications with any social media platform related to content modulation or misinformation, any meetings that took place with social media platforms related to content modulation and/or misinformation, and must identify all “members of our senior staff” and/or “members of our COVID-19 team” who are “in regular touch with … social media platforms,” as “Jennifer Psaki [former White House press secretary] stated at a White House press briefing on or around July 15, 2021.”

The agency must also disclose all “government experts” who are federal officers, officials, agents, employees or contractors, who have “partnered with” Facebook or any other social media platform to address misinformation and/or content modulation, including all communications relating to such partnerships.

Like Fauci, the CDC must turn over information and communications on the “so-called disinformation dozen,” Great Barrington Declaration, alternative news outlets and key experts and scientists who have spoken out against the government’s approach to treating COVID-19 or mandating face masks and lockdowns.

Meta (Facebook) was “commanded” to produce all communications with any federal official relating to misinformation and/or content modulation, to produce all documents and communications-related actions taken based in whole or in part on information received, directly or indirectly, from any federal official and to produce all communications and documents related to a list of search terms that include Kennedy’s name and/or the names of prominent doctors and physicians who were censored for their views on COVID-19.

Facebook also must disclose meetings, communications and documents related to remarks made by Psaki, who said the White House is “in regular touch with these social media platforms, and those engagements typically happen through members of our senior staff, but also members of our COVID-19 team,” and regarding the White House’s efforts to flag “problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.”

Similar requests were made to other government officials and social media platforms, including TwitterYouTubeInstagram and LinkedIn.

Lawsuit alleges collusion to suppress disfavored speakers and viewpoints

Attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri in May filed a lawsuit alleging government defendants “colluded with and/or coerced social media companies to suppress disfavored speakers, viewpoints, and content on social media platforms by labeling the content ‘disinformation,’ ‘misinformation’ and ‘malinformation.’”

The count lawsuit alleges social media companies falsely labeled truthful content “disinformation” and “misinformation” and contends the suppression constitutes government action, violating free speech protected by the U.S. constitution.

The complaint also alleges that DHS’ Disinformation Governance Board was created “to induce, label, and pressure the censorship of disfavored content, viewpoints and speakers on social-media platforms,” and that HHS and DHS violated the Administrative Procedure Act to “hold unlawful and set aside final agency actions” that are deemed to be an abuse of power and arbitrary and capricious.

The lawsuit provides several examples of truthful information that was censored by social media companies who later admitted the content was truthful or credible.

According to The Epoch Times, the lawsuit could help bring to light the Biden administration’s “behind-the-scenes efforts” to discourage the dissemination of information related to the lab-leak theory of COVID-19’s origins and the efficiency of masks and lockdowns. (Fauci, Top Biden Officials Subpoenaed in Lawsuit Alleging They Colluded With Social Media to Suppress Free Speech.)

Those who live in fear of the truth must work overtime to suppress all efforts to bring the truth to the light of a public even if most of the citizenry are too distracted by the cacophonous noise of modern culture’s never-ending cornucopia of bread and circuses to care. Perhaps one or two people, perhaps even within the medical industry itself, might become aware of the truth and act upon it courageously, following the example of so many, such as the courageous Dr. Peter A. McCullough, who can still practice medicine as a cardiologist (he is my own cardiologist) but who have been denied hospital privileges for exposing the lies about the harmful medical protocols to treat the SARS Cov-2 Virus and the “vaccines” that have harmed so many people, no matter the cost that may incurred for doing so.

Human beings are entitled to the truth on matters of supernatural revelation, and they are entitled to the truth about matters on the merely natural level. What people choose to do about the truth once they hear it is up to them, of course, as God has created us with free will, and it is because that God so respects our free will that He will not impose Himself upon us in death if we have not chosen freely for him during our lives by our humble submission to His immutable Commandments and everything else He has entrusted to His true Church, the Catholic Church, in all that pertains to the sanctification and salvation of our immortal souls, which have been purchased at the cost of the shedding of every single drop of the Most Precious Blood of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ during His Passion and Death on the wood of the Holy Cross on Good Friday.

III. A Scheme of Truly Gargantuan Proportions to Transform the People of the World Into Automatons of the Civil State’s Unelected “Public Health” Communities

The truth of what has been happening in the past two and one-half years now is very plain for all who have the intellectual honesty to see and admit, which is why this review is very important for those who have either forgotten about the sequence of events and especially for those who are uninformed about them.

First, Event 201 was held on October 18, 2019, at the fancy-schmanzy Hotel Pierre in the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York, New York. It is worth spending a few moments on Event 201 as those who participated in it were committed to gaming out a scenario in which a deadly pandemic would result in a collapse of the global economy.

Take a look once again at Event 201’s agenda:

Event 201 was a 3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise that simulated a series of dramatic, scenario-based facilitated discussions, confronting difficult, true-to-life dilemmas associated with response to a hypothetical, but scientifically plausible, pandemic. 15 global business, government, and public health leaders were players in the simulation exercise that highlighted unresolved real-world policy and economic issues that could be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment, and attention now and in the future.

The exercise consisted of pre-recorded news broadcasts, live “staff” briefings, and moderated discussions on specific topics. These issues were carefully designed in a compelling narrative that educated the participants and the audience.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation jointly propose these recommendations.


In recent years, the world has seen a growing number of epidemic events, amounting to approximately 200 events annually. These events are increasing, and they are disruptive to health, economies, and society. Managing these events already strains global capacity, even absent a pandemic threat. Experts agree that it is only a matter of time before one of these epidemics becomes global—a pandemic with potentially catastrophic consequences. A severe pandemic, which becomes “Event 201,” would require reliable cooperation among several industries, national governments, and key international institutions.

Recent economic studies show that pandemics will be the cause of an average annual economic loss of 0.7% of global GDP—or $570 billion. The players’ responses to the scenario illuminated the need for cooperation among industry, national governments, key international institutions, and civil society, to avoid the catastrophic consequences that could arise from a large-scale pandemic.

Similar to the Center’s 3 previous exercises—Clade XDark Winter, and Atlantic Storm—Event 201 aimed to educate senior leaders at the highest level of US and international governments and leaders in global industries.

It is also a tool to inform members of the policy and preparedness communities and the general public. This is distinct from many other forms of simulation exercises that test protocols or technical policies of a specific organization. Exercises similar to Event 201 are a particularly effective way to help policymakers gain a fuller understanding of the urgent challenges they could face in a dynamic, real-world crisis.


Details about the scenario are available here.


The next severe pandemic will not only cause great illness and loss of life but could also trigger major cascading economic and societal consequences that could contribute greatly to global impact and suffering. The Event 201 pandemic exercise, conducted on October 18, 2019, vividly demonstrated a number of these important gaps in pandemic preparedness as well as some of the elements of the solutions between the public and private sectors that will be needed to fill them. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation jointly propose these recommendations.


Friday, October 18, 2019
8:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
The Pierre hotel
New York, NY


An invitation-only audience of nearly 130 people attended the exercises, and a livestream of the event was available to everyone. Video coverage is available here.

Exercise team

Eric Toner, MD, is the exercise team lead from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. Crystal Watson, DrPH, MPH and Tara Kirk Sell, PhD, MA are co-leads from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. Ryan Morhard, JD, is the exercise lead from the World Economic Forum, and Jeffrey French is the exercise lead for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Exercise team members are Tom Inglesby, MD; Anita Cicero, JD; Randy Larsen, USAF (retired); Caitlin Rivers, PhD, MPH; Diane Meyer, RN, MPH; Matthew Shearer, MPH; Matthew Watson; Richard Bruns, PhD; Jackie Fox; Andrea Lapp; Margaret Miller; Carol Miller; and Julia Cizek.

Event 201 was supported by funding from the Open Philanthropy Project. (Center fo rHealth and Security: Event 201 .)

Just a coincidence?

World economic collapse?

Controlling the movement of citizens?

Effectively suspending all legitimate liberties found in the Order of Creation (Nature), no less the various provisions of national constitutions?

Just a coincidence?

These are the sorts of questions that will answered definitively only on the Last Day at the General Judgment of the Living and the Dead.

However, I find it very interesting that Event 201 was funded by the “Open Philanthropy Project,” which itself is the brainchild of people named Cari Tuna and her husband, Dustin Moskowitz, a billion co-founder of that horrific thing called “Facebook.” Cari Tuna and Dustin Moskowitz just happen to be major funders of the pro-abortion, pro-perversity, pro-statism, pro-everything evil organized crime family of the naturalist “left,” not that the members false opposite of the naturalist “right” really support the inviolability of all innocent human life without exceptions or have done anything but cave to the homosexualist agenda that is destructive of souls and thus of entire nations.

Here is an excerpt about Dustin Moskowitz as found on Wikipedia:

Moskovitz co-founded the philanthropic organization Good Ventures with his girlfriend (and now wife) Cari Tuna in 2011.[15] In June 2012, Good Ventures announced a close partnership with charity evaluator GiveWell. Both organizations "are aiming to do as much good as possible" and thereby align with the goals of effective altruism.[16][17] Good Ventures has donated approximately $100 million from 2011 onward to GiveWell top charities Against Malaria Foundation, GiveDirectly, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, and Deworm the World Initiative, as well as standout charities (see Good Ventures for more) and other effective altruist organizations.[18]

The joint collaboration with GiveWell led to a spinoff called the Open Philanthropy Project, whose goal is to figure out the best possible way to use large sums of money (starting with Moskovitz's multi-billion-dollar fortune) to do the most good. The Open Philanthropy Project has since become a separate organization, and continuously increases its annual giving, having made over $170 million in grants in 2018 alone (see Open Philanthropy Project#Grants made for more).

Moskovitz and Tuna are also the youngest couple to sign Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge, which commits billionaires to giving away most of their wealth in the form of philanthropy.

Moskovitz has voted for the Democratic Party candidates in each election in which he has voted, but he wrote: "Though we've voted for the Democratic nominee each of the times we've cast a ballot, we've considered ourselves independent thinkers who respect candidates and positions from both sides of the aisle." Prior to their donation for the 2016 election cycle, Moskovitz and Tuna had donated roughly $10,000 over their lifetime to federal candidates, most of it to Sean Eldridge, the husband of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.

For the 2016 United States Presidential election, Moskovitz announced that he and his wife would donate $20 million to support Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee, arguing that the dangers of a Donald Trump presidency are significant, and that they were making their donation despite being skeptical of allowing large donors to influence election cycles through money. The New York Times quoted Moskovitz's blog post on the subject: "The Republican Party, and Donald Trump in particular, is running on a zero-sum vision, stressing a false contest between their constituency and the rest of the world." This made him the third-largest donor in the 2016 campaigns. (Dustin Moskovitz. Another report that discusses Moskovitz’s largesse to Madame Defarge can be found at Who is Dustin Moskovitz, who just cover Hillary and the Democrats $20 million?)

Just a coincidence?

Again, we may have to wait until the Last Day for the answer.

Second, although the matter is in dispute but remains fully plausible (see COVID origins report says it's 'plausible' virus leaked from Wuhan lab), the evidence that has been amassed thus far certainly indicates that a SARS Cov2 virus was weaponized by gain-of-function studies at the Wuhan Institute of Virology with at least some important funding provided by the United States National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Third, the “accidental” release of the virus before it was fully weaponized gave the apparatchiks within the “public health”/Big Pharmaceutical/Big Media/Deep State complexes the opportunity to impose a Communist Chinese-style lockdown of a booming economy in order to convince an unsuspecting dupe named Donald John Trump, whose presidency they sought to undermine and end, into providing authorization for the development of poisons marketed as “vaccines” that were supposed to make it possible to return to a “normalcy” that the scammers themselves did not desire as they flaunted their own social distancing, mask mandating rules with impunity.

Fourth, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention deliberately overinflated the number of deaths said to be attributable to the coronavirus to provide justification for the lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing, and, ultimately, the vaccine mandates that have divided Americans even further than they have already been divided because of the anti-Incarnational errors of Modernity and turned the “vaccinated” but yet unprotected against the unvaccinated.

Fifth, efforts to expose these truths have been met with a form of censorship worthy of Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and, at the present time, Xi Jinping himself. The same United States Center for Disease Control and Prevented that overinflated the numbers of deaths caused by the coronavirus in 2020 (deaths caused by car accidents, accidental falls in private homes, cancer, chronic heart disease, diabetes, etc., were all said to be “Covid-related” deaths) is actively seeking to deflate the number of deaths and injuries caused by the vaccines and has made it extremely difficult for physicians and nurses to know how to report such injuries or deaths even if they can overcome the ingrained fear about what would happen to their professional lives if they did so.

United States Ronald Johnson (R-Wisconsin) has noted the unreliability of the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) and is demanding accountability for it:

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) is demanding answers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after the agency told a nonprofit group that it never conducted a mandated data mining analysis on reported adverse effects that followed the administration of COVID-19 vaccine doses.

The CDC is tasked with performing a proportional reporting ratio, or PRR, data mining analysis on a weekly basis to determine whether the amount of reported "adverse events" following the administration of COVID-19 vaccine doses in the public Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, database is proportional to reported adverse events linked to the administration of other vaccines.

But the CDC said in a June 16 letter to Children's Health Defense, a nonprofit group led by anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., that "no PRRs were conducted by the CDC." The CDC's letter, which was in response to an FOIA request submitted by the group, added that "data mining is outside of th[e] agency's purview."

VAERS standard operating procedures state clearly that the CDC "will perform PRR data mining on a weekly basis or as needed."

CDC physician Dr. John Su later contradicted his agency's statement, telling the Epoch Times on Saturday: "CDC has been performing PRRs since Feb 2021, and continues to do so to date."

Su manages the VAERS database at the CDC's Immunization Safety Office.

Johnson said in a letter to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky that the CDC's assertion to Children's Health Defense in June and Su's statement to the Epoch Times on Saturday could not be true at the same time.

"The American people deserve the truth and you have not been providing it. That is why I, together with millions of Americans, have completely lost faith in the CDC and other federal health agencies," Johnson wrote in the letter. "It is time to start regaining their confidence and your agency's integrity by coming clean, being transparent, and telling the truth."

Johnson demanded Walensky clarify whether or not the CDC has performed PRRs on the reported adverse events linked to the administration of COVID-19 vaccine doses and to provide all of the records surrounding those data analyses to his office by July 29.

The senator's demand for answers surrounding the CDC's COVID-19 vaccine monitoring procedures comes about a week after the journal Science Advances published an analysis showing that more than half of women who received the COVID-19 vaccine reported temporary changes to their menstrual cycle.

Forty-two percent of women bled more than usual after vaccination, and 14% reported bleeding less, according to the analysis. Forty-four percent of women reported no changes to their menstrual cycle following vaccination.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci said Friday on Fox News that the COVID-19 vaccine's temporary effect on women's menstrual cycles deserves more study.

"The menstrual thing is something that seems to be quite transient and temporary," Fauci said. "We need to study it more." (CDC grilled after revealing it didn't perform data analysis on COVID-19 vaccine doses.)

Senator Johnson is certainly well-intentioned. However, the probability of his getting any kind of accountability from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is about as low as it is of getting any accountability out of Christopher Wray’s Federal Bureau of Investigation about his agency’s continuing cover-up of Hunter Biden’s criminally corrupt activities and the way in which many within its upper echelons worked to use the full investigative powers available to them to spy on a presidential candidate in 2016 while misrepresenting the facts about an innocent man, Carter Page, to the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The government apparatchiks have contempt for the people and for their elected representatives. These unelected elites are accountable to no one and their first instinct when Congressional demands are made of them is to deny, obfuscate, and stonewall. They are impervious to facts as they are stubborn in their resistance to efforts to inform them of their failures.

Although I reject libertarianism as ideology that idolizes individual freedom without regard to the immutably binding Social Teaching of Holy Mother Church, Lew Rockwell and many of the writers on his eponymous website have produced excellent material documenting the harm caused by the vaccines that are injuring so many while many of the vaccinated keep getting the coronavirus, somethings with life-changing consequences. Here is Mr. Rockwell’s own summary of the situation we face today:

When we’re dealing with a controversial topic, it’s a good item to start with something we know and go from there. What is something that we know for sure about Covid-19 vaccines? They kill people.

Jon Rappoport pointed this out a year ago: “A new May 4 report by independent researcher, Virginia Stoner, reveals US vaccine-death figures. The report is titled, ‘The Deadly Covid-19 Vaccine Coverup.’

Stoner uses the US government’s own numbers.

Here are key quotes from her report:

‘There has been a massive increase in deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) this year. That’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’, that’s an indisputable fact.’

‘We’re talking about a huge and unprecedented increase—so massive that in the last 4 months alone, VAERS has received over 40% of all death reports it has ever received in its entire 30+year history.”

‘The increase in VAERS death reports is not due to more vaccination.’

“Most recently, the death count went from 2794 on April 5, to 3005 on April 12, to 3848 on April 26….1054 deaths in 21 days.’

‘One hypothesis…is that the elderly and infirm, many in long-term care facilities, were the first to be targeted by the COVID-19 vaccine campaign, and they are much more likely to die coincidentally. These coincidental deaths then lead to an increase in suspected vaccine-induced deaths reported to VAERS.’

‘VAERS data just does not support that hypothesis. First, because all age groups—not just seniors—had a dramatic increase in VAERS death reports from COVID-19 vaccines…Across the board, all age groups experienced a dramatic increase in deaths reported to VAERS from the COVID-19 shots—even the under 18 group, which has had very few COVID-19 shots (so far).’

Stoner constructs a chart showing reported deaths from vaccinations in years prior to COVID, and deaths reported so far from COVID vaccines.

For prior years, we’re talking about roughly 100 deaths a year from somewhere between 250 million and 350 million vaccines administered. On the other hand, we’re talking about 3800 deaths from about 150 million COVID shots—not in a full year; in only four months.

The experts would say neither death figure (100 or 3800) is alarming, given the huge number of vaccines administered. But this is a deception.

Over the years, much has been written (even in the mainstream) about what sits behind REPORTED vaccine injuries and deaths. Estimates of TRUE injury numbers range from 10 to 100 times greater than the reported figures.

3800 reported deaths from COVID vaccines would skyrocket when you estimated the true figure.

As Stoner points out in her report, public health officials, in Orwellian fashion, keep repeating, ‘The vaccine is safe and effective.’ A straightforward analysis of their own numbers completely contradicts their stance.

Likewise, the mainstream press, politicians, corporations, and celebrities are on an all-out push to convince the public that the vaccine is a) necessary and b) a marvel, if only the ‘hesitant’ people would ‘follow the science’ and see the light.

Well, some cults are small; that one is huge.

Virginia Stoner’s report is a stark refutation of the conspiracy theory the cult is promoting.

When the entire population is being subjected to a vast experiment deploying a never-before-released RNA technology; when the shot in the arm is actually a genetic treatment; when the entire field of genetic research is riddled with pretense and lies and alarming miscalculations, leading to ripple effects in overall genetic structures; what else would you expect?

You would expect exactly what Stoner’s report shows and implies. The COVID vaccine is a building disaster.”

Vernon Coleman asks the appropriate question: exactly how many people has the Covid vaccine killed? “No one knows how many people the vaccines are killing – or how many they will kill.

But although I haven’t seen the mainstream media mention most of these deaths, people have already died or been injured after being given the vaccine:

Note: The following paragraph has now been added to the UK’s Pfizer analysis data print,

A report of a suspected ADR to the Yellow Card scheme does not necessarily mean that it was caused by the vaccine…’ In my view, this is yet another attempt to draw attention away from the very real problems associated with the vaccines. We note that when patients die 60 days after a positive covid test, they are added to the covid death figures but if someone were to die 60 minutes after a covid vaccine, then it is just a coincidence.

PFIZER (UK data) – Some of the Injuries include: strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages, Bell’s Palsy, sepsis, paralysis, psychiatric disorders, blindness, deafness, shingles, alopecia and covid-19.

The following paragraph has now been added to the UK’s AstraZeneca analysis data print, ‘A report of a suspected ADR to the Yellow Card scheme does not necessarily mean that it was caused by the vaccine…’ In my view, this is yet another attempt to draw attention away from the very real problems associated with the vaccines. We note that when patients die 60 days after a positive covid test, they are added to the covid death figures but if someone were to die 60 minutes after a covid vaccine, then it is just a coincidence.

ASTRAZENECA (UK data) – Some of the many injuries include: blindness, strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages, sepsis, paralysis, Bell’s Palsy, deafness, shingles, alopecia and covid-19.

European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports: ModernaPfizer-BiontechAstraZeneca and Janssen.

You might wonder, even if the Covid-19 vaccine kills people, doesn’t it also save lives? But in fact it is ineffective in warding off the so-called Covid “pandemic.” Vasko Kohlmayer says, “’Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine is just 39% effective in Israel where the delta variant is the dominant strain according to a new report from the country’s Health Ministry’ we read in a CNBC report. Astonishment is one’s first reaction when coming across this piece of information, since it was not so long ago the vaccine manufacturers claimed their products were 92 to 98 percent effective.

The manufacturers’ initial claims, however, have been steadily revised down as real-world data has been coming in. In March of this year news came from South Africa that ‘AstraZeneca vaccine doesn’t prevent B1351 Covid.’ A couple of months later, the Hill ran a piece by a Baylor School of Medicine virologist who observed:

‘A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine provides only 51 percent protection against B.1.351 of South Africa.’

Just a couple of weeks ago, we learned that recipients of the Sinovac Biotech’s vaccine have no antibodies after six months. This effectually means that merely half a year after being injected into people’s bodies the vaccine has zero percent efficacy in protecting against Covid-19.

Even factoring for the variants, the hard data makes it quite clear that the initial claims of vaccine effectiveness were greatly exaggerated. This, of course, comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with the dynamic of the pharma industry. Drug manufacturers tend to wildly overstate the efficacy of their products, while doing their very best to understate their side effects. It is for this purpose they conduct trials that are manipulated to obtain the results they wish for. Sadly, they too often get away with it because of the corruption of the system by what is called regulatory capture. This is why the outcomes of manufacturers’ trials are almost never replicated by independent trials or real-world data.

This is what has apparently happened with the Covid vaccines. The manufacturers used the sense of emergency brought on by the Covid pandemic to conduct rushed and incomplete trials which were designed to yield the results they wanted to see. There is every reason to believe that the effectiveness of their injections was nowhere close to the 92-98% range they initially claimed even for the variants that were in circulation at that time.

Needless to say, one has a strong suspicion that even the meagre 39 percent figure is still overstated. This would only be natural, since everyone involved in the vaccination enterprise – the manufacturers, politicians, regulators, the medical establishment and corporate scientists – is trying their best to save face and reputation in the face of this fiasco. Bad though the data is, we can be quite sure that it has been massaged to soften the blow.

You can clearly observe this tendency at work in the CNBC piece which claims that even though Pfizer is only 39 percent effective, it still protects against serious disease. But this is simply not true, which you can easily see if you take the trouble to look into the data put out by the Israeli government. At roughly the same time that CNBC filed its report, the Israeli Ministry of Health published a bulletin which reported on Covid cases in the country. According to their data, there were 137 serious cases in Israel of which 95 were fully vaccinated and 42 unvaccinated or partially vaccinated (see here and here). In other words, the bulk of the serious cases was comprised of those who had received their shots. If the vaccine was as effective in protecting against heavy illness as the article claims, the numbers would look completely different. The figures published by the Israeli Ministry of Health shows that the claims of Pfizer’s efficacy of protecting against serious Covid are simply untrue.

This has been confirmed by the testimony of Dr Kobi Haviv, Director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem. In a recent TV interview, Dr Haviv stated that the fully vaccinated people account for about 90 percent of hospitalizations. Given that less than 90 percent of the Israeli population is fully vaccinated, it would appear that the vaccination not only does not prevent you from contracting the disease, but actually increases one’s chances of becoming a serious Covid case. Observes Dr Haviv: ‘yes, unfortunately, the vaccine… as they say, its effectiveness is waning.” And so it is, indeed. Dr Haviv’s interview is on YouTube so you can hear the truth straight from his mouth. It will be interesting to see how long it will take for the Establishment Censors to take it down.” See this.

But there is worse. Everybody knows how sensitive and delicate small children are. Now the monsters want to give them the killer jab too! Let’s listen to Kohlmayer again:” “’CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccine boosters down to age 12,’ says a recent CBC news headline.

The article opens as follows:

‘Millions of Americans between the ages of 12 and 15 can now get a booster shot of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, after the CDC formally adopted new recommendations backed by a majority of the agency’s outside vaccine advisers. The CDC now says that Americans as young as 12 who received Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine should receive a third dose as early as five months after their first two shots. The agency’s officials said that enough time has passed for around 5 million adolescents to be eligible’

‘Why in the world are they doing this?’ one asks in disbelief.

Three basic facts have been well established by data and studies:

  1. Healthy children are at virtually zero risk of serious Covid.
  2. The vaccines will not prevent children from contracting the virus.
  3. Covid injections carry risk of serious side effects.

According to a cost-benefit analysis conducted by Toby Rogers, Ph.D., in the 5 to 11 age range, 117 healthy kids will have to die of vaccine-related side effects in order to save one child from perishing of Covid 19.

study from Japan has shown that young people are seven hundred percent more likely to be killed by Pfizer jabs than by Covid.

We have been repeatedly told that we must follow facts and science when dealing with this pandemic.

The science on vaccinating children against Covid-19 is in, and it could not be any clearer: while healthy children are at negligible risk from the disease itself, they are at real risk from the shots.

Since the vaccines do not stop infection and transmission, they will protect neither children nor their communities from the spread of the virus.

It makes not scientific or medical sense to give them these shots. Vaccinating children for SARS-CoV-2 violates both the tenets of good medicine and evidence-based science.

According to Dr Robert Malone, who is one of the world’s preeminent vaccine scientists, the cost benefit analysis is not even close.

Those who want to vaccinate children follow neither the science nor logic. Subjecting children to Covid jabs needlessly exposes young lives to potentially grave risks.

The incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis may be as high as 1 in 317 in the young, especially boys, and increases further with each additional dose.

Then there is a danger of deadly blood clots as well as several other serious conditions such as Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Astonishingly, scores of children have already been injected with two doses that turned out to be ineffective, which is the reason a booster is now required.

The booster, however, already looks to be even more useless than the original offering. The booster, in fact, appears to have negative efficacy which means that those who receive it seem to be more likely to contract the virus.

Soon we will have a multitude of 12-year-olds who will have received three of these pointless and dangerous shots without any medical justification whatsoever.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. said that injecting children with the Covid vaccines is a crime. He is not incorrect.

A number of children have already been killed by the vaccines.

Some of the newly vaccinated children will develop serious conditions and some of them will die. The lives of these healthy children will be cut short for no good reason and their parents will be beside themselves with grief.”

We must do everything we can to stop them before they kill more. If we act on what we know, we can stop these demonic monsters. (Death by Vaccine.)

This is a very fine summary of the facts concerning the continuing wave of deaths and injuries caused by the “salvific” jabs that have enriched the coffers of Big Pharma and the power lust of American Chicom wannabees, one of whose number, an American intelligence officer named Matt Pottinger, deliberately borrowed from the Red Chinese system of social control and repression of dissent to formulate the lockdown strategies that Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx convinced an ignorant man named Donald John Trump to employ in the hope that they he, whom they wanted to get out of office, would accept the bait by appealing to his insatiable ego that would be fed if he “conquered” the virus.

Moreover, it has been proven repeatedly that the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been following the preconceived ideological program outlined by the participants of Event 201 at the Hotel Saint Pierre in the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York, New York, on October 18, 2019, the Feast of Saint Luke the Evangelist, just two months before the first reports began leaking out of Red China about the virus. The “public health” authorities are following anything but authentic science:

The calls and text messages are relentless. On the other end are doctors and scientists at the top levels of the National Institutes for Health, Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are variously frustrated, exasperated and alarmed about the direction of the agencies to which they have devoted their careers.

“It’s like a horror movie I’m being forced to watch and I can’t close my eyes,” one senior FDA official lamented. “People are getting bad advice and we can’t say anything.”

That particular FDA doctor was referring to two recent developments inside the agency. First, how, with no solid clinical data, the agency authorized COVID vaccines for infants and toddlers, including those who already had COVID. And second, the fact that just months before the FDA bypassed its external experts to authorize booster shots for young children.

That doctor is hardly alone.

At the NIH, doctors and scientists complain to us about low morale and lower staffing: The NIH’s Vaccine Research Center has had many of its senior scientists leave over the last year, including the director, deputy director and chief medical officer. “They have no leadership right now. Suddenly there’s an enormous number of jobs opening up at the highest level positions,” one NIH scientist told us. (The people who spoke to us would only agree to be quoted anonymously, citing fear of professional repercussions.) 

The CDC has experienced a similar exodus. “There’s been a large amount of turnover. Morale is low,” one high level official at the CDC told us. “Things have become so political, so what are we there for?” Another CDC scientist told us: “I used to be proud to tell people I work at the CDC. Now I’m embarrassed.”

Why are they embarrassed? In short, bad science. 

The longer answer: that the heads of their agencies are using weak or flawed data to make critically important public health decisions. That such decisions are being driven by what’s politically palatable to people in Washington or to the Biden administration. And that they have a myopic focus on one virus instead of overall health.

Nowhere has this problem been clearer — or the stakes higher — than on official public-health policy regarding children and COVID. 

First, they demanded that young children be masked in schools. On this score, the agencies were wrong. Compelling studies later found schools that masked children had no different rates of transmission. And for social and linguistic development, children need to see the faces of others. 

Next came school closures. The agencies were wrong — and catastrophically so. Poor and minority children suffered learning loss with an 11-point drop in math scores alone and a 20% drop in math pass rates. There are dozens of statistics of this kind.

Then they ignored natural immunity. Wrong again. The vast majority of children have already had COVID, but this has made no difference in the blanket mandates for childhood vaccines. And now, by mandating vaccines and boosters for young healthy people, with no strong supporting data, these agencies are only further eroding public trust.

One CDC scientist told us about her shame and frustration about what happened to American children during the pandemic: “CDC failed to balance the risks of COVID with other risks that come from closing schools,” she said. “Learning loss, mental health exacerbations were obvious early on and those worsened as the guidance insisted on keeping schools virtual. CDC guidance worsened racial equity for generations to come. It failed this generation of children.”

An official at the FDA put it this way: “I can’t tell you how many people at the FDA have told me, ‘I don’t like any of this, but I just need to make it to my retirement.’ ”

Right now, internal critics of these agencies are focused on one issue above all: Why did the FDA and the CDC issue strong blanket recommendations for COVID vaccines in children?

Three weeks ago, the CDC vigorously recommended mRNA COVID vaccines for 20 million children under five years of age. Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, declared that the mRNA COVID vaccines should be given to everyone six months or older because they are safe and effective. 

The trouble is that this sweeping recommendation was based on extremely weak, inconclusive data provided by Pfizer and Moderna.

Start with Pfizer. Using a three-dose vaccine in 992 children between the ages of six months and 5 years, Pfizer found no statistically significant evidence of vaccine efficacy. In the subgroup of children aged six months to two years, the trial found that the vaccine could result in a 99% lower chance of infection — but that they also could have a 370% increased chance of being infected. In other words, Pfizer reported a range of vaccine efficacy so wide that no conclusion could be inferred. No reputable medical journal would accept such sloppy and incomplete results with such a small sample size. More to the point, these results should have given pause to those who are in charge of public health. 

Referring to Pfizer’s vaccine efficacy in healthy young children, one high-level CDC official — whose expertise is in the evaluation of clinical data — joked: “You can inject them with it or squirt it in their face, and you’ll get the same benefit.”

Moderna’s results — it conducted a study on 6,388 children with two doses — were not much better. Against asymptomatic infections, it claimed a very weak vaccine efficacy of just 4% in children aged six months to two years. It also claimed an efficacy of 23% in children between two and six years old, but neither result was statistically significant. Against symptomatic infections, Moderna’s vaccine did show efficacy that was statistically significant, but the efficacy was low: 50% in children aged six months to two years, and 42% in children between two and six years old.

Then there’s the matter of how long a vaccine gives protection. We know from data in adults that it’s generally a matter of months. But we have no such data for young children.

“It seems criminal that we put out the recommendation to give mRNA COVID vaccines to babies without good data. We really don’t know what the risks are yet. So why push it so hard?” a CDC physician added. A high-level FDA official felt the same way: “The public has no idea how bad this data really is. It would not pass muster for any other authorization.”

And yet, the FDA and the CDC pushed it through. That slap in the face of science may explain why only 2% of parents of children under age five have chosen to get the COVID vaccine, and 40% of parents in rural areas say their pediatricians did not recommend the COVID vaccine for their child.

This isn’t the first time that COVID-vaccine recommendations based on scant evidence have been pushed through these agencies. 

Most recently, back in May, the lack of clinical evidence for booster shots in young people created a stir at the FDA. The White House promoted it hard even before FDA regulators had seen any data. Once they saw the data, they weren’t impressed. It showed no clear benefit against severe disease for people under 40. 

The FDA’s two top vaccine regulators — Dr. Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s vaccine office, and her deputy director, Dr. Philip Krause — quit the agency last year over political pressure to authorize vaccine boosters in young people. After their departure, they wrote scathing commentaries explaining why the data did not support a broad booster authorization, arguing in The Washington Post that “the push for boosters for everyone could actually prolong the pandemic,” citing concerns that boosting based on an outdated variant could be counterproductive.

“It felt like we were a political tool,” a CDC scientist told us about the issue. That insider went on to explain that he got vaccinated early but chose not to get boosted based on the data. Ironically, that person was unable to go on a trip with a group of parents because proof of being boosted was required. “I asked for someone to show me the data. They said the policy was based on the CDC recommendation.”

As one NIH scientist told us: “There’s a silence, an unwillingness for agency scientists to say anything. Even though they know that some of what’s being said out of the agency is absurd.”

That was a theme we heard over and over again — people felt like they couldn’t speak freely, even internally within their agencies. “You get labeled based on what you say. If you talk about it, you will suffer, I’m convinced,” an FDA staffer told us. Another person at that agency added: “If you speak honestly, you get treated differently.” 

And so they remain quiet, speaking to each other in private or in text groups on Signal.

One subject these doctors and scientists feel passionately about but feel they cannot bring up is natural immunity. Why, they wonder, are we insisting on immunizing children who already have some immunity to the disease due to having contracted COVID?

As of February, 75% of children in the US already had natural immunity from prior infection. It could easily be over 90% of children today, given how ubiquitous Omicron has been since then. The CDC’s own research shows that natural immunity is better than vaccinated immunity and a recent New England Journal of Medicine study from Israel has questioned the benefits of vaccinating previously infected persons. Many countries have long credited natural immunity towards vaccine mandates. But not the US.

In this, the leaders of these American health agencies made the US an international outlier in how it treats children. Sweden never offered vaccination to children under 12. Finland limits COVID vaccines to children under 12 who are at high risk. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has appropriately stated that “some children may benefit” but “previous infection offers as good of protection as the vaccine against reinfection.” Denmark announced on June 22 that its recommendation to vaccinate any children under age 16 was a mistake. “The vaccinations were not predominantly recommended for the child’s sake but to ensure pandemic control,” said Søren Brostrøm, head of the Danish Ministry of Health.

It is statistically impossible for everyone who works inside of our health agencies to have 100% agreement about such a new and knotty subject. The fact that there is no public dissent or debate can only be explained by the fact that they are — or at least feel that they are — being muzzled.

It is an ancient, moral requirement of our profession to speak up when we believe questionable treatments are being proposed. It is also good for the public. Imagine, for example, a world in which those scientists who suggested that masking for children and school lockdowns were worse for public health were not smeared but instead debated?  (US agencies aren't 'following the science' on COVID .)

Global agencies are not only not following actual science but consist of people, by and large, who keep looking for excuses to order us to lock down, shut up, get jabbed, and to believe uncritically in whatever “public health emergency” they gratuitously claim is among us at any given time, and with all this, of course, they have not even found any “cure” for the SARS Cov2 virus:

Through manipulated data and statistics, corrupt and deceitful government and private “Public Health” enterprises maintained the cure narrative as long as possible. However, it soon became impossible to continue to claim the shots were effective at preventing COVID-19, so they challenged the commonly understood definition of a vaccine, and reoriented the message to claim it would keep you out of the hospital. Fast forward to today and the goal posts have moved to something along the lines of “four shots of mRNA will make you more likely to die with COVID-19 more peacefully.” 

The mRNA (or whichever version of the “vaccine” you took) didn’t do anything to solve the virus problem, but it’s important to keep that narrative alive. For Pfizer and Moderna, among others, including the reputations of global superpowers, the continuation of the “miracle breakthrough” narrative is essential both to the bottom line and to the political ego. If the truth were to get out to too many people, governments would have to be held responsible, and they would most certainly stop buying mRNA snake oil, resulting in hundreds of billions of dollars in profits that would vanish to zero overnight. Worse, there could be criminal and political repercussions for their serial misrepresentations and outright deception.

We were fooled and outright hoaxed by a pharmaceutical and Government Health mafia, which leveraged hoards of doctors and scientists to commit reputational seppuku in endorsing the “miracle cure” narrative to the masses.

We don’t have a miracle cure. There was never a breakthrough in combating a coronavirus. It was all just a clever marketing and coercion campaign. Almost three years into this thing, we are no closer to the cure to a coronavirus than we were in late 2019. (A 'highly effective' hoodwink: 3 years later, there remains no functional cure for a coronavirus.)

As noted earlier in this commentary, it is irresponsibly foolhardy for any intellectually honest person, especially for those in the medical industry who care about the personal integrity more than their professional licenses, to deny the facts of what has transpired before our very eyes as the lessons of psychological warfare on the masses that were learned from the unjust, immoral, and unnecessary war of nationalism called World War I:

The danger of government lies, and the implications of official deception of whole peoples and nations, could not be more relevant than it is today when our God given natural rights and our Constitutional freedoms are systematically being ground into the dust under the guise of protecting the “public health” from Covid-19. 

In his 1928 classic Propaganda, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward L. Bernays explains approvingly of how governments, powerful corporations, and foundations are capable of manipulating and regimenting the public mind in all areas of life including war, politics, business, education, and medical science.

According to Professor Mark Crispin Miller, who wrote a new introduction to the Bernays masterpiece in 2004:

“Bernays (1891-1995) pioneered the scientific techniques of shaping and manipulating public opinion, which is called ‘engineering of consent.’ During World War I, he was an integral part – along with Walter Lippmann – of the U.S. Committee on Public Information (CPI), a powerful propaganda machine that advertised and sold the war to the American people as one that would ‘Make the World Safe for Democracy.’ The marketing strategies for all future wars would be based on the CPI model.”  

The Existence of an Invisible Government

Writing in the 1920s, Bernays, an Austrian-American Jew, “the father of public relations,” gleefully acknowledged the reality of “invisible governors,” who rule the world and bring organization out of chaos to society:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. 

We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. …

Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet. 

They govern us by their qualities of natural leadership. Their ability to supply needed ideas, and by their key position in the social structure. …

Of course, the most important factor Bernays initially leaves out is MONEY. After all, today’s contenders for domination in the New World Order – like Bill Gates or George Soros or Mark Zuckerberg – would be just another Tom, Dick, or Harry without their billions.

Later, however, Bernays does admit that “the invisible government tends to be concentrated in the hands of the few because of the expense of manipulating the social machinery which controls the opinions and habits of the masses.”[6]

WWI Created New Propaganda Techniques 

Bernays claims that: 

It was, of course, the astounding success of propaganda during the war that opened the eyes of the intelligent few in all departments of life to the possibilities of regimenting the public mind. The American government and numerous patriotic agencies developed a technique which, to most persons accustomed to bidding for public acceptance, was new. They not only appealed to the individual by means of every approach – visual, graphic, and auditory – to support the national endeavor, but they also secured the cooperation of the key men in every group – persons whose mere word carried authority to hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers. They thus automatically gained the support of fraternal, religious, commercial, patriotic, social, and local groups whose members took their opinions from their accustomed leaders and spokesmen, or from the periodical publications which they were accustomed to read and believe. At the same time, the manipulators of patriotic opinion made use of the mental clichés and the emotional habits of the public to produce mass reactions against the alleged atrocities, the terror, and the tyranny of the enemy. IT WAS ONLY NATURAL, AFTER THE WAR ENDED, THAT INTELLIGENT PERSONS SHOULD ASK THEMSELVES WHETHER IT WAS POSSIBLE TO APPLY A SIMILAR TECHNIQUE TO THE PROBLEMS OF PEACE (emphasis added).

Interestingly, Bernays states that the new dictatorship is not limited to government matters but embraces dictators in all fields of life including that of fashion. For example, he notes that Paris fashion leaders set the mode of the short skirt [worn by bob-haired flappers] for which, twenty years before, any woman would have simply been arrested and thrown into jail by the New York City police, and the entire women’s clothing industry, capitalized at hundreds of millions of dollars, must be reorganized to conform to their dictum.

In his chapter, “The Psychology of Public Relations,” Bernays asks, “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it?”

Within certain limits and up to a certain point, Bernays answers in the affirmative. 

Citing the earlier studies of Wilfred Trotter and Gustave Le Bon on group psychology, which established that the “collective mind” differs from the “individual mind” or “consciousness,” Bernays affirms that “the group mind does not think in the strict sense of the word. In place of thoughts, it has impulses, habits, and emotions. In making up its mind, its first impulse is usually to follow the example of a trusted leader.”

“But when the example of the leader is not at hand and the herd must think for itself, it does so by means of clichés, pat words, or images which stand for a whole group of ideas and experiences,” says Bernays. “By playing upon an old cliché, or manipulating a new one, the propagandist can sometimes swing a whole mass of group emotions,” he says, adding that, “Usually, the individual mind will succumb to the will of the crowd.”

Before Bernays moves on to explain how propaganda functions in specific departments of group activity including business, politics, education, social work, and the media, he states: 

I have tried to explain the place of propaganda in modern American life and something of the methods by which it operates – to tell the why, the what, the who and the how of the invisible government which dictates our thoughts, directs our feelings, and controls our actions.

A Different View of Government Propaganda

In war, Truth is the first casualty

In 1928, the same year Bernays’ Propaganda was published, pacifist British MP, Arthur Ponsonby, issued his anti-propaganda classic Falsehood in War Time – Containing An Assortment of Lies Circulated Throughout The Nations During the Great War. The modest-size book, available as a free PDF online, highlights major lies that were inflicted upon the hapless wartime civilian populations of the Allied Forces (Russia, France, Britain, and the United States) against the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria) during the First World War. 

Ponsonby acknowledges in his introduction that falsehood is a recognized and extremely useful weapon in warfare, and every country used it quite deliberately including the Allied Forces and the Central Powers 1) to deceive its own people, 2) to attract neutrals 3) and to mislead the enemy. 

According to Ponsonby:

The ignorant and innocent masses in each country are unaware at the time that they are being misled, and when it is all over, only here and there are the falsehoods discovered and exposed. As it is all past history, and the desired effect has been produced by the stories and statements, no one troubles to investigate the facts and establish the truth.

Ponsonby, however, does take the trouble to enumerate a number of British, French, American, and other Allied and Central Powers official wartime falsehoods including a number of atrocity fabrications like:

  • The Belgian Baby Without Hands  – That German soldiers were cutting off the hands of babies and children (and eating the parts), and impaling them on bayonets; and violating Belgium nuns, were popular themes of Allied propaganda. When the reports were questioned by British members of Parliament, (and in the case of the violation of Catholic nuns investigated by the Vatican), no evidence was ever produced to support the charges against “the Huns.”  
  • The Crucifixion of a Canadian (or an American or a young naked girl) sometimes on a barn door – These reports were backed up by fellow soldiers even though there were no eyewitnesses. In the case of the Canadian officer said to be crucified near the Belgium town of Ypres, U.S. Army Commander General Peyton C. March later denied the story. However, on April 12, 1919, the U.S. magazine, Nation, published a letter from Royal West Kent Private E. Loader, who declared he had witnessed the crucifixion of the Canadian soldier. The letter was subsequently repudiated by Captain E. N. Bennett who wrote to the Nation, informing its editors that there was no such private on the rolls of the Royal West Kents, and that the 2nd Battalion was in India during the entire war.
  • The Corpse Factory – On April 16, 1917, the British Times reported that Germany was chemically treating the dead bodies of its soldiers (and enemy soldiers) to 1) distill glycerin for the manufacture of munitions, 2) to provide fat for lubricating oils 3) and was grinding human bones into powder for mixing with pigs’ food and making fertilizer.

To make sure the lie gained world-wide traction, the Crown and Parliament, both of which were well aware that the propaganda reports were ludicrous and absolutely false, remained silent, even when informed that the “Corpse Factories” were, in fact, factories for the disposal of dead carcasses of horses and other animals found on the battlefield.

It was not until December of 1925 that the truth of the matter was finally admitted by Sir Austen Chamberlain KG, the half-brother of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who put the final nail in the propaganda coffin when he bluntly stated, “there was never any foundation for it [the rumour].”[22]

The Sinking of the Lusitania

Ponsonby’s report on the tragic sinking of the RMS Lusitania, a British ocean liner on route from New York City to Liverpool, England on May7, 1915, is especially instructive since the event provided “the necessary lever at last to bring America into the war.” Americans were told that a German U-boat had torpedoed a defenseless passenger ship flying the American flag and bearing only civilian passengers and an ordinary cargo.

Unfortunately, the “ordinary cargo,” consisted of thousands of cases of small arms ammunition, shrapnel shells, and brass percussion fuses weighing about 173 tons. The ship, which had been secretly financed by the British Admiralty and fitted for military service including gun mounts installed on her decks, sank in a record 18 minutes killing 1,198 passengers and crew including 124 Americans.

Had the Lusitania only carried “ordinary cargo,” it is estimated that time and circumstances would have permitted many of these victims to have survived and reach the Irish shore at Kinsale, instead of being blown to bits by the second ammunition explosion.

However, the British and American propaganda Lusitania campaign that followed ensured that all the blame fell upon Germany, and on April 6, 1917, the United States declared war on Germany.

The reader will note that when Progressivist U.S. Senator Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follette (1906-1925) stated that the Lusitania carried munitions, he was threatened with expulsion from the U.S. Senate. The threat was withdrawn when Mr. Dudley Field Malone, collector at the port of NYC, confirmed that the ship carried a large munition cargo consigned to the British Government, saying he would testify in favor of Senator La Follette. However, the Wilson administration refused to permit the publication of the facts.

U.S. Government Opens Propaganda Office 

As noted earlier, the U.S. Committee on Public Information (CPI) patterned itself after the British Crewe House propaganda machine headed by Alfred C.W. Harmsworth, later Alfred Lord Northcliffe, a British journalist and legendary newspaper magnate.

The CPI, also known as the Creel Committee, named after its chairman, journalist George Creel, was the United States Government’s first official Office of Wartime Propaganda Machine.

“The frenzy with which the whole propaganda was conducted in America surpassed anything we experienced here [Britain],” Ponsonby says.

Some atrocity fabrications, like the Germans giving poisoned candy to children to eat and live hand-grenades to play with, were so outrageous that General John Pershing, General of the Armies, who served as Commander of the American Expeditionary Forces on the Western Front during the Great War, issued a cablegram that instructed the U.S. War Department to  publicly disavow these stories which had no basis in fact.

Similarly, Admiral William S. Sims, Commander of all U.S. Naval Forces in Europe, repudiated hideous U.S. news stories and movies promoted by the CPI against German submarine commanders. In a statement published by the New York Tribune in April 1923, Sims stated that “There exists no authentic report of cruelties ever having been committed by the commander or the crew of a German submarine. The Press reports about cruelties were only meant for propaganda purposes.”

WWI War Ends, But Government Propaganda Machine Continues 

Unfortunately, as Bernays points out, why should Government kill a good thing for itself? 

And Ponsonby prophetically states, “… of course, we know that such clever propagandists are equally clever in dealing with us after the event as in dealing with the enemy at the time.”

The CPI’s successor in WWII was the Office of War Information (OWI) promulgated by Executive Order 9182 under the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration on June 13, 1942. The various propaganda departments of the OWI included the Foreign Information Service, Bureau of Intelligence, Psychological Warfare Branch, Book and Magazine Bureau, Extensive Surveys Division, Bureau of Public Inquiries, Bureau of Motion Pictures, and the Propaganda Intelligence Section, etc.[33]

The OWI was officially terminated on September 15, 1945, but was succeeded through the years till the present day by a litany of federal propaganda departments including the United States Information Service, the Office of Strategic Services, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Ponsonby’s final observations that:

War is fought in this fog of falsehood, a great deal of it undiscovered and accepted as truth. The fog arises from fear and is fed by panic (bold added). Any attempt to doubt or deny even the most fantastic story has to be condemned at once as unpatriotic, if not traitorous. This allows a free field for the rapid spread of lies.

In wartime, failure to lie is negligence, the doubting of a lie a misdemeanor, the declaration of the truth a crime (bold added).

In future wars we have now to look forward to a new and far more efficient instrument of propaganda – the Government control of broadcasting. Whereas, therefore, in the past we have used the word “broadcast” symbolically as meaning the efforts of the Press and individual reporters, in the future, we must use the word literally, since falsehood can now be circulated UNIVERSALLY, SCIENTIFICALLY, AND AUTHORITATIVELY (caps and bold added).[37]

There are some who object to war because of immorality, there are some who shrink from the arbitrament of arms because of its increased cruelty and barbarity; there are a growing number who protest this method, at the outset known to be unsuccessful, of attempting to settle international disputes because of its imbecility and futility. But there is not a living soul in any country who does not deeply resent having his passions roused, his indignation inflamed, his patriotism exploited, and his highest ideals desecrated by CONCEALMENT, SUBTERFUGE, FRAUD, FALSEHOOD, TRICKERY, AND DELIBERATE LYING ON THE PART OF THOSE IN WHOM HE IS TAUGHT TO REPOSE CONFIDENCE AND TO WHOM HE IS ENJOINED TO PAY RESPECT (caps and bold added).

The Current Battle for Our Humanity

I don’t think the reader can find a better description of the current Government debacle surrounding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic” than Ponsonby’s warning made almost 100 years ago.

The nature of the current war in America and the world, being orchestrated by the reigning Technological and Pharmaceutical Oligarchies of the so-called New World Order is much different than previous wars we have fought. And the implications of failing to defeat the enemy are much greater because we are fighting the ultimate battle for God, family, and nation. 

Indeed, what is at stake is what it means to be HUMAN!  (Mrs. Randy Engel, Covid-1and the Art of Brainwashing – Part I.)

Alas, a world that rejects the truths of the Holy Faith will readily accept lies from secular pontiffs, high priests, and priestesses who masquerade as “professionals” and “experts” to convince the masses to become willing accomplices in their own loss of liberty, legitimate good health and even their lives in the name of a “greater cause,” which is now the “global reset.”

Although some are trying valiantly to get the truth out to as many people as possible, the public’s attention is so divided by the diabolically-manipulated use of bread and circuses as to make information such as provided in a new documentary about the way in which the masses have been deceived will make its way to relatively few people, noting, of course, that the documentary will have done its job if one personal open to an uncritical review of the facts comes to see the light and change his mind about what is happening:

One of the basic tenets of modern medicine is the right to informed consent, but all that seemed to go out the window as COVID-19 took hold around the world and vaccine companies saw huge opportunities to profit.

It’s now safe to say the disease has been completely exploited, and its effects can be felt in nearly every aspect of daily life, whether you have personally contracted the virus or not. There’s been widespread deception by governments, public health officers, social media platforms and the mass media, and people have lost freedoms at every turn for not complying with masking and vaccine mandates or simply voicing their opinions about the situation.

This is the topic of a new feature film documentary called Uninformed Consent, and this weekend marks its live exclusive global premiere. Canada’s Librti Social Media Network will be hosting the premiere on their uncensored live streaming platform on Saturday.

The film promises an in-depth look at the narrative surrounding COVID-19. It explores not only who is controlling it but also how it has been used to inject nearly everyone on Earth with a new, untested technology.

It’s a sobering look at the destruction of human rights, not only on a grander scale but at a more personal level through the story of one person’s devastating loss – a story that far too many people can relate to these days.

The film also features commentary from doctors and scientists who were brave enough to take a stance and speak out against Big Pharma and other elites who are profiting from the global vaccine mandates. It was produced by Matador Films’ Todd Harris in collaboration with the group Vaccine Choice Canada, whose mission is to help families make informed decisions about their immunity.

The film’s trailer begins with a quote from Mark Twain: “It’s much easier to fool people than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled.” It’s a sentiment that resonates far too much for anyone who has ever tried to convince a loved one that the dangers of these vaccines are real.

The film also tackles the attacks on free speech that have been seen on social media platforms as a result of vaccine mandates. Accusations of “misinformation” have been lobbed at anyone who dares to speak out about negative effects, even if they experienced them personally, and the situation has been used as an excuse for widespread censorship.

Early reviews of the film are overwhelmingly positive, with Amanda Forbes of Children’s Health Defense noting: “Uninformed Consent is the most scientific and factual TRUTH to come out of Canada in the last 3 years. If you are a parent, this should be on the TOP of your viewing list. It is TRULY an eye opener. Everyone needs to see this film!”

Sherry Strong of Children’s Health Defense Canada said: “This is the most powerful documentary of the covid era.”

On Saturday, July 23, at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET, you can join the film’s producers and creators, along with the doctors behind the film, in a special event on Librti. Interested viewers can reserve their seats for the limited live streaming of the premiere by following the link on Librti’s page.

True informed consent over COVID-19 vaccines could have saved countless lives

According to data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), more than 12,000 deaths [editorial note: nearly 30,000 deaths now in 2022] linked to the vaccine have been reported so far in the U.S. alone However, the system is known for lagging behind real time and only accounts for a small fraction of the true number of cases, due in no small part to the fact that not everyone makes the connection between deaths and the jab. Of course, 12,000 is already 12,000 too many, but the real number is likely far, far higher.

How many lives could have been saved if the principle of informed consent had been adhered to, with people being honestly informed of the dangers of the vaccine and given the freedom to choose whether or not to take on the risks without fear of losing their jobs, families or freedoms? (New “Uninformed Consent” feature film hailed as Covid era’s most powerful documentary.)

Truth is the first casualty of war?

To be sure.

The Protestant Revolution’s warfare on the repository of all supernatural truth, the Catholic Church, is what has led logically to warfare on all truth as once men can believe that supernatural truth is a lie they will come to believe anything else that is true in the objective order of things as false.

Pope Leo XIII explained this propensity of fallen men as follows in Immortale Dei, November 1, 1885:

But that harmful and deplorable passion for innovation which was aroused in the sixteenth century threw first of all into confusion the Christian religion, and next, by natural sequence, invaded the precincts of philosophy, whence it spread amongst all classes of society. From this source, as from a fountain-head, burst forth all those later tenets of unbridled license which, in the midst of the terrible upheavals of the last century, were wildly conceived and boldly proclaimed as the principles and foundation of that new conception of law which was not merely previously unknown, but was at variance on many points with not only the Christian, but even the natural law. (Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei, November 1, 1885.)

No Catholicism?

No Social Reign of Christ the King?

Then there can no true and legitimate social order that redounds unto the honor and glory of the true God of Divine Revelation, the Most Blessed Trinity, and to the sanctification and salvation of the immoral souls of men for which the Second person of the Most Blessed Trinity, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, shed every single drop of His Most Precious Blood to redeem.

There is one and only one purpose to a just civil government, and that is to pursue the common temporal good in light of man’s Last End, the possession of the glory of the Beatific Vision of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost for all eternity in Heaven:

That the State must be separated from the Church is a thesis absolutely false, a most pernicious error. Based, as it is, on the principle that the State must not recognize any religious cult, it is in the first place guilty of a great injustice to God; for the Creator of man is also the Founder of human societies, and preserves their existence as He preserves our own. We owe Him, therefore, not only a private cult, but a public and social worship to honor Him. Besides, this thesis is an obvious negation of the supernatural order. It limits the action of the State to the pursuit of public prosperity during this life only, which is but the proximate object of political societies; and it occupies itself in no fashion (on the plea that this is foreign to it) with their ultimate object which is man's eternal happiness after this short life shall have run its course. But as the present order of things is temporary and subordinated to the conquest of man's supreme and absolute welfare, it follows that the civil power must not only place no obstacle in the way of this conquest, but must aid us in effecting it. The same thesis also upsets the order providentially established by God in the world, which demands a harmonious agreement between the two societies. Both of them, the civil and the religious society, although each exercises in its own sphere its authority over them. It follows necessarily that there are many things belonging to them in common in which both societies must have relations with one another. Remove the agreement between Church and State, and the result will be that from these common matters will spring the seeds of disputes which will become acute on both sides; it will become more difficult to see where the truth lies, and great confusion is certain to arise. Finally, this thesis inflicts great injury on society itself, for it cannot either prosper or last long when due place is not left for religion, which is the supreme rule and the sovereign mistress in all questions touching the rights and the duties of men. Hence the Roman Pontiffs have never ceased, as circumstances required, to refute and condemn the doctrine of the separation of Church and State. (Pope Saint Pius X, Vehementer Nos, February 11, 1906.)  

By the way, one of the correlative proofs of how the conciliar "popes" have defected from the Catholic Faith is that they have done what our true Roman Pontiffs have never ceased to do, to "refute and condemn the doctrine of the separation of Church and State. To refresh your memories on this point, please see Mocking Pope Saint Pius X and Our Lady of Fatima.

Men who do not understand or accept this simple statement will live their entire lives steeped in a pursuit of earthly pleasures and wealth and success that will never make them happy. They will scheme and plot to get ahead of other men in this world without a moment's thought as to the Particular Judgment that will be rendered upon their soul by Christ the King at the moment of their deaths. They will speak in utterly profane and even blasphemous terms as they disparage each other as it suits their purposes to do so. The only thing that matters to the high priests of naturalism is their own self-importance, their own campaign war chests, their own ability to influence policy and key appointments so as to maintain their places in positions of power.

Obviously, fallen human nature inclined the courtiers who served Catholic kings and emperors during the Middle Ages to joust with each other for positions of influence and power. Some kings and emperors made war upon Holy Mother Church. True. There were, however, always those exemplars of the Social Reign of Christ the King who, despite their own faults and failings, sought to pursue justice in the temporal realm in light of the Deposit of Faith that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had entrusted to His Catholic Church for Its eternal safekeeping and infallible explication. And even some of the mediocre and even rotten apples who served in some capacity or another in civil government during the Middle Ages understood their mortality, possessing at least a remote sense that it might be somewhat important to make a good confession of their sins before they died.

Pope Pius XII wrote in his first encyclical letter, Summi Pontificatus, October 10, 1939, about the tempering of the imperfections of men during the Middle Ages by their possessing at least some sense of the Catholic faith:

It is true that even when Europe had a cohesion of brotherhood through identical ideals gathered from Christian preaching, she was not free from divisions, convulsions and wars which laid her waste; but perhaps they never felt the intense pessimism of today as to the possibility of settling them, for they had then an effective moral sense of the just and of the unjust, of the lawful and of the unlawful, which, by restraining outbreaks of passion, left the way open to an honorable settlement. In Our days, on the contrary, dissensions come not only from the surge of rebellious passion, but also from a deep spiritual crisis which has overthrown the sound principles of private and public morality. (Pope Pius XII, Summi Pontificatus, October 10, 1939.)

Such a sense is entirely lacking in a world of naturalism whose grip on men has been furthered in the past five decades by concilairism's own "reconciliation" with its false principles, to say nothing of conciliarism's de facto embrace of the heresy of "universal salvation," leading so many to believe in the lie of Martin Luther, namely, that there is little that one can do to lose his salvation as long as he has made some kind of "profession of faith" in his heart and with his lips. A world where men either do not believe in eternal life or that "everyone goes to Heaven" is a world where amorality and practical atheism will reign supreme as the lowest common denominators of personal behavior and of social policy. It is also a world where most men, whether of the "left" or of the "right," believe that social order, however defined, can be maintained by the "good will" of men, a Judeo-Masonic concept that was smashed to smithereens by Pope Leo XIII in Humanum Genus, April 20, 1884:

For you well know, venerable brethren, that at this time men are found not a few who, applying to civil society the impious and absurd principle of "naturalism," as they call it, dare to teach that "the best constitution of public society and (also) civil progress altogether require that human society be conducted and governed without regard being had to religion any more than if it did not exist; or, at least, without any distinction being made between the true religion and false ones." And, against the doctrine of Scripture, of the Church, and of the Holy Fathers, they do not hesitate to assert that "that is the best condition of civil society, in which no duty is recognized, as attached to the civil power, of restraining by enacted penalties, offenders against the Catholic religion, except so far as public peace may require." From which totally false idea of social government they do not fear to foster that erroneous opinion, most fatal in its effects on the Catholic Church and the salvation of souls, called by Our Predecessor, Gregory XVI, an "insanity," viz., that "liberty of conscience and worship is each man's personal right, which ought to be legally proclaimed and asserted in every rightly constituted society; and that a right resides in the citizens to an absolute liberty, which should be restrained by no authority whether ecclesiastical or civil, whereby they may be able openly and publicly to manifest and declare any of their ideas whatever, either by word of mouth, by the press, or in any other way." But, while they rashly affirm this, they do not think and consider that they are preaching "liberty of perdition;" and that "if human arguments are always allowed free room for discussion, there will never be wanting men who will dare to resist truth, and to trust in the flowing speech of human wisdom; whereas we know, from the very teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, how carefully Christian faith and wisdom should avoid this most injurious babbling."

And, since where religion has been removed from civil society, and the doctrine and authority of divine revelation repudiated, the genuine notion itself of justice and human right is darkened and lost, and the place of true justice and legitimate right is supplied by material force, thence it appears why it is that some, utterly neglecting and disregarding the surest principles of sound reason, dare to proclaim that "the people's will, manifested by what is called public opinion or in some other way, constitutes a supreme law, free from all divine and human control; and that in the political order accomplished facts, from the very circumstance that they are accomplished, have the force of right." But who, does not see and clearly perceive that human society, when set loose from the bonds of religion and true justice, can have, in truth, no other end than the purpose of obtaining and amassing wealth, and that (society under such circumstances) follows no other law in its actions, except the unchastened desire of ministering to its own pleasure and interests? (Pope Pius IX, Quanta Cura, December 8, 1864.)

But the naturalists go much further; for, having, in the highest things, entered upon a wholly erroneous course, they are carried headlong to extremes, either by reason of the weakness of human nature, or because God inflicts upon them the just punishment of their pride. Hence it happens that they no longer consider as certain and permanent those things which are fully understood by the natural light of reason, such as certainly are -- the existence of God, the immaterial nature of the human soul, and its immortality. The sect of the Freemasons, by a similar course of error, is exposed to these same dangers; for, although in a general way they may profess the existence of God, they themselves are witnesses that they do not all maintain this truth with the full assent of the mind or with a firm conviction. Neither do they conceal that this question about God is the greatest source and cause of discords among them; in fact, it is certain that a considerable contention about this same subject has existed among them very lately. But, indeed, the sect allows great liberty to its votaries, so that to each side is given the right to defend its own opinion, either that there is a God, or that there is none; and those who obstinately contend that there is no God are as easily initiated as those who contend that God exists, though, like the pantheists, they have false notions concerning Him: all which is nothing else than taking away the reality, while retaining some absurd representation of the divine nature.

When this greatest fundamental truth has been overturned or weakened, it follows that those truths, also, which are known by the teaching of nature must begin to fall -- namely, that all things were made by the free will of God the Creator; that the world is governed by Providence; that souls do not die; that to this life of men upon the earth there will succeed another and an everlasting life.

When these truths are done away with, which are as the principles of nature and important for knowledge and for practical use, it is easy to see what will become of both public and private morality. We say nothing of those more heavenly virtues, which no one can exercise or even acquire without a special gift and grace of God; of which necessarily no trace can be found in those who reject as unknown the redemption of mankind, the grace of God, the sacraments, and the happiness to be obtained in heaven. We speak now of the duties which have their origin in natural probity. That God is the Creator of the world and its provident Ruler; that the eternal law commands the natural order to be maintained, and forbids that it be disturbed; that the last end of men is a destiny far above human things and beyond this sojourning upon the earth: these are the sources and these the principles of all justice and morality.

If these be taken away, as the naturalists and Freemasons desire, there will immediately be no knowledge as to what constitutes justice and injustice, or upon what principle morality is founded. And, in truth, the teaching of morality which alone finds favor with the sect of Freemasons, and in which they contend that youth should be instructed, is that which they call "civil," and "independent," and "free," namely, that which does not contain any religious belief. But, how insufficient such teaching is, how wanting in soundness, and how easily moved by every impulse of passion, is sufficiently proved by its sad fruits, which have already begun to appear. For, wherever, by removing Christian education, this teaching has begun more completely to rule, there goodness and integrity of morals have begun quickly to perish, monstrous and shameful opinions have grown up, and the audacity of evil deeds has risen to a high degree. All this is commonly complained of and deplored; and not a few of those who by no means wish to do so are compelled by abundant evidence to give not infrequently the same testimony.

Moreover, human nature was stained by original sin, and is therefore more disposed to vice than to virtue. For a virtuous life it is absolutely necessary to restrain the disorderly movements of the soul, and to make the passions obedient to reason. In this conflict human things must very often be despised, and the greatest labors and hardships must be undergone, in order that reason may always hold its sway. But the naturalists and Freemasons, having no faith in those things which we have learned by the revelation of God, deny that our first parents sinned, and consequently think that free will is not at all weakened and inclined to evil. On the contrary, exaggerating rather the power and the excellence of nature, and placing therein alone the principle and rule of justice, they cannot even imagine that there is any need at all of a constant struggle and a perfect steadfastness to overcome the violence and rule of our passions.

Wherefore we see that men are publicly tempted by the many allurements of pleasure; that there are journals and pamphlets with neither moderation nor shame; that stage-plays are remarkable for license; that designs for works of art are shamelessly sought in the laws of a so-called verism; that the contrivances of a soft and delicate life are most carefully devised; and that all the blandishments of pleasure are diligently sought out by which virtue may be lulled to sleep. Wickedly, also, but at the same time quite consistently, do those act who do away with the expectation of the joys of heaven, and bring down all happiness to the level of mortality, and, as it were, sink it in the earth. Of what We have said the following fact, astonishing not so much in itself as in its open expression, may serve as a confirmation. For, since generally no one is accustomed to obey crafty and clever men so submissively as those whose soul is weakened and broken down by the domination of the passions, there have been in the sect of the Freemasons some who have plainly determined and proposed that, artfully and of set purpose, the multitude should be satiated with a boundless license of vice, as, when this had been done, it would easily come under their power and authority for any acts of daring.

What refers to domestic life in the teaching of the naturalists is almost all contained in the following declarations: that marriage belongs to the genus of commercial contracts, which can rightly be revoked by the will of those who made them, and that the civil rulers of the State have power over the matrimonial bond; that in the education of youth nothing is to be taught in the matter of religion as of certain and fixed opinion; and each one must be left at liberty to follow, when he comes of age, whatever he may prefer. To these things the Freemasons fully assent; and not only assent, but have long endeavored to make them into a law and institution. For in many countries, and those nominally Catholic, it is enacted that no marriages shall be considered lawful except those contracted by the civil rite; in other places the law permits divorce; and in others every effort is used to make it lawful as soon as may be. Thus, the time is quickly coming when marriages will be turned into another kind of contract -- that is into changeable and uncertain unions which fancy may join together, and which the same when changed may disunite. (Pope Leo XIII, Humanum Genus, April 20, 1884.)

This is a perfect description of the Judeo-Masonic world in which we live. No amount of the insane babbling of naturalists is ever going to “fix” that which is premised upon one falsehood after another. There is no getting the Humpty Dumpty Protestant and Judeo-Masonic of naturalism back together again as it is of, for and by the devil himself. The battle of the “false opposites” of the “left” and the “right” only result in one thing: more naturalism, which means more statism and more pressure to accept evil or face the might of caesar’s wrath, which is being fed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio's constant exhortations on behalf of "drastic" measures to "save the planet."

Kyrie eleison!

IV. Red China’s Continued Oversized Influence on Global “Public Health” and Social Control

As has been noted throughout the previous seventeen parts of this series since March of 2020, the so-called “People’s Republic of China” under the leadership of the anti-Catholic suppressor of all political dissent named Xi Jinping has been the predominant global force in shaping the direction of the “pandemic” and the responses of national and international agencies. Indeed, the World Health Organization effectively is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party, and it should be noted as well that American officials such as Drs. Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, and Michael Collins each relied upon Chicom models of “public health” and social control to plot the American strategy” to fight a virus that was mishandled in hospitals across the globe because of the refusal to follow protocols that work to save, rather than kill, lives, including the lives of many who could have been cured had they been permitted to seek treatment before their conditions had deteriorated.

Dr. Peter Navarro, who served in various capacities in the administration of President Donald John Trump, wrote an article last month about an American intelligence officer named Matt Pottinger, who relied upon Red Chinese guidance to almost unilaterally shape the so-called “strategy” concerning lockdowns, social distancing, and mask mandates.

While I very much disagree with Dr. Navarro’s rejection of the Wuhan Institute of Virology as the source of the bioengineered virus as a defector from Red China has stated clearly that leak did occur and that it came from Wuhan Biosafety Lab 4, Dr. Navarro’s article did provide a very informative summary of about Matt Pottinger, noting that the whole article is appended at the end of this commentary:

  1. Throughout January 2020, Pottinger unilaterally called White House meetings unbeknownst to those in attendance and breached protocol to ratchet up alarm about the new coronavirus based on information from his own sources in China, despite having no official intelligence to back up his alarmism.
  2. Despite having no background in science or public health, beginning in February 2020, Pottinger embarked on a months-long campaign to urge the adoption of universal masking and travel quarantines in response to the coronavirus based on information from his own sources in China. However, there does not appear to be a single picture of Pottinger wearing a mask anywhere on the Internet.
  3. Pottinger popularized the idea of shutdowns within the White House using a questionable study on the 1918 flu pandemic comparing outcomes between Philadelphia and St. Louis, a month before this study received any significant attention from media outlets in 2020.
  4. Pottinger specifically courted Deborah Birx to serve as White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, who then embarked on a months-long campaign for lockdowns that were as long and strict as possible across the United States.
  5. Despite having no background in science or public health, Pottinger appears to have promoted the idea of mass testing for the coronavirus.
  6. Pottinger appears to have endorsed use of the drug remdesivir as a possible Covid therapy based on information from a doctor in China.
  7. Pottinger has continually promoted the conclusion that the coronavirus came from a lab, and specifically prodded the US intelligence community to do the same, regardless of evidence to support that conclusion, while simultaneously urging the global adoption of China’s virus containment measures.

In Pottinger’s speeches, he often discusses the need for more grassroots populism in China.

Pottinger may have simply been overly-trusting of his sources, thinking they were the little people in China trying to help their American friends. But why did Pottinger push so hard for sweeping Chinese policies like mask mandates that were far outside his field of expertise? Why did he so often breach protocol? Why seek out and appoint Deborah Birx?

Pottinger’s zealousness in endorsing these sweeping policies is even more bewildering because it’s widely known in the intelligence community that the CCP’s primary focus is on information warfare—“superseding their cultural and political values” to those of the west and undermining the western values that Xi Jinping sees as threatening, outlined in his leaked Document No. 9: “independent judiciaries,” “human rights,” “western freedom,” “civil society,” “freedom of the press,” and the “free flow of information on the internet.”

Though political conditions in China have deteriorated rapidly, Pottinger is supposed to know that—that’s why he had the Top Secret security clearance and the big job in the National Security Council. In fact, we know how rapidly conditions in China have deteriorated in part because Matt Pottinger is the one who told us. The only reason anyone accepted all this information and guidance from these Chinese sources is that it came through Pottinger.

I certainly can’t pass judgment. But from where I’m sitting, it looks like we’ve been struck by a smooth criminal. (Matt Pottinger: The Intelligence Agent Who Shut Down America.)

Although the author about the article about Matt Pottinger, Dr. Peter Navarro, cast severe doubt on the gain-of-function engineered virus leaking from the Wuhan Institute of Virology even through there is, has been reported in this series in the past, strong evidence concerning the lab leak, his information does prove the oversized influence that the Chinese Communist Party and its active program of disinformation continues to have on the way in which the “pandemic” has been “framed” by our civil minders and how Red China’s failed policies continued to be in admiration:

For the past two years, the Western media has taken that pernicious little term, “Zero Covid”, at face value. While the rest of the world saw rocketing caseloads and death rates, during a key 18-month period China reported two (yes, two) deaths. In a country of 1.4 billion people, and with a disease that scientists find uncannily adapted to infect humans, this was not just obviously false; it was absurd.

Nevertheless, Western media has repeatedly validated the claim, often celebrating it. The result is that in the minds of billions of people, China was uniquely successful at containing the virus. What few, if any, have realised is that among the many false narratives constructed and deployed by the Chinese government, Zero Covid has been the most successful — a fact evidenced by the widespread adoption and use of that patently self-contradictory term itself.

Like any global, historically significant false narrative worth its salt, Zero Covid has not been monolithic in its claims. Rather, it has been modulated by the Chinese propaganda apparatus, with, of course, the witting or unwitting collaboration of Western media that has been essential to its success. The most recent manifestation of the Zero Covid false narrative is one that speaks to its daring and sophistication — the idea that, in response to criticism and pressure, the Chinese government came to terms with the fact that it could not cope with the swell of Omicron cases and so needed to ease restrictions.

The new “China is easing restrictions” phase of the CCP’s Zero Covid campaign began to emerge in March when a high-ranking Chinese health official began arguing in the Chinese business news outlet, Caixin, that China should fight the disease “more sustainably”. “We should carve a very clear path and not spend all our time debating whether we should continue zero Covid or coexist (with the virus),” wrote Zhang Wenhong, a senior infectious disease specialist known as the “Chinese Fauci”. Zhang followed up with another opinion piece a week later: “China’s Pandemic Fight Can and Should Allow for Normal Life.”

This development seemingly exposed the flaws in China’s Covid strategy, which is exactly what was messaged by the US media. The Associated Press article that reported Zhang’s comments added that despite the new policy advice, “the government is sticking with the tried-and-true policy of lockdowns, repeated mass testing of millions of people and a two-week or more quarantine for overseas arrivals…Opening up carries risks, because the country’s success in protecting people from Covid-19 means many don’t have antibodies to fight the virus from previous infection.”

The reality that the AP report papered over — and what virtually all Western media has missed as it swallowed CCP’s Covid narrative whole — is that China’s true Covid strategy wasn’t aimed at containing the virus; it was aimed at containing the narrative. “The Chinese CDC was told how it’s going to go,” a private intelligence analyst with knowledge of the data said. The source explains that the CCP’s methodology of choice is not to flatly deny data or take down reporting wholesale but simply “round the edges” off the story by obfuscating just enough to blunt any alternative narrative from forming.

This new inflection in the Zero Covid narrative, which claimed that Omicron reveals the “limits” of China’s approach, merely served to reinforce the idea that China had successfully contained Covid had up that point. In an article on the limits of Zero Covid in the Omicron era, the BBC credulously noted, “If you adjust for population size, there’s been around three deaths per million people in mainland China, compared with about 3,000 in the US and 2,400 in the UK.”

Even entertaining China’s absurd Zero Covid claims requires suspending basic human logic. Consider the case of Singapore, a country much richer and more advanced than China that was able to drive compliance at least as well. (Though considering the entire country is an urban island, in distinction to China’s vast rural expanses, probably much better.)

According to analyst George Calhoun, official Chinese data put China’s mortality rate 50 times lower than Singapore’s. South Korea — which has a single, permanently closed border which effectively makes it an island — is another standout for Covid success. Yet by Chinese official reporting, South Korea’s Covid mortality would be 73 times higher Covid-19 than China’s.

Late last year, The Economist published a machine learning study on global Covid-19 under-reporting rates, comparing reported Covid deaths to estimated excess deaths. The study found that it looked like the US under-reported Covid mortality by around 20%, though a number of Western European countries at times over-reported by around 2-3%. The highest rates of under-reported mortality top out at around 1,000% for countries including India, Afghanistan, Venezuela and a handful of others. That is, except for China, which the study estimates to have under-reported mortality by an eye-watering 19,000%.

Looking at China’s official death counts tells an equally surreal story. Like a fairytale princess, China’s total death count was frozen for well over a year from January 25, 2021 until March 21, 2022 at the magical number of 4,636. Prior to that, from April 20, 2020 to January 25, there were four deaths. Taking these numbers at face value, this would make the death rate of the United States, where superior vaccines were distributed with high compliance rates, 800 times higher than China’s.

In the US, we have an old saying about gullibility which goes that if you’re willing to believe some outlandish statement then we have a bridge to sell you (that being the Brooklyn Bridge). If we were to abstract this reality and describe this situation generically to a group of listeners, be they savvy statisticians or plain-thinking journalists, the chances that they would believe these numbers to be real would be next to zero.

And yet, not only have we all believed China’s claims about its Covid “success”, specifically Zero Covid, we’ve built an entire political theory around it. This theory states that while China’s authoritarian system of government certainly has its downsides (human rights and civil liberties and all that), the big upside is that it’s effective. With the pandemic, this reasoning goes, China was naturally somewhat draconian, but ultimately successful. Authoritarianism saves lives, you see.

“China’s bold approach to contain the rapid spread of this new respiratory pathogen has changed the course of a rapidly escalating and deadly epidemic,” a WHO report on China’s handling of the pandemic observed. Interestingly, one of the members of the WHO mission that produced the report, epidemiologist Tim Eckmanns, told Science magazine, “I thought there was no way those numbers could be real.” And yet, despite his own disbelief, he believed them to be real.

In a 2020 column titled “China Got Better. We Got Sicker. Thanks, Trump.” Thomas Friedman touted the wild success of the CCP. “[W]ho can blame the Chinese for gloating? A pandemic that began in Wuhan, and, for now, has been contained in China.” Friedman even allowed for a little number-fudging, writing, “Maybe China’s fibbing. OK — so quadruple its numbers — China still has been vastly better at protecting its people than the United States.”

Friedman never pondered the possibility that he might need to not quadruple China’s numbers but multiply them by 180 or 800 times. The patently ridiculous baseline mortality numbers set by China and validated endlessly by the Western media allowed commentators like Friedman to factor in CCP lying by a factor of four and still be off by an order of magnitude. (Who can blame China for gloating, indeed.)

What’s curious about the narrative that emerged in Western media is that it’s almost exactly the same one that Beijing was (and still is) advancing. While Western observers might think that the CCP’s wanting to “round the edges” of reporting on data would want to do the same regarding the rougher edges of its political approach, that’s incorrect. The CCP’s own messaging used the term “draconian” to describe the measures taken in response to Covid. For us “draconian measures” is harsh criticism; for the CCP it’s self-affirmation.

As egregious as it is, Zero Covid is only one facet of China’s propaganda campaign. Another equally important piece of this puzzle, one that ties Zero Covid to the question of the pandemic’s origin, is the date of the first outbreak. While most of the media has let the question settle comfortably on China’s official story, the reality is much more questionable.

According to China (and some Western experts), the first recorded cases were diagnosed sometime in mid-December 2019, which connects the outbreak of the pandemic to people who visited the now infamous seafood market. But evidence has emerged suggesting that the first outbreak might have emerged as early as November that year that would make the seafood market origin much more difficult (if not impossible) to support.

The same arsenal of tactics has been deployed, such as disqualifying early cases in China because they didn’t meet an almost impossible criteria — for example, being admitted to hospital and testing positive with a PCR test, which required being admitted to one of the very few hospitals that administered PCR tests in those early days. A key article in Caixin tracking these disqualified early cases was swiftly taken offline with a redirect put in place to the Office of Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission. It cites a statute that calls on Chinese citizens to “fulfil social responsibilities, adhere to correct public opinion orientation and value orientation, promote socialist core values, and publish high-quality information content that is upward and good,” as DRASTIC researcher Gilles Demaneuf documented.

In a way, the CCP can be forgiven its epistemic sins. It was, after all, just doing its job: consolidating power, weaving false narratives, tamping down dissent. What’s more concerning — what is in fact, a four-alarm fire raging deep in an institutional sub-basement — is that the CCP campaign could never have succeeded without Western complicity, and most of all, with the complicity of the American media, broadly construed.

If it weren’t for the fact that China’s false mortality data was presented in Google search results; or that Twitter-verified members of China’s State-Sponsored Media could post without being flagged; or, most glaringly and egregiously, that the legacy press actively spread the mistruths and openly celebrated them, the narrative could never have been built. And even if it had been, it would never have mattered.

“The world is turning its eyes to China, and China is ready,” Xi Jinping said in advance of the great authoritarian spectacle, the Beijing Olympics, which took place when Zero Covid was still the official party line. Xi was right that China was ready, but though the West had turned its eyes to China, it failed to scrutinise it whatsoever. (Chinese Zero Covid was always a lie.)

This aping of the Red Chinese system of social control and suppression of dissent has produced devastating results in a world where people have grown accustomed to the killing of the innocent preborn in the sanctuaries of their mothers’ wombs, the vivisection (which the Red Chinese practice on political prisoners without the fiction of using paralyzing agents to numb victims of “brain death” in the supposed “civilized” Western world—see) of fully alive human beings under the aegis of brain death, the starvation and dehydration of brain-damaged human beings, and the dispatching of the chronically or terminally ill by means of “hospice”/palliative care (which is increasingly relying upon the relatives of those being euthanized in the name of “death with dignity” and “compassionate care” in the environs of their own hopes as relatives administer the custom-made Hemlock cocktails to produce the desired results: death, which can never be imposed upon any innocent human being no matter how much he is said to be suffering nor how “close” it may appear to mere humans that he is near to death. We are called to let God call us to Himself at the Particular Judgment in His good time, not ours.

V. Taking Another Swing and a Miss: Fearmongering the Monkeypox

The latest hoax that the plademicists are attempting is the “Monkeypox” scam even though the disease is contracted and spread almost but entirely exclusively by unchaste behavior, whether natural or perverted,” and this hoax is being declared as another “global emergency” even though only several thousand people are supposedly infected with it as a result of their unchaste behavior. The global social engineers of Modernity have settled, it would appear, on “Monkeypox” after trying to scare the masses with such Wuhan/Red China/Chicom/Covid-19/Coronavirus variants as Delta, Omnicron, Norovirus , and the supposed scary “Coronavirus B.A. 5 variant:

As recently as two weeks ago, the big story of the day was the coming surge of a new, highly infectious COVID variant, called BA.5. The Biden administration warned about it. Los Angeles county considered renewing its indoor mask mandate. The head of the World Health Organization said that “new waves of the virus demonstrate again that the Covid-19 [pandemic] is nowhere near over.”

Look at some of the headlines:

  • “BA.5 Will Cause ‘Even Greater Surge,’ Warns UCSF’s Wachter of Highly Infectious COVID Subvariant,” KQED, July 6
  • “The BA.5 COVID Surge Is Here,” New York Magazine, July 8
  • “Los Angeles could reinstate mask mandates as COVID cases rise,” CBS News, July 8
  • “As new COVID variants surge, White House urges caution, pushes boosters,” Boston Globe, July 12
  • “Experts rue simple steps not taken before latest COVID surge,” ABC News, July 13
  • “The ‘worst variant’ is here,” CNN, July 14

Well, the data from the Centers for Disease Control show that the number of new infections has remained pretty flat since late May and is now trending downward. In, fact, the rate of new infections appears to have topped out right when the media were playing up the coming “surge.”

CDC data show that the seven-day moving average for new cases peaked at 129,823 on July 17. It had fallen to 119,034 by Aug. 2.

Reported COVID deaths also appear to have peaked on July 22, with the seven-day moving average of 428, which had dropped to 387 by Aug. 2.

While some states are seeing increases, in most of them cases peaked a while ago or are now seeing big declines.

The seven-day average in Los Angeles, for example, plunged 50% over the past week. (A week ago it dropped its mask mandate plans.)

Yet, instead of mea culpas we are seeing stories about how the COVID infection rate is far bigger than the official number suggests, because of the widespread availability of home testing and the fact that not everyone who tests positive will report it.

As CNN reports:

Official data dramatically undercount the true number of infections in the U.S., epidemiologists say, leaving the nation with a critical blind spot as the most transmissible coronavirus variant yet takes hold. Some experts think there could be as many as 1 million new infections every day in the broader U.S. population — 10 times higher than the official count.

But wait. That’s actually good news.

As it stands, the “case fatality rate” — which is the ratio of deaths to reported COVID cases — is currently running at around 0.3%. If the actual number of cases is 10 times the reported number of cases, that means the “case fatality rate” is more like 0.03%. For perspective, the case fatality rate for the flu is said to be about 0.1%.

So why isn’t this being reported as good news? Why is the press still treating COVID the same way it did when the virus first emerged: as a potentially lethal new disease against which no one had immunity?

Why are we still acting like everyone is at equal risk from COVID, when out of more than 1 million COVID deaths recorded in the United States, only 538 involve children under age 4, and just 1,195 are between ages 5 and 18, according to the CDC? Why isn’t the public being told that those over 65, who make up less than 17% of the population, constitute 75% of the reported COVID deaths?

Why are public officials still pushing vaccines on infants? Why do we still see children in public places wearing masks when they are far more likely to die from drowning than COVID?

Finally, why are we the ones being attacked for spreading misinformation when the worst offenders have been government officials and the mainstream press?

Almost nothing uttered by “experts” over the past two years has turned out to be true. Mask mandates were ineffective. Lockdowns were massively expensive failures. The vaccinated and boosted keep getting COVID — including President Joe Biden, who not long ago was issuing blistering attacks against the unvaccinated, saying “your refusal has cost all of us.

It’s the refusal of so many public officials to be straight with the public and put COVID in the proper perspective that “has cost all of us.” (Say, Whatever Happened To That New COVID Surge Everyone Was Freaking About?)

The failure to reignite interest in a supposed “surge” is what has prompted the coronascammers to settle on the “Monkeypox” virus and to deflect attention from the fact that, quite unlike the weaponized “gain of function” coronavirus that has infected many millions of people and has caused many to suffer and even to die, although many of the deaths attributed to the virus were the result of medical “protocols” based on junk science that deliberately downplayed, ignored and disparaged all contrary means to treat the virus in its early stages and by means that have proven to be safe and effective, it afflicts mostly those who are involved in unnatural vice.

Just as was the case when Anthony “I am the Science” Fauci mismanaged the so-called Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS/HIV) “epidemic” in the 1980s while claiming everyone was at risk even though only those who engaged in unchaste behavior and were intravenous drug users were at risk, so is it the case now that so-called “public health officials are using a disease that afflicts the unchaste to batten down the hatches of social control once again in order to develop another “miracle vaccine” to prevent a virus that is of no threat to anyone other than those who do not realize that it is not possible to make behavior detrimental to one’s soul safe for one’s body:

Three confirmed cases of monkeypox have been linked to a homosexual fetish festival in Belgium, health authorities said Friday.

The Darklands Festival in Antwerp has been linked to all three confirmed cases of the disease in Belgium following four days of partying that began on May 5, according to AFP. The festival’s organizers said on their website that the Belgian government had asked them to inform attendees that the outbreak was likely caused by a festival-goer bringing the sickness from abroad.

There’s reason to assume that the virus has been brought in by visitors from abroad to the festival after recent cases in other countries,” the organizers said.

Darklands is a self-described gathering where the “various tribes in the gay fetish community (leather, rubber, army, skinhead, puppies…) come together to create a unique spectacle of fetish brotherhood,” the outlet reported

The World Health Organization is investigating whether some monkeypox outbreaks are spreading within the gay community, according to AFP. The United Kingdom’s health authority has warned gay men to be on particular “alert” as cases there have disproportionately been found in that demographic.

Monkeypox is not typically fatal, but can cause serious symptoms including aches, fever and exhaustion. It often causes a rash which can begin on the face and spread to the genitals. The disease does not usually spread easily between humans, but can be transmitted through close contact with an infected person or linens they have touched, according to the outlet. (Outbreak Of Monkeypox Linked To Massive Festival For The ‘Gay Fetish Community.)

Well, this monkeypox thing is certainly taking its share of twists and turns. There are some “nobody knows” that have even someone like me who’s been writing on epidemics for over 35 years scratching under my armpits. I could also add “is driving me bananas,” but enough with the puns, already.

For example, why has the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed changing the name because it’s “discriminatory and stigmatizing”? Against … right. But as it happens, in Brazil people are attacking monkeys in apparent response to the outbreak — and not because they’re afraid that one day they will take over the planet. So, the WHO has a point.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has declared the disease that will soon be called “formerly known as monkeypox” a public health emergency, and the WHO has declared it a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern.” At time of publication, there have been about 31,425 cases reported in 82 countries that “have not historically reported monkeypox.”

Apparently, what kicked off the current outbreak was a very recent mutation. Viruses, like all organisms and not just NBA players, want to spread their genes to ensure survival of the species and gene line. This exerts evolutionary pressure to become more contagious. That said, although it often takes many generations, there’s also pressure to become more benign. Ideally a virus wants to infect everyone and kill no one. It appears this variant has indeed become less fatal than its predecessor.

Heretofore, with little exception, monkeypox has not only been confined to sub-Saharan Africa but even to a minority of those countries. COVID, by contrast, apparently didn’t exist before it became pandemic. Though, then again, HIV/AIDS did, perhaps as early as 1884.

Monkeypox generally first “was discovered in 1958 when two outbreaks of a pox-like disease occurred in colonies of monkeys kept for research.” Hence that awful discriminatory name. But in fairness, as we’re seeing now, animals besides monkeys can contract and spread it.

“Human monkeypox was first identified in humans in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in a 9-month-old boy,” according to the WHO. Since then, “human cases of monkeypox have been reported in 11 African countries,” and it appears the numbers were slowly increasing in that area. Ironically, this could be because of the success in eradicating its brutal cousin, smallpox, which had a death rate of about 30 percent. Smallpox vaccines provide a strong crossover immunity with monkeypox, so when the smallpox vaccinations stopped people were no longer receiving monkeypox immunity.

But in this first worldwide outbreak, remarkably the victims are far more likely to be gay males than was ever the case with even HIV/AIDS, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) saying that 99 percent of current U.S. cases are in that category.

Why does the U.S. have a disproportionate number of cases, about 9,400 out of those 31,420? There is “insufficient data from which to speculate,” as Mister Spock would say. It does perhaps help to know that this isn’t the country’s first outbreak. Says the WHO, “In 2003, forty-seven confirmed and probable cases of monkeypox were reported from six states,” with all victims apparently infected by prairie dogs that in turn appear to have had contact with small mammals imported from Ghana. The organization confirms that those cases marked the only instance of reported human monkeypox outside the region of Africa. Last year, an American who traveled to Nigeria also contracted the disease.

But as noted, this “new model” seems reluctant to kill. While the original variant had an estimated 3 to 6 percent mortality rate (which presumably would be lower in Western countries with better health services), there have been just four reported deaths outside of sub-Saharan Africa. The deaths occurred in Brazil (one death), Spain (two deaths), and India (one death). Further, we don’t know which definition of mortality was used: the traditional one, as in “died from,” or the newer one, long used with COVID and originally used with AIDS. Here’s a direct quote from the CDC: “In 2020, there were 18,489 deaths among people with diagnosed HIV in the U.S. and dependent areas. These deaths could be from any cause.” In regard to monkeypox, we know that in Brazil, the deceased man was immunocompromised and suffered from lymphoma.

Regardless, this is where social distancing would pay off — just a few inches would be enough. “Human-to-human transmission can result from close contact with respiratory secretions, skin lesions of an infected person or recently contaminated objects,” observes the WHO. “Transmission via droplet respiratory particles usually requires prolonged face-to-face contact.”

That said, monkeypox certainly qualifies as a sexually transmitted infection (STI). In the July 21, 2022, New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), a large international team of researchers who evaluated “528 infections diagnosed … at 43 sites in 16 countries” observed that “[o]verall, 98% of the persons with infection were gay or bisexual men.” Although the pictures you see of monkeypox victims show the rashes in any number of places, and indeed they can appear essentially anywhere, that’s not where the researchers were finding them.

Instead, as the NEJM article reports, “73% had anogenital lesions [penis and anus in this case, but otherwise also includes the vagina], and 41% had mucosal lesions.” So, we’re basically talking about the anus, the penis, and the mouth. Not only are all three of these normal points of extreme sexual contact during homosexual intercourse, but they are also mucous membranes, meaning they are thinner and more capable of allowing germ transmission.

Other data indicate we’re not talking about monogamous gay couples. When the U.K. Health Security Agency invited 82 gay, male monkeypox victims for additional interviews that centered on sexual health, it found that “[a]mong the 45 who participated, 44% reported more than 10 sexual partners in the previous 3 months, and 44% reported group sex during the incubation period.”

(Yes, the virus is normally also detected in semen — 91 percent of samples in one study — and not in blood or urine, but this could be essentially incidental. That is, what really counts is mucous membrane to mucous membrane contact.)

That it’s not exclusively transmitted through sex doesn’t mean it’s not an STI. “Can you catch syphilis without having sex?” asks a British health website. It continues: “The short answer is yes. Simply touching an infected sore or sharing items such as sex toys or razors could transmit the disease.” Further, “[p]regnant women can unwittingly pass on Syphilis to their unborn children during the pregnancy or at the time of birth, if the child is born vaginally.”

So, if syphilis qualifies as an STI, how can extra-African monkeypox not? Because it’s not woke to say so. “Monkeypox Is Not a Sexually Transmitted Infection: What Experts Want You to Know,” declaims a headline on

The same NEJM study reporting monkeypox victims to be 98 percent gay or bisexual exhorts, “Although the current outbreak is disproportionately affecting gay or bisexual men and other men who have sex with men, monkeypox is no more a ‘gay disease’ than it is an ‘African disease.’” Huh? The vast majority of monkeypox cases during the current outbreak are indeed occurring outside of Africa, but, with the latest Gallup poll on the issue finding that 3.9 percent of U.S. men identify themselves as gay, a disease whose victims consist almost entirely of male homosexuals isn’t a “gay disease.”

You can find a sort of layman’s explanation of the NEJM article in the Conversation of Aug. 2, penned by the lead author. Yet, just six days later, the same outlet ran an article in which an epidemiologist states: “While sexual encounters are currently the predominant mode of transmission among reported cases, monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted infection. STIs are spread primarily through sexual contact, while monkeypox can spread through any form of prolonged, close contact.”

None other than the vaunted Anthony Fauci himself has said that “the government must fight homophobic stigmas surrounding monkeypox.” And elsewhere, emphasizing “the risk for … children and pregnant women,” he said, “We’ve got to understand the modality of transmission.”

Gay men know it’s an STI. That’s why in San Francisco they’ve been lining up at 2 a.m. for a vaccine. Since you need the vaccine prior to transmission, what they’re saying is they’re not about to give up promiscuity even for a while.

But epidemiology, you see, like journalism, is a field heavily dominated by “homophile” leftists. The Washington Post reports, “[I]n a 2018 survey, 72.4 percent of members in the Society for Epidemiologic Research reported their political affiliation as ‘liberal/left-leaning,’ compared with 4.4 percent who responded ‘conservative/right-leaning.'” Epidemiology has long since gone from being a hard science to a political ideology.

Both medical and science literature, as well as popular publications, are filled with admonishments to not treat monkeypox as a gay disease just as at one time the same was true of HIV/AIDS. But with male gays representing perhaps a few percentage points of the population and apparently almost all the monkeypox cases outside of the traditional disease areas of Africa, you’re darned closing to saying, “Prostate cancer is not a male disease and cervical cancer is not a female one.” And hey! Don’t iPhones have pregnant man emojis?

Ultimately, I see two takeaways here. First, gay male promiscuity is always going to be a high-risk activity because only gay males can have a chain of anal-to-anal transmission of anything. A straight female can have receptive anal intercourse but cannot penetrate. This is what I referred to many years ago during the AIDS hysteria as “a firebreak.”


Second, epidemiologists are entitled to vote however they feel and put up lawn signs for the candidate of their choice. But we must insist that they separate their prejudices from their statistical findings. And as for Dr. Fauci and so many others who have advanced their careers by doing exactly the opposite? A pox on all their houses! (Yes, Fauci, Monkeypox Is a ‘Gay Disease’ - The American Spectator.)

In truth, however, very few people want to talk about the fact unchaste behavior spreads is deleterious to one’s spiritual and physical health. Saint Paul the Apostle made this abundantly clear in his Epistle to the Romans when speaking about how those engaged in the sin of Sodom receive in their own persons the just recompense for their perversity:

For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all iniquity, malice, fornication, avarice, wickedness, full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, malignity, whisperers, Detractors, hateful to God, contumelious, proud, haughty, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, foolish, dissolute, without affection, without fidelity, without mercy. Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them. (Romans 1: 18-32.)

Impure sins against nature are indeed filthy, which is why it is necessary to seek to convert those who are steeped in them and not to “accompany” or, worse yet, celebrate their lives of physical and spiritual self-destruction as do Jorge Mario Bergoglio and many of his hard-core ultra-Modernist Jacobin/Bolshevik conciliar revolutionaries.

To state these facts clearly is to hate no one as no one authentically loves another human being if he says or does anything that reaffirms him in grave sins and thus serves as an accomplice, even if only by silence or omission, in his eternal damnation. True love wills the good of others, and the ultimate expression of true love is to will the eternal salvation of all men. It is to this end that we must exercise the Spiritual Works of Mercy, one of which is to admonish the sinner.

Alas, admonitions of sinners are considered “judgment,” “hateful,” and bigoted in this perverse world of ours today that is under the reign of the adversary after having rejected the Social Reign of Christ the King, and this directly affects the course of public policy and social discourse when diseases caused by unchaste behavior become widespread while those guilty of such behavior are heroized as “victims.” While all those who suffer, including those who suffer as a consequence of their own free choices to defy the laws of God and nature that He created, are entitled to true, loving compassion in the provision of healthcare, Catholics have a responsibility to use the moment of grace when provided such compassion and authentic love to point out how they caused their suffering and to urge them to get straight with God by making a good Confession to a true priest as soon as possible.

Our situation today is quite unlike that which obtained in early 1968 in the City of New York when I was hospitalized at the Hospitalized for Special Surgery to undergo spinal fusion surgery made necessary by a condition called spondylolisthesis. The surgery lasted five hours on Wednesday, February 14, 1968, the Feast of Saint Valentine, and the lead surgeon, Dr. Allan Evans Inglis, told me that I had lost of considerable amount blood during it but decided against giving me a transfusion as there was an outbreak of hepatitis in the blood transfusion supply caused by the prevalence of Bowery derelicts giving their blood to get money to continue their drinking.

In the 1980s, however, virtually no one wanted to talk about banning sodomites from donating blood during the outbreak of the Autoimmune Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)/Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) even after tennis star Arthur Ashe died after contracting AIDS in a blood transfusion, and the sodomite collective when ballistic when an unsuspecting patient, Kimberly Bergalis, died of AIDS after contracting it from a dentist, Dr. David Acer, who was infected with the disease. Four people ultimately died because of Acer’s perversely unchaste behaivor:

STUART, Fla. — 

A retired schoolteacher who medical experts say was infected with the AIDS virus by her dentist has died of the disease, a hospice reported Sunday.

Barbara Webb, 68, slipped into a semi-coma last week, according to the Hospice of Martin. She died Saturday, her 45th wedding anniversary.

“She was never bitter about her death,” said hospice counselor Pam Jett. “She didn’t dwell on the future, she lived in the present.”

Webb became the fourth patient of Dr. David Acer, a Florida dentist who died of AIDS complications in 1990, to succumb to the disease. The first, Kimberly Bergalis, who died in 1991 at the age of 23, became an outspoken advocate of AIDS testing for medical personnel.

Two years ago, a federal study concluded that six of Acer’s patients contracted the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS, from him. Scientists are baffled as to precisely how Acer transmitted the virus. Acer, of Jensen Beach, Fla., is the only health professional ever known to have transmitted HIV to his patients.

Webb, a former high school English teacher and grandmother of eight, joined Bergalis in publicly calling for testing of health care workers. She gave dozens of speeches nationwide about living with AIDS. She was the teacher of the year in 1986-87 at Martin County High School.

She is survived by her husband, Robert, and three grown children. Her family has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the hospice or to other organizations that care for AIDS patients. (Fourth Patient of Florida Dentist With HIV Dies of AIDS - Los Angeles Times.)

What is even more tragic about this story was that the late Mrs. Webb had promote “hospice care” to treat patients afflicted with AIDS/HIV. The infiltration of the “third path” to death had been very complete by the 1980s and had become thoroughly institutionalized by the 1990s (see Chronicling the Adversary's Global Takeover of the Healthcare Industry.)

Thus, the Daily Caller report cited above is one of the places where there has been a willingness to state the monkeypox, such as it is, is spread almost exclusively by both natural and unnatural unchaste behavior, which is the government of the United States of America is trying to use the “monkeypox” as yet another excuse to declare “public health emergencies” that do not exist and then to claim that children are at risk, which is why, of course, they would “need” to b “vaccinated”:

The U.S. declared monkeypox a public health emergency to raise awareness and allow for additional funding to fight the disease’s spread, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said on Thursday.

“We’re prepared to take our response to the next level in addressing this virus, and we urge every American to take monkeypox seriously and to take responsibility to help us tackle this virus,” Becerra said.

Becerra said he also is considering a second declaration that would allow federal officials to expedite medical countermeasures — such as potential treatments and vaccines — designed to ensure drugs are safe and effective.

President Biden said in a tweet he remained “committed to our monkeypox response: ramping-up vaccine distribution, expanding testing, and educating at-risk communities.”

“That’s why today’s public health emergency declaration on the virus is critical to confronting this outbreak with the urgency it warrants,” Biden said.

The last time the U.S. declared a public health emergency was in January 2020, for COVID-19.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 7,100 cases of monkeypox have been reported in the U.S., including five cases in children.

Symptoms of monkeypox infection are usually mild and include fever, rash and swollen lymph nodes, and occasionally intense headache, back pain, muscle aches, lack of energy and skin eruptions that can cause painful lesions, scabs or crusts.

The virus is rarely fatal and no deaths have been reported in the U.S.

Monkeypox primarily is spread through skin-to-skin contact during sex and affects mostly gay and bisexual men, public health officials say, although the virus can affect anyone.

According to the CDC, about 98% of monkeypox patients who provided demographic information to clinics identified as men who have sex with men.

Now that the Biden administration has declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can move to issue an Emergency Use Authorization for the JYNNEOS vaccine for children under 18.

There are two vaccines that may be used “for the prevention” of monkeypox virus infection: JYNNEOS — also known as Imvamune or Imvanex — and ACAM2000, which is licensed by the FDA for use against smallpox and “made available for use against monkeypox under an Expanded Access Investigational New Drug application.”

The FDA told ABC News on Thursday that while the current monkeypox vaccine, JYNNEOS, is approved only for adults ages 18 and older, it will be available for kids on a case-by-case basis.

The JYNNEOS vaccine, delivered in a two-dose series, was not tested through clinical trials in children.

However, the FDA confirmed to ABC News that “numerous” children have been granted access to the vaccine through a special permission process, but declined to state exactly how many children have received the vaccine to date through this process.

“If a doctor decides a person under 18 was exposed to monkeypox and the benefit of the vaccine is greater than any potential risk, they can submit a request to the FDA,” ABC News reported.

According to the CDC, the “immune response” takes “14 days after the second dose of JYNNEOS and 4 weeks after the ACAM2000 dose for maximal development.”

The CDC website also states: “No data are available yet on the effectiveness of these vaccines in the current outbreak.”

According to the latest data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), between June 14 and July 21, 2022, 31 adverse events were reported following vaccination with JYNNEOS — manufactured by Bavarian Nordic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared monkeypox a global health emergency after more than 26,000 cases were reported across 87 countries.

A global emergency is the WHO’s highest level of alert, but the designation does not necessarily mean a disease is particularly transmissible or lethal.

The U.S. makes up 25% of confirmed cases globally although the U.K. was the first to alert the world to the outbreak in May after confirming several cases.

A monkeypox fictional simulation was held in March 2021

As The Defender reported in May, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, in conjunction with the Munich Security Conference, in March 2021 held a “tabletop exercise on reducing high-consequence biological threats,” involving an “unusual strain of monkeypox virus that first emerged in the fictional nation of Brinia and spread globally over 18 months.”

This is similar to “Event 201,” a “high-level pandemic exercise” organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, along with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — just weeks before the COVID-19 outbreak — that mirrored what later followed with COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Nuclear Threat Initiative, the monkeypox exercise, which was “developed in consultation with technical and policy experts,” brought together “19 senior leaders and experts from across Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe with decades of combined experience in public health, biotechnology industry, international security, and philanthropy.”

The fictional start date of the monkeypox pandemic in this exercise was May 15, 2022. The first European case of monkeypox was identified on May 7, 2022.

Key participants in the simulation included Johnson & Johnson and Janssen, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, GAVI — the Vaccine Alliance, Merck and the WHO.

Several of the participants listed above also “participated” in Event 201. (U.S. Declares Monkeypox Health Emergency, FDA Offers Vaccine to Some Kids Despite No Clinical Trials)

Another Event 201.

These monsters of social engineering stop at nothing in their truly sick and thoroughly diabolical schemes to make people sick and then to claim that they have the “cure” to treat a problem they themselves had engineered.

To assert that children at are risk by the monkeypox (a term that the late Rocco Iannucci, an octogenarian Italian immigrant who worked as a janitor at Oyster Bay High School’s Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Stadium in Oyster Bay, New York, even though, unbeknownst to any of us at the time between 1965 and 1969, he was a millionaire because of Wall Street investments and owned thoroughbred race horses in Arkansas, used to describe the skin of scholastic athletes, “You have the monkeypox,” he would say in his thick Italian accent) is obscene.

Then again, the whole plademic (scamdenic, scaredemic) has been obscene from the very beginning as those responsible for exploiting one public health “emergency” after another since March of 2020 do not care for human beings as redeemed creatures and have sought to suppress actual facts about their schemes, about their failed medical protocols that killed so many, and about the “vaccines” that are still killing and injuring so many.

Finally in this regard, therefore, we must never forget the tainted origins of the "vaccines" that have been derived from the development of embryonic cell lines culled from butchered babies dcades ago. While some have argued that the level of material cooperation with this evil is remote because of the passage of time and because the intention of those who seek out the "vaccines" is not to cooperate formall with the evil that had been done in the past. To this, though, I reply that the passage of time can never make that which is inherently wrong right and, I would observe further than perhaps it is no accident that these morally tainted potions that have killed and wounded so many human beings have produced such horrific consequences. To expect "good" to come out of a deliberate, free will choice to do that which is evil is absurd.

Behold the results.

VI. Real Disease, Real Lasting Effects

All this having been noted, however, it is important to state clearly once again that the SARS Cov2 Virus is real, and it can have devasting effects upon those who contract it if it is not caught early and treated properly.

Most of those in the medical and healthcare professions have used a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all set of protocols to treat patients who have come down with the virus, which is one of the major reasons these protocols have been responsible for so many thousands of deaths. There has been a general unwillingness to realize that each case is different because each person is different and what might work for some will not work for all, especially those who are elderly and/or are suffering from preexisting comorbidities.

There are, however, a network of well-informed and courageous physicians within the United States of American and elsewhere in the world who have sacrificed much to learn what works when treating patients infected with the virus.

My own cardiologist, for example, Dr. Peter McCullough, has, along with others of his professional colleagues, created a diagrammed chart of measures to be undertaken when suspects that he has been infected with the virus and/or has tested positive for it, noting that the tests remain unreliable but are considered, for better or for worse, the “proof” that one has the disease.

Dr. McCullough was kind enough to send me a copy of the diagrammed chart when feeling of overwhelming fatigue, body aches, and intestinal cramping came over me during the evening of July 27, 2022, and then worsened on Thursday, July 28, 2022, and I want to provide this chart with readers of this site as I caution one and all that I am not providing medical advice and only trying to inform you of possible courses of treatment that must be discussed with a reliable physician, if not Dr. McCullough himself as he makes himself readily available to those who seek him out for assistance at