Refusing to See the Divine Impress In All Others, part one: Memorandum to Mister Rogers

As is so frequently noted on this site, we are living at a time when the twin, inter-related forces of Judeo-Masonic Modernity and the Modernism of the counterfeit church of conciliarism have produced a world steeped in paganism and awash in the blood of innocent human beings. What should be the safest of all places in human existence, the sanctuary of a mother’s womb, has become one of the dangerous places for innocent human lives, and what should be places of health and healing, hospitals, are now places where innocent lives can be snuffed out at any time after birth for a variety of utilitarian reasons.

Moreover, there are marauding savages who drive the highways without regard to the safety of others and who gather with others in mobs to attack innocent victims at random. There is no safe refuge anywhere during this time of Modernity in the world and Modernism in the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Then again, we should expect nothing less when men do not know who they are in light of Who has created and redeemed them and thus do not see the Divine impress in themselves, no less in all others. Very few people know to treat others as we would treat Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Himself in the very Flesh as they are ignorant of His Sacred Teaching and may even be contemptuous of any mention of His Holy Name. Paganism and barbarism hold sway in this mad world of ours where what was unthinkable fifty years ago has become commonplace and where all that is immoral and unjust is considered eminently just.

We have seen the spectacle of journalists, so-called celebrities and others calling openly for the assassination of the President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump, and/or for physical violence to done to his family members and to all others who wear “gear” expressive support for the current naturalist in the White House.  (On a separate matter, President Trump is a narcissist who abhors criticism, which is why he spends many hours watching cable news coverage of him rather than supervising the governing process, but so is his immediate predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soeto, who believes that the “country turned on him” by electing a “clown,” namely, Trump. This will be the subject of a brief commentary soon.) Alabama State Representative John Rogers actually went so far as to say that Donald John Trump, Jr’s, very existence is proof enough for the “necessity” of surgical abortion:

Alabama Democratic state Rep. John Rogers, who came under fire from conservatives for his extreme remarks about abortion yesterday, responded to criticism that had been leveled at him by Donald Trump Jr. by saying that “His mother should’ve aborted him.”

On the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives yesterday, Rogers argued against an anti-abortion bill by claiming that “some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later.”

This set off a firestorm, with the president's son tweeting, “This is stomach curling and makes Ralph Northam look like a moderate on abortion.”

Northam, the governor of Virginia and a medical doctor, drew criticism earlier this year for his defense of late-term abortions.

“He’s retarded or crazy, Donald Trump’s son. I knew he was crazy. The best defense I’ve got for abortion right there, looking at him,” Rogers said.

Yesterday, Rogers explained his opposition to the pro-life bill in a rambling speech, where he said he believed that “some kids are unwanted.” Rogers continued, “You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair. So, you kill them now or you kill them later.” 

Rgers also said he opposed the bill because some children “will be retarded and half-deformed.”

“All I’m saying to you is it ought to be a woman’s choice. I’m not about to be the male telling a woman what to do with her body. She has a right to make that decision herself,” Rogers said.

A spokesman for Trump Jr. responded to Rogers' remarks.

"Sadly, vile comments like this have become par for the course for the Democrat Party," Andy Surabian told the Washington Examiner. "They've become so deranged by President Trump's victory that celebrating late-term abortion, support for eugenics and even calling for the death of political opponents is becoming their standard operating procedure. I hope every elected Democrat in the country has the common decency and moral courage to disavow these types of grotesque statements from members of their party."

The bill in question passed the Alabama House of Representatives by a vote of 74-3.

This morning, Rogers doubled down, saying, “You’re killing them anyway. You’re putting them in jail, and that’s the worst thing in the world … You’re killing them anyway, bringing all these unwanted children into the world.”

“Then you’ve got to realize that sometimes when a child is born they tell you up front that if you want to have this child, the child won’t be able to function. This child is already or will become malformed. It won’t have a brain. It might have one eye or something like that.” Rogers said. “And that’s the parent’s decision about whether they want to bring the child into the world like that.”

Both Wednesday and Thursday, Rogers also engaged in some conspiracy theorizing, saying, “Most black folks have their kids. You know who have abortions? White folks. The majority of who have abortions now are white. It’s not about abortion, it’s about keeping a racial balance.”

Blacks are having their babies, this is done by a lot of whites feeling they have to balance the scale … So there’s a move afoot to put more whites on this earth,” Rogers said.

The abortion rate is significantly higher among African Americans than it is among whites.

Some national Democrats began to distance themselves from Rogers on Thursday. Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., who had actually been an attorney for Rogers for years, representing him as early as 1989 and as recently as 2010, called for Rogers to apologize.

In a statement provided to the Washington Examiner, Jones said, “I thought it was outrageous. I was absolutely appalled … I have known Representative Rogers for a long, long time. I think he owes an apology to the people of the state.”

“It is very, very unfortunate and I condemn it in the strongest possible terms,” Jones said.

A spokesperson for Jones said that he had called Rogers personally to express his outrage and to ask for an apology. (Mister Rogers Speaks.)

Alabama State Representative John Rogers’s comments are beyond outrageous. They are a caricature of racism, ignorance and abject utilitarianism.

Here is a little memorandum to the intellectually and factually challenged John Rogers:

Every child is wanted by the true God of Divine Revelation, the Most Holy Trinity.

We are to see the image of the Suffering and Crucified Redeemer in all those who suffer, including a child born with mental retardation or other physical abnormality. We are to provide the same kind of love and care a suffering child as we would to Christ the King Himself. There are no exceptions to this, unless, that is, the following words uttered by the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity made Man in Our Lady’s Virginal and Immaculate Womb by the power of the Third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, God the Holy Ghost, at the Annunciation do not apply to the weak, the elderly, the deformed, the preborn, the supposedly “unwanted”:

And as you would that men should do to you, do you also to them in like manner. (Luke 6: 31.)

Do you, John Rogers, believe that men should treat you the way you want the preborn and the “unwanted,” the “crazy,” the “deformed,” the “stupid, “the retarded” and anyone else you think is deserving of death.

Our Lord never permits anyone to carry a cross that is too heavy for hin to bear, and a parent must consider it a privilege and joy to provide love and selfless care to a child who will be dependent  upon them for their entire lives.

Mister Rogers, no one has the authority to defy the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law by killing an innocent human being. The Fifth Commandment’s prohibition against the direct, intentional taking of innocent life is inscribed on the very flesh of our hearts and on stone tablets: “Thou shalt not kill.”

By the way, Mister Rogers, the execution of a criminal by the duly constituted authority of the civil state in accord with the due process of law is not the taking of an innocent life. The Natural Law affords the civil state with both the right and, if the circumstances warrant, the necessity, the duty to put malefactors adjudged guilty of heinous crimes to death. You, sir, are an ignoramus.

Mister Rogers, you are so ignorant that you cannot even state facts clearly as population control has always been about social engineering targeted against black people, the poor, the “deformed,” the “useless,” the “disabled” and “misfits.”

Here are the facts about Margaret Sanger’s utilitarian schemes of social engineering that were aimed specifically at blacks and the stability of the black family:

A 1992 article from something called Citizen magazine provided great evidence to prove Sanger’s racialist agenda of eugenics and social control of the “undesirables”. Here are some excerpts from that article:

At a March 1925 international birth control gathering in New York City, a speaker warned of the menace posed by the "black" and "yellow" peril. The man was not a Nazi or Klansman; he was Dr. S. Adolphus Knopf, a member of Margaret Sanger's American Birth Control League (ABCL), which along with other groups eventually became known as Planned Parenthood.

Sanger's other colleagues included avowed and sophisticated racists. One, Lothrop Stoddard, was a Harvard graduate and the author of The Rising Tide of Color against White Supremacy. Stoddard was something of a Nazi enthusiast who described the eugenic practices of the Third Reich as "scientific" and "humanitarian." And Dr. Harry Laughlin, another Sanger associate and board member for her group, spoke of purifying America's human "breeding stock" and purging America's "bad strains." These "strains" included the "shiftless, ignorant, and worthless class of antisocial whites of the South."

Not to be outdone by her followers, Margaret Sanger spoke of sterilizing those she designated as "unfit," a plan she said would be the "salvation of American civilization.: And she also spike of those who were "irresponsible and reckless," among whom she included those " whose religious scruples prevent their exercising control over their numbers." She further contended that "there is no doubt in the minds of all thinking people that the procreation of this group should be stopped." That many Americans of African origin constituted a segment of Sanger considered "unfit" cannot be easily refuted.

While Planned Parenthood's current apologists try to place some distance between the eugenics and birth control movements, history definitively says otherwise. The eugenic theme figured prominently in the Birth Control Review, which Sanger founded in 1917. She published such articles as "Some Moral Aspects of Eugenics" (June 1920), "The Eugenic Conscience" (February 1921), "The purpose of Eugenics" (December 1924), "Birth Control and Positive Eugenics" (July 1925), "Birth Control: The True Eugenics" (August 1928), and many others.

These eugenic and racial origins are hardly what most people associate with the modern Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), which gave its Margaret Sanger award to the late Dr. Martin Luther King in 1966, and whose current president, Faye Wattleton, is black, a former nurse, and attractive.

Though once a social pariah group, routinely castigated by religious and government leaders, the PPFA is now an established, high-profile, well-funded organization with ample organizational and ideological support in high places of American society and government. Its statistics are accepted by major media and public health officials as "gospel"; its full-page ads appear in major newspapers; its spokespeople are called upon to give authoritative analyses of what America's family policies should be and to prescribe official answers that congressmen, state legislator and Supreme Court justiices all accept as "social orthodoxy”. . . .

It was in 1939 that Sanger's larger vision for dealing with the reproductive practices of black Americans emerged. After the January 1939 merger of her Clinical Research Bureau and the ABCL to form the Birth Control Federation of America, Dr. Clarence J. Gamble was selected to become the BCFA regional director for the South. Dr. Gamble, of the soap-manufacturing Procter and Gamble company, was no newcomer to Sanger's organization. He had previously served as director at large to the predecessor ABCL.

Gamble lost no time and drew up a memorandum in November 1939 entitled "Suggestion for Negro Project." Acknowledging that black leaders might regard birth control as an extermination plot, he suggested that black leaders be placed in positions where it would appear that they were in charge as it was at an Atlanta conference.

It is evident from the rest of the memo that Gamble conceived the project almost as a traveling road show. A charismatic black minister was to start a revival, with "contributions" to come from other local cooperating ministers. A "colored nurse" would follow, supported by a subsidized "colored doctor." Gamble even suggested that music might be a useful lure to bring the prospects to a meeting.

Sanger answered Gamble on Dec. 10. 1939, agreeing with the assessment. She wrote: "We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten that idea out if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members." In 1940, money for two "Negro Project" demonstration programs in southern states was donated by advertising magnate Albert D. Lasker and his wife, Mary. (Black | The Truth About Margaret Sanger.)

You, Mister Rogers, are an imbecile.

Here are the facts about who is having more abortions:

In America today, the average black woman is almost five times more likely to have an abortion than the average white woman.1 Part of this disparity owes to the fact that, statistically, black women get pregnant more frequently than white women,2 but even if we control for pregnancy, black babies are still more than three times more likely to be aborted than their white counterparts.3 No matter what your opinion of abortion, the fact that it disproportionality eliminates members of the minority community is a significant sociological problem.  

Here’s what it looks like by the numbers. According to the latest census data, just over 12% of the U.S. population is black,4 and yet somewhere between 28-36% of all 2014 abortions were performed on black babies. The Guttmacher Institute puts that number at 28%, based on voluntary survey data from 8,380 respondents.5 The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) places the number at 36%, based on actual counts of every abortion performed in the 30 states/districts that collect and report abortion data by race.6 By comparison, non-Hispanic white women make up 61% of the population but account for only 38-39% of all abortions.7

Among black women, the current abortion ratio is 391.8 That means there are 391 abortions for every 1,000 live births. Statistically, 28% of black pregnancies end in abortion (excluding miscarriages). Among white women, the abortion ratio is 121—which means less than 11% of white pregnancies end in abortion.9 The current abortion rate among black women, which is the number of abortions per 1,000 women of reproductive age is 26.6.10 That means that in 2014, 2.7% of black women, aged 15-44, had an abortion. By comparison, only 0.75% of white women of reproductive age had an abortion that year.11

In 2016, approximately 2,538 human beings lost their lives to abortion each day in the United States.12 On average, 18% were Hispanic, 36% were black, and 38% were white.13 That translates to approximately 457 Hispanic children, 914 black children, and 964 white children. Though the white population in the U.S. outnumbers the black population five to one,14 abortion kills close to the same number of black children each day as it does white children. In fact, more members of the black community are killed by abortion each year in the United States than by all other causes combined.15

Though the black population in America grew by 12% between 2000 and 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that the black population "grew at a slower rate than most other major race and ethnic groups in the country."16 CBS News reported in 2009 that "Hispanics have surpassed blacks as the nation's largest minority group."17 Can there be any doubt that abortion has significantly impacted this demographic shift? Despite similar population numbers, Hispanic women account for approximately 19% of U.S. abortions whereas African-American women account for up to 36%. 

The CDC reports that during the 1970's, roughly 24% of all U.S. abortions were performed on black women.18 That percentage rose to 30% in the 1980's, 34% in the 1990's and has held at 36% throughout the 2000's.19 That means that about 31% of all U.S. abortions since 1973 have been performed on African American women. Based on the January 2018 estimate that there have been 60 million abortions in the United States since 1973,20 we can deduce that well over 18 million of them were performed on black babies. As of July 2017, the black population in the U.S. stood somewhere around 40 million,21 which means that abortion has reduced the size of the black community by more than 30%—and that doesn't include the children and grandchildren that would have been born to those aborted more than a generation ago.

Recognizing that abortion disproportionately impacts minorities is one thing. Understanding why is quite another. According to a 2017 Pew Research survey, there is not much of an ideological divide between blacks and whites when it comes to abortion. Though a black woman is up to five times more likely to have an abortion than a white woman, she is only .002 times more likely to support abortion as a matter of public policy.22 And though black women are more than twice as likely to live in poverty than white women, their poverty levels are relatively comparable to Hispanic women.23 In both cases, the disparity in income doesn’t match the disparity in abortions—which tells us that something beyond ideology and economics is at work here.

Some suggest that the reason black women have a much higher rate of abortion is because the abortion industry has strategically targeted them. Life Issues Institute reports that a majority of Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics are within walking distance of minority communities.24 The Guttmacher Institute insists that most of Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics are in neighborhoods with a white majority.25 Since each is saying a slightly different thing, it’s fair to say that the data is inconclusive. That being said, successful businesses place their products within easy reach of their primary customers, and Planned Parenthood runs the most successful abortion business in the country. We can argue as to whether their geographic placement creates the demand for abortion, or whether the demand for abortion determines their geographic placement, but it’s almost certainly a little of both. That’s how businesses operate in the real world. John Piper, a white pastor with a heart for racial justice, recognizes that the rationale for placement is less important than the result:

The de facto effect—I don’t call it the main cause, but net effect—of putting abortion clinics in the urban centers is that the abortion of Hispanic and Black babies is more than double their percentage of the population... Call this what you will—when the slaughter has an ethnic face and the percentages are double that of the white community and the killers are almost all white, something is going on here that ought to make the lovers of racial equality and racial harmony wake up.26

The fact that black leaders like former President Barack Obama support abortion does not change the reality of what is happening. How many candidates for public office have abandoned a prior conviction so as to be consistent with a party platform? This is perhaps nowhere more evident than in Reverend Jesse Jackson's flip-flop on abortion. Prior to having ambitions as a Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, he was an eloquent and outspoken opponent of abortion. (Abortion and Race.)

John Rogers, you are ignoramus and a tool of forces directed black Americans.

You are, Mister Rogers, also a racist who believes that there are too many white people who are having children when the truth is that the percentage of the population is white is declining precisely because of contraception, surgical abortion and illegal immigration.

Moreover, Mister Rogers, you are oblivious to the simple fact that there is no such thing as a “white soul” or “black soul” or a “brown soul.” There are only human souls, made in the image and likeness of the Most Blessed Trinity, endowed with a rational intellect and will, which know no distinctions of race, ethnicity, national original or other characteristics used today to divide people into warning tribes.

Saint Paul teaches us as follows:

[6] For which things the wrath of God cometh upon the children of unbelief, [7] In which you also walked some time, when you lived in them. [8] But now put you also all away: anger, indignation, malice, blasphemy, filthy speech out of your mouth. [9] Lie not one to another: stripping yourselves of the old man with his deeds, [10] And putting on the new, him who is renewed unto knowledge, according to the image of him that created him.

[11] Where there is neither Gentile nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian nor Scythian, bond nor free. But Christ is all, and in all.[12] Put ye on therefore, as the elect of God, holy, and beloved, the bowels of mercy, benignity, humility, modesty, patience: [13] Bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, if any have a complaint against another: even as the Lord hath forgiven you, so do you also[14] But above all these things have charity, which is the bond of perfection: [15] And let the peace of Christ rejoice in your hearts, wherein also you are called in one body: and be ye thankful.

[16] Let the word of Christ dwell in you abundantly, in all wisdom: teaching and admonishing one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual canticles, singing in grace in your hearts to God. [17]All whatsoever you do in word or in work, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. (Colossians 3: 6-17.)

It does not make any difference, Mister Rogers, how many whites or how many blacks are being born. God wants souls one earth to give Him honor and glory through His true Church so that they can give Him honor and glory for all eternity in Heaven after having lived and died in a state of Sanctifying Grace. 

The Cross of the Divine Redeemer, Christ the King, as It is lifted high by His Catholic Church unites men of all races as they strive for personal sanctity as the consecrated slaves of Our King through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mart. Consider these words from Pope Pius XI's Mit Brennender Sorge, March 17, 1937, that denounced Nazi racialism:

Whoever exalts race, or the people, or the State, or a particular form of State, or the depositories of power, or any other fundamental value of the human community -- however necessary and honorable be their function in worldly things -- whoever raises these notions above their standard value and divinizes them to an idolatrous level, distorts and perverts an order of the world planned and created by God; he is far from the true faith in God and from the concept of life which that faith upholds.

Beware, Venerable Brethren, of that growing abuse, in speech as in writing, of the name of God as though it were a meaningless label, to be affixed to any creation, more or less arbitrary, of human speculation. Use your influence on the Faithful, that they refuse to yield to this aberration. Our God is the Personal God, supernatural, omnipotent, infinitely perfect, one in the Trinity of Persons, tri-personal in the unity of divine essence, the Creator of all existence. Lord, King and ultimate Consummator of the history of the world, who will not, and cannot, tolerate a rival God by His side.

This God, this Sovereign Master, has issued commandments whose value is independent of time and space, country and race. As God's sun shines on every human face so His law knows neither privilege nor exception. Rulers and subjects, crowned and uncrowned, rich and poor are equally subject to His word. From the fullness of the Creators' right there naturally arises the fullness of His right to be obeyed by individuals and communities, whoever they are. This obedience permeates all branches of activity in which moral values claim harmony with the law of God, and pervades all integration of the ever-changing laws of man into the immutable laws of God.

None but superficial minds could stumble into concepts of a national God, of a national religion; or attempt to lock within the frontiers of a single people, within the narrow limits of a single race, God, the Creator of the universe, King and Legislator of all nations before whose immensity they are "as a drop of a bucket" (Isaiah xI, 15). (Pope Pius XI, Mit Brennender Sorge, March 17, 1937.) 

You are fool, Mister Rogers, an ignorant fool.

As Catholics, my friends, we know that God does not judge us on the basis of the race or ethnicity. Our immortal souls is made unto His own very image and likeness in that we have a rational soul with an intellect to know Him and a will to choose with which to love and to serve Him. Human beings do not love God as "blacks" or as "whites" or as "Latinos or Latinas" or as "Orientals" or as "Native Americans" or as "Italians" or as "Croatians" or as "French" or as "Americans" but as creatures whose immortal souls have been redeemed by the shedding of every single drop of the Most Precious Blood of the Divine Redeemer, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Human beings are called upon to love God as He has revealed Himself to them through His true Church, the Catholic Church, and to love their own immortal souls as they have been redeemed at so great a cost. Our principal identity as human beings is as members of the Catholic Church. Everything else about us (race, ethnicity, nationality, gender), although occurring certainly within the Providence of God, is secondary.

As I tried to explain to students during my days as a college professor, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ embraced all of the legitimate joys and sorrows of this passing, mortal vale of tears as He underwent His fearful Passion and Death. We suffer or experience joy as human beings, as redeemed creatures, not as mere animals identifiable by external characteristics. There are no such things as "black" tears or "white" tears or "Indian" tears. There is no such thing as "white" joy or "black" joy" or "Latino" joy. The use of the "race" or "ethnicity" or "gender" card is the refuge of cowardly scoundrels who seek privilege and/or to indemnify slothful or corrupt behavior.

We are to see in each person the very impress of the Divine Redeemer and to treat Him accordingly, rendering unto each person that which is his due. We are to discriminate unjustly (we must discriminate justly in many circumstances of our lives as we choose which merchant to patronize, which person to employ, who to admit to a seat in a college or a professional school, to deny employment or privileges to those steeped in public scandal, etc.) against no one nor must we use the external characteristics of a human being to extend privileges that are undeserving and/or would result in an injustice to someone else.

Human beings are supposed to be bound together by the common bonds of the Catholic Faith, not to break into warring tribes along ethnic or racial or geographic lines, seething with hatred and resentment at those who have "more" (power, money, fame, prestige, accomplishment) than they do. We are to help each other get home to Heaven as members of the Catholic Church who aspire to make reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary for our sins, fulfilling these words of Saint Paul in his Epistle to the Ephesians as we seek to build up each other as members of the Mystical Body of Christ on earth:

 [16] From whom the whole body, being compacted and fitly joined together, by what every joint supplieth, according to the operation in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body, unto the edifying of itself in charity. This then I say and testify in the Lord: That henceforward you walk not as also the Gentiles walk in the vanity of their mind, [18] Having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their hearts. [19] Who despairing, have given themselves up to lasciviousness, unto the working of all uncleanness, unto the working of all uncleanness, unto covetousness. [20] But you have not so learned Christ;

[21] If so be that you have heard him, and have been taught in him, as the truth is in Jesus: [22] To put off, according to former conversation, the old man, who is corrupted according to the desire of error. [23] And be renewed in the spirit of your mind: [24] And put on the new man, who according to God is created in justice and holiness of truth. [25] Wherefore putting away lying, speak; ye the truth every man with his neighbour; for we are members one of another.

[26] Be angry, and sin not. Let not the sun go down upon your anger. [27] Give not place to the devil. [28] He that stole, let him now steal no more; but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have something to give to him that suffereth need. [29] Let no evil speech proceed from your mouth; but that which is good, to the edification of faith, that it may administer grace to the hearers. [30] And grieve not the holy Spirit of God: whereby you are sealed unto the day of redemption.

[31] Let all bitterness, and anger, and indignation, and clamour, and blasphemy, be put away from you, with all malice. [32] And be ye kind one to another; merciful, forgiving one another, even as God hath forgiven you in Christ.  (Ephesians 4: 16-32.)

We are to be bound together by the common bonds of the Catholic Faith.

Yet it is that those steeped in the anti-Incarnational lies of Modernity, including any and all variations of the naturalistic myths of Judeo-Masonry, have prepared the way for the demographic annihilation of their own by defying the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law as they have been entrusted solely to the Catholic Church for their eternal safekeeping and infallible explication. The practice of contraception and of even "natural" forms of "family limitation" and the widespread use of surgical methods of killing innocent preborn babies in the "civilized" West has placed the indigenous populations of the formerly Catholic countries of Europe on an irreversible path to extinction. This self-annihilation has already changed the demographics and hence the politics and the laws and the culture of such countries as France and Germany and England. Various "nationalist" groups have arisen in European countries to "defend" these indigenous populations when the truth is that Europeans, having rejected the true Faith entirely, including the corrupted version advanced by the counterfeit ape of the Catholic Church that is the conciliar church, have brought this on themselves, thus making inevitable, barring a miraculous intervention by God Himself, there, and Jorge Mario Bergoglio is one of the chief cheerleaders and co-conspirators in all this.

Every social disorder in the world today is, of course, the product of Original Sin and of our own Actual Sins, and, proximately speaking, the Protestant Revolution against the Social Reign of Christ the King that has been cemented in place by Judeo-Masonry and give an official “seal of approval” by the lords of conciliarism. Things must be continue to degenerate as men become more pagan and more barbaric in their daily lives, and there will be no improvement until a true pope is restored to the Throne of Saint Peter and fulfills Our Lady’s Fatima Message by consecrating Russia to her Immaculate Heart with all the world’s true bishops.

The next original commentary on this site will focus on a related crime against the Fifth Commandment, that has been discussed on this several times in the past few years, namely, the execution of innocent human beings by means of “palliative care” and the determination of hospitals and other “care centers” to deny legitimate medical treatment and the ordinary care that must be giving to a human being, even if brain-damaged or comatose, no matter his “quality of life.”

On the Feast of Saint Stanislaus

Today is the Feast of Saint Staninslaus, bishop and martyr, who was a courageous witness to the primacy of Holy Mother Church to the civil state. Saint Stanislaus was also opposed to the lustful ways of King Boleslaus, which is quite a contrast to the way that Bergoglio and friends reaffirm hardened sinners, including those are living in what are, objectively speaking, states of Mortal Sin and are openly supportive of the four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance, including willful murder.

Here is the account of Saint Stanislaus’s life as find in the readings for Matins in today’s Divine Office:

This Stanislaw was a Pole. He was born of a noble family, (on the 26th day of July, in the year of our Lord 1030,) at (Szcrepanow, in the diocese of) Cracow. His godly parents, who had been childless for thirty years, obtained him from God by prayer, and from his earliest years he gave token of the holiness of life which afterwards marked him. When he was a young man he applied himself heartily to all useful learning, and was deeply read in the sacred teaching of the Canons and of Theological science. After the death of his parents he inherited great possessions, but he sold them, and distributed the price to the poor, purposing himself to become a monk. However, by the Providence of God, Lampert, Bishop of Cracow, named him Canon of the Cathedral Church of that diocese, and Preacher in the same and afterwards, in 1072, he was elected, against his own will, to succeed to Lampert's place. In this office he was a bright and shining light of all virtues that become a shepherd of souls, especially of tenderness toward the poor.

At that time Boleslaw II. was King of Poland, and him Stanislaw grievously offended, because he openly rebuked him for his shameless lust. Wherefore, in a solemn Parliament of his kingdom, he made Stanislaw to be brought before him on a false accusation of having taken wrongfully a certain village, which he had bought in the name of his Church. The Bishop could not rebut this charge by documents, and the witnesses were in too great fear to speak the truth. Stanislaw therefore said that in three days he would produce before the judgment-seat one Peter, from whom he had bought the village, and who had been dead three years. His enemies laughed thereat, and closed with his proposal, and the man of God gave himself up to fasting and prayer for three days. On the day which he had promised, after he had offered up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, he commanded Peter to rise from the grave. Peter then immediately came to life, arose, and followed Stanislaw to the King's judgment-seat, where before the King and all others, who were struck dumb with amazement, he bore witness of the sale of the village, and the honest payment of the price by the Bishop, and then again fell asleep in the Lord.

Stanislaw often rebuked Boleslaw, but when he found it was in vain, he at last cut him off from the communion of Christ's faithful people. Thereupon Boleslaw became frenzied with rage, and on the 8th of May, in the year 1079, sent soldiers to the Church to murder the holy Bishop. This they thrice essayed to do, but God was pleased that they should be held back by some unseen power. In the end, the ungodly King with his own hand cut off the head of the Priest of God as he was standing at the Altar offering up the Sacrifice without spot. His body was hewn into pieces and strewn about the fields, but the eagles strangely kept the beasts of prey off it. The Canons of the Cathedral of Cracow soon gathered together the mutilated and scattered limbs, which they were enabled to see by a lightness which overspread the sky at night and they fitted them together, each into his place. The relics immediately so joined themselves one to the other, that no marks of wounds remained. Moreover, God was pleased to manifest the holiness of His servant by many wonders after his death, by the which being moved, Pope Innocent IV. added his name to those of the Saints, and the Supreme Pontiff Clement VIII. gave his Feast a place in the Service Book of the Church of Rome, commanding that the memory of so glorious a Martyr should be everywhere celebrated under the Double rite. (Matins, The Divine Office, Feast of Saint Stanislaus.)

We need the likes of Saint Stanislaus today to call wickedness by its proper name and to oppose and denounce the ramblings of the likes of John Rogers without fear of the consequences.

May Our Lady, she who is our Mother of Perpetual Help and Help of Christians, intercede for us now in this month of May so that our total consecration to her Divine Son through her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart and our faithful, prayerful meditation on her Most Holy Rosary will plant a few seeds for the restoration of Holy Mother Church and of the Social Reign of Christ the King in the world.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Viva La Virgen de Guadalupe!

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?

Immaculate Heart of Mary, triumph soon!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Stanislaus, pray for us.