No Human Being Is A Vegetable

As has been documented on this so many times in the past, most hospitals today are run and staffed by modern-day Aztecs who are eager to declare living human beings dead when they are still very much alive. A supposed medical “declaration” of “brain death,” which is myth invented by medical ghouls intent on finding a way to create a market of transplantable human organs, makes possible the vivisection of living human beings.  


In most cases such declarations of “death” and/or decisions to cease treatment on a patient after a few days or a few weeks are accepted by relatives out of respect for the “expertise” of those who have a vested interest in turning a profit on the dismemberment of living human beings. It is only occasionally that a family actually has the courage to challenge the diagnoses made by supposed medical “experts,” although more and more people are learning the truth of the manufactured, profit-making that is “brain death” thanks to the work of the heroic Dr. Paul A. Byrne and the Life Legal Foundation.  


Additionally, there are cases of human beings declared to “brain dead” or in “persistent vegetative states” that make the “mainstream” news media when they recover, sometimes years later, after such a declaration. Such is the case of a man in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Dylan Rizzo:

Even in an era of seemingly endless media sources, when an item appears on one of the networks, it has traction. Take CBS Sunday Morning.

Correspondent Lee Cowan does a terrific job in telling the more- common-than-we-think story, in this case of Dylan Rizzo, who was involved in a devastating car crash in 2011 when he was 19.

Rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, “Within an hour neurosurgeons had removed the left side of his skull and part of the right to make room for his brain to swell,” Cowan explained.

Not unexpectedly he slipped into a deep coma. When he did awake he “had transitioned into what’s called a vegetative state,” where his eyes were open but he was unaware (or seemed unaware) of his surroundings.

Spoiler alert. Five years later Dylan has made tremendous progress in his recovery. But what makes the story so powerful is the larger lesson his recovery illustrates.

Let’s go back to 2011. Dylan didn’t make much progress in the month after he had awakened.

“Doctors broke the news to his parents that unless he came out of it soon, Dylan would likely stay in that vegetative state for life,” Cowen explained. More than one patient has had his or her organs harvested when that artificial–and unrealistic–deadline is met.

Then the all-important transition:

But one man, Joseph Giacino — not a medical doctor, but a researcher brought in to study the case — thought that Dylan’s brain might just need more time.

“We were sort of lumping everyone into this vegetative state category.”

Exactly. As we have written so often in NRL News Today, there is (what Cowan described as) “a growing number of experts warning of what he calls a “rush to judgment” in cases of consciousness.

Ciacino, a neuro-psychologist at Boston’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, is one of that growing number of skeptics.

“As many as 40% of individuals who have been diagnosed with vegetative state, actually retain some conscious awareness,” he said. “That’s a fairly alarming number.”

Ciacino dispatched at least one enduring myth in his conversation with Cowan. “The adage was, the brain is not a muscle, so you know, just simply exercising it is not going to help it,” he said. “Now, there’s evidence that if you do rehearsal of a particular behavior, including in a damaged brain, it may well get better.”

The bulk of the remainder of 9-minute video is a testimony to Dylan’s family, his doctors, his therapists, and Dylan himself. They pushed Dylan and Dylan responded.

Cowan ends his delightful story with additional evidence of Dylan’s optimism:

His amazing journey has surprised everyone — his friends, his family, and his doctors. The only person NOT surprised by it all is Dylan Rizzo himself.

Cowan asked, “You sort of knew that you were going to get better, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, it was guarantee-able,” Dylan replied. “I’m going to be better, that’s it. Just keep going. That’s what I always say, just keep going, that’s it.”

(Man Recovers Five Years After Declared to be in a Vegetative State.)

Human beings are not vegetables. Even those with supposedly low brain functions are entitled to ordinary care, including the provision of food and water no matter how administered. It is an offense against truth to claim that the provision of food and water to a human being declared “brain dead” or in a “persistent vegetative state” constitutes “medical treatment.” That is a lie.  Dylan Rizzo is just one example of many that have broken through the steel curtain of the “mainstream” media in recent years.

Permit me to reprise four similar stories have relevance to yet another needless court battle to save the life of a little two year-old boy, Israel Stinson, in California:

October 9, 2012 (Texas Right to Life) - A 12-year-old boy, whose doctor claimed he was in a “persistent vegetative state” after suffering a gunshot wound to the head, is now talking and receiving physical therapy at a Dallas hospital.

On August 6, Zach McDaniel was shot in the head as a bystander when he got caught in the crossfire of a drug deal gone bad. He was rushed to emergency surgery in Abilene, placed in a drug-induced coma, and then transferred to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth on a ventilator.

Upon transfer, Cook Children’s staff claimed that Zach’s prognosis was poor, and that part of his brain had been removed during surgery. They pressured Zach’s parents to sign an organ donation consent form.

However, a brain scan later revealed that Zach’s brain was intact. The staff said that there must have been miscommunication between the two hospitals.

But just a week later, the hospital convened an ethics committee, an entity under Texas law that has the power to terminate a patient’s care after 10 days. It was the committee’s opinion that any further care for Zach would be futile, and moved to terminate care. Zach’s parents pleaded for the hospital to give him time to recover. But because of procedural mistakes, the committee did not technically convene, and their ruling didn’t stand.

Three days after that, Zach was able to breathe on his own. Yet, on that same day, Zach’s doctor secretly withdrew Zach’s food and water, then slipped a “Do Not Resuscitate” order into his chart without his parent’s knowledge or consent. Dehydration can cause—among other serious problems—cardiac arrest. But with the DNR in his file, if Zach did need help, the hospital would have done nothing to save his life.

When Zach’s mother, Jessica, discovered the DNR and realized that her son wasn’t receiving food and water, she was alarmed and called Texas Right to Life for help.

Texas Right to Life’s legislative director, John Seago, advised Jessica to confront the doctor. Removing a patient’s food and water without the approval of the hospital’s ethics committee is illegal. However, the secret DNR was legal under Texas law. John promised Jessica legal aid if the need arose.

When Jessica confronted the doctor, he reluctantly reinstated the food and water and removed the DNR order, but claimed that Zach was in a “persistent vegetative state.” He made it clear that he no longer wished to treat Zach, and advised Jessica to find another place to take her son.

With John’s help, Zach was moved to the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, where doctors were hopeful and said that Zach had a survivable injury. Doctors there slowly weaned Zach off the sedatives in order to bring him out of his drug-induced coma. Now, Zach is fully conscious, talking, and receiving physical therapy.

John Seago details Zach’s recovery: “Zach has regular short term and long term memory capacity. He has had both a successful brain surgery, and reconstructive surgery to repair his skull from damage caused by the bullet.

“Currently, he is in the process of moving to a full in-patient rehabilitation facility where they will help him recover fine motor skills and the ability to walk again. He was in a drug-induced coma for so long that his body has to relearn these simple functions. However, his doctors expect him to have a full physical recovery, with the only lasting damage being weakened vision in his left eye.

“Zach’s recovery is a victory for Life, and a testimony that we should fight for all innocent human life without making arbitrary quality of life judgements.”

To keep their son alive, Zach’s parents were forced to fight an unethical Texas law, the Advance Directives Act, that allowed a physician to place a possibly life-ending DNR in Zach’s chart without their consent or notice. The Act also empowers doctors and hospitals to terminate all care against the patient’s will and the will of his family, even if they have the means to pay.

I am thrilled to share Zach’s story with you today. His has a happy ending; but unfortunately, cases like his are becoming more common, and don’t always end as well as Zach’s. Sign up to receive our breaking news alerts, and learn of these cases as they happen. (Twelve Year-Old in 'Vegetative State' Now Talking. Oh, by the way, I discussed the State of Texas’s Advance Directives Act, which was signed into law in 1999 by a chap named Governor George Walker Bush, in Death Panels Really Exist, which included the fourth of this remarkable testimonies to the fraud that is “brain death” and the “persistent vegetative state.)

A teenage girl who had been stuck in a coma after a catastrophic car crash miraculously woke up just as doctors were about to declare her brain dead and harvest her organs.

Doctors had assessed Carina Melchior's chances of recovery as being very low and asked her family whether they would consider organ donation. Her parents agreed and the 19-year-old was taken off of her respirator.

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However, after a few days when doctors were preparing her for organ donation, to the astonishment of the staff at the Aarhus University Hospital, in Denmark, Carina suddenly opened her eyes and started moving her legs.

The teenager is now recovering at a rehabilitation center and is now able to walk, talk and even ride her horse Mathilde.

However, her family is now suing the hospital for damages, claiming that doctors took her life support too soon because they were desperate to harvest her body parts.

"Those bandits in white coats gave up too quickly because they wanted an organ donor," Carina's father Kim told the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet.

The family's lawyer Nils Fjeldberg said that Carina keeps asking if her doctors were trying to kill her.

"Of course this is a great trauma, both for her and her parents who were convinced that there was nothing else that could be done and agreed to donate her organs," he told the newspaper.

Carina, now 20, had crashed her car in October 2011. She was admitted to the hospital and stayed there for three days before doctors said that her brain activity was fading and consulted her family about stopping treatment. The parents then agreed to donate her organs.

Organ donation can only take place after brain death, the condition in which the irreversible end of all brain activity has set in.

However, in Carina's case, the hospital has acknowledged that they made a serious mistake in her diagnosis.

"We are overjoyed that the young woman survived and that she is moving on after the accident," Claus Thomsen, the hospital's chief medical officer, wrote in a press release, according to The Copenhagen Post. "But we made a mistake underway and made the family believe that their daughter and sister would die."

The hospital also acknowledged that medical staff should not have asked the question of organ donation as there were not clear signs that brain death would occur. In the release, the hospital said that they had implemented new guidelines to make sure that the conversation about organ donation would only occur if there were no more treatment options available and the patient's brain function had either ceased or was expected to cease in a short period of time.

In a documentary about her life called 'The girl who wouldn't die', the 19-year-old said she is sure that she will recover and hopes to move in her own apartment in the future.

"And I will be working as a graphic designer and be able to ride Mathilde properly," she said. (Danish Teen Wakes From the "Dead" Just as Doctors Prepare to Harvest Her Organs.)

Her distraught family had gathered around her body to say their final farewells.

Mother-of-four Tasleem Rafiq had suffered a heart attack and medics had not been able to revive her.

Doctors warned that even if they could restart the 52-year-old’s heart, she would have suffered irreversible brain damage.

Unusual: Tasleem Rafiq's recovery has baffled doctors at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, who are describing it as 'a miracle,' according to her family

But just as her grieving children tried to come to terms with their loss, Mrs Rafiq apparently came back from the dead – and spoke to her stunned daughter.

And by the next morning, the patient was joking and chatting with her family as if nothing had happened.

Mrs Rafiq, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis aged 32 and cannot walk, said she feels ‘very lucky’ to have survived.

The grandmother, who did not want to be pictured, added: ‘God will take you when he chooses. Everyone was praying and God said: “I am going to leave this lady.” I am a very lucky mother.’

The ordeal began when Mrs Rafiq collapsed at her terraced family home in Reading.

An ambulance was called and medics started trying to resuscitate her at home, continuing in the ambulance and at the accident and emergency department at Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Mrs Rafiq’s son Fezaen, 28, claimed: ‘We were waiting [in the A&E department] when the doctor came out and said: “I have to tell you that we have been trying to get your mother’s heart started for 45 minutes and we haven’t had any luck. Unfortunately she has died.”’

This was at 11.30am, he added, and the devastated family requested some private time with Mrs Rafiq’s body to say goodbye.

They were warned that, because their mother had been injected with adrenalin, her body would make involuntary movements which should not be mistaken for signs of life.

Fezaen said: ‘We were sitting with her, praying. I was on the right and my brother was on the left when he said, “She’s looking at you”.

‘We called the nurse and asked if that was normal. She said yes, it was quite normal.’

But over the next two hours, this happened several more times. Eventually, a doctor examined Mrs Rafiq again, and confirmed that there was in fact a faint pulse.

However, the family was warned that though she was clinging on to life, she would have suffered irreversible brain damage and was expected to die soon. Doctors also advised that if she had a second cardiac arrest, she should not be resuscitated.

Despite this, the family stayed by her bedside, praying for a miracle.

At around 10pm, Mrs Rafiq’s daughter Shabana, who was sat holding her mother’s hand, thought she felt her pulling it away.

She said: ‘Mum, if I have done something to upset you, tell me.’ To her astonishment, Mrs Rafiq turned to her and replied: ‘What have you done to upset me?’

After collapsing on September 14, Mrs Rafiq was discharged and allowed to go home on October 2.

Her family have claimed that at the time, doctors described her recovery as a ‘miracle’. However, a spokesman for Royal Berkshire Hospital said that Mrs Rafiq had never officially been declared dead.

He added: ‘It was felt that she was unlikely to survive and it is very fortunate that she had not suffered brain damage but at no point was she dead. She had a very faint pulse which may have gone undetected.

‘Her recovery was unusual. Everyone is very pleased that she didn’t suffer any permanent damage.’

David Mossop, lead consultant in emergency care medicine at the hospital, said resuscitation protocol had been followed correctly.

After Mrs Rafiq’s heart had stopped for 45 minutes, and with blood tests showing profound lack of oxygen, a severe amount of brain damage would be expected, he said. But Mrs Rafiq suffered no effects from her ordeal, other than some temporary memory loss.

Mrs Rafiq’s family are adamant that staff at the hospital had said that she had died.

Fezaen added: ‘It is not something we would mistake; they told us she was dead. But she is doing well now, there have been no lasting ill effects on her.’

Mrs Rafiq’s eldest son Yousif said: ‘It was obviously very traumatic, the doctor had said she passed away so we started breaking the news to the rest of the family and relatives began making their way to the hospital.

‘But then she started to squeeze my sister’s hand... the doctor said it was a miracle.' (The woman who came back from the dead.)

December 29, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- George Pickering the Third suffered a massive stroke last January.  Doctors diagnosed the 27-year old as "brain dead," and the hospital ordered his life support progressively shut off in a fatal procedure they call "terminal wean."

But George's dad, George Sr., felt in his gut that his son could make it, despite the terminal prognosis.  His son just needed more time.

Nevertheless, doctors told the family that George had no hope of recovery.  Both George's mother and his brother agreed to take George off life support.  Hospital staff even notified an organ donation organization that George's organs would be imminently available.

“They were moving too fast. The hospital, the nurses, the doctors,” George Sr. told KPRC. “I knew if I had three or four hours that night that I would know whether George was brain-dead.

That's when George Pickering the Second did something dangerous, and illegal, which saved the life of his son. 

George Sr. took a gun into Tomball Regional Medical Center, barricaded himself in with his son and began a three-hour standoff with staff and police, seeking to give George Jr. more time on life support. 

Even after he was disarmed, the father remained barricaded in, and even threatened staff and officers, to buy George time on life support.

Then, after three hours, George Jr. surprised everybody --except his dad-- by squeezing his father's hand, on command, three times.

“The SWAT team had their own doctors and when they entered into the critical care room, they saw that my client’s son was not brain dead because he was making eye contact (and) was following their commands,” the family’s lawyer Phoebe Smith told RT.  "They were completely amazed."

After feeling his son show signs of life, and hospital staff and officers acknowledging the signs of life, George Sr. surrendered peacefully. 


Father and son relating their story on CNN

George Jr. recovered completely.  "When you see him now, he is a picture of health," Smith said.  "I don’t think he would have survived but for the fact that his father slowed the process down."

"Almost every day we see our rights to make medical decisions for our loved ones eroding," Bobby Schindler of the Life and Hope Network, told LifeSiteNews.  Schindler is the brother of Terri Schiavo, who died after her life support was removed in 2005, even though she showed slight signs of responding to her mother, doctors testified that Terri was in a "minimally conscious state," and the judge deciding whether to remove life support admitted that Terri responded to her mother, though not consistently.

"Sadly, it resorted to a father having to use the threat of violence to afford time for his son to have that chance to improve," Schindler commented.  "While violence is never the answer and cannot be tolerated, one can understand the unconditional love parents have for their children and wanting nothing more than to give them the chance to recover."

Arrested, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and convicted, the father gladly served nearly a year in jail for his crime.


Father and son outside the hospital

“There was a law broken, but it was broken for all the right reasons," the younger George explained to the Daily Mail.  "And I’m here now because of it.  It was love, it was love."

This Christmas, newly freed dad and son reunited to celebrate the life of the Christ Child, and, the life of George the Third.  “The important thing is I'm alive and well, my father is home and we're together again.”  (Dad who who saved son's life by armed, three-hour hospital.)

It should not take an armed siege by a distraught father to attempt to save the life of his son. It is the job of attending physicians to take every measure possible to save life and rehabilitate patients who have suffered some trauma, whether it be to the brain or elsewhere in the body, not seek to take measures that can have only one consequence, the directly intended death of an innocent human being that is strictly prohibited by the binding precepts of the Fifth Commandment.

To refer to a living human being who is suffer from brain damage as "dead" is the same as referring to a preborn baby merely as a "product of conception" or a "miscellaneous mass of cells" or "potential human being" even though there is nothing "potential" about a human being inside of his mother's womb who has his own specific DNA and whose growth to birth can be stopped by others only by killing him.

It's the same everywhere, whether in the United States of America or Denmark or the United Kingdom or the Federal Republic of Germany. Men and women who are trained in an industry that supports the frustration of the conception of children and their execution by chemical and surgical means if they should wind up being conceived despite all of their "preventative" measures will have no respect for life after birth. After all, why should those who kill for profit and in the name of utilitarian rationales before birth have any hesitancy to do so any point thereafter? Perhaps even more to the point, why does any Catholic, no less one who claims to be "fully traditional," accept the word of an industry that is so corrupted by one diabolical lie after another?

Yes, as pointed out in Dispensing With The Pretense of "Brain Death," anyone who can remain unmoved by these stories has got a guilty conscience, one that is unwilling to admit error and to correct grievous mistakes that have cost the lives of costly scores of innocent human beings in the name of "compassion" and "giving the gift of life." And those who know that this is so and remain silent about such crimes are just as guilty in their commission as those who know what Jorge Mario Bergoglio does when He offends God by the esteeming of the symbols of false religions and propagating false doctrines is wrong but who nevertheless remain silent for one reason or another. Truth is truth. Those who refuse to defend it are as guilty as those who attack it directly.

One lie begets other lies. "Brain death" is a lie from beginning to end.

As those of you who are old enough to remember might recall, nearly forty articles were published on this site between late-2003 and the death by court-ordered starvation and execution of the late Mrs. Theresa Maria Schindler-Schiavo, on March 31, 2005. The details of this sad case, which came to light only because Terri Schiavo’s parents, the late Robert and Mary Schindler, and her siblings, Robert and Suzanne, fought hard to save her life from the clutches of her faithless, adulterous husband, Michael Schiavo, and Judge George Greer, can be found in an article published on this site last year, Ten Years Later. Terri Schiavo was never given the chance to recover as she was denied the sort of treatment that would have helped her.

This having been noted, however, it would not have mattered in Terri Schiavo never recovered as she was still a living human being deserving of food and water. A little boy who tried to enter Woodside Hospice in Piniellas Park, Florida, to give her a cup of ice was denied entry by the police. No human being should have to die in such a terrible way because of the unwillingness to provide ordinary care to a living human being.

Thus it is that yet another innocent human being, Israel Stinson, is facing a death sentence after suffering two asthma attacks last month, the second of which resulted in cardiac arrest.

Here is a summary of Israel’s case as found on Life Site News last month:

Israel was placed on life support after an asthma attack and subsequent respiratory and cardiac arrest in early April. Despite his family having transferred him to Kaiser for ongoing treatment and care, the hospital declared him brain dead April 14 just after his arrival there, having conducted brain function assessments without completely disclosing them to the family and against their wishes.

With Kaiser moving to withdraw Israel’s life support, the family has sued to maintain it while they find a facility that will accept him and administer a breathing tube and feeding tube, before then transferring him to long-term home care for continued recovery.

Israel’s mother reached out to Life Legal Defense Foundation after Kaiser performed the brain activity assessment, and the Pacific Justice Institute joined the legal foundation in their defense when the case went into federal court.

Legal counsel for the family has obtained multiple medical opinions in support of the family’s contention he is still alive and should continue to receive care.

The only nutrition provided Israel since April 1 has been Dextrose (sugar), the equivalent of 7-Up, according Doctor Paul Byrne, an outside specialist brought in for the case.

Byrne, who also intervened in the Jahi McMath case, stated in a sworn declarationfor the family’s complaint that Israel “has been starved of protein, fat and vitamins.”

He said as well that the toddler’s hypothyroidism condition, likely present since his cardiorespiratory arrest, was neither tested nor treated prior to the family’s April 17 request, and that “thyroid hormone is necessary for ordinary normal health and healing of the brain.”

In another declaration submitted for the Monday hearing, a second medical expert said that the hospital should continue treatment, nutrition, and hydration for at least another month, Courthouse News Service reports.

"Given the uncertainty related to the thyroid condition and the family reporting some improvement since thyroid replacement, I think it would be both reasonable and compassionate to provide further life support and enteral nutrition for a period of 30 days," Doctor Peter Mathews stated.

Byrne, a pediatric neonatologist, also stated in his declaration that Israel is not in a coma, pointing out that many people have recovered from similar health issues, “even after having fulfilled criteria of ‘brain death” legally accepted by the State of California.”  

"With proper treatment as proposed by his parents, Israel is likely to continue to live,” Byrne wrote, “and may find limited to full recovery of brain function, and may possibly regain consciousness."

Israel’s family has documented instances in which they believe he shows responsiveness, and Fonseca told LifeSiteNews it has continued to increase, with him responding to voices, also shown via changes on his heart monitor and ventilator, and Israel lifting his arm to assist when they handle him.

“He’s doing a lot more now,” she said. “He’s making a very remarkable improvement, without having been given the proper nutrition.”

In addition to their belief that Israel is still alive because of the signs he’s shown and the assessments by the two physicians, Fonseca maintains they are trusting in Godthat their son will pull through.

Their end goal remains a transfer to a facility in New Jersey, where state law does not provide for declaring brain death in cases where the family members believe that life continues until the heart stops beating.

Life Legal Defense Foundation is continuing to welcome input from the public to help find a facility for Israel. They can be contacted at 707-224-6675 or A GoFundMe account has been established to help fund his move to another facility.  (Parents of Israel Stinson fight for his life.)

Life Legal Foundation, whose Dr. Paul A. Byrne  came to the aid of the still living Jahi McMath in December of 2013, and has helped so many others in similar situations, issued the following report after a judge ruled last week that Israel’s family could have more time to transfer their son to facility in New Jersey before his “life support” was terminated by the death merchants at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in California:

Life Legal appeared in federal court yesterday in the case of Fonseca v. Kaiser Permanente on behalf of two-year-old Israel Stinson. Israel’s parents are seeking a preliminary injunction to keep him on life support while they find another hospital that will accept Israel as a transfer patient.


Life Legal Executive Director Alexandra Snyder
with brain death expert Dr. Paul Byrne and
Israel’s parents after Wednesday’s hearing.

Israel has been on a ventilator since April 2 when he suffered an asthma attack while being treated at a Sacramento hospital. He was transferred to Kaiser Medical Center in Roseville on April 12 for treatment. Within 24 hours, doctors told Israel’s parents they would withdraw their son’s life support. Doctors also said that Israel would rapidly deteriorate and that his heart would soon stop beating.   

That was one month ago and Israel is still alive!

Israel’s movements in response to his mother’s voice and touch, shown in these videos, are not consistent with brain death.

Life Legal was recently contacted by a neurologist who told us: “Any head movement by a person, whether to verbal stimuli or spontaneously, reveals that there is intact functioning of the brain, and indeed functioning of the cerebrum, and not just the brainstem…. Unlike adults, this child brain has more plasticity which means there is a much better chance of recovery from even the worst brain injury, so attempts to force this child’s family to have him die are truly deplorable.”

NBC Dateline aired a segment about the brain’s amazing capacity for self-repair just a few days ago in which it was noted that “Those first movements can be subtle, but crucial, because they can signal that a patient is getting better. And they may take weeks to appear.”

Israel’s parents are grateful for the work of Life Legal and the Pacific Justice Institute that has given Israel more time to begin to show signs of recovery. “We have been able to keep Israel on life support with the help of our legal team, but it has been a tough battle. We are mentally and physically drained, but spiritually we are stronger than ever because we know that Israel is still very much alive!”

We are currently awaiting the judge’s ruling in the federal court case. Please consider making a donation so we can continue to help families like Israel’s who are denied the care they need to survive.

Videos of Baby Israel:  (
Life Legal Defense Foundation.)

Please pray for Israel Stinson and his parents at this time, remembering to pray as well for all of this at Life Legal Foundation, including Dr. Paul Byrne, who are devoting their time and effort to save the life of an innocent child who should be given proper medical care, not subjected to a death sentence by Modernity’s body-snatching ghouls.

Physicians once healed. Many of them now kill, whether at the beginning of life in the womb or at any time thereafter. All is done according to their own arbitrary decisions.

I wrote a great deal in The Wanderer about Dr. Death, the late Jack Kevorkian, who popularized “doctor-assisted suicide,” back in the 1990s when it was illegal. Jack Kevorkians can be found now in all manner of medical facilities in the United States of America and across the world. Such must be the logic of world gone mad, a world that has overthrown the Social Reign of Christ the King and thus dispenses with innocent human beings in the process without seeing in each person the Divine impress—and without seeing in each suffering person the very face of the Our Lord Himself, Who suffered to redeem us during His Passion and Death on the wood of the Holy Cross.

Yes, far, far more dangerous than the deader than dead Doctor Death are those men and women in white coats in hospitals and hospices who routinely dispatch human beings by various devices, including increasingly higher doses of Dilantin and potassium chloride and morphine. The same "profession" that gave us baby-killing, both by chemical and surgical means, under cover of law has given us, first in a de facto manner and now in a de jure manner in some states, the abject, direct, intentional killing of the infirmed and disabled and the chronically and terminally ill, using a variety of linguistic devices to anesthetize and/or justify the reality of these killings while at the same misrepresenting the true state of patients' health in order to expedite their deaths to take advantage of "living wills" and/or organ donation laws to harvest their bodies for "spare parts" before they are actually dead. (Please re-read Dr. Paul Byrne on Brain Death (From The Michael Fund Newsletter.)

We must lift our minds and hearts to Heaven as we embrace the Holy Cross, ever conscious of the price that Our Lord paid to redeem us thereon, a price that was shared by His Most Blessed Mother as she stood so valiantly under It. We do not not need Texas death panels or Kaiser Permanente's experts or hospice or end-life "counseling" sessions. We need the Holy Cross and Our Most Blessed Mother. Period!

Father Benedict Baur, O.S.B., explained how deeply we must always united ourselves to Our Lord's sufferings:

Christ and His members must be one. They must walk the same road, not only during the liturgical service, when they are lifted up together in the mysteries of the sacrifice, but also in every event of life. Christ welcomed suffering, and accepted it freely; He did not flee the hardships of life. He makes suffering in us, His members, serve the spirit; He uses it as a means of freeing us from the world and all that is temporal and thus raises us from things of his world to the thins that are eternal.

Now, during Passiontide, we must begin to live and treasure pain and suffering. In the cross, in suffering, in or crucifixion with Christ, we shall find salvation. For Him and with Him we should bear all the slight injustices committed against us. For Him we should suffer freely and willingly the unpleasant and disagreeable things that occur to us. But our faith is weak. We flee from from the cross instead of holding it dear, instead of loving it and welcoming it our as Savior did.  (Father Benedict Baur, O.S.B., The Light of the World, Volume I, B. Herder Book Company, 1954, p. 595.)

May we always trust in the tender mercies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as we fly unto It through the Immaculate Heart of Mary in this month of May, which is Our Lady’s month. We must be willing to embrace suffering with love, knowing that a safe and sure shelter awaits us in the love of these two Hearts if only we persevere until the end in states of Sanctifying Grace as members of the Catholic Church by bearing whatever suffering we are asked to bear.

We do not play God in life. We want to know, love and serve Him as He has revealed Himself to us exclusively through His Catholic Church so that He will greet us when we meet Him at the Particular Judgment with these consoling words: 

Well done, good and faithful servant, because thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will place thee over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. (Matthew 25: 21.)

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary of reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

Pray a Rosary—now!—for Israel Stinson, his parents and all who are trying to save his life.Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Beloved, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.  


Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.
Saint Venantius, pray for us.