Neville Bergoglio's Appeasement of the Chicom Monsters

Jorge Mario Bergoglio put on his semi-Catholic hat in the letter to that he sent (he does not write anything; no one who talks as much as he does has the time or the inclination to write) to Chinese Catholics to get them to accept the poison pill of a total, unconditional surrender to the Communist butchers who established a rump church sixty-one years ago and who have been persecuting continuously ever since. Bergoglio’s letter was so patronizing in its tone and approach that a Chinese Catholic who is studying at an American high school in conciliar captivity told me when I met him in a veterinary office on Wednesday, September 26, 2018, the Feast of the North American Martyrs, that is “ridiculous” before explaining to me that he better not say any more on the subject.

Bergoglio’s letter was patronizing and couched in language of a concerned pastor who understood the suffering that Chinese Catholics in the underground church have experienced in the past sixty-nine years since the forces of the mass murderer Mao Zedong overthrow the legitimately elected government of President Chiang Kai-Shek after.

Albeit in a somewhat obliquely and in a very dismissive and patronizing manner, the false “pontiff” even recognized the fact that faithful Chinese Catholics are continuing to suffer under the “civil authorities” to whom they might have to address a “word of criticism” but to whom the false “pontiff” said they had to respect and obey.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio began his letter to Chinese Catholics by quoting from the aforementioned letter that Ratzinger/Benedict sent them, a letter that started the process that has resulted in the complete and virtually unconditional surrender of the counterfeit church of conciliarism to the Chicoms:

Dear brother bishops, priests, consecrated men and women and all the faithful of the Catholic Church in China, let us thank the Lord, for “eternal is his merciful love! He made us, we belong to him; we are his people, the sheep of his flock” (Ps 100:3).

At this moment, my heart echoes the words of exhortation addressed to you by my venerable predecessor in his Letter of 27 May 2007: “Catholic Church in China, you are a small flock present and active within the vastness of an immense people journeying through history. How stirring and encouraging these words of Jesus are for you: ‘Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s pleasure to give you the kingdom’ (Lk 12:32)! … Therefore, ‘let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven’ (Mt 5:16)” (BENEDICT XVILetter to Chinese Catholics, 27 May 2007, 5). (Neville  Bergoglio's Letter to Chinese Catholics.)

Interjection Number One:

In other words, invoking the words of the great Hegelian appeaser from Bavaria, Ratzinger/Benedict, Bergoglio is patronizingly telling Chinese Catholics that they should not fear what they have done to him even though it is not possible for them to shine forth the light of the true Faith publicly nor stand up prophetically to oppose their repressive, illegitimate government’s anti-life, anti-family policies. The “faith” of the rump church is Red China is subordinated to the interests of the Communist state and thus is diametrically opposed to the Catholic Faith. Then again, so is the “faith” of the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Bergoglio and his compatriots actually believe that the Communist regime in Beijing has policies that are close to—if not identical with—the social teaching of the Catholic Church, which, as I noted a few days ago, though false objectively, is true of the “social teaching” of the conciliar sect.

To the next excerpt:

Of late, many conflicting reports have circulated about the present and, in particular, the future of the Catholic communities in China. I am aware that this flurry of thoughts and opinions may have caused a certain confusion and prompted different reactions in the hearts of many. Some feel doubt and perplexity, while others sense themselves somehow abandoned by the Holy See and anxiously question the value of their sufferings endured out of fidelity to the Successor of Peter. In many others, there prevail positive expectations and reflections inspired by the hope of a more serene future for a fruitful witness to the faith in China. (Neville  Bergoglio's Letter to Chinese Catholics.)

Interjection Number Two:

The Argentine Apostate takes a very condescending approach in this paragraph by making it appear that the confusion and anxiety Catholics who continue to suffer in the underground church are experiencing at this time must given way to the “positive expectations” that other possess. Bergoglio is saying, at least in essence, that Chinese Catholics that the fear and anxiety of Catholics is understandable but is entirely unnecessary. Jorge is in essence saying, “Trust me,” which calls to mind the slogan of the great appeaser of international Communism, James Earl Carter, Jr., who used the “trust me” slogan, replete with his toothy grin, during his campaign with the hapless, stand-for-nothing stooge of the New World Order, the inarticulate thirty-third degree Freemason named Leslie Lynch King, Jr./Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr., in 1976.

As an intellectually dishonest fraud, however, the false “pontiff” does not make it clear that most of those who have “positive expectations” are either officials of the Communist government, including the “bishops” of the rump church who have now been reconciled to the conciliar Vatican, and/or those Catholics who have long “taken the soup” and have accepted the nonexistent “legitimacy” of Communism and the Communist-controlled “Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association.” They are happy, Bergoglio is telling the Chinese Catholics who have suffered out of loyalty to what they have thought is the Catholic Church and the papacy.  It is up to those in the underground church to overcome their understandable but nevertheless misplaced fear, anxiety and confusion by their “faith” in a process by which their worship and the very expression of their faith, even privately in their homes, will become the province of the Communist authorities and their stooges of the now “reconciled’ rump church.

Back to the disgusting letter sent by the Machiavellian liar from Argentina:

This situation has become more acute, particularly with regard to the Provisional Agreement between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China, which, as you know, was signed in recent days in Beijing. At so significant a moment for the life of the Church, I want to assure you through this brief Message that you are daily present in my prayers, and to share with you my heartfelt feelings.

They are sentiments of thanksgiving to the Lord and of sincere admiration – which is the admiration of the entire Catholic Church – for the gift of your fidelity, your constancy amid trials, and your firm trust in God’s providence, even when certain situations proved particularly adverse and difficult.

These painful experiences are part of the spiritual treasury of the Church in China and of all God’s pilgrim people on earth. I assure you that the Lord, through the crucible of our trials, never fails to pour out his consolations upon us and to prepare us for an even greater joy. In the words of the Psalmist, we are more than certain that “those who are sowing in tears, will sing when they reap” (Ps 126[125]:5).

Let us continue to look, then, to the example of all those faithful laity and pastors who readily offered their “good witness” (cf. 1 Tim 6:13) to the Gospel, even to the sacrifice of their own lives. They showed themselves true friends of God! (Neville  Bergoglio's Letter to Chinese Catholics.)

Interjection Number Three:

“Pope Francis’s” statement that the suffering of Chinese Catholic in the underground church is past history and thus part of the “spiritual treasury” of “the Church in China and all of God’s pilgrim people on earth” means the days of suffering and that they can look forward to reaping the fruit of their suffering as a result of his betrayal of them to the Chicoms. The suffering of faithful Chinese Catholics in the underground is appreciated but belongs to the past, even though it is very much a part of the present.

Consider the persecution being visited upon Christian church buildings in Red China, including the ripping down of crosses and the replacement of images of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with those of Chinese dictator Xi Jiping:

China has intensified its crackdown on religion, with images emerging of crosses being burned and destroyed at Christian churches.

Key points:

Church officials say authorities are ordering the removal of signs of faith

Churches beginning to look more like "culture clubs"

Vatican and China reach deal on appointment of bishops

The crosses are said to often be replaced with objects such as the Chinese flag and photos of Chinese President Xi Jinping and former Communist Party leader Mao Zedong.

In one video posted on Twitter earlier this month, fire is seen engulfing the cross at the Chinese Christian Church in Xinxiang city, in the country's central Henan province.

Liang Zhang, 48, the pastor of a house church in Henan's Shangqiu city, said the state had been tightening its control over church operations.

"And then they came into the church saying that things inside should be removed.

"For example, the banner saying: 'For God, so love the world' and the scriptures were torn down, and all things related to the Bible and faith had to be cleared out."

Several videos sent by Mr Zhang to the ABC, and others circulating on social media, appear to show the forced destruction of crosses and changes to churches' appearances.

n some videos, which Mr Zhang said were filmed recently in Henan, authorities use cranes to take down crosses, while others show officials forcing their way into underground churches.

The campaign corresponds with the Government drive to "Sinicise" religion by demanding loyalty to the officially atheist Communist Party and eliminating any challenge to its power over people's lives.

Mr Zhang said the clampdown had become more dramatic in recent months, with even state-sanctioned churches targeted.

"Since June, they started to ask us to tear down things about Sunday School for kids," Mr Zhang said.

"[Many] of the big official TSPM churches and the family churches were closed down," he added, referring to the Three-Self Patriotic Movement, a state-sanctioned church.

Mr Zhang said the Government was installing "information officers", who report behaviour that is anti-government or seen as a threat to social stability, in churches.

He said the only places where the Bible could be discussed freely were small church setups in houses, where 20-30 people could gather.

Under Chinese law, religious followers are only allowed to worship in congregations registered with authorities, but many millions belong to so-called underground or house churches that defy government restrictions.

Mr Zhang said dozens of churches had been shut down in his county and those remaining were beginning to "look like culture clubs" rather than religious buildings.

"We now have our cross in the middle of our presidents' portraits, which are President Xi and Chairman Mao's portraits."

The latest tightening of control follows moves earlier this year to pull bibles from sale through online bookstores across China, sparking outrage from Chinese Christians.

The crackdown on religion was continuing even as Beijing was negotiating a landmark deal with the Vatican over the appointment of bishops.

On Saturday, the Vatican signed an agreement giving it a long-desired and decisive say in the appointment of bishops in China, though critics labelled it a sell-out to the Chinese Government.

The crackdown on religion was continuing even as Beijing was negotiating a landmark deal with the Vatican over the appointment of bishops.

On Saturday, the Vatican signed an agreement giving it a long-desired and decisive say in the appointment of bishops in China, though critics labelled it a sell-out to the Chinese Government.

The deal resolved one of the major sticking points between China and the Vatican in recent years, with the Vatican agreeing to accept seven bishops who were previously named by Beijing without the Pope's consent.

The Vatican has said the accord, a breakthrough after years of negotiations, was "not political but pastoral", and hoped it would lead to "the full communion of all Chinese Catholics".

Bob Fu, the founder of Christian human rights organisation ChinaAid, was among those to hit out at the agreement.

"While we understand the eagerness of Vatican for seeking more legitimacy in the eye of the Chinese Communist Party, this reported deal is nothing but a betrayal of both the millions of suffering persecuted Christians in China and the global Catholic Church," he said.

Joseph Zen, a Chinese cardinal of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong, said the deal lacked detail and helped empower the Government.

"With the agreement the [Chinese] Government can tell the Catholics: 'Obey to us! We are in agreement with your Pope!'"  (Chicoms Show Gratitude to Neville Bergoglio by Burning Crosses in Religious Crackdow.)

Joseph “Cardinal” Zen, the retired conciliar “archbishop” of Hong Kong, is entirely correct. The Chicoms will use the “provisional agreement” to tell Catholics who disagree it that they are being disobedient their “pope.” One of the supreme and truly sad ironies represented by Bergoglio’s betrayal is that Chinese Catholics who have suffered for their “popes” (some still alive suffered, of course, for Pius Pius XII, who defended them against Communist persecution and denounced their persecutors) will be instructed by the “civil authorities” in Red China to “obey their pope.” This is truly diabolical. Plutarco Elias Calles, call your office.

It is also interesting that the Protestant minister described the Communist efforts to wreckovate their own places of false worship were being turned into “coffee clubs,” a description that applies to the many of the wreckovated Catholic churches in conciliar captivity and to the newly-erected worship halls that the conciliar revolutionaries have built to enshrine the false ethos of the conciliar revolution. Nothing happens by accident. Nothing.

Well, back to Jorge:

2. For my part, I have always looked upon China as a land of great opportunities and the Chinese people as the creators and guardians of an inestimable patrimony of culture and wisdom, refined by resisting adversity and embracing diversity, and which, not by chance, entered into contact from early times with the Christian message. As Father Matteo Ricci, S.J., perceptively noted in challenging us to the virtue of trust, “before entering into friendship, one must observe; after becoming friends, one must trust” (De Amicitia, 7).

I too am convinced that encounter can be authentic and fruitful only if it occurs through the practice of dialogue, which involves coming to know one another, to respect one another and to “walk together” for the sake of building a common future of sublime harmony.

This is the context in which to view the Provisional Agreement, which is the result of a lengthy and complex institutional dialogue between the Holy See and the Chinese authorities initiated by Saint John Paul II and continued by Pope Benedict XVI. Through this process, the Holy See has desired – and continues to desire – only to attain the Church’s specific spiritual and pastoral aims, namely, to support and advance the preaching of the Gospel, and to reestablish and preserve the full and visible unity of the Catholic community in China.

With regard to the importance of this Agreement and its aims, I would like to share with you a few reflections and provide you with some input of a spiritual pastoral nature for the journey we are called to undertake in this new phase.

It is a journey that, as in its earlier stages, “requires time and presupposes the good will of both parties” (BENEDICT XVILetter to Chinese Catholics, 27 May 2007, 4). But for the Church, within and outside of China, this involves more than simply respecting human values. It is also a spiritual calling: to go out from herself to embrace “the joys and the hopes, the grief and anguish of the people of our time, especially those who are poor or afflicted” (SECOND VATICAN ECUMENICAL COUNCIL, Pastoral Constitution Gaudium et Spes, 1) and the challenges of the present that God entrusts to us. It is thus an ecclesial summons to become pilgrims along the paths of history, trusting before all else in God and in his promises, as did Abraham and our fathers in the faith. (Neville  Bergoglio's Letter to Chinese Catholics.)

Interjection Number Four:

Here it is, good readers, yet another call for the madness of “dialogue.”

The conciliar revolutionaries do not believe that it is necessary to engage in a visible, clear and courageous manifestation of the Catholic Faith. They believe, despite all their protestations to the contrary, that the Faith is subject to “refinement” by means of “dialogue” with non-Catholics and all others of alleged “good will,” including atheists such as Communists and others.

Alas, the conciliar penchant for the madness of “dialogue” always winds up with corrupting the Catholic Faith more and more by entering into “agreements and “accords” and issuing “joint statements” with leaders of Protestant sects, the heretical and schismatic Orthodox churches, Jews, Mohammedans, Buddhists, Hindus, Communists and all other non-Catholics. The conciliar revolutionaries allege that this “dialogue” is needed to “understand” the false beliefs of others, which is another way of saying that Holy Mother Church can “learn” something about such false beliefs and adjust her own teaching in accordance with such learning. This is a denial of the Divine Constitution of the Holy Mother Church and makes a mockery of the Sacred Deposit of Faith that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has entrusted exclusively to her for its infallible explication and eternal safekeeping.

To exhort Catholics to “learn” from and “journey with” atheists, who have nothing to teach them, as a means of making possible the spread of conciliarism’s false gospel under terms that are acceptable to the Chicom is yet another correlative proof of the fact that the conciliar officials are not members of the Catholic Church. Catholics can never have a “full and visible unity” with infidels and apostates. Never.

To the bilge we turn once again:

Called by God, Abraham obeyed by setting out for an unknown land that he was to receive as an inheritance, without knowing the path that lay ahead. Had Abraham demanded ideal social and political conditions before leaving his land, perhaps he would never have set out. Instead, he trusted in God and in response to God’s word he left his home and its safety. It was not historical changes that made him put his trust in God; rather, it was his pure faith that brought about a change in history. For faith is “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Indeed, by faith our ancestors received [God’s] approval” (Heb 11:1-2).

3. As the Successor of Peter, I want to confirm you in this faith (cf. Lk 22:32) – in the faith of Abraham, in the faith of the Virgin Mary, in the faith you have received –and to ask you to place your trust ever more firmly in the Lord of history and in the Church’s discernment of his will. May all of us implore the gift of the Spirit to illumine our minds, warm our hearts and help us to understand where he would lead us, in order to overcome inevitable moments of bewilderment, and to find the strength to set out resolutely on the road ahead(Neville  Bergoglio's Letter to Chinese Catholics.)

Interjection Number Five:

What utter hubris.

What utter blasphemy.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Argentine Apostate, is comparing his betrayal of long-suffering, faithful Catholics in Red China is comparing himself God, Who chose Abram to be the spiritual father of us all as He elongated his name to Abraham after he had shown fidelity to the true God by being willing to offer up his beloved son Isaac as the latter was bound to wood.

Abraham obeyed God because He knew Him to be the true God and was deserving of obedience. Bergoglio is calling on Chinese Catholics to obey him as a putative Vicar of Christ as he puts them into the hands of a “reconciled” rump church that does the bidding of Communist authorities who, as demonstrated above, are still persecuting Christians and whose “social policies” include forced abortions, forced sterilizations and coercive limitations on the number of children that they may have. Obedience to this is obedience to the devil, whose bidding “Pope Francis” does almost all the time as he is the same man who said in a videotaped message that was played at a Protestant jamboree on Saturday, May 23, 2015, the Vigil of Pentecost that  "I feel like saying something that may sound … heretical”. Bergoglio’s “provisional” agreement with Chicoms is a deal with devil, and the “journey” he is asking faithful Catholics in Red China to make involves keeping silent about the Holy Faith in public as they manifest themselves to be “good citizens,” a matter that will be discussed later.

Although I would pretty much to prefer to do almost anything than return to the false “pontiff’s” letter to Chinese Catholics, my duties to the readership of this site compel me to proceed with the distasteful task-at-hand;

Precisely for the sake of supporting and promoting the preaching of the Gospel in China and reestablishing full and visible unity in the Church, it was essential, before all else, to deal with the issue of the appointment of bishops. Regrettably, as we know, the recent history of the Catholic Church in China has been marked by deep and painful tensions, hurts and divisions, centred especially on the figure of the bishop as the guardian of the authenticity of the faith and as guarantor of ecclesial communion.

When, in the past, it was presumed to determine the internal life of the Catholic communities, imposing direct control above and beyond the legitimate competence of the state, the phenomenon of clandestinity arose in the Church in China. This experience – it must be emphasized – is not a normal part of the life of the Church and “history shows that pastors and faithful have recourse to it only amid suffering, in the desire to maintain the integrity of their faith” (BENEDICT XVILetter to Chinese Catholics, 27 May 2007, 8).

Interjection Number Six:

The painful history of the Catholic Church in Red China has not been caused by Catholics who, like the Catholics of the Roman Empire, those in Japan between the 1590s and 1854, those in England during the Protestant Revolution, Catholics in France during the period of the “constitutional church” from 1790 to 1901 and, among other examples, Catholics in Mexico before, during and after the Cristeros War to maintain their faith clandestinely. The situation of the Catholic Church in Red China was imposed upon Catholics by brutal tyrants whose goal it is to subordinate everything to the cause of Communism and the dictates of the dictators who have been exercising a reign of terror upon all Chinese, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, since May 1, 1949.

The conciliar authorities are quite adept at making it appear that Catholics who resist the evils of our day—or had done so in the past—are “obstacles” to a false display of unity based on the blithe acceptance of the primacy of the civil state over Holy Mother Church. As was the case with Ratzinger before him, Jorge Mario Bergoglio believes that such Catholics had not refused to compromise in the past had “missed” opportunities for national reconciliation and unity. This is what Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and Bergoglio both believe about the Protestant Revolution in England. For the revolutionaries, you see, “divisions” at present have the same cause as those in the past: inflexible and rigid Catholics who do not see that there is truth in error and goodness in evil, those who believe in black and white truths and do not make any allowance for nuance and for the “evolution” of beliefs.

This phenomenon is quite similar to the same rhetorical tricks played by all revolutionaries and by the naturalists who adhere to the false opposite of the naturalist “left,” who denounce anyone who dares to oppose their “enlightened” plans or who objects to their misstatements of fact and law as being the source of “division” and practitioners of “hatred.” Bergoglio and his fellow conciliar revolutionaries twist facts to try to whip up emotions by making it appear that those opposed to their schemes are nothing other than impractical reactionaries who refuse to shift with the times.

The next passage to be examined involves the false “pontiff’s” rather clever efforts to equate the fidelity of Chinese Catholics in the underground with the desire for “union” with the putative Successor of Saint Peter on the part of those who Catholics who have been affiliated with the “Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association” on terms favorable to the “civil state”:

I would have you know that, from the time I was entrusted with the Petrine ministry, I have experienced great consolation in knowing the heartfelt desire of Chinese Catholics to live their faith in full communion with the universal Church and with the Successor of Peter, who is “the perpetual and visible source and foundation of the unity both of the bishops and of the whole company of the faithful” (SECOND VATICAN ECUMENICAL COUNCIL, Dogmatic Constitution Lumen Gentium, 23). In these years, I have received numerous concrete signs and testimonies of that desire, including from bishops who have damaged communion in the Church as a result of weakness and errors, but also, and not infrequently, due to powerful and undue pressure from without.

Consequently, after carefully examining every individual personal situation, and listening to different points of view, I have devoted much time to reflection and prayer, seeking the true good of the Church in China. In the end, before the Lord and with serenity of judgment, in continuity with the direction set by my immediate predecessors, I have determined to grant reconciliation to the remaining seven “official” bishops ordained without papal mandate and, having lifted every relevant canonical sanction, to readmit them to full ecclesial communion. At the same time, I ask them to express with concrete and visible gestures their restored unity with the Apostolic See and with the Churches spread throughout the world, and to remain faithful despite any difficulties.

4. In the sixth year of my Pontificate, which I have placed from the beginning under the banner of God’s merciful love, I now invite all Chinese Catholics to work towards reconciliation. May all be mindful, with renewed apostolic zeal, of the words of Saint Paul: “God… has reconciled us to himself through Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation” (2 Cor 5:18).

Indeed, as I wrote at the conclusion of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, “no law or precept can prevent God from once more embracing the son who returns to him admitting that he has done wrong but intending to start his life anew. Remaining only at the level of the law is equivalent to thwarting faith and divine mercy… Even in the most complex cases, where there is a temptation to apply a justice derived from rules alone, we must believe in the power flowing from divine grace”(Apostolic Letter Misericordia et Misera, 20 November 2016, 11).

In this spirit, and in line with the decisions that have been made, we can initiate an unprecedented process that we hope will help to heal the wounds of the past, restore full communion among all Chinese Catholics, and lead to a phase of greater fraternal cooperation, in order to renew our commitment to the mission of proclaiming the Gospel. For the Church exists for the sake of bearing witness to Jesus Christ and to the forgiving and saving love of the Father. (Neville  Bergoglio's Letter to Chinese Catholics.)

Interjection Number Seven:

There is much to be discussed at this point.

First, it is interesting to note that Bergoglio pointed to the policies of his immediate predecessors, meaning Karol Josef Wojtyla/John Paul II and Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, as “Saint John Paul II” gave the green light to CPCA seminarians to study in American seminaries and for the rump church’s presbyters to serve as externs in selected parishes and, of course, the nonagenarian Bavarian antipope emeritus brought out into the open the clandestine process that his own predecessor had begun and which Bergoglio is bringing to its only logical conclusion.

Second, alas, nothing in Red China has changed. This is not anything close to Pope Pius VII’s regularization of the bishops of the French “constitutional church” that was established by the French Revolutionaries in 1790 that was opposed with unequivocal vigor by Pope Pius VI despite the equivocating pleas of King Louis XVI to find a way to accommodate those who would send him, Louis XVI, to the guillotine on January 21, 1793, five days after he had  been sentenced to eath.

Pope Pius VII’s regularization of the abjuring bishops and priests came only after the French Revolution had run its course and after the rise to power of Napoleon Bonaparte. No matter the concessions made to Napoleon I in the Concordat of 1801, though, Pope Pius VII steadfastly refused to grant any further concessions that would, effectively, place the Church in France under Napoleon’s control, and it was because of his opposition that he was taken captive by the forces of the French emperor on July 6, 1809, starting a period of brutal imprisonment until his release and subsequent return to Rome on May 24, 1814. (For a shorthand history of a long and complicated chapter in history, see The Pope Who Outlasted A Tyrant)

Napoleon I was a tyrant. However, he recognized the importance of the Catholic Church in France and wanted to have peace, albeit on his own terms as he believed that not even the pope was superior to him, with Holy Mother Church for his own political ends. No matter his great fall from the Faith and his persecution of Pope Pius VII, though, Napoleon Bonaparte was a baptized Catholic who wound up his days on in exile on the island of Saint Helena in South Atlantic. He was reconciled to the Church before he died.

Xi Jinping is an atheist who, like his murderous predecessors, treat religion with disdain and have used institutions such as the “Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association” to alter Catholic Faith and Morals according to policies of the Communist civil state. No true pope—not even Pope Leo XIII in his “ralliement” with the French Third Republic and his reversal of Pope Pius IX’s unyielding opposition to the German Freemason and architect of the Kulturkampf, Chancellor Otto von Bismarck—has permitted the civil state the sort of concessions, if made only by means of a refusal to oppose and denounce moral evils, no less name as such, mandated by the civil state, as the conciliar “popes” have done with the Butches of Beijing.

Consider the commentary of Mr. Stephen Mosher, who lost credit for his doctoral dissertation at Stamford University, Palo Alto, California, after he exposed Red China’s policies of forced abortions and forced sterilizations:

September 26, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) –  Pope Francis released a letter on Wednesday defending his secret agreement with the Chinese Communist Party over the appointment of bishops, claiming that it will help “heal wounds of the past.” 

The controversial decision—perhaps the most controversial of a papacy dogged by controversy—accedes to the Communist Party’s demand that it be allowed to name bishops, whom the Pope will then approve.

Some in the Vatican may disagree with that characterization, but there is no other conclusion that one can reasonably draw.  

The previous day, speaking to journalists while returning from a trip through the Baltics, Francis insisted that he, and not the Communist authorities, would have the final say in who is named. “Rome names them,” he said, “the pope names them.”

If this were true, it would mean that those same authorities had backed off from their longstanding demand that they, and they alone, advance candidates for China’s dioceses. Without seeing the exact terms of the agreement, which are unfortunately hidden from us, it is impossible to know exactly what procedure, if any, has been set up to preserve papal authority in this regard.

But what we do know—because Pope Francis himself confirms it in his letter—is that he has already accepted as bishops all seven Patriotic “bishops” who have been ordained over the past few years without papal mandate.  The Communist authorities had demanded that the Pope lift the excommunications of the seven as a condition of signing the agreement and he complied. 

Now it may be that each and every one of these illicitly ordained bishops proved upon examination to be utterly deserving of papal recognition. But, given the numbers involved, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the entire group was given a kind of blanket amnesty. If this were the case, I suppose it would still be technically true to say that the Pope had “named them,” although not in the commonly understood sense of the phrase.

Do the Communist authorities see this action as a precedent, and conclude that this pope is prepared to validate any future candidates for bishop that they might choose to advance? It would be surprising if they didn’t. This is especially true given that the Pope also acceded to a second, equally controversial demand: that several validly ordained bishops of the underground Church—who had long been thorns in the sides of the authorities--be demoted and/or retired prior to the signing of the agreement.

The Pope again complied.  

Given all this, why would Beijing not think that the Pope would prove equally compliant in the future in accepting those candidates they would advance?  It has never stopped insisting on total control.

Writing in the latest issue of the bi-monthly Communist Party theoretical journal Qiushi, or Seeking Truth, Wang Zuoan, director of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, said China had to remain in charge on religious matters. 

“There is no affiliate relationship between our country’s religions and foreign religions. Our country’s religious groups and religious matters do not accept domination by foreign forces,” Wang wrote, without making direct reference to any religion or the talks with the Vatican.

That’s clear enough, isn’t it?  The only way for the agreement to work is for the Pope simply to go along with Beijing’s choices.  To do otherwise would interfere in China’s “sovereignty.”

How likely is it that a lowly Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, who was deputized to negotiate and sign the agreement with the Vatican, would have violated the express policy of the Chinese Communist Party on matters concerning national sovereignty?  Not very, I would say.

I found other parts of the Pope’s letter confusing as well, such as the convoluted, passive voice sentence which reads: “When, in the past, it was presumed to determine the internal life of the Catholic communities, imposing direct control above and beyond the legitimate competence of the state, the phenomenon of clandestinity arose in the Church in China.”

Here the suggestion is that “clandestinity”—hiding from the Communist authorities--is no longer necessary because these same authorities are supposedly no longer “imposing direct control above and beyond the legitimate competence of the state.”

But this is patent nonsense.  New controls are being imposed on the Catholic Church, and on all religions, even as I write. The increasingly oppressive Communist regime headed by a Communist party leader, Xi Jinping, who self-consciously models himself on the brutal Chairman Mao Zedong, is cracking down on all forms of religious expression.

New restrictions on religious activity were announced on February 1st of this year. According to a priest of the Underground Church, the new rules state that “all religious sites must be registered, no religious activities can be held beyond registered venues, non-registered clergymen are forbidden to host religious liturgies, and that minors and party members are forbidden from entering churches. … The living space for the Church is getting less and less.”

Has anyone in the Vatican read these new regulations, which make it clear that China is quickly reverting to Maoist-type oppression? Do they consider that banning anyone under the age of 18 from entering a church an act falling within the “legitimate competence of the state”? Has it occurred to anyone there that now may be a particularly inauspicious time to force the Underground Church into the embrace of the Chinese Communist Party, as the new agreement does?

I note that Article 73 of the new regulations expressly forbids a priest or bishop from “being subject to the control of foreign forces”, a rule which would seem to violate the allegiance they owe to the Magisterium. The same regulations forbid them from “organizing and presiding over unapproved religious activities held outside religious venues.” Strictly interpreted, this would mean that a priest could be punished saying Mass in a private home, or even for blessing someone outside the church precincts.

The Pope writes, “I now invite all Chinese Catholics to work towards reconciliation.”  

But the division between Catholics in the underground and patriotic Churches was not caused by the Catholics themselves. Rather, it arose in reaction to actions by the Chinese Communist Party, which in 1958 set up a Party-controlled Church called the Catholic Patriotic Association. Those Catholics who were not willing to compromise their faith went underground.

This division cannot be healed by Catholics themselves, because they were not the cause of it.  The Chinese Communist Party was the cause of the original division, and it remains today a dominating and controlling presence over all Catholics in China.

The entire exercise seems somehow backwards, because historically it was the Underground Church that remained loyal to the Magisterium, while the Patriotic Church accepted the authority of the Chinese Communist Party to govern its affairs.

Now their roles are seemingly reversed. The Pope’s secret agreement apparently recognizes the Catholic Patriotic Church, and puts the onus on the long-persecuted Underground Church to accept supervision and control by its authorities.  That is to say, it lends the authority of the Magisterium to the Communist Party itself, which will be able to claim—rightly—that the Pope has ordered underground bishops, priests, and laity to cooperate with the religious authorities anointed by the Chinese Communist Party.

Will the secret agreement help to unify China’s divided Catholic Church and “heal the wounds of the past?” Or will it only deepen that division by driving the Underground Church even further underground as the Catholic Patriotic Church and its bishops are recognized by the Vatican?

Anyone who wants to understand the difference between Pope Benedict and Pope Francis merely has to read and compare their two letters to the Chinese faithful.  The letter of the Pope Emeritus (a phrase that breaks my heart) is detailed and refined. It shows a deep understanding of the situation in China, is compelling in the immediacy of its prescriptions, and is filled with a spirit of hope and charity.

The short letter of the current occupant of the See of Peter is none of these things. It is vague and unconvincing.  Its central argument—that the faithful in China and around the world should simply trust that he knows what he’s doing--relies upon the story of Abraham. 

As the Pope writes, “Called by God, Abraham obeyed by setting out for an unknown land that he was to receive as an inheritance, without knowing the path that lay ahead. Had Abraham demanded ideal social and political conditions before leaving his land, perhaps he would never have set out. . . . I want to confirm you in this faith … and to ask you to place your trust ever more firmly in the Lord of history and in the Church’s discernment of his will.”

In other words, Pope Francis is asking Catholics to trust his secret agreement with the Chinese Communist Party because he has correctly discerned the will of God.

Perhaps he has.  Nevertheless, in dealing with a situation as complex as that which is found in China, and one which involves the exercise of a considerable amount of prudential judgment, I would welcome an argument more compelling than a simple appeal to papal authority. (Bergoglio Has Empowered Communists With Magisterial Authority.)

Mr. Mosher accepts Jorge Mario Bergoglio as a true and legitimate Successor of Saint Peter, but the putative “pontiff” fell from the Catholic Faith in his youth and has had a seething hatred for all that is authentically Catholic ever since. He is no more the pope than is Xi Jinping, although both are united by kindred methods of fear and intimidation against those who oppose them and their schemes.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio has never met a Communist tyrant over whom he did not fawn and whose policies he never ceases to praise. He will say no more about Red China’s coercive anti-life and anti-family policies than he has about the chemical and surgical execution of innocent preborn babies anywhere else in the world. He is the “pope” of “social justice,” especially to the nonexistent rights of foreign nationals to invade other nations without regard to national borders and immigration laws designed to protect public health and safety and national security, and the patron and the protector of the environment.

Well, all right, it’s back to Bergoglio’s letter to Chinese Catholics:

The Provisional Agreement signed with the Chinese authorities, while limited to certain aspects of the Church’s life and necessarily capable of improvement, can contribute – for its part – to writing this new chapter of the Catholic Church in China. For the first time, the Agreement sets out stable elements of cooperation between the state authorities and the Apostolic See, in the hope of providing the Catholic community with good shepherds.

In this context, the Holy See intends fully to play its own part. Yet an important part also falls to you, the bishops, priests, consecrated men and women, and lay faithful: to join in seeking good candidates capable of taking up in the Church the demanding and important ministry of bishop. It is not a question of appointing functionaries to deal with religious issues, but of finding authentic shepherds according to the heart of Jesus, men committed to working generously in the service of God’s people, especially the poor and the most vulnerable. Men who take seriously the Lord’s words: “Whoever would become great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be the slave of all” (Mk 10:43-44).

In this regard, it seems clear that an Agreement is merely an instrument, and not of itself capable of resolving all existing problems. Indeed, it will prove ineffective and unproductive, unless it is accompanied by a deep commitment to renewing personal attitudes and ecclesial forms of conduct.

6. On the pastoral level, the Catholic community in China is called to be united, so as to overcome the divisions of the past that have caused, and continue to cause great suffering in the hearts of many pastors and faithful. All Christians, none excluded, must now offer gestures of reconciliation and communion. In this regard, let us keep in mind the admonition of Saint John of the Cross: “In the evening of life, we will be judged on love” (Dichos, 64). (Neville  Bergoglio's Letter to Chinese Catholics.)

Interjection Number Eight:

Translation: Faithful Catholics must knuckle under to their Communist captors in order to heal “divisions” that were caused by the establishment of the “Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association” 1957.  As Mr. Mosher, the president of the Population Research Council, noted in his own commentary, the “provisional agreement” says that there must be no “foreign interference” in “religious matters,” which is precisely what our last true pope thus far, Pope Pius XII, opposed with vigor in Ad Apostolorum Principis, June 29, 1958:

8. In these days, however, We have to draw attention to the fact that the Church in your lands in recent years has been brought to still worse straits. In the midst of so many great sorrows it brings Us great comfort to note that in the daily attacks which you have met neither unflinching faith nor the most ardent love of the Divine Redeemer and of His Church has been wanting. You have borne witness to this faith and love in innumerable ways, of which only a small part is known to men, but for all of which you will someday receive an eternal reward from God.

9. Nevertheless We regard it as Our duty to declare openly, with a heart filled to its depths with sorrow and anxiety, that affairs in China are, by deceit and cunning endeavor, changing so much for the worse that the false doctrine already condemned by Us seems to be approaching its final stages and to be causing its most serious damage.

10. For by particularly subtle activity an association has been created among you to which has been attached the title of "patriotic," and Catholics are being forced by every means to take part in it. This association - as has often been proclaimed - was formed ostensibly to join the clergy and the faithful in love of their religion and their country, with these objectives in view: that they might foster patriotic sentiments; that they might advance the cause of international peace; that they might accept that species of socialism which has been introduced among you and, having accepted it, support and spread it; that, finally, they might actively cooperate with civil authorities in defending what they describe as political and religious freedom. And yet - despite these sweeping generalizations about defense of peace and the fatherland, which can certainly deceive the unsuspecting - it is perfectly clear that this association is simply an attempt to execute certain well defined and ruinous policies.

11. For under an appearance of patriotism, which in reality is just a fraud, this association aims primarily at making Catholics gradually embrace the tenets of atheistic materialism, by which God Himself is denied and religious principles are rejected.

12. Under the guise of defending peace the same association receives and spreads false rumors and accusations by which many of the clergy, including venerable bishops and even the Holy See itself, are claimed to admit to and promote schemes for earthly domination or to give ready and willing consent to exploitation of the people, as if they, with preconceived opinions, are acting with hostile intent against the Chinese nation.

13. While they declare that it is essential that every kind of freedom exist in religious matters and that this makes mutual relations between the ecclesiastical and civil powers easier, this association in reality aims at setting aside and neglecting the rights of the Church and effecting its complete subjection to civil authorities.

14. Hence all its members are forced to approve those unjust prescriptions by which missionaries are cast into exile, and by which bishops, priests, religious men, nuns, and the faithful in considerable numbers are thrust into prison; to consent to those measures by which the jurisdiction of many legitimate pastors is persistently obstructed; to defend wicked principles totally opposed to the unity, universality, and hierarchical constitution of the Church; to admit those first steps by which the clergy and faithful are undermined in the obedience due to legitimate bishops; and to separate Catholic communities from the Apostolic See.

15. In order to spread these wicked principles more efficiently and to fix them in everyone's mind, this association - which, as We have said, boasts of its patriotism - uses a variety of means including violence and oppression, numerous lengthy publications, and group meetings and congresses.

16. In these meetings, the unwilling are forced to take part by incitement, threats, and deceit. If any bold spirit strives to defend truth, his voice is easily smothered and overcome and he is branded with a mark of infamy as an enemy of his native land and of the new society.

17. There should also be noted those courses of instruction by which pupils are forced to imbibe and embrace this false doctrine. Priests, religious men and women, ecclesiastical students, and faithful of all ages are forced to attend these courses. An almost endless series of lectures and discussions, lasting for weeks and months, so weaken and benumb the strength of mind and will that by a kind of psychic coercion an assent is extracted which contains almost no human element, an assent which is not freely asked for as should be the case.

18. In addition to these there are the methods by which minds are upset - by every device, in private and in public, by traps, deceits, grave fear, by so-called forced confessions, by custody in a place where citizens are forcibly "reeducated," and those "Peoples' Courts" to which even venerable bishops are ignominiously dragged for trial.

19. Against methods of acting such as these, which violate the principal rights of the human person and trample on the sacred liberty of the sons of God, all Christians from every part of the world, indeed all men of good sense cannot refrain from raising their voices with Us in real horror and from uttering a protest deploring the deranged conscience of their fellow men. (Pope Pius XII, Ad Apostolorum Principis, June 29, 1958.)

Pope Pius XII’s firm denunciation and bold explication of Communist totalitarianism stands in stark contrast to Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s complete, unconditional surrender to murderers whose false ideology was condemned by Pope Pius XI in Divini Redemptoris, March 19, 1939:

See to it, Venerable Brethren, that the Faithful do not allow themselves to be deceived! Communism is intrinsically wrong, and no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever. Those who permit themselves to be deceived into lending their aid towards the triumph of Communism in their own country, will be the first to fall victims of their error. And the greater the antiquity and grandeur of the Christian civilization in the regions where Communism successfully penetrates, so much more devastating will be the hatred displayed by the godless. (Pope Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris, March 19, 1937.)

It is no mystery why Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s letter to Chinese Catholics makes no reference to the writings of any true pope as the condemnation of cooperation with Communists by Pope Pius XI, which was reiterated by the Holy Office and approved by Pope Pius XII in 1949, and Pope Pius XII’s condemnation of the brutality of Chinese Communists and the illegitimacy of their rump “CPCA” have, he believes, lost whatever relevance they may have had given the “changes” that have taken place with the passage of time.

Obviously, nothing has “changed” in Red China with the passage of time except for the fact that the leaders of Western nations, multinational corporations and multinational financial interests decided it was opportune to ignore the facts about Communist and the Chicoms’ brutality as the means to make money.

Moreover, of course, the rise of the Communist-sympathizers such as Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli and Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini started the process of “reconciliations” with Communist governments around the world that helped to clothe Communists with legitimacy, thus making a mockery of the unshakeable opposition of our true popes to Communism in all its forms and of our last true pope to the usurpation of the rights of Holy Mother Church by Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai.

The next part of “Pope Francis’s” letter to Chinese Catholics is perhaps the most galling:

On the civil and political level, Chinese Catholics must be good citizens, loving their homeland and serving their country with diligence and honesty, to the best of their ability. On the ethical level, they should be aware that many of their fellow citizens expect from them a greater commitment to the service of the common good and the harmonious growth of society as a whole. In particular, Catholics ought to make a prophetic and constructive contribution born of their faith in the kingdom of God. At times, this may also require of them the effort to offer a word of criticism, not out of sterile opposition, but for the sake of building a society that is more just, humane and respectful of the dignity of each person.

7. I now turn to you, my brother bishops, priests and consecrated persons who “serve the Lord with gladness” (Ps 100:2). Let us recognize one another as followers of Christ in the service of God’s people. Let us make pastoral charity the compass for our ministry. Let us leave behind past conflicts and attempts to pursue our own interests, and care for the faithful, making our own their joys and their sufferings. Let us work humbly for reconciliation and unity. With energy and enthusiasm, let us take up the path of evangelization indicated by the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council.

To everyone, I say once more with great affection: “Let us be inspired to act by the example of all those priests, religious, and laity who devote themselves to proclamation and to serving others with great fidelity, often at the risk of their lives and certainly at the cost of their comfort. Their testimony reminds us that, more than bureaucrats and functionaries, the Church needs passionate missionaries, enthusiastic about sharing true life. The saints surprise us; they confound us, because by their lives they urge us to abandon a dull and dreary mediocrity” (Apostolic Exhortation Gaudete et Exsultate, 19 March 2018, 138).

I ask you wholeheartedly to beg for the grace not to hesitate when the Spirit calls us to take a step forward: “Let us ask for the apostolic courage to share the Gospel with others and to stop trying to make our Christian life a museum of memories. In every situation, may the Holy Spirit cause us to contemplate history in the light of the risen Jesus. In this way, the Church will not stand still, but constantly welcome the Lord’s surprises” (ibid., 139). (Neville  Bergoglio's Letter to Chinese Catholics.)

Interjection Number Nine:

It is impossible for anyone, no less a believing Catholic, to express a “word of opposition” to the Butchers of Beijing, and it is not to engage in a “sterile” effort to oppose Communism and to denounce it with the courage of the late Bishop Ignatius Kung, who was brought before the dog track stadium in Shanghai on September 8, 1955, the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with the expectation that he would denounce Pope Pius XII. His nephew, Joseph Kung, the President of the Cardinal Kung Foundation, what happened:

Bishop Kung had been Bishop of Shanghai and Apostolic Administrator of two other dioceses for only five years before he was arrested by the Chinese government. In just 5 short years, Bishop Kung became one of the most feared enemies of the Chinese Communists - a man who commanded both the attention and devotion of the country's then three million Roman Catholics and the highest respect of his brother bishops in China, and inspired thousands to offer their lives up to God. In defiance of the communist created and sanctioned Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, Bishop Kung personally supervised the Legion of Mary, a religious organization of the laity dedicated to the veneration of the Blessed Mother Mary. As the result, many members of the Legion of Mary chose to risk arrest in the name of their God, of their Church and of their bishop. Hundreds of Legion of Mary members, including many students, were arrested and sentenced to 10, 15, or 20 years or more of hard labor.

In the midst of persecutions, Bishop Kung declared 1952 the Marian Year in Shanghai. During that year, there was to be uninterrupted 24 hours-daily recitation of the rosary in front of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, which toured all the parishes of Shanghai. The Holy Statue finally arrived at Christ the King Church where a major arrest of the priests had just taken place only a month ago. Bishop Kung visited that church and personally led the rosary while hundreds of the armed police looked on. At the end of the rosary, leading the congregation, Bishop Kung prayed: "Holy Mother, we do not ask you for a miracle. We do not beg you to stop the persecutions. But we beg you to support us who are very weak."

Knowing that he and his priests would soon be arrested, Bishop Kung trained hundreds of catechists to pass on the Roman Catholic faith in the diocese to future generations.

The heroic efforts of these catechists, their martyrdom and that of many faithful and clergy contributed to the vibrant underground Roman Catholic Church in China today. Bishop Kung's place in the hearts of his parishioners was very well summed up by the Shanghai youth group in a 1953 New Year youth rally when they said: "Bishop Kung, in darkness, you light up our path. You guide us on our treacherous journey. You sustain our faith and the traditions of the Church. You are the foundation rock of our Church in Shanghai."

On September 8, 1955, the press around the world reported in shock the overnight arrest of Bishop Kung along with more than 200 priests and Church leaders in Shanghai. Months after his arrest, he was taken out to a mob "struggle session" in the old Dog Racing stadium in Shanghai. Thousands were ordered to attend and to hear the Bishop's public confession of his "crimes." With his hands tied behind his back, wearing a Chinese pajama suit, the 5-foot tall bishop was pushed forward to the microphone to confess. To the shock of the security police, they heard a righteous loud cry of "Long live Christ the King, Long live the Pope" from the Bishop. The crowd responded immediately, "Long live Christ the King, Long live Bishop Kung". Bishop Kung was quickly dragged away to the police car and disappeared from the world until he was brought to trial in 1960. Bishop Kung was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The night before he was brought to trial, the Chief Prosecutor asked once again for his cooperation to lead the independent church movement and to establish the Chinese Patriotic Association. His answer was: "I am a Roman Catholic Bishop. If I denounce the Holy Father, not only would I not be a Bishop, I would not even be a Catholic. You can cut off my head, but you can never take away my duties."

Bishop Kung vanished behind bars for thirty years. During those thirty years, he spent many long periods in isolation. Numerous requests to visit Bishop Kung in prison by international religious and human rights organizations and senior foreign government officials were rejected. He was not permitted to receive visitors, including his relatives, letters, or money to buy essentials, which are rights of other prisoners. (Biography of Cardinal Kung.)

Perhaps Jorge Mario Bergoglio considers Bishop Ignatius Kung’s opposition to have been “sterile” as he could have helped to forge a “unity” among Chinese Catholics if he had accepted the Chicoms’ offer to head the “Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association.” Perhaps it is even the case that the late Chinese dissident, Dr. Harry Wu, who was himself a Catholic, was engaging in such a “sterile” effort to oppose the laogai prison camps throughout Red China that I heard him discuss at a Roman Forum conference in Montvale, New Jersey, in early-1997.

Do you have the stomach for the last part of Neville Bergoglio's letter to Chinese Catholics?

I certainly do not, but I know that I many sins for which I need to make reparation:

8. In this year, when the entire Church celebrates the Synod on Young People, I would like to say a special word to you, young Chinese Catholics, who enter the gates of the house of the Lord “giving thanks [and] with songs of praise” (Ps 100:4). I ask you to cooperate in building the future of your country with the talents and gifts that you have received, and with the youthfulness of your faith. I encourage you to bring, by your enthusiasm, the joy of the Gospel to everyone you meet.

Be ready to accept the sure guidance of the Holy Spirit, who shows today’s world the path to reconciliation and peace. Let yourselves be surprised by the renewing power of grace, even when it may seem that the Lord is asking more of you than you think you can give. Do not be afraid to listen to his voice as he calls you to fraternity, encounter, capacity for dialogue and forgiveness, and a spirit of service, regardless of the painful experiences of the recent past and wounds not yet healed.

Open your hearts and minds to discern the merciful plan of God, who asks us to rise above personal prejudices and conflicts between groups and communities, in order to undertake a courageous fraternal journey in the light of an authentic culture of encounter.

Nowadays there is no lack of temptations: the pride born of worldly success, narrow-mindedness and absorption in material things, as if God did not exist. Go against the flow and stand firm in the Lord: “for he is good; eternal is his merciful love; he is faithful from age to age” (Ps 100:5).

9. Dear brothers and sisters of the universal Church, all of us are called to recognize as one of the signs of our times everything that is happening today in the life of the Church in China. We have an important duty: to accompany our brothers and sisters in China with fervent prayer and fraternal friendship. Indeed, they need to feel that in the journey that now lies ahead, they are not alone. They need to be accepted and supported as a vital part of the Church. “How good and pleasant it is, when brothers dwell together in unity!” (Ps 133:1).

Each local Catholic community in every part of the world should make an effort to appreciate and integrate the spiritual and cultural treasures proper to Chinese Catholics. The time has come to taste together the genuine fruits of the Gospel sown in the ancient “Middle Kingdom” and to raise to the Lord Jesus Christ a hymn of faith and thanksgiving, enriched by authentically Chinese notes.

10. I now turn with respect to the leaders of the People’s Republic of China and renew my invitation to continue, with trust, courage and farsightedness, the dialogue begun some time ago. I wish to assure them that the Holy See will continue to work sincerely for the growth of genuine friendship with the Chinese people.

The present contacts between the Holy See and the Chinese government are proving useful for overcoming past differences, even those of the more recent past, and for opening a new chapter of more serene and practical cooperation, in the shared conviction that “incomprehension [serves] the interests of neither the Chinese people nor the Catholic Church in China” (BENEDICT XVILetter to Chinese Catholics, 27 May 2007, 4).

In this way, China and the Apostolic See, called by history to an arduous yet exciting task, will be able to act more positively for the orderly and harmonious growth of the Catholic community in China. They will make efforts to promote the integral development of society by ensuring greater respect for the human person, also in the religious sphere, and will work concretely to protect the environment in which we live and to build a future of peace and fraternity between peoples. (Neville  Bergoglio's Letter to Chinese Catholics.)

Interjection Number Ten:

Bergoglio is forever blaspheming the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, God the Holy Ghost, by claiming that his heresies, blasphemies, sacrileges and, in this instance, political sellouts to Communists and other socialists/statists/pro-aborts/pro-perverts are the working on an “uncaged” “holy” spirit. Unfortunately for Bergoglio and for faithful Catholics in Red China, however, the “spritis” moving the Argentine Apostate are from the lowest possible reaches of hell.

The only “encounter” that the Chicoms want from faithful Catholics who have suffered for three generations in the underground is total and unconditional surrender.

The only “fraternity” that the Chicoms accept is that which is based on an uncritical acceptance of their policies, including the anti-life, anti-family policies about which the Argentine Apostate is totally silent.

The only “dialogue” that the Chicoms understand is “yes, master” to whatever orders they give their captive citizens in a prison-state, police-state nation.

Alas, the Chicoms forgive nothing but they expect faithful Chinese Catholics who have suffered under their cruel regime to recognize the “wisdom” of their policies and that it was necessary for them, the Chicoms, to use force, imprisonment and torture to get them to do what the “pope” is obeying to do as work of the “holy spirit.”

This is diabolical, especially so when one considers the fact that Bergoglio said that Chinese Catholics need to be led by “history,” not God, and that the wretched little demon from Argentina mentioned the protection of the environment, which the Chicoms are masters are exploiting and despoiling, quite by the way, without a word of rebuke about their anti-life, anti-family policies and their repressive ways. Well, perhaps this is a matter of professional courtesy among kindred spirits.

Quite to the contrary of the “positive developments” that Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI said were the basis of his own letter to Chinese Catholics on June 30, 2007, and to the contrary of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s exhortation to faithful Catholics not to engage in “sterile” opposition to the policies of the Red Chinese dictators and to answer the call of “history, not God, it should be pointed out, the aforementioned Dr. Harry Wu noted in 2015 that he was very skeptical of any claims that his native country’s forced abortion policies, for instance, had changed:

What do you think of China’s move to allow couples to have two children now, rather than only one?

It is a Communist Party decision. People always say in China the most powerful organization is the People’s Congress. Actually, it’s not. Just like in America, Democrats and Republicans make a decision for national policy. This is a Communist regime.

Number two, we do not know how many people in the past 30 years have been forced to have an abortion or sterilization. How do you control the one-child policy? Right now, they are facing a crisis. So you give people a break, let them have two children, whatever.

But the Chinese people do not enjoy the freedom of giving birth. It’s controlled by the Communist Party. They’re not free. So now the Communist Party says, “Okay, we’ll allow you two children.” Maybe one day they’ll say three children. It’s a very sad story. 

Are you in touch with people in China regarding the enforcement of the policy, particularly the forced abortions and sterilizations? Has that situation gotten any better?

Everyone tries to have more children, but it’s illegal inside China. They have to run away, they have to escape, they have to quietly have abortions. If the government finds out, they will sterilize them or kill the child. There are many stories. The West doesn’t want to hear about it. People are not really concerned about human rights in China. They care about the economy, they care about investments, they care about products. That’s it. 

The mainstream media have reported this week that even though the policy is being relaxed, many Chinese couples won’t be able to afford having more children anyway.

Well, this is a Chinese issue. This is the biggest population in the world, and it’s killing the child frequently, and nobody cares. … In China abortion is regular work. … It’s very common because it’s a Communist regime.

The decision made by the Chinese Communist Party Conference—not made by the People’s Congress—is like if in America something was not decided by Congress or the State Department but by the Republican Party of Democratic Party. We are quite used to it.

And we love to have business with them. [Chinese President] Xi Jinping was welcomed as a Communist leader; he was welcomed by [President Barack] Obama. What did Obama say? “We’re just talking about the South China Sea and the Internet. That’s it. We don’t want to talk about your domestic policy. We don’t want to get involved in it.” That means we don’t involve 22 percentof the population of the world. “They can do whatever they want to do.” Is that really American policy toward China?

Is the modification of the policy at least a step in the right direction?

You have to stop the Communists’ control. There is no country in the world where government controls human beings’ basic idea: you are not free to give birth. Even India [which has a population of 1.252 billion people]: they don’t have a policy to force people to [not] give birth. But China does. We ignore that. Obama ignored that. They don’t care about that. But if it’s a domestic policy, “Well, the Chinese can do whatever they want to.” But if you read the UN Charter on Human Rights, it’s very clear: giving birth is a fundamental right.

But we don’t care.

Many people are applauding: “Oh, China changed its policy and is allowing a second child.” I don’t know.

So you are skeptical.

I’m skeptical of the Communist regime. They have deprived not only freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of nationalities, but also freedom of birth. There is no religious freedom in China, including for the Catholic Church, the largest Church in the world. The Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo is in jail. But today all Obama wants to talk to China about is Internet freedom. How has China, from 1995 until now, obtained entire control of the internet? Ask Cisco: “How did you help China set up its Internet system? How much money did you earn? How much computers and accessories did you sell to China.”

[Wu charges that Cisco worked with Communist Party public security officials to design a system known as the Golden Shield technology, to surveil and censor dissidents.] (Harry Wu Skeptical of Change of Red Chinese in One Child Policy .)

Yes, yes, yes. “Positive developments” that can lead to “unity,” right?


Bergoglio believes Communist propaganda, and he believes that all public opposition to abortion is “sterile” unless it is connected to the protection of the elements of the natural earth, to government coerced income redistribution and to the unlimited “right” of foreign nationals to invade sovereign nations. Such is the basis of only one kind of “unity,” that which will exist under a Judeo-Masonic New World Order to which a “united nations of religions” would be subservient, and it to advance this nefarious goal that Bergoglio is indeed making history, infamous history.

How Our Last True Pope Wrote to Chinese Catholics in Their Communist Captivity

Fully three years before the creation of the “Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association,” Pope Pius XII wrote to Chinse Catholics then suffering under the cruelty of the mass murdering Communist and self-idolater, Mao Zedong, to stand fast in the Holy Faith and to have a love of the true good of their country that required them to resist all the Chicoms’ encroachments on the rights and liberties of Holy Mother Church:

We see that you are also worthy of praise for this reason. In the daily and prolonged trials in which you find yourselves, you follow only the just way when you give, as becomes Christians, respectful homage to your public authorities in the field of their competency. Moved by love of your country, you are ready to fulfill all your duties as citizens. But it is also a great consolation for Us to know that when the occasion has arisen, you have openly affirmed, and still affirm, that you can in no way stray from the precepts of the Catholic religion and that you can in no way deny your Creator and Redeemer, for Whose love many of you have faced torture and prison. . . .

A Bishop, or a priest of the true Church of Christ, ought time and again to meditate on what the Apostle Paul said of his preaching of the Gospel: "For I give you to understand, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not of man. For I did not receive it from man, nor was I taught it; but I received it by a revelation of Jesus Christ" (Gal. 1. 11-12)

Being most certain that this doctrine (whose integrity We must defend with the help of the Holy Ghost) has been divinely revealed, We repeat these words of the Apostle of the Gentiles: "But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel to you other than that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema" (Gal. 1.8).

You can easily see, Venerable Brothers and beloved sons, why he cannot be considered a Catholic or bear the name of Catholic who professes or teaches differently from what We have up to this point briefly explained. This includes those persons who have adhered to the dangerous principles underlying the movement of the "Three Autonomies," or to other similar principles.

The promoters of such movements with the greatest cunning seek to deceive the simple or the timid, or to draw them away from the right path. For this purpose they falsely affirm that the only true patriots are those who adhere to the church thought up by them, that is, to that which has the "Three Autonomies." But in reality they seek, in a word, to establish finally among you a "national" church, which no longer could be Catholic because it world be the negation of that universality or rather "catholicity" by which the society truly founded by Jesus Christ is above all nations and embraces them one and all.

We want to repeat here the words that We have written on the same argument in the letter already cited: "The Church does not single out a particular people, an individual nation, but loves all men, whatever be their nation or race, with that supernatural charity of Christ, which should necessarily unite all as brothers, one to the other.

"Hence it cannot be affirmed that she serves the interests of any particular power. Nor likewise can she be expected to countenance that particular churches be set up in each nation, thus destroying that unity established by the Divine Founder, and unhappily separating them from this Apostolic See where Peter, the Vicar of Jesus Christ, continues to live in his successors until the end of time.

"Whatever Christian community were to do this, would lose its vitality as the branch cut from the vine (Cf. John 15. 6) and could not bring forth salutary fruit" (AAS, 44: p. 135).

We earnestly exhort "in the heart of Christ" (Phil. 1. 8) those faithful of whom We have mournfully written above to come back to the path of repentance and salvation. Let them remember that, when it is necessary, one must render to Caesar what is Caesar's, and with greater reason, one must render to God what is God's (Cf. Luke 20. 25). When men demand things contrary to the Divine Will, then it is necessary to put into practice the maxim of St. Peter: "We must obey God rather than men" (Acts 5. 29). Let them also remember that it is impossible to serve two masters, if these order things opposed to one another (Cf. Matt. 6. 24). Also at times it is impossible to please both Jesus Christ and men (Cf. Gal. 1. 10). But if it sometimes happens that he who wishes to remain faithful to the Divine Redeemer even unto death must suffer great harm, let him bear it with a strong and serene soul.

On the other hand, We wish to congratulate repeatedly those who, suffering severe difficulties, have been outstanding in their loyalty to God and to the Catholic Church, and so have been "counted worthy to suffer disgrace for the name of Jesus" (Acts 5. 41). With a paternal heart We encourage them to continue brave and intrepid along the road they have taken, keeping in mind the words of Jesus Christ: "And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather be afraid of him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell . . . But as for you, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Therefore do not be afraid . . . Therefore everyone who acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I in turn will disown him before my Father in heaven" (Matt. 10. 28, 30-33). (Pope Pius XII, Ad Sinarum Gentem, October 7, 1954.)

Pope Pius XII was calling for resistance to the Communist authorities and their quisling bishops and priests, not acquiescence or compromise, quite a distinction from Jorge’s “provisional agreement” with the Chicom butchers. The false “pontiff” would want us to believe that he is helping to effect “unity among Catholics in Red China. However, his efforts are premised on the acceptance of the underlying beliefs and conditions under which the “Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association” was founded and continues to operate as a tool of the Communist civil state. (For more information about the CPCA’s tactics, please the appendix, which includes material from a 1996 essay on the website of the Cardinal Kung Foundation.

In Conclusion

This is indeed the time that the forces of hell are long conspired to produce. This is also, however, all occurring within the Providence of God, Who wants us to manifest us a clear witness to the truths of the Holy Faith and to refuse any communion at all with the revolutionaries of the counterfeit church of conciliarism whose policies advance the coming of the Antichrist and thus are injurious to the temporal good of men and their nations and mortal to the eternal welfare of individual men.

Tomorrow, October 1, 2018, the Feast of Saint Remigius, begins the month of the Holy Rosary and the Holy Angels. Our need to rely upon Our Lady’s Most Holy Rosary has never been more urgent.

We need to pray Our Lady’s Holy Rosary to console the good God as little Francisco Marto loved to do all day long.

We need to pray Our Lady’s Most Holy Rosary to make reparation for our own sins.

We need to pray Our Lady’s Most Holy Rosary to plant the seeds for the conversion of men and their nations to the true Faith and for Catholics within the conciliar structures to reject men whose multiple defections from the Holy Faith mark them as enemies of God and thus of human sanctification and salvation.

We need to trust Our Lady as little children, which is what we, despite our sins and failings, are she loves us so tenderly with her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart to which we offer up all the sufferings of the moment as the consecrated slaves of her Divine Son, Christ the King, through that same Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart.

Saint Louis de Montfort, whose True Devotion to Mary should be our guide as to how to love the Mother of God and to serve her as the consecrated slaves through her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, has given us great words of wisdom for these our times: 

Predestinate souls, you who are of God, cut yourselves adrift from those who are damning themselves by their impious lives, laziness and lack of devotion--and, without delay, recite often your Rosary, with faith, with humility, with confidence and with perseverance. . . 

Dear Rosary Confraternity members, if you want to lead a fashionable life and belong to the world--by this I mean if you do not mind falling into mortal sin from time to time and then going to Confession, and if you with to avoid conspicuous sins which the world considers vile and yet at the same time commit "respectable sins"--then, of course, there is no need for you to say many prayers and Rosaries. You only need to do very little be "respectable": a tiny prayer at night and morning, an occasional Rosary which may be given to you for your penance, a few decades of Hail Marys said on your Rosary (but haphazardly and without concentration) when it suits your fancy to say them--this is quite enough. If you did less, you might be branded as a freethinker or a profligate; if you did more, you would be eccentric and a fanatic. But if you want to lead a true Christian life and genuinely want to save your soul and walk in the saints' footsteps and never, never, fall into mortal sin--if you wish to break Satan's traps and divert his flaming darts, you must always pray as Our Lord taught and commanded you to do.

If you really have this wish at heart, then you must at least say your Rosary or the equivalent, every day. I have said "at least" because probably all that you will accomplish through your Rosary will be to avoid mortal sin and to overcome temptation. This is because you are so exposed to the strong current of the world's wickedness by which many a strong soul is swept away; you are in the midst of the thick, clinging darkness which often blinds even the most enlightened souls; you are surrounded by evil spirits who being more experienced than ever and knowing that their time is short are more cunning and more effective in tempting you.

It will indeed be a marvel of grace wrought by the Most Holy Rosary if you manage to keep out of the clutches of the world, the devil and the flesh and avoid mortal sin and gain heaven! If you do not want to believe me, at least learn from your own experience. I should like to ask you, if when you were in the habit of saying no more prayers than people usually say in the world and saying them they way they usually say them, you were able to avid serious faults and sins that were grievous but which seemed nothing much to you in your blindness. Now at last you must wake up, and if you want to live and die without sin, at least mortal sin, pray unceasingly; say your Rosary every day as members always used to do in the early days of the Confraternity. . . .

Even if you suffer from dryness of soul, boredom and interior discouragement, never give up even the least little bit of your Rosary--for this would be a sure sign of pride and faithlessness. On the contrary, like a real champion of Jesus and Mary, you should say your Our Fathers and Hail Marys quite drily if you have to, without seeing, hearing or feeling any consolation whatsoever, and concentrating as best you can on the mysteries. You ought not to look for candy or jam to eat with your daily bread, as children do--but you should even say your Rosary more slowly sometimes when you particularly find it hard to say. Do this to imitate Our Lord more perfectly in His agony in the garden: "Being in agony, he prayed the longer," so that what was said of Our Lord (when He was in His agony of prayer) may be said of you too: He prayed even longer.

Pray with great confidence, with confidence based upon the goodness and infinite generosity of God and upon the promises of Jesus Christ. God is a spring of living water which flows unceasingly into the hearts of those who pray. The Eternal Father yearns for nothing so much as to share the life-giving waters of His grace and mercy with us. He is entreating us: "All you that thirst, come to the waters . . ." This means "Come and drink of My spring through prayer," and when we do not pray to Him He sorrowfully says that we are forsaking Him: "They have forsaken me, the fountain of living water." (Saint Louis de Montfort, The Secret of the Rosary,  pp. 99-101; 103)

Let us not forsake Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Let us go to Him through the very instrument His Most Blessed Mother gave to Saint Dominic, the Holy Rosary.

Let us take seriously the words that Our Lady told Jacinta and Francisco Marto and Lucia dos Santos in the Cova da Iria to pray many Rosaries and to do penance for the conversion of poor sinners and to save them from Hell. 

We are poor sinners in need of conversion! We need to be saved from the fires of Hell.

We must use the spiritual weapon that Our Lord has given us through His Most Blessed Mother to defeat the enemies of our salvation at the very gates of our soul this day and every day our lives as we lift high the standard of His Most Holy Cross, which is adorned to every Rosary of His Most Blessed Mother, as we seek to spread devotion to this paramount weapon against all sin and heresy.

Viva Cristo ReyVivat Christus Rex!

Our Lady of Sheshan and Queen of China, pray for us!

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Jerome, pray for us.


An Article from 1996 on the Cardinal Kung Foundation Website

Bishop Andrew Tsien, Bishop of Hualian, Taiwan, explained that the objectives of the Patriotic Association are:

Short term: To substitute it for the true Roman Catholic church.

Long term: To eliminate religion in order to achieve a pure materialistic and autocratic society.

In his remark on the pastoral letter on women issued by the Patriotic Association's Bishops Conference, Rev. Matthias Lu, Ph.D., S.TH.L., Director of the St. Thomas Aquinas Center in California, wrote:

"Its (the Patriotic Association's) commitment is to manipulate the mass of the Catholic population in order to integrate them into the Socialist revolutionary movement by submitting them to the leadership of the Communist Party in all things."

To accomplish this goal over the past 45 years, the Chinese government put tens of thousands of Roman Catholic faithful in jail for 10, 20, 30 or more years. Thousands perished in jail. Many were shot in public. All foreign missionaries were banished. As you are painfully aware, this persecution continues even today.

Like the blind man, the Roman Catholic Church in China suffered. History teaches us that from suffering good often eventually emerges. We believe that because God is on our side and because the Catholic faith in China has been so firmly and deeply rooted, the suffering endured since 1949 has not weaken the Roman Catholic population in China, but has increased it from three million faithful then to over eight million now. This is clearly the work of God.

In view of the above statistics, the objective of replacing the Roman Catholic Church with the Patriotic Association has clearly failed so far.

2. The Persecution Before the Patriotic Association's Creation

The Communists took power in 1949. By 1953, many Chinese priests and lay persons were arrested and dying in jail. Bishop Kung, now a Cardinal, was appointed a bishop by the Holy Father in 1949 after the Communists took power in China. He was repeatedly asked by the government to lend his respectability to the Patriotic Association movement by denouncing the Holy Father. His reply was simple.

"I am a Roman Catholic bishop. If I denounce the Holy Father, not only would I not be a bishop, I would not even be a Catholic. You can cut off my head, but you can never take away my duties."

Bishop Kung, together with several hundred Catholic leaders and priests, were arrested simultaneously on September 8, 1955. Elsewhere, prelates together with their religious and faithful were arrested en masse. For instance, the late Archbishop Dominic Tang, Archbishop of Canton (now called Guangzhou), was imprisoned for 22 years until he became seriously ill with cancer and needed an operation. The late Bishop Peter Joseph Fan, Bishop of Baoding in the province of Hebei, was imprisoned for 34 years, was tortured and died in prison. The list of martyrs is long.

The redemptive value of their sufferings and the resultant benefits to the universal church must be enormous.

3. The Creation of The Patriotic Association And Its Aftermath. The Beginning of The Underground Roman Catholic Church

In 1957, the Patriotic Association was officially established by an atheistic Chinese communist government. In contrast to the Patriotic Association, the true Catholic church was created by Christ almost 2000 years ago. The good news was brought to China by missionaries about 700 years ago.

As soon as the Patriotic Association was established, all properties of the Roman Catholic Church were confiscated. Later, as China opened up, many of the churches and other properties were transferred to the Patriotic Association, keeping the loyal Roman Catholic church penniless.

Foreign Catholic visitors to China often visit these reopened churches. These churches look Catholic. The priests dress like Catholic priests. Even their prayers sound Catholic. But they are not Catholic. They all belong to the Patriotic Association.

Rev. Matthias Lu, Ph.D., S.TH.L. made the following comment on the Patriotic Association's Bishops Conference pastoral letter:

"Whatever the CCPA (Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association) does under a religious guise can never be truly religious. It is a show put on to mislead...It is not a part of the Body of Christ...The sweeter and holier its prayers and preaching sound, the more deceitful they are."

Behind the seemingly serene and pious scenes in these churches are the continuous suppression, often brutal persecution, of the eight million Roman Catholics loyal to the Pope. They are known as the underground Roman Catholics. (As found at: Cardinal Kung Foundation.)