Mutilating All Truth

As a proud son of the conciliar revolution and of the world of Modernity with which the conciliar revolutionaries have made their “official reconciliation,” Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been on a one-man crusade, to use a term that he abhors, to mutilate all truth, whether supernatural or natural.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio cares nothing for the truths of the Order of Redemption (Grace) nor for the truths of the Order of Creation (Nature). Although his immediate two predecessors, Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II and Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, used slogans (“Saint John Paul II’s” “living tradition; Ratzinger/Benedict’s “hermeneutic of continuity”) to repackage Modernist’s precept of dogmatic evolution, the Argentine Apostate simply declares whatever happens to comes to him randomly to be part of his official “magisterium.” His entire belief system is premised on pure visceral feelings without any rationality even on the natural level, to say nothing of any respect for that which has been revealed by Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to His true Church for Its eternal safekeeping and infallible explication.

We are eyewitnesses to twenty-two and one-half months of a well-planned strategy to “go to the peripheries” as Bergoglio has used various phone calls, letters and private audiences to give support and encouragement to unrepentant sinners, several of whom had been given admonitions by right-thinking presbyters to reform their lives and to confess their sins. Juvenile delinquent that he is, Jorge Mario Bergoglio takes as much glee in doing this as he does from sending his inquistors to persecute believing Catholics in the conciliar structures such as the Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Immaculate.  “Pope Francis” just loves to “make a mess” and upset the conciliar apple cart and thus to make life difficult for the “Pharisees” within his ranks to mount any kind of defense, no matter how compromised or corrupted by conciliarism, of the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law.

One of Jorge’s first such ventures occurred when he telephoned Christopher Trutino, a Frenchman who based his self-identification upon his inclination to commit sins of unnatural vice in defiance of the binding precepts of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments:

Then on Friday, Mr. Lombardi denied newspaper reports in France that the pope had called a young Catholic gay man in Toulouse to reassure him. The man, Christopher Trutino, a 25-year-old salesclerk, had told a local paper, La Dépêche du Midi, that after he wrote a letter to the pope explaining his struggles to reconcile his sexuality and faith, Francis phoned him to counsel him. “Your homosexuality, it doesn’t matter,” he recalled the pope saying. “One way or another, we are all children of God.”

Some on Twitter and elsewhere on the Internet greeted reports of the call as a welcome change in the doctrinal rigidity of the church on the issue of homosexuality. But the Vatican’s denial of the reports fanned speculation that the call had been a hoax, while also prompting some to question whether the Vatican was dissembling to distance itself from a delicate topic.

Mr. Trutino is avoiding the media, and could not be reached for comment on Monday. But Cyril Doumergue, the journalist from La Dépêche du Midi who interviewed him, said he had sounded authentic and genuinely moved. But he said he believed Mr. Trutino may have been deceived. He said the young man told the newspaper that during the call — which he said began at 2 p.m. — the pope explained that he would later be receiving King Abdullah II of Jordan. But Ansa, the Italian news agency, said the king arrived at 11 a.m. and the meeting was over by 12:06 p.m.

“Christopher did not record the conversation, so it is impossible to know 100 percent what happened,” Mr. Doumergue said. (Francis is on the line and everyone's talking.)

Contrary to what "Father" Federico Lombardi, S.J., tried to claim, it was within a few short days that Jorge himself admitted the phone call and its contents in his now infamous interview with "Father" Antonio Spadoro, S.J.:

Another example from recent days that I saw got the attention of newspapers: the phone call I made to a young man who wrote me a letter. I called him because that letter was so beautiful, so simple. For me this was an act of generativity. I realized that he was a young man who is growing, that he saw in me a father, and that the letter tells something of his life to that father. The father cannot say, ‘I do not care.’ This type of fruitfulness is so good for me.” (A Big Heart Open to God, America Magazine.)

Bergoglio thus admitted to “Father” Antonio Spadoro, S.J., in Interview Number Two six months go what Vatican spokesflack and spinmeister “Father” Federico Lombardi, S.J., had denied when news of the infamous phone call had first become public two weeks beforehand.

It was seven months later that Bergoglio placed a similar phone call to an Argentine woman who is civilly "married" to a divorced man, who does not even have the fig leaf provided by a conciliar decree of nullity, thus setting the stage for "Round One" of "keeping the doctrine, changing the application" that took place six months thereafter in the his "extraordinary synod of 'bishops'":

There are priests who are more papist than the Pope.” A set phrase like any other. Only this time, the lips that uttered it were those of Francis himself, during a conversation with fellow Argentinean, Jakelina Lisbona. A woman who married a divorced man. Bergoglio advised her to take Communion regardless of her personal situation. This little detail ended up as a news story that made it half way around the world.

Pope assures there’s no harm in a divorced person taking Communion”. This is the title that has been causing a buzz in the media in the last few hours. But it is a misinterpretation because the person the Pope spoke with was not divorced as was originally believed. 

It’s not me who’s divorced,” one of the female protagonists in this story said in an interview with Buenos Aires radio station La Red Am910. Lisbona said it was her husband, Julio Zabeta, who had divorced, but she never married in the Church. The two have been united in civil matrimony for the past nineteen years and have two daughters. 

“We used to go to mass, not every day. Here at home, we pray every evening, turning to God always; when someone is in a difficult situation God is the first one they turn to. I wrote the letter spontaneously. I wrote to him because he’s Argentinean, he listens to people and I believe in miracles,” she said. 

The woman also said she tried taking Communion again last year but not only did the local priest apparently say he could not give her Communion, he even said she could not access the sacrament of Confession either. “[They told me that] when I went home, I resumed a life of sin,” she added. 

The woman finally decided to write to Pope Francis to explain her situation to him. The letter was sent last September. 

“The phone rang and my husband answered. It was Fr. Bergoglio calling. The father asked to speak to me and my husband asked: ‘who’s calling?’, to which the voice replied ‘Fr. Bergoglio’. I asked him if it was really him, the Pope, and he said it was and that he was calling in response to my letter dated September,” he explained. 

Lisbona did not want to give too many details during the radio interview but she revealed the piece of advice Francis apparently gave her and that was that there was no problem in her approaching the sacrament of Communion. “This received too much public attention. He told me to go and take Communion in a different parish, but now I won’t be able to go anywhere.” 

She also revealed an interesting fact: the priest who apparently refused to administer Communion to her, no longer exercises his ministry. He asked to be dispensed from his obligations as priest so he could get married. 

According to the woman, Pope Francis also said he is “dealing with the issue” of remarried divorcees; a clear reference to the next two assemblies on the pastoral challenges of the family which the Synod of Bishops is due to hold in 2014 and 2015. “He said my letter was useful in helping him address this issue,” she added.

Then he told me there are some priests who are more papist that the Pope. He was completely normal with me on the phone and I tried to speak to him with the utmost respect. Now I am overwhelmed by the enormous effect this story has had and I feel moved by the fact that I spoke to Francis. I told him I would write to him again when I take Communion again,” she said. 

The Holy See did not wish to comment on whether Bergoglio really did make the call to Jakelina Lisbona or not. But it has not denied the news either. As far as the Vatican newsroom is concerned, the Pope’s communication was private and so there is no comment to be made. (Phone Call Re-Opens Communion Debate.)

Jorge Mario Bergoglio knew full well that the not-so-innocent phone call he made to an Argentine woman who is civilly married to a divorced man, who does not even have the fig leaf provided by a conciliar decree of nullity, would become a matter of the public record, thus making it completely disingenuous for the master of dissumulation, “Father” Federico Lombardi, S.J., to claim that what the “pope” says in private in order for it to be blabbed publicly, has no “consequences” for what is considered to be the teaching of the Catholic Church. Although Lombardi has done and said a lot of incredible stupid things since he replaced Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls as the “papal” spinmeister on July 11, 2006, his official statement, coming a day after news of the now infamous phone call became public, stoops to the same level as his 2009 statement that “therapeutic abortions” were permissible, something that he had to "walk back," as they say these days, within a day or so (see The Holy See Abandons its Pro-Life Position.)

Jorge Mario Bergoglio knew full well what he was doing when he telephoned Jakelina Lisbona. As noted earlier, he wants to ‘stir things up” and to “make a mess” in order to make it impossible for the so-called “Extraordinary Synod of ‘Bishops’” to do anything other than to make it part of the pastoral praxis of the conciliar church for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive what is considered to be Holy Communion.

Then again, it is easy for a man who has mutilated all doctrinal truth to hack away at all moral truth as comfort is given to those who are in need of admonition, not a reaffirmation that is of the devil himself. Jorge Mario Bergoglio really believes that the only people who are in peril of losing their souls are those who hold fast to everything contained in the Sacred Deposit of Faith and are thus “rigidly” hard-hearted and unwilling to be open to “God’s surprises” and the alleged movement of the Third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, God the Holy Ghost.

Indeed, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has given his own personal support to every freakish rebellion against the Order of Creation and the Order of Redemption. Nothing in the popular culture is too bizarre and or revolting for him to refrain from applauding and celebrating in order to give his personal seal of “papal” approval, thereby undermining and marginalizing any “bishop” or priest/presbyter in the conciliar structures who has attempted to perform the Spiritual Work of Mercy of admonishing sinners. A simpler way to put this is that Jorge rewards the wicked and punishes clergymen who seek their correction.

As has been well-reported in the past two days now, Bergoglio’s latest venture into the world of the  freakish and bizarre took place on Saturday, January 24, 2015, the Feast of Saint Timothy, as he met with a Spanish woman, who had undergone gender mutilation surgery, and her “fiancée,” after the mutilated woman had written to him to explain that she had been described as the “devil’s daughter” by her local presbyter:

Vatican City, January 26 - Pope Francis on Saturday received in a private audience a Spanish transsexual and his girlfriend after the man wrote to him saying he had been cast out of the church in his native city, Spanish daily Hoy reported Monday.

The transgender male, Diego Neria Lejarraga, a 48-year-old former woman, wrote to the pope some time ago saying he had been "marginalised" by Church officials in the city of Plasencia, in the southwestern region of Estremadura, Hoy said.

Neria, a believer and a practising Catholic, said he had been rebuffed by elements of the local clergy and claimed the parish priest had called him "the Devil's daughter", Hoy reported.

Francis phoned him twice in December, setting up Saturday''s meeting in St Martha's House, the Vatican guesthouse the pontiff lives in, Hoy said.

The pope has said the Catholic Church should be more accepting of gays but recently failed to muster a big enough majority of cardinals to change doctrine on the issue.

Asked about the reported meeting, official Vatican sources declined to comment. (receives Spanish Transsexual”)

Well, I suppose that Federico Lombardi has finally learned—or has been told—to keep his mouth shut after one of Jorge’s “private” meetings or phone calls become a matter of public news once it is blabbed by the “private parties” being used by the false “pontiff” to “push the envelope” on his conciliar revolution to the uttermost limits of the LGBT agenda imaginable.

Some might protest that Bergoglio was only giving “comfort” to an aggrieved soul.


What’s the grievance?

The gender-mutilated woman is the devil’s daughter as to mutilate one’s body to change his gender is to play God with the very nature He has given to him and is a direct violation of the binding precepts that flow from the Fifth Commandment. Just as he really does not believe that there is anything inherently unnatural in “same-sex attraction,” so is it apparent that Jorge Mario Bergoglio does not believe that there is anything inherent wrong in undergoing gender-mutilation surgery. He is as perverted in his mind and in his soul as the woman who met with him in the company of the woman she intends to “marry” even though she is a “woman.” So much for Jorge’s supposed opposition to “same-sex marriage,” huh? What the mutilated woman, who believes herself to be a man, intends in reality to do is to “marry” another woman.

By giving a show of support and affirmation to the gender-mutilated woman, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is, in effect, communicating his belief that such a mutilation must be accepted as a fait accompli without any word of criticism or rebuke. Such a belief, though, is contrary even to the official teaching of his own Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which issued a “doctrinal note” on January 31, 2003, declaring that one who undergoes a “sex-change” operation does not change the gender that God gave to him:

VATICAN, Jan 31, 03 ( -- The Catholic Church cannot recognize the validity of a sex-change operation, the Vatican has declared.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has released a secret directive to bishops and religious superiors, indicating that an individual who has undergone a sex-change operation cannot be a candidate for the priesthood or religious life, and cannot enter into a valid marriage. The document also instructs pastors that they should not alter an individual's sacramental record to change the person's gender.

The Vatican document was released in 2000, but its existence and contents were tightly guarded until earlier this month. The directives were reportedly sent at first to papal delegates in each country, and later to the heads of episcopal conferences. Vatican officials confirmed the existence of the document after the Catholic News Service reported on it, but the full text is not available to the public.

The Note from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith explains that an individual's physical characteristics-- which can be altered surgically-- constitute only a part of his gender identity. While the body can be changed, the sexual identity cannot, the Congregation says.

The Vatican document indicates that if a bishop or religious superior learns that an individual has undergone a sex-change operation, "that person cannot validly be admitted into a religious institute or society of consecrated life." The document adds that if a transsexual is now living in a religious order, "he must, for the good of souls, be expelled from the religious house."

The Vatican document was reportedly given greater circulation after a query from an American bishop, prompted by a dispute within a religious order in his diocese. (SEX- CHANGE OPERATIONS RULED INVALID BY THE CONCILIAR VATICAN.)

Jorge Mario Bergoglio may or may not know about this “doctrinal note,” which would not matter to him even if he did know about it. The Argentine Apostate lives by pure viscera.

What Jorge Mario Bergoglio does know, however, is that one of his chief nemeses in the conciliar structures, Raymond Leo “Cardinal” Burke, whom he deposed as the head of the Apostolic Signatura in conciliar captivity, had himself given credence to the supposed “validity” of gender-mutilation surgery (the singular case is being used to refer to what are a series of grotesque surgeries performed by real-life sons of Dr. Frankenstein by way of Dr. Moreau’s Island of Lost Souls) by accepting a gender-mutilated man, who had started to call himself “Julie Green,” to found a religious community of women in the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, which is why Joseph “Cardinal” Ratzinger’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith had been asked to issue the doctrinal note quoted just above.

Here is a review of the pertinent facts once again:

At times his theological allegiance with these orders placed Bishop Burke in some compromising positions. Most striking, perhaps, was the case of Sister Julie Green, a member of the Franciscan Servants of Jesus:

"Julie Green is living a lie!" writes Mary Therese Helmueller in an October 25, 2002, letter to Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, Papal Nuncio to the United States. "[She] is a transsexual, a biological male. He is really Joel Green, who had a sex operation to make him physically appear as a woman.... I fear that The Church in America will suffer another 'sex scandal' if Julie Green continues to be recognized as a Catholic Religious Sister, and if Bishop Raymond L. Burke receives his final vows, as a religious sister, on November 23rd, 2002."

Montalvo forwarded the letter to Burke, who on November 20, 2002, replied to Helmueller. "With regard to Sister Julie Green, F.S.J., the recognition of the association of the faithful which she and Sister Anne LeBlanc founded was granted only after consultation with the Holy See," he writes. "These are matters which are confidential and do not admit of any further comment.... I can assure you that Sister Julie Green in no way espouses a sex change operation as right or good. In fact, she holds it to be seriously disordered. Therefore, I caution you very much about the rash judgments which you made in your letter to the Apostolic Nuncio."

Adds Burke: "I express my surprise that, when you had questions about Sister Julie Green, you did not, in accord with the teaching of our Lord, address the matter to me directly." (Bishop Takes Queen.)

While it is nice that Joel Green believed the surgery that he had to become “Julie Green” is “seriously disordered,” such a disavowal does not annul the fact that he had underwent such surgery himself and was presenting himself as a woman, no less a woman desirous of starting a religious community with the structures of the counterfeit church of conciliarism within the Diocese of La Crosse with the approval of a man, Raymond Leo Burke, whom Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict transferred to the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, Missouri, and later brought him to Rome and elevated him the conciliar "college of cardinals."

This having been noted, it could very well be that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is crazy like a fox in this instance. That is, he appears to be daring Raymond Leo Burke to criticize him publicly for meeting with the “transgendered” Spanish woman who believes herself to be a man. At the same time, though, Jorge is showing his disregard for the work of the congregation many believe that he wants to dismantle while forcing Burke to say that he disagrees with Ratzinger for approving the “doctrinal note” that stopped him from proceeding with his plans for “Sister Julie Green."

What can be stated with certainty is that the Argentine Apostate has shown that he accepts the “reality” of the supposed effects of gender-mutilation and desires to blunt all efforts on the part of conciliar "bishops" and priests/presbyers to "exclude" them from the life of the conciliar sect.

Cheer up.

Things are only to get worse under Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who is taking the conciliar revolution where no revolutionary at the "papal" level had gone before. 

Saint Peter Nolasco, whose feast we celebrate today, January 28, 2015 (on which is commemorated the second feast of Saint Agnes)  founded The Royal, Celestial and Military Order of Our Lady of Mercy and the Redemption of the Captives, known officially as Order of the Virgin Mary of Mercy of the Redemption of Captives, with King James I of Aragon and Saint Raymond of Pennafort in 1218 after Our Lady had appeared to each of them, asking them found and Order to rescue Christians who were being held captives by the Mohammedans. Our Lady of Ransom showered Saint Peter Nolasco with favors as he went about his work of freeing the captured Christians. Consider the account of this order's founding as provided by Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., in The Liturgical Year for the Feast of Our Lady of Ransom, which falls on September 24:

The Office of the time gives us, at then close of September, the Books of Judith and Esther. Those heroic women were figures of Mary, whose birthday is the honour of this month, and who comes at once to bring assistance to the world.

'Adonai, Lord God, great and admirable, who hast wrought salvation by the hand of a woman;' the Church introduces the history of the heroine, who delivered Bethulia by the sword, whereas Mardochai's niece rescued her people from death by her winsomeness and by her intercession. The Queen of heaven, in her peerless perfection, outshines them both, in gentleness, in valour, and in beauty. Today's feast is a memorial of the strength she puts forth for the deliverance of her people.

Finding their power crushed in Spain, and in the east checked by the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem, the Saracens, in the Twelfth Century, become wholesale pirates, and scoured the seas to obtain slaves for the African markets. We shudder to think of the numberless victims, of every age, sex, and condition, suddenly carried off from the coasts of Christian lands, or captured on the the high seas, and condemned to the disgrace of the harem or the miseries of the bagnio. Here, nevertheless, in many an obscure prison, were enacted scenes of heroism worthy to compare with those witnessed in the early persecutions; here was a new field for Christian charity; new horizons opened out for heroic self-devotion. Is not the spiritual good thence arising a sufficient reason for the permission of temporal ills? Without this permission, heaven would have for ever lacked a portion of its beauty.

When, in 1696, Innocent XII extended this feast to the whole Church, he afforded the world an opportunity of expressing its gratitude by a testimony as universal as the benefit received.

Differing from the Order of holy Trinity, which had been already twenty years in existence, the Order of Mercy was founded as it were in the very face of the Moors; and hence it originally numbered more knights than clerks [clerics] among its members. It was called the royal,l military, and religious Order of our Lady of Mercy for the ransom of captives. The clerics were charged with the celebration of the Divine Office in the commandaries; the knights guarded the coasts, and undertook the perilous enterprise of ransoming Christian captives. St. Peter Nolasco was the first Commander or Grand Master of the Order; when his relics were discovered, he was found armed with sword and cuirass.

In the following lines the Church gives us her thoughts upon the facts which we have already learnt.

At the time when the Saracen yoke oppressed the larger and more fertile part of Spain, and great numbers of the faithful were detained in cruel servitude, at the great risk of denying the Christian faith and losing their eternal salvation, the most blessed Queen of heaven graciously came to remedy all these great evils, and showed her exceeding charity in redeeming her children. She appeared with beaming countenance to Peter Nolasco, a man conspicuous for wealth and piety, who in his holy meditations was ever striving to devise some means of helping the innumerable Christians living in misery as captives of the Moors. She told him it would be very pleasing to her and her only-begotten Son, if- ia religious Order were instituted in her honour, whose members should devote themselves to delivering the captives from Turkish tyranny. Animated this heavenly vision, the man of God was inflamed with burning love, having but one desire at heart, viz: that both he and the Order he was to found, might be devoted to the exercise of that highest charity, for the laying down of life for one's friends and neighbours.

That same night, the most holy Virgin appeared also to blessed Raymond of Pengnafort, and to James king of Aragon, telling them of her wish to have the Order instituted, and exhorting them to lend their aid to so great an undertaking. Meanwhile Peter hastened to relate the whole matter to Raymund, who was his confessor; and finding it had been already revealed to him from heaven, submitted humbly to his direction. King James next arrived, fully resolved to carry out the instructions he also had received from the blessed Virgin. Having therefore taken counsel together and being all of one mind, they set about instituting an Order in honour of the Virgin Mother, under the invocation of our Lady of Mercy for the ransom of captives.

On the tenth of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand two hundred and eighteen, king James put into execution what the two holy men had planned. The members of the Order bound themselves by a fourth vow to remain, when necessary, as securities in the power of the pagans, in order to deliver Christians. The king granted them licence to bear his royal arms upon their breast, and obtained from Gregory IX the confirmation of this religious institute distinguished by such eminent brotherly charity. God himself gave increase to the work through his Virgin Mother; so that the Order spread rapidly and prosperously over the whole world. It soon reckoned many holy men remarkable for their charity and piety who collected alms from Christ's faithful, to be spent in redeeming their brethren; and sometimes gave themselves up as ransom for many others. In order that due thanks might be rendered to God and his Virgin Mother for the benefit of such an institution, the apostolic See allowed this special feast and Office to be celebrated, and also granted innumerable other privileges to the Order.

Blessed be thou, O mary, the honour and the joy of thy people! On the day of thy glorious Assumption, thou didst take possession of thy queenly dignity for our sake; and the annals of the human race are a record of thy merciful interventions. The captives whose chains thou hast broken, and whom thou hast set free from the degrading yoke of the Saracens, may be reckoned by millions. We are still rejoicing in the recollection of thy dear birthday; and thy smile is sufficient to dry our tears and chase away the clouds of grief. And yet, what sorrows there are still upon the earth, where thou didst drink such long draughts from the cup of suffering! Sorrows are sanctifying and beneficial to some; but there are other and unprofitable griefs, springing from social injustice: the drudgery of the factory, or the tyranny of the strong over the weak, may be worse than slavery in Algiers or Tunis. Thou alone, O Mary, canst break the inextricable chains, in which the cunning price of darkness entangles the dupes he has deceived by the high-sounding names of equality and liberty. Show thyself a Queen, by coming to the rescue. the whole earth, the entire human race, cries out to thee, in the words of Mardochai: 'Speak to the king for us, and deliver us from death.' (Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., The Liturgical Year, Time After Pentecost, Volume 14, pp. 261-266.)

We need to pray to Our Lady of Ransom--Our Lady of Mercy--and to Saint Peter of Nolasco (and to Saint Raymond of Pennafort, whose feast was celebrated five days ago now, that is, on January 23, 2015, to ransom us from the perils of this present time of apostasy and betrayal as we seek shelter in her loving arms and as we have recourse in the Sacred Tribunal of Penance to the mercy that has been won for us by the shedding of every single drop of the Most Precious Blood of her Divine Son, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, on the wood of the Holy Cross so that we may be ransomed from our attachment even to the slightest Venial Sin and as we seek to live more penitentially each day by making sincere acts of reparation for our sins, especially by praying as many Rosaries each day as our state in life permits,

May Our Lady of Ransom rescue us from those who mutilate Catholic truth as we beg her intercession to quite mutilating its application in our own daily lives.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, triumph soon!

Viva Cristo Rey! Vivat Christus Rex!

Our Lady of Ransom, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Peter Nolasco, pray for us.

Saint Agnes, pray for us.