At the "Mercy" of the Merciless, part two

Much is being made of this or that “new” strain of the coronavirus, so much so that the usual suspects among the totalitarian class have begun singing the old songs about mask mandates and developing new vaccines to prevent the spread and mutation of viruses that the “emergency use” vaccines not only did not stop the virus and whose spike proteins have contributed to the virus’s mutations.

Undeterred by the failure of the poisoned jabs to curtain the coronavirus or its ever-evolving variants, and as determined to deny the untold numbers of deaths and permanent injuries that these “emergency use vaccines” have caused, mad scientists are intent on developing yet more poisons to inject into human beings to “prevent” or “mitigate” the effects of bioengineered viruses that are designed to make people sick and kill off others in the certain knowledge that the mainslime media, ever beholden to Big Pharma for advertising revenue and ever subservient to the desires of the Deep State’s minions to use every pretext imaginable to curb as human legitimate human liberties as possible.

Chuck Baldwin, a Calvinist “minister who has been a “conservative” columnist for several decades and was the Constitution Party candidate for President of the United States of America in 2008, wrote a column recently in which he wondered aloud if the medical industry was out to kill people given the fact that so many scientists were creating viruses with the specific intention of making people sick so that they could study the results of their draconian handwork:

On September 4, Labor Day, I reported on the conclusion of two Japanese scientists that Covid and its variants are manufactured viruses created by humans, and that they did not get into circulation by escaping from labs.  I explored the serious implications.  Clearly agendas are being served at the expense of the population.

Yesterday morning I had an opportunity to question a virologist and a doctor involved in clinical research. I asked them if there is any discussion among scientists of why viruses are being created and released.  They told me that some are aware that Covid-19 and Omicron are lab creations, and that Omicron was a disappointment to its creators because it turned out to be akin to a weaker vaccine strain.  

One said that a minority of scientists understand that the release of man-made viruses indicates an agenda at work, but that the majority of scientists toe the line of the official narrative, fearful of being cut off from research grants or fired for “spreading misinformation.”  Once facts were replaced by untrue official narratives, scientists were left without a leg to stand on. Evidence is ignored, because it is a threat to the narrative.  Thus the medical establishment pretends that Covid “vaccine” injuries are rare and that the large number of unprecedented sudden deaths of athletes, physical trainers, entertainers, corporate doctors and nurses who were coerced into vaccination by appeals to celebrities to show the way or threats to be fired are merely “a coincidence.” 

The other said that in clinical medicine open talk of engineered viruses and their release makes a person an immediate outcast.  Protocols are replacing independent scientific judgment.  The protocols are established by articles written with Big Pharma research grants and distributed through prestigious medical journals such as The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine.  In American medicine, which is increasingly corporate, doctors are employees, not independent practitioners, and have no alternative to following protocols.  In this way, medical decisions are controlled for the purpose of the agenda. As FDA, CDC, and NIH have “revolving door” relationships and patent-sharing relationships with Big Pharma, the regulatory agencies are part of the protocol enforcement police.

This tells you how brave and public-spirited the whistleblowers are and why it is so costly to them to tell the truth. 

Corporate medicine and insurance companies have turned “health care’ into a murder machine.  A year or so ago I witnessed, I think, a hospital murder, or I should say it raised questions in my mind at the time.  A woman in denial of her breast cancer had kept it under wraps, but when the bouts of pain became too much to hide, it was noticed and a relative managed to get her to a hospital.  The woman was able to look after herself, but was dead in less than 40 minutes after arriving at the hospital. I wondered if the hospital, seeing a hopeless case, elected to send her on her way instead of providing her with pain relief while she lived out her life in her home.

This disturbing thought was resurrected just the other day when a friend told me that a hospital was killing his father in advance of his death by cutting him off IVs and dehydrating him to death, and this in absence of an agreement to permit him to die.  My friend said he had been warned by a friend whose father went into hospital for a kidney stone.  The opioid addiction crisis was used to deny him pain meds, but the massive pain prevented him from eating, and he was allowed to die. 

As my friend sees it, health care in the USA has become “herd health care” vs individualized.  Everything is protocol. There is no independent thinking allowed by any corporate doctor, and if a doctor does think independently or try to treat a patient as an individual, he is fired.

My friend has concluded that if you are a doctor in a hospital, you pull the protocol, read from the protocol, and that’s it. Apparently it is protocol to just kill people, without saying you are killing people. So euthanasia is in effect as a result of protocol.  

Hopefully all hospitals are not like this, but once it starts it spreads. As our society is being brutalized in every way, it is unsurprising that hospitals are becoming execution centers.

I remember when people died at home cared for by their family. Over the course of my life I have watched civilization, family, morality, integrity, respect for truth fade away.

What are we left with?  (Has the Western Medical System Turned Murderous?.)

As factual as this is, especially as it relates to the bioengineering of viruses and the existence of rigid medical protocols that leave no room for a dedicated physician to use his judgment concerning the best course of treatment to use for individual patients, each of whom has his own distinct case history and bodily characteristics, Mr. Baldwin appears to behind the curve considering the deeply embedded “quality of life” standard to assess the treatment of elderly patients that is used to place many with chronic conditions or terminal illnesses in “comfort care,” which is an rhetorically anesthetized version of euthanasia, and the fact that “brain death”/vital organ vivisection and the starvation and dehydration of innocent human beings are standard practices through the medical industry here in the United States of America and around the world. One must be very careful and pray very fervently when there is an occasion to visit a physician and/or to go to a hospital.

I, for one, was very alert to anything out of the ordinary when I broke my hip in four places on December 14, 2021, and had to undergo emergency surgery, but was very pleased with the care that I received even as I had to resist entreaties to go to a nursing home for the physical therapy fascists to hold me until I was judged “ready” to return home, where, by the graces sent to me by Our Lady, I healed quickly and recovered well enough that I was able to abandon the walker in less than three months before graduating to a cane, which was jettisoned in due course. However, I asked questions before and after my surgery and asked questions of several physicians I knew, including Dr. Paul Byrne, if medications being prescribed for me were advisable to take. One must be that cautious in these days of corporate medicine.

On balance, however, Big Pharma and Big Corporate Medicine are about the maximizing of profits by minimizing costs, which is why the treatment of patients is, at least for the most part, pigeon-holed into pre-fabricated protocols whose use is closely monitored and rigidly enforced, and the ideological adherence to the use of various injections labeled as “vaccines” to treat the variations of bioengineered viruses, most of which are non-lethal to those without preexisting comorbidities and if they are treated properly in their earlier stages rather than, as the merchants of death commanded in 2020 and 2021, when the viruses’ progression became so advanced that hospitalization—and the concomitant use of “comfort care,” a term that Anthony Fauci himself used at a White House press briefing in March of 2020 as the then Vice President of the United States of America, Mich, stood by and nodded his

This is to take nothing away from those who have actually died from the novel coronavirus, whether because of the disease itself that, together with other underlying conditions, weakened them before competent medical treatment could be rendered or from incompetence, bad judgment and poor treatment or, of course malicious intent. The suffering of those whose relatives have died is real and can never be minimized. We must continue to pray for the souls of all who have died in past few months either because of the coronavirus or because they have been killed as we pray for the consolation and, if necessary, for the conversion of their survivors. This is our duty as Catholics.

Yet it is also our duty as Catholics to speak to the truth of our situation that recognizes the multifaceted dangers that face us from the medical monsters who support and put into practice the daily slaughter of the preborn by chemical and surgical means, declare living human beings, many of whom are perfectly healthy or simply in need of proper medical care, “brain death” so that they can be vivisected while anesthetized for their vital bodily organs, the starvation and dehydration of “brain damaged” or “hopelessly ill” patients who are said to be “vegetables” and/or suffering a deteriorated “quality of life” according to the medical industry’s own utilitarian standards and the support they give to and then put into practice the regime of “palliative care” for which modern hospices exist to provide patients with a “custom-designed” prescription of pills, potions and intravenous fluids that are designed to kill them in the name of “comfort,” “compassion,” “death with dignity” and “mercy,” over a specified course of time that the “hospice care team” decides in “consultation” with patients and family members after subjecting them to a carefully programmed schema of emotional manipulation to break down whatever resistance might exist to the “plan.” Anyone who ignores the facts on any of these issues or, worse yet, does not want to know anything about them, will have to answer to God for their persistence in error or willful ignorance, something that is especially true of the clergy who must give guidance to Catholics in and out of the context of the Sacred Tribunal of Penance.

A world in which we are all at the nonexistent “mercy” of the merciless, a world that was the logical result of the rejection of Christ the King and His Catholic Church, a world that no longer cares about or, perhaps more accurately, even knows about the parable of the Good Samaritan, has surrendered to the anti-life globalist forces, which are intent on forcing worldwide “protocols” that medical providers must use or else face the loss of their ability to serve patients. Dr. Peter McCullough has documented how a few members of the European Parliament are attempting to thwart the plans of the Soros-Gates-Schwab-Red China controlled World Health Organization to implement such “protocols”:

Yesterday was historic in Strasbourg, France, at the European Parliament with a special session chaired by German MEP Christine Anderson. A multinational team of lawyers, doctors, and concerned citizens leveled serious allegations to the legislative body about the World Health Organization, the EU’s pandemic response, and what the union should do now as time is ticking off on the WHO’s future plans to have dominion over all plants, animals, and humans bound by international law.

WHO Pandemic Treaty

The Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO) have assessed that international preparedness for pandemics and other health threats must be strengthened. At its special session in December 2021, the World Health Assembly decided to establish an intergovernmental negotiating body to prepare a treaty on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. The intergovernmental treaty negotiations began in February 2022, and the treaty is set to be completed by May 2024. 

The WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR) are a key international agreements that covers measures to prepare for, and respond to, cross-border health threats. The aim of the future pandemic treaty is to further strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response internationally. Adopting the treaty will probably require a two-thirds majority of the WHO Member States, and the treaty will enter into force for a Member State when the State commits to it in accordance with its constitutional processes. 

European Parliament Presentations

Introductions and summary remarks were given by MEP’s led by Christine Anderson. The prepared expert remarks were given to a quiet and serious chamber of MEP’s, staff, and citizens.

1. Philipp Kruse

Is practicing lawyer from Switzerland, specializing in tax law. He is Co-president of the Swiss Lawyers Committee and founding member of the International Alliance of Lawyers for Fundamental rights. He elegantly summarized why the WHO’s extension of powers poses an existential threat for member States’ sovereignty, for democracy as a whole and for the health of the people.

2. Dr. Renate Holzeisen

Dr. Holzeisen is an Italian lawyer and economist, arguing cases before the Supreme Courts and specializing in European and International Law. She is engaged in issues regarding fundamental rights and freedoms. She is a member of the board of Children’s Health Defense Europe and president of the Italian Lawyer Association Confederazione Legale per i Diritti dell’Uomo. She pointed out the brutal breach of the European medicinal law in the authorization procedures of the EMA and European Commission of the so-called Covid-19-“vaccines”. In February, 2023, she filed in the European Court actions calling for annulment of the market-authorization by the European Commission for Comirnaty of Pfizer/BioNTech and Spikevax of Moderna.

3. Michael Geistlinger

Mr. Geistlinger is a retired professor of international law at the university of Salzburg, visiting professor at the Charles University Prague. He explained that the EU had no competences for creating the European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA).

4. Dr. Beate Pfeil

Dr. Beate Sibylle Pfeil is a German lawyer and researcher specializing in issues of national minorities in Europe. She was a  member of the Committee of Experts of the Council of Europe Language Charter, from 2018-2023 member of the Council of Europe Expert Pool on Protection of Minorities and from 2017-2022 Vice-Chair of the European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), Flensburg. She is co-author of the Handbook of European National Minorities, co-editor of the European Journal on Minority Issues EJM. Currently, Dr. Pfeil is dealing with international and constitutional law issues surrounding the WHO and why the two WHO documents can lead to quasi-institutionalized human rights violations and to a permanent undermining of the rule of law.

5. Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg

Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg is a general medicine physician from Graz in Austria. Dr. Hubmer-Mogg organized large community rallies against draconian measures such as lockdowns for the unvaccinated and laws for mandatory vaccination. She led an Independent Media conference in 2022. She presented standards of good medical practice with individual patient – doctor relationships and how these are violated by WHO’s push for a global approach of one method and one treatment for all. 

6. Prof. Andreas Sönnichsen

Dr. Sönnichsen is a specialist in Internal Medicine, General Practice and Family Medicine. His research focus is on evidence based medicine, patient safety and medication safety. He is former chair of the German network for evidence based medicine. Prof. Sönnichsen exposed the WHO’s total lack of concern for the devastating effects of the mRNA-technology being promoted by as the new vaccine standard.

7. Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. McCullough has broadly published as an internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist on a range of topics in medicine with > 1000 publications and > 685 citations in the National Library of Medicine.  Dr. Peter McCullough positioned the WHO in the center of a working syndicate called the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex. He presented on the global suppression of early COVID-19 treatment, and the latest findings on how the mRNA-technology is producing record injuries, disabilities, and death with regulators willfully blind to these concerns specifically the FDA, EMA, and the WHO because they are integral to the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.

8. Prof. Mattias Desmet

Prof. Desmet is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences of Ghent University (Belgium). He works as a psychoanalyst in private practice. Prof. Desmet is the author of several books, including the international bestseller The psychology of totalitarianism. Prof. Desmet explained the future effects of the WHO’s new aspirations of information control the establishment of a technocratic totalitarian state.

9. Dr. David E. Martin

Dr. Martin is the Founder and Chairman of M-CAM International and is a Batten Fellow of the University of Virginia.  His work on biological warfare includes publications and academic appointments in medicine, law, and economics.  Dr. Martin presented a compelling case for criminal intent of the WHO and its co-conspirators in a global takeover of health as a means for world domination by the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.

While these presentations sound like they came out of a sci-fi thriller, they really represent a modern-day reality as the WHO continues its well-conceived plans for a death grip of power over the world. Thanks to MEP Anderson and the experts, the EU Parliament has been put on notice. (Early Treatment Suppressed, Vaccines Unsafe, WHO Center of Criminal Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.)

Along with the United States Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes for Health, of which the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases is a part, the World Health Organization has been in the vanguard of promoting contraception, abortion, sodomy, and gender mutilation in the name of “healthcare” in addition to endorsing and mandating the administration poisons injected into human bodies and disseminating those hard and fast “protocols” to treat the SARS-CoV-2 Wuhan virus.

An alternative organization, the World Council of Health, has recently attempted to provide scientific evidence to demonstrate the harm of the cradle-to-grave vaccination regimen that everyone is supposed to follow in a spirit of docile submission even though the harm produced by those vaccinations is well-documented:

The World Council for Health is the first international body of physicians, scientists, and health professionals to issue a cautionary statement on the ever-expanding routine childhood vaccine schedule. This is in response to growing concerns over the safety of many vaccines given early at life during the same administration. Here is what the Council said:

“The number of vaccines given to babies and children has increased dramatically without the necessary due diligence by regulatory authorities. Parents are urged to adopt a common-sense, ‘Safer to Wait” approach.”

Growing international concerns about vaccine regulatory processes and vaccine safety have emerged following the widespread regulatory failure of Covid-19 vaccines. The Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated that regulatory bodies, once public protectors, have been deeply corrupted by vaccine industry interests.

In the context of emerging revelations of regulatory body incompetence and corruption, e.g. The Perseus Report, the WCH Health and Science Committee notes that:

  • Several research studies now indicate that vaccinated children have far worse health outcomes with higher rates of many chronic diseases than non-vaccinated children.
  • The integrity of scientific research and the regulatory process of childhood vaccines, including the new nasal ‘flu’ vaccine, now being administered en masse in schools is in question.
  • Pharmaceutical corporations have a long-standing history of misrepresenting products that cause injuries and deaths. Pfizer, for instance, has paid the largest criminal settlement in history for drug fraud. The childhood vaccination schedule provides these unscrupulous corporations with unregulated access to the bodies of our children.
  • Modern society is experiencing unprecedented rates of autism, asthma, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and more, for which the root cause/s have not been established.
  • Much of what we have been told about the success of early vaccines, including smallpox and polio vaccines is emerging as untrue. Clean water, modern plumbing, hygiene, refrigeration, and improved nutrition are real factors that have correlated with the dramatic reduction in many infectious diseases over the past century.
  • National regulatory agencies have never done the necessary evaluation to determine whether vaccines given to children alone or together according to the ever-expanding childhood vaccination schedules are associated with poor health outcomes compared with children who are not vaccinated.
  • National regulatory agencies have been turning a blind eye to the mounting evidence linking childhood vaccination with autism that has emerged since a possible link was first suggested in 1998.
  • National regulatory agencies have also been turning a blind eye to the mounting evidence linking childhood vaccination with other diseases, including asthma, allergies, bowel disease.
  • The vast majority of children find vaccination with needles painful and long-term psychological harms, including disruption to breastfeeding and maternal bonding, have not been properly evaluated.
  • There are serious concerns among experts that existing childhood vaccines will be converted to mRNA technology, which has never been proven safe for use in vaccines for adults let alone children, and that this will be done without public awareness, consent and a robust research and regulatory process.
  • With regard to Covid-19 vaccination, evidence from independent experts and official international databases show that the Covid-19 vaccines are not effective and are not safe, raising serious questions around the authorisation of the Covid-19 vaccines for babies and children.

In addition to these specific considerations, the burgeoning vaccination schedule for children needs to be viewed in the context of the World Health Organization seeking dominion over of human health:

  • WHO and the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex have financial and ideological interests in the provision of vaccines and has committed to providing 500 vaccines by 2030.
  • The Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex is creating legislation that would give it power to mandate injections by force.
  • The WHO supports gain-of-function research, facilitating the creation of dangerous pathogens as well as the vaccines to combat newly created pathogens, thus creating a self-perpetuating vaccine industry based on fear.

Thus the World Council for Health urges parents to consider childhood vaccination very carefully and adopt a common-sense, “Safer to Wait” approach to the vaccination of healthy children. (World Council for Health Proposes New Approach for Childhood Vaccines.)

As was noted earlier in this commentary, the bioengineering of viruses to make people sick and thus to serve as an excuse to develop, market, and mandate more and more “vaccines is a monstrous plot that has no regard whatsoever for the God-given ability of the human body to fight off various infections and viruses. Men and women who have no regard for the true God of Divine Revelation, the Most Blessed Trinity, and His Sacred Deposit Faith are possessed of an equal disregard for the zenith of His creative handiwork, human beings, who they consider to be wasteful exploiters of the earth’s “limited” resources and thus subject to experimentation and extermination according to their arbitrary whims and “scientific” conclusions. The goal of this monsters is to be produce a global genocide in line with the so-called “sustainable development goals” advanced by the United Nations and its nongovernmental allies (Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Soros Foundation, and, among other such groups, the World Economic Forum, and the Bilderbergers).

As institutionalized as these monstrous plans have become, though, the utilitarian monsters of the Twentieth Century helped to pave the way for the global development of bioweapons that are designed to kill people, instill fear into those who survive in order to make them knuckle under to statist lockdowns and vaccine mandates, and to enrich their own coffers as well as various pharmaceutical companies that exercise such great control in the world’s capitals and the global media.

Consider the case of the following documentation showing how Lyme disease was engineered on Plum Island, New York, in a project sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and the United States Department of Agriculture that was conducted, at least in part, with the help of a former Nazi scientist, Eric Straub, in the 1950s. What follows is a detailed summary of audio presentations discussing the immoral work that was done on Plum Island, New York:

In the mid-1970’s Lyme Disease broke out in Connecticut and it has since spread through much of the United States. This program examines the possibility that Lyme Disease may have spread as a result of clandestine experimentation on biological warfare on Plum Island—a Department of Agriculture facility that doubled as an Army BW research facility. Dedicated to the study of animal diseases, Plum Island appears to have been the site of experiments with disease-infected ticks conducted by Nazi scientists brought into the United States under Project Paperclip. One of the Nazi scientists who appears to have been involved with Plum Island was Dr. Erich Traub, who was in charge of the Third Reich’s virological and bacteriological warfare program in World War II. Was Traub involved with experiments that led to the spread of Lyme Disease?

Program Highlights Include: Examination of Traub’s studies in the US prior to World War II; Traub’s pro-Nazi activities inside the US before the war; John Loftus’ discovery of references in the National Archives to Nazi scientists experimenting with diseased ticks on Plum Island; Lyme Disease activist Steven Nostrum’s discovery of Loftus’ findings and his work investigating Plum Island; Details of Traub’s involvement with Plum Island; files about Tick Research and Erich Traub that have been purged; Scientific American’s dismissal of the Plum Island/Traub/Paperclip/Lyme Disease link; the Nazi heritage of the Von Holtzbrinck firm—which owns Scientific American; Plum Island experimentation with the disease-carrying “Lone Star Tick”; the fact that the Lone Star Tick—native to Texas—has somehow spread to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut!

1. In order to understand how Erich Traub came to the United States, it is important to understand Project PAPERCLIP. The program begins with a synoptic account of that project and how its prosecution led to Traub’s entry to the United States and his involvement with Plum Island: “Nearing the end of World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union raced to recruit German scientists for postwar purposes. Under a top-secret program code-named Project PAPERCLIP, the U.S. military pursued Nazi scientific talent ‘like forbidden fruit,’ bringing them to America under employment contracts and offering them full U.S. citizenship. The recruits were supposed to be nominal participants in Nazi activities. But the zealous military recruited more than two thousand scientists, many of whom had dark Nazi party pasts.”
(Lab 257: the Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory; by Michael Christopher Carroll; Copyright 2004 by Michael Christopher Carroll; HarperCollins [HC]; p. 7.)

2. “American scientists viewed these Germans as peers, and quickly forgot they were on opposite sides of a ghastly global war in which millions perished. Fearing brutal retaliation from the Soviets for the Nazis’ vicious treatment of them, some scientists cooperated with the Americans to earn amnesty. Others played the two nations off each other to get the best financial deal in exchange for their services. Dr. Erich Traub was troubling on the Soviet side of the Iron Curtain after the war, and ordered to research germ warfare viruses for the Russians. He pulled off a daring escape with his family to West Berlin in 1949. Applying for Project Paperclip employment, Traub affirmed he wanted to ‘do scientific work in the U.S.A., become an American citizen, and be protected from Russian reprisals.’” (Idem.)

3. The program sets forth Traub’s work for the Third Reich: “As lab chief of Insel Riems—a secret Nazi biological warfare laboratory on a crescent-shaped island nestled in the Baltic Sea—Traub worked directly for Adolf Hitler’s second-in-charge, SS Reichsfuehrer Heinrich Himmler, on live germ trials. . . .” (Ibid.; pp. 7–8.)

4. Traub had studied in the United States before the war (at the Rockefeller Institute) and had been involved in Nazi activities inside the U.S. prior to 1939 (the outbreak of World War II). “ . . . Traub also listed his 1930’s membership in Amerika-Deutscher Volksbund, a German-American ‘club’ also known as Camp Sigfriend. Just thirty miles west of Plum Island in Yaphank, Long Island, Camp Sigfried was the national headquarters of the American Nazi movement. . . .Ironically, Traub spent the prewar period of his scientific career on a fellowship at the Rockefeller Institute in Princeton, New Jersey, perfecting his skills in viruses and bacteria under the tutelage of American experts before returning to Nazi Germany on the eve of war. Despite Traub’s troubling war record, the U.S. Navy recruited him for its scientific designs, and stationed him at the Naval Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.” (Ibid.; p. 8.)

5. Nominally under the jurisdiction of the USDA (Department of Agriculture), Plum Island was also used for military biological warfare research on animal diseases. In that regard, it was involved with Fort Dietrick, the Army’s top chemical and biological warfare facility. Note that Traub was at the foundation of the Plum Island/biological warfare nexus. “Just months into his PAPERCLIP contract, the germ warriors of Fort Detrick, the Army’s biological warfare headquarters, in Frederick, Maryland, and CIA operatives invited Traub in for a talk, later reported in a declassified top-secret summary: Dr. Traub is a noted authority on viruses and diseases in Germany and Europe. This interrogation revealed much information of value to the animal disease program from a Biological Warfare point of view. Dr. Traub discussed work done at a German animal disease station during World War II and subsequent to the war when the station was under Russian control.’ Traub’s detailed explanation of the secret operation on Insel Riems, and his activities there during the war and for the Soviets, laid the ground work for Fort Detrick’s offshore germ warfare animal diseased lab on Plum Island. Traub was a founding father. . . .” (Ibid.; pp. 8–9.)

6. It is interesting to note that the Third Reich’s biological warfare program had the cover name of “Cancer Research Program.” (In RFA#16—available from Spitfire—as well as FTR#’s 16, 73, we look at the National Cancer Institute’s Special Viral Cancer Research Program and the evidence suggesting that the project was actually a front for the continuation of biological warfare research. Erich Traub appears to have been involved with the projects related to the SVCRP.) “ . . . Everybody seemed willing to forget about Erich Traub’s dirty past—that he played a crucial role in the Nazis’ ‘Cancer Research Program,’ the cover name for their biological warfare program, and that he worked directly under SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler. They seemed willing to overlook that Traub in the 1930’s faithfully attended Camp Sigfried. In fact, the USDA liked him so much, it glossed over his dubious past and offered him the top scientist job at the new Plum Island Laboratory—not once, but twice. Just months after the 1952 public hearings on selecting Plum Island, Doc Shahan dialed Dr. Traub at the naval laboratory to discuss plans for establishing the germ laboratory and a position on Plum Island.” (Ibid.; p. 10.)

7. More about how Traub came to be in a significant position at Plum Island. “Six years later—and only two years after Traub squirmed in his seat at the Plum Island dedication ceremonies—senior scientist Dr. Jacob Traum retired. The USDA needed someone of ‘outstanding caliber, with a long established reputation, internationally as well as nationally,’ to fill Dr. Traum’s shoes. But somehow it couldn’t find a suitable American. ‘As a last resort it is now proposed that a foreigner be employed.’ The aggies’ choice? Erich Traub, who was in their view ‘the most desirable candidate from any source.’ The 1958 secret USDA memorandum ‘Justification for Employment of Dr. Erich Traub’ conveniently omitted his World War II activities; but it did emphasize that ‘his originality, scientific abilities, and general competence as an investigator’ were developed at the Rockefeller Institute in New Jersey in the 1930’s.” (Idem.)

8. The push to employ Traub as the director of Plum Island involved professional recommendations that omitted his work for the Third Reich: “The letters supporting Traub to lead Plum Island came in from fellow Plum Island founders. ‘I hope that every effort will be made to get him. He has had long and productive experience in both prewar and postwar Germany,’ said Dr. William Hagan, dean of the Cornell University veterinary school, carefully dispensing with his wartime activities. The final word came from his dear American friend and old Rockefeller Institute boss Dr. Richard Shope, who described Traub as ‘careful, skill, productive and very original’ and ‘one of this world’s most outstanding virologists.’ Shope’s sole reference to Traub at war: ‘During the war he was in Germany serving in the German Army.’” (Idem.)

9. Traub declined the offer to lead the lab. There is considerable evidence that he was involved with biological warfare research at Plum Island. “Declining the USDA’s offer, Traub continued his directorship of the Tubingen laboratory in West Germany, though he visited Plum Island frequently. In 1960, he was forced to resign as Tubingen’s director under a dark cloud of financial embezzlement. Traub continued sporadic lab research for another three years, and then left Tubingen for good–a scandalous end to a checkered career. In the late 1970’s, the esteemed virologist Dr. Robert Shope, on business in Munich, paid his father Richard’s old Rockefeller Institute disciple a visit. The germ warrior had been in early retirement for about a decade by then. ‘I had dinner with Traub one day—out of old time’s sake—and he was a pretty defeated man by then.’ On May 18, 1985, the Nazis’ virus warrior Dr. Erich Traub died unexpectedly in his sleep in West Germany. He was seventy-eight years old.” (Ibid.; pp. 10–11.)

10. “A biological warfare mercenary who worked under three flags—Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States—Traub was never investigated for war crimes. He escaped any inquiry into his wartime past. The full extent of his sordid endeavors went with him to his grave. While America brought a handful of Nazi war criminals to justice, it safeguarded many others in exchange for verses to the new state religion—modern science and espionage. Records detailing a fraction of Eric Traub’s activities are now available to the public, but most are withheld by Army intelligence and the CIA on grounds of national security. But there’s enough of a glimpse to draw quite a sketch.” (Ibid.; p. 11.)

11. An important chapter in the story of how the inquiry into the possible link between Plum Island, Erich Traub’s work on behalf of the US and the spread of Lyme Disease concerns the work of former Justice Department prosecutor John Loftus. In his book The Belarus Secret, Loftus referred to work done on Plum Island in the early 1950’s in which Nazi scientists were experimenting on diseased ticks. Might that have referred to Traub?! “ . . . Attorney John Loftus was hired in 1979 by the Office of Special Investigations, a unit set up by the Justice Department to expose Nazi war crimes and unearth Nazis hiding in the United States. Given top-secret clearance to review files that had been sealed for thirty-five years, Loftus found a treasure trove of information on America’s postwar Nazi recruiting. In 1982, publicly challenging the government’s complacency with the wrongdoing, he told 60 Minutes that top Nazi officers had been protected and harbored in America by the CIA and the State Department. ‘They got the Emmy Award,’ Loftus wrote. ‘My family got the death threats.’” (Ibid.; p. 13.)

12. “Old spies reached out to him after the publication of his book, The Belarus Secret, encouraged that he—unlike other authors—submitted his manuscript to the government, agreeing to censor portions to protect national security. The spooks gave him copies of secret documents and told him stories of clandestine operations. From these leads, Loftus ferreted out the dubious Nazi past of Austrian president and U.N. secretary general Kurt Waldheim. Loftus revealed that during World War II, Waldheim had been an officer in a German Army unit that committed atrocities in Yugoslavia. A disgraced Kurt Waldheim faded from the international scene soon thereafter.” (Idem.)

13. “In the preface of The Belarus Secret, Loftus laid out a striking piece of information gleaned from his spy network: ‘Even more disturbing are the records of the Nazi germ warfare scientists who came to America. They experimented with poison ticks dropped from planes to spread rare diseases. I have received some information suggesting that the U.S. tested some of these poison ticks on the Plum Island artillery range off the coast of Connecticut during the early 1950’s. . . .Most of the germ warfare records have been shredded, but there is a top secret U.S. document confirming that ‘clandestine attacks on crops and animals’ took place at this time.” (Idem.)

14. More pieces of evidence on the tantalizing trail of evidence pointing to a possible Plum Island/Traub/Lyme disease link: “Erich Traub had been working for the American biological warfare program from his 1949 Soviet escape until 1953. We know he consulted with Fort Dietrick scientists and CIA operatives; that he worked for the USDA for a brief stint; and that he spoke regularly with Plum Island director Doc Shahan in 1952. Traub can be physically placed on Plum Island at least three times—on dedication day in 1956 and two visits, once in 1957 and again in the spring of 1958. Shahan, who enforced an ultrastrict policy against outside visitors, each time received special clearance from the State Department to allow Traub on Plum Island soil.” (Ibid.; p. 14.)

15. If in fact Traub was involved with research on Plum Island, this development would have been consistent with programs being conducted at that time involving experimentation on unwitting American citizens with biological and chemical warfare research agents: “Research unearthed three USDA files from the vault of the National Archives—two were labeled TICK RESEARCH and a third E.TRAUB. All three folders were empty. The caked-on dust confirms the file boxes hadn’t been open since the moment before they were taped shut in the 1950’s. Preposterous as it sounds, clandestine outdoor germ warfare trials were almost routine during this period. In 1952, the Joint Chiefs of Staff called for a ‘vigorous, well-planned, large-scale [biological warfare] test to the secretary of defense later that year stated, ‘Steps should be take to make certain of adequate facilities are available, including those at Fort Detrick, Dugway Proving Ground, Fort Terry (Plum Island) and an island field testing area.’ Was Plum Island the island field testing area? Indeed, when the Army first scouted Plum Island for its Cold War designs, they charted wind speeds and direction and found that, much to their liking, the prevailing winds blew out to sea.” (Idem.)

16. “One of the participating ‘interested agencies’ was the USDA, which admittedly set up large plots of land throughout the Midwest for airborne anticrop germ spray tests. Fort Detrick’s Special Operations Division ran ‘vulnerability tests’ in which operatives walked around Washington, D.C., and San Francisco with suitcases holding Serratia marcescens—a bacteria recommended to Fort Detrick by Traub’s nominal supervisor, Nazi germ czar and Nuremberg defendant Dr. Kurt Blome. Tiny perforations allowed the germs’ release so they could trace the flow of the germs through airports and bus terminals. Shortly thereafter, eleven elderly men and women checked into hospitals with never-before-seen Serratia marcescens infections. One patient died. Decades later when the germ tests were disclosed, the Army denied responsibility. . . . In the summer of 1966, Special Operations men walked into three New York City subway stations and tossed lightbulbs filled Bacillus subtilis, a benign bacteria, onto the tracks. The subway trains pushed the germs through the entire system and theoretically killed over a million passengers.” (Idem.)

17. “Tests were also run with live, virulent, anti-animal germ agents. Two hog-cholera bombs were exploded at an altitude of 1,500 feet over pigpens set up at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. And turkey feathers laced with Newcastle disease virus were dropped on animals grazing on a University of Wisconsin farm.” (Ibid.; p. 15.)

18. “The Army never fully withdrew its germ warfare efforts against food animals. Two years after the Army gave Plum Island to the USDA—and three years after it told President Eisenhower it had ended all biological warfare against food animals—the Joint Chiefs advised that ‘research on anti-animal agent-munition combinations should’ continue, as well as ‘field testing of anti-food agent munition combinations. . . .’ In November 1957, military intelligence examined the elimination of the food supply of the Sino-Soviet Bloc, right down to the calories required for victory: ‘In order to have a crippling effect on the economy of the USSR, the food and animal crop resources of the USSR would have to be damaged within a single growing season to the extent necessary to reduce the present average daily caloric intake from 2,800 calories to 1,400 calories; i.e., the starvation level. Reduction of food resources to this level, if maintained for twelve months, would produce 20 percent fatalities, and would decrease manual labor performance by 95 percent and clerical and light labor performance by 80 percent.’ At least six outdoor stockyard tests occurred in 1964–65. Simulants were sprayed into stockyards in Fort Worth, Kansas City, St. Paul, Sioux Falls, and Omaha in tests determining how much foot-and-mouth disease virus would be required to destroy the food supply.” (Idem.)

19. “Had the Army commandeered Plum Island for an outdoor trial? Maybe the USDA lent a hand with the trial, as it had done out west by furnishing the large test fields. After all, the Plum Island agreement between the Army and the USDA allowed the Army to borrow the island from the USDA when necessary and in the national interest.” (Idem.)

20. A former employee at Plum Island in the 1950’s has personal recollection of a “Nazi scientist” releasing ticks outdoors on Plum Island. “Traub might have monitored the tests. A source who worked on Plum Island in the 1950’s recalls that animal handlers and a scientist released ticks outdoors on the island. ‘They called him the Nazi scientist, when they came in, in 1951—they were inoculating these ticks,’ and a picture he once saw ‘shows the animal handler pointing to the area on Plum where they released the ticks.’ Dr. Traub’s World War II handiwork consisted of aerial virus sprays developed on Insel Riems and tested over occupied Russia, and of field work for Heinrich Himmler in Turkey. Indeed, his colleagues conducted bug trials by dropping live beetles from planes. An outdoor tick trial would have been de rigueur for Erich Traub.” (Ibid.; pp. 15–16.)

21. Next, the program sets forth the case of Steve Nostrum—an early Lyme Disease victim whose reading of Loftus’ book spurred him to begin inquiring about the Plum Island/Traub connection. “Somebody gave Steve Nostrum a copy of John Loftus’s The Belarus Secret at one of his support group meetings. Steve had long suspected that Plum Island played a role in the evolution of Lyme disease, given the nature of its business and its proximity to Old Lyme, Connecticut. But he never publicly voiced the hunch, fearing a loss of credibility; hard facts and statistics earned him a reputation as a leader in the Lyme disease field. Now in his hands, he had a book written by a Justice Department attorney who not only had appeared on 60 Minutes but also had brought down the secretary general of the United Nations. Nostrum disclosed the possible Plum-Lyme connection on his own television show. He invited local news reporter and Plum Island ombudsman Karl Grossman to help him explore the possibilities in light of the island’s biological mishaps. Asked why he wrote about Loftus’s book in his weekly newspaper column, Grossman says, ‘To let the theory rise or fall. To let the public consider it. And it seemed to me that the author was a Nazi hunter and a reputable attorney—this was not trivial information provided [and it was provided] by some reliable person.’” (Idem.)

22. “In October 1995, Nostrum, fresh off nursing duty (having earned an RN degree to help Lyme disease patients), rushed to a rare public meeting held by the USDA. In a white nurse’s coat, stethoscope still around his neck, Nostrum rose. Trembling, his blond beard now streaked with gray, he clutched his copy of The Belarus Secret as he read the damning passage out loud for the USDA and the public to hear. ‘I don’t know whether this is true,’ he said, looking at the dais. ‘If it is true, there must be an investigation—if it’s not true, then John Loftus needs to be prosecuted.’ People in the audience clapped, and some were astonished. A few gawked, thinking he was nuts. How did the official USDA officials react? ‘If stares could kill, I would have been dead,’ remembers Nostrum.” (Idem.)

23. “Hiding behind the same aloof veil of secrecy they had employed for decades, the USDA brazenly cut him off. ‘There are those who think that little green men are hiding out there,’ the officials responded to Nostrum. ‘But trust us when we say there are no space aliens and no five-legged cows.’ A few laughs erupted in the crowd. ‘It did nothing but detract from what I was saying,’ says Nostrum. ‘But I said it, and I had the documentation to support it.’” (Idem.)

24. The author speculates about the deer and birds that visited Plum Island, and the possibility that some of the infected ticks may well have traveled to the mainland from the island on those vectors. (Carroll explains that white-tailed deer regularly swim the two miles to the island to forage and migrating birds stop on Plum Island on their way North and South during their annual migrations.) “ . . . If Dr. Traub continued his outdoor germ experiments with the Army and experimented with ticks outdoors, the ticks would have made contact with mice, deer, and more than 140 species of wild birds known to frequent and nest on Plum Island. The birds spread their toxic cargo to resting and nesting perches atop the great elms and oaks of Old Lyme and elsewhere, just like they spread the West Nile virus throughout the United States.” (Ibid.; p. 21.)

25. After noting that allegations of the discovery of Bb (the bacterium that causes Lyme Disease) in the late 1940’s coincides with Traub’s arrival on the island, the broadcast sets forth the denials by a USDA spokesperson that there was any BW/Traub/Plum Island link to the spread of the Lyme infection. Note that Scientific American dismissed the possibility of a “Nazi scientist” link to Plum Island. In FTR#240—part of the long FTR series about “German Corporate Control over American Media”–it was noted that the Von Holtzbrinck firm controls that magazine. Like its larger competitor Bertelsmann, the Von Holtzbrinck firm is rooted firmly in the Third Reich. In FTR#226, we examined the Nazi heritage of Von Holtzbrinck and the possibility that they may employed the notorious SS officer and Goebbels protégé Werner Naumann. The possibility that the Von Holtzbrinck/Scientific American link may have had something to do with the magazine’s casual dismissal of the Traub/Plum/Lyme link is not one to be too readily dismissed. “Researchers trying to prove that Lyme disease existed before 1975 claim to have isolated Bb [the bacterium that causes the infection] in ticks collected on nearby Shelter Island and Long Island in the late 1940’s. That timing coincides with both Erich Traub’s arrival in the United States on Project PAPERCLIP and the Army’s selection of Plum Island as its offshore biological warfare laboratory. The USDA’s spokesperson, Sandy Miller Hays, is unconvinced about the possibility of a link between Lyme disease and Plum Island: . . . A PR expert, Hays had Scientific American eating out of her hand in June 2000, when they reported her as saying, ‘ ‘We still get asked about the Nazi scientists,’ . . . [with] the slightest trace of weariness creeping into her voice.’ In their feature story on Plum Island, the prestigious magazine dubbed the intrigue surrounding the island as a ‘fanciful fictional tapestry.’” (Ibid.; pp. 21–22.)

26. The program concludes with examination of Plum Island’s work with the “Lone Star Tick”—native to Texas. The focal point of experimentation on Plum Island in the 1970’s, the Lone Star tick—like Lyme Disease–is now spread throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. How did that happen? “ . . . The lab chief [Dr. Charles Mebus] failed to mention that Plum Island also worked on ‘hard ticks,’ a crucial distinction. A long overlooked document, obtained from the files of an investigation by the office of former Long Island Congressman Thomas Downey, sheds new light on the second, more damning connection to Lyme disease. A USDA 1978 internal research document titled ‘African Swine Fever’ notes that in 1975 and 1976, contemporaneous with the strange outbreak in Old Lyme, Connecticut, ‘the adult and nymphal stages of Abylomma americanum and Abylomma cajunense were found to be incapable of harboring and transmitting African swine fever virus.’ In laymen’s terms, Plum Island was experimenting with the Lone Star tick and the Cayenne tick—feeding them on viruses and testing them on pigs—during the ground zero year of Lyme disease. They did not transmit African swine fever to pigs, said the document, but they might have transmitted Bb to researchers or to the island’s vectors. The Lone Star tick, named after the white star on the back of the female, is a hard tick; along with its cousin, the deer tick, it is a culprit in the spread of Lyme disease. Interestingly, at that time, the Lone Star tick’s habitat was confined to Texas. Today, however, it is endemic throughout New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. And no one can really explain how it migrated all the way from Texas. . . .” (Ibid.; pp. 24–25.) (Plum Island the the Erich Traub File.)

We are only witnessing the more technologically advanced version of what was done fifty years ago, which itself was a more advanced effort of eugenics that had been tried by the American and British scientists at the turn of the Twentieth Century and by German eugenicists during the Weimar Republic (1919-1933) and the Third Reich of Adolph Hitler.

Thus, it should come as no surprise, especially to readers of this website, that Donald John Trump’s “emergency use vaccines” created during “Operation Warp Speed,” which he continues to hail as a one of mankind’s greatest achievements because it his delusional contention that they helped to save one hundred million lives have long term effects on the human body, especially those effects caused by the synthetic mRNA vaccines, which were the subject of a recent post by Dr. Joseph Mercola:

How long will your body produce modified spike protein after the COVID jab? That’s been a question people have been asking ever since the rollout of the first mRNA shots.

A paper published in the Proteomics Clinical Applications journal in mid-August 20231 tried to answer that question, and it’s not great news, as the answer, for some people, as we said long before the jab was released, could be “indefinitely.” What we can say for sure is that spike is being produced for far longer than “experts” initially believed.

Fact Versus Fiction

The idea behind the mRNA jabs was that the modified RNA would trigger temporary production of a spike protein similar to that of the wild-type SARS-CoV-2 spike to induce antibodies. We were told that mRNA is fragile and doesn’t last long, which is true of natural mRNA. The mRNA in the shots, however, has been modified to resist degradation.

As explained in a mid-August 2023 Proteomics Clinical Applications paper,2 the recombinant spike found in the mRNA COVID shots “is distinguishable from the wild-type protein due to specific amino acid variations introduced to maintain the protein in a prefused state.”

And, while authorities admitted they didn’t know exactly for how long the mRNA would last, they insisted it certainly wouldn’t linger for more than a few days at most.3,4 In fact, to this day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website falsely maintains that “The mRNA from the vaccines is broken down within a few days after vaccination and discarded from the body.”5

Chronic immune activation can be a very serious problem, so you really don’t want your body to be producing antibodies daily for months at a time.

The spike protein is also responsible for the pathogenicity of COVID-19 and is the main driver of jab-related injuries and deaths,6 so you don’t want this spike protein to linger longer than what is necessary to trigger an initial antibody response. Unfortunately, that’s what we’re now finding.

Spike Detected for Up to Six Months

According to a recent investigation, published in the Proteomics Clinical Applications journal in mid-August 2023,7,8 recombinant spike protein was detectable in half the blood samples of jabbed individuals for at least 69 days, and up to 187 days (about six months).

To be clear, this doesn’t mean spike production ends at six months. That was just the end of the study period. What’s more, two of the proposed mechanisms of action, which I’ll review below, suggest spike production could continue indefinitely.

To make sure they were only measuring jab-related spike proteins and not spike protein from natural infection, the scientists used a mass-spectrometry test to detect a specific amino acid sequence — two prolines — found only in the jab-induced spike.

They also included two unjabbed control groups to make doubly sure — one consisted of unjabbed individuals who had never had COVID and had no antibodies; the other were unjabbed who’d had COVID and did have antibodies.

As expected, only those in the jabbed group had vaccine-derived spike protein in their blood. Only half of them had it, though, which is interesting considering Danish evidence suggesting that one-third of Pfizer’s shots were placebo. (The data for this claim were published in a March 2023 Letter to the Editor of the European Journal of Clinical Investigation.9)

So, to be clear, not everyone who got one or even more jabs will have spike production. Many, in this case half, have no detectable spike in their systems and are therefore unlikely to experience any adverse effects. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the other half do have persistent spike production, and in some, it may never stop.

Potential Mechanisms Behind Persistent Spike Production

The Proteomics Clinical Applications paper goes on to present three “likely” or potential mechanisms behind the persistent spike production — some of which are worse than others:10

1.“It is possible that the mRNA may be integrated or re-transcribed in some cells.

2.It is possible that pseudo-uridines at a particular sequence position … induce the formation of a spike protein that is always constitutively active …

3.It is possible that the mRNA-containing nanoparticle will be picked up by bacteria normally present at the basal level in the blood …” (These bacteria would then continuously produce spike protein)

Disturbingly, all three mechanisms could result in never-ending spike production (or spike activity, for as long as the spike remains in the body). Now, if spike production can end up being lifelong in some individuals, what does that mean for people who have received multiple shots containing several different mRNA sequences?

Pfizer mRNA Appears to Have Ability to Reprogram Human DNA

If mRNA is integrated or re-transcribed in cells (the first hypothesis above), that means the modified, synthetic mRNA in the jab can become part of and permanently rewrite a section of your DNA with instructions to produce the spike.

In addition to affected cells producing spike indefinitely, this genetic alteration may also be transferred to your offspring, the effects of which are wholly unknown. We could expect affected infants and children to have chronic health problems, however, and likely impaired immune response to coronaviruses, including those responsible for the common cold.

Disturbingly, the reverse transcription hypothesis has already been demonstrated in in-vitro experiments,11 so it’s not as far-fetched as fact checkers — or even the CDC — would like you to believe. According to the CDC, “These vaccines do NOT enter the nucleus of the cell where our DNA (genetic material) is located, so it cannot change or influence our genes.”12 But in vitro experiments prove otherwise.

In vitro research published in 2022 found the mRNA in Pfizer’s COVID jab could integrate into human cellular DNA by reverse transcription.

In February 2022, a research paper13 titled “Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line” described how the mRNA is being integrated into human cellular DNA by reverse transcription — something that was absolutely not supposed to happen and was written off as a “conspiracy theory.”

In a nutshell, what this study found was that the genetic code of Pfizer’s COVID jab was reverse transcribed into and became part of the human liver cells used. Somehow, the shot triggers cells to produce a natural reverse transcriptase enzyme called LINE-1, which allows this reverse transcription to take place.

Genetic Integration Can Occur Through Other Means as Well

Incidentally, studies14,15 have also shown that RNA from SARS-CoV-2 can be reverse transcribed into the genome of virus-infected cells, and if viral RNA can do it, why not the synthetic RNA?

On top of that, the COVID shots have also been found to be contaminated with DNA,16 and this too could lead to genomic integration and alteration, without the need for reverse transcription. As explained by Igor Chudov:17

“Normally … the cell nucleus, where the DNA is, expresses certain DNA code based on conditions of the cell, and produces natural, human messenger RNA.

That messenger RNA travels out of the nucleus, where it is expressed into proteins needed for cell building. This is how growing organisms express different genetic programs to grow muscle cells or brain cells, etc. This process is called ‘transcription.’

For many years, Central Dogma of Molecular Biology stated that the ‘reverse transcription’ — moving genetic code from RNA back into the sacred cellular nucleus and recoding the DNA — was impossible.

Eventually, scientists realized that it is possible under various conditions … To effect reverse transcription, enzymes called ‘reverse transcriptases’ are needed. One of them is called LINE-1. Apparently, per [the] study, the Pfizer mRNA vaccine causes cells to produce that LINE-1 enzyme …

As I explained in response to a questioner: Pfizer mRNA vaccine changes our genetic code that determines how our organisms operate, that you inherited from your mom and dad.

Now your DNA was changed from what your mom and dad gave you, by adding a little mysterious ‘edit’ from Pfizer. Your organism acts in accordance with your DNA program, and now, well, the program has been hacked and modified by Pfizer.

Considering that Sars-Cov-2 ‘spike protein’ has cancer code from Moderna 2017’ patent 9,587,003,18 it is imperative to find out the implications of this reverse transcription, and whether the vaccinated now have any undesirable genetic code embedded into their DNA.

Of particular interest is whether this mRNA-induced reverse transcription affects the ‘germ line,’ such as eggs and sperm cells, and whether it also affects the fetus of pregnant mothers.”

Can Chronic Spike Production Explain Immune Tolerance?

As noted in Chudov’s August 31, 2023, Substack article, in which he reviews the ramifications of the hypotheses put forth in the Proteomics Clinical Applications paper,19 Nos. 1 and 2 may also explain why jabbed individuals are so prone to COVID reinfection.

In short, by producing spike protein for months and perhaps years on end, your body starts to view the SARS-CoV-2 virus as an environmental irritant rather than the potentially lethal invader that it is. This is called immune tolerance and is how allergies typically work.

Basically, your body simply ignores the irritant, and you suffer the symptoms for as long as the irritant is present. However, immune tolerance can become deadly when your body is assaulted by replicating pathogens and fails to launch an appropriate immune response.

Resources for Those Injured by the COVID Jab

Autopsy assessmentscase reports of harmsjob statistics, disability claims, life insurance claims and all-cause mortality statistics all tell the same story: The COVID jabs are having a devastating effect.20

If you got one or more jabs and suffered an injury, first and foremost, never ever take another COVID booster, another mRNA gene therapy shot or regular vaccine. You need to end the assault on your body.

The same goes for anyone who has taken one or more COVID jabs and had the good fortune of not experiencing debilitating side effects. Your health may still be impacted long-term, so don’t take any more shots. You’re also playing Russian Roulette every time you get another dose, so quit before your luck runs out.

When it comes to treatment, one of the most important aspects is to detoxify the spike. As explained by Dr. Peter McCullough in an August 26, 2023, America Out Loud podcast and accompanying article:21

“The spike protein is responsible for the pathogenicity of the SARS-CoV-2 infection and drives the development of adverse events, injuries, disabilities, and death after vaccination through immunologic and thrombotic mechanisms.

The long-lasting spike protein has been found in the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, ovaries, testicles, and other vital organs at autopsy in cases of death after vaccination. In the case of vaccine-induced thrombotic injury, the spike protein has been found within the blood clot itself.

Thus, there is a strong rationale for considering residual SARS-CoV-2 spike protein as a treatment target in post-COVID-19 and vaccine injury syndromes …

While specific syndromes (cardiovascular, neurological, endocrine, thrombotic, immunological) will require additional therapies, we propose the clinical rationale for a base detoxification regimen of oral nattokinase, bromelain, and curcumin for patients with post-acute sequelae from SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 vaccination.

The empiric regimen can be continued for 3-12 months or more and be guided by clinical parameters:

• Nattokinase 2000 FU (100) mg orally twice a day without food

• Bromelain 500 mg orally once a day without food

• Curcumin 500 mg orally twice a day (nano, liposomal, or with piperine additive suggested)”

McCullough and two other coauthors recently published this advice in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.22 Personally, I would recommend using lumbrokinase rather than nattokinase (or rotate between both), as lumbrokinase is a far more potent fibrinolytic enzyme. You can learn more about the use of these proteolytic enzymes in “Are Enzymes a Key to COVID Endothelial Injury?

Other supporting compounds mentioned in McCullough’s paper include N-acetylcysteine (NAC) at a dose of 400 mg to 1,000 mg per day, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (both of which bind to and help eliminate spike protein), selenium, Irish sea moss, green tea extract (Camellia sinensis), Nigella sativa (black cumin), dandelion extract (Taraxacum officinale) and glutathione.

For a more comprehensive treatment plan, see the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) I-RECOVER protocol. It’s continuously updated as more data become available, so be sure to download the latest version straight from the FLCCC website at Additional detox remedies can be found in “World Council for Health Reveals Spike Protein Detox.”  (Covid Jab Spike Protein Remains Six Months After Jab .)

It is interesting to note that those who stand accused by the Censorship Industrial Complex of disseminating “disinformation” use true scientific methodologies, buttressed by footnotes citing references to scholarly works and journals, while those in the CIC use positivism to lie in the expectation that John Q. Public, always distracted by bread and circuses of one sort or another, will accept their pronouncements as infallible statements from which no one can dissent legitimately. Families and friends were divided sharply over the lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and the efforts by the government to shut down all dissenting viewpoints, which is just the way that the agents of hell desire to prepare unsuspecting souls for the never-ending conflicts and accusations that the damned hurl at each other as they burn without relief while being deprived of the very end for which they had been created: to possess the glory and the joy of the Beatific Vision of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost for all eternity in Heaven.

Indeed, most people have come to accept the phenomena of “sudden deaths” or “died suddenly” or “died unexpectedly” as commonplace occurrences that do not raise the slightest questions in their mind about the link between these deaths and the vaccines.

Additionally, most people are not paying any attention the heart attacks being suffered by well-conditioned athletes and others in their twenty and thirties, something that Dr. Peter McCullough noted recently:

As a cardiologist I know what is like to take a life literally and hold it in my hands. The decisions that heart specialists make result in life or death. No pro player has ever had full blown cardiac arrest and returned to the field of play without an implantable cardio defibrillator. Returning to competitive sports with a surgically implanted ICD, able to shock the heart for another cardiac arrest, has been very rare. However, we are seeing it in the era of cardiac arrest after concealed COVID-19 vaccination.

University of Southern California, a school that mandated COVID-19 vaccination, reported in 2022 that Vince Iwuchukwu suffered a cardiac arrest in practice and later doctors inserted an ICD.

Iwuchukwu first questioned if he would ever be able to play basketball again throughout his recovery, but he wasn’t prepared to give up on the sport. After working with the coaching staff for months, he was finally able to play for USC on January 12 against Colorado. Iwuchukwu went on in 2023 to to appear in 14 games. He scored a season-high 19 points in a 61-58 loss to Oregon State on Feb. 11, 2023.

The Subcutaneous-ICD System is the world’s first ICD that provides defibrillation therapy without touching the heart. It is a completely subcutaneous defibrillator that does not require leads in the heart, leaving the vasculature untouched. It can be placed strictly by anatomical landmarks, removing the need for fluoroscopy at implant. It is an alternative to the conventional transvenous implantable cardiac defibrillator and was approved by the FDA in late 2012.

Hamlin, who had the most watched live cardiac arrest in history on Monday Night Football in January, 2023, was reticent to discuss the cause of his arrest until he settled on a diagnosis of commotio cordis or a blow to the chest. I told Tucker Carlson a day after his arrest that commotio cordis was not a possibility with a helmet and pads in tackle football. It had never occurred before. This diagnosis would be the only one Hamlin could hold on to without accepting an ICD.

The Subcutaneous-ICD System is the world’s first ICD that provides defibrillation therapy without touching the heart. It is a completely subcutaneous defibrillator that does not require leads in the heart, leaving the vasculature untouched. It can be placed strictly by anatomical landmarks, removing the need for fluoroscopy at implant. It is an alternative to the conventional transvenous implantable cardiac defibrillator and was approved by the FDA in late 2012.

So Hamlin returned to the Bills in preseason with a month in pads and likely every move carefully observed by medical staff. The Bills doctors know without an ICD, Hamlin could have a repeat arrest with COVID-19 vaccine myocarditis/scar even if it could not be detected by MRI. If Hamlin is treated with an ICD, likely his career in pro football is finished. There are no studies of the newer subcutaneous ICDs taking the punishment of hard tackles every Sunday.

Hamlin’s Twitter handle is “Hamlin’s Island.” He must feel like he is on a medical island right now at a time of great uncertainty on what do do after the COVID-19 vaccine has caused a cardiac arrest in his perfectly healthy young body. Hamlin, his doctors, and the Bills have not been honest with the public. I call this “Dilemma Island.” (Damar Hamlin Inactivated for Monday Night Football.)

I have seen patients in my practice become progressively more ill with fatigue, weakness, hair loss, headaches, effort intolerance, sleep disturbance and in some cases cardiac and neurological symptoms with progressive mRNA injections every six months. Meanwhile the Biden Administration US HHS National Action Plan on Long COVID-19 has been running a billion dollar research plan with no consideration that the vaccine could be the cause of symptoms. The medical literature is loaded with papers on long-COVID ignoring the fact the same patient groups have all been taking COVID-19 vaccines. In essence, there is a global coverup of vaccine injury syndromes as “long-COVID.”

Mateu et al studied 548 individuals, 341 with long-COVID, followed for a median of 23 months (IQR 16.5–23.5). With continued vaccination, only 26 subjects (7.6%) recovered from long-COVID during follow-up; almost all of them (n = 24) belonged to the less symptomatic cluster and importantly the syndrome finally lessened when they dropped vaccination. The authors fail to include vaccination in their multivariate models, thereby missing this effect in the patient population. However, they inadvertently show the impact of COVID-19 vaccination on persistent long-COVID in a figure shown in the Lancet manuscript.

No wonder people are sick with long-COVID! The vaccines install long-lasting genetic code for the Wuhan SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein which deposits in tissues and organs and directly causes cardiovascular, neurological, thrombotic, and immunologic disease which is being blamed on “long-COVID.” Thus an important part of treatment for long-COVID is to stop ill-advised every six-month mass vaccination.  (Vaccination Makes Long-COVID Syndrome Worse and Last Longer.)

As correct as he is about the medical and scientific facts, Dr. Peter A. McCullough places a bit too much confident in public outrage as so many people around the world, oblivious as they are to the supernatural truths of the true Faith, are ready to accept fairy tales of one kind or another rather than even any kind of truth in the Order of Creation (Nature), although it is possible that there might be an increased reluctance on the part of some to receive one “booster” after another.

Outrage, however?

Well, it is pretty hard for people to be outraged at Big Pharma and Big Government when they are not outraged over the daily slaughter of the innocent preborn by chemical and surgical means, to say nothing of their complicity in the blithe acceptance of “brain death,” human organ vivisection, and “palliative care” as well as a growing acceptance of physician-assisted suicide.

More to the point in supernatural terms, of course, is the fact that it is hard for people to outraged about sins committed against the Fifth, Sixth, and Ninth Commandments when they are not at all outraged by sins committed against the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Commandments. It is easy to ignore crimes against the life, liberty, and property of human beings when one accepts religious indifferentism, blasphemy, sacrilege, indecency of conduct, immodest of attire, impurity of thought, disobedience to parental authority, and scurrilous speech. The genocide of the innocent must perforce be the logical end result of a social contempt for the simple fact that we must love God and thus obey Him as He has revealed Himself to us exclusively through His Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation and without which there can be no true social order.

Concluding Remarks

We must always remember that everything that occurs is within the Providence of God. We are not to despair in the midst of the present difficulties as the joint, interrelated forces of Modernity in the world and of Modernism in the counterfeit church of conciliarism work together to suppress and censor all truth, supernatural and natural, and to present falsehoods as truths that cannot be rejected lest one be socially stigmatized, perhaps even to the point of the loss of one’s livelihood.

We are Catholics.

We accept all that occurs within the Providence of God with equanimity, joy, and trustful surrender without for one moment being indifferent about the incredible events taking place right before our very eyes as we know that the graces won for us by Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ during His Passion and Death on the wood of the Holy Cross on Good Friday and that flow into our souls through the loving hands of Our Lady, she who is the Mediatrix of All Graces, are more than sufficient for us to accept and thus to carry every cross—personal, social, ecclesiastical—that He has fashioned for us personally to bear for His own greater honor and glory and to make reparation for our own many sins by offering up whatever merit we might earn from our patient endurance of adversity as His own consecrated slaves through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

It is always good, therefore, to keep in mind that the chastisements of this age in which mere mortals play God and treat fellow men as objects to used, experimented upon, or disposed of at will are punishments for our own sins, our own worldliness, our own lukewarmness, our own reluctance to seek to grow in virtue and sanctity. We are more to blame for the problems that exist in these our days than we would like to admit, which is why we must rejoice in the midst of suffering and persecution as this is a sign that Our Lord is done not with us, that we are not reprobated to have a “good time” here in preparation for a very bad time without end hereafter.

Most importantly, of course, is the fact that we are never alone in any suffering that we are asked to bear. We have Our Lady, Saint Joseph, our Guardian Angels and Patron Saints, and a whole host of canonized and uncanonized white and red martyrs in the Church Triumphant in Heaven and in the Church Suffering in Purgatory to help to love God more purely, obey Him more readily, and serve Him more willingly.

Unlike the merciless men of a merciless world, we know that we are at the mercy of Our Divine Redeemer, Whose Most Sacred Heart beats with inexpressible, personal love for us, and that we are the beneficiaries of the intercessory prayers of the Queen of Mercy, Our Lady, who cooperated fully in her Divine Son’s Redemptive Act on Mount Calvary, she who is the Queen of Martyrs given to us by her Divine Son Himself to be our own Blessed Mother as she stood so valiantly at the good of His Holy Cross.

Thus, we beg Our Lady today, the Feast of her Seven Dolors in September, to help us recognize that nothing we suffer in this passing, mortal vale of tears is the equal of what one of our least Venial Sins caused her Divine Son to suffer in His Sacred Humanity during His fearful Passion and Death and that caused her own Immaculate Heart to become us the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart as she suffered the Seven Swords of Sorrow to be thrust through it out of love for God and love for us, her spiritual children by adoption.

On this feast day, therefore, let us pray for the merciless to become merciful, for the heartless to become consecrated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, and for those blinded by pride to become as meek and humble of heart as Jesus and Mary, recognizing that every Rosary we pray helps to plant a few seeds for the miraculous conversion of men and their nations to submit themselves as of yore to Christ the King and for the restoration of a true and legitimate Successor of Saint Peter to whom all men will reverence and obey, not mock and defy.

May we keep these intentions in mind as we pray Our Lady’s Most Holy Rosary and her Dolors today, September 15, 2023, so truth, both supernatural and natural, will reign supreme in our hearts, minds, bodies and souls now, and at the very hour of our death.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Jude, pray for us.

Saint John the Beloved, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Nicomedes, pray for us.