Keep This Up Jorge, and God Will Never Forgive YOU!

So, Jorge is going to meet up with his ideological comrade and demagogue from Wilmington, Delaware, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., on Friday, October 29, 2021, while the latter is en route to Glasgow, Scotland, for something called the “Twenty-Sixth United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).” One can be very assured that these two statist warriors will exchange pleasantries, including words of mutual admiration and support, whilst not a word will be spoken of the daily slaughter of the innocent preborn by chemical and surgical means.

The visit of the cognitively challenged, serially demagogic, pathologically lying, criminally corrupt, venal, profane, vulgar, pro-abortion, pro-sodomy enabler of American socialism and international globalism to the dogmatically challenged, serially demagogic, pathologically lying, theologically corrupt, venal, profane, vulgar Argentine enabler of statists/Marxists/globalists and sodomites will be a “lovefest” from beginning to end. Unlike the sad and exaggerated frowny face that the Argentine Apostate gave when being photographed with then President Donald John Trump and his family in 2017, Jorge Mario Bergoglio will be all smiles when he greets President in Name Only Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., in nineteen days, and he will be all smiles when they are photographed together before PINO Biden and his handlers depart for Glasgow and the ever-so-important “COP26”) upon which Jorge would have us believe that the “fate of humanity” depends.

It should be eminently clear that both these men live in mutually symbiotic worlds of utter insanity, and it is completely insane to believe in the Marxist brand of naturalism that masquerades itself ever-so-clumsily as a concern for the existence of the earth, which was created by God out of nothing and will be destroyed in His good time and not by “global climate change” about which ideologues have been sounding the doomsday alarm unceasingly for over fifty years now.

We do know, however, that Jorge Mario Bergoglio was all smiles when he met the egregious, smarmy, cognitively-challenged, career leech on the public dole, pro-abortion, pro-perversity enabler of all that is wretched, Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi on Saturday, October 9, 2021, prior to Argentine Fraudster's address to parliamentarians who will be attending the so-called "COP26" conference in Glasgow, Scotland. The well known phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words," may be trite, but the picture below is worth a thousand words as Bergoglio's smiles and gestures of warm friendship were meant to undercut efforts by the conciliar "archbishop" of San Francisco, California, Salavtore Cordileone, to disciple Pelosi for her baby-butching stance while also encouraging Catholics to pray for her conversion:


Vatican Media.


Bergoglio and Pelosi meet at the Vatican

There is nothing to be said about this until a later time as I covered this recently in Jorge Orders Protection for His Pro-Abortion, Pro-Perversity Statist Comrades. Bergoglio is an indisious devil disguised as a human being.

Jorge's Pow-Wow with Other Pantheists on the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, October 4, 2021

Before examining the hysterical nature of these endless alarms about the supposed ecological doomsday to come, it is important to examine the false “pope’s” decision to invite leaders of the world’s other false religions to the Occupied Vatican on the West Bank of the Tiber River on the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi on Monday, October 4, 2021, and the short address that he gave to assembled rabbis, mullahs, “ministers,” shaman and other charlatans with whom he blasphemed God and His Divine Revelation by making it appear once again as though (a) false religions please the Most Holy Trinity; (b) that false religions are means of human sanctification and salvation; (c) that false religions are instruments of “peace;” and (d) that global climate change represents the greatest threat to human existence ever know.

To assist us in this analysis, therefore, let us turn to a report about what can be called “Assisi in Rome VI” as found in America magazine:

In an unprecedented response to the “grave threat” facing all peoples worldwide from climate change, Pope Francis and some 40 faith leaders representing the world’s major religions have joined in an appeal for urgent action. Signed today, Oct. 4, in the Vatican and addressed to all governments participating in the 26th U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland from Oct. 31 through Nov. 12, the appeal calls for decisive international political action to combat climate change and “to safeguard, restore and heal our wounded humanity and the home entrusted to our stewardship.”

The Glasgow summit aims to accelerate progress toward the goals of the Paris Agreement and the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The faith leaders represent an estimated 84 percent of the world’s people that identity with a faith, and come from the main Christian denominations, the two main branches of Islam (Sunni and Shi’a), Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism and Jainism. Christians present at the signing in the Vatican included Pope Francis; Bartholomew I, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople; Metropolitan Hilarion of the Russian Orthodox Church, representing Patriarch Kirill; and Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury, representing the Anglican Communion. Muslim representatives included the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmad Muhammad Al-Tayyeb (Egypt) and Ayatollah Seyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad from the Academy of Sciences in Tehran (Iran), while the worldwide Jewish community was represented by Rabbi Noam Marans of the International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultations and Rabbi Daniel Swartz of the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life. (Jorge and 40 leaders of other false religions call for urgent action to combat climate change: ‘Future generations will never forgive us’.)

Extensive Comment Number One:

First, the true God of Divine Revelation, the Most Blessed Trinity, hates all false religions. The Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, established His one and only true Church, the Catholic Church, upon the Rock of Peter, the Pope, to be the sole means by which to eternally safeguard and to infallibly transmit His Sacred Deposit of Faith and to be sole means to sanctify and thus to save the souls for whom He shed every single drop of His Most Precious Blood to redeem.

Second, while Catholics must always comport themselves with kindness to all others, Holy Mother Church teaches that we can never accord any kind of “respect” for false religions or for their nonexistent ability to do anything other than serve the interests of the adversary who inspired them to come into existence in order to lead souls away from the true Church, outside of which there is no salvation and without which there can be no true social order.

The apostasies of conciliarism have their roots in Judeo-Masonry, which served as a progenitor of sorts to Modernism’s embrace of religious indifferentism and of reaffirming all hardened sinners in their sins, something that Pope Clement XII pointed out in In Eminenti, April 28, 1738, which was the first papal encyclical letter that condemned Freemasonry, which was then in its nascent stages after emerging in England in the year 1717:

Therefore, bearing in mind the great harm which is often caused by such Societies or Conventicles not only to the peace of the temporal state but also to the well-being of souls, and realizing that they do not hold by either civil or canonical sanctions; and since We are taught by the divine word that it is the part of faithful servant and of the master of the Lord's household to watch day and night lest such men as these break into the household like thieves, and like foxes seek to destroy the vineyard; in fact, to prevent the hearts of the simple being perverted, and the innocent secretly wounded by their arrows, and to block that broad road which could be opened to the uncorrected commission of sin and for the other just and reasonable motives known to Us; We therefore, having taken counsel of some of Our Venerable Brothers among the Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, and also of Our own accord and with certain knowledge and mature deliberations, with the plenitude of the Apostolic power do hereby determine and have decreed that these same Societies, Companies, Assemblies, Meetings, Congregations, or Conventicles of Liberi Muratori or Francs Massons, or whatever other name they may go by, are to be condemned and prohibited, and by Our present Constitution, valid for ever, We do condemn and prohibit them. (Pope Clement XII, In Eminenti, April 28, 1738.)

While this is pretty obvious by now to any Catholic who has not been brainwashed by the steady dose of the religious indifferentism that has been propagated by the conciliar “popes” and their “bishops” in the past fifty-five years, ten months, three days since the close of the “Second” Vatican Council, there are times when the Argentine Apostate feels compelled to add multiple exclamation points to the fact as if to scream, “Look, you fools, I am not Catholic. I believe in the One World Religion of ‘love.’ I fear global climate change, not sin. I want a church that has neither dogma nor curbs for the mind. I respect everyone’s religion and I hate all that is associated with the ‘formalism’ of a ‘closed-in-on-itself’ of the past.”

Every religion other than Catholicism is false:

For all the gods of the Gentiles are devils: but the Lord made the heavens. (Psalm 95: 5)

The prophet Elias destroyed the devils of Ba’al atop Mount Carmel, signifying a direct connection between the Brown Scapular that Our Lady gave to Saint Simon Stock and firm opposition to any kind of false ecumenism, including any kind of recognition of “worth” accorded to any false religion and its beliefs, rituals and practices:

“‘Nevertheless send now, and gather unto me all Israel, unto Mount Carmel, and the prophets of Baal four hundred and fifty, and the prophets of the groves four hundred, who eat at Jezebel’s table.’

“Achab sent to all the children of Israel, and gathered together the prophets unto Mount Carmel.

“And Elias coming to all the people, said: ‘How long do you halt between two sides? If the Lord be God, follow Him: but if Baal, follow him.’ And the people did not answer him a word.

“And Elias said again to the people: ‘I only remain a prophet of the Lord: but the prophets of Baal are four hundred and fifty men. Let two bullocks be given us, and let them choose one bullock and cut it in pieces and lay it upon wood, but put no fire under: and I will dress the other bullock, and lay it on wood, and put no fire under it. Call ye the names of your gods, and I will call on the name of my Lord; and the God that shall answer by fire, let him be God.’ And all of the people answering said: ‘A very good proposal.’

“Then Elias said to the prophets of Baal: ‘Choose you one bullock and dress it first, because you are many; and call on the names of your gods, but put no fire under.’

“And they took the bullock which he gave them, and dressed it; and they called on the name of Baal from morning even till noon, saying: ‘O Baal, hear us.’ But there was no voice, nor any that answered: and they leaped over the altar that they had made.

“And when it was now noon, Elias jested at them, saying: ‘Cry with a louder voice: for he is a God, and perhaps he is talking, or he is in an inn, or on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep, and must be awaked.’

“So they cried with a loud voice, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till they were covered with blood. And after midday was past, and while they were prophesying, the time was come of offering sacrifice, and there was no voice heard, nor did any one answer, nor regard them as they prayed: Elias said to the people: ‘Come ye unto me.’ And the people coming near unto him, he repaired the altar of the Lord, that was broken down:

“And he took twelve stones according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob, to whom the word of the Lord came, saying: ‘Israel shall be thy name.’ And he built with the stones an altar to the name of the Lord: and he made a trench for water, of the breadth of two furrows round about the altar. And he laid the wood in order, and cut the bullock in pieces, and laid it upon the wood.

“And he said: “Fill four buckets with water, and pour it upon the burnt offering, and upon the wood.’ And again he said: ‘Do the same the second time.’ And when they had done it the second time, he said: ‘Do the same also the third time.’ And they did so the third time. And the water run about the altar, and the trench was filled with water.

“And when it was now time to offer the holocaust, Elias the prophet came near and said: ‘O Lord God of Abraham and Isaac, and Israel, show this day that thou art the God of Israel, and I thy servant, and that according to they commandment I have done all these things. Hear me, O Lord, hear me: that this people may learn, that thou art the Lord God, and that thou hast turned their heart again.’

“Then the fire of the Lord fell, and consumed the holocaust, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench. And when all the people saw this, they fell on their faces, and they said: ‘The Lord he is God, the Lord he is God.’ And Elias said to them: ‘Take the prophets of Baal, and let not one of them escape.’ And when they had taken them, Elias brought them down to the torrent Cison, and killed them there” (3 Kings 18:19-40)

It was from Mount Carmel that many of the disciples of Elias and Eliseus were called by Our Lady to be present in Jerusalem on Pentecost Sunday, and thus to be added to the ranks of Holy Church to sing her own praises on Mount Carmel, as Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B. related in The Liturgical Year:

They saw this second Eve, they conversed with her, they felt for her that filial affection wherewith she inspired all of the disciples of Jesus. The Liturgy will speak to us at another season of these favoured ones. The promise is fulfilled to-day. In the lessons of the feast the Church tells us how the disciples of Elias and Eliseus became Christians at the first preaching of the Apostles, and being permitted to hear the sweet words of the Blessed Virgin and enjoy an unspeakable intimacy with her, they felt their veneration for her immensely increased. Returning to the loved mountain, where their less fortunate fathers had lived but in hope, they built, on the very spot where Elias had seen a little cloud rise up out of the sea, an oratory to the purest of virgins; hence they obtained the name of the Brothers of Blessed Mary of Mount Carmel. (Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., The Liturgical Year.)

The readings for the Divine Office for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel contains the following description of this call:

When on the holy day of Pentecost the apostles, through heavenly inspiration, spoke divers tongues and worked many miracles by the invocation of the most holy name of Jesus, it is said that many men who were walking in the footsteps of Elias and Eliseus, and had been prepared for the coming of Christ by the preaching of John the Baptist saw and acknowledged the truth, and at once embraced the faith of the Gospel. These new Christians were so happy as to be able to enjoy familiar intercourse with the Blessed Virgin, and venerated her with so special an affection, that they, before all others, built a chapel to the purest of Virgins on that very spot of Mount Carmel where Elias of old had seen the cloud, a remarkable type the Virgin ascending.

Many times each day they came together to the new oratory, and with pious ceremonies, prayers and praises honoured the most Blessed Virgin as the special protectress of their Order. For this reason, people from all parts began to call them the Brethren of the Blessed Mary of Mount Carmel; and the Sovereign Pontiffs not only affirmed this title, but also granted special indulgences to whoever called either the whole Order or individual Brothers by that name.  (Matins, The Divine Office, Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, July 16.)

It was on Mount Carmel that Elias, who was battling King Achab's false ecumenism of worshiping false idols, thereby betraying the true religion of the time, Judaism, by violating the First Commandment, slew the prophets of Baal (3 Kings 18:19-40).

As a Catholic priest noted in 2007, Eliseus, the disciple of Elias, asked for a "double spirit" from his master prior to Elias's being taken up in a fiery chariot (4 Kings 2: 6-13). Elias's mantle fell on Eliseus as he, Elias, was being whisked away in the fiery chariot Elias's mantle was to protect Eliseus from the spirit of false ecumenism that had prevailed on Mount Carmel and was sponsored by the king himself, who as a figure of the Antichrist.

The priest also said that it was that same "double spirit" of Elias was given by Our Lady when she gave Saint Simon Stock her Brown Scapular of Mount Carmel on July 16, 1251, as a protection against all spiritual dangers, including the false ecumenism of our own day which so offends God in our day as it offended Him as it was practiced on Mount Carmel when Elias slew the prophets of Baal. False ecumenism makes a mockery of His First Commandment. The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is thus a paramount protection against the false ecumenism of the Modernists that has been practiced with such abandon by the conciliar "popes" and their minions.

The only difference between Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his predecessors in the counterfeit church of conciliarism is that he is making no effort to mask his belief that all religions please God and provide a sure path to salvation. His false religion, conciliarism, is one of “feelings” and “universal salvation” based on a false concept of “mercy” that reaffirms hardened sinners, including those guilty of unbelief in Our Lord’s Sacred Divinity and/or guilty of unbelief in the Catholic Church as the true Church founded by God Himself.

It was five years before Pope Leo XIII had a vision of satan being let loose upon the world that Father Henry James Coleridge preached a sermon about the loosing of the adversary that would result in the great apostasy. A careful examination of the passages highlighted in bold below will reveal the truly prophetic nature of Father Coleridge’s words, especially as they relate to the effects of the losing of satan on the Church and upon the world:

I have had to speak to you, my brethren in our Lord, of a series of subjects which naturally hang together in our consideration of the last days of the world, and especially of those elements at work in human society which are more or less always to be found in our own day, as well as they will be found in those last times. And, of course, the object which we have in view is to trace out the evil principles against which we are always bound to be fighting, even though we do not know that our days are absolutely the last, and even though we know also that in those days these evil principles will for a time be allowed by God, partially, at least, to win a victory over those who struggle against them. Now, as far as we have gone, we have seen how the features of the latter days will be such as might be expected in the conflict which is always going on between good and evil in the world of men, and how the state of the world at the end, such as it is described to us in prophecy, will be the natural outcome of the decay of the power of the good influences I society, and of the consequent increase of the contrary influences, availing themselves also of the occasional opportunities which cannot but present themselves, as the drama, so to say, of human history gradually unfolds itself and hastens towards it appointed close.

Before parting finally from this subject, I must once more recapitulation what has been said, for the purpose of briefly speaking of one feature in the picture, and also of drawing your attention to the connection which may be observed between its various features as already delineated. In the first place, then, observe how the evils of which we have been speaking seem to require one the other, by a sort of miserable necessity, which has about it the air of a judicial provision of God. The first feature that we had to notice was the decay of faith, according to the sad worlds of our Lord about the state of things which He will find when He comes again. Now this feature has its natural counterpart in the next. Answering to the decay of faith is the rise of false beliefs concerning those great truths and interests of mankind on which faith speaks with an unerring voice about God, and the soul, and the moral law and future judgment and eternity – false beliefs which will rest themselves for their pretended foundation on the discoveries and revelations of science, on the increase of knowledge of the history of the past of our globe, and the like. To the decay of faith will succeed the decay of charity in the great mass of men who call themselves Christians, and on the decay of charity, the supernatural tie between man and man, and race and race, and kingdom and kingdom, and nation and nation, will of course follow the undue preponderance and exaggeration of the natural ties which gather men together in polities and unities merely temporary and limited, the immense domination of what is called nationality, with all the hatreds and ambitions and discords and aggressions which it is capable of engendering, and with the appliance, to the furthering of the purposes of these hatreds and discords and ambitions, of all the marvellous array of physical powers and forces which are the fruits to us of human progress. Here again, there is a kind of natural judicial sequence which is too obvious to require any lengthened explanation.

Observe also, next, how the decay of charity must naturally lead to the encroachment of the civil power in the world on the spiritual power, the rights and laws of the Church of God. Is there anything in what we are told of the last days which may be considered as a consequence or result of this civil encroachment of sacred rights, as the delusion of a false belief is the consequence of decay in allegiance to the revealed truth of the Church, and as a result of the enfeeblement of the supernatural bond by which God intended to unite all nations in one great brotherhood? The natural punishment of civil governments, when they invade the dominion of the Church, is that they become themselves the objects of subterranean plottings and conspiracies, or, again, of a widespread spirit of disloyalty and disobedience, so that, where dynasties are not overthrown by revolutions, at least the whole social order is imperilled, and the authority of law is disregarded. It would take me far into the regions of contemporary and recent history to illustrate this subject as it deserves, for it may be truly said of the governments of Europe since the great upheaval of the Reformation, that not one of them is free from the guilt of having usurped the rights of the Church of God, and also that not one of them has escaped the due punishment of that usurpation, in revolution, in regicide, in the banishment of royal authority, while it is also true to say the society itself is already in great danger in many kingdoms of what used to be called Christendom. These are plagues which work themselves out in history, and if the last days are to be days of signal lawlessness, according to the words of our Lord, it is  not easy to see how much farther lawlessness can be carried, without an absolute dissolution of society, than we have ourselves seen it carried, But this is enough to have said, for the sake of not leaving altogether untouched this other feature of the prophecies, which is certainly not likely to become less prominent on the face of human society as the years roll on. This then is another point which belongs to the picture we are sketching, and simultaneously with this we find that in the last days there is reason for expecting that men will be far more masters of the resources of the world, of the fruits and products of the various climates and regions of the earth, and the like, and will be able to use all these resources for the purposes of enjoyment and pleasure in a way and to an extent which will make an immense and nearly universal sensuality and moral corruption inevitable. Such are some, at least of the features of the last times of traces of which our own days are certainly not devoid, and when we find them, as we do find them, not singly prominent, one more and one less, in a time like our own, but also prominent altogether simultaneously and collectively, we have certainly reason for arming ourselves for the last struggle for the truth and the law of God.

Now to-day I shall pass on to another and a different feature in the last times, as they are represented to us in the Sacred Scriptures interpreted to us by the Fathers of the Church. All the elements of which I have hitherto spoken are, as we may say, the human side of those evil times which will come upon the world before its renovation by the second advent of our Lord. I do not mean to say that all these human elements are not used and set in motion by the spiritual enemies of our race, for they always, it may be said, prefer to make man fight against himself, to assail the honour of God by the very gifts and benefits which He has bestowed on His creatures, and to turn in this manner His own goodness against himself. But we must never forget, though it is quite certain that the men of the last time will forget, that the warfare which we have to wage here and now for the salvation of our souls, and in order to escape the eternal doom of him whom the Judge will condemn, is not a simply human warfare. That is, it is not waged either by human forces alone or against human principles and power of evil alone. We are aided in our warfare by God, by His Mother, the blessed saints and angels, and by the spiritual powers at the disposal of the Church, and on the other hand, we are fighting against foes of far greater power than ourselves, foes of the same nature and order with the blessed citizens of Heaven who assist us, the deadly enemies of God and of man, Satan and the fallen angels. Our battle, as St. Paul says, “is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.” (Ephes. Vi, 12.)  Now with regard to this conflict, there are a few certain truths of which it is well to remind ourselves now that we are speaking of the latter days, and of these I shall now speak.

In the first place, it is the doctrine of Scripture, that Satan and his evil angels, who are indefinitely more powerful as well as more subtle than man against whom they are contending, are only allowed to tempt us and assail us, not to the utmost of their power, but just as much and no more as God permits. If God did not hold them in, they would devour us and destroy us in a moment. In the second place, it is the universal belief of the Church that the power of the evil angels against man is at some times allowed to proceed to greater lengths than at others. For instance, Satan was immensely powerful in the world before the coming of our Lord, and after that coming his power in the world has been immensely diminished. This is what, as many of the Fathers tell us, our Lord meant when He described the conflict between Himself and Satan under the image of a strong armed man who kept his hall and goods in peace, until a stronger than he came upon him, and first bound him and them despoiled him of his goods and distributed them (St, Luke, xi, 21.) – that is, the image means that Satan was in full force and dominion, in peaceable possession, so to say, of the world until our Lord came, and that then, our Lord subdued him and chained him up, and took possession, through the Church, of that human world upon which Satan had exercised such a tyranny. This is what took place, first, in the lifetime of our Lord especially at the Temptation and at the Passion when Satan was first weakened and put to flight and then finally conquered by our Lord. And later on, as the Christian Church spread throughout the world, the same process of the weakening and dispossession of Satan went on, and at the present moment he is stronger and far more able to seduce men in regions outside the Church than within her pale.

But our Lord went on to tell the Jews another parable, as it were, how the devil once cast out comes back again with seven other devils worse than himself, and how that which was expressed by that image was to come to pass in that very generation. (Ib. 24.) And certainly the whole history of the Jewish commonwealth between the days of our Lord's death and the destruction of Jerusalem is more like the history of a nation possessed by evil spirits than any other. Now the Fathers tell us that in the latter days something of the same sort is to take place there is a part of the Apocalyptic vision which they interpret in this way, namely, that Satan has been bound up and chained by our Lord and not allowed to seduce the nations as before, during a certain time, which is the time of the reign of the Church on earth, and that then Satan is to be loosed for a short time, the time of the last great seduction, apostacy, and persecution, and that during that time he is to have leave to put forth his full power against the Church. Thus what their teaching leads us to as a conclusion concerning the last days is this – that in those days Satan will be more mischievous and powerful than he has hitherto been allowed in the presence of our Lord or the Church. “After that,” says St. John, “he must be loosed for a little time.” (Apoc. xx. 3.)

Thus we are to expect that, in the later days of the world's history, Satan will be allowed greater freedom than before, partly, we may suppose, to test to the uttermost the spiritual powers of the Church and her children, that the glory of our Lord may be greater in their final victory, partly because of the exceeding wickedness of that apostate world which shall deserve as its immediate chastisement to be handed over to all the seductions of the powers of evil. This is implied in the great prophecy of St. Paul as to the partial success of Antichrist. His coming, says the Apostle, is “according to the working of Satan in all power and signs and lying wonders, and in all the seduction of iniquity to those who are lost, because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send upon them the operation of error, to believe lying, that all may be judged who have not believed the truth but have consented unto iniquity.” The two great features of this prophecy are, first, the truth that Antichrist is to be supported and recommended to mankind by all the power of the devil, “in all power, and signs, and lying wonders,” and secondly, that this permission of God to Satan is judicial. Because men have not loved the truth, they shall be allowed to believe lies, and because they have consented to iniquity and have not believed the truth, they shall be judged.

Editor’s note:

So ends the last chapter selected as most relevant at this time, the spring of 1882, to which it has seemed well to conclude with the last page of chapter one of THE RETURN OF THE KING, which reads as follows:

And so, my brethren, though we know not whether in our times, or a century hence, or ten centuries hence, the end of the world may come, we know, as the earlies Christians knew and divined so well, our duties and our true wisdom. They mystery of iniquity is all around us, and, besides, men are turning away their eyes and trying to persuade themselves that the world is so uniform that it had no beginning, and that its laws are so stable that it can have no end. But whether the days in which we live be the latter days or no, it is our business, first of all, to fit ourselves to meet our Lord, who will come to each of us “as a thief in the night,” not unprepared for, as we hope, but suddenly at last, as we know. And beyond this, it is our duty to fight for our Lord's cause in the world, to throw all our little weight into the scale against the powers of evil – against the spirit of heresy, schism, lawlessness, sensuality, disregard of all sanctions and obligations, human and Divine, which is in the air all around us, and which breathes destruction to the Church and to that Christian society which the Church has founded and sustained. “Blessed are those servants, whom the Lord when He cometh shall find watching. Amen, I say to you, He will gird Himself and made them sit down to meat, and passing He will minister unto them. And if He shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants!” (St, Luke xii, 37, 38.) (Father Henry James Coleridge, The Loosing of Satan (Fuint novissima hominis illius pejora prioribus): The last state of that man becomes worse than the first, February, 1879.)

Men have not loved the truth. Indeed, most men alive today embrace lies, and even those Catholics within the structures of the counterfeit church of conciliarism who know that there are problems embrace the lie of silence and/or the assuaging lie that there have been “heretical” popes in the past and that this time, therefore, has nothing to do with the Great Apostasy. The operation of error is indeed at work in the work and in the nooks of crannies of false religious sect founded upon and expressive of every Modernist precept condemned by Pope Saint Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis, September 8, 1907.

Father Coleridge prophetically described the duties that a Catholic must fulfill in these days of “heresy, schism, lawlessness, sensuality, disregard of all sanctions and obligations, human and Divine, which is the air all around us, and which breathes destruction to the Church and to that Christian society which the Church has founded and sustained.”

Contrary to the duties outlined by Father Henry James Coleridge, Jorge Mario Bergoglio his fulfilling his diabolical duties of spreading heresy, advancing schism, promoting lawlessness, celebrating sensuality, disregarding all sanctions and obligations against heresy and apostasy and mocking the obligations that nations have to defend their own borders and is working to complete the destruction of Christian society which the Church has built in order to build one that is founded on the  Judeo-Masonic “Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together” that was signed in Abu Dhabi on February 4, 2019, and that is serving as the basis for the Argentine Apostate’s praise of inter-religious and non-denominational efforts to whip the masses into shape for even more curbs on their legitimate liberties than have been imposed during the ongoing plandemic and in the name of "saving the planet."

Most of the sheep (yours truly quite included, thank you very much) went "baa, baa" as the conciliar church’s liturgical revolution introduced various changes presaging the onslaught of the false doctrines that flowed out of the "Second" Vatican Council and that have been unceasing since its close on December 8, 1965, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At least some of the sheep (including yours truly for a long period of time) even said "baa, baa" or "blah, blah, blah" or "yuk, yuk, things will get better one day" as conciliar revolutionaries unleashed their "teaching," which has included, among other things not mentioned below, the following:

  1. The claim that dogmatic truth can be understood in different ways at different times as the vagaries of historical circumstances and the limits of human speech to express the meaning of dogma accurately require constant re-evaluation. This is nothing other than Modernism’s dogmatic evolutionism, the concept of which has been condemned by Pope Pius IX (Syllabus of Errors, December 8, 1864; Vatican Council, Session III: Dogmatic Constitution on the Catholic Faith, Chapter 4, On Faith and Reason, April 24, 1870; Pope Saint Pius X, Lamentabili Sane, July 1, 1907; Pascendi Dominici Gregis, September 8. 1907; Praestentia Scripturae, November 18, 1907, and The Oath Against Modernism, September 1, 1910, and by Pope Pius XII in Humani Generis, August 12, 1950.)
  2. The belief that the Church of Christ “subsists” in the Catholic Church but is not limited to her. Contrary to the very Divine Constitution of the Church and condemned through her history, most recently by: the Vatican Council, Session IV, Dogmatic Constitution of the Church; Pope Leo XIII, Praeclara Gratulationis Publicae, June 29, 1894, Satis Cognitum, June 29, 1896; Pope Pius XI, Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis, June 29, 1943.)
  3. The belief that Protestant and other non-Catholic Christian denominations have elements and truth and sanctification. Condemned as in number 2.
  4. The belief that it is necessary to conduct inter-religious “dialogue” to effect that which is said to be “lacking,” namely, Christian unity. Heretical, condemned in the Syllabus of Errors, Praeclara Gratulationis PublicaeSatis Cogntium, and by Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos, January 6, 1929.
  5. The belief that “inter-religious prayer services” with non-Catholics is pleasing to God. Contrary to Sacred Scripture, Apostolic Tradition and condemned by Pope Pius XI in Mortalium Animos, January 6, 1928.
  6. The belief the Judaism is a valid religion that enjoys the favor of the true God of Divine Revelation, the Most Blessed Trinity, and that the Mosaic Covenant has never been abolished. Heretical, contrary to the words of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the consistent teaching of the Church Fathers and condemned by Pope Eugene IV and the Council of Florence in Cantate Domino, February 4, 1442, and most recently by Pope Pius XII in Mystici Corporis, June 29, 1943.)
  7. The teaching that false religions have a “right from God” to propagate themselves and to be given ample public space to spread their errors in the name of “religious liberty.” Heretical. Contrary to the First Commandment and condemned consistently by our true popes since its spread in the late-Eighteenth Century. Among these condemnations have been: Pope Pius VI, Brief Quod aliquantum, March 10, 1791; Religious Liberty, a “Monstrous Right"Pope Pius VII, Post Tam Diuturnas; April 29, 1814, POST TAM DIUTURNAS, Pope Gregory XVI, Mirari Vos, August 15, 1832; Pope Pius IX, The Syllabus of Errors, and Quanta Cura, December 8, 1864; Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei, November 1, 1885, and Libertas Praestantissimum, June 20, 1888; Pope Pius XII, Ci Riesce, December 6, 1953, who reiterated that error has no rights but that toleration, which had been discussed by Pope Leo XIII in Libertas Praestantissimum, is necessary in today’s world to advance the common good.
  8. The belief in separation of church and state. Heretical. Condemned by Pope Gregory XVI, Mirari Vos, August 15, 1832; Pope Pius IX, Pope Pius IX, The Syllabus of Errors, and Quanta Cura, December 8, 1864; Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei, November 1, 1885, Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus, November 1, 1900, A Review of His Pontificate, March 19, 1902; Pope Saint Pius X, Vehementer Nos, February 11, 1906, Pascendi Dominci Gregis, September 8, 1907, and Iamdudum, May 24, 1911; Pope Benedict XVI, Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum. November 1, 1914; and Pope Pius XI, Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio. December 23, 1922, Quas Primas, December 11, 1925, and Mit Brennender Sorge, March 17, 1937.)
  9. Episcopal collegiality. Contrary to the Divine Constitution of Holy Mother Church. The primacy of the Roman Pontiff was reiterated dogmatically in Pope Pius IX, Vatican Council, First Dogmatic Constitution of the Church of Christ, July 18, 1870.
  10. The inversion of the ends of marriage and “natural family planning.” Contrary to Divine Revelation and the Natural Law and specifically condemned by Pope Pius XII on April 1, 1944, and in his Address to Italian Midwives on the Nature of Their Profession, October 29, 1951.)

Mind you, this is just a partial listing of all that believing Catholics have had to accept as the conciliar revolutionaries keep pushing the envelope, expanding the boundaries, and moving the goalposts to get to the point that rank pantheism will be accepted as Catholicism. Most Catholics in the conciliar structures, however, have swallowed all the doctrinal rubbish, all the burning of incense to false idols in temples of false worship, all the elegies of praise in behalf of religious liberty and separation of Church and state, all the liturgical outrages and abominations, all the “papal” warnings about “global warming” and the need to protect the environment, all the “papal” sellouts to Red China, all the “papal” endorsements of “open borders” and socialism—in other words, everything—churned out by their counterfeit church of conciliarism—hook, line and sinker. As I wrote in 2009, they like it!.

Yet it is that Jorge Mario Bergoglio used the occasion of the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi to make it appear as though religious indifferentism in the service of “protecting the planet” is a fulfillment of the mission of the Seraphic Saint who bore the very brand marks of the Divine Redeemer on his holy, mortified body.

Pope Pius XI, writing in Rite Expiatis, April 13, 1926, warned anyone who would try to paint Saint Francis of Assisi as one who was indifferent to the doctrines of the Catholic Church is sadly mistaken and do a profound disservice to the Seraphic Saint and to the good of souls:

What evil they do and how far from a true appreciation of the Man of Assisi are they who, in order to bolster up their fantastic and erroneous ideas about him, imagine such an incredible thing as that Francis was an opponent of the discipline of the Church, that he did not accept the dogmas of the Faith, that he was the precursor and prophet of that false liberty which began to manifest itself at the beginning of modern times and which has caused so many disturbances both in the Church and in civil society! That he was in a special manner obedient and faithful in all things to the hierarchy of the Church, to this Apostolic See, and to the teachings of Christ, the Herald of the Great King proved both to Catholics and nonCatholics by the admirable example of obedience which he always gave. It is a fact proven by contemporary documents, which are worthy of all credence, "that he held in veneration the clergy, and loved with a great affection all who were in holy orders." (Thomas of Celano, Legenda, Chap. I, No. 62) "As a man who was truly Catholic and apostolic, he insisted above all things in his sermons that the faith of the Holy Roman Church should always be preserved and inviolably, and that the priests who by their ministry bring into being the sublime Sacrament of the Lord, should therefore be held in the highest reverence. He also taught that the doctors of the law of God and all the orders of clergy should be shown the utmost respect at all times." (Julian a Spira, Life of St. Francis, No. 28) That which he taught to the people from the pulpit he insisted on much more strongly among his friars. We may read of this in his famous last testament and, again, at the very point of death he admonished them about this with great insistence, namely, that in the exercise of the sacred ministry they should always obey the bishops and the clergy and should live together with them as it behooves children of peace. (Pius XI, Rite expiatis, April 13, 1926.)

Thus, the whole business of the “Assisi in Rome” meeting a eight days ago today and of various Assisi travesties that have taken place since Karol Josef Wojtyla’s first “World Day of Peace” on October 27, 1986, has nothing to do with the Catholic Faith or with Saint Francis of Assisi, and the transformation of the counterfeit church of conciliarism into a subsidiary of the globalist “reset of humanity,” which is a euphemism for placing the elitists in charge of the implementation of transhumanism and the subsequent depopulation that will take place as a result.

Jorge Signs on to a Marxist Manifesto of Depopulation

With this necessary introduction, therefore, it is time to move on to an examination of the actual document issued on October 4, 2021, to which Jorge Mario Bergoglio was a signatory on behalf of his false religious sect, which is not nor can ever be the Catholic Church:

Today we come together united, in human fraternity, to raise awareness of the unprecedented challenges that threaten us and life on our beautiful common home, the Earth. (Incontro “Fede e scienza: verso COP26”, promosso dalle Ambasciate di Gran Bretagna e di Italia presso la Santa Sede.)

Brief Interjection Number One:

Human fraternity?

Let us turn to Pope Saint Pius X:

The same applies to the notion of Fraternity which they found on the love of common interest or, beyond all philosophies and religions, on the mere notion of humanity, thus embracing with an equal love and tolerance all human beings and their miseries, whether these are intellectual, moral, or physical and temporal. But Catholic doctrine tells us that the primary duty of charity does not lie in the toleration of false ideas, however sincere they may be, nor in the theoretical or practical indifference towards the errors and vices in which we see our brethren plunged, but in the zeal for their intellectual and moral improvement as well as for their material well-being. Catholic doctrine further tells us that love for our neighbor flows from our love for God, Who is Father to all, and goal of the whole human family; and in Jesus Christ whose members we are, to the point that in doing good to others we are doing good to Jesus Christ Himself. Any other kind of love is sheer illusion, sterile and fleeting.

Indeed, we have the human experience of pagan and secular societies of ages past to show that concern for common interests or affinities of nature weigh very little against the passions and wild desires of the heart. No, Venerable Brethren, there is no genuine fraternity outside Christian charity. Through the love of God and His Son Jesus Christ Our Saviour, Christian charity embraces all men, comforts all, and leads all to the same faith and same heavenly happiness.

By separating fraternity from Christian charity thus understood, Democracy, far from being a progress, would mean a disastrous step backwards for civilization. If, as We desire with all Our heart, the highest possible peak of well being for society and its members is to be attained through fraternity or, as it is also called, universal solidarity, all minds must be united in the knowledge of Truth, all wills united in morality, and all hearts in the love of God and His Son Jesus Christ. But this union is attainable only by Catholic charity, and that is why Catholic charity alone can lead the people in the march of progress towards the ideal civilization.

We wish to draw your attention, Venerable Brethren, to this distortion of the Gospel and to the sacred character of Our Lord Jesus Christ, God and man, prevailing within the Sillon and elsewhere. As soon as the social question is being approached, it is the fashion in some quarters to first put aside the divinity of Jesus Christ, and then to mention only His unlimited clemency, His compassion for all human miseries, and His pressing exhortations to the love of our neighbor and to the brotherhood of men. (Pope Saint Pius X, Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910.)

True, Jesus has loved us with an immense, infinite love, and He came on earth to suffer and die so that, gathered around Him in justice and love, motivated by the same sentiments of mutual charity, all men might live in peace and happiness. But for the realization of this temporal and eternal happiness, He has laid down with supreme authority the condition that we must belong to His Flock, that we must accept His doctrine, that we must practice virtue, and that we must accept the teaching and guidance of Peter and his successors. Further, whilst Jesus was kind to sinners and to those who went astray, He did not respect their false ideas, however sincere they might have appeared. He loved them all, but He instructed them in order to convert them and save them. Whilst He called to Himself in order to comfort them, those who toiled and suffered, it was not to preach to them the jealousy of a chimerical equality. Whilst He lifted up the lowly, it was not to instill in them the sentiment of a dignity independent from, and rebellious against, the duty of obedience. Whilst His heart overflowed with gentleness for the souls of good-will, He could also arm Himself with holy indignation against the profaners of the House of God, against the wretched men who scandalized the little ones, against the authorities who crush the people with the weight of heavy burdens without putting out a hand to lift them. He was as strong as he was gentle. He reproved, threatened, chastised, knowing, and teaching us that fear is the beginning of wisdom, and that it is sometimes proper for a man to cut off an offending limb to save his body. Finally, He did not announce for future society the reign of an ideal happiness from which suffering would be banished; but, by His lessons and by His example, He traced the path of the happiness which is possible on earth and of the perfect happiness in heaven: the royal way of the Cross. These are teachings that it would be wrong to apply only to one's personal life in order to win eternal salvation; these are eminently social teachings, and they show in Our Lord Jesus Christ something quite different from an inconsistent and impotent humanitarianism.  (Pope Saint Pius X, Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910.)

As to the unprecedented “threats that challenge us in our beautiful common home,” please see the appendix below for review of some of the many alarmist predictions that have been made in the past half-century.

Moreover, as will be noted several more times in this commentary, these heretics, schismatics, infidels and outright pantheists have no understanding whatsoever that sin is the cause of all human miseries on the face of this earth and that all natural disasters and tragedies are the consequence of the imbalance created in nature itself by Original Sin, are exacerbated by the Actual Sins of men and are used by the Our Divine Judge, Christ the King, to bring His children to repentance and from there to a conversion of their lives.

With a heavy heart, I must return to the next part of the inter-religious “COP26” idiocy:

Nature is a gift, but also a life-giving force without which we cannot exist. Our faiths and spiritualities teach a duty, individual and collective, to care for the human family and for the environment in which it lives. We are not limitless masters of our planet and its resources. We are caretakers of the natural environment with the vocation to care for it for future generations and the moral obligation to cooperate in the healing of the planet. (Incontro “Fede e scienza: verso COP26”, promosso dalle Ambasciate di Gran Bretagna e di Italia presso la Santa Sede.)

Brief Interjection Number Two:

Nature is a gift?

What paganism.

God created the world to be our home so that we could give Him honor and glory:

God createth Heaven and Earth, and all things therein, in six days.

[1] In the beginning God created heaven, and earth. [2] And the earth was void and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God moved over the waters. [3] And God said: Be light made. And light was made. [4] And God saw the light that it was good; and he divided the light from the darkness. [5] And he called the light Day, and the darkness Night; and there was evening and morning one day.

[6] And God said: Let there be a firmament made amidst the waters: and let it divide the waters from the waters. [7] And God made a firmament, and divided the waters that were under the firmament, from those that were above the firmament, and it was so. [8] And God called the firmament, Heaven; and the evening and morning were the second day. [9] God also said: Let the waters that are under the heaven, be gathered together into one place: and let the dry land appear. And it was so done. [10] And God called the dry land, Earth; and the gathering together of the waters, he called Seas. And God saw that it was good.

[11] And he said: Let the earth bring forth the green herb, and such as may seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after its kind, which may have seed in itself upon the earth. And it was so done. [12] And the earth brought forth the green herb, and such as yieldeth seed according to its kind, and the tree that beareth fruit, having seed each one according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. [13] And the evening and the morning were the third day. [14] And God said: Let there be lights made in the firmament of heaven, to divide the day and the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years: [15] To shine in the firmament of heaven, and to give light upon the earth. And it was so done.

[16] And God made two great lights: a greater light to rule the day; and a lesser light to rule the night: and the stars. [17] And he set them in the firmament of heaven to shine upon the earth. [18] And to rule the day and the night, and to divide the light and the darkness. And God saw that it was good. [19] And the evening and morning were the fourth day. [20] God also said: Let the waters bring forth the creeping creature having life, and the fowl that may fly over the earth under the firmament of heaven.

And God created the great whales, and every living and moving creature, which the waters brought forth, according to their kinds, and every winged fowl according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. [22] And he blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply, and fill the waters of the sea: and let the birds be multiplied upon the earth. [23] And the evening and morning were the fifth day. [24] And God said: Let the earth bring forth the living creature in its kind, cattle and creeping things, and beasts of the earth, according to their kinds. And it was so done. [25] And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds, and cattle, and every thing that creepeth on the earth after its kind. And God saw that it was good.

[26] And he said: Let us make man to our image and likeness: and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth. [27] And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them. [28] And God blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and all living creatures that move upon the earth. [29] And God said: Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed upon the earth, and all trees that have in themselves seed of their own kind, to be your meat: [30] And to all beasts of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to all that move upon the earth, and wherein there is life, that they may have to feed upon. And it was so done. (Genesis 1: 1-30.)

While man must be a responsible steward of the earth, the elements of nature have been created to serve his temporal needs as he gives honor and glory to the Most Blessed Trinity and uses everything that has been given him by God to use in a manner befitting the purpose for which a particular thing has been created and with a due regard for the Virtue of Temperance in all that he does. Man is not here to serve the earth. He has been created by God and redeemed by His Divine Son on the wood of the Holy Cross to save his immortal soul, a fate about which none of the apostates, heretics, infidels, blasphemers who gathered together with Jorge Mario Bergoglio on the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, Monday, October 4, 2021, are in the least bit concerned.

The moment of the Particular Judgment is closer to any of us than we would like to think, and it is certainly much closer than the end of the world, which is presaged in the manner described by Saint John the Evangelist in The Book of the Apocalypse:

And I heard a great voice out of the temple, saying to the seven angels: Go, and pour out the seven vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. [2] And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth, and there fell a sore and grievous wound upon men, who had the character of the beast; and upon them that adored the image thereof. [3] And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea, and there came blood as it were of a dead man; and every living soul died in the sea. [4] And the third poured out his vial upon the rivers and the fountains of waters; and there was made blood. [5] And I heard the angel of the waters saying: Thou art just, O Lord, who art, and who wast, the Holy One, because thou hast judged these things:

[6] For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy. [7] And I heard another, from the altar, saying: Yea, O Lord God Almighty, true and just are thy judgments. [8] And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun, and it was given unto him to afflict men with heat and fire: [9] And men were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed the name of God, who hath power over these plagues, neither did they penance to give him glory. [10] And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom became dark, and they gnawed their tongues for pain:

[11] And they blasphemed the God of heaven, because of their pains and wounds, and did not penance for their works. [12] And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon that great river Euphrates; and dried up the water thereof, that a way might be prepared for the kings from the rising of the sun. [13] And I saw from the mouth of the dragon, and from the mouth of the beast, and from the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs. [14] For they are the spirits of devils working signs, and they go forth unto the kings of the whole earth, to gather them to battle against the great day of the Almighty God. [15] Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

[16] And he shall gather them together into a place, which in Hebrew is called Armagedon. [17] And the seventh angel poured out his vial upon the air, and there came a great voice out of the temple from the throne, saying: It is done. [18] And there were lightnings, and voices, and thunders, and there was a great earthquake, such an one as never had been since men were upon the earth, such an earthquake, so great. [19] And the great city was divided into three parts; and the cities of the Gentiles fell. And great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give her the cup of the wine of the indignation of his wrath. [20] And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.

And great hail, like a talent, came down from heaven upon men: and men blasphemed God for the plague of the hail: because it was exceeding great. (Apocalypse 15: 1-20.)

It must be noted furthermore that man can never destroy the earth. Oh, he can do great damage to certain parts of the earth, to be sure. Not even nuclear war, which would kill millions of people and make it difficult for survivors in some parts of the world, would destroy the earth. The earth will end when God chooses to do so by His own power at a time known to Him alone.

The world has always had environmental problems. Forest fires caused smoke pollution after lightning strikes. Flies and other pests abounded in the streets of urban areas in the days when the horse was the only major means of locomotion. The disposal of human waste has posed a problem that is still not resolved.

There has never been a time since the Original Sin entered the world as a result of the disobedience of Adam and Eve that a perfect ecological balance existed. The delicate balance that existed in the physical world prior to the sin of our first parents was rent asunder by their rebellion against the One who had created them, making man the steward of everything on the face of the earth. The fact that men may despoil the environment more at one time than another is the result of fallen human nature, and a believing Catholic understands that fallen human nature is completely out of control in this era of state-sponsored and state-mandated bloodshed of the innocent and the celebration of indecency blasphemy and perversion as legitimate “human rights” from which no can dissent legitimately.

The truth is, of course, that it is the sins of men that unleash the wrath of God upon us as He let loose the forces of nature to chastise us as our sins deserve, teaching us of the necessity of reforming our lives and of making reparation to Him through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary for our sins and those of the whole world. The chastisements of nature are visited upon us by God are reminders of his Omnipotence over us, His rational creatures, and of the very created world in which we live in order to give Him honor and glory as the consecrated slaves of Christ the King through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Such chastisements remind us of our nothingness before the Most Blessed Trinity and of our absolute need to pray with fervor to kept safe unto eternity from the moral perils of the day that are celebrated by the lords of Modernity in the world and by Jorge and his band Modernists in the counterfeit church of conciliarism.

Original Sin is the remote cause of all human problems. The Actual Sins of men are the proximate causes of all human problems. Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ founded His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church upon the Rock of Peter, the Pope, to save souls, not to “save the earth.” While the Seventh Commandment obliges us to be good stewards of the created world, there can be no possibility of a rightly-ordered world when men are in open rebellion against God by means of celebration and seeking to have clothed with the status of “legal right” the very thing that caused His Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, to suffer unto the shedding of every single drop of His Most Precious Blood during His Passion and Death on the wood of the Holy Cross.

We return now to the meaningless statement issued a eight days ago today that will be noticed and read only by those steeped in delusions of their own making:

Faith and science are essential pillars of human civilization, with shared principles and complementarities. Together, we must address the threats facing our common home. The warnings from the scientific community are becoming increasingly stark and clear, as is the need for concrete steps to be taken. Scientists say that time is running out. Global temperatures have already risen to the point where the planet is warmer than at anytime in the last 200,000 years. We are on course for a rise in temperature of more than two degrees above the pre-industrial levels. It is not just a physical problem but also a moral challenge. The climate crisis affects us all, but it does not involve us all equally, because it will have different yet devastating effects on people in industrialized and non-industrialized countries. In particular, it affects the poorest, especially women and children in the most vulnerable countries, which are the least responsible for it. (Incontro “Fede e scienza: verso COP26”, promosso dalle Ambasciate di Gran Bretagna e di Italia presso la Santa Sede.)

Brief Interjection Number Three:



The earth is between six thousand and ten thousand years old. Carbon dating is fraudulent.

That was brief.

Back to another relevant part of the text for purposes of this analysis:

Humanity has the power to think and the freedom to choose. We must address these challenges using the knowledge of science and the wisdom of religion: to know morete and to care more. We should seek solutions within ourselves, within our communities, and with nature, adopting an integral approach. We must think long-term for the sake of the whole of humanity, now and in the future.

We need to expel the seeds of conflicts: greed, indifference, ignorance, fear, injustice, insecurity and violence. We must focus particularly on those at the margins. We need to act together to inspire and energize each other. We need to live in peace with one another and with nature. Now it is the time to take transformative action as a common response. As the COVID pandemic rages, 2021 presents a vital challenge to turn this crisis into an opportunity to rethink the world we want for ourselves and for our children. Care must be at the heart of this conversion, at all levels. (Incontro “Fede e scienza: verso COP26”, promosso dalle Ambasciate di Gran Bretagna e di Italia presso la Santa Sede.)

Brief Interjection Number Four:

Although another long commentary about the plandemic is under development, suffice it to say that the plandemic continues to be used by statists intent on creating a new global order based on the goals of the “reset of humanity.”

In other words, socialist ideologues who masquerade in white coats as "scientists" and present what appear to be impressive spread sheets contained in "scholarly" articles published by supposedly "respectable" academic journal keep using the same false foundation to come to pre-conceived conclusions that are designed to put pressure on world leaders to curtail a nonexistent "population growth" and to curb their citizens' legitimate freedoms while taxing them into oblivion so that they, the climate change ideologues, can keep earning hefty incomes as they produce their draconian tracts predicting that the "end is near." 

What should Catholics want for themselves?

Sanctification in this life and salvation at its end.


Those interested in reading the specific policy recommendations, none of which are at all new but each of which is draconian and will do nothing, can do so on their own. I will proceed now to the final part of the document before, most sadly, treating of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s own words of pantheism:

We are currently at a moment of opportunity and truth. We pray that our human family may unite to save our common home before it is too lateFuture generations will never forgive us if we squander this precious opportunity. We have inherited a garden: we must not leave a desert to our children.

Scientists have warned us that there might be only one decade left to restore the planet.

We plead with the international community, gathered at COP26, to take speedy, responsible and shared action to safeguard, restore and heal our wounded humanity and the home entrusted to our stewardship.

We appeal to everyone on this planet to join us on this common journey, knowing well that what we can achieve depends not only on opportunities and resources, but also on hope, courage, solidarity and good will.

In an age fraught with division and despair, we look with hope and unity to the future. We seek to serve the people of the world, particularly the poor and the future generations, by encouraging a prophetic vision, a creative, respectful and courageous action for the sake of the Earth, our common home. (Incontro “Fede e scienza: verso COP26”, promosso dalle Ambasciate di Gran Bretagna e di Italia presso la Santa Sede.)

Final Interjection:

Future generations will never forgive us?

I have got a bit of news for these delusional lunatics who would be placed in a mental ward for the criminally insane in a rightly ordered world: Future generations will not never know these delusional statist criminals and ideologues ever existed.

This, to me, is quite reminiscent of the time that Leonid Brezhnev played the Baptist James Ear “Jimmy” Carter, Jr., for a completely fool by serving as his domineering superior at the Soviet-American summit in Vienna, Austria, that took place between June 16, 1979, and June 18, 1979. Brezhnev, an atheist, invoked the name of God on behalf of the alleged necessity of signing the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty II (SALT II). Carter was convinced that he had made inroads on the dictator's atheism:

Inside the U.S. Embassy's cramped and dreary conference room, the leaders arranged themselves and their aides at either side of a gleaming 25-ft. table. Brezhnev brought with him nine aides, including Chernenko, Gromyko, Ogarkov and Ustinov; Carter was accompanied by the same number, including Brown, Brzezinski and Vance. As guest, Brezhnev led off. He put on his rimless spectacles and stolidly read aloud from his sheaf of prepared remarks. He was followed by Carter, who talked from several pages of notes handwritten on yellow legal paper. Among them was a sentence he had noted on hearing Brezhnev utter it the day before: "God will not forgive us if we fail." (Time Magazine, June 25, 1979, page 7.)

Nicaragua fell to the Communist Sandinistas two months later, and the Soviets invaded Afghanistan less than six months later.

Well, these climate change communists think that they can gather sympathy by saying that “future generations will never forgive us.” As noted just above, future generations will not even know these morons existed as they are forgettable minions of the devil who will one day face a severe Particular Judgment unless they repent and convert before they die.

Jorge Addresses His Fellow Delusional Ideologues

With this out of the way, it is now time to turn our attention to Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s address to his fellow ideologues:

Thank you for your presence, which clearly shows our desire for a deepened dialogue among ourselves and with scientific experts. I would like to propose three concepts that can guide our reflection on this shared endeavour: openness to interdependence and sharingthe dynamism of love and the call to respect.

1. Everything is connected; in our world, everything is profoundly interrelated. Science, but also our religious beliefs and spiritual traditions, have stressed this connectedness between ourselves and the rest of creation. We recognize the signs of divine harmony present in the natural world, for no creatures are self-sufficient; they exist only in dependence on each other, complementing one another and in the service of one another.[1] We might even say that the Creator has given each to the other so that they can grow and reach fulfilment in a relationship of love and respect. Plants, waters and animals are guided by a law imprinted upon them by God for the benefit of all creation.

Recognizing that the world is interconnected means not only realizing the harmful effects of our actions, but also identifying behaviours and solutions to be adopted, in an attitude of openness to interdependence and sharing. We cannot act alone, for each of us is fundamentally responsible to care for others and for the environment. This commitment should lead to an urgently needed change of direction, nurtured also by our respective religious beliefs and spirituality. For Christians, openness to interdependence springs from the very mystery of the Triune God: “The human person grows more, matures more and is sanctified more to the extent that he or she enters into relationships, going out from themselves to live in communion with God, with others and with all creatures. In this way, they make their own that Trinitarian dynamism which God imprinted in them when they were created”.[2]

Today’s meeting, which brings together many cultures and spiritualities in a spirit of fraternity, can only strengthen our realization that we are members of one human family. Each of us has his or her religious beliefs and spiritual traditions, but no cultural, political or social borders or barriers prevent us from standing together. To illumine and direct this openness, let us commit ourselves to a future shaped by interdependence and co-responsibility. (Incontro “Fede e scienza: verso COP26”, promosso dalle Ambasciate di Gran Bretagna e di Italia presso la Santa Sede insieme alla Santa Sede.)

Interjection Number One:

First, Jorge Mario Bergoglio talks endlessly about Pelagianism, yet it is that that he is a Pelagian par excellence. Although we are meant to sanctify every moment of our lives by cooperating with the graces that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that He won for us during His Passion and Death and that flow into our souls by power of the God the Holy Ghost through the loving hands of Our Lady, the Mediatrix of All Graces, God is the source of our sanctification. We can only be sanctified in our relations with others if we are first of all in a Sanctifying Grace and thus disposed to please God in all things, including treating others as we would treat Our Lord Himself in the very Flesh. Bergoglio’s effort to apply the inner love of the Most Blessed Trinity to our relations with others thus becomes an effort to make naturalistic that which is supernatural and dependent solely upon the willingness of men to obey the Commandments and to attempt to persist at all times in a state of Sanctifying Grace.

Second, Jorge’s reference to everyone having their own “religious beliefs” is an exercise in religious indifferentism as unbelief is a sin and it is the job of one who believes himself to be a Successor of Saint Peter to call all people into the true Church, something that Pope Pius IX noted with great clarity in Iam Vos Omnes, September 14, 1868:

"It is therefore by force of the right of Our supreme Apostolic ministry, entrusted to us by the same Christ the Lord, which, having to carry out with [supreme] participation all the duties of the good Shepherd and to follow and embrace with paternal love all the men of the world, we send this Letter of Ours to all the Christians from whom We are separated, with which we exhort them warmly and beseech them with insistence to hasten to return to the one fold of Christ; we desire in fact from the depths of the heart their salvation in Christ Jesus, and we fear having to render an account one day to Him, Our Judge, if, through some possibility, we have not pointed out and prepared the way for them to attain eternal salvation. In all Our prayers and supplications, with thankfulness, day and night we never omit to ask for them, with humble insistence, from the eternal Shepherd of souls the abundance of goods and heavenly graces. And since, if also, we fulfill in the earth the office of vicar, with all our heart we await with open arms the return of the wayward sons to the Catholic Church, in order to receive them with infinite fondness into the house of the Heavenly Father and to enrich them with its inexhaustible treasures. By our greatest wish for the return to the truth and the communion with the Catholic Church, upon which depends not only the salvation of all of them, but above all also of the whole Christian society: the entire world in fact cannot enjoy true peace if it is not of one fold and one shepherd." (Pope Pius IX, Iam Vos Omnes, September 13, 1868.)

Anyone who thinks that the "popes" of the counterfeit church of concilairism have maintained the teaching of the Catholic Church "exactly the same" as Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ" instituted it" is not thinking very clearly. The conciliar “popes,” including Antipope Emeritus Ratzinger and his robo-charged successor, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, have not feared having to render an account to Christ the King for not having pointing out and prepared the way for Protestants to attain eternal salvation as he believes that they, although barred from the "common celebration of the Eucharist," are bearing witness to Our Lord in the world and thus stand together with Catholics in fighting the rising tide of secularism that is the direct and inevitable result of Martin Luther's own diabolical revolution against the Divine Plan that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ instituted to effect man's return to Him through the Catholic Church.

The conciliar popes have been and continue to be without any regard at all for the honor and glory and majesty of God as he dares to lend credibility to false places of worship and dares to state publicly that those who reject the following errors can give any kind of "witness" other than that which is false.

Third, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is simply playing his own part as a stooge of the One World Religion, which itself is but a subsidiary of the One World Government that is the diabolical means to implement the “great reset of humanity.”

Back to the apostate’s address of a eight days ago:

2. This commitment must constantly be driven by the dynamism of love, for “in the depths of every heart, love creates bonds and expands existence, for it draws people out of themselves and towards others”.[3] Love’s driving force, however, is not set in motion once for all; it needs to be renewed daily. That is one of the great contributions that our religious and spiritual traditions can make to help bring about this much needed change of course.

Love is the mirror of an intense spiritual life: a love that extends to all, transcending cultural, political and social boundaries; a love that is inclusive, concerned especially for the poor, who so often teach us how to overcome the barriers of selfishness and to break down the walls of our ego. (Incontro “Fede e scienza: verso COP26”, promosso dalle Ambasciate di Gran Bretagna e di Italia presso la Santa Sede insieme alla Santa Sede.)

Interjection Number Two:

What is true love?

True love is an act of the will.

God’s love for us is act of His Divine Will, and He wills us to use our own free will responsibly to give him honor and glory as we seek to sanctify and thus to save our immortal souls as members of His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

This represents a challenge born of our need to counter the “throwaway culture” so prevalent in our society and resting on what our Joint Appeal calls the “seeds of conflicts: greed, indifference, ignorance, fear, injustice, insecurity and violence”. Those seeds of conflict cause the serious wounds we are inflicting on the environment, such as climate change, desertification, pollution and loss of biodiversity. These in turn are leading to the breaking of “that covenant between human beings and the environment, which should mirror the creative love of God, from whom we come and towards whom we are journeying”.[4] (Incontro “Fede e scienza: verso COP26”, promosso dalle Ambasciate di Gran Bretagna e di Italia presso la Santa Sede insieme alla Santa Sede.)

Interjection Number Three:

In the midst of the daily slaughter of the preborn by chemical and surgical means, the daily euthanizing of human beings, whether directly in defiance of the binding precepts of the Fifth Commandment or under the aegis of “palliative care”/hospice, the daily vivisection of innocent human beings made possible by the medical industry’s manufactured, profit-making myth of “brain death,” the daily starvation and dehydration of brain-damaged human beings, the pestilential sewer of impurity, indecency, profanity, vulgarity, heresy, blasphemy, apostasy, infidelity and state-sponsored thefts from the people of their private property by means of excessive rates of taxation designed to feed the power lusts of statists, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is concerned about “climate change,” “desertification,” “pollution,” and the “loss of biodiversity.” This insidious little demon is not in the least concerned about the sanctification and salvation of souls.

Back to Jorge:

The challenge to work for a culture of care for our common home, but also for ourselves, is one that inspires hope, for surely humanity has never possessed as many means for achieving this goal as it possesses today. We can face this challenge on various levels. I would like to emphasize two of them in particular: example and action, and education. Inspired by our religious beliefs and spiritual traditions, we can make important contributions in both these areas. Many opportunities present themselves, as the Joint Appeal clearly notes in pointing to the various educational and training programmes that we can develop to promote care for our common home. (Incontro “Fede e scienza: verso COP26”, promosso dalle Ambasciate di Gran Bretagna e di Italia presso la Santa Sede insieme alla Santa Sede.)

Interjection Number Four:

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the very personification of the Masonic spirit of “toleration” condemned by numerous popes, including Pope Leo XIII in Custodi di Quella Fede, December 8, 1892:

The road is very short from religious to social ruin. The heart of man is no longer raised to heavenly hopes and loves; capable and needing the infinite, it throws itself insatiably on the goods of this earth. Inevitably there is a perpetual struggle of avid passions to enjoy, become rich, and rise. Then we encounter a large and inexhaustible source of grudges, discords, corruptions, and crimes. In our Italy there was no lack of moral and social disorders before the present events — but what a sorrowful spectacle we see in our days! That loving respect which forms domestic harmony is substantially diminished; paternal authority is too often unrecognized by children and parents alike. Disagreements are frequent, divorce common. Civil discords and resentful anger between the various orders increase every day in the cities. New generations which grew up in a spirit of misunderstood freedom are unleashed in the cities, generations which do not respect anything from above or below. The cities teem with incitements to vice, precocious crimes, and public scandals. The state should be content with the high and noble office of recognizing, protecting, and helping divine and human rights in their harmonious universality. Now, however, the state believes itself almost a judge and disowns these rights or restricts them at will. Finally, the general social order is undermined at its foundations. Books and journals, schools and universities, clubs and theaters, monuments and political discourse, photographs and the fine arts, everything conspires to pervert minds and corrupt hearts. Meanwhile the oppressed and suffering people tremble and the anarchic sects arouse themselves. The working classes raise their heads and go to swell the ranks of socialism, communism, and anarchy. Characters exhaust themselves and many souls, no longer knowing how to suffer nobly nor how to redeem themselves manfully, take their lives with cowardly suicide.

8. Such are the fruits which the masonic sect has borne to us Italians. And after that it yearns to come before you, extolling its merits towards Italy. It likewise yearns to give Us and all those who, heeding Our words, remain faithful to Jesus Christ, the calumnious title of enemies of the state. The facts reveal the merits of this guilty sect toward our peninsula, “merits” which bear repeating. The facts say that masonic patriotism is no less than sectarian egotism which yearns to dominate everything, particularly the modern states which unite and concentrate everything in their hands. The facts say that in the plans of masonry, the names of political independence, equality, civilization, and progress aimed to facilitate the independence of man from God in our country. From them, license of error and vice and union of faction at the expense of other citizens have grown. The easy and delicious enjoyment of life by the world’s fortunate is nurtured in the same source. A people redeemed by divine blood have thus returned to divisions, corruptions, and the shames of paganism.

9. That does not surprise Us. — After nineteen centuries of Christian civilization, this sect tries to overthrow the Catholic Church and to cut off its divine sources. It absolutely denies the supernatural, repudiating every revelation and all the means of salvation which revelation shows us. Through its plans and works, it bases itself solely and entirely on such a weak and corrupt nature as ours. Such a sect cannot be anything other than the height of pride, greed, and sensuality. Now, pride oppresses, greed plunders, and sensuality corrupts. When these three concupiscences are brought to the extreme, the oppressions, greed, and seductive corruptions spread slowly. They take on boundless dimensions and become the oppression, plundering and source of corruption of an entire people.

10. Let Us then show you masonry as an enemy of God, Church, and country. Recognize it as such once and for all, and with all the weapons which reason, conscience, and faith put in your hands, defend yourselves from such a proud foe. Let no one be taken in by its attractive appearance or allured by its promises; do not be seduced by its enticements or frightened by its threats. Remember that Christianity and masonry are essentially irreconcilable, such that to join one is to divorce the other. You can no longer ignore such incompatibility between Catholic and mason, beloved children: you have been warned openly by Our predecessors, and We have loudly repeated the warning.

11. Those who, by some supreme misfortune, have given their name to one of these societies of perdition should know that they are strictly bound to separate themselves from it. Otherwise they must remain separated from Christian communion and lose their soul now and for eternity. Parents, teachers, godparents, and whoever has care of others should also know that a rigorous duty binds them to keep their wards from this guilty sect or to draw them from it if they have already entered.

12. In a matter of such importance and where the seduction is so easy in these times, it is urgent that the Christian watch himself from the beginning. He should fear the least danger, avoid every occasion, and take the greatest precautions. Use all the prudence of the serpent, while keeping in your heart the simplicity of the dove, according to the evangelical counsel. Fathers and mothers should be wary of inviting strangers into their homes or admitting them to domestic intimacy, at least insofar as their faith is not sufficiently known. They should try to first ascertain that an astute recruiter of the sect does not hide himself in the guise of a friend, teacher, doctor or other benefactor. Oh, in how many families has the wolf penetrated in sheep’s clothing!

13. It is beautiful to see the varied groups which arise everywhere today in every order of social life: worker groups, groups of mutual aid and social security, organizations to promote science, arts, letters, and other similar things. When they are inspired by a good moral and religious spirit, these groups certainly prove to be useful and proper. But because the masonic poison has penetrated and continues to penetrate here also, especially here, any groups that remove themselves from religious influence should be generally suspect. They can easily be directed and more or less dominated by masons, becoming the sowingground and the apprenticeship of the sect in addition to providing assistance to it.

14. Women should not join philanthropic societies whose nature and purpose are not well-known without first seeking advice from wise and experienced people. That talkative philanthropy which is opposed to Christian charity with such pomp is often the passport for masonic business.

15. Everyone should avoid familiarity or friendship with anyone suspected of belonging to masonry or to affiliated groups. Know them by their fruits and avoid them. Every familiarity should be avoided, not only with those impious libertines who openly promote the character of the sect, but also with those who hide under the mask of universal tolerance, respect for all religions, and the craving to reconcile the maxims of the Gospel with those of the revolution. These men seek to reconcile Christ and Belial, the Church of God and the state without God

16. Every Christian should shun books and journals which distill the poison of impiety and which stir up the fire of unrestrained desires or sensual passions. Groups and reading clubs where the masonic spirit stalks its prey should be likewise shunned.

17. In addition, since we are dealing with a sect which has pervaded everything, it is not enough to remain on the defensive. We must courageously go out into the battlefield and confront it. That is what you will do, beloved children, opposing press to press, school to school, organization to organization, congress to congress, action to action.

18. Masonry has taken control of the public schools, leaving private schools, paternal schools, and those directed by zealous ecclesiastics and religious of both sexes to compete in the education of Christian youth. Christian parents especially should not entrust the education of their children to uncertain schools. Masonry has confiscated the inheritance of public charity; fill the void, then, with the treasure of private relief. It has placed pious works in the hands of its followers, so you should entrust those that depend on you to Catholic institutions. It opens and maintains houses of vice, leaving you to do what is possible to open and maintain shelters for honesty in danger. An anti-Christian press in religious and secular matters militates at its expense, so that your effort and money are required by the Catholic press. Masonry establishes societies of mutual help and credit unions for its partisans; you should do the same not only for your brothers but for all the indigent. This will show that true and sincere charity is the daughter of the One who makes the sun to rise and the rain to fall on the just man and sinner alike.

19. May this struggle between good and evil extend to everything, and may good prevail. Masonry holds frequent meetings to plan new ways to combat the Church, and you should hold them frequently to better agree on the means and order of defense. It multiplies its lodges, so that you should multiply Catholic clubs and parochial groups, promote charitable associations and prayer organizations, and maintain and increase the splendor of the temple of God. The sect, having nothing to fear, today shows its face to the light of day. You Italian Catholics should also make open profession of your faith and follow the example of your glorious ancestors who confessed their faith bravely before tyrants, torture, and death. What more? Does the sect try to enslave the Church and to put it at the feet of the state as a humble servant? You must then demand and claim for it the freedom and independence due it before the law. Does masonry seek to tear apart Catholic unity, sowing discord even in the clergy itself, arousing quarrels, fomenting strife, and inciting insubordination, revolt, and schism? By tightening the sacred bond of charity and obedience, you can thwart its plans, bring to naught its efforts, and disappoint its hopes. Be all of one heart and one mind, like the first Christians. Gathered around the See of Peter and united to your pastors, protect the supreme interests of Church and papacy, which are just as much the supreme interests of Italy and of all the Christian world. The Apostolic See has always been the inspirer and jealous guardian of Italian glory. Therefore, be Italians and Catholics, free and non-sectarian, faithful to the nation as well as to Christ and His visible Vicar. An anti-Christian and antipapal Italy would truly be opposed to the divine plan, and thus condemned to perish.

20. Beloved children, faith and state speak to you at this time through Us. Listen to their cry, arise together and fight manfully the battles of the Lord. May the number, boldness, and strength of the enemy not frighten you, because God is stronger than they; if God is for you, who can be against you?

21. Redouble your prayers so that God might be with you in a greater abundance of grace, fighting and triumphing with you. Accompany your prayers with the practice of the Christian virtues, especially charity toward the needy. Seek God’s mercies with humility and perseverance, renewing every day the promises of your baptism. (Pope Leo XIII, Custodi di Quella Fede, December 8, 1892.)

Bergoglio is an enemy of Christ the King, His Catholic Church, and eternal good of souls upon which the entirety of a just social order depends.

Well, I must turn your attention back to Bergoglio’s address of a eight days ago:

That care is also a call to respect: respect for creation, respect for our neighbour, respect for ourselves and for the Creator, but also mutual respect between faith and science, in order to enter into a mutual “dialogue for the sake of protecting nature, defending the poor, and building networks of respect and fraternity”.[5]

Respect, in this sense, is more than an abstract and passive recognition of others. It is an empathetic and active experience of desiring to know others and to enter into dialogue with them, in order to walk together on a common journey. For, as the Appeal goes on to state, “what we can achieve depends not only on opportunities and resources, but also on hope, courage and good will”.

Openness to interdependence and sharingthe dynamism of love and a call to respect. These are, I believe, three interpretative keys that can shed light on our efforts to care for our common home. COP26 in Glasgow represents an urgent summons to provide effective responses to the unprecedented ecological crisis and the crisis of values that we are presently experiencing, and in this way to offer concrete hope to future generations. We want to accompany it with our commitment and our spiritual closeness. (Incontro “Fede e scienza: verso COP26”, promosso dalle Ambasciate di Gran Bretagna e di Italia presso la Santa Sede insieme alla Santa Sede.)

Final Interjection:

Spoken as a true pantheist.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio ought to be concerned with the state of his immortal soul, not with either nonexistent or greatly exaggerated threats to the world that God created out of nothing and will destroy in His good time.

Remember, Bergoglio himself is a signatory to the “COP26” document analyzed in part above. He believes that “future generations will never forgive us” if the draconian, statist measures that are meant to restrict, if not eliminate the use of, private property by means of excessive taxation and massive regulation are not adopted to “save the planet.” If Jorge keeps this up, of course, he ought to reckon with the fact that God will not forgive him for his apostasies, heresies, blasphemies, mockeries, liturgical travesties and his constant enabling of the statist enemies of Christ the King, His true Church, and the good of the souls for whom Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ shed every single drop of His Most Precious Blood to redeem.

Reprising the Observations of Father Peter Pernin

Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his band of climate alarmists are forever ascribing various natural disasters to what they call “man-made global climate change” rather than to the hand of God Himself.

It was after he had personally lived through the Peshtigo (Wisconsin) Fire of 1871 which occurred on the same day as the Great Chicago Fire, October 8, 1871, but was far more deadly (2500 people killed and over a million acres burned), that a French missionary priest, Father Peter Pernin, wrote the definitive report about the catastrophe and then came to conclusions that were so damning and so opposed to American naturalism that they were edited out of the 1918 edition of his book, The Finger of God Is There, by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Herewith are those conclusions, which are just as relevant today in the midst of all the diabolical forces at work in the world as they were when written one hundred fifty years ago:

"Whilst passing through Indiana on my way to St. Louis, barely two months after the catastrophe of which I have endeavored to relate a few details, I saw a notice in a journal of that place to the effect that a Protestant gentleman was to give a public lecture that very evening on the great event. The subject of the discourse was: The fires of our day a faithful of that fire which shall consume the earth at the end of time. The topic was so full of interest to me that I resolved to delay my journey so as to assist at the lecture. There was but a small audience present, so true is it that mankind is to-day what mankind was in the time of Noah, and will be till the last hour, indifferent to all the warnings of heaven.

The learned lecturer after much laborious research, had collected many important facts relating to the great fires of the past, and corroborating his words twice by quoting passages from some descriptive articles of my own published in the journals, proceeded to show how much severer in character were the fires of our days, which, in the strange fierceness of their nature, seemed to be a foreshadowing and image of that which will consume the earth on the last day. And truly we may see in this wild confusion of the elements, roaring of tempests, trembling of the earth, this land and sky in flames, with men looking on, stupefied and withering with fear, a realization of the vivid description given by Holy Writ of the end of the world.

But why these warnings? And why are they sent so unequally to nations equally guilty?

Ah! who can sound the ways of Providence? Perhaps is it because God is often lost sight of in the present day, especially by those who know and consequently ought to serve Him. Do not numbers of Catholics work, act, in a word, live as if they had neither a Creator to obey, a Saviour to love, nor a soul to save? And if it be true that God created man, if it be true that He descended on earth to redeem him, He surely possesses the strictest claims on this creature of His bounty. Those claims being consistently ignored and trampled under foot, our feeble reason itself will tell us that Providence must occasionally recall them to our minds and proclaim them as it were by those great catastrophes which prove at the same time that He is, despite what we may do or say, our Lord and Master, and that we are bound to treat Him as such. Was it not thus that He acted in former times towards His chosen people when they became ungrateful and prevaricating? The sovereignty of God over man and the duty of man towards God, are the same to-day as under the Old Law. Unquestionably, forgetfulness of these obligations seems to be almost a general thing to-day, but at the same time where is the nation or people really exempt from these chastisements? God's scourges may be varied, but they make themselves felt everywhere. If His justice seems to weigh more heavily on some than on others, if His voice sounds more menacing and terrible here than elsewhere, it is perhaps because He wishes that this punishment of a small number may afford a salutary lesson to millions of others who, horrified by so formidable a display of Almighty Power, may hasten to return to the way of salvation. When He rained down fire and brimstone on Sodom of old, the Bible does not say that Sodom was the only city deserving of such a fate. In the calamity, awful as that of Sodom, which has over- taken Peshtigo town, perhaps not more guilty than others that have nevertheless been spare, Peshtigo may be looked on as a modern Sodom in the sense that it can serve as an example to all. Et nunc reges intelligite, erudimi qui judicatis terram." (Ps. 11.) "And now, O ye kings, understand: receive instruction you that judge the earth. Serve ye the Lord with fear, and rejoice unto him with trembling. Embrace discipline, lest at any time the Lord be angry, and you perish from the just way. When his wrath shall be kindled in a short time, blessed are all they that trust in him!" (Father Peter Pernin, The Finger of God Is There. As found at: The Finger of God is There. Interestingly, American British military officials studied Father Pernin’s account of the Peshtigo Fire to learn how to create the thoroughly immoral firebombing of Dresden, Germany, from February 13-15, 1945: Peshtigo.)

Please re-read that last paragraph

We must view all things through the eyes of the Holy Faith.

We must view all things through the eyes of the Holy Faith at all times.

We must never allow the events of the world to agitate us as agitation is from the devil.

We must rest secure in our absolute trust in Our Lord’s Divine Providence, remembering that we are living at the exact time which He has ordained from all eternity for us to live and thus to give Him honor and glory as His consecrated slaves through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Is it not the case today that most “Catholics work, act, in a word, live as if they had neither a Creator to obey, a Saviour to love, nor a soul to save”?

Well, it cannot be that way with us.

We must think supernaturally at all times, and we must give thanks at all times that we have been given the gratuitous gift of the Catholic Faith so that we can see the world and everything in it clearly through the eyes of the true Faith. Our gratitude must express itself especially in the midst of personal trials and those tragedies in the world as we give thanks to Our Lord and Our Lady that we can rise about naturalism and as we pray for the gift of perseverance to continue doing so.

The Prophecies of Saint Bridget of Sweden: A Warning for Us All

The Feast of Saint Bridget of Sweden was celebrated on Friday, October 8, 2021. This holy Swedish widow was given many private revelations by Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ about the nature of His Passion, Death, and Resurrection, and she was also given revelations about future events, including the despoiled state of Catholic priests, thereby providing a warning to us all and not only to apostates such the layman Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who believes himself to be a priest, bishop, and pope:

About how, in the presence of the heavenly host and of the bride, the Divinity spoke to the Manhood against the Christians, just as God spoke to Moses against the people of Israel, and about how damned priests love the world and despise Christ, and about their condemnation and damnation.

Chapter 48

A great host was seen in Heaven and God said to it: “My friends, who know and understand and see all things in me, I am speaking in your presence, for the sake of my bride standing here, like someone who speaks to himself, for in this way does my Divinity converse with my Humanity. Moses was with God on the mountain forty days and nights, and when the people saw that he had been gone so long, they took gold and threw it into the fire and shaped a calf out of it, calling it their god.

Then God said to Moses: ‘The people have sinned. I will wipe them out, just like something written is erased from a book.’ Moses answered: ‘No, my Lord, do not. Remember that you led them up from the Red Sea and worked wonders for them. If you erase and destroy them, where is your promise then? I beg you, do not do this, for then your enemies will say: The God of Israel is evil who led the people up from the sea but killed them in the desert.’ And God was appeased by these words.

I am this Moses, figuratively speaking. My Divinity speaks to my Manhood just as to Moses, saying: ‘Behold what your people have done and see how they have despised me. All the Christians shall be killed and their faith eradicated.’ My Humanity answers: ‘No, Lord. Remember that I led the people through the sea in my blood when I was bruised from the top of my head to the sole of my foot. I have promised them eternal life; have mercy on them for the sake of my suffering.’ After hearing these words the Divinity was appeased and said: ‘Thy will be done, for all judgment is given to you.’ See what love, my friends!

But now in your presence, my spiritual friends, angels and saints, and in the presence of my bodily friends who are in the world and yet not in the world except with their body, I complain that my people are gathering firewood and lighting a fire, throwing gold into the fire so that a calf emerges for them to adore and worship as a god. It stands like a calf on four feet having a head, a throat, and a tail. When Moses delayed on the mountain a long time without returning, the people said: ‘We do not know what may have happened to him after this long time.’ And they were displeased that he had led them out of captivity and slavery, and they said: ‘Let us find another god to go before us.’

This is what these damned priests are now doing to me. For they say: ‘Why should we have a more austere life than others? What is our reward for this? It is better for us to live in peace and as we want. Let us love the world that we are certain about, for we are uncertain about his promise.’ Then they gather firewood when they devote all their senses to the love of the world. They light a fire when they have a complete desire for the world. They burn when their lust glows in their mind and proceeds in an act. They throw in gold, which means that all the honor and love they should show to me, they show to get the honor of the world.

Then the calf emerges, which means a complete love of the world. It has four feet of sloth, impatience, superfluous rejoicing, and greediness. For these priests who should be my servants are slothful in honoring me, impatient in suffering anything for my sake, excessive in rejoicing, and never satisfied with the things they have. This calf also has a head and throat, which means a complete will for gluttony that can never be satisfied, not even if the whole sea were to flow into it. The tail of the calf is their malice, for they do not let anyone keep his property if they can take it from him. By their bad example and their contempt, they injure and pervert everyone who serves me. Such is the love for the calf that is in their hearts, and in such they rejoice and lust. They think about me as those others did about Moses, and say: ‘He has been gone for a long time. His words appear vain and his deeds burdensome. Let us have our own will, let our power and will be our god.’ And they are not even satisfied by these things and forget me entirely, but instead, they have me as their idol.

The heathens used to worship wood and stones and dead men, and among others, an idol called Beelzebub was worshipped whose priests used to offer him incense with devotional genuflections and shouts of praise. And everything in their offering that was useless, they dropped on the ground, and the birds and flies ate it up. But everything that was useful, the priests hid away for themselves. They locked the door on their idol and kept the key for themselves so that nobody could go in.

This is what the priests are doing to me in this time. They offer me incense, that is, they speak and preach beautiful words in order to win praise for themselves and some temporal benefit, but not out of love of me. Just as the scent of the incense cannot be captured but only felt and seen, so their words do not attain any benefit for souls so that it can take root and be kept in their hearts, but they are only heard and seem to please for a short time. They offer me prayers, but not the kind that are pleasing to me. Like those who shouts praise with their mouths and are silent in their hearts, they stand next to me shouting with their mouths while in their hearts and thoughts they wander around in the world. But if they were speaking with a mighty or powerful man, then their hearts would follow their own speech and words so that no one would be able to remark on them.

But in my presence the priests are like men who are mentally deranged, for they say one thing with their mouths and have another in their hearts. No one who hears their words can be certain about their meaning. They bend their knees for me, that is, they promise me humility and obedience, but in truth, their humility is as Lucifer’s, and they are obedient to their own desires and not me. They also lock me in constantly and keep the key for themselves. They open up for me and praise me when they say: ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ But then they lock me in again by fulfilling their own will, while my will is as an imprisoned and powerless man who can neither be seen nor heard. They keep the key for themselves when they, by their bad example, also lead astray others who want to do my will. And, if they could, they would gladly forbid my will from being fulfilled and accomplished, except when it suits their own will. They also hide anything in the offering that is necessary and useful to them, that is, they demand all their honor and privileges, but the human body, who falls to the ground and dies and for which they should offer the best sacrifice, him they consider as useless and leave the body to the flies, that is, to the worms on the ground. They do not care or bother about their obligation for the salvation of souls.

But what was said to Moses? ‘Kill those who made this idol!’ And some were killed, but not all. In the same way, my words will now come and kill them, some in body and soul by eternal damnation, others unto life so that they should convert and live, others through a fast death, for these priests are altogether abhorrent to me. But what shall I liken them to? They are indeed like the fruit of the thorn-bush, which is beautiful and red on the outside, but inside is full of impurity and stinging thorns. In the same way, these come to me as men who are red with love, and they seem to be pure to men, but inside they are full of all filth. If this fruit is laid in the earth, other thorn-bushes grow up from it. In the same way, these hide their sin and malice in their heart as in the earth, and they become so rooted in evil that they do not even blush to appear in public and boast about their sin. Hence other men not only find a reason to sin but also become deeply wounded in their souls, thinking thus to themselves: ‘If priests do this, it is even more permitted for us to do it.’ And they are not only like the fruit of the thorn-bush, but also the thorns, for they disdain to be moved by reproach and admonition, and they consider no one to be as wise as them and think that they can do everything they want.

Therefore, I swear by my Divinity and Manhood, in the hearing of all the angels, that I shall break down the door they have closed on my will, and my will shall be fulfilled, and their will shall be annihilated and locked in eternal torment and anguish. For as it was once said: ‘I shall begin my judgment with the priests and at my altar.’” (St. Bridget (Birgitta) of Sweden - Prophecies and Revelations.)

Even conciliarism’s false priests, false bishops and false popes will be judged with severity by Christ if they do not repent, convert, and do penance for their sins. They have been and continue to be idolaters of the most perverse sort.

Concluding Remarks

Our Lady herself explained there is no compromise between her Divine Son and Belial and that the source of every error, deceit, and blasphemy none other than the adversary himself, which should teach us that nothing being taught by the conciliar authorities can come from Holy Mother Church, she who is the infallible, inerrant, and spotless teacher of Faith and Morals:

229. Guard thyself, therefore, my dearest, against this deplorable error of the children of men, and disengage thy faculties so thou mayest clearly see the difference between the service of Christ and that of Belial. Greater is that difference than the distance between heaven and earth. Christ is the true light, the way, and eternal life (Jn. 14:6); those who follow Him He loves with imperishable love, and He offers them his life and his company, and with it an eternal happiness such as neither eyes have seen, nor ears have heard, nor ever can enter into the heart of man (Is. 64:4). Lucifer is darkness itself, error, deceit, unhappiness and death; he hates his followers and forces them into evil as far as possible, and in the end inflicts upon them eternal fire and horrid torments. Let mortals give testimony whether they are ignorant of these truths, since the holy Church teaches them and calls them to their minds every day. If men give credence to these truths, where is their good sense? Who has made them insane? Who drives from their remembrance the love which they ought to have for themselves? Who makes them so cruel to themselves? O insanity never sufficiently to be bewailed and so little considered by the children of Adam! All their life they labor and exert themselves to become more and more entangled in the snares of their passions, to be consumed in deceitful vanities, and to deliver themselves over to an inextinguishable fire, death, and everlasting perdition, as if all was a mere joke, and as if my most holy Son had not come down from heaven to die on a cross in order to merit for them this rescue! Let them but look upon the price and consider how much God himself paid for this happiness, He who knew the full value of it.

230. The idolaters and heathens are much less to blame for falling into this error, nor is the wrath of the Most High enkindled so much against them as against the faithful of his Church, who have such a clear knowledge of this truth. If the minds of men in our present age have grown forgetful of it, let them understand this happened by their own fault because they have given free reign to their enemy Lucifer. With tireless malice he labors to overthrow the barriers of restraint, so forgetful of the last things and of eternal torment men might give themselves over like brute beasts to sensual pleasures, and unmindful of themselves consume their lives in the pursuit of apparent good until, as Job says (21:13), in a moment they go down to hell, as in truth happens to an infinite number of fools who hate this science and discipline. Do thou, my daughter, allow me to instruct thee. Keep thyself free from such harmful deceit and from this forgetfulness of worldly people. Let the despairing groans of the damned, which begin at the end of their lives and the beginning of their eternal damnation, ever resound in thy ears: O we fools, who esteemed the life of the just as madness! O how are they numbered among the children of God, and their lot is among the saints! Therefore we have erred from the way of truth and justice. The sun has not arisen for us. We wearied ourselves in the ways of iniquity and destruction; we have sought difficult paths, ignoring by our own fault the way of the Lord. What hath pride profited us? What advantage hath the boasting of riches brought us? All those things are passed away from us like a shadow. O that we had never been born! This, my daughter, thou must fear and ponder in thy heart, so before thou goest to that land of darkness (as Job said [10:21]) and eternal dungeons, from whence there is no return, thou mayest provide against evil and avoid it by doing good. During thy mortal life and out of love do thou now perform that of which the damned in their despair are forced to warn thee by the excess of their punishment. (New English Edition of The Mystical City of God: Book Five: The Transfixion, Chapter XX.)

This would be amusing if it were not for the fact that these dunderheads take all this very seriously as they refuse to acknowledge that their draconian predictions were never fulfilled. These madmen must continue in this vein as this is how they make their corrupt living, and it is how they can justify increasing efforts to kill off innocent human beings from conception through all subsequent stages. It is also how they seek to control those human beings who are, in the view of these insane people, "unfortunate enough" to use the earth's resources for their own daily sustenance without regard for the "survival of the planet."

Yet it is that Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his band of Modernist, econmanaical revolutionaries believe in everything bit of junk science that they can get their corrupt hands, which they use to give what they think is Holy Communion to adulterers, publicly known fornicators, practicing sodomites and their "spouses" and to every single politician in the world, including Biden and Pelosi, who supports the surgical execution of the innocent preborn and public recognition and esteem accorded to those engaged in the sin of Sodom, whose consequences were described by Pope Saint Pius V as follows:

That horrible crime, on account of which corrupt and obscene cities were destroyed by fire through divine condemnation, causes us most bitter sorrow and shocks our mind, impelling us to repress such a crime with the greatest possible zeal.

Quite opportunely the Fifth Lateran Council [1512-1517] issued this decree: "Let any member of the clergy caught in that vice against nature . . . be removed from the clerical order or forced to do penance in a monastery" (chap. 4, X, V, 31). So that the contagion of such a grave offense may not advance with greater audacity by taking advantage of impunity, which is the greatest incitement to sin, and so as to more severely punish the clerics who are guilty of this nefarious crime and who are not frightened by the death of their souls, we determine that they should be handed over to the severity of the secular authority, which enforces civil law.

Therefore, wishing to pursue with the greatest rigor that which we have decreed since the beginning of our pontificate, we establish that any priest or member of the clergy, either secular or regular, who commits such an execrable crime, by force of the present law be deprived of every clerical privilege, of every post, dignity and ecclesiastical benefit, and having been degraded by an ecclesiastical judge, let him be immediately delivered to the secular authority to be put to death, as mandated by law as the fitting punishment for laymen who have sunk into this abyss. (Pope Saint Pius V, Horrendum illud scelus, August 30, 1568.)

The conciliar revolutionaries support everything opposed to the sanctification and thus of the souls for whom Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ shed every single drop of His Most Precious Blood to redeem as complete the work of His fearful Passion and Death on the wood of the Holy Cross on Good Friday. The conciliar revolutionaries do not believe, nor do they accept the simple Catholic truth that the entirety of social order is premised upon the right ordering of human souls in light of First and Last Things and in cooperation with the ineffable graces that Our Divine Redeemer has for won us and that flow into our hearts and souls through the loving hands of Our Lady, she who is the Mediatrix of All Graces.

The counterfeit church of conciliarism has not maintained the integrity of the Holy Faith.

The counterfeit church of conciliarism has not maintained in the same sense of the revealed Word of God.

The counterfeit church of conciliarism has destroyed the true Sacraments in favor of bogus rites that have dried the wellsprings of a superabundance of Sanctifying and Actual Grace.

The counterfeit church of conciliarism has been manifestly disobedient and defiant to our true popes and true bishops and to the true general councils of Holy Mother Church.

The counterfeit church of conciliarism is completely subordinated to the service of "man" for purely earthly considerations and is founded on a "conception of a church which replaces the true one."

Although we are sixty-seven days away from praying the "O Antiphons" in the week prior to Christmas, Father Baur’s reflection on “O Adonai,” which is prayed on December 18 each year, echoes themes that had been written by Pope Pius XI about the sad state of those who prefer to believe that Our Lord, if He is truly the Divine Redeemer, has no place in public life, or that all mention of His Holy Name must be banished from social discourse:

O Adonai, O almighty God, stretch forth Thy arm and save us. The enemy of our salvation, the enemy of souls, the enemy of the Church rises with great power seeking to destroy belief in God, in Christ, and in the Christian religion. Men have wandered far from the true God; they have turned their backs on Him and made for themselves grave images. They have banished God from their thoughts and from their lives. God is a disturbing element which they would be glad to be rid of. Any other molestation they will gladly suffer, no matter how foolish and disturbing it is.

“Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this, and ye gates thereof be very desolate with the Lord. For My people have done two evils: they have forsaken Me, the fountain of living water, and have digged to themselves cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.” (Jer. 2: 12 f.). Both men and nations have lost all peace and tranquility. All virtues, innocence, fidelity, honor, honesty, and even a man’s word may be bought for gold. Scarcely one man can be found who trusts another. Nation has risen against nation, and man against man. Few are they who are faithful to their duty. The spirit of self-sacrifice is rarely to be found. Whether men read, study, or work, their actions are characterized by a spirit of restlessness and disquietude. All their striving produces few results, except to make them more tired, empty, and soulless. And yet they perish in their efforts to do without God and without Christ. Thus they live in spite of the fact “there is no other name under heaven given to men whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4: 12.). Only He, the almighty God, can save us. (Father Benedict Baur, O.S.B., The Light of the World,  Volume I, “O Adonai,” pp. 79-80.)

Yes, this all the angst amongst "conservatives" who are striving within a false church against the heresies, sacrileges and blasphemies of a false "pope."

“All their striving produces few results, except to make them more tire, empty, and soulless. And yet they perish in their efforts to do without God and without Christ.”

This is a perfect description of the vain babbling that so many people accept as “wisdom” in this world, which is indeed in the grip of the adversary, something that Father Baur pointed out in his reflection on “O Root of Jesse”:

“Come to deliver us and tarry not.” The world cries out for Christ its King, who shall cast out the Prince of this world (John 12:31). The prince of this world established his power over men as a result of original sin. He exercises his lordship very efficiently, and has led man men into apostasy and idolatry, and has brought them into the temples where he himself is adored. He even dared to approach our Lord, after His fast of forty days in the desert to tempt Him to fall down before him and adore him. Even after we had been delivered from the servitude of Satan through the death of Christ on the cross, the prince of this world attempts to exercise his power over us. “The devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour” (1 Pet. 5:8). Like a bird of prey he hovers above us waiting for a favorable opportunity to seize us and to lead us into sin. Often enough he transforms “himself into an angel of light” (1 Cor. 11:14). The sworn enemy and adversary of Christ and of all that is good, he devotes his entire energy and his great intelligence to the task of establishing a kingdom of sin and darkness which is opposed to God and to Christianity.

Satan establishes his power over deluded over men in a way that is perfectly obvious. When he has gained control over the body of man, he uses it for his own purposes, as though it were he who actually controls and animates the body in place of the human soul. He often exerts his influence over men by harassing them and hindering them by his external works, as is so evident in the lives of some holy men and women. In these trying times, when faith in Christ and in God has largely disappeared, when the propaganda of a pagan culture is broadcast everywhere, and the forces of evil and falsehood rise up to cast God from His throne, who does not feel the power of the devil? Does it not appear that we are approaching that time when Satan will be released from the depths of hell to work his wonders and mislead, if possible, even the elect? (Apoc. 20:2; Matt. 24:24.)

Catholics are never without hope!

Catholics hope in Christ the King and in the Revelation He has entrusted to His true Church as they rely upon the maternal intercession of the Mediatrix of All Graces, she who is our very “life, our sweetness, and our hope,” to help us to live in such a way in this life so as to be prepared at all times to die in a state of Sanctifying Grace as a member of the Catholic Church and thus adore God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost in the unending Easter Sunday of glory in Heaven.

We must cry out for Christ the King in the midst of the madness of these times.

We must make reparation for our sins, including our own sins of indifference or lukewarmness towards—if not outright rejection of—the necessity of viewing everything in the world through the eyes of true Faith at all times and without any exception whatsoever. 

We are still in the month of October, the month of the Holy Angels and Our Lady’s Most Holy Rosary, which we must pray with fervor every day.

Remember, the great founder of the Order of the Preachers, Saint Dominic de Guzman, was given the Holy Rosary by Our Lady to use as our spiritual weapon in our daily battle with the forces of the world, the flesh and the devil in our own lives and against the heresies that beset Holy Mother Church, specifically, of course, the Albigensian heresy at the time of Saint Dominic de Guzman eighteen years old ago this very year, that is, in the year 1214.

Here is an account, provided by Saint Louis Grignion de Montfort, of Our Lady giving Saint Dominic her Psalter, her Most Holy Rosary:

Since the Rosary is composed, principally and in substance, of the prayer of Christ and the Angelic Salutation, that is, the Our Father and the Hail Mary, it was without doubt the first prayer and the principal devotion of the faithful and has been in use all through the centuries, from the time of the apostles and disciples down to the present.

It was only in the year 1214, however, that the Church received the Rosary in its present form and according to the method we use today. It was given to the Church by St. Dominic, who had received it from the Blessed Virgin as a means of converting the Albigensians and other sinners.

I will tell you the story of how he received it, which is found in the very well-known book De Dignitate Psalterii, by Blessed Alan de la Roche. Saint Dominic, seeing that the gravity of people's sins was hindering the conversion of the Albigensians withdrew into a forest near Toulouse, where he prayed continuously for three days and three nights. During this time he did nothing but weep and do harsh penances in order to appease the anger of God. He used his discipline so much that his body was lacerated, and finally he fell into a coma.

At this point our Lady appeared to him, accompanied by three angels, and she said, "Dear Dominic, do you know which weapon the Blessed Trinity wants to use to reform the world?" "Oh, my Lady," answered Saint Dominic, "you know far better than I do, because next to your Son Jesus Christ you have always been the chief instrument of our salvation."

Then our Lady replied, "I want you to know that, in this kind of warfare, the principal weapon has always been the Angelic Psalter, which is the foundation-stone of the New Testament. Therefore, if you want to reach these hardened souls and win them over to God, preach my Psalter."

So he arose, comforted, and burning with zeal for the conversion of the people in that district, he made straight for the cathedral. At once unseen angels rang the bells to gather the people together, and Saint Dominic began to preach.

At the very beginning of his sermon, an appalling storm broke out, the earth shook, the sun was darkened, and there was so much thunder and lightning that all were very much afraid. Even greater was their fear when, looking at a picture of our Lady exposed in a prominent place, they saw her raise her arms to heaven three times to call down God's vengeance upon them if they failed to be converted, to amend their lives, and seek the protection of the holy Mother of God. 

God wished, by means of these supernatural phenomena, to spread the new devotion of the holy Rosary and to make it more widely known.

At last, at the prayer of Saint Dominic, the storm came to an end, and he went on preaching. So fervently and compellingly did he explain the importance and value of the Rosary that almost all the people of Toulouse embraced it and renounced their false beliefs. In a very short time a great improvement was seen in the town; people began leading Christian lives and gave up their former bad habits. 

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, instructed by the Blessed Virgin as well as by his own experience, Saint Dominic preached the Rosary for the rest of his life. He preached it by his example as well as by his sermons, in cities and in country places, to people of high station and low, before scholars and the uneducated, to Catholics and to heretics.

The Rosary, which he said every day, was his preparation for every sermon and his little tryst with our Lady immediately after preaching.

One day he had to preach at Notre Dame in Paris, and it happened to be the feast of St. John the Evangelist. He was in a little chapel behind the high altar prayerfully preparing his sermon by saying the Rosary, as he always did, when our Lady appeared to him and said: "Dominic, even though what you have planned to say may be very good, I am bringing you a much better sermon."

Saint Dominic took in his hands the book our Lady proffered, read the sermon carefully and, when he had understood it and meditated on it, he gave thanks to her.

When the time came, he went up into the pulpit and, in spite of the feast day, made no mention of Saint John other than to say that he had been found worthy to be the guardian of the Queen of Heaven. The congregation was made up of theologians and other eminent people, who were used to hearing unusual and polished discourses; but Saint Dominic told them that it was not his desire to give them a learned discourse, wise in the eyes of the world, but that he would speak in the simplicity of the Holy Spirit and with his forcefulness.

So he began preaching the Rosary and explained the Hail Mary word by word as he would to a group of children, and used the very simple illustrations which were in the book given him by our Lady.

Blessed Alan, according to Carthagena, mentioned several other occasions when our Lord and our Lady appeared to Saint Dominic to urge him and inspire him to preach the Rosary more and more in order to wipe out sin and convert sinners and heretics. In another passage Carthagena says, "Blessed Alan said our Lady revealed to him that, after she had appeared to Saint Dominic, her blessed Son appeared to him and said, 'Dominic, I rejoice to see that you are not relying on your own wisdom and that, rather than seek the empty praise of men, you are working with great humility for the salvation of souls.

"'But many priests want to preach thunderously against the worst kinds of sin at the very outset, failing to realize that before a sick person is given bitter medicine, he needs to be prepared by being put into the right frame of mind to really benefit by it.

"'That is why, before doing anything else, priests should try to kindle a love of prayer in people's hearts and especially a love of my Angelic Psalter. If only they would all start saying it and would really persevere, God in his mercy could hardly refuse to give them his grace. So I want you to preach my Rosary."'  (The History of the Rosary. )

We must use Our Lady's Most Holy Rosary in our own day today to combat the heresies of the counterfeit church of conciliarism and to pray for the conversion of the conciliar revolutionaries, praying for our own daily conversion away sin and disordered self-love and a belief in our own "virtues" that are more imaginary than real, ever desirous of offering all to the throne of the Most Blessed Trinity through her own Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart.

Viva Cristo ReyVivat Christus Rex!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, triumph soon!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.


Fifty Years of Failed Doomsday Predictions

Thanks go to Tony Heller, who first collected many of these news clips and posted them on RealClimateScience


(Source provided below)

Modern doomsayers have been predicting climate and environmental disaster since the 1960s. They continue to do so today.

None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates as of today have come true.

What follows is a collection of notably wild predictions from notable people in government and science.

More than merely spotlighting the failed predictions, this collection shows that the makers of failed apocalyptic predictions often are individuals holding respected positions in government and science.

While such predictions have been and continue to be enthusiastically reported by a media eager for sensational headlines, the failures are typically not revisited.

1967: ‘Dire famine by 1975.’


Source: Salt Lake Tribune, November 17, 1967

1969: ‘Everyone will disappear in a cloud of blue steam by 1989.’


Source: New York Times, August 10 1969

1970: Ice age by 2000


Source: Boston Globe, April 16, 1970

1970: ‘America subject to water rationing by 1974 and food rationing by 1980.’


Source: Redlands Daily Facts, October 6, 1970

1971: ‘New Ice Age Coming’


Source: Washington Post, July 9, 1971

1972: New ice age by 2070



Source: NOAA, October 2015

1974: ‘New Ice Age Coming Fast’



Source: The Guardian, January 29, 1974

1974: ‘Another Ice Age?’


Source: TIME, June 24, 1974

1974: Ozone Depletion a ‘Great Peril to Life’


But no such ‘great peril to life’ has been observed as the so-called ‘ozone hole’ remains:



Sources: Headline

NASA Data | Graph

1976: ‘The Cooling’


Source: New York Times Book Review, July 18, 1976

1980: ‘Acid Rain Kills Life in Lakes’


Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, IN) April 9, 1980

But 10 years later, the US government program formed to study acid rain concluded:


Associated Press, September 6, 1990

1978: ‘No End in Sight’ to 30-Year Cooling Trend


Source: New York Times, January 5, 1978

But according to NASA satellite data there is a slight warming trend since 1979.



1988: James Hansen forecasts increase regional drought in 1990s


But the last really dry year in the Midwest was 1988, and recent years have been record wet.



1988: Washington DC days over 90F to from 35 to 85


But the number of hot days in the DC area peaked in 1911, and have been declining ever since.



1988: Maldives completely under water in 30 years


Source: Agence France Press, September 26, 1988

1989: Rising seas to ‘obliterate’ nations by 2000


Source: Associated Press, June 30, 1989

1989: New York City’s West Side Highway underwater by 2019


Source:, October 23, 2001

1995 to Present: Climate Model Failure



2000: ‘Children won’t know what snow is.’



Source: The Independent, March 20, 2000

2002: Famine in 10 years


Source: The Guardian, December 23, 2002

2004: Britain to have Siberian climate by 2020


Source: The Guardian, February 21, 2004

2008: Arctic will be ice-free by 2018


Source: Associated Press, June 24, 2008

2008: Al Gore warns of ice-free Arctic by 2013


But… it’s still there:


Source:, December 16, 2018

2009: Prince Charles says only 8 years to save the planet


Source: The Independent, July 9, 2009

2009: UK prime minister says 50 days to ‘save the planet from catastrophe’


Source: The Independent: October 20, 2009

2009: Arctic ice-free by 2014


Source: USA Today, December 14, 2009

2013: Arctic ice-free by 2015


Source: The Guardian, July 24, 2013

The paper: (open access)

Gas hydrate dissociation off Svalbard induced by isostatic rebound rather than global warming


Methane seepage from the upper continental slopes of Western Svalbard has previously been attributed to gas hydrate dissociation induced by anthropogenic warming of ambient bottom waters. Here we show that sediment cores drilled off Prins Karls Foreland contain freshwater from dissociating hydrates. However, our modeling indicates that the observed pore water freshening began around 8 ka BP when the rate of isostatic uplift outpaced eustatic sea-level rise. The resultant local shallowing and lowering of hydrostatic pressure forced gas hydrate dissociation and dissolved chloride depletions consistent with our geochemical analysis. Hence, we propose that hydrate dissociation was triggered by postglacial isostatic rebound rather than anthropogenic warming. Furthermore, we show that methane fluxes from dissociating hydrates were considerably smaller than present methane seepage rates implying that gas hydrates were not a major source of methane to the oceans, but rather acted as a dynamic seal, regulating methane release from deep geological reservoirs.


2013: Arctic ice-free by 2016


Source: The Guardian, December 9, 2013

2014: Only 500 days before ‘climate chaos’




Sources: Washington Examiner

(As found on:  Fifty Years of Failed Eco-Pocalytpic Predictions.)