February 6, 2019 Update

February 8, 2019, Update

Although I am working on a very long commentary about the Argentine Apostate’s recent trip to Abu Dhabi for the Judeo-Masonic “Declaration of Humanity" that may not be posted until late Saturday or on Sunday because of the extent of work yet to be completed, I did want to inform those who access this website that I will also be working on a relatively short commentary on President Donald John Trump’s State of the Union Address, which was delivered to a special joint meeting of the two houses of the Congress of the United States of America on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, the Feast of Saint Agatha.

Readers of this site know that I do not serve as anything of an uncritical cheerleader for the forty-fifth president. However, I also give credit where credit is due, and it is thus a matter of complete intellectual honesty to remark that President Trump gave a very well-delivered and politically effective speech. Some commentators have written that the speech was better than any given by President Ronald Wilson Reagan, although the speech the fortieth president gave to a special joint meeting of Congress when he was sufficiently recovered from the wounds he sustained after being shot by John Hinckley on Monday, March 31, 1981, stands out as a very potent one that moved many “conservative” Democrats to support his economic policies. Nonetheless, though, President Trump gave a good speech.

There were, however, cringe-worthy moments indicative of the errors upon which this nation is founded and that are directly responsible for the legal protection that has been accorded to contraception, surgical abortion and to perversity.

That is, no matter the touching, heartwarming sagas of those released from prison as a result of last year’s criminal justice reform bill, no Catholic can cheer or applaud the fact that someone became a “prison minister” while imprisoned as this is to lend credence to “ministries” that are not from God as no false religion has any message to teach in His Name or has any sanctifying helps to offer those who adhere to it.

The president does not understand this. Granted. Fine. However, a Catholic should understand this and realize immediately that the mess we are in is a direct consequence of a nation that has been founded upon various errors that continue to multiply and undermine what little is left of the existing ruins.

Finally, while President Trump did a superb job shaming pro-abort Democrats for their support of baby-killing of babies who survive an attempt to kill them surgically in the later stages of pregnancy, the fact that this has become the great “pro-life” cause is itself tragic. I mean, is the best that can be done at this time to oppose the killing of babies who have managed to avoid being killed as they were being born?

Once again, I am not blaming the president for this state of things. Not at all.

However, the fact remains that there is no moral distinction between killing a preborn baby when he is several weeks old in his mother’s womb or killing that baby after he is born. While civil law can make such distinctions and impose different types of penalties based upon a consideration of time and circumstance, the direct, intentional killing of an innocent human being is always the same crime morally.

The commentary that I will offer on this subject will point out that the individuals who are principally responsible for letting the daily killing of the preborn get so out of control that some in public life have been emboldened to admit that, yes, it is the de facto practice in many hospitals around the country to let babies die after birth based upon utilitarian considerations can be laid at the feet of most of the conciliar “bishops” here in the United States of America. They—and their predecessors—are the ones who have been afraid to lose their tax-exempt status and/or to be thought as helping “mean” men such as the president who are said to have “anti-life policies on immigration, “climate change” and “economic justice.”

Before I can write in more detail about this, however, I need to return to the bilge of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Thank you for your patience.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint John of Matha, pray for us.