Bergoglio the Red Surrenders Faithful Chinese Catholics to Their Persecutors

As has been the case so frequently in the nearly sixty-year history of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, there is less to say after an anticipated development than there beforehand.

For example, Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his fellow Communist-sympathizing Secretary of State, Pietro “Cardinal” Parolin, made no secret of their intentions to recognize the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association rump church that was created by the Maoist totalitarians in 1957. It was in an interview with Asia News in February of 2016 that Bergoglio left nothing to the imagination about the fact that a sellout of Catholics in the underground in Red China was just a matter of time:

Pope Francis: "Being afraid is never a good counsellor. … And it is obvious that so much culture and so much wisdom, and in addition, so much technical knowledge – we have only to think of age-old medicinal techniques – cannot remain enclosed within a country; they tend to expand, to spread, to communicate. Man tends to communicate, a civilisation tends to communicate. It is evident that when communication happens in an aggressive tone to defend oneself, then wars result. But I would not be fearful. It is a great challenge to keep the balance of peace. … The Western world, the Eastern world and China all have the capacity to maintain the balance of peace and the strength to do so. We must find the way, always through dialogue; there is no other way. Encounter is achieved through dialogue. The true balance of peace is realised through dialogue. Dialogue does not mean that we end up with a compromise, half the cake for you and the other half for me. This is what happened in Yalta and we saw the results. No, dialogue means: look, we have got to this point, I may or may not agree, but let us walk together; this is what it means to build. And the cake stays whole, walking together. The cake belongs to everyone, it is humanity, culture. Carving up the cake, as in Yalta, means dividing humanity and culture into small pieces. And culture and humanity cannot be carved into small pieces". (Jorge Wishes A Happy Year of the Monkey to the Red Chinese.)

This is what I wrote at the time the interview was printed: 

Interection Number One

Jorge Mario Bergoglio believes that the dividing up of Europe at the Yalta Conference, which was held in the Crimean port city between February 4, 1945, and February 11, 1945, could have been avoided if “honest dialogue” had taken place in a spirit of “encounter.” This means that he thinks that the mass-murdering tyrant Joseph Stalin was interested in any kind of “peace” other than getting a “piece” of everything in Europe, East and West.

Lost in this delusion about “encounter” and “dialogue” is the simple fact that there would have been no “Yalta Conference” seventy-one years ago if the thirty-third degree Freemasons named Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Spencer Churchill had not come to the rescue of Stalin after the forces of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich invaded the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic on June 22, 1941, in violation of the terms of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact that was signed on August 24, 1939, as German National Socialists agreed to divide Poland (and to create “spheres of influence” in Romania, The Baltic States, and Finland) with their one-time adversaries, the Bolsheviks.

Although the Yalta Accords were evil (see the appendix below for some lesser known facts about the Freemasonic-Communist conference), the root of this evil was the fact that the “Allies” came to Stalin’s rescue, thereby giving him military and economic assistance and the legitimacy that he craved from the Western powers he meant to crush over the course of time. Bergoglio is very free to condemn Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the border of the United States of America with the United Mexican States, a matter that falls into the realm of prudential judgment as to how a nation may be able to protect the integrity of its national borders, but he has never once criticized any Communist leader for anything, up to and including the way that Hitler and Stalin divided up much of Eastern Europe in 1939.

Few in number were the voices of Americans who opposed providing the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with military and economic assistance in 1941. This assistance helped to prop up the Soviet regime, and it was offered precisely because many Western intellectuals and politicians, including then Vice President Henry Agard Wallace (D-Iowa) and numerous officials within the United States Department of State looked upon “international socialism” with great fondness and admiration.

The Western sympathy for Bolshevism was noted and denounced by Dr. Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn in the commencement address that he gave at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, on June 8, 1978:

I have had occasion already to say that in the 20th century democracy has not won any major war without help and protection from a powerful continental ally whose philosophy and ideology it did not question. In World War II against Hitler, instead of winning that war with its own forces, which would certainly have been sufficient, Western democracy grew and cultivated another enemy who would prove worse and more powerful yet, as Hitler never had so many resources and so many people, nor did he offer any attractive ideas, or have such a large number of supporters in the West -- a potential fifth column -- as the Soviet Union. At present, some Western voices already have spoken of obtaining protection from a third power against aggression in the next world conflict, if there is one; in this case the shield would be China. But I would not wish such an outcome to any country in the world. First of all, it is again a doomed alliance with Evil; also, it would grant the United States a respite, but when at a later date China with its billion people would turn around armed with American weapons, America itself would fall prey to a genocide similar to the one perpetrated in Cambodia in our days. (A World Split Apart.)

As noted in part one of this commentary, this is precisely what has happened since the Shanghai Accord on February 27, 1972. The American desire to use the “China card” against the Soviet Union resulted in the “opening” of Red China to American businesses, which have profited handsomely from a labor force paid a pittance while toiling in substandard conditions.

Who cares about the innocent preborn or the fact that over seventy million human beings have been murdered by the Chicoms for daring to oppose the evil that is Communism under its Maoist mask?

Not Jorge Mario Bergoglio, that’s for sure, which is why Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s description of the love that some Western figures have long had for socialism of all kinds, including the Marxist-Leninist form, describes the Argentine Apostate’s desire to make “nice” with the Red Chinese oligarchs:

As humanism in its development became more and more materialistic, it made itself increasingly accessible to speculation and manipulation at first by socialism and then by communism. So that Karl Marx was able to say in 1844 that "communism is naturalized humanism."

This statement turned out not to be entirely senseless. One does see the same stones in the foundations of a despiritualized humanism and of any type of socialism: endless materialism; freedom from religion and religious responsibility, which under communist regimes reach the stage of anti-religious dictatorship; concentration on social structures with a seemingly scientific approach. (This is typical of the Enlightenment in the Eighteenth Century and of Marxism). Not by coincidence all of communism's meaningless pledges and oaths are about Man, with a capital M, and his earthly happiness. At first glance it seems an ugly parallel: common traits in the thinking and way of life of today's West and today's East? But such is the logic of materialistic development.

The interrelationship is such, too, that the current of materialism which is most to the left always ends up by being stronger, more attractive and victorious, because it is more consistent. Humanism without its Christian heritage cannot resist such competition. We watch this process in the past centuries and especially in the past decades, on a world scale as the situation becomes increasingly dramatic. Liberalism was inevitably displaced by radicalism, radicalism had to surrender to socialism and socialism could never resist communism. The communist regime in the East could stand and grow due to the enthusiastic support from an enormous number of Western intellectuals who felt a kinship and refused to see communism's crimes. When they no longer could do so, they tried to justify them. In our Eastern countries, communism has suffered a complete ideological defeat; it is zero and less than zero. But Western intellectuals still look at it with interest and with empathy, and this is precisely what makes it so immensely difficult for the West to withstand the East. (A World Split Apart.)

Bergoglio does not admit that Communist regimes have been guilty of any crimes, and he could not bring himself in the interview he gave to Asia Timest o refer to Red China’s one-child-per-family and forced abortion and sterilization policies when referring to the aging of the mostly pagan population of China in its Communist captivity:

Asia Times: "China has experienced over the last few decades tragedies without comparison. Since 1980 the Chinese have sacrificed that which has always been most dear to them, their children. For the Chinese these are very serious wounds. Among other things, this has left enormous emptiness in their consciences and somehow an extremely deep need to be reconciled with themselves and to forgive themselves. In the Year of Mercy what message can you offer the Chinese people?"

Pope Francis: "The aging of a population ... is happening in many places. … Perhaps behind this there is the fear you are alluding to, the mistaken perception, not that we will simply fall behind, but that we will fall into misery, so therefore, let’s not have children. There are other societies that have opted for the contrary. For example, during my trip to Albania, I was astonished to discover that the average age of the population is approximately 40 years. … Countries that have suffered and opt for youth. Then there is the problem of work. Something that China does not have, because it has the capacity to offer work both in the countryside and in the city. And it is true, the problem for China of not having children must be very painful; because the pyramid is then inverted and a child has to bear the burden of his father, mother, grandfather and grandmother. And this is exhausting, demanding, disorientating. It is not the natural way. I understand that China has opened up possibilities on this front". (Jorge Wishes A Happy Year of the Monkey to the Red Chinese.) 

Interection Number Two:

Bergoglio’s desire to appease the murdering Chicoms is reprehensible. He refuses to call evil by its proper name and to denounce the Communist authorities for imposing their evil policies upon parents. This is because he does not want to jeopardize the possibility of a state visit to Red China, and it is also because he has shown himself averse to mentioning any kind of direct criticism of a Communist regime at any time for any reason. This is the same “Pope Francis” who has had no problem denouncing those who deny “global warming” or who support the imposition of the death penalty upon those convicted of heinous crimes in accord with the due process of law or those he holds responsible for “income inequality.” As noted earlier in this commentary, the false “pontiff” had no compunction about denouncing Donald Trump as “not a Christian” because of the latter’s desire to build a wall to protect the integrity of this country’s border with Mexico and to provide for the national security.

Once again, of course, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a hypocrite.

Some might argue that he was being “diplomatic” in the interview with Asia Times.

All right, why the lack of “diplomacy” in the instances cited just above.

Bergoglio is a communist sympathizer and an agent of One World Governance. It is simply not in his personal make-up to denounce politicians who support the execution of the innocent preborn by chemical and/or surgical means.

For what?

For a trip to Red China?

For what?

Indeed, far from pulling back on its genocide of its own innocent preborn, authorities in Red China have even been so bold to release statistics to document the horrific fact that they have presided over the executions of 336,000,000 innocent children in the forty-year period between 1971 and 2011. Bergoglio can cite fake evidence about "global warming" with precision. He is unfamiliar with the horror of the worldwide war on the preborn, which is a frontal assault against the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law, because he chooses to do so.

Back to the interview:

Asia Times: "How should these challenges of families in China be faced, given that they find themselves in a process of profound change and no longer correspond to the traditional Chinese model of the family?"

Pope Francis: "The history of a people is always a path. A people at times walks more quickly, at times more slowly, at times it pauses, at times it makes a mistake and goes backwards a little, or takes the wrong path and has to retrace its steps to follow the right way. But when a people moves forward, this does not worry me because it means they are making history. And I believe that the Chinese people are moving forward and this is their greatness. … And I would go further: do not be bitter, but be at peace with your own path, even if you have made mistakes. I cannot say my history was bad, that I hate my history

No, every people must be reconciled with its history as its own path, with its successes and its mistakes. And this reconciliation with one’s own history brings much maturity, much growth. … When one takes responsibility for one’s own path, accepting it for what it was, this allows one’s historical and cultural richness to emerge, even in difficult moments. And how can it be allowed to emerge? Here we return to the first question: in dialogue with today’s world. To dialogue does not mean that I surrender myself, because at times there is the danger, in the dialogue between different countries, of hidden agendas, namely, cultural colonisations. It is necessary to recognise the greatness of the Chinese people, who have always maintained their culture. And their culture – I am not speaking about ideologies that there may have been in the past – their culture was not imposed". (Jorge Wishes A Happy Year of the Monkey to the Red Chinese.) 

Interjection Number Three:

“I cannot say that my history is bad, that I hate my history.”

In other words, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was saying that it is not necessary to view any period of history with particular revulsion, something that he believes is applicable, albeit with a few prominent exceptions to be noted momentarily, to nations and to individuals.

Bergoglio only applies this false principle, however, to Communist nations as he has indeed denounced the history of Nazi Germany and its monstrous crimes (relying upon Zionist propaganda after the extent of such crimes, which is not to minimize the evils of the Nazi regime—see Meet Some Catholics Truly Worth Admiring, part one and Meet Some Catholics Truly Worth Admiring, part two.)

Jorge can, however, denounce the authentic history, doctrine, tradition and liturgy of the Catholic by issuing “apologies” to non-Catholics for how Catholics “persecuted” them by defending the truths of the Holy Faith, sometimes with their very lives, and by urging those non-Catholics to convert to the true Church, outside of which there is no salvation and without which there can be no true social order, which is what he did on January 25, 2016, the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle, during his "homily" at the annual ecumaniacal vespers service at the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls:

In this Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, we must always keep in mind that there cannot be an authentic search for Christian unity without trusting fully in the Father’s mercy. We ask first of all for forgiveness for the sins of our divisions, which are an open wound in the Body of Christ. As Bishop of Rome and pastor of the Catholic Church, I want to ask for mercy and forgiveness for the behavior of Catholics towards Christians of other Churches which has not reflected Gospel values. At the same time, I invite all Catholic brothers and sisters to forgive if they, today or in the past, have been offended by other Christians. We cannot cancel out what has happened, but we do not want to let the weight of past faults continue to contaminate our relationships. God’s mercy will renew our relationships. (Jorge Ask Forgiveness for How Catholics Have Treated Protestants.)

How can a man who, in essence, tells the suffering Catholics in Red China to be "reconciled" to their "history" hate the history of the Catholic Church, no less defame the martyrdom of Catholics killed by Protestants in Germany, the Low Countries, and, of course, England and Ireland in the first two centuries after the Protestant Revolution?

Should Saints Thomas More and John Fisher have accommodated themselves to the "new order" of things after King Henry VIII had divorced his true wife, Catherine of Aragon, to "marry" his mistress, Anne Boleyn?

Should Saint Fidelis of Sigmarigen and the Martyrs of Gorkhum not have defend the Catholic Faith against Calvinism with their very lives?

Should Saint Josaphat not have sought convert those in the heretical and schismatic Russian Orthodox Church?

Well, yes, Jorge Mario Bergoglio does believe those things, which is why he is going to Sweden later this year to help commence the year of celebrations leading up to the quincentennial of Father Martin Luther's posting those ninety-five theses on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517 (Jorge to travel to Sweden for joint celebration of Protesant Revolution).

When it comes to error, you see, Jorge Mario Bergoglio falls all over himself to reassure those steeped in this or that error that their “history” of error is worth admiring despite whatever little “bumps” in the road might have occurred in the way of what he believes to be history’s dialectical movement, a belief that is at the cornerstone of Hegelianism and of Marxism—and thus of Modernism itself.

There is thus nothing at all surprising in the Communique that was released by the government of Red China and by the Occupied Vatican on September 22, 2018, the Feast of Saint Thomas Villanova and the Commemoration of Saint Maurice and his companions:

Today, 22nd September 2018, within the framework of the contacts between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China that have been underway for some time in order to discuss Church matters of common interest and to promote further understanding, a meeting was held in Beijing between Msgr. Antoine Camilleri, Undersecretary for the Holy See’s Relations with States, and H.E. Mr. Wang Chao, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, respectively heads of the Vatican and Chinese delegations. 

During that meeting, the two representatives signed a Provisional Agreement on the appointment of Bishops. 

The above-mentioned Provisional Agreement, which is the fruit of a gradual and reciprocal rapprochement, has been agreed following a long process of careful negotiation and foresees the possibility of periodic reviews of its application. It concerns the nomination of Bishops, a question of great importance for the life of the Church, and creates the conditions for greater collaboration at the bilateral level. 

The shared hope is that this agreement may favour a fruitful and forward-looking process of institutional dialogue and may contribute positively to the life of the Catholic Church in China, to the common good of the Chinese people and to peace in the world. (Vatican Signs Provisional Agreement With Muderous Chicom Thugs)

What Bergoglio and Parolin have done is, while reserving a veto power that will never be exercised, surrendered the appointment of “bishops” in Red China to the godless, murderous thugs who have shed so much innocent blood and have been committing economic and cyberspace warfare against the entire world.

Catholic bishops must serve the cause of the sanctification and salvation of souls and be totally faithful to everything contained in the Sacred Deposit of Faith without ever subordinating themselves to the exigencies and, in contemporary terms, the ideologies of the civil state. Although the Church and the state have their own separate spheres of autonomy, our true popes have taught from time immemorial that Holy Mother Church is over and above the civil state, which has the responsibility in its own sphere to pursue the common temporal good of citizens in light of man’s Last End, the possession of the glory of the Beatific Vision of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost for all eternity in Heaven. Pope Gelasius explained this principle very clearly, which numerous popes, including Pope Saint Pius X, have explicated, in the First Millennium:

There are two powers, August Emperor, by which this world is chiefly ruled, namely, the sacred authority of the priests and the royal power. Of these that of the priests is the more weighty, since they have to render an account for even the kings of men in the divine judgment. You are also aware, dear son, that while you are permitted honorably to rule over human kind, yet in things divine you bow your head humbly before the leaders of the clergy and await from their hands the means of your salvation. In the reception and proper disposition of the heavenly mysteries you recognize that you should be subordinate rather than superior to the religious order, and that in these matters you depend on their judgment rather than wish to force them to follow your will.

If the ministers of religion, recognizing the supremacy granted you from heaven in matters affecting the public order, obey your laws, lest otherwise they might obstruct the course of secular affairs by irrelevant considerations, with what readiness should you not yield them obedience to whom is assigned the dispensing of the sacred mysteries of religion. Accordingly, just as there is no slight danger in the case of the priests if they refrain from speaking when the service of the divinity requires, so there is no little risk for those who disdain - which God forbid -when they should obey. And if it is fitting that the hearts of the faithful should submit to all priests in general who properly administer divine affairs, how much the more is obedience due to the bishop of that see which the Most High ordained to be above all others, and which is consequently dutifully honored by the devotion of the whole Church.  (Letter to Emperor Anastasius)

In other words, Holy Mother Church has been given the right from God Himself to remonstrate with civil officials if the good of souls demands her motherly intervention. She is a patient mother, using her offices of teaching and preaching and exhortation before resorting to her penal powers to prevent actions deleterious to the good of souls from being implemented and/or to impose sanctions upon those who have proceeded with such actions after all efforts of persuasion had failed. Obviously, this has been rejected by the counterfeit church of conciliarism, which has embraced the propagated the errors of “religious liberty” and “separation of Church and State.”

It is furthermore the case that while citizens themselves must love their countries, true love of one’s country wills her good, the ultimate expression of which is her Catholicization. If this is not the case, then the whole work of the missionaries of the First Millennium in Europe and that of the missionaries of the Second Millennium in the Americas was for naught. Missionaries sought to eradicate paganism and its state-worship and they sought to civilize barbarians so as to bring one all to the standard of the Holy Cross as it is lifted high by Holy Mother Church.

Writing in Saptientiae Christianae, January 10, 1890, Pope Leo XIII explained that we must love Holy Mother Church before all else, including our nations, and thus be willing to shed our blood in defense of the Holy Faith rather than to yield to unjust laws and/or the usurpation of ecclesiastical authority by the civil:

Now, if the natural law enjoins us to love devotedly and to defend the country in which we had birth, and in which we were brought up, so that every good citizen hesitates not to face death for his native land, very much more is it the urgent duty of Christians to be ever quickened by like feelings toward the Church. For the Church is the holy City of the living God, born of God Himself, and by Him built up and established. Upon this earth, indeed, she accomplishes her pilgrimage, but by instructing and guiding men she summons them to eternal happiness. We are bound, then, to love dearly the country whence we have received the means of enjoyment this mortal life affords, but we have a much more urgent obligation to love, with ardent love, the Church to which we owe the life of the soul, a life that will endure forever. For fitting it is to prefer the good of the soul to the well-being of the body, inasmuch as duties toward God are of a far more hallowed character than those toward men.

Moreover, if we would judge aright, the supernatural love for the Church and the natural love of our own country proceed from the same eternal principle, since God Himself is their Author and originating Cause. Consequently, it follows that between the duties they respectively enjoin, neither can come into collision with the other. We can, certainly, and should love ourselves, bear ourselves kindly toward our fellow men, nourish affection for the State and the governing powers; but at the same time we can and must cherish toward the Church a feeling of filial piety, and love God with the deepest love of which we are capable. The order of precedence of these duties is, however, at times, either under stress of public calamities, or through the perverse will of men, inverted. For, instances occur where the State seems to require from men as subjects one thing, and religion, from men as Christians, quite another; and this in reality without any other ground, than that the rulers of the State either hold the sacred power of the Church of no account, or endeavor to subject it to their own will. Hence arises a conflict, and an occasion, through such conflict, of virtue being put to the proof. The two powers are confronted and urge their behests in a contrary sense; to obey both is wholly impossible. No man can serve two masters, for to please the one amounts to contemning the other.

As to which should be preferred no one ought to balance for an instant. It is a high crime indeed to withdraw allegiance from God in order to please men, an act of consummate wickedness to break the laws of Jesus Christ, in order to yield obedience to earthly rulers, or, under pretext of keeping the civil law, to ignore the rights of the Church; "we ought to obey God rather than men." This answer, which of old Peter and the other Apostles were used to give the civil authorities who enjoined unrighteous things, we must, in like circumstances, give always and without hesitation. No better citizen is there, whether in time of peace or war, than the Christian who is mindful of his duty; but such a one should be ready to suffer all things, even death itself, rather than abandon the cause of God or of the Church. (Pope Leo XIII, Sapientiae Christianae, January 10, 1890.) 

The lords of conciliarism have inverted the duties that a citizen owes to his nation and, much more importantly, that bishop has to a true and legitimate Successor of Saint Peter and to Holy Mother Church. The lords of conciliaism have put loyalty to the civil state before Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His true Church, and no amount of Pietro Parolin’s spinning the sellout to the Chicoms that was promoted by and had the anti-apostolic “blessing” of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

The “briefing note” and official statement by Pietro Parolin that accompanied the communique that announced the sellout of faithful Catholics to the Chicoms included the incredible assertion that the agreement had been reached to make possible the preaching of the Gospel to the Chinese, which ignores the fact that the conciliar version of the Holy Gospel is false and accommodates the exigencies of the civil state—in this instance, the pro-abortion, anti-family Chicom persecutors of faithful Catholics and political, cultural and social dissidents—without any qualm of conscience whatsoever:

Briefing Note about the Catholic Church in China, courtesy of the Vatican Press Office

With a view to sustaining the proclamation of the Gospel in China, the Holy Father Pope Francis has decided to readmit to full ecclesial communion the remaining “official” Bishops, ordained without Pontifical Mandate: H.E. Mgr Joseph Guo Jincai, H.E. Mgr Joseph Huang Bingzhang, H.E. Mgr Paul Lei Shiyin, H.E. Mgr Joseph Liu Xinhong, H.E. Mgr Joseph Ma Yinglin, H.E. Mgr Joseph Yue Fusheng, H.E. Mgr Vincent Zhan Silu and H.E. Mgr Anthony Tu Shihua, OFM (who, before his death on 4th January 2017, had expressed the desire to be reconciled with the Apostolic See).

Pope Francis hopes that, with these decisions, a new process may begin that will allow the wounds of the past to be overcome, leading to the full communion of all Chinese Catholics. 

The Catholic Community in China is called to live a more fraternal collaboration, in order to promote with renewed commitment the proclamation of the Gospel. In fact, the Church exists to give witness to Jesus Christ and to the forgiving and salvific love of the Father.

22nd September 2018

Statement by Cardinal Parolin on the signing of the Provisional Agreement between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China concerning the nomination of Bishops

The signing of a Provisional Agreement between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China concerning the appointment of Bishops is of great importance, especially for the life of the Church in China, for the dialogue between the Holy See and the Authorities of that country and also for the promotion of a horizon of peace in this present times in which we experience so many tensions at international level.

The objective of the Holy See is a pastoral one: the Holy See intends just to create the condition, or to help to create the condition, of a greater freedom, autonomy and organization, in order that the Catholic Church can dedicate itself to the mission of announcing the Gospel and also to contribute to the wellbeing and to the spiritual and material prosperity and harmony of the country, of every person and of the world as a whole.

And today, for the first time all the Bishops in China are in communion with the Bishop of Rome, with the Successor of Peter. And Pope Francis, like his immediate Predecessors, looks with particular care to the Chinese People. What is required now is unity, is trust and a new impetus; to have good Pastors, recognized by the Successor of Peter – by the Pope – and by the legitimate civil Authorities. And we believe – we hope, we hope – that the Agreement will be an instrument just for these objectives, for these aims, with the cooperation of all.

To the Catholic Community in China – the Bishops, priests, religious and faithful – the Pope entrusts, above all, the commitment to make concrete fraternal gestures of reconciliation among themselves, and so to overcome past misunderstandings, past tensions, even the recent ones. In this way they can really contribute, and they will be able to perform the duty of the Church which is the announcement of the Gospel and, at the same time, to contribute to the growth, the spiritual and material growth, of their country and to peace and reconciliation in the world. (Vatican Signs Provisional Agreement With Muderous Chicom Thugs)

In other words, Chinese Catholics who have suffered have to make gestures of “peace” to the persecutors who have not denounced or renounced their use of brute force against them and who will expect them to accept, without complaint or dissent, the anti-life, anti-family policies with which the agents of Antichrist’s New World Order in the conciliar Vatican are perfectly at peace.

The Catholic Church would never sell out the suffering Catholics in Red China.

Our last true pope thus far did not do so. Indeed, he sternly reprimanded the Chicoms for creating their rump church with which the conciliar sect is so intention on effecting a formal “reconciliation”: 

5. But, alas, after a few years the sky was overcast by storm clouds. On your Christian communities, many of which had been flourishing from times long past, there fell sad and sorrowful times. Missionaries, among whom were many archbishops and bishops noted for their apostolic zeal, and Our own Internuncio were driven from China, while bishops, priests, and religious men and women, together with many of the faithful, were cast into prison or incurred every kind of restraint and suffering.

6. On that occasion We raised Our voice in sorrow, and, in Our Encyclical of January 18, 1952, Cupimus imprimis,[3] rebuked the unjust attack. In that letter, for the sake of truth and conscious of Our duty, We declared that the Catholic Church is a stranger to no people on earth, much less hostile to any. With a mother's anxiety, she embraces all peoples in impartial charity. She seeks no earthly advantage but employs what powers she possesses to attract the souls of all men to seek what is eternal. We also stated that missionaries promote the interest of no particular nation; they come from every quarter of the earth and are united by a single love, God, and thus they seek and hope for nothing else save the spread of God's kingdom. Thus, it is clear that their work is neither without purpose nor harmful, but beneficent and necessary since it aids Chinese priests in their Christian apostolate.

7. And some two years later, October 7, 1954, another Encyclical Letter was addressed to you, beginning Ad Sinarum gentem,[4] in which We refuted accusations made against Catholics in China. We openly declared that Catholics yielded to none (nor could they do so) in their true loyalty and love of their native country. Seeing also that there was being spread among you the doctrine of the so-called "three autonomies," We warned - by virtue of that universal teaching authority which We exercise by divine command - that this same doctrine as understood by its authors, whether in theory or in its consequences, cannot receive the approval of a Catholic, since it turns minds away from the essential unity of the Church.

8. In these days, however, We have to draw attention to the fact that the Church in your lands in recent years has been brought to still worse straits. In the midst of so many great sorrows it brings Us great comfort to note that in the daily attacks which you have met neither unflinching faith nor the most ardent love of the Divine Redeemer and of His Church has been wanting. You have borne witness to this faith and love in innumerable ways, of which only a small part is known to men, but for all of which you will someday receive an eternal reward from God.

9. Nevertheless We regard it as Our duty to declare openly, with a heart filled to its depths with sorrow and anxiety, that affairs in China are, by deceit and cunning endeavor, changing so much for the worse that the false doctrine already condemned by Us seems to be approaching its final stages and to be causing its most serious damage.

10. For by particularly subtle activity an association has been created among you to which has been attached the title of "patriotic," and Catholics are being forced by every means to take part in it. This association - as has often been proclaimed - was formed ostensibly to join the clergy and the faithful in love of their religion and their country, with these objectives in view: that they might foster patriotic sentiments; that they might advance the cause of international peace; that they might accept that species of socialism which has been introduced among you and, having accepted it, support and spread it; that, finally, they might actively cooperate with civil authorities in defending what they describe as political and religious freedom. And yet - despite these sweeping generalizations about defense of peace and the fatherland, which can certainly deceive the unsuspecting - it is perfectly clear that this association is simply an attempt to execute certain well defined and ruinous policies.

11. For under an appearance of patriotism, which in reality is just a fraud, this association aims primarily at making Catholics gradually embrace the tenets of atheistic materialism, by which God Himself is denied and religious principles are rejected.

12. Under the guise of defending peace the same association receives and spreads false rumors and accusations by which many of the clergy, including venerable bishops and even the Holy See itself, are claimed to admit to and promote schemes for earthly domination or to give ready and willing consent to exploitation of the people, as if they, with preconceived opinions, are acting with hostile intent against the Chinese nation.

13. While they declare that it is essential that every kind of freedom exist in religious matters and that this makes mutual relations between the ecclesiastical and civil powers easier, this association in reality aims at setting aside and neglecting the rights of the Church and effecting its complete subjection to civil authorities.

14. Hence all its members are forced to approve those unjust prescriptions by which missionaries are cast into exile, and by which bishops, priests, religious men, nuns, and the faithful in considerable numbers are thrust into prison; to consent to those measures by which the jurisdiction of many legitimate pastors is persistently obstructed; to defend wicked principles totally opposed to the unity, universality, and hierarchical constitution of the Church; to admit those first steps by which the clergy and faithful are undermined in the obedience due to legitimate bishops; and to separate Catholic communities from the Apostolic See.

15. In order to spread these wicked principles more efficiently and to fix them in everyone's mind, this association - which, as We have said, boasts of its patriotism - uses a variety of means including violence and oppression, numerous lengthy publications, and group meetings and congresses.

16. In these meetings, the unwilling are forced to take part by incitement, threats, and deceit. If any bold spirit strives to defend truth, his voice is easily smothered and overcome and he is branded with a mark of infamy as an enemy of his native land and of the new society.

17. There should also be noted those courses of instruction by which pupils are forced to imbibe and embrace this false doctrine. Priests, religious men and women, ecclesiastical students, and faithful of all ages are forced to attend these courses. An almost endless series of lectures and discussions, lasting for weeks and months, so weaken and benumb the strength of mind and will that by a kind of psychic coercion an assent is extracted which contains almost no human element, an assent which is not freely asked for as should be the case.

18. In addition to these there are the methods by which minds are upset - by every device, in private and in public, by traps, deceits, grave fear, by so-called forced confessions, by custody in a place where citizens are forcibly "reeducated," and those "Peoples' Courts" to which even venerable bishops are ignominiously dragged for trial.

19. Against methods of acting such as these, which violate the principal rights of the human person and trample on the sacred liberty of the sons of God, all Christians from every part of the world, indeed all men of good sense cannot refrain from raising their voices with Us in real horror and from uttering a protest deploring the deranged conscience of their fellow men. (Pope Pius XII, Ad Apostolorum Principis, June 29, 1958.)

There can be no clearer proof of the contrast between the words of a true pope, who was unafraid to condemn the brutal persecution of faithful Catholics in Red China and to term the so-called Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association to be what it is, a fraud, and the words of and actions of false “popes,” men who are always willing to find nuance whenever it can advance the cause of doctrinal, liturgical, moral and political evils.

Although temporal rulers challenged the temporal powers of the Successor of Saint Peter on a fairly regular basis in the Middle Ages, resulting in period triumphs of various popes, including that of Pope Saint Gregory VII, who asserted control of the Holy Roman Empire in 1077 after the Investiture Controversy (concerning the control of bishops by civil potentates) that had been wrought by Emperor Henry IV, the first Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne, had earlier enunciated principles of right and just civil governance according to the Mind of the Divine Redeemer, Christ the King, and it was those right principles that animated the thoroughly Catholic mind and heart of such great exemplars of the Social Reign of Christ the King as Saints Ferdinand III of Leon and Castile, Henry II, Stephen of Hungary and, among so many others, Saint Louis IX, King of France.

Charlemagne had been born in 742 A.D., the son of Pepin the Short, who was anointed King of the Franks by Pope Stephen III in the year 754 A.D. Charlemagne was anointed as his father’s successor at the same time, distinguishing himself in his young adulthood as a tactical military genius and a very good administrator who based his decisions on that which was just and pleasing to God and thus for all parties involved. He became king in 768 A.D., serving as a firm defender of the temporal rights of the Holy See. Charlemagne’s military campaigns to defend the papacy won him the esteem of one pope after another, resulting ultimately in his crowning by Pope Leo III as the first Holy Roman Emperor on October 25, 800 A.D., after he had defended the honor of His Holiness against unjust accusers. Thus it was that the Vicar of Christ, the Successor of Saint Peter, chose an emperor for Christendom, firmly establishing the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ as the unifying principle of Christendom.

Mind you, Charlemagne was not bashful about inserting himself into ecclesiastical matters, doing so not for personal gain or to seek the approval of bishops for nefarious schemes, something that would characterize some of the English and German kings during the High Middle Ages and in France following the weakening of the Church following the Protestant Revolt, but to seek to insure that corrupt, self-seeking bishops were reprimanded in order that they served their flock with greater zeal and as they performed penance for their misdeeds. He provided a summary of the entire doctrine of the Social Reign of Christ the King that has been rejected by the lords of conciliarism when he gave the following speech to his nobles in March of 802:

“Hear me, my beloved brothers! We were sent here for your salvation, to exhort you to faithfully follow the Law of God and to convert you, in justice and mercy, to obey the laws of this world.

“First, I exhort you to believe in the One Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit: the only true God, perfect Trinity, true Unity, Creator of all things visible and invisible, Who is our salvation and the Author of all good things. Believe in the Son of God made man for the salvation of the world, born of the Virgin Mary by the work of the Holy Ghost. Believe that for our salvation He suffered death; and that on the third day He rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven where He is seated at the right hand of God. Believe that He will return to judge the living and dead, and that He will give to each one according to his works.

"Believe in one single Church, the society of the blessed through the entire universe, and know that only they can be saved, and that the Reign of God belongs only to those who persevere to the end in this [Catholic] Faith. Those who are excluded from the Church because of their sins and do not return to her through penance, can never make any action accepted by God. Be convinced that with Baptism you received absolution of your sins. Trust in the mercy of God, Who daily forgives our sins through confession and penance. Believe in the resurrection of the dead, in eternal life and in the never-ending torment of the impious.

“This is the Faith that will save you if you keep it faithfully, and add to it the practice of good works, because Faith without works is a dead faith; and works without Faith, even when they are good, cannot please God. Therefore, love Almighty God above all things with all your heart and strength. With the help with His grace, do everything, always and as much as possible, that you believe will please Him. But avoid everything that displeases Him, for the man who pretends to love God and does not observe His Commandments lies.

“Love your neighbor as yourself, and give as many alms to the poor as you can, according to your means. Receive travelers in your houses, visit the poor, and show charity to the prisoners as much as you can. Do evil to no one, and make no compromise with those who do bad things, because it is bad to not only harm your neighbor, but also to be familiar with those who harm him. “Mutually forgive offenses if you want God to forgive your sins. Rescue captives, help those who are unjustly oppressed, defend widows and orphans. Make judgments fairly; never favor any injustice, do not harbor long hatreds; avoid drunkenness and taking part in frivolous feasts.

“Be humble and good to one another; be faithful to your lords. Commit no robberies or perjuries, and avoid any acquaintance with those who commit them. Hatred, jealousy and violence separate us from the Kingdom of God. Reconcile with one another as soon as possible, for while it is human for men to sin, it is angelic to repent and diabolic to persevere in sin.

“Defend the Church of God and help her so that the priests of God can pray for us. Remember your promise in Baptism to renounce the Devil and his works. Do not return to him in anything; nor should you return to the works you have renounced, but rather follow the will of God as you have promised, and love the One who created you and gave you all the gifts and goods you possess.

“Each one should serve God faithfully in the place he finds himself. Wives should submit to their husbands in all goodness and modesty. They should avoid any dishonest action, and not poison others or be jealous, because those who do such actions are in revolt against God. They should raise their children in the fear of God, and give alms with a glad and joyous heart according to their means.

“Husbands should love their wives and speak no rude word to them; they should direct their homes with goodness and frequently gather in church. They should return to others what they owe them without murmuring, and with good will return to God what belongs to Him.

“Children should love and honor their parents; obey them in everything, and remain far from stealing, murdering and debaucheries.

“Clerics and canons should diligently obey the commands of their Bishops; they should live in their residences and not wander here and there among the people. Nor should they enter into secular questions. They should preserve their chastity: the reading of Holy Scriptures should remind them of their service to God and the Church.

“Monks should be faithful to the promises they made to God. They should not do anything against the will of their Abbots or seek any shameful personal benefit. They should know their rule by heart and follow it regularly, reminding themselves that it would be better not to have made any vow than to have made them and not be faithful to them.

“Dukes, counts and judges should be just with the people and merciful to the poor. They should never sell justice for money, and never allow a personal hatred to lead them to condemn an innocent man. They should always have these words of the Apostle in their hearts: ‘For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that which he has done, whether it be good or bad.’ (2 Cor. 5:10) The Lord expressed this by the following words: ‘For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged’ (Matt 7:2); 'For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hidden, that shall not be known.' (Luke 12:2) ‘That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment’ (Matt 12:36).

"We must make an effort, therefore, with the help of God, to please Him in all our actions so that after this present life, we will merit eternal happiness in the company of the Saints of the Lord. This life is short, and the hour of death is uncertain. What matters except to be ready? Let us not forget how terrible it is to fall into the hands of the Lord. By means of confession, penance and alms, we make the Lord become merciful and clement. If He sees us turn to Him with a sincere heart, He will show us pity and will have mercy on us.

“May God grant us prosperity in this life and an eternity with His Saints in the future life.

“God keep you, my beloved brothers!” (As translated by Hugh O’Reilly for the Tradition in Action website. Text found in Charles d’Hericault, Histoire Anecdotique de la France, Paris: Bloud & Barral, vol. 1, pp 301-304.)

Here one finds a view of civil leadership that has been rejected as “triumphalistic” by “Second” Vatican Council and the magisteria of the postconciliar antipopes and against which the forces of hell have been working overtime since the Renaissance and Protestant Revolution to overturn and to replace with the anti-Incarnational civil state of Modernity in Western nations and, ultimately with the godless civil state of the Chicoms that will only let citizens practice the true Faith on its terms and without any public display of the Cross of the Divine Redeemer. Charlemagne reigned at the beginnings of the glories of Christendom. The conciliar revolutionaries are in league with the diabolical forces that bring down upon men and their nations the wrath of the good God as Christendom’s perverted “replacement,” the Judeo-Masonic New World Order, seeks to cement its ties with all false religions to prepare the way for the coming of Antichrist.

If any further proof is needed of this statement, one needs to look no further than to the indignant reaction of the conciliar Vatican’s chancellor of the Pontifical Academy for the Sciences, “Bishop” Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, who claimed earlier this year that the Red Chinese government is the best at “implementing the social doctrine of the church,” to critics of his fellow countryman Bergoglio’s sellout to the Red Chinese:

September 22, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A Vatican bishop is rebuking critics of the Holy See’s controversial deal with China by insisting the nation, known for its flagrant human rights abuses, “observes the common good.”

Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, chancellor of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academies for Sciences and Social Sciences, had claimed in February that the Chinese are “those who are best implementing the social doctrine of the Church.”

In the “provisional agreement” signed today between the Holy See and China, the Church has agreed to officially recognize bishops of the “Patriotic Church” set up by the government.

Many Catholics have criticized the deal as a “sell out” by the Vatican of China’s underground Catholic Church and its bishops, who have undergone great persecution to remain faithful. Hong Kong’s Cardinal Joseph Zen called the deal a “complete surrender” that “giv[es] the flock into the mouths of wolves.” He has urged Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, to resign over it.

Bishop Sorondo criticized opponents of the deal on Friday in an exclusive interviewwith the Global Times, a daily tabloid owned by China’s Communist Party. The article was tweeted Saturday by the official account of the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences.

[The critics] are very strong in their position. They are loud, but there are not very many of them. They are a loud minority,” he said. “In our interpretation, the critics are a little minority group of people, people who wanted to create trouble.”

The bishop went on to praise China for its fight against “poverty and pollution.”

“The country has a large population with good quality people, it observes the common good and it has proved its ability to great missions like fighting against poverty and pollution,” he said.

As head of the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences, Sorondo has famously hosted numerous high-profile advocates of abortion and population control at Vatican conferences. These include Paul Ehrlich, famed author of The Population Bomb; UN advisor Jeffrey Sachs; and former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

He has claimed Pope Francis’ views on climate change are as authoritative as the Church’s teaching against abortion, and has suggested education as a means to reduce family sizes.

eorge Weigel, author of Witness to Hope, a biography of St. John Paul II, has called Sorondo’s attitude to China “psychotic.”

Claiming China is the “best” at implementing Catholic social doctrine “requires something approaching a psychotic detachment from reality” or “willful ignorance” that turns “a blind eye to repression and persecution in order to indulge” socialist “fantasies,” he wrote at National Review in February.

Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, which fights forced abortion in China, also criticized Sorondo after his remarks in February.

“I find the Bishop’s remarks frankly incredible,” she told LifeSiteNews. “How could anyone with even passing knowledge of the atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party, historically and at present, possibly say that ‘those who are best implementing the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese’? One of primary social doctrines of the Church [is] respecting ‘life and the dignity of the human person.’

“The Chinese government has boasted of ‘preventing’ 400 million lives through its One Child Policy. In so doing, women have been forcibly aborted up to the ninth month of pregnancy,” she said. “Some of these forced abortions have been so violent that the woman died, along with her full term baby.”

“China has also sterilized hundreds of millions of women,” Littlejohn continued. “Some of these forced sterilizations have butchered the women, destroying not only their reproductive health, but their overall health as well.”

And “because of the One Child Policy, there is not enough of a young population to support the elderly. Many elderly are left destitute and elder suicide in China is on the rise.”

“How is any of this consistent with respecting ‘life and the dignity of the human person’ – a doctrine absolutely central to Catholic social teaching?” Littlejohn asked. (Apostate Friend of Communist Thugs Rebukes Critics of Conciliar Vatican's Sellout to the Chicoms.)

Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo (see Six In A Row and The Green Jorge Strikes Again for  a few instances of his support of those who promote moral evils) speaks for his fellow Marxist, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who believes that socialist and communist-run governments are the “best” at implementing the “social doctrine of the church.” This statement is actually true if one considers the fact that the Red Chinese are implementing the social doctrine of a false church, the counterfeit church of conciliarism, by confiscating private property, redistributing wealth and concentrating power in the hands of a “well-educated” and disciplined elite who crush any opposition with brute force. As I wrote to someone two days ago, up is down, wrong is right, heresy is orthodoxy, sin is an expression of human fulfillment in the conciliar sect. It is a total inversion, to use the phrase of a true priest in the San Joaquin Valley of California, of truth.

The whole conciliar religion is an inversion of Catholicism, something that is especically true in the case of the common bonds of revolution, murder and deceit that bind the Red Chinese thugs with the likes of Bergoglio and Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo. Mao Zedong and Zhouenlai conducted a revolution that has outlived them and has produced millions of victims in its wake; Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli and Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria conducted a revolution that has outlived them that has murdered countless millions of souls, including the the innocence of the souls of the young. The Red Chinese thugs, who are really little else than the Chinese warlords of the past, are godless exploiters of the innocent; the conciliar revolutionaries, who are the modern emobidment of the Jacobins and the Bolsheviks, have made war upon the very nature of God by attacking the immutability of dogmatic truth and by projecting onto Him their own beliefs about His attributes and what His teaching should be in light of "modern" circumstances. In other words, paganism binds the Red Chinese Communists and the likes of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pietro Parolin and Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo.

It is also important to remember that Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo is closely associated with George Soros and the Bilderberg Group. He is a friend of those who are the enemies of doctrinal and moral truth, and he is as proud of this fact as he and his Argentine buddy who heads the conciliar operation at this time are defiant of the following condemnation of Communism by Pope Pius XI in Divini Redemptoris, March 17, 1937:

See to it, Venerable Brethren, that the Faithful do not allow themselves to be deceived! Communism is intrinsically wrong, and no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever. Those who permit themselves to be deceived into lending their aid towards the triumph of Communism in their own country, will be the first to fall victims of their error. And the greater the antiquity and grandeur of the Christian civilization in the regions where Communism successfully penetrates, so much more devastating will be the hatred displayed by the godless. (Pope Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris, March 19, 1937.)

This condemnation of any kind of cooperation with Communism was reinterred by the Holy Office on July 1, 1949, the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, under the pontificate of our last true pope, Pope Pius XII:

This Sacred Supreme Congregation has been asked:  

1. whether it is lawful to join Communist Parties or to favour them;
2. whether it is lawful to publish, disseminate, or read books, periodicals, newspapers or leaflets which support the teaching or action of Communists, or to write in them;
3. whether the faithful who knowingly and freely perform the acts specified in questions 1 and 2 may be admitted to the Sacraments;
4. whether the faithful who profess the materialistic and anti-Christian doctrine of the Communists, and particularly those who defend or propagate this doctrine, contract ipso facto excommunication specially reserved to the Apostolic See as apostates from the Catholic faith.

The Most Eminent and Most Reverend Fathers entrusted with the supervision of matters concerning the safeguarding of Faith and morals, having previously heard the opinion of the Reverend Lords Consultors, decreed in the plenary session held on Tuesday (instead of Wednesday), June 28, 1949, that the answers should be as follows:

To 1. in the negative: because Communism is materialistic and anti-Christian; and the leaders of the Communists, although they sometimes profess in words that they do not oppose religion, do in fact show themselves, both in their teaching and in their actions, to be the enemies of God, of the true religion and of the Church of Christ; to 2. in the negative: they are prohibited ipso iure (cf. Can. 1399 of the Codex Iuris Canonici); to 3. in the negative, in accordance with the ordinary principles concerning the refusal of the Sacraments to those who are not disposed; to 4. in the affirmative.

And the following Thursday, on the 30th day of the same month and year, Our Most Holy Lord Pius XII, Pope by the Divine Providence, in the ordinary audience, granted to the Most Eminent and Most Reverend Assessor of the Sacred Office, approved of the decision of the Most Eminent Fathers which had been reported to Him, and ordered the same to be promulgated officially in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.

Given at Rome, on July 1st, 1949. (As found at Decree Against Communism.)


One may remember that Jorge Mario Bergoglio said "the past must be forgotten" when he "congratulated" the Marxist-Leninist named Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro, and the Marxist-Leninist in Havana, Raul Castro, on the rapprochment that he, Bergoglio, helped to broker nearly three years ago, meaning that it was necessary to forget about the brutal savagery of the wonderful Castro brothers and their guerillas at work to terrorize those they deemed guilty of various anti-revolutionary activities or thoughts just as it is necessary now to "forget" about the ongoing brutality of the Red Chinese oligarchs.

Quite unlike the “provisional” terms of the surrender of the appointment of “bishops” to the Chicoms that is only a contemporary continuation of Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria/Paul VI’s Ostpolitik that, in essence, gave the Communist officials in Soviet bloc nations behind the Iron Curtain the de facto right to propose and, if necessary, to veto candidates, many of whom were actually agents of the government itself, for the conciliar hierarchy, each of would have been a true bishop before 1968, Pope Pius XII explained that the Red Chinese rump church had arrogated unto themselves the power to appoint bishops that belongs solely to the Successor of Saint Peter:

49. What then is to be the opinion concerning the excuse added by members of the association promoting false patriotism, that they had to act as they alleged because of the need to tend to the souls in those dioceses which were then without a bishop?

50. It is obvious that no thought is being taken of the spiritual good of the faithful if the Church's laws are being violated, and further, there is no question of vacant sees, as they wish to argue in defense, but of episcopal sees whose legitimate rulers have been driven out or now languish in prison or are being obstructed in various ways from the free exercise of their power of jurisdiction. It must likewise be added that those clerics have been cast into prison, exiled, or removed by other means, whom the lawful ecclesiastical superiors had designated in accordance with canon law and the special powers received from the Apostolic See to act in their place in the government of the dioceses.

51. It is surely a matter for grief that while holy bishops noted for their zeal for souls are enduring so many trials, advantage is taken of their difficulties to establish false shepherds in their place so that the hierarchical order of the Church is overthrown and the authority of the Roman Pontiff is treacherously resisted.

52. And some have even become so arrogant that they blame the Apostolic See for these terrible and tragic events (which have certainly been deliberate accomplishments of the Church's persecutors) even though everyone knows that the Church has been unable, in the past and at present, when such information has been needed, to obtain requisite data about qualified candidates for the episcopacy simply because she was prevented from communicating freely and safely with the dioceses of China.

53. Venerable brethren and dear children, thus far We have told you of the anxiety with which we are moved by the errors which certain men are trying to sow among you, and by the dissensions which are being aroused. Our intention is that, enlightened and strengthened by the encouragement of your common father, you may remain steadfast and without blemish in that faith by which We are united and by which alone We shall obtain salvation.

54. But now, following the ardent dictates of Our heart, We must tell you of the close and particular feelings of intimacy which draw Us near to you. To Our mind come those torments which rend asunder your bodies or your minds, particularly those which the most valiant witnesses of Christ are enduring, among whose number are several of Our Venerable Brethren in the episcopate. Daily at the altar We offer to the Divine Redeemer the trials of all of them, together with the prayers and sufferings of the whole Church.

55. Be constant then and put your trust in Him according to the words: "Cast all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you."[20]

56. He sees clearly your anguish and your torments. He particularly finds acceptable the grief of soul and the tears which many of you, bishops and priests, religious and laymen, pour forth in secret when they behold the efforts of those who are striving to subvert the Christians among you. These tears, these bodily pains and tortures, the blood of the martyrs of past and present -- all will bring it about that, through the powerful intervention of Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, Queen of China, the Church in your native land will at long last regain its strength and in a calmer age, happier days will shine upon it. (Pope Pius XII, Ad Apostolorum Princeps, June 29, 1958.)

Jorge Mario Bergoglio would have us believe that Pope Pius XII was wrong, that conditions are “different” now, repeating the same delusional belief that had been assert by Joseph Alois Ratzinger/Benedict XVI in 2007, namely, that we have to “move on” in order to “move forward.” This is betrayal of not only the faithful Catholics in Red China by a false religious sect that they have believed is the Catholic Church. This is yet another betrayal of Christ the King by wicked men who false gospel was condemned as such by Pope Saint Pius X in Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910:

And now, overwhelmed with the deepest sadness, We ask Ourselves, Venerable Brethren, what has become of the Catholicism of the Sillon? Alas! this organization which formerly afforded such promising expectations, this limpid and impetuous stream, has been harnessed in its course by the modern enemies of the Church, and is now no more than a miserable affluent of the great movement of apostasy being organized in every country for the establishment of a One-World Church which shall have neither dogmas, nor hierarchy, neither discipline for the mind, nor curb for the passions, and which, under the pretext of freedom and human dignity, would bring back to the world (if such a Church could overcome) the reign of legalized cunning and force, and the oppression of the weak, and of all those who toil and suffer.

We know only too well the dark workshops in which are elaborated these mischievous doctrines which ought not to seduce clear-thinking minds. The leaders of the Sillon have not been able to guard against these doctrines. The exaltation of their sentiments, the undiscriminating good-will of their hearts, their philosophical mysticism, mixed with a measure of illuminism, have carried them away towards another Gospel which they thought was the true Gospel of Our Savior. To such an extent that they speak of Our Lord Jesus Christ with a familiarity supremely disrespectful, and that - their ideal being akin to that of the Revolution - they fear not to draw between the Gospel and the Revolution blasphemous comparisons for which the excuse cannot be made that they are due to some confused and over-hasty composition.

We wish to draw your attention, Venerable Brethren, to this distortion of the Gospel and to the sacred character of Our Lord Jesus Christ, God and man, prevailing within the Sillon and elsewhere. As soon as the social question is being approached, it is the fashion in some quarters to first put aside the divinity of Jesus Christ, and then to mention only His unlimited clemency, His compassion for all human miseries, and His pressing exhortations to the love of our neighbor and to the brotherhood of men. True, Jesus has loved us with an immense, infinite love, and He came on earth to suffer and die so that, gathered around Him in justice and love, motivated by the same sentiments of mutual charity, all men might live in peace and happiness. But for the realization of this temporal and eternal happiness, He has laid down with supreme authority the condition that we must belong to His Flock, that we must accept His doctrine, that we must practice virtue, and that we must accept the teaching and guidance of Peter and his successors. Further, whilst Jesus was kind to sinners and to those who went astray, He did not respect their false ideas, however sincere they might have appeared. He loved them all, but He instructed them in order to convert them and save them. Whilst He called to Himself in order to comfort them, those who toiled and suffered, it was not to preach to them the jealousy of a chimerical equality. Whilst He lifted up the lowly, it was not to instill in them the sentiment of a dignity independent from, and rebellious against, the duty of obedience. Whilst His heart overflowed with gentleness for the souls of good-will, He could also arm Himself with holy indignation against the profaners of the House of God, against the wretched men who scandalized the little ones, against the authorities who crush the people with the weight of heavy burdens without putting out a hand to lift them. He was as strong as he was gentle. He reproved, threatened, chastised, knowing, and teaching us that fear is the beginning of wisdom, and that it is sometimes proper for a man to cut off an offending limb to save his body. Finally, He did not announce for future society the reign of an ideal happiness from which suffering would be banished; but, by His lessons and by His example, He traced the path of the happiness which is possible on earth and of the perfect happiness in heaven: the royal way of the Cross. These are teachings that it would be wrong to apply only to one's personal life in order to win eternal salvation; these are eminently social teachings, and they show in Our Lord Jesus Christ something quite different from an inconsistent and impotent humanitarianism.  (Pope Saint Pius X, Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910.)

Pope Pius XII urged the suffering Catholics in Red China to maintain the Holy Faith unblemished, and what he wrote to them sixty years ago applies to us now. We must maintain the Holy Faith unblemished and without making any compromise with the nonexistent legitimacy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his false religious sect, the counterfeit church of conciliarism.

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Ransom (Our Lady of Mercy). We need the help of Our Lady at all times, especially during these times when officials of what appears to be Catholic Church and indemnifies unrepentant sinners, praises the “virtues” of false religions, welcomes the butchers of babies and of men, endorses the killing off of the “useless” by means of “palliative care,” waxes on about “global warming” and the protection of the environment and surrenders its own authority to Communists in the name of “reconciliation.”

Dom Prosper Gueranger’s reflection on this feast is very apropos of our own time:

The Office of the time gives us, at then close of September, the Books of Judith and Esther. Those heroic women were figures of Mary, whose birthday is the honour of this month, and who comes at once to bring assistance to the world.

'Adonai, Lord God, great and admirable, who hast wrought salvation by the hand of a woman;' the Church introduces the history of the heroine, who delivered Bethulia by the sword, whereas Mardochai's niece rescued her people from death by her winsomeness and by her intercession. The Queen of heaven, in her peerless perfection, outshines them both, in gentleness, in valour, and in beauty. Today's feast is a memorial of the strength she puts forth for the deliverance of her people.

Finding their power crushed in Spain, and in the east checked by the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem, the Saracens, in the Twelfth Century, become wholesale pirates, and scoured the seas to obtain slaves for the African markets. We shudder to think of the numberless victims, of every age, sex, and condition, suddenly carried off from the coasts of Christian lands, or captured on the the high seas, and condemned to the disgrace of the harem or the miseries of the bagnio. Here, nevertheless, in many an obscure prison, were enacted scenes of heroism worthy to compare with those witnessed in the early persecutions; here was a new field for Christian charity; new horizons opened out for heroic self-devotion. Is not the spiritual good thence arising a sufficient reason for the permission of temporal ills? Without this permission, heaven would have for ever lacked a portion of its beauty.

When, in 1696, Innocent XII extended this feast to the whole Church, he afforded the world an opportunity of expressing its gratitude by a testimony as universal as the benefit received.

Differing from the Order of holy Trinity, which had been already twenty years in existence, the Order of Mercy was founded as it were in the very face of the Moors; and hence it originally numbered more knights than clerks [clerics] among its members. It was called the royal,l military, and religious Order of our Lady of Mercy for the ransom of captives. The clerics were charged with the celebration of the Divine Office in the commandaries; the knights guarded the coasts, and undertook the perilous enterprise of ransoming Christian captives. St. Peter Nolasco was the first Commander or Grand Master of the Order; when his relics were discovered, he was found armed with sword and cuirass.

In the following lines the Church gives us her thoughts upon the facts which we have already learnt.

At the time when the Saracen yoke oppressed the larger and more fertile part of Spain, and great numbers of the faithful were detained in cruel servitude, at the great risk of denying the Christian faith and losing their eternal salvation, the most blessed Queen of heaven graciously came to remedy all these great evils, and showed her exceeding charity in redeeming her children. She appeared with beaming countenance to Peter Nolasco, a man conspicuous for wealth and piety, who in his holy meditations was ever striving to devise some means of helping the innumerable Christians living in misery as captives of the Moors. She told him it would be very pleasing to her and her only-begotten Son, if- ia religious Order were instituted in her honour, whose members should devote themselves to delivering the captives from Turkish tyranny. Animated this heavenly vision, the man of God was inflamed with burning love, having but one desire at heart, viz: that both he and the Order he was to found, might be devoted to the exercise of that highest charity, for the laying down of life for one's friends and neighbours.

That same night, the most holy Virgin appeared also to blessed Raymond of Pengnafort, and to James king of Aragon, telling them of her wish to have the Order instituted, and exhorting them to lend their aid to so great an undertaking. Meanwhile Peter hastened to relate the whole matter to Raymund, who was his confessor; and finding it had been already revealed to him from heaven, submitted humbly to his direction. King James next arrived, fully resolved to carry out the instructions he also had received from the blessed Virgin. Having therefore taken counsel together and being all of one mind, they set about instituting an Order in honour of the Virgin Mother, under the invocation of our Lady of Mercy for the ransom of captives.

On the tenth of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand two hundred and eighteen, king James put into execution what the two holy men had planned. The members of the Order bound themselves by a fourth vow to remain, when necessary, as securities in the power of the pagans, in order to deliver Christians. The king granted them licence to bear his royal arms upon their breast, and obtained from Gregory IX the confirmation of this religious institute distinguished by such eminent brotherly charity. God himself gave increase to the work through his Virgin Mother; so that the Order spread rapidly and prosperously over the whole world. It soon reckoned many holy men remarkable for their charity and piety who collected alms from Christ's faithful, to be spent in redeeming their brethren; and sometimes gave themselves up as ransom for many others. In order that due thanks might be rendered to God and his Virgin Mother for the benefit of such an institution, the apostolic See allowed this special feast and Office to be celebrated, and also granted innumerable other privileges to the Order.

Blessed be thou, O Mary, the honour and the joy of thy people! On the day of thy glorious Assumption, thou didst take possession of thy queenly dignity for our sake; and the annals of the human race are a record of thy merciful interventions. The captives whose chains thou hast broken, and whom thou hast set free from the degrading yoke of the Saracens, may be reckoned by millions. We are still rejoicing in the recollection of thy dear birthday; and thy smile is sufficient to dry our tears and chase away the clouds of grief. And yet, what sorrows there are still upon the earth, where thou didst drink such long draughts from the cup of suffering! Sorrows are sanctifying and beneficial to some; but there are other and unprofitable griefs, springing from social injustice: the drudgery of the factory, or the tyranny of the strong over the weak, may be worse than slavery in Algiers or Tunis. Thou alone, O Mary, canst break the inextricable chains, in which the cunning price of darkness entangles the dupes he has deceived by the high-sounding names of equality and liberty. Show thyself a Queen, by coming to the rescue. the whole earth, the entire human race, cries out to thee, in the words of Mardochai: 'Speak to the king for us, and deliver us from death.' (Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B.,The Liturgical Year, Time After Pentecost, Volume 14, pp. 261-266.)

We need to pray to Our Lady of Ransom—Our Lady of Mercy—to ransom us from the perils of this present time of apostasy and betrayal as we seek shelter in her loving arms and as we have recourse in the Sacred Tribunal of Penance to the mercy that has been won for us by the shedding of every single drop of the Most Precious Blood of her Divine Son, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, on the wood of the Holy Cross so that we may be ransomed from our attachment even to the slightest Venial Sin and as we seek to live more penitentially each day by making sincere acts of reparation for our sins, especially by praying as many Rosaries each day as our state in life permit. A fate similiar to that which has been imposed on faithful Catholics awaits every country of the world 

May Our Lady of Ransom for the needs of faithful Catholics in Red China as well as to rescue us from those who deny and make upon the Catholic Faith as we beg her intercession to rescue us from all sins that have made us bad witnesses to our Faith more often than we would like to admit.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, triumph soon!

Viva Cristo ReyVivat Christus Rex!

Our Lady of Ransom, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar, pray for us.