Anthony Fauci, Blind Chicom Asset, Can't Imagine the Chicoms Wanting to Harm Their Own People

Readers of this website have known from the beginning of the plandemic that Dr. Anthony Fauci is nothing other than a swamp creature of the deep state who has been hip deep in the dirty business of the sort of science fiction research throughout his infamous career of providing bad advice based on one false ideological presupposition after another.

The Freedom of Information Act request that resulted in the forced release of over 10,000 of Fauci’s emails reveals a man who is drunk with his own power, his celebrity status and who has taken a sick glee in diseases that kill people while assuring his Red turn comrades that “we will get through this together” in order to aside what most in the mainslime media called a “conspiracy” theory about the origins of the CCP/Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has long been long of those senior grade career civil servants who believe that they ae in charge of making policy, not elected officials. Although there are dedicated career civil servants at all levels of government, there are also the arrogant types. Fauci is one of them, and his like can be found aplenty in the senior ranks of the United States military and national security apparatus.

Remember how Colonel Alexander Vindman oozed with smug arrogance and indignation last year at the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearings at the thought that then President Donald John Trump would dare to establish a different foreign policy towards Russia and Ukraine than what the experts (career apparatchiks) had decided long ago? Fauci and Vindman are prime examples of men who are contemptuous of the “little people” as well as the elected officials who are their nominal superiors, especially when they, the elite career officers, disapprove of the persons who are elected to supervise them and use whatever methods they can to undermine, sabotage and even openly block enforcement of their policy decisions.

It was during the first year of the administration of the arrogant, smug President Barack Hussein Obama/ Barry Soetoro and Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., that I wrote the following about “insects that live under the rocks,” referring to the entrenched senior career civil servants who bide their time from administration to administration and believe that they can determine their level submission based upon their approval of “progressive” policies:


Debate over President Barack Hussein Obama's nationalization of the health care industry, which is, as I have pointed out in several recent articles (Back Alley Butchers Never Change Their TacticsDas Vierte Reich, and Stalag America), simply the shifting of life and death decisions from the utilitarians and positivists in the insurance and health care industries to utilitarians and positivists in the employ of the Federal government, has brought out a lot of insects who live under Caesar Obama's rocks within the vast complex known as the Executive Office of the President. These insects are being kept under the rocks as they exhibit the ugliness of naturalism in its most perfectly degenerate forms. They have emerged, however, in light of the national debate over ObamaDeathCare that has itself degenerated to a point where fascistic union thugs, always eager to do the bidding of the fascistic statists of the Democratic Party, have taken to intimidating critics of the Marxist-trained supporter of baby-killing named Barack Hussein Obama.

To be sure, of course, there were plenty of insects living under the rocks in the administration of former President George Walker Bush and former Vice President Richard Cheney. Former Vice President Cheney created a veritable shadow government under the rocks after the attacks that took place in several places in the United States of America on Tuesday, September 11, 2005.

The Bush-Cheney shadow government operated in a netherworld of lawlessness that resulted in the hiring of private contractors to engage in the torture of suspected terrorists overseas, especially in Iraq following the unjust and immoral invasion of that country by the armed forces of the United States of America on March 20, 2003, that has wreaked so much death and destruction to the lives and to the property of the Iraqi citizenry as American lives were placed so needlessly in harm's way. Domestic communications were monitored without warrants in full violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Flacks for the Bush-Cheney administration used various means of propaganda to imply very strongly that those opposed to American intervention in Iraq and the "global war on terror" were "unpatriotic" or "soft on terrorism." We will only know on the Last Day, at the General Judgment of the Living and the Dead, of the vast network created by former Vice President Cheney to keep us "safe" while legitimate civil liberties were compromised and even scoffed at as arcane in light of the demands of the "real world."

The Bush-Cheney's expansive view of "executive power" was justified in the name of "national security," of "saving" American lives. It is curious, as I noted in Selective Use of Executive Power twenty-one months ago now, that a similarly expansive view of executive power was not taken to stop the daily carnage, both by chemical and surgical means, of the preborn under cover of the civil law. The Constitution of the United States of America was twisted and bent out of shape, to say nothing of being actually broken, in the name of "national security," a refuge for all fascists who desire to increase the size and the power and the scope of governmental power, while that which makes a country truly unsafe and insecure, gross violations of the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law, were dealt with rhetorically as measures were taken that increased baby-killing in the supposedly "pro-life" administration that was decidedly opposed to the eternal welfare of the souls of its citizens. (See Y2K's Lesser Evil Has Brought Us Great EvilsWe Don't Want to Learn AnythingSocialism, Straight From Your "Pro-Life" Conservative, and Thirty-five Years of Indifference, among many other articles.)

Nations founded in--or that adopted over the course of time—the anti-Incarnational and/or religiously indifferent principles of naturalism must degenerate eventually into situations wherein their civil governments will become effective dictatorships. The vesting of almost total power in the hands of elected and unelected officials, such as those insects living under the rocks in the Executive Office of the President who are largely unknown and whose actions are rarely, if ever, monitored by the "mainstream media" (and are difficult for internet "investigators" to explore fully), is the logical result of rejecting the Social Kingship of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as exercised by the Catholic Church to serve as the ultimate, although far from fail-safe, check against abuses of civil power that put the good of eternal souls into jeopardy.

Power abhors a vacuum. The vacuum created by the overthrow of the Social Reign of Christ the King by the Protestant Revolt and institutionalized by the inter-related forces of Judeo-Masonry has to be filled eventually by statists. And there is no naturalistic, inter-denominational, non-denominational, secular, philosophical, ideological, legal or political means by which this triumph of statism can be stopped. It is only the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by a true pope with all of the world's true bishops can vanquish the statists once and for all. As far as I know, which may not be a whole lot (as I am sure that many of you out there in cyberspace would agree), there is almost no one in public life who is referring to Our Lady's Fatima Message as the key to stop the statists as the errors of Russia, which are on full and quite overt display in our own country at this time, propel the United States of America into becoming the U.S.S.A., the Union of Soviet Socialist America.

Many commentators of the "conservative" bent of naturalism see the symptoms of our problems without understanding their root causes, and without understanding--or daring to admit publicly--that Catholicism is the one and only foundation of personal and social order. These commentators see the "trees" well enough sometimes. They do not, however, see the larger "forest," if you will, of the world of Modernity, steeped in one lie of naturalism after another, starting with the belief that it is possible for men to organize themselves, both personally and socially, without submitting themselves at all times to the Deposit of Faith that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has entrusted exclusively to the Catholic Church for Its eternal safekeeping and infallible explication and without having belief in, access to, and cooperation with Sanctifying Grace in order to be virtuous and to live in accord with that Deposit of Faith. One "conservative" commentator after another, including so many prominent and well-paid Catholics, fail to realize or to admit that is necessary for each person and each nation to be converted to the true Faith, outside of which there is no salvation and without which there can be no true social order.

Thus it is that the current debate over ObamaDeathCare has demonstrated once again the ability of "conservatives" to get lost in the details of policies and personalities without ever once stating publicly that the way out of this mess runs through Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, that we have to pray more Rosaries and to do more penance as we have our homes enthroned to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and that same Immaculate Heart of Mary, whose feast day we celebrate in but three days. All manner of people are gnashing their teeth at various--and truly insidious--naturalist insects living under the rocks of the administration of Caesar Obamus without realizing that these insects are the direct result of the false premises upon which the modern nation-state, including the United States of America, was founded and upon which it must degenerate into statism.

While it is certainly important to know the details of public policies that are real and present dangers to the common good and to alert the public that the day is coming when the statists will indeed come after us, as even United States Representative Paul Broun (R-Georgia) noted recently (see Athens Online Report), something that we must recognize might very well be the path of our own salvation (in other words, do not fear, the salvation of our souls might just take imprisonment and martyrdom to realize!), it is also important to remember that the details, say, of ObamaCare, that threaten our lives are just the result of people immersed in one naturalistic insanity after another, remembering also that it is impossible to "reason" with insane people.

Take a look at just three of the pests who live under the rocks of the Obama administration:

President Obama's "science czar," John Holdren, once floated the idea of forced abortions, "compulsory sterilization," and the creation of a "Planetary Regime" that would oversee human population levels and control all natural resources as a means of protecting the planet -- controversial ideas his critics say should have been brought up in his Senate confirmation hearings.

Holdren, who has degrees from MIT and Stanford and headed a science policy program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government for the past 13 years, won the unanimous approval of the Senate as the president's chief science adviser.

He was confirmed with little fanfare on March 19 as director of the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy, a 50-person directorate that advises the president on scientific affairs, focusing on energy independence and global warming.

But many of Holdren's radical ideas on population control were not brought up at his confirmation hearings; it appears that the senators who scrutinized him had no knowledge of the contents of a textbook he co-authored in 1977, "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment," a copy of which was obtained by

The 1,000-page course book, which was co-written with environmental activists Paul and Anne Ehrlich, discusses and in one passage seems to advocate totalitarian measures to curb population growth, which it says could cause an environmental catastrophe.

The three authors summarize their guiding principle in a single sentence: "To provide a high quality of life for all, there must be fewer people."

As first reported by FrontPage Magazine, Holdren and his co-authors spend a portion of the book discussing possible government programs that could be used to lower birth rates. 

Those plans include forcing single women to abort their babies or put them up for adoption; implanting sterilizing capsules in people when they reach puberty; and spiking water reserves and staple foods with a chemical that would make people sterile.

To help achieve those goals, they formulate a "world government scheme" they call the Planetary Regime, which  would administer the world's resources and human growth, and they discuss the development of an "armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force" to which nations would surrender part of their sovereignty.

Holdren's office issued a statement to denying that the ecologist has ever backed any of the measures discussed in his book, and suggested reading more recent works authored solely by Holdren for a view to his beliefs.

"Dr. Holdren has stated flatly that he does not now support and has never supported compulsory abortions, compulsory sterilization, or other coercive approaches to limiting population growth," the statement said.

"Straining to conclude otherwise from passages treating controversies of the day in a three-author, 30-year-old textbook is a mistake."

But the textbook itself appears to contradict that claim.

Holdren and the Ehrlichs offer ideas for "coercive," "involuntary fertility control," including "a program of sterilizing women after their second or third child," which doctors would be expected to do right after a woman gives birth.

"Unfortunately," they write, "such a program therefore is not practical for most less developed countries," where doctors are not often present when a woman is in labor.

While Holdren and his co-authors don't openly endorse such measures on other topics, in this case they announce their disappointment -- "unfortunately" -- that women in the third world cannot be sterilized against their will, a procedure the International Criminal Court considers a crime against humanity.

Click here to see the passage on sterilizing women | Click here for the full section on "Involuntary Fertility Control"

"It's very problematic that he said these things," said Ben Lieberman, a senior policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation. Lieberman faulted Holdren for using government as a solution to every problem and advocating heavy-handed and invasive laws.

But other members of the scientific community said accusations against Holdren are wholly misplaced.

"John Holdren has been one of the most well-respected and prominent scientific voices urging the federal government to address global warming," wrote Kevin Knobloch, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists, in a statement.

Holdren's co-authors, Paul and Anne Ehrlich, said in a statement that they were "shocked at the serious mischaracterization of our views and those of John Holdren," caused by what they called misreadings of the book. 

"We were not then, never have been, and are not now 'advocates' of the Draconian measures for population limitation described -- but not recommended" in the book, they wrote.

Still, William Yeatman, an energy policy analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, faulted the Senate for not screening Holdren more strenuously during his hearings before confirming his nomination by unanimous consent both in committee and in the full Senate.

Despite "the litany of apocalyptic warnings that turned out to be incorrect, no one was willing to stick his neck out" and vote no, Yeatman said.

Some of Holdren's views on population came under fire during the otherwise quiet confirmation hearing before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, where Sen. David Vitter, R-La., asked him to revisit his past statements about environmental catastrophes that have never come to pass.

"I was and continue to be very critical of Dr. Holdren's positions -- specifically his countless doomsday science publications and predictions that have been near universally wrong," Vitter told

"I wish that the Commerce Committee had taken more time to evaluate his record during his nomination hearing, but like with everything else in this new Washington environment, the Democratic majority and the White House were pushing to speed his nomination along," Vitter said.

Vitter grilled Holdren during the hearing, asking him to clear up his 1986 prediction that global warming was going to kill about 1 billion people by 2020.

"You would still say," Vitter asked, "that 1 billion people lost by 2020 is still a possibility?"

"It is a possibility, and one we should work energetically to avoid," Holdren replied.

Sen. John Kerry, a leading Democrat on the committee, said the renewed scrutiny was essentially a Republican smear on Holdren's good record. Kerry told that senators already had "ample opportunity" to question Holdren, who "made clear that he does not and never has supported coercive approaches, end of story.

"The Commerce Committee and the Senate then unanimously concluded what I have long known -- that John Holdren is a leading voice in the scientific community and we are fortunate to have him lead the fight to restore the foundation of science to government and policymaking that has been lacking for almost a decade."

Holdren has confronted a number of challenges during his four-decade scientific career, including nuclear arms reduction, and was part of a group that shared the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize "for their efforts to diminish the part played by nuclear arms in international politics," as the Nobel Committee said.

Now his greatest focus is global warming, which he said in a recent interview poses a threat akin to being "in a car with bad brakes driving toward a cliff in the fog."

Holdren told the Associated Press in April that the U.S. will consider all options to veer away from that cliff, including an experimental scheme to shoot pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun's rays and cool the earth, a last resort he hoped could be averted.

"Dr. Holdren is working day and night for the Obama Administration and the American people, helping to develop science and technology policies to make the country stronger, more secure, and more energy independent, and to make Americans healthier and better educated," his office told

Four months after Holdren's confirmation, his critics are keeping a wary eye on his work in the White House, where they assert that he has the president's ear on scientific issues.

"It is interesting that this 30-year-old book is finally coming to light," said Lieberman, of the Heritage Foundation.

"The people who are concerned about Holdren, quite frankly we didn't do enough homework." (Obama's Science Czar Considered Forced Abortions, Sterilization.)

The administration’s “Green Jobs” czar, Van Jones, has a “very checkered past” deep-rooted in radical politics, including black nationalism, anarchism, and communism. The broadcast network newscasts have mostly failed to report on Mr. Jones’s past political affiliations which are lock-step with the network’s downplay of coverage regarding President Obama’s associations with the former radical and terrorist William Ayers during the election.

At 6:47 a.m. EDT on the July 10 edition of “Fox and Friends,” Americans for Prosperity Policy Director Phil Kerpen, told interviewer Brian Kilmeade that Jones is “somebody who was involved in radical politics in San Francisco, “who was self-admittedly “radicalized in jail” and found “Communism and anarchism.” Kerpen compares Van Jones’s Communist past with his new quest for environmentalism and the creation of green jobs:

I think it’s pretty instructive what his past’s the same sort of philosophy, the idea that government ought to be reordering society in accordance with some utopian vision that failed with communism and socialism, and will fail with this green jobs idea.

In an April 12, 2009 World Net Daily article titled “Will a “red” help blacks go green?”Aaron Klein reports that Jones himself stated in a 2005 interview his environmental activism was a means to fight for racial and class “justice,” and that he was a “rowdy black nationalist,” and a “communist.”

Because the administration’s “czars” do not go through congressional confirmation, and are therefore not scrutinized or vetted, many Americans have no idea who they are or where they come from.

Kudos to Fox News for bringing Van Jones’s controversial past and political ideology to light.

The following was aired on the July 10 edition of Fox and Friends:

BRIAN KILMEADE, co-host, “Fox and Friends”: Phil, we have a czar, he’s a green jobs czar, he’s Van Jones, he’s got a deep history in communism.

PHIL KERPEN, AFP Policy Director: He does. He has a very checkered past. This is somebody who was involved in radical politics out in San Francisco, California. He was arrested during a demonstration/riot following the Rodney King verdict. And he said himself that he was radicalized in jail, that he found communism and anarchism. And then he started a pretty radical, kind of communist, socialist, utopian group that was supposed to end all racism though central planning. And then he decided that the real path the sort of progressive nirvana, was the this green jobs idea.  I think its pretty instructive what his past is, I am not just trying to smear the guy, but I think it’s the same sort of philosophy, the idea that government ought to be reordering society in accordance with some utopian vision that failed with communism and socialism, and will fail with this green jobs idea. We are imposing a top-down vision.

GRETCHEN CARLSON, co-host: And more importantly for America Phil, is the fact that we already have an Energy Secretary, who by the way had to go through Congress to be approved. And the reason that these czars, you don’t know anything about them, is because they don’t have to go through that process. (Fox News Notes Communist Past of the 'Green Jobs' Czar)

Barack Obama’s pick for “regulatory czar,” Harvard Law School Professor Cass Sunstein, may be the incoming president’s most popular appointment so far. Judging from his resume -- best-selling author, “pre-eminent legal scholar of our time,” and an endorsement from The Wall Street Journal -- we can almost understand why. Almost. Because as we’re telling the media today, there’s one troubling portion of the new Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) Administrator’s C.V. that has seems to have flown under everyone’s radar: Cass Sunstein is a radical animal rights activist.

Don’t believe us? Sunstein has made no secret of his devotion to the cause of establishing legal “rights” for livestock, wildlife, and pets. “[T]here should be extensive regulation of the use of animals in entertainment, scientific experiments, and agriculture,” Sunstein wrote in a 2002 working paper while at the University of Chicago Law school.

“Extensive regulation of the use of animals.” That's PETA-speak for using government to get everything PETA and the Humane Society of the United States can't get through gentle pressure or not-so-gentle coercion. Not exactly the kind of thing American ranchers, restaurateurs, hunters, and biomedical researchers (to say nothing of ordinary consumers) would like to hear from their next “regulatory czar.”

A version of the same paper also appeared as the introduction to Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions, a 2004 book that Sunstein co-edited with then-girlfriend Martha Nussbaum. In that book, Sunstein set out an ambitious plan to give animals the legal “right” to file lawsuits. We're not joking:

“[A]nimals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives, to prevent violations of current law … Any animals that are entitled to bring suit would be represented by (human) counsel, who would owe guardian like obligations and make decisions, subject to those obligations, on their clients’ behalf.”

It doesn't end there. Sunstein delivered a keynote speech at Harvard University’s 2007 “Facing Animals” conference. (Click here to watch the video; his speech starts around 39:00.) Keep in mind that as OIRA Administrator, Sunstein will have the political authority to implement a massive federal government overhaul. Consider this tidbit:

“We ought to ban hunting, I suggest, if there isn’t a purpose other than sport and fun. That should be against the law. It’s time now.”

Sunstein also argued in favor of “eliminating current practices such as greyhound racing, cosmetic testing, and meat eating, most controversially.”

He concluded his Harvard speech by expressing his “more ambitious animating concern” that the current treatment of livestock and other animals should be considered “a form of unconscionable barbarity not the same as, but in many ways morally akin to, slavery and mass extermination of human beings.” Sound familiar?

As the individual about to assume “the most important position that Americans know nothing about,” Sunstein owes the public an honest appraisal of his animal rights goals before taking office. Will the next four years be a dream-come-true for anti-meat, anti-hunting, and anti-everything-else radicals? Time will tell. For now, meat lovers might want to stock their freezers.(Exposed: The Secret Animal Rights Agenda Of America's Next Regulatory Czar. See also Obama czar pick: 'Raving animal rights nut')


Without an ultimate teaching authority, namely, the Catholic Church, to condemn these people for holding insane beliefs, words that were used most directly in many instances by Popes Gregory XVI, Pius IX, and Saint Pius X, supporters of Caesar Obamus and his insects under the rocks can say with perfect logic, "Who are you to tell me that what these people believe is insane. I don't think so." And thus it must ever go in a world where the Catholic Church is rejected as the ultimate authority instituted by God to teach and to sanctify us unto eternal so that we can order our own lives and the larger life of our nations in accord with First and Last Things at all times. (From Insects Living Under the Rocks, August 19, 2009. John Holdren, mentioned above, was also cited in an article on this site in early last year: Jorge and His Fiends Accept Fables While Disparaging Catholic Truths.)

That was twelve years ago!


Things have not changed, except that the insects are now calling all the shots openly, not that they are above chuckling amongst themselves about the suffering of the “little people” and feel free to deceive with utter impunity:


The Dr. Anthony Fauci email dump includes a puzzling image — a March Madness-style tournament bracket of fatal diseases, in which coronavirus emerges as champion.

The image is titled “Dr. Fauci’s March Madness Bracketology Picks.” It is dated March 11, 2020, and signed “—Tony F.”

In the morbid pool, coronavirus — top-seeded out of the East region — defeats a field that included such dreaded diseases as Ebola, H1N1, Zika, herpes, and measles.

Whether it was a weak attempt at gallows humor among Fauci and his friends, or a published cartoon being forwarded around, isn’t clear. But the image did generate shock on social media.

“Gross,” one user tweeted. “These people are sick,” tweeted another.

During “March Madness” — the trademarked nickname for the NCAA’s annual basketball championship tournament — bar patrons and office workers commonly engage in such low-stakes “bracket” pools.

The image was included in 3,200+ pages of emails published by Buzzfeed News. The website obtained the messages through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

It’s not clear whether or not the bracket was sent to Fauci — the page does not include email headers or redaction marks (which are common throughout the other released records).

The page does include the apparent email signature of John T. Brooks of the federal Centers for Disease Control. Brooks’ signature notes he was Chief Medical Officer, CDC COVID-19 Response.

Brooks did not return a voicemail message. The CDC and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases — which Fauci has directed since 1984 — did not return requests for comment.

The NCAA — which is famously territorial over its March Madness trademark — also did not return a request for comment. (Fauci Defends Red China /.)

Yeah, sure.

It’s all a game for Fauci the Fraudster and his fellow statists who probably admire Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton as much as Fauci does and who are as supportive of every excuse to convince the masses to submit unto them, who of whom to a man refuses to submit to the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law. Remember how Fauci said last year, during the middle of the plandemic that it was all right for those desiring to commit sins against Holy Purity to do so on a so-called social media platform that will not be named?

The following editorial summarizes Fauci’s constantly evolving stories now that 10,000 of his emails are now in the public domain:

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. This week, a Freedom of Information Act request led to a trove of emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci being released to public view. And that view, stretching back to early 2020, is a doozy.

The correspondence make it clear that Dr. Fauci’s private beliefs have been radically at odds with his public guidance to US leaders and the American people. Worse, the emails reveal a bureaucrat more interested in protecting Communist China’s public image than finding the truth about the coronavirus.

In a Feb. 5, 2020, email, Fauci wrote, “The typical mask you buy in a drugstore is not really effective in keeping out the virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.” Two months later, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would encourage masks, with Fauci’s blessing, of course.

Did the virus get bigger? Did the masks magically turn more effective? Fauci won’t say. As millions of Americans spent months muzzled, there was no nuance from the Great Virus Whisperer — you had to swallow your questions and put on your damned mask.

On the lab leak-theory, Fauci and the head of the National Institutes of Health, Francis Collins, had an email exchange with the subject line, “Conspiracy Gains Momentum.” Fauci now insists that he has always maintained an open mind to the possibility that the virus leaked from a Chinese lab. But if so, he chose not to disclose this until this week. Indeed, Fauci was even thanked by Peter Daszak, who is affiliated with the Wuhan lab, for “publicly standing up” for the (increasingly discredited) natural-origin conspiracy theory.

One man who wasn’t taken in by Fauci’s supposed omniscience is Sen. Rand Paul. The same media that relentlessly adulated Fauci dragged the Kentucky lawmaker for daring to question the virus guru.

Well, guess what? On their key disagreement — namely, whether infection provides natural immunity — Fauci’s own emails vindicate Paul. On March 5, 2020, Fauci wrote, “No evidence in this regard, but you would assume that their [sic] would be substantial immunity post-infection.”

For more than a year, the cult of Fauci has been the religion of most of the media, America’s lockdown-craving laptop class — and the current president. Remember how in December, President-elect Joe Biden said he would only take the vaccine when Fauci said it was safe? Not any federal agency, not the scientific community, but one man. In Fauci alone he trusted. Even without the benefit of the bombshell e-mail revelation, that was a downright bizarre posture; now it looks downright insane.

As for the American media, they put Pravda’s Stalin coverage to shame with their fawning over Fauci. We had Fauci lounging in sunglasses by the pool in style magazines and tales of his basketball prowess; he wasn’t a doctor so much as a celebrity saint.

This week, he retreated from the deluge of well-deserved criticism into the soft embrace of MSNBC, where host/mommy Nicolle Wallace praised how much better he came off than most people would if their emails were made public. I don’t know what Wallace has in her inbox, but most of us have never been caught lying about a pandemic that killed millions of people.

In another interview, Fauci said that it is in China’s best interest to be open and honest, and that we shouldn’t take an “accusatory” approach to the Communist regime. Shouldn’t be accusatory? Has the man taken leave of his senses? China has lied from Day 1, it is complicit in copious deaths worldwide and Fauci thinks we should play nice? Why? Is he worried about what we might discover?

The country has had it with this clown. The media was remiss in fashioning him into the king of all science, but he didn’t have to accept the scepter and crown. He did so not only willingly, but with the arrogance and condescension of a person who has come to believe in his own infallibility.

Pride goeth before the fall, and Dr. Fauci has no parachute. He should be fired today and not allowed anywhere near our nation’s health policy ever again. The American people also need to wake up to what this huckster and charlatan pulled over on them and vow to never, ever, let it happen again. (Fauci’s Emails Should Put An End to the Cult that the Media Built Around Him.)

Fauci and his ilk expect us to submit to them while they refuse to submit to the true God of Divine Revelation, and, sadder still, millions upon millions of people are still wearing masks even after receiving their gene therapy shots because they want to show their obeisance to the “experts” who, after all, “follow the science.” The “experts,” though, have been making up the science all throughout the plandemic just as much as what is called “Covid-19” was cooked up as gain-of-function biological weapon at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Red China from the germ leaked accidentally before it had been full weaponized. Even the mainslime media (see The Science Suggests a Wuhan Lab Leak, The FBI's Strange Anthrax Investigation Sheds Light on COVID Lab-Leak Theory and Fauci's Emails, Explosive study claims to prove Chinese scientists created COVID) is finally paying attention to what readers of this knew over a year ago now.

Indeed, as I have pointed out repeatedly in the “Sin: More Deadly Than the Coronavirus” series, Dr. Francis Boyle, a professor of law at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, identified the Wuhan Institute of Virology as the source of the then nascent coronavirus in an interview with Geopolitical that was republished in Christian Order in its February 2020 edition:

FB: Well, that’s a lot of questions. I guess we can take them one at a time. But if you just do a very simple Google search on “Does China have a BSL-4 laboratory?”, Wuhan comes up right away. It’s at the top of the list. At the moment this type of thing happened I began to do that. So a BSL-4 is the most serious type. And basically, BSL-4 labs, we have many of them here in the United States, are used to develop offensive biological warfare weapons with DNA genetic engineering.

So it does seem to me that the Wuhan BSL-4 is the source of the coronavirus. my guess is that they were researching SARS, and they weaponised it further by giving it gain of function properties, which means it could be more lethal. And indeed, the latest report now is [that] it’s 15% fatality rate, which is more than SARS at 83% infection rate. So, typical gain of function. It travels in the air, so it could reach out maybe six feet or more from someone emitting a sneeze or a cough. Likewise, this is a specially designated WHO research lab. So the WHO is in on it and they knew full well what was going on there.

Yes, it’s also been reported that Chinese scientists stole coronavirus materials from the Canadian lab at Winnipeg. Winnipeg is Canada’s foremost centre for research, developing, testing, biological warfare weapons. It’s along the lines of Fort Detrick here in the United States of America. I have three degrees from Harvard. It would not surprise me if something was being stolen out of Harvard to turn over to China. I read that report. I don’t know what was in those vials one way or the other.

But the bottom line is — and I drafted the US domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention that was approved unanimously by both Houses of the United States Congress, signed into law by President Bush Sr. — that it appears the coronavirus that we’re dealing with here is an offensive biological warfare weapon that leaked out of that Wuhan BSL-4. I’m not saying it was done deliberately. But there have been previous reports of problems with that lab and things leaking out of it. And I’m afraid, that is what we are dealing with today. (The Coronavirus Cover-up, published in Christian Order, March 2020, issue. For ordering information, please see Christian Order.)

No one who has wanted to know the truth about the origins of CCP/Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus should be surprised about the current revelations, much of which focuses on Anthony Fauci’s sending $3.5 billion to underwrite “gain of function” studies at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2014 in violation of a moratorium on such funding that then President Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro had put in places in 2013 and reads as follows:

Following recent biosafety incidents at Federal research facilities, the U.S. Government has taken a number of steps to promote and enhance the Nation’s biosafety and biosecurity, including immediate and longer term measures to review activities specifically related to the storage and handling of infectious agents. 

As part of this review, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and Department of Health and Human Services today announced that the U.S. Government is launching a deliberative process to assess the potential risks and benefits associated with a subset of life sciences research known as “gain-of-function” studies. With an ultimate goal of better understanding disease pathways, gain-of-function studies aim to increase the ability of infectious agents to cause disease by enhancing its pathogenicity or by increasing its transmissibility.

Because the deliberative process launching today will aim to address key questions about the risks and benefits of gain-of-function studies, during the period of deliberation, the U.S. Government will institute a pause on funding for any new studies that include certain gain-of-function experiments involving influenza, SARS, and MERS viruses. Specifically, the funding pause will apply to gain-of-function research projects that may be reasonably anticipated to confer attributes to influenza, MERS, or SARS viruses such that the virus would have enhanced pathogenicity and/or transmissibility in mammals via the respiratory route.

During this pause, the U.S. Government will not fund any new projects involving these experiments and encourages those currently conducting this type of work – whether federally funded or not – to voluntarily pause their research while risks and benefits are being reassessed. The funding pause will not apply to the characterization or testing of naturally occurring influenza, MERS, and SARS viruses unless there is a reasonable expectation that these tests would increase transmissibility or pathogenicity. (Obama White House Archives: Doing Dilgence to Assess Risks and Life Sciences Gain of Function Resarch.)

Well, guess who arranged for the transfer of $3.7 billion from the National Institutes of Health to Wuhan BSL-4?

That’s right, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Dr., Rashid Buttar was featured in a video last year as saying the following about Fauci’s actions:

“[The] Government passed a moratorium on coronavirus research in 2014. Fauci approved monies and budgets to be sectioned for this type of research. So basically, and every time I think about this it gets me really flustered, I’m so angry. He [Fauci] basically broke the law. He more than broke the law. He created [the entire scenario back in 2015] that caused the world shutdown. He broke the law. He went against government moratoriums, he took taxpayer money and funded research that has now led to the Covid-19.

“In 2017, he [Fauci] was documented at Georgetown University saying that there will be a pandemic that this presidency will face, that this term will face. How did he know in 2017 that something was going to happen in 2018, 2019, or 2020? You can’t predict the market three days from today. How did he know that there was going to be a pandemic? He stated that this president will face a pandemic.” (W.H.O’s Not Telling the Truth.)

Fauci is such an amoral monster that he boasted in 2012 that the funding of “gain-of-function” studies was worth the risks associated with the creation of a pandemic:

Dr. Anthony Fauci once argued that conducting experiments on contagious viruses to increase their potency was worth the risk, even if the work could accidentally lead to a pandemic, it was revealed Friday.

The nation’s chief medical advisor wrote in the American Society for Microbiology in October 2012 of the public health benefit to gain-of-function viral experiments — which center on manipulating viruses and making them stronger — as long as there is significant oversight.

In the article, first reported by The Australian, Fauci also noted that a pause on such studies should continue until researchers can figure out how to do them more transparently.

Gain-of-function experiments are the sort of work that was being conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology when the COVID-19 pandemic first started in China in late 2019 and some experts fear a lab accident is what led to the global outbreak that killed 3.4 million.

In the 2012 paper, Fauci acknowledged the risky research could lead to serious lab accidents but the chance is rare and the work is “important” because it helps the scientific community prepare for naturally occurring pandemics.

 an unlikely but conceivable turn of events, what if that scientist becomes infected with the virus, which leads to an outbreak and ultimately triggers a pandemic?” he wrote at the time. 

“Many ask reasonable questions: given the possibility of such a scenario – however remote – should the initial experiments have been performed and/or published in the first place, and what were the processes involved in this decision? Scientists working in this field might say – as indeed I have said – that the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks.”

He wrote that it was “more likely” that a pandemic would occur naturally and “the need to stay ahead of such a threat is a primary reason for performing an experiment that might appear to be risky.” 

However, he noted the scientific community “must respect that there are genuine and legitimate concerns about this type of research, both domestically and globally.” 

“We cannot expect those who have these concerns to simply take us, the scientific community, at our word that the benefits of this work outweigh the risks, nor can we ignore their calls for greater transparency, their concerns about conflicts of interest, and their efforts to engage in a dialog about whether these experiments should have been performed in the first place,” Fauci wrote. 

“Those of us in the scientific community who believe in the merits of this work have the responsibility to address these concerns thoughtfully and respectfully.” 

The ultimate thesis of the commentary piece was to express support for a pause on gain-of-function research related to the transmissibility of the “highly pathogenic” H5N1 influenza virus. Fauci’s abstract noted the moratorium should continue “pending the resolution of critical policy questions concerning the rationale for performing such experiments and how best to report their results.” 

Fauci didn’t immediately return a request for comment. (Fauci once argued viral experiments worth the risk of pandemic. See also Fauci is startng to look guilty o on Gain-of-Function Funding.)

Whatever qualms Dr. Anthony Fauci had nine years ago were allayed he transferred a substantial amount of money—some figures range as high as $3.5 billion—from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is a Biosafety Laboratory 4 (BSL-4) facility, noted for conducting experiment in support of Red China’s “People’s Liberation Army’s” biological warfare program.

Oblivious to the evil that is Communism, Fauci, who will only permit himself to be interviewed by those who permit him to wrap himself up in a cloak of sarcastic arrogance and be dismissive of all legitimate criticism that is directed against him. He has never faced the kind of scrutiny that he is undergoing at this time over his active cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party, which controls the work of scientists such as those that work in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and his repeated denials last year that the CCP/Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus was man-made or had leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Anthony Fauci is so morally obtuse that he has rushed to the defense of the Chicom butchers, whose well-documented record of mass murder, torture, repression of its people and its constant, all-encompassing surveillance of everyone at all times, now that some within the mainslime media have been dragged into a grudging admission that, yes, the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s gain-of-function research produced the CCP/Wuhan/China/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus after all:

Dr. Anthony Fauci rushed to China’s defense in two separate interviews — claiming the theory that COVID-19 leaked from a Wuhan laboratory is “far out” and that Americans should refrain from “pointing fingers” at the Chinese Communist Party, despite earlier claims he was keeping an “open mind” about the virus’ origin.

Fauci repeated his claim that he was keeping “an open mind” that the virus may have been man-made, before throwing cold water on the possibility later in the same CNN interview.

“The idea, I think, is quite far-fetched that the Chinese deliberately engineered something so that they could kill themselves, as well as other people. I think that’s a bit far out,” he said.

Questions about what Fauci knew and when regarding the lab leak theory have swirled this week since thousands of pages of his emails were posted online by BuzzFeed News, which obtained them through the Freedom of Information Act. They include how he was warned that COVID may have been engineered.

In one of the emails, the president of the nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance wrote to Fauci in April 2020 to thank him for voicing support of the theory that the coronavirus began naturally rather than escaping from the Wuhan lab. 

EcoHealth Alliance had funneled millions of dollars in federal grant money to the Wuhan lab. 

The “far-fetched” remark came when Fauci was asked during his CNN appearance about an email exchange with Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, on April 16, 2020. 

Collins wrote that the “conspiracy theory gains momentum,” referring to the Wuhan lab, but much of the rest of the email was redacted. 

CNN’s John Berman asked Fauci if he recalled what information was blocked out.

“They only took about 10,000 emails from me, of course I remember. I remember all 10,000 of them. Give me a break,” Fauci quipped.

“I don’t remember what’s in that redacted, but the idea I think is quite far-fetched that the Chinese deliberately engineered something so that they could kill themselves as well as other people. I think that’s a bit far out, John,” he said.

In another Thursday morning interview on MSNBC, Fauci insisted that Americans should not “be accusatory” and avoid “pointing fingers” at the Chinese Communist Party, claiming that “It’s obviously in China’s interests” to understand the virus’ origins, without elaborating. 

“It’s obviously in China’s interests to find out exactly what it is. And the ‘is’ of the natural theory would be to find that link. So you have to keep looking for it,” he said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“I mean, obviously, you want openness and cooperation. One of the ways you can get it is don’t be accusatory. Try to get both a forensic, a scientific, and an investigational approach. I think the accusatory part about it is only going to get them to pull back even more. We’ve got to do it in a combination of diplomacy, scientific forensic investigation.”

“We’re seeing a lot of, you know — I don’t even want to describe it — a lot of pointing of fingers and things like that. Keep an open mind and go after the truth,” he said.  (Fauci Defends Red China and Can’t Imagine Their Leaders would do anyting to kill or hurt their own people.)

Dr. Fauci, you are a fraud?

Red China would never do anything to kill or hurt its own people?

Are you serious?

Have you ever heard of the crimes of Mao Zedong?

Or do you care not to want to know or believe that this Communist monster is responsible for a bloodletting that killed between sixty-five and one hundred million of his own Chinese people between 1927, the year that the Chinese Communist Revolution began, and the time of his time of death on September 9, 1976.

Mao Tse-Tung’s “Great Leap Forward” killed forty-five million people in just four years (1958 to 1962)!:

Mao Zedong, founder of the People's Republic of China, qualifies as the greatest mass murderer in world history, an expert who had unprecedented access to official Communist Party archives said yesterday.

Speaking at The Independent Woodstock Literary Festival, Frank Dikötter, a Hong Kong-based historian, said he found that during the time that Mao was enforcing the Great Leap Forward in 1958, in an effort to catch up with the economy of the Western world, he was responsible for overseeing "one of the worst catastrophes the world has ever known".

Mr Dikötter, who has been studying Chinese rural history from 1958 to 1962, when the nation was facing a famine, compared the systematic torture, brutality, starvation and killing of Chinese peasants to the Second World War in its magnitude. At least 45 million people were worked, starved or beaten to death in China over these four years; the worldwide death toll of the Second World War was 55 million.

Mr Dikötter is the only author to have delved into the Chinese archives since they were reopened four years ago. He argued that this devastating period of history – which has until now remained hidden – has international resonance. "It ranks alongside the gulags and the Holocaust as one of the three greatest events of the 20th century.... It was like [the Cambodian communist dictator] Pol Pot's genocide multiplied 20 times over," he said.

Between 1958 and 1962, a war raged between the peasants and the state; it was a period when a third of all homes in China were destroyed to produce fertiliser and when the nation descended into famine and starvation, Mr Dikötter said.

His book, Mao's Great Famine; The Story of China's Most Devastating Catastrophe, reveals that while this is a part of history that has been "quite forgotten" in the official memory of the People's Republic of China, there was a "staggering degree of violence" that was, remarkably, carefully catalogued in Public Security Bureau reports, which featured among the provincial archives he studied. In them, he found that the members of the rural farming communities were seen by the Party merely as "digits", or a faceless workforce. For those who committed any acts of disobedience, however minor, the punishments were huge.

State retribution for tiny thefts, such as stealing a potato, even by a child, would include being tied up and thrown into a pond; parents were forced to bury their children alive or were doused in excrement and urine, others were set alight, or had a nose or ear cut off. One record shows how a man was branded with hot metal. People were forced to work naked in the middle of winter; 80 per cent of all the villagers in one region of a quarter of a million Chinese were banned from the official canteen because they were too old or ill to be effective workers, so were deliberately starved to death.

Mr Dikötter said that he was once again examining the Party's archives for his next book, The Tragedy of Liberation, which will deal with the bloody advent of Communism in China from 1944 to 1957.

He said the archives were already illuminating the extent of the atrocities of the period; one piece of evidence revealed that 13,000 opponents of the new regime were killed in one region alone, in just three weeks. "We know the outline of what went on but I will be looking into precisely what happened in this period, how it happened, and the human experiences behind the history," he said.

Mr Dikötter, who teaches at the University of Hong Kong, said while it was difficult for any historian in China to write books that are critical of Mao, he felt he could not collude with the "conspiracy of silence" in what the Chinese rural community had suffered in recent history. (Mao's Great Leap Forward Killed 45 Million People in Four Years.)

Earlier statistics compiled by R. J. Rummel at the University of Hawaii in 1991 and updated fourteen years later showed similar totals based on the available evidence before Mr. Dikotter gained access to the Chicoms’ own records, which are important as Communists of every nationality are meticulous record-keepers. Dr. Rummel wrote in 2005 that his own revised figures indicated that over 78,000,000 people were killed by the Chinese Communists between the formation of the Chinese Communist Party in 1927 and 1987 (see Rudy Rummel on Democide, 2005).

What does this matter to Anthony Fauci?


Does he even remember what happened on Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989 or has he conveniently “forgotten” what the Red Chinese People’s Liberation Army did as they use brute force tactics to disperse the “pro-democracy” crowd of up to 180,000 people as an innocent man standing alone in front of a military tank was crushed to death in full view of television cameras?

China would never do anything to hurt its own people?

Dr. Fauci, to call to mind the stock phrase of your morally and ethically corrupt statist boss, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., “C’mon, man. Give me a break.”

Here is an editorial, published by a leftist English newspaper, The Guardian, remembering the crushing of the Tiananmen Square protests thirty-two years ago that recounts the relentless efforts of the Chinese Communist Party to erase the memory of its brutality with the full cooperation and to the special delight of all its apologists in the Western world:

When forgetting is compulsory, remembering can be a lonely business. Zhang Xianling’s 19-year-old son was shot in the head as Chinese troops bloodily suppressed the student-led protests that began in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, in 1989. In the 32 years since, she and other Tiananmen Mothers have campaigned in vain for an honest reckoning of the events of 4 June, while the Communist party’s imposed amnesia has made the subject utterly taboo on the mainland.

“So there is hope after all!” she exclaimed, when the scale and passion of Hong Kong’s annual vigil was described to her a few years ago. The event, attended by up to 180,000 at its peak, was the largest in the world and kept the memory of the killings alive on Chinese soil. But it will not happen this Friday, and perhaps it will never happen again. The authorities have banned it for a second year running, purportedly due to coronavirus concerns – though other mass events continue, and authorities have warned that anyone who tries to participate could face five years in jail. Macau has acted similarly.

Last year, thousands in Hong Kong defied the ban and gathered anyway. But 24 pro-democracy figures were subsequently charged with participating in an unauthorised assembly or inciting others to do so; Joshua Wong, already jailed, was sentenced to an additional 10 months after pleading guilty to involvement. On Sunday, the 65-year-old activist known as “Grandma Wong” was arrested on unauthorised assembly charges – for a solo demonstration that day to mark the massacre. A museum commemorating the events was forced to shut three days after opening, pending investigation. Plenty in the city plan to light a candle in memory of the dead. But without the public space for discussion and collective remembrance, the amnesia spreads.

The Communist party’s erasure of 1989’s killings has been so comprehensive and effective that many young people on the mainland are unaware they happened, and others have come to believe that perhaps the crackdown was necessary. The silence grows. The right to remember what happened in 1989 is also the right to know the truth more broadly: “Defending the memory of Tiananmen is the first line of defence,” one Hong Kong lawyer said this week.

What we should recall, however, is not only the slaughter 32 years ago, but the huge support for the protests which preceded it. There were marches in more than 300 cities; officials including police and judges participated in demonstrations calling for freedom and reform. Many of the hundreds, possibly thousands, who died in Beijing and elsewhere were not students, but ordinary residents attempting to protect them. To remember 1989 is to remember that there is an alternative, however impossible it might seem now: that Hong Kong could have kept its freedoms; that octogenarians could be allowed to mourn their slain children without harassment; that Uyghurs could live in dignity in Xinjiang; that human rights could be protected in China and its people trusted with the truth and the freedom to debate them.

Though their numbers inevitably dwindle as the years pass, the Tiananmen Mothers persist in their brave and lonely campaign. When their supporters on the mainland and in Hong Kong are silenced, it is up to the outside world to keep the flame burning, telling them that there is still hope. (The Guardian view on remembering Tiananmen 1989: mourning for those who cannot.)

There is also the case of a Tiananmen Square protester who has been tracked the Chicoms for the past thirty-two years in their constant efforts to wipe out any memory of their brutality from the minds of their own people and their willing stooges in the West:

BEIJING (AP) — The ruling Communist Party’s deadly 1989 crackdown on the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests never ended for Fan Baolin, who served 17 years in prison and says he sneaked out of China last year to escape surveillance that included cameras trained on his apartment and pressure on his family to deter him from more activism.

Fan, who took part in the demonstrations and later worked for the party’s vast security apparatus, was arrested in 1999 for giving activists abroad confidential documents about surveillance of Chinese pro-democracy exiles. Released in 2016, he became among those who still are watched by the party a generation later in an effort to erase public memory of the protests in the heart of Beijing.

“Once you are on the Chinese government’s blacklist, you will be tracked for life,” Fan told The Associated Press ahead of Friday’s anniversary of the June 4, 1989, military attack on protesters. He spoke in another Asian country and asked that it not be identified while its government considers his request for asylum.

Party leaders have imprisoned or driven activists into exile and largely succeeded in ensuring young people know little about June 4. Still, after more than three decades and three changes of leadership, they are relentless in trying to prevent any mention of the attack that killed hundreds and possibly thousands of people.

Relatives of those who died are watched and, ahead of the anniversary, some are detained or forced to stay temporarily away from home to prevent them from doing anything that might draw attention. Public memorials on the mainland always have been prohibited. Vigils used to be held openly in Hong Kong and Macao, Chinese territories with fewer political controls, but authorities banned events this year.

"They have only deepened repression,” said Yaqiu Wang of Human Rights Watch in a report this month.

Following his release from prison, Fan lived in his hometown of Xi'an, in China's west, under surveillance and restrictions. He said police discouraged him from leaving the city, tracked his mobile phone and listened to his calls.

To protect his family, Fan said he had little contact with them and told them nothing about his activities. He said he worried they might be punished if he were accused of more wrongdoing.

“They looked for my brother and sister,” he said. Authorities wanted “to make my family members persuade me, control me, not to participate any more in this sort of thing, not to know these people any longer.”

As for other relatives, “I take initiative to keep my distance from them,” Fan said.

“As they all know, my phone is monitored, so as soon as I call and as soon as they answer, they are frightened,” he said. “This is the atmosphere of fear created by the Communist Party’s domestic high-pressure policies now.”

Fan said when he traveled to other cities in 2017 to see friends, police called every day to ask what he was doing. He said when he took a package vacation to Yunnan province in the southwest in 2018, police detained him and sent him back to Xi’an.

Fan participated in the 1989 protests, joining thousands of students from across China in Tiananmen Square. But he left Beijing at the end of May, before the military attacked. His eyes fill with tears when he describes the event.

Later, Fan studied law and worked as a legal consultant before joining the police in Shaanxi province in the west. He moved to a state security agency in 1994 and was assigned to watch the public and read their mail, looking for possible foreign ties.

But he held onto hopes for a democratic China.

Fan was convicted of “illegally providing state secrets abroad” for faxing security agency documents to a pro-democracy movement group in Los Angeles and “expressing sympathy and support,” according to a document Fan provided to the AP that he said was his sentencing report. It said he had promised to use his post to pass along intelligence reports about the group.

That report gave no details of the documents Fan was accused of leaking.

“I didn’t do it for money from Taiwan or the U.S. government,” Fan said. “I was on the side of the pro-democracy movement and provided intelligence to friends in the pro-democracy movement.”

Fan’s case was disclosed to human rights groups in 2007 by a former fellow inmate, Zhao Changqing, according to the Dui Hua Foundation in San Francisco, which researches Chinese prisons. After that, Fan was listed as a political prisoner by Duihua and human rights groups.

Fan said after his release, police took him out for meals ahead of politically sensitive dates — part of extensive efforts to keep track of him.

“They would go back, list the details of our meeting and report regularly to higher levels the so-called dynamics of my thoughts in the sensitive period and in what activities we took part,” he said.

Fan, who turns 57 next month, never married or had children. He said his parents died while he was in prison but he didn’t learn that until he was released, more than a decade later.

Fan said video cameras were installed to watch the apartment his parents bought for him before their deaths. He said that made friends skittish about visiting.

Today, Fan lives in a studio apartment with a roll-up bed and a fan for furniture while he waits for word on his asylum application. He has become a Christian and passes time by reading a Bible on his mobile phone.

Fan said for his first two years out of prison, he rarely went outdoors because “the world was very strange.”

Fan said when he visited Beijing on the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen protests in 2019, police called from Xi’an and ordered him to return home.

Fan said he told no one after he decided to leave China. He discarded his mobile phone to prevent authorities from using it to track him. He made his way to the southern border and walked across.

“I will not return to China," he said. "This is a road of no return.” ('Tracked for life': China relentless in erasing Tiananmen)

No, no, Anthony Fauci, your Chicom partners in gain-of-function studies would never deliberately hurt their own people, right?

Let’s face facts, good readers, no matter how many few there are who remain as readers of this site.

Anthony Fauci is a useful tool for the organized crime family of the false opposite of the naturalist “left” to create a multi-layered tier of social control based on whether one is vaccinated or not, whether one complies to the august and ever-infallible, if ever mutating, “recommendations” of the “scientists at the Centers for Disease Control, whether one is an “extremist” for daring to oppose the whole schema of the plandemic, to say nothing of opposing the chemical and surgical execution of the innocent preborn, “brain death”/human organ vivisection and transplantation, the starvation and dehydration of innocent, brain damaged human beings, the provision of health care on the basis of subjective and ever-changing “quality of life” standards, “palliative care”/hospice and all forms of suicide/doctor-assisted suicide. Such “opponents” must be “monitored” as potential “threats” to the civil state just as much as the Chicoms monitor, stigmatize and, if necessary, imprison and their torture their own people.

No one should thus entertain that it is “racist” to criticize the murderous policies of an unjust, immoral and barbarous regime that has imposed a modern reign of terror upon its imprisoned citizenry precisely because Communism rejects the existence of man’s immortal soul made in the image and likeness of the Most Blessed Trinity, thus making the murder of political opponents thoroughly justifiable as Communists consider anyone who does not hew to the party line to be completely expendable. The liquidation of millions upon millions of innocent human beings means nothing as “Chairman Mao” himself once said that “to make an omelet one has to crack a few eggs; to make a revolution one has to crack a few skulls.”

So what if human beings must be killed or starved?

The “good” of the revolution demands such “purification.”

So what if the Red Chinese forced women into killing their preborn children as they enforced a one child-per-family policy?

So what if the Red Chinese laogai prison camps still torture political prisoners and have historically carved many of them up without even the Western pretense of “brain death” without any anesthesia to sell their bodily organs on the international black body organ market?

So what if there is great evidence to back up this torture and these executions?

Dr. Harry Wu, who was imprisoned in a Red Chinese slave labor camp for nineteen years, said at a conference in Montvale, New Jersey, in 1987 at which I was also a speaker that it was a common practice in the laogais (Red Chinese slave labor camps) for political prisoners and other prisoners to be dissected without anesthesia while they were alive for their vital body parts. Obviously, this was a form of execution for those prisoners. The Red Chinese finally got around to admitting this when they instituted a Red Cross-sponsored program for "voluntary" organ donation in their so-called "people's republic:"

China launched a national organ donation system yesterday in a bid to gradually shake off its long-time dependence on executed prisoners as a major source of organs for transplants and as part of efforts to crack down on organ trafficking.

The system, operated mainly by the Red Cross Society of China with assistance from the Ministry of Health, will begin as pilot projects in 10 provinces and cities.

"The system is in the public interest and will benefit patients regardless of social status and wealth in terms of fairness in organ allocation and better procurement," said Vice-Minister of Health Huang Jiefu.

Under the system, the Red Cross is responsible for encouraging post-death organ donations among the public, receiving donor registrations, keeping a database, starting a fund to provide financial assistance for needy, surviving families of donors and overseeing the allocation of donated organs according to set principles.

"Transplants should not be a privilege for the rich," Huang said.

The late, famous Chinese actor Fu Biao received two liver transplants within several months in 2005, raising doubts about the fairness of organ allocation, given that the waiting time for the general public can be years - even if one is lucky enough to get a match, let alone have a second surgery.

Currently about one million people in China need organ transplants each year while only 1 percent receive one, official statistics show.

Only about 130 people on the mainland have signed up to donate their organs since 2003, according to research on the promotion of organ donation after death by professor Chen Zhonghua with the Institute of Organ Transplantation of Tongji Hospital.

The system will help find more willing donors who didn't know how to donate, said Jiang Yiman, the society's deputy director at the launch yesterday in Shanghai. "The Chinese have a tradition of helping others in need and the potential of organ donations from the public is yet to be tapped," she said.

Organ donors

Executed prisoners, who experts estimate account for more than 65 percent of total donors, "are definitely not a proper source for organ transplants," said Vice-Minister Huang.

That the rights of death-row prisoners to donate is fully respected and written consent from them is required, he told China Daily.

Qian Jianmin, chief transplant surgeon with the Shanghai Huashan Hospital, said hospitals performing transplants not only treat patients getting organs from executed prisoners, but have to deal with other levels of government, including the justice department.

"Corruption can arise during the process," he said.

Some just ignore legal procedures regarding organ donations from executed prisoners and make a fat profit, Huang said.

All costs are passed on to patients. Sometimes the recipient pays up to 200,000 yuan ($29,000) for a kidney, not including other medical services.

China issued an organ transplant law in 2007 that bans organ trafficking and only allows donations from living people to blood relatives and spouses, plus someone considered "emotionally connected."

However, organ middlemen have been faking documents in order to make a person who is desperately in need of money be considered "emotionally connected" to the recipients, reports said.

Living transplants increased to 40 percent of total transplants from 15 percent in 2006, Chen Zhonghua said.

"That's one of the daunting tasks facing us as we try to end the organ trade by establishing this system," Huang noted.

Other goals include preventing organ tourism, improving transplant quality, better defining donors' rights and satisfying patients' needs for transplants in an ethical manner.

"With more organ donations from the public, the total cost for transplants will decrease," he said.

The exact cost for transplants varies from place to place and largely remains an industry secret. But experts said it's at least 100,000 yuan.

Praise for initiative

"We welcome the emphasis put on fair practice in organ procurement, allocation and transplant, echoing the WHO guiding principles on transplantation," said Luc Noel, coordinator of clinical procedures in the essential health technologies department at World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva.

"China is establishing the national network and authority necessary to initiate and maximize organ donations from deceased donors and thus progress towards the global mainstream in organ donation and transplantation," he said.

The system will be operated at both State and provincial levels. Donated organs would be allocated locally first and then nationally.

"My colleagues and I welcome the system, which will facilitate our efforts to save more patients and help medical workers concentrate more on practicing medicine," said transplant surgeon Qian, whose hospital performs about 150 transplants each year.

Wang Yuling, a young white-collar worker in Beijing, said she'd donate if it really helps someone in need instead of making someone rich.

The pilot projects will take place across the country, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Fujian (Xiamen), Jiangsu (Nanjing), Hubei (Wuhan), Liaoning, Shandong and Jiangxi. The system will then be introduced nationwide, Jiang said.

When asked for a specific timetable when the system will cover the whole country, Huang said the process took 20 years in United States.

"I hope it'll be faster in China. We are still searching for the best way," he said.

"Details about the system, like how to clearly define responsibilities for all stakeholders under the system, including the Red Cross and health administrations, are still under discussion," Jiang said. (Public Call for Organs in Red China.)

Human rights activists said Tuesday that a thriving black market in body parts for transplantation has been illuminated by the arrests of two men on charges of trying to illegally sell organs from executed Chinese prisoners.

The two men, Cheng Yong Wang - who told undercover investigators he had been a prosecutor on Hainan Island in China - and Xingqi Fu - a Chinese citizen living in New York - were seized after meeting with an FBI agent posing as a medical executive.

The undercover agent said he was interested in receiving corneas, kidneys, pancreases, livers, lungs, skin and other organs.

According to court papers, Wang, 41, signed two contracts making him responsible for coordinating with relevant Chinese government agencies and hospitals in securing organs for transplants and would receive a commission amounting to 25 percent of the total cost of each transplant case.

Prosecutors charged that Fu, 35, planned to smuggle corneas into the United States for sale to physicians.

Prosecutors said that earlier in February, prior to a Feb. 20 meeting with the government operative, Wang conferred in a New York hotel room with Harry Wu, a well-known human rights activist who then acted as a government informant. Wang allegedly said he was interested in selling kidneys from executed Chinese prisoners.

“Wang went into business a long time ago,” the human rights activist charged. “His position is prosecutor. He supervised executions, controlled execution sites.”

Sidney Jones, executive director of the Asia division of Human Rights Watch, said that if the charges prove true, “it indicates the organ trade has established itself in the United States.

“This is a practice that has been going on for a long time. Most of the patients have been from Hong Kong and Taiwan where they have been willing to pay a large sum of money to go to China to get the organ transplants,” Jones said. “Now, it is clear, the trade is global.”

n announcing the arrests Monday, U.S. Attorney Jo White said the defendants offered to sell two corneas for $5,000 and Fu had promised the FBI agent that lungs would come from nonsmokers.

“Trafficking and profiteering in human organs is ghoulish, criminal conduct that imperils the most vulnerable,” White said.

Chinese authorities claim that transplants occur only sparingly and only after prisoners who face the death sentence voluntarily agree to donate organs.

This is strongly disputed by Human Rights Watch.

A report issued in 1994 by the group charged that “in recent years, it has become increasingly evident that executed prisoners are the principal source of supply of body organs for medical transplantation purposes in China.”

“The consent of prisoners to use their organs after death, although required by law, appears rarely to be sought,” the report said. (Two Accused of Trying to Sell Bodily Organs from Red China.)

Little details such as the simple fact that it is impossible to take a heart or a liver out of the body of a dead person for the sake transplantation are not included in this news story from China Daily eleven years ago. The nasty little secret that the body snatchers don't want most people to know is that living human beings must be killed in order to harvest their hearts or livers for purposes of being transplanted into other human beings. This is true in Red China. It is true in the United States of America. It is true everywhere. Although one can, if one chooses, donate a lung or a kidney, no one can remove a heart or a liver without killing the person from whom such organs are extracted. It is that simple. Moral truth always is simple.

As mentioned just a above, the late Dr. Harry Wu documented the system of the Laogai forced-labor prison camp system in Red China as a result of his own nineteen-year (1960-1979) imprisonment in the manner that Dr. Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn documented the existence and the extent of the brutality, including psychiatric abuses of the most monstrous kind as drawn from his own eight years of imprisonment and torture in twelve different Soviet gulags. Dr, Wu confirmed the fact that aborted babies were served in soup in Chinese restaurants when I asked him about various news reports concerning this barbaric practice in 1997 when we were speakers at a Roman Forum conference in Montvale, New Jersey. Dr. Wu also noted that he personally witnessed political prisoners being carved up for their body parts while they were fully conscious without the pretext of “brain death” used by the merchants of death in the supposedly “civilized” United States of America.

Hey, Tony Fauci, you had time to work on a documentary to declare you a living secular saint. Evidently, though, you have had no time to familiarize with facts outside of the mythical “follow the science” world of leftist ideology that is being used as pretext for the imposition of a medial-scientific tyranny on us all.

So what if children must be considered as the possession of the civil state and can be torn away from their parents without any thought of familial ties or even pious sentiments of love and loyalty that is part of domestic life of its very nature?

Obviously, the “cause” is what matters.

So what if the state requires forced abortion, slave labor, forced sterilization, silencing of dissent, the vivisection of political prisoners for the bodily organs without resorting to the masquerade of “bran death, limits family size and controls every aspect of civil life without exception?

The state is above all else.

So what if religious expression and practice, no less that of the true religion, Catholicism, must be made subordinate to Chinese Communist “orthodoxy” at the moment? After all, Communism is a secular religion from which no one may legitimately dissent.

So what if photographs of Xi Jinping are replacing images of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in Catholic churches that are now in the control of the so-called Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association that is but an creation and appendage of the Chinese Communist Party?

Yet it is that Dr. Anthony Fauci still persists in his belief that the Red Chinese could never have created a biological weapon that they knew could harm their own people. No, of course not, Fauci, the Chicoms have never done anything to harm their people.

Either you are a liar, Anthony Fauci, or you are a fool blinded by your commitment a “science” that is based in the figments of your own fertile imagination. Obviously, the answer could be that he is both of these things.

The Red Chinese model of national imprisonment is being imposed upon us slowly now, but that process will accelerate greatly on a state-by-state basis annually and, of course, will become implemented more rapidly on a national basis once a member of the false opposite of the naturalist left captures the White House.

The CCP/China/Wuhan/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus escaped form BSL-4 in Wuhan escaped before it was fully weaponized, but that did not stop the Chicoms from doing what they could to cover their tracks and to use their stooges in the World Health Organization and their fifth column here in the United States of America to weaponize the virus to advance the political agenda summarized above.

Mr. Stephen Mosher, who was the first to expose the policy of forced abortion in Red China and thus was denied his doctorate at Stanford University following pressure brought by the Chicoms, wrote an article that appeared on Lifesite News last year that emonstrated how the Red Chinese had manipulated the CCP/China/Wuhan/Chinese/Covid-19/Coronavirus to serve their own diabolical purposes:

Dr. Shi Zhengli, known as China’s batwoman, was worried.  Her creation, a highly infectious coronavirus, had leaked from her lab in October.  Early efforts to stop the widening circle of infections had failed.  It had spread like wildfire through the densely populated city of Wuhan.

The Communist authorities were also worried that the source of the epidemic would be traced back to the Wuhan lab.  To muddy the waters, on January 3rd, China’s National Health Commission ordered all biolabs in China to destroy not only the samples of the SARS-CoV-2 that they had isolated from those infected, but also the genetic sequencing of the virus’ RNA strand.  Dr. Shi must have been only too happy to cover her own tracks—evidence suggests she had already started doing so–by destroying the evidence of the deadly virus’ actual origins in her lab.

It was the equivalent of trying to wipe the fingerprints from a gun that had just been used to commit murder. 

The “gun” itself couldn’t be destroyed, however.  In fact, the murder weapon used was busy replicating itself by the billions within each and every person who came down with the China Virus.

Dr. Shi and her superiors, undoubtedly including Major General Chen Wei, the head of the PLA’s bioweapons program, knew that the coronavirus she had assembled using recombinant technology was so different from other known coronaviruses that it would raise suspicions.  None of the other known beta-coronaviruses, the family from which her “backbone” coronavirus came from, had anything resembling the genetic sequence she had inserted to make it more infectious to humans.

To reinforce the “Wet Market” cover story, namely, that this new pathogen had come from nature and not from her lab, something had to be done. And it had to be done quickly, since by then the China Coronavirus had spread to the rest of the world.  Anger against China for its lack of transparency about the origins and characteristics of the virus was growing. 

Dr. Shi decided to “discover” a new bat coronavirus that was very similar to the one she had created.  That “discovery” would prove that coronaviruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 were found in nature, and so deflect the growing suspicion that she had engineered it in her lab.  

The similarity between the two coronaviruses—including their common ability to infect humans–would greatly reinforce her story that the SARS-CoV-2 had jumped from a bat to a human, perhaps through some intermediate species at the Wuhan wet market. 

So, all Dr. Shi had to do was sit down before her computer keyboard, open a word file, and begin to fabricate the SARS-CoV-2 analogue that she would claim to have found in nature seven years before. All she had to do was type in the genetic sequence of her own creation, SARS-CoV-2, changing a few nucleotides now and again to mimic the “random mutations” that regularly occur in nature.

She could easily have completed the “data entry” part of her task in a day, since all she was doing was entering in a string of letters alternating between the four nucleotides, A, U, G, and C.  And coronaviruses contain less than 30,000 different nucleotides.

Dr. Shi registered her new virus on January 27th, 2020, with the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the customary repository for such information.  She called it RaTG-13, Ra for Rhinolophus affinis, the Latin name of the Intermediate Horseshoe Bat, and 13 for 2013, the year she supposedly “discovered” it.

A lot of people have been taken in by Dr. Shi’s clever “discovery,” which is looking more and more like a forgery. No one else has independently verified its existence.  No other lab has a sample of it, and no one else has ever sequenced it.  And of course, they likely never will, because more and more evidence suggests that it exists only in a string of letters on her computer. 

It was a brilliant scheme, and it almost succeeded.  The Chinese virology community—following new, strict Party guidelines—has published a flurry of studies suggesting that the existence of RaTG-13 proves that SARS-CoV-2 came from nature.  They claim that other “first cousins” of the China Coronavirus will soon be found to exist in nature if we just keep looking.  They do genomic analyses showing that RaTG-13 and SARS-CoV-2 are 96% identical throughout the whole sequence of the viral genome.  They calculate that the two share a common ancestor a few decades back.

Actually, the only thing the two virus genomes have in common is Dr. Shi herself, who engineered the one and appears to have fabricated the other.    

As clever as Batwoman is, however, she did not commit the perfect deception.  She left behind a few key clues that reveal, as clearly as fingerprints on a murder weapon, what she was up to.

One blogger, writing at Nerd Has Power, has brilliantly teased these findings out of the data. The blogger’s efforts can be read here if you have a free afternoon and a strong math background.  I offer here a summary of one of the blogger’s critiques, in the hope of making the blogger’s general line of argument accessible to the layman. Because he published his raw data, I and others have been able to check and verify his work.  I offer here a summary of one of the blogger’s critiques, in the hope of making the blogger’s general line of argument accessible to the layman.

An Impossible Ratio:  As viruses evolve, they mutate.  That is to say, one of the four nucleotides is randomly replaced by another.  Most of these random mutations do not produce changes in the amino acids that make up the protein.  Such mutations are called “synonymous”, since the three-nucleotide “codon” still codes for the same amino acid despite the change.  Like a synonym in a thesaurus, it “looks” different but “means”—in terms of the amino acid and resulting protein—the same thing.

But then there are “non-synonymous” mutations.  These are mutations that do change the resulting amino acid and hence the configuration of the resulting protein.  In nature, the ratio of synonymous to non-synonymous is approximately 5:1. 

Here’s where Dr. Shi got into trouble.  When typing in the genomic sequence of her “discovery” she made way too many non-synonymous changes at the beginning.  Then, one-third of the way through the sequence, she apparently realized her error.  After that, she made way too few non-synonymous changes.  So while the entire genome has the expected 5:1 ratio, there are stretches where the ratio is closer to 2:1, and other long stretches where it is as high as 44:1.

Nature’s mutations are random.  Dr. Shi’s “mutations” are not. Dr. Lawrence Sellin has calculated that the odds that her “mutations” occurred naturally in just one area—the critical spike protein–at almost ten million to one.     

If RaTG-13 is merely a strategic deception, as I believe it is, then what real coronavirus did Dr. Shi enhance in “Gain-of-Function” research to create the highly infectious SARS-CoV-2?  Evidence suggests that a coronavirus from a People’s Liberation Army biolab may have played this role.  

If Dr. Shi’s research was in any way connected with the PLA’s bioweapons research program, this would go a long way towards explaining China’s bizarre behavior – the secrecy, the serial lying, the brutal quarantine, the persecution of whistle-blowers, the seeding of the virus around the world, and the furious rejection by Beijing of the idea of an international commission to investigate the origin and spread of the disease.  It all seems wildly overwrought, even by the standards of a conspiratorial Communist Party whose leaders suffer from a pathological paranoia

Be that as it may, there is one thing about Dr. Shi’s research that we do know with absolute, ironclad certainty: The U.S. was helping to fund it.  From 2013 onward, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, run by the now-famous Dr. Anthony Fauci, gave $7.4 million for research involving gain-of-function work and collecting and studying bat coronaviruses, $600,000 of which went to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Much of the rest went to other labs in China

If Dr. Fauci was as familiar with the Chinese Communist Party as he is with viruses, he would not have sent the Wuhan Institute of Virology one thin dime. He would have known that the PRC has a long-running program to develop bioweapons. He would have concluded that China’s only BSL-4 high containment lab was the obvious place to carry out at least some of this research.  And he definitely did know that the “Gain-of-Function” research he was funding had the potential to create “Pathogens of Pandemic Potential” that might not be used for peaceful ends.

Apparently none of these considerations ever crossed his mind.

Now that Western intelligence services have concluded that SARS-CoV-2 probably is a man-made chimera that leaked from a lab — a lab that he was funding — you might think that Dr. Fauci would be inclined to reevaluate the role he played in this global debacle.

Instead, he continues to tell us that there is “no scientific evidence the coronavirus was made in a Chinese lab” and that there is “no evidence” that it leaked from the lab.

It is a sad end to a career that was at least long, if not particularly illustrious. (Was the Coronavirus Created by Chinese Scientist Who Tried to Cover Her Tracks and Failed? Another excellent article by Mr. Mosher appeared recently on Lifesite News: How Dr. Fauci's Fraudulent Pandemic Advice Put Millions of Americans Through Hell.)

Perhaps the point is this: that Fauci is familiar with the PRC and desires to work in the same kind of environment where “truth” is simply what he wants it to be.

Pope Pius XI reminded us in Divini Redemptoris, March 19, 1937, that Communism is inherently evil and that no one could legitimate cooperate with it any way, something that matters not to Fauci, who is all for cooperation with anything that will his advance the agenda of vaccinations as the cure to most physical illnesses and line the pockets of his friend Bill Gates in the process:

See to it, Venerable Brethren, that the Faithful do not allow themselves to be deceived! Communism is intrinsically wrong, and no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever. Those who permit themselves to be deceived into lending their aid towards the triumph of Communism in their own country, will be the first to fall victims of their error. And the greater the antiquity and grandeur of the Christian civilization in the regions where Communism successfully penetrates, so much more devastating will be the hatred displayed by the godless. (Pope Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris, March 19, 1937.)

This condemnation of any kind of cooperation with Communism was reinterred by the Holy Office on July 1, 1949, the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, under the pontificate of our last true pope, Pope Pius XII:

This Sacred Supreme Congregation has been asked:  

1. whether it is lawful to join Communist Parties or to favour them;
2. whether it is lawful to publish, disseminate, or read books, periodicals, newspapers or leaflets which support the teaching or action of Communists, or to write in them;
3. whether the faithful who knowingly and freely perform the acts specified in questions 1 and 2 may be admitted to the Sacraments;
4. whether the faithful who profess the materialistic and anti-Christian doctrine of the Communists, and particularly those who defend or propagate this doctrine, contract ipso facto excommunication specially reserved to the Apostolic See as apostates from the Catholic faith.

The Most Eminent and Most Reverend Fathers entrusted with the supervision of matters concerning the safeguarding of Faith and morals, having previously heard the opinion of the Reverend Lords Consultors, decreed in the plenary session held on Tuesday (instead of Wednesday), June 28, 1949, that the answers should be as follows:

To 1. in the negative: because Communism is materialistic and anti-Christian; and the leaders of the Communists, although they sometimes profess in words that they do not oppose religion, do in fact show themselves, both in their teaching and in their actions, to be the enemies of God, of the true religion and of the Church of Christ; to 2. in the negative: they are prohibited ipso iure (cf. Can. 1399 of the Codex Iuris Canonici); to 3. in the negative, in accordance with the ordinary principles concerning the refusal of the Sacraments to those who are not disposed; to 4. in the affirmative.

And the following Thursday, on the 30th day of the same month and year, Our Most Holy Lord Pius XII, Pope by the Divine Providence, in the ordinary audience, granted to the Most Eminent and Most Reverend Assessor of the Sacred Office, approved of the decision of the Most Eminent Fathers which had been reported to Him, and ordered the same to be promulgated officially in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis. Given at Rome, on July 1st, 1949. (As found at Decree Against Communism.)

Perhaps there are many amongst the academic, scientific, political, and bureaucratic elites in this country who want to live in a country based on Red Chinese thought control, censorship, imprisonment and torture of "dissidents" from Communist thought and practice. I, for one, do not want to live in such a country, although we may have no choice and we may have no refuge anywhere else in the world as this is what must happen over the course of the centuries once men and their nations reject the sweet yoke of Social Reign of Christ the King as taught and enforced (as a last resort after discharging all efforts at exhortation and admonishment whenever the good of souls demands) by the loving intervention of Holy Mother Church, she who is our mater and magister, Mother and Teacher.

The pro-abortion statist named Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., is completely ignorant of these truths as he sold his soul to the devil fifty years ago in the Faustian bargain that he made to curry favor with “women” by announcing his support for the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States of America in the cases of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, January 22, 1973.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is himself completely supportive of what he calls “women’s reproductive health,” which is a cover for every evil that thwarts the sovereignty of God over the sanctity and fecundity of marriage and thus of the direct, intentional taking of innocent preborn life in full violation  of the Fifth Commandment’s injunction “Thou shalt not kill,” wants a government that is of, for, and by statists who believe that the Red Chinese model of social control is the “best” for what they call “public health” and to condition the people to obey the “experts” with sort of ready obedience and due submission that used to be rendered by most Catholics to true God of Divine Revelation as He has revealed Himself to us through His Catholic Church. Fauci uses every kind of shopworn cliché in the book to denounce his critics as “crazies” or conspiracy theorists” who attack the “science” by attacking him, showing himself to be just as much as a demagogue as Biden himself, who recently read a speech at the United States Coast Guard Academy that included a paraphrase of an old saying authored by none other than the mass murder named Mao Zedong:

President Joe Biden addressed graduates of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy on Wednesday in Connecticut. During his speech, he used a variant of a quote made popular by Chinese dictator Mao Zedong.

Biden was addressing the fact that women made up one-third of the academy’s 2021 graduating class.

“We have to make sure that women have the chance to succeed and … thrive throughout their careers,” the president said.

“There’s a saying that we use in a different context, a Chinese saying that says, ‘Women hold up half the world.’ It’s an absolutely stupid position not to make sure they represent at least half of what we do.”

The “saying” was very similar to one popularized by Mao: “Women hold up half the sky.”

Fox News noted that the declaration by the leader of the Chinese Communist Party in the 1950s was used as propaganda “to promote the CCP’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ endeavor, which led to tens of millions of deaths.”

Biden did substitute the word “sky” for “world,” but his characterization of it as a “Chinese saying” seems to suggest that he was referring to the same quotation used by Mao.

At a campaign fundraiser last year, he reportedly went even further, using Mao’s quote word for word.

Apparently the “ancient Chinese proverb” Biden cited tonight at a fundraiser was by…Mao Zedong

After the latest incident, many conservatives pointed out the bad optics of Biden using a quote popularized by a dictator, particularly at a graduation ceremony for a military academy.

“These students have bravely committed to serving our nation and protecting our freedoms in the United States Coast Guard,” Republican Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama said on Twitter.

“And for some reason, President Biden decided to quote Mao Zedong, a communist dictator and mass murderer, at their graduation.”

I have no words. These students have bravely committed to serving our nation and protecting our freedoms in the United States Coast Guard.

And for some reason, President Biden decided to quote Mao Zedong, a communist dictator and mass murderer, at their graduation.

More concerning than the quote itself, however, is the context in which it was said.

The Intercept reported Monday that the Biden administration is developing a plan to “continuously” monitor service personnel for “concerning behaviors.”

“As part of the Biden administration’s crackdown on domestic extremism, the Pentagon plans to launch a pilot program for screening social media content for extremist material,” the report said.

The Intercept said it had reviewed Defense Department documents and talked to “a source with direct knowledge of the program.”

The program, it said, “will rely on a private surveillance firm in order to circumvent First Amendment restrictions on government monitoring.”

Obviously, no sane American wants any “domestic extremists” in the ranks. The concern, however, is that the Biden administration should not be trusted to define “extremism.”

The left has repeatedly categorized behavior it dislikes as “extremist.” With no clear definition of the term, it is possible that troops could be reprimanded or even kicked out of the military simply because they hold conservative political views.

Some military personnel are fighting back against the idea that “extremism” is common in their ranks.

In a House Armed Services Committee hearing on April 20, Adm. Charles Richard, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, told lawmakers he was not at all concerned about “extremists” infiltrating his ranks.

“I am very confident that the number of extremists in my forces is zero,” Richard said, according to a transcript on the STRATCOM site.

“Every person in my organization has to have a security clearance for starters. Right?” he said. “And when you fill that form out, and I’ve been filling it out for 40 years, there’s an extensive battery of questions designed to get after that very point. And then somebody goes and investigates you, and then they go talk to all your references and then they go talk some more, hunting for that very thing.

“We don’t care what the source of extremism was, those date back to — communism was actually what they were looking for when I first came in and today they’ll even look at your social media.

“If you can’t pass that bar you — I don’t even see you.”

Obviously, the Biden administration is not akin to a Chinese communist dictatorship, and it’s not going to kill millions of Americans.

With that said, the irony of the president’s sharing a version of Mao’s propaganda quote amid his administration’s reported plans to spy on military personnel should not be lost on everyday Americans. (Biden Repeats Quote Popularized by Mass Murderer Mao During Military Commencement Address, But What's Happening in the Background Should Really Have You Concerned. A report on how Red China has been stealing the agricultural technology of the United States of America can be found at While America Slept, China Stole the Farm.)


The author of the report about Biden’s Coast Guard Academy address gives a little too much credit to Biden and those who serve in his administration as the “progressives” with whom the President in Name Only have allied himself are very much kindred spirits with the Chinese Communist Party’s method of governing, monitoring, and repressing their own citizens.

Moreover, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., and his people have been in the forefront of helping aid and bet the largest mass murder scheme in history, namely, the worldwide surgical slaughter of the innocent preborn that includes an estimated 1.6 billion babies since 1980 (see Number of Abortions.) Moreover, we will only know in eternity how much hundreds of millions of people have been killed by the modern Aztecs in white coats by means of “brain death”/human organ vivisection and transplantation, the starvation and dehydration of innocent beings, abortifacient contraceptive pills, and devices, and by “palliative care”/hospice. We won’t even discover the true number of those injured or killed by the “vaccines” being administered until eternity as it should be quite apparent by now to anyone with a modicum of common sense that the truth rarely emanates from the precincts of the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Public Health, of which the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is a part, the United Nations, the World Health, Organization, and almost anyone who is on the payroll of the big pharmaceutical companies. I seem to recall someone saying that a nation founded on lies produces liars. Can’t recall who that is at this moment.

Ideologues such as Biden, Kamala Harris, Anthony Fauci, Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi, Stacey Abrams, Andrew Mark Cuomo, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Gavin Christopher Newsom, J.B. Pritzker, Ralph Northam, Philip Murphy, Diane Feinstien, Xavier Becerra, Charles Ellis Schumer, Richard Durbin, Patrick Leahy, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Patricia Murray, Kate Brown, et. al, do have the blood of the innocent dripping from their hands. Harris, for her part, has been an active persecutor of the pro-life activists.

Thus, it is quite apt to compare the “civilized” merchants of death to their compatriots in Red China, and these merchants of death believe anyone who opposes any proposal that they put forth for automatic acceptance to be “domestic terrorists” who are “threats” to the demigod of democracy. The “civilized” merchants of death want a one-party system as exists currently in Red China that has the strong backing of security and intelligence forces to silence, perhaps permanently “anti-government” dissidents. Men and their nations must necessarily fall under the cruel tyranny of the adversary and his minions when they turn away from the Catholic Church and the Social Reign of Christ the King.

We are eleven hundred years removed from the time when a valiantly saintly woman, Saint Margaret of Scotland, was called to lead her beloved kingdom at a time of great turmoil caused by the vagaries of fallen human nature. Saint Margaret rode on horseback to make peace between her own husband and their son at a time they were literally at war with each other. The Queen of Scotland, whose feast falls annually on June 10 and was commemorated yesterday, June 10, 2021, which was the Octave Day of the Feast of Corpus Christi, sought to establish peace and order as a Catholic who subordinated her own life to the sweet yoke of Christ the King as she sought the temporal and eternal good of souls.

Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B.’s narrative of our Saint provides quite a contrast to our times of conflict based not merely upon the vagaries of fallen human nature but principally upon the results of the metastatic growth of errors and thus of the preponderance of sin over virtue in the hearts and souls of men and thus of their nations:

Scotland had long been Christian, when Margaret was given to her, not to lead her to the baptismal font, but to establish, amidst a population so diversified and so often at mutual enmity, as was hers, that unity which makes a Nation. Ancient Caledonia defended by her lakes, mountains, and rivers, had, up to the fall of the Roman empire, kept her independence. But while herself inaccessible to invading troops, she had become the refuge of the vanquished of every race, and the proscribed of every epoch. Many an advancing wave that had paused and crouched at the feet of her granite frontiers had swept pitilessly over the Southern provinces of the great British island. Britons, Saxons, and Danes in turn, dispossessed and driven from their homes, fleeing northwards had successively crept in, and settling down, as best they might, had maintained their own customs, in juxtaposition with those of the first inhabitants, adding consequently their own mutual jealousies to the inveterate divisions of the Picts and Scots. But from the very evil itself, the remedy was to come. God, in order to show that he is master of revolutions, just as he is of the surging waves, was about to confide the execution of his merciful designs upon Scotland, to such casual instruments as a storm or a political overthrow may sometimes prove to be.


At the opening of the eleventh century, Danish invasion had driven from the English shore the sons of the Saxon king, Edmund Ironside. The crowned apostle of Hungary, Saint Stephen I, generously received the fugitives at his court, welcoming in these helpless children, the great-nephews of a Saint, namely Edward the Martyr. To the eldest, he gave his own daughter in marriage, and the second he affianced to the niece of St. Henry, Emperor of Germany. Of this last mentioned union, were born three children, Edgar, surnamed Atheling, Christian afterwards a nun, and Margaret whose feast the Church is keeping today. Ere long by the turning tide of fortune, the exile once more returned to their country and Edgar was brought to the very steps of the English throne. For in the meanwhile, the scepter had passed from the Danish princes, back again to the Saxon line, in the person of their uncle, Saint Edward the Confessor, and by very birth-right, seemed destined to pass ultimately to Edgar Atheling. But almost immediately after their return from exile, the death of St. Edward and the Norman conquest, again banished the royal Saxon family. The ship bearing these noble fugitives, bound for the continent, was driven in an opposite direction by a hurricane, and stranded on the Scottish shore. Edgar Atheling, despite the efforts of the Saxon party, was never to raise up the fallen throne of his sires; but his sister, the Saint of this day, made conquest of the land whither the storm, God’s instrument, had carried her. (Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., The Liturgical Year, The Feast of Saint Margaret of Scotland, June 10.)

One can see here the felicitous charity of Saint Stephen of Hungary, who, we should remember, had a holy son, Saint Emerick, after whom Amerigo Vespucci was named, for fellow Catholic monarchs, whose were known for their own works of charity and justice, at times when they had to seek refuge away from their homelands. A world based on Catholic principles will not be free of wars and divisions. However, as those who know true history understand, Christendom did produce countless numbers of truly saintly rulers who governed for the great honor and glory of the Most Holy Trinity and who kept uppermost in their minds the simple fact that it is impossible for men to know any semblance of order in their kingdoms (nations) when they are at war with God by means of their unrepentant sins.

Pope Pius XII made this point in his first encyclical letter, Summi Pontificatus, October 10, 1939:

It is true that even when Europe had a cohesion of brotherhood through identical ideals gathered from Christian preaching, she was not free from divisions, convulsions and wars which laid her waste; but perhaps they never felt the intense pessimism of today as to the possibility of settling them, for they had then an effective moral sense of the just and of the unjust, of the lawful and of the unlawful, which, by restraining outbreaks of passion, left the way open to an honorable settlement. In Our days, on the contrary, dissensions come not only from the surge of rebellious passion, but also from a deep spiritual crisis which has overthrown the sound principles of private and public morality. (Pope Pius XII, Summi Pontificatus, October 10, 1939.)

During the era of Christendom, however, there were Catholic monarchs who healed bitter divisions by appealing to the common bond of the Catholic Faith that bound men together in this life as a preparation for a joyful and glorious reunion without any divisions in eternity, and this is what Saint Margaret of Scotland effect in the kingdom that became her own because of her marriage to King Malcolm III:

Having become the wife of Malcolm III, her gentle influence softened the fierce instincts of the son of a Duncan, and triumphed over the barbarism still so dominant in those parts of the country, as to separate them utterly from the rest of the known world. The fierce highlander and haughty lowlander, reconciled at last, now followed their gentle queen along hitherto unknown paths, thrown open by her to the light of the Gospel. The strong now bent him down to meet the weak or the poor; and all alike, casting aside the rigidity of their hardy race, let themselves be captured by the alluring charms of Christian charity. Holy penitence resumed its rights over the gross instincts of mere nature. The frequentation of the sacraments once more brought into esteem, produced seasonable fruits. Everywhere, whether in Church or in state, abuses vanished. The whole kingdom became one family, whereof Margaret was called the Mother; for Scotland was born by her to true civilization. David I (inscribed like his mother in the catalogue of Saints) completed the work begun by her; and another child of Margaret’s, alike worthy of her, Matilda of Scotland, surnamed the “good Queen Maude,” was married to Henry I of England; and thus, an end was put on the English soil, to the persistent rivalries of victors and vanquished, by this admixture of Saxon blood with the Norman race. (Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B., The Liturgical Year, Feast of Saint Margaret of Scotland, June 10.)

Reconciliations such as those brought about by the prayers, sacrifice and loving nature of Saint Margaret of Scotland are not about to happen in the United States of America anytime soon as this nation is founded on such a welter of anti-Incarnational, Judeo-Masonic errors that have finally begun to manifest the perfection of the inherent degeneracy of the founding principles.

Nevertheless, however, do have, as Pope Pius XI reminded us in Caritate Christi Compulsi, May 3, 1932, a remedy to the evils of this present age in the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Lamenting this unhappy state of things from our innermost heart, We are compelled as by a certain necessity to express, according to our weakness, the same words that came from the love of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, crying out in like manner: "I have compassion on the multitude" (Mark viii. 2). But, indeed, the root itself from which this most unhappy state of things arises is yet more to be lamented; for if that judgment of the Holy Spirit, proclaimed by the Apostle St. Paul, "the desire of money is the root of all evils," was always in close agreement with the facts, this is more than ever true at the present time. For is not that avidity for perishable goods which was justly and rightly mocked, even by a heathen poet as the execrable hunger of gold, "auri sacra fames"; is not that sordid seeking for each one's own benefit, which is very often the only motive by which bonds between either individuals or societies are instituted; and, lastly, is not this cupidity, by whatsoever name or style it is called, the chief reason why we now see, to our sorrow, that mankind is brought to its present critical condition? For it is from this that come the first shoots of a mutual suspicion which saps the strength of any human commerce; hence come the sparks of an envy which accounts the goods of others a loss to itself; hence comes that sordid and excessive self-love which orders and subordinates all things to its own advantage, and not only neglects but tramples upon the advantage of others; and, lastly, hence come the iniquitous disturbance of affairs and the unequal division of "possessions, as a result of which the wealth of nations is heaped up in the hands of a very few private men, who -- as We warned you last year, in Our Encyclical Letter Quadragesimo anno -- control the trade of the whole world at their will, thereby doing immense harm to the people.

4. Now if this excessive love of self and of one's own, by an abuse of the legitimate care for our country and an undue exaltation of the feelings of piety towards our own people (which piety is not condemned but hallowed and strengthened by the right order of Christian charity) encroaches on the mutual relations and the ties between peoples, there is hardly anything so abnormal that it will not be regarded as free from fault; so that the same deed which would be condemned by the judgment of all when it is done by private individuals, is held to be honest and worthy of praise when it is done for the love of the country. In this way, a hatred, which must needs be fatal to all, supplants the Divine law of brotherly love which bound all nations and peoples into one family under one Father who is in Heaven; in the administration of public affairs the Divine laws, which are the standard of all civic life and culture, are trampled under foot; the firm foundations of right and faith, on which the commonwealth rests, are overturned; and, lastly, men corrupt and obliterate the principles handed down by their ancestors, according to which the worship of God and the strict observance of His law form the finest flower and the safest pillar of the state. Furthermore -- and this may be called the most perilous of all these evils -- the enemies of all order, whether they be called Communists or by some other name, exaggerating the very grave straits of the economic crisis, in this great perturbation of morals, with extreme audacity, direct all their efforts to one end, seeking to cast away every bridle from their necks, and breaking the bonds of all law both human and divine, wage an atrocious war against all religion and against God Himself; in this it is their purpose to uproot utterly all knowledge and sense of religion from the minds of men, even from the tenderest age, for they know well that if once the Divine law and knowledge were blotted out from the minds of men there would now be nothing that they could not arrogate to themselves. And thus we now see with our own eyes -- what we have not read of as happening anywhere before -- impious men, agitated by unspeakable fury, shamelessly liking up a banner against God and against all religion throughout the whole world.

5. It is true, indeed, that wicked men were never wanting, nor men who denied the existence of God; but these last were very few in number, and, being alone and singular, they either feared to express their evil mind openly, or thought it inopportune to do so. The Psalmist, inspired by the Divine Spirit, seems to hint this in those words: "The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God" (Ps. xiii. 1, lii. 1); as though he showed us such an impious man, as one solitary in a multitude, denying that God his Maker exists, but shutting up this sin in his innermost mind. But in this age of ours, this most pernicious error is now propagated far and wide amid the multitude, it is insinuated even in the popular schools, and shows itself openly in the theaters; and in order that it may be spread abroad as far as possible, its advocates seek aid from the latest inventions, from what are called cinematographic scenes, from gramophonic and radiophonic concerts and discourses; and possessed of printing offices of their own, they print books in all languages, and, taking a triumphant course, they publicly display the monuments and documents of their impiety. Nor is this enough; for dispersed among political, economical and military parties, and closely associated with them, through their heralds, by means of committees, by pictures and leaflets, and all other possible means, they labor diligently in the evil work of spreading their opinions among all classes and societies, and in the public ways; and to carry this further, supported by the authority and work of their universities, they succeed at last by forceful industry in binding fast those who have incautiously allowed themselves to be aggregated to their body. When We consider all this careful labor devoted to the advantage of an unlawful cause, that most sad complaint of Christ our Lord spontaneously rises in our mind and on our lips: "The children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light" (Luke xvi. 8).

6. Now, the leaders and authors of this iniquitous faction do all they can to turn the present distress and need of all things to their own purpose; and they seek, by infamous cavils, to persuade the people that God and religion are to blame as the cause of all these great evils; and that the sacred Cross of Christ our Savior itself, the ensign of poverty and humility, may be compared with the ensigns of the modern lust of domineering; as though, forsooth, religion was joined in friendly union with those conventicles of darkness which have brought such an immense mass of misery upon the whole world. And by this line of argument they strive, not without fatal effect, to mix up the struggle for daily food, the desire to possess a smallholding, to have a fair wage, an honorable home and, lastly, those conditions of life that are not unworthy of a man, with their iniquitous war against God. It may be added that these same men, going beyond all measure, treat alike the legitimate appetites of nature and its unbridled lusts, so long as this seems to favor their impious plans and institutions; as though the eternal laws promulgated by God were in conflict with man's happiness, whereas they create it and preserve it; or as if the power of man, however much it may be augmented by the latest inventions of art, could prevail against the most mighty will of God the Best and Greatest and give to the world a new and a better order.

7. And now, indeed, which is much to be lamented, immense multitudes of men, having completely lost touch with the truth, adopt these delusions, and believing that they are fighting for livelihood and culture utter violent invectives against God and against religion. Nor is this directed against the Catholic religion alone. For it is against all those that acknowledge God as the Author of this visible world, and as the Supreme Ruler of all things. Moreover, the Secret Societies, which by their nature are ever ready to help the enemies of God and of the Church -- be these who they may -- are seeking to add fresh fires to this poisonous hatred, from which there comes no peace or happiness of the civil order, but the certain ruin of states.

8. In this wise, this new form of impiety, while it removes all checks from the most powerful lusts of man, most impudently proclaims that there will be no peace and no happiness on earth until the last vestige of religion has been uprooted, and the last of its followers beheaded -- as though they thought that the wondrous concert wherein all created things "show forth the glory of God" (cf. Ps. xviii. 2) could ever be reduced to everlasting silence. (Pope Pius XI, Caritate Christi Compulsi, May 3, 1932.)

Does it not seem as though Pope Pius XI was writing to us in our present day, eighty-nine years after he issued Cartiate Christi Compulsi?

Pope Pius XI’s words were written at the height of the Great Depression, and the statism that emerged triumphant throughout the former countries of Christendom and elsewhere, including here in the United States of America, after World War II has led to the greatest depression of all: the poverty of the spirit, a poverty that can be found in the midst of the world, governed as it is by elected tyrants who have contempt for the laws of God and men, and in the midst of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, which is governed by truly heartless, cruel men who distort everything in the Sacred Deposit of Faith and thus mock Christ the King while leading men further and further into the abyss by reaffirming them in their lives of utter debauchery.

There is, however, a remedy at hand for cruelty and hatred at work in the world, and that remedy is be found by making reparation to the very fountain of Divine mercy, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, which Pope Pius XI explained in Caritate Christi Compulsi:

31. Let, therefore, this year the Feast of the Sacred Heart be for the whole Church one of holy rivalry of reparation and supplication. Let the faithful hasten in large numbers to the eucharistic board, hasten to the foot of the altar to adore the Redeemer of the world, under the veils of the Sacrament, that you, Venerable Brethren, will have solemnly exposed that day in all churches, let them pour out to that Merciful Heart that has known all the griefs of the human heart, the fullness of their sorrow, the steadfastness of their faith, the trust of their hope, the ardor of their charity. Let them pray to Him, interposing likewise the powerful patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of all graces, for themselves and for their families, for their country, for the Church; let them pray to Him for the Vicar of Christ on earth and for all the other Pastors, who share with him the dread burden of the spiritual government of souls; let them pray for their brethren who believe, for their brethren who err, for unbelievers, for infidels, even for the enemies of God and the Church, that they may be converted, and let them pray for the whole of poor mankind.

32. Let this spirit of prayer and reparation be maintained with keen earnestness and intensity by all the faithful during the entire octave, to which dignity it has pleased Us to raise this feast; and during this octave, in the manner that each of you, Venerable Brethren, according to local circumstances, shall think opportune to prescribe or counsel, let there be public prayers and other devout exercises of piety, for the intentions We have briefly touched on above, "that we may obtain mercy and find grace in seasonable aid." (Hebr. iv. 16.)

33. May this be indeed for the whole Christian people an octave of reparation and of holy austerity; let these be days of mortification and of prayer. Let the faithful abstain at least from entertainments and amusements however lawful; let those who are in easier circumstances deduct also something voluntarily, in the spirit of Christian renunciation from the moderate measure of their usual manner of life bestowing rather on the poor the proceeds of this retrenchment, since almsgiving is also an excellent means of satisfying divine Justice and drawing down divine mercies. And let the poor, and all those who at this time are facing the hard trial of unemployment and scarcity of food, let them in a like spirit of penance offer with greater resignation the privations imposed on them by these hard times and the state of society, which divine Providence in its inscrutable but ever-loving plan has assigned them. Let them accept with a humble and trustful heart from the hand of God the effects of poverty, rendered harder by the distress in which mankind is now struggling; let them rise more generously even to the divine sublimity of the Cross of Christ, reflecting on the fact, that if work is among the greatest values of life, it was nevertheless love of a suffering God that saved the world; let them take comfort in the certainty that their sacrifices and their trials borne in a Christian spirit will concur efficaciously to hasten the hour of mercy and peace.

34. The divine Heart of Jesus cannot but be moved at the prayers and sacrifices of His Church, and He will finally say to His Spouse, weeping at His feet under the weight of so many griefs and woes: "Great is thy faith; be it done to thee as thou wilt." (Matth. xv. 28.)  (Pope Pius XI, Caritate Christi Compulsi, May 3, 1932.)

This is a message for our day as well, is it not?

Yes, we must do penance for how we have grieved the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus by our sins.

We must do penance for our indifferences to the life-giving stream of Water and Blood that continues to flow forth from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the loving hands of Our Lady, she who is indeed the Mediatrix of All Grace.

We must do penance for the many times we have been distracted or rush in our prayers, for the many times we have been “too busy” to pray, to immersed in the agitation of the world to think in supernatural terms and to spend more time in prayer rather than “surfing” the internet to find the latest source of agitation and angst.

Our Lord Himself wants to enfold us in the tender mercies of His Most Sacred Heart as His consecrated slaves through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

May the Sorrowful Mysteries we pray today on the very Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus remind us that the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus beat with love for each of us personally as He hung on the gibbet of the Holy Cross, and its beats for us still in his Real Presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament. He loves us. He wills our good, the ultimate expression of which is the very salvation of our souls as members of the Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation and without which there can be no true social order.

How can we not return love unto Love Himself, who paid back the debt of our sins in His own Most Precious Blood as His Most Sacred Heart was bled dry to make it possible for us to be cleansed in the Baptismal font and in the Sacred Tribunal of Penance?

The Most Sacred Heart of Prisoner of Love awaits our acts of adoration in His Real Presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

May we always beg Our Lady for the graces necessary to show forth the same tender mercies to others that her Divine Son shows for us through His Most Sacred Heart, which was formed out of her own loving Immaculate Heart.

A most blessed Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to you all.

Isn’t it time to pray a Rosary of reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

Cor Jesu Sacratissimum, miserere nobis.

Cor Jesu Sacratissimum, miserere nobis.

Cor Jesu Sacratissimum, miserere nobis.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Barnabas (whose feast is suppressed this year, pray for us.)