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                   September 23. 2008

Reference Resource: The Fraud of Voting

by Thomas A. Droleskey

To assert the noninfallible prudential judgment, binding on no one, that there is no real, rational good to be accomplished by means of participation in the fraudulent nature of our Judeo-Masonic electoral system is not to place oneself beyond the pale of the Catholic Faith. I thank a champion of the Social Reign of Christ the King, Mr. Daniel Leonardi, who has the incalculable benefit of being a native Long Islander, compiling these quotes (another of which he took from We Have Learned Nothing, 2004, which was published in a bi-weekly Catholic publication and then reprinted in Restoring Christ as the King of All Nations in 2005):

To allow the masses, invariably uninformed and impulsive, to make decisions on the most serious matters, is this not to hand oneself over to chance and deliberately run towards the abyss? Yes, it would be more appropriate to call universal suffrage universal madness and, when the secret societies have taken control of it as is all too often the case, universal falsehood." (Pope Pius IX, Statement to French pilgrims, May 5, 1874, cited by Abbe Georges de Nantes, CCR # 333, p. 24.)

"...we must have everybody vote without distinction of classes and qualifications. . . . This was the foundation of the mine which we have laid under the goy people...." Protocol #10, Protocols of the Elders of Zion)

To most Americans the word "politics" means "voting." For over two hundred years we have been conditioned to view the yeas an nays in an arena where someone is always running for election and some new policy being considered. There seems to be no other way, for according our Declaration of Independence all men are created equal. Furthermore, because governments, "derive their just powers from the consent of the governed....it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish.... and to institute a new government, laying its foundations on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness."

This revolutionary doctrine established perpetual change as principle in a political economy where men are all equal and must govern themselves as they see fit at any given moment, obviously some means of arriving at a consensus must be devised. So far, voting has provided the only practical solution to the problem. It was the expedient agreed upon for making one out of many and getting something done. Without voting, the national pluribus would have no unum worth mentioning. It is the indispensable building-block of democracy and inalienable warrant of individual liberty.

Catholics should know better but probably can't if they were cradled in the democratic religion.

Although votes may be integral to democracy, the faith alone should tell us they are not integral to politics. The connection is entirely accidental. Human government draws is fundamentals from natural law, which does not change with the times. Opinion has nothing to do with it. Universal suffrage, now accepted as a law of life, was an eighteenth century innovation, unknown till them even in the Greek city states. For thousands of years great empires subsisted without it.

The essence of politics is not votes, but the transmission of authority, which according to natural law can only proceed downward from God throughout society. So the Church always taught before the Second Vatican Council. Voting as practiced in modern times is the indispensable adjunct to the democratic heresy because it is the device whereby authority is allegedly transmitted upward from the people instead of downward from God. (Solange Hertz, Utopia.)

"Sovereignty of the People is a Heresy," by Monsignor Charles Maignen:

"Philosophy teaches that monarchy is the best form of government and if the Church should one day pronounce Itself upon this question of principle, without proscribing any regular form, it is in this sense that She will do so.

"We know, on the other hand, that the partisans of the sovereignty of the people prefer the republic to the monarchy, even to a constitutional monarchy, and they establish or intend to establish it throughout.

"It is, then, natural that in France, country of logic and of extreme consequences, the battle of the two principles manifests itself by the battle of the political forms which are, each for its part, the most perfect expressions of each.

"Before all, the question must clearly be set dow, in as much as it is a matter of minds, ultimately to have a touch-stone which will enable the true children of the Church to be recognized, which would unite Her, by separating the good grain along with the truth.

"If Catholics are divided, it is because they are not separated enough from their enemies.

"Many allow themselves to be taken in by appearances and formulas; the fundamental object of the debate must be placed in the light and in evidence in order to show where the enemy is, if one would truly conquer it.

"The revolutionary dogma of the sovereignty of the people; there is the enemy!

"So long as this error will continue to dominate minds, there will not be a single government in the entire world that would be able to remain Christian.

"Christian monarchy will not be possible, without a people who knows how to obey, and a king who dares to command.

"Even a Christian republic will be impossible, because it foolishly would establish a popular government, whereupon the people would not know the limits to its sovereignty.

"All efforts of the Church and of Catholics must, then, tend towards this goal; that of proclaiming the degeneration of man who has usurped, in society, the place of God.

"The Church, one day, will do it. She will strike an anathema upon the fundamental dogma of the Revolution; viz: 'He would say that sovereignty does not come from God, but from the people and resides essentially in the nation, let him be anathema.'"

"This will be the day of triumph!" (page 2)

page 53--"How can you place an anathema upon the dogma of the sovereignty of the people, if you look to it for salvation?

"How can you proclaim the impresciptible and divine rights of the Church, if the program you would establish for its defense is an electoral program, destined to rally the majority of men of these times?

"O infernal ruse of the spirit of lies which leads us into this parade!

"Come away from the cloven hooves of popular votes! O Catholics, there is no other way out!"


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Viva Cristo Rey! Vivat Christus Rex!

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