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Updated on April 11, 2004

Still Time to Save Saint Ann's

(Update material is to be found near the end of the article)

Revolutionaries hate everything about the past, which is why they must resort to physical violence against people and property so as to wipe out all traces of the past, to say nothing of teaching any possible counter-revolutionaries a lesson or two about what might befall then and their families and their property if they stand up to the inexorable march of the evolutionary forces of progress.

The first real modern revolution was the Protestant Revolution (whose path was certainly made possible by the sophistries and lies of pretended “philosophers” in the Renaissance), which was a violent and bloody assault upon the priestly hierarchy established by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at the Last Supper and upon anyone who held fast to it in spite of the slogans and misuse of history and theology by the revolutionaries and their apologists. Catholic churches were ransacked and stripped, statues destroyed, altars smashed, confessionals ripped out. I know, this sounds pretty much like what has happened within the Catholic Church in the past thirty-five years or so, which is precisely the point: the spirit of the innovation and the novelties of the past thirty-five to forty-five years is indeed Protestant to its very core, manifesting itself not only in the novelties of the Novus Ordo Missae but in the very design of our church buildings, both exteriorly and interiorly.

Indeed, the Protestant hatred of the glories of Catholicism reached fever pitch with John Calvin and his bloodthirsty disciples throughout Europe. Oliver Cromwell smashed altars in England with glee in the Seventeenth Century. The Immemorial Mass of Tradition was replaced with a "worship service," focusing on community fellowship which attempted to recapture the mythical spirit of a mythical, simpler liturgy. Again, this sounds very familiar to war-weary traditional Catholics who have seen the Faith of our Fathers stolen from us by wolves who are dressed in shepherds' clothing.

The Protestant Revolution, founded in its hatred for Christ’s true Church, was but the precursor of all modern social revolutions, starting with the French Revolution, founded as they have been in the hatred of everything to do with God and the deification of man. The French Revolutionaries executed many Catholics, all to the delight of the bloodthirsty crowds, and committed unspeakable blasphemies in Catholic churches, including on the high altar of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The Freemasons who overthrew the Papal States in Italy were motived in large measure by a fierce anti-clericalism and a hatred for all things Catholic. Otto von Bismarck’s Kulturkampf sought, at least for a brief time, to make war upon the true Church in Germany as he sought to create the world’s first Welfare State. The Bolesheviks, having reached an accommodation with the Russian Orthodox to purchase their silence and to give them churches stolen from the Catholic Church, made war upon Catholics wherever they were found in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (especially in the Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States) and the countries of Eastern Europe seized by force during and after World II that had large concentrations of Catholics. The Freemasons in Mexico, many of whom made war upon each other occasionally, persecuted the Church with intermittent ferocity, reaching a fever pitch in the second and third decades of the Twentieth Century. And the Maoists are still at work in Red China, persecuting the tiny minority of Roman Catholics in the underground Church there, doing so without a word of protest by any American presidential administration, Republican or Democrat. Sadly, this is only a partial listing of the attacks upon the Church by the world’s social revolutionaries in the past two hundred fifteen years.

Of particular interest to revolutionaries is the destruction of all physical reminders of the past. Statues are knocked down and destroyed. As noted above, churches are ransacked or turned into museums or shrines of the revolution. Even the dating of time itself must be altered so as to create the illusion that the Incarnation of the Word in Our Lady’s virginal and immaculate womb never occurred and that time itself has