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                 December 23, 2013


Partners In Lies and Lawlessness

Part One

by Thomas A. Droleskey

As has been noted so many times on this site in its nearly ten years of existence--and in the printed pages of Christ of Chaos between 1996 and 2003, Modernity and Modernism are partners in lies and lawlessness.

Modernity is founded in the Protestant and Judeo-Masonic lie that the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, is a matter of complete indifference to order within souls and thus within nations. Accompany this most fundamental of all lies is Modernity's contention, reflected very well in the minds of the American founders, many of whom had a founding hatred for Christ the King, that it is possible for men to be virtuous on their own powers without belief in, access to or cooperation with Sanctifying Grace. It is the persistent belief in these lies that afflicts so many people today, including believing Catholics, into spinning their wheels constantly as the devil uses various provocations of "current events" into spending their lives seeking "shortcuts" to "resolve" problems that are the results of the vestigial after-effects Original Sin and the effects Actual Sins in a world where Catholicism is not accepted as the one and only means of personal and social order.

Modernism is founded on a multiplicity of lies, including its "official reconciliation" the anti-Incarnational lies of Modernity (separation of Church and State, religious liberty), starting with the belief that the articles contained in the Sacred Deposit of Faith can be subjected to reinterpretation in belief that doctrinal truth contains such an infinite variety of aspects and whose expression is limited by the vicissitudes of language and the changing circumstances in which men live from age to age as to render our understanding of it different from one time to the next.

To create a theoretical construct that is conduced on the grounds of one lie after another, leads to the triumph of lawlessness over the course of time as men, whether acting individually in their own lives or collectively with others, come to believe that they are exempt from the laws of God and men, which is why it is a good idea to call to mind the words of Pope Leo XIII about what happens to men and their nations who choose to reject the sweet yoke of the Social Reign of Christ the King:


God alone is Life. All other beings partake of life, but are not life. Christ, from all eternity and by His very nature, is "the Life," just as He is the Truth, because He is God of God. From Him, as from its most sacred source, all life pervades and ever will pervade creation. Whatever is, is by Him; whatever lives, lives by Him. For by the Word "all things were made; and without Him was made nothing that was made." This is true of the natural life; but, as We have sufficiently indicated above, we have a much higher and better life, won for us by Christ's mercy, that is to say, "the life of grace," whose happy consummation is "the life of glory," to which all our thoughts and actions ought to be directed. The whole object of Christian doctrine and morality is that "we being dead to sin, should live to justice" (I Peter ii., 24)-that is, to virtue and holiness. In this consists the moral life, with the certain hope of a happy eternity. This justice, in order to be advantageous to salvation, is nourished by Christian faith. "The just man liveth by faith" (Galatians iii., II). "Without faith it is impossible to please God" (Hebrews xi., 6). Consequently Jesus Christ, the creator and preserver of faith, also preserves and nourishes our moral life. This He does chiefly by the ministry of His Church. To Her, in His wise and merciful counsel, He has entrusted certain agencies which engender the supernatural life, protect it, and revive it if it should fail. This generative and conservative power of the virtues that make for salvation is therefore lost, whenever morality is dissociated from divine faith. A system of morality based exclusively on human reason robs man of his highest dignity and lowers him from the supernatural to the merely natural life. Not but that man is able by the right use of reason to know and to obey certain principles of the natural law. But though he should know them all and keep them inviolate through life-and even this is impossible without the aid of the grace of our Redeemer-still it is vain for anyone without faith to promise himself eternal salvation. "If anyone abide not in Me, he shall be cast forth as a branch, and shall wither, and they shall gather him up and cast him into the fire, and he burneth" john xv., 6). "He that believeth not shall be condemned" (Mark xvi., 16). We have but too much evidence of the value and result of a morality divorced from divine faith. How is it that, in spite of all the zeal for the welfare of the masses, nations are in such straits and even distress, and that the evil is daily on the increase? We are told that society is quite able to help itself; that it can flourish without the assistance of Christianity, and attain its end by its own unaided efforts. Public administrators prefer a purely secular system of government. All traces of the religion of our forefathers are daily disappearing from political life and administration. What blindness! Once the idea of the authority of God as the Judge of right and wrong is forgotten, law must necessarily lose its primary authority and justice must perish: and these are the two most powerful and most necessary bonds of society. Similarly, once the hope and expectation of eternal happiness is taken away, temporal goods will be greedily sought after. Every man will strive to secure the largest share for himself. Hence arise envy, jealousy, hatred. The consequences are conspiracy, anarchy, nihilism. There is neither peace abroad nor security at home. Public life is stained with crime.

So great is this struggle of the passions and so serious the dangers involved, that we must either anticipate ultimate ruin or seek for an efficient remedy. It is of course both right and necessary to punish malefactors, to educate the masses, and by legislation to prevent crime in every possible way: but all this is by no means sufficient. The salvation of the nations must be looked for higher. A power greater than human must be called in to teach men's hearts, awaken in them the sense of duty, and make them better. This is the power which once before saved the world from destruction when groaning under much more terrible evils. Once remove all impediments and allow the Christian spirit to revive and grow strong in a nation, and that nation will be healed. The strife between the classes and the masses will die away; mutual rights will be respected. If Christ be listened to, both rich and poor will do their duty. The former will realise that they must observe justice and charity, the latter self-restraint and moderation, if both are to be saved. Domestic life will be firmly established ( by the salutary fear of God as the Lawgiver. In the same way the precepts of the natural law, which dictates respect for lawful authority and obedience to the laws, will exercise their influence over the people. Seditions and conspiracies will cease. Wherever Christianity rules over all without let or hindrance there the order established by Divine Providence is preserved, and both security and prosperity are the happy result. The common welfare, then, urgently demands a return to Him from whom we should never have gone astray; to Him who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and this on the part not only of individuals but of society as a whole. We must restore Christ to this His own rightful possession. All elements of the national life must be made to drink in the Life which proceedeth from Him- legislation, political institutions, education, marriage and family life, capital and labour. Everyone must see that the very growth of civilisation which is so ardently desired depends greatly upon this, since it is fed and grows not so much by material wealth and prosperity, as by the spiritual qualities of morality and virtue. (Pope Leo XIII, Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus, November 1, 1900.)

What I wrote on November 16, 2013, is just as applicable now, thirty-seven days later:


Public life has been stained with crime in the United States of America from its very inception upon one false principle of naturalism after another, the logical issue of the revolution begun by Martin Luther on October 31, 1517, against the Divine Plan that God Himself instituted to effect man's return to Him by the means of His Catholic Church that He Himself founded upon the Rock of Peter, the Pope.

Most Catholics have never realized this as they were convinced by the likes of Father John Carroll that it was "good enough" for them in order to be "free" from the persecutions and restrictions upon which their ancestors in England and Ireland had lived and had continued in many of the English colonies along the Atlantic seaboard prior to the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, and continued, at least on a de facto basis, in some of the first thirteen states even after the ratification of the First Amendment on December 15, 1791.

The "freedom" that Catholics believed existed for them in the nascent United States of America was illusory as it was a trap to convince them to keep their Faith out of the public "market place of ideas" in exchange for "social acceptance," although that "acceptance" came hard during the Nineteenth Century during the midst of virulent anti-Catholicism at the state level that has now become an official part of the domestic policy of the government of the United States of America. Many Catholics today do not consider the policies of the government of the United States of America as evil as they have been convinced that there is a "separation between Church and State" and have been so immersed in a world of "democracy" and materialism and "egalitarianism" that they have come to view Holy Mother Church through the eyes of the world rather than through through the supernatural eyes of the Holy Faith. 

As most people are unaware of these facts or attempt to dismiss their accuracy, preferring to permit themselves to be steeped in the nationalist myths of the infallibility of the American founding principles, they are unwilling to see that the lawlessness of Barack Hussein Obama is, although arguably the boldest that the nation has seen thus far, the result of the false belief that the fabric of social order and material prosperity can be realized and sustained in a land where public law protects and popular culture promotes that which is opposed to the peace and happiness of eternity, namely, grievous sins, including those that cry out to Heaven for vengeance.

A nation founded on lies and that institutionalizes sin as a matter of public policy under the aegis of "human rights" must be consigned to have office-holders who base each of their policies and various lies and misrepresentations.

Take a look at the lies that were told to sell the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," otherwise known as ObamaCare, in 2009 and 2010 prior to its passage by the Congress of the United States of America on March 21, 2010:


White House Web page: "Linda Douglass of the White House Office of Health Reform debunks the myth that reform will force you out of your current insurance plan or force you to change doctors. To the contrary, reform will expand your choices, not eliminate them. " (Spanish-language version.)

White House Web page: "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan."

President’s weekly address, June 6, 2009: "If you like the plan you have, you can keep it.  If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too.  The only change you’ll see are falling costs as our reforms take hold."

Town hall in Green Bay, Wis., June 11, 2009: "No matter how we reform health care, I intend to keep this promise:  If you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor; if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan."

Remarks at the American Medical Association, June 15, 2009: "I know that there are millions of Americans who are content with their health care coverage — they like their plan and, most importantly, they value their relationship with their doctor. They trust you. And that means that no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what."

Presidential press conference, June 23, 2009. "If you like your plan and you like your doctor, you won't have to do a thing. You keep your plan. You keep your doctor."

Rose Garden remarks, July 15, 2009. "If you like your doctor or health care provider, you can keep them. If you like your health care plan, you can keep that too."

Remarks at a rally for New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, July 16, 2009: "if you've got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan — you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan.  Nobody is talking about taking that away from you."

Presidential weekly address, July 18, 2009: "Michelle and I don’t want anyone telling us who our family’s doctor should be – and no one should decide that for you either. Under our proposals, if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor. If you like your current insurance, you keep that insurance. Period, end of story."

Rose Garden remarks, July 21, 2009: "If you like your current plan, you will be able to keep it.  Let me repeat that: If you like your plan, you'll be able to keep it."

Remarks in Shaker Heights, Ohio, July 23, 2009: "Reform will keep the government out of your health care decisions, giving you the option to keep your coverage if you're happy with it."

Town hall in Raleigh, N.C., July 29, 2009: "I have been as clear as I can be. Under the reform I've proposed, if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. These folks need to stop scaring everybody. Nobody is talking about you forcing … to change your plans."

Presidential weekly address, Aug. 8, 2009: "Under the reforms we seek, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan."

Town hall in Portsmouth, N.H., Aug. 11, 2009: "Under the reform we're proposing, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan."

Town hall in Belgrade, Mont., Aug. 14, 2009: "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. This is not some government takeover. If you like your doctor, you can keep seeing your doctor. This is important."

Presidential weekly address, Aug. 15, 2009: "No matter what you’ve heard, if you like your doctor or health care plan, you can keep it."

Town hall in Grand Junction, Colo., Aug. 15, 2009: "I just want to be completely clear about this. I keep on saying this but somehow folks aren't listening — if you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan.  Nobody is going to force you to leave your health care plan.  If you like your doctor, you keep seeing your doctor."

Remarks to Organizing for America, Aug. 20, 2009: "No matter what you've heard, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor under the reform proposals that we've put forward.  If you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep it."

Presidential weekly address, Aug. 22, 2009: "Under the reform we seek, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. Period."

Remarks on health care reform, March 3, 2010: "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  Because I can tell you that as the father of two young girls, I wouldn’t want any plan that interferes with the relationship between a family and their doctor."

Presidential weekly address, March 6, 2010: "What won’t change when this bill is signed is this: If you like the insurance plan you have now, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Because nothing should get in the way of the relationship between a family and their doctor."

Remarks in Glenside, Pa., March 8, 2010: "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

Remarks in St. Charles, Mo., March 10, 2010: " If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

Remarks in St. Louis, Mo., March 10, 2010: "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. I’m the father of two young girls –- I don’t want anybody interfering between my family and their doctor."

Remarks in Strongsville, Ohio, March 15, 2010: "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  I don't want to interfere with people’s relationships between them and their doctors."

Remarks in Fairfax, Va., March 19, 2010: "If you like your doctor, you’re going to be able to keep your doctor. If you like your plan, keep your plan. I don’t believe we should give government or the insurance companies more control over health care in America. I think it’s time to give you, the American people, more control over your health."

Obama’s comments between the law’s signing and the release of the HHS regulations

White House web page: "For those Americans who already have health insurance, the only changes you will see under the law are new benefits, better protections from insurance company abuses, and more value for every dollar you spend on health care. If you like your plan you can keep it and you don’t have to change a thing due to the health care law."

Remarks in Iowa City, Iowa, March 25, 2010: "You like your plan? You’ll be keeping your plan. No one is taking that away from you."

Remarks in Portland, Maine, April 1, 2010: The critics will "see that if Americans like their doctor, they will keep their doctor.  And if you like your insurance plan, you will keep it.  No one will be able to take that away from you.  It hasn’t happened yet.  It won’t happen in the future."

White House blog post by Stephanie Cutter, May 18, 2010: "A key point to remember is that while the Act makes many changes to the individual market, it specifically allows those who want to keep their current insurance to do so.  Most of the Act’s protections apply only to new policies, allowing people to stick with their current plan if they prefer."

After the release of the HHS regulations

Kathleen Sebelius blog post, June 14, 2010: "The bottom line is that under the Affordable Care Act, if you like your doctor and plan, you can keep them."

White House blog post by Stephanie Cutter. "Another important step we’ve taken is to fulfill President Obama’s promise that ‘if you like your health plan, you can keep it.’ Last week, Secretary Sebelius and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis announced a new rule that protects the ability of individuals and businesses to keep their current plan.  It outlines conditions under which current plans can be ‘grandfathered’ into the system, minimizing market disruption and putting us all on the path toward the competitive, patient-centered market of the future."

Remarks on the Affordable Care Act Supreme Court ruling, June 28, 2012: "If you’re one of the more than 250 million Americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance — this law will only make it more secure and more affordable."

Campaign event in Pittsburgh, July 6, 2012: "If you have health insurance, the only thing that changes for you is you’re more secure because insurance companies can't drop you when you get sick."

Campaign event in Virginia Beach, Va., July 13, 2012: "If you already have health care, the only thing this bill does is make sure that it’s even more secure and insurance companies can't jerk you around."

First presidential debate in Denver, Oct. 3, 2012: "If you've got health insurance, it doesn't mean a government takeover. You keep your own insurance. You keep your own doctor. But it does say insurance companies can't jerk you around."

Remarks in Largo, Md., Sept. 26, 2013: "Now, let’s start with the fact that even before the Affordable Care Act fully takes effect, about 85 percent of Americans already have health insurance — either through their job, or through Medicare, or through the individual market. So if you’re one of these folks, it’s reasonable that you might worry whether health care reform is going to create changes that are a problem for you — especially when you’re bombarded with all sorts of fear-mongering. So the first thing you need to know is this: If you already have health care, you don’t have to do anything." ('If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan.')

Falling costs?

No fear of changes creating a problem for Americans?

Those last set of remarks, given just under three months ago now, came five days before the launch and the crash of the ObamaCare website that was supposed to fuel a "pent up" demand for coverage. The website was hard to navigate, asked for personal information, not properly secured, before taxpayers could browse various plans on the statist health care exchanges and wound up being taken down by the administration given its very celebrated ability to function after untold sums of money had been spent to design and launch it.

Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro is being seen by increasingly large numbers of people for what he has been from the very beginning of his public career as Barry Soetoro morphed into Barack Hussein Obama, a man whose autobiography contained as many misrepresentations of fact as those found in my late mother's adoptive father's memoirs, The Memoirs of Chief Red Fox (see Chief Red Fox, by George Farias): a liar.

Obama/Soetoro's lies on other matters (using the Internal Revenue Service to intimidate, harass and hound various "conservative" organizations, the Fast and Furious gun-running scheme by which sophisticated high-powered weaponry found their way into the hands of the ruthless Mexican drug cartels, the continued cover-up of the attack that took place on the American compound in Benghazi, Libya, on Tuesday, September 11, 2012, and the National Security Agency program that has collected data about each one of us, it appears) are also catching up with him, something that columnist Glenn Reynolds noted in USA Today:


Then there is the foreign affairs realm, where 2014 also looks to be worse than 2013. The Obamacare debacle did one useful thing for Obama: It drove the Syria debacle off the front pages. But Obama's precipitous decline in the polls didn't start with the Obamacare rollout; he was already slipping from the ineptitude displayed over Syria, where we went from "Syria Must Be Attacked!" to "Never Mind" in the space of three weeks. Obamacare -- and the NSA spying scandals, and the ongoing drip-drip of the IRS and Benghazi scandals -- has only made it worse. Obama is currently less popular than any postwar president except Richard Nixon at this stage in their terms.

Increasingly, Americans see him as a loser. But more importantly, he's perceived by our friends and enemies abroad as weak and preoccupied. The Saudis are livid about our handling of Iran; needless to say, so are the Israelis. The Iranians clearly don't take us seriously, and Vladimir Putin, who outfoxed Obama over Syria, is plainly unimpressed. The combination of distrust by our friends and disrespect from our enemies is a dangerous mix, and comes at an unsettled time that some scholars are comparing to the years before World War I. It's a time when we need better than usual diplomacy, and that does not appear to be in the offing. (Why 2014 Will Be Even Worse for Obama.)

Overlooking the fact that Mr. Reynolds appears to view foreign policy through the eyes of the Israelis and that Vladimir Putin was correct to have made Obama/Soetoro's planned military attack on Syria in support of the Catholic-hating Mohammedan insurgents there impossible to carry out, it is nevertheless true that each of the scandals summarized in the passage above has exposed Obama/Soetoro and his administration to have no regard for truth even on the natural level, to say nothing of supernatural truths which the current administration attacks with a vengeance that comes to matching those of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his false church, something that will be reviewed yet again tomorrow in part two of this commentary.

When all is said and done, however, public opposition to ObamaCare has grown principally because of purely "pocket book" considerations. There is widespread public outrage over the increased costs of monthly premiums, the cancellation of the insurance policies of nearly five million Americans and escalating premiums for others as their policies have been adjusted to cover things that many people, including, say, the consecrated religious and the elderly, do not need (e.g. prenatal care) or want (contraception, abortion, sterilization, gender-change surgery, elective cosmetic surgery). Opposition to ObamaCare has not grown because it is unconstitutional on its face in spite of the absurd decision of the Supreme Court of the United States of America in the combined cases of National Federation of Independent Business, et al. v. Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, et al. and Department of Health and Human Services, et al. v. Florida, et al. on June 28, 2012, and not because large numbers of Americans are opposed to funding the chemical and surgical execution of the innocent preborn or know anything about the medical industry's manufactured myth of "brain death."

The current public outrage over the implementation and consequences of ObamaCare will continue if existing policies continue to be canceled, if the cost of renewing existing policies continues to escalate, which it must as the whole statist takeover of the healthcare industry is premised upon those higher premiums in order to fund insurance coverage for the previously uninsured who wind up enrolling in this program of legalized social engineering and eugenics, and if those who have been undergoing treatments for such life-threatening diseases of cancer continue to be denied further treatment as a result of being unable to afford the higher premiums.

Not only is ObamaCare unconstitutional according to a proper understanding of the Constitution's provisions, the provisions contained in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are being rewritten by mere executive fiat, thus overriding the legislation that Obama/Soetoro and his two partners in legislative crime, then House Speaker Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi (D-California) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada). As John Podhoretz of the New York Post noted in a column today that was highlighted on the Real Clear Politics website, Obama/Soetoro has changed his beloved exercise of statism and social engineering, ObamaCare, no less than fourteen times. Then again, Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro is really Hugo Chavez Ortega Obama.

Yes, we are eyewitnesses to a socialist revolution that is but the inevitable result of the false nature of this nation's founding principles, based as they were upon the belief that men and their nations do not need to submit themselves to the teaching authority and sanctifying powers of the Catholic Church, that men could build the "better" world on their own without discussing "religion," which was seen as a means of dividing men when the one and only true religion is the only thing on the face of this earth that can united men in the pursuit of the common temporal good in light of man's Last End, the possession of the glory of the Beatific Vision of God the Father, God the Son and God then Holy Ghost for all eternity.

The march of the inevitable triumph statism advanced greatly during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, who governed in a dictatorial manner while provoking and sustaining a needless war between the states that claim over 600,000 American lives and embittered souls for decades to come, resulting ultimately over the course of time with many of the descendants of the "emancipated" slaves being enslaved to become cradle-to-the-grave wards of the civil state.

President Thomas Woodrow Wilson, who was a skilled suppressor of dissent during this country's unjust and needless involvement in an unjust, needless and immoral war, World War I, built on the nationalizing tendencies of his own predecessor, Theodore Roosevelt, himself a thirty-third degree Mason, giving us the nation's first Federal income tax on October 3, 1913, two months before he signed the bill creating Federal Reserve System on December 23, 1913. Wilson also nationalized railroads, telegraph lines and the Smith and Wesson gun manufacturing company. Yes, he was also a virulent anti-Catholic who looked the other way as Catholics in Mexico were being brutalized during the second decade of the Twentieth Century  see  Then, Now and Always: Viva Cristo Rey!, part one, Then, Now and Always:    Viva Cristo Rey!, part two, Then, Now and Always: Viva Cristo Rey!, part three, Then, Now And Always: Viva Cristo Rey!, part four and Then, Now And Always: Viva Cristo Rey!, part five).

The size and power and scope of the Federal government of the United States of America has grown exponentially no matter which organized crime family of naturalism, the Republican Party and the Democrat Party, has controlled the White House and the two Houses of Congress. Great "leaps" forward into the world of insidious Socialism in which we find ourselves today were made during the administrations of the aforementioned Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Clark Hoover, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard Milhous Nixon, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, and, as mentioned just above. Never mind the fact that each of these efforts have been in full and complete violation of the Natural Law principle of subsidiarity, which teaches us that human problems are to be resolved in the institution closest to those who are in need, starting with the family.

Unlike what happened in France, Russia, China, Spain and Cuba, however, there has been no need for a bloody revolution against the masses; bloodshed has been reserved principally for the innocent preborn, of course. The unwashed masses have been and continue to be diverted by their bread and circuses, riveted to the evil of television and motion pictures as they deform their immortal souls even further by means of listening to the horrors of "rock" "music." A revolution has unfolded before our very eyes and the unwashed masses are either oblivious to it or fully supportive of it, conditioned as they have been by ninety years of unchecked statist policies, wondering aloud now how a liar such as Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro could have gotten this far in his career even though many of them voted for him when critics were pointing out each of his lies in detail. Such, however, must be the "disconnect" in a world founded on the lie of the rejection of the Social Reign of Christ the King as It must be exercised by His Catholic Church.

Karl Marx and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin could never have imagined such a bloodless socialist revolution, engineered by some of the giants of Calvinist capitalism. The creep of statism is now resulting in the creation of a permanent socialist state, from which no one will be able to dissent legitimately or protest effectively, something that Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro is attempting to assure will be less possible as his minions monitor more and more of our daily activities in the name of "keeping us safe. "Keeping us safe" which was, after all, the rationalize for his "compassionate conservative" predecessor, George Walker Bush, to sponsor the so-called Patriot Act in 2001 while planning an immoral, unjust and unconstitutional invasion of Iraq that destabilized that sovereign nation, destroyed its infrastructure and opened it up to the triumph of believing Mohammedans, who have conducted a jihad against Catholics and Orthodox Christians and their places of worship. Some "security." Some "stability."

Obama/Soetoro is not only failing to protect the legitimate national security interests of the United States of America and hence the safety of its citizens, he is actually encouraging the migration of illegal immigration to this country with the full support and active involvement of the United States Department of Homeland Security, whose officials have smuggled children from Mexico in order to reunite their illegal immigrant parents here in the United States, thus aiding the same Mexican drug cartels that were the beneficiaries of the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal that is still being covered up by Attorney General Eric Holder:


A Federal judge in Texas is accusing the Department of Homeland Security of hand-delivering children smuggled into the United States to their illegal immigrant parents.

U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen revealed the practice in a blistering court order filed late last week. He said the "dangerous" practice is effectively aiding human traffickers and particularly the drug cartels, which run many of these operations.

"These actions are both dangerous and unconscionable," he wrote.

The judge attempted to lift the curtain on what is happening behind the scenes of the Obama administration's changing approach to immigration enforcement. It has been well-documented that DHS is allowing some illegal immigrants already inside the country to skirt deportation, and particularly those who came to the U.S. as children.

But the "conspiracy" outlined by Hanen would take that controversial policy a big step further. He detailed the case of an illegal immigrant parent in Virginia, but used that as an entry point to describe what he suggested was a broader program.

Hanen claimed that, in more than one case before his court, immigration officials are arresting human traffickers smuggling children into the U.S. -- and then "delivering the minors to the custody of the parent illegally living in the United States."

"The DHS has simply chosen not to enforce the United States' border security laws," he wrote.

Further, he said this is simply encouraging risky smuggling operations. "Time and again this court has been told by representatives of the government and the defense that cartels control the entire smuggling process," Hanen wrote. "... the government is not only allowing [illegal immigrants in the U.S.] to fund the illegal and evil activities of these cartels, but is also inspiring them to do so."

He added: "To put this in another context, the DHS policy is as logical as taking illegal drugs or weapons that it has seized from smugglers and delivering them to the criminals who initially solicited their illegal importation/exportation. Legally, this situation is no different."

Representatives with the Department of Homeland Security and other immigration agencies have not yet returned a request for comment on the judge's statement.

Chris Crane, president of the National ICE Council union, told FoxNews.com the judge's claims are "absolutely correct."

"This is exactly what's happening," he said, describing how agents "can't keep up" with the number of minors crossing the border, either by themselves or in the custody of smugglers. Crane said immigration officials, then, are tasked with finding a place for the children to go.

"That's what we do now. We babysit kids and change diapers," he said. "It's out of control."

Crane said the best short-term solution would be to return the children to the family members they were staying with in their home country.

The judge's statement was prompted by the case of Mirtha Veronica Nava-Martinez. She was arrested at the Texas-Mexico border in May and pleaded guilty to trying to smuggle a 10-year-old child originally from El Salvador. After the sentencing, the judge wrote, he decided to go public with additional details from the case.

He wrote that the "conspiracy" started when an illegal immigrant in Virginia hired smugglers to get her daughter from El Salvador to Virginia. She paid $6,000 in advance. But after the smuggling operation was interrupted by federal agents, he wrote, "the DHS delivered the child to her."

Further, he wrote, this was the fourth case he'd seen in as many weeks along these lines. In one case, he claimed, the U.S. government "flew a child to multiple locations" in the U.S. at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. "This is an absurd and illogical result," he wrote.

The judge noted that after the court inquired about the incidents, a federal prosecutor apparently "requested" that the mother in Virginia be placed in immigration proceedings. He said it's unclear whether that has happened, and he's been told the government will not pursue prosecution.

Hanen wrote that he is "not unsympathetic" to the parents in these cases, but noted the danger these children are put in.

"If [DHS officials] persist in this policy, more children are going to be harmed, and the DHS will be partly responsible because it encourages this kind of Russian roulette," he wrote. (Judge claims DHS delivering smuggled children to parents.)

This story has not gained traction thus far. Perhaps it will. Whether it does or not, however, it is but another example of the lawlessness that has long been a part of the fabric of life in the United States of America, the prototypical "modern," "religiously indifferent" civil state, and that has manifested itself in each of this country's presidential administrations to a greater or lesser extent.

Indeed, the lone Catholic to be President of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was a distinguished practitioner of amoral lawlessness, something that was examined at some length in John F. Kennedy's Overlooked Legacy.  

A reader of this site, the pioneering traditional Catholic of Richmond, Virginia, Mr. Michael Reardon, was kind enough to send me a link to a letter to the editor to his local newspaper in Virginia that wound up being published as a "correspondent of the day" letter in The Richmond Times-Dispatch after it was not published locally:

Re: the recent anniversary of JFK’s assassination: As an Irish Catholic, I voted for John F. Kennedy, to my everlasting regret. Kennedy, perhaps the most mythologized president after Abraham Lincoln, got us into an imprudent Vietnam War that saw the deaths of more than 58,000 innocent but brave young Americans, and several times that in wounded and countless shattered lives. The toll in innocent civilian lives approached a million.

Kennedy encouraged a military coup against exemplary Catholic South Vietnamese president Ngo Dinh Diem, knowing in advance that the murder of Diem was a distinct possibility. Diem was brutally murdered in the back of a military vehicle, stabbed and shot many times with his hands tied behind his back. Three weeks later, Kennedy himself was assassinated, prompting President Johnson, according to historians Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and Robert Dallek, to later refer to Kennedy’s assassination as possible “divine retribution” for the murder of Diem.

Speaking from a purely practical standpoint and knowing Diem’s leadership was the best hope of an American victory, Ho Chi Minh reportedly said: “I can scarcely believe the Americans would be so stupid.”

In 1965, with the war going badly in Vietnam, Sen. Mike Mansfield, who had in 1962 negatively criticized the Diem regime, said, “We are paying for our sin in getting rid of President Diem.” General Maxwell Taylor, then the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, “There is the memory of Diem to haunt those of us who were aware of the circumstance of his downfall.”

I won’t go into Kennedy’s many reported infidelities, only to say that the odds of such a man keeping personal corruption out of public policy and decisions affecting the life of the nation are slim. The Diem murder and its aftermath are tragic examples. (Michael Reardon, "President Kennedy Was No Saint," Correspondent of the Day, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Monday, December 16, 2013.)

Those who live lives in rebellion against the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law cannot help but let their sins influence their decisions in public life. Innocent blood must flow as a result. Other innocent human beings must be forced to pay dearly in terms of having large portions of their income confiscated by means of Federal, state and local taxes. Statism must increase while legitimate human liberties decrease. Those who believe that some brand of "conservatism" will win the day are sadly mistaken. Catholicism is the one and only foundation of personal and social order.

Indeed, how does anyone expect to combat the insanity of the lords of Modernity when the men whom most believe are officials of the Catholic Church are themselves insane?

The rise of the monster civil state of Modernity uses whatever crisis of the moment to provide statists of the false opposite of the naturalist "left" and the false opposite of the naturalist "right" further excuses to increase the size and the scope of the power of all levels of government (Federal, state, local). Only a handful of people recognize every personal and social problem we face is the result of Original Sin and our own Actual Sins, and that all of the problems we are experiencing are just a down payment on what the "developed" world owes to God for its promotion of the very thing--sin--that caused Him to suffer in His Sacred Humanity during His Passion and Death and caused His Most Blessed Mother's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart to be pierced through and through with Seven Swords of Sorrow.

This is a time of suffering, my friends, suffering, and we must suffer as bravely as our martyrs have done in the past.

No, we must not fear the caesars of the moment. And we must not fear the lords of Modernism in the counterfeit church of conciliarism who do not believe that it is opportune to spit and revile the images of false religions, each of which they praise as worthy in and of themselves because to do otherwise would be to offend he sensibilities of their adherents, and who have embraced the statism of their counterparts in the world of Modernity with exceptional enthusiasm and zeal.

Indeed, we have nothing to fear at all save dying in a state of Mortal Sin, a state of final impenitence.

Although it may yet be a few years in offing, the time is coming soon when those who oppose the schemes our statists, whether they be of false opposites of the naturalist "right" or of the naturalist "left," will be faced with an abjuration of their "sins" against the "government." Those who are Catholics and who compound their "sins" against the government by opposing moral evils will be faced with an abjuration of the Holy Faith.

Remember, faithful Catholics are as much under siege in private sector employment as they are in public sector employment to keep quiet about the Holy Faith, which means that they cannot speak about It, cannot wear a Crucifix or other Miraculous Medals if these are visible externally and cannot speak in opposite to baby-killing or perversity. This is a white martyrdom, to be sure.

We must be willing to suffer all kinds of martyrdom with joy as even the death of one's career or reputation before others suffers because of one's adherence to the the true Faith without making any compromises with the anti-Incarnational lies of Modernity or the heresies, apostasies, blasphemies and sacrileges of the conciliar revolutionaries, who are adherents of Modernism principally by means of the so-called "New Theology" that was condemned by Pope Pius XII in Humani Generis, August 12, 1950.

We must pray, however, that Catholics who remain faithful by means of the graces sent to them by Our Lady, she who is the Mediatrix of All Graces, will not sell out their fellow Catholics in the catacombs in order to demonstrate how superior they are to others and/or to is ave their own lives as they seek to do away with those who have been "their enemies" or about whom they have harbored "suspicions" for one reason or another.

This has happened many times in the past, including in England during the Protestant Revolution there and in Japan during the period of the Japanese Martyrs between 1586 and 1634 and in the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik Revolution (and in Warsaw Pact nations during the Cold War) and in Red China and Cuba, among many other places. It even happened now and again in Mexico during the Cristeros War from 1926 to 1929. Despite the many differences that exist both within and among the multiplicity of warring camps across the vast expanse of the ecclesiastical divide at this time, we must pray never to do the bidding of the statists with respect to our fellow Catholics even if only by inadvertence.

It is enough us for, however, to think first, last and always about eternity, accepting whatever kind of suffering God has ordained for us with love, joy, serenity and total gratitude to Him for His generous in helping us erring sinners to make reparation for our sins and thus better save our souls despite our own best efforts, mine included, to go to Hell for all eternity. May please Christ the King to permit us to suffer the loss of our very lives for Him and for His Holy Church. We must have no fear. We must live in peace in these times that God has chosen for us to live and in which we must serve Him as His consecrated slaves through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of His Most Blessed Mother..

Devotion to Our Lady's Most Holy Rosary will help us to be better prepared for eternity and to bear with the crosses of the present time.

Yes, my friends, it is the Rosary that is, after Holy Mass and Eucharistic piety, the chief means by which the evils of the present day will be retarded and the seeds planted for the Triumph of Our Lady's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart.

Instead of babbling on about one naturalistic "solution" after another in alleged "debates" over the issues of the day, we ought to be to be promoting Our Lady's Holy Rosary, which speaks more powerfully of our total reliance upon Christ the King and upon her, Our Immaculate Queen, than all of the meaningless verbiage that passes out like so much gas from the mouth and is typed into computers before it is then lost in the fogs of the minds of men.

Pope Leo XIII, writing in Laetitiae Sanctae, September 8, 1893, noted:

The third evil for which a remedy is needed is one which is chiefly characteristic of the times in which we live. Men in former ages, although they loved the world, and loved it far too well, did not usually aggravate their sinful attachment to the things of earth by a contempt of the things of heaven. Even the right-thinking portion of the pagan world recognized that this life was not a home but a dwelling-place, not our destination, but a stage in the journey. But men of our day, albeit they have had the advantages of Christian instruction, pursue the false goods of this world in such wise that the thought of their true Fatherland of enduring happiness is not only set aside, but, to their shame be it said, banished and entirely erased from their memory, notwithstanding the warning of St. Paul, "We have not here a lasting city, but we seek one which is to come" (Heb. xiii., 4).

When We seek out the causes of this forgetfulness, We are met in the first place by the fact that many allow themselves to believe that the thought of a future life goes in some way to sap the love of our country, and thus militates against the prosperity of the commonwealth. No illusion could be more foolish or hateful. Our future hope is not of a kind which so monopolizes the minds of men as to withdraw their attention from the interests of this life. Christ commands us, it is true, to seek the Kingdom of God, and in the first place, but not in such a manner as to neglect all things else. For, the use of the goods of the present life, and the righteous enjoyment which they furnish, may serve both to strengthen virtue and to reward it. The splendor and beauty of our earthly habitation, by which human society is ennobled, may mirror the splendor and beauty of our dwelling which is above. Therein we see nothing that is not worthy of the reason of man and of the wisdom of God. For the same God who is the Author of Nature is the Author of Grace, and He willed not that one should collide or conflict with the other, but that they should act in friendly alliance, so that under the leadership of both we may the more easily arrive at that immortal happiness for which we mortal men were created.

But men of carnal mind, who love nothing but themselves, allow their thoughts to grovel upon things of earth until they are unable to lift them to that which is higher. For, far from using the goods of time as a help towards securing those which are eternal, they lose sight altogether of the world which is to come, and sink to the lowest depths of degradation. We may doubt if God could inflict upon man a more terrible punishment than to allow him to waste his whole life in the pursuit of earthly pleasures, and in forgetfulness of the happiness which alone lasts for ever.

It is from this danger that they will be happily rescued, who, in the pious practice of the Rosary, are wont, by frequent and fervent prayer, to keep before their minds the glorious mysteries. These mysteries are the means by which in the soul of a Christian a most clear light is shed upon the good things, hidden to sense, but visible to faith, "which God has prepared for those who love Him." From them we learn that death is not an annihilation which ends all things, but merely a migration and passage from life to life. By them we are taught that the path to Heaven lies open to all men, and as we behold Christ ascending thither, we recall the sweet words of His promise, "I go to prepare a place for you." By them we are reminded that a time will come when "God will wipe away every tear from our eyes," and that "neither mourning, nor crying, nor sorrow, shall be any more," and that "We shall be always with the Lord," and "like to the Lord, for we shall see Him as He is," and "drink of the torrent of His delight," as "fellow-citizens of the saints," in the blessed companionship of our glorious Queen and Mother. Dwelling upon such a prospect, our hearts are kindled with desire, and we exclaim, in the words of a great saint, "How vile grows the earth when I look up to heaven!" Then, too, shall we feel the solace of the assurance "that which is at present momentary and light of our tribulation worketh for us above measure exceedingly an eternal weight of glory" (2 Cor. iv., 17).

Here alone we discover the true relation between time and eternity, between our life on earth and our life in heaven; and it is thus alone that are formed strong and noble characters. When such characters can be counted in large numbers, the dignity and well-being of society are assured. All that is beautiful, good, and true will flourish in the measure of its conformity to Him who is of all beauty, goodness, and truth the first Principle and the Eternal Source. (Pope Leo XIII, Laetitiae Sanctae, September 8, 1893.)


I will never tire of reminding the readers of this site that Catholicism is the one and only foundation of personal and social order.

I will never tire of opposing the lies of naturalism and of documenting the various ways in which the naturalists of the false opposites of the "right" and of the "left" agree on the same basic anti-Incarnational and semi-Pelagian principles upon which the Modern state is based and with which conciliar revolutionaries have made their "official reconciliation" and even help to propagate by means of the "new evangelization," which is why the lords of Modernity and those of Modernism in the counterfeit church of conciliarism are partners in lies and lawlessness.

And I will never tire of reminding readers of this site that we must, as the consecrated slaves of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, use the shield of the Brown Scapular and the weapon of the Most Holy Rosary to combat the forces of the world, the flesh and the devil in our own lives so that we might be able to plant a few seeds for the glorious day when all men and all women everywhere will exclaim:

Viva Cristo Rey! Vivat Christus Rex!

Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners, pray for us!


Saint Joseph, Patron of Departing Souls, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Frances Xavier, Cabrini, pray for us.

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?


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