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                November 2, 2007

No Magisterial Status

by Thomas A. Droleskey

Providing cover for themselves as they deny one article after another of the Holy Faith, the doctrinal and liturgical revolutionaries of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, demonstrating the pure, unmitigated gall of all revolutionaries, continue to assert that their various assaults against truth and the very honor and glory due to Almighty God Himself--Father, Son, and Holy Ghost--contain "no magisterial status." They have been enabled for decades by "conservative" papaloters, who did not want to admit that any criticism of the "Second" Vatican Council of of the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo service represented a veritable "schismatic mentality," if not outright schism itself. Admit that critics of Angelo Roncalli and Giovanni Montini and Karol Wojtyla were correct? Never!

The conciliar revolutionaries have long known that they could count on a most unwitting cadre of fifth columnists in the ranks of "conservative" Catholics to justify (or, at the very least, to refuse to criticize by means of a studied silence) condemned propositions as practices as being nothing other than "legitimate developments: of the Faith. Summorum Pontificum has enlarged the ranks of these enablers, resulting in the incredible phenomenon of people who used to criticize Roncalli and Montini and Wojtyla rationalizing away or maintaining a studied silence when Joseph Ratzinger and his own hand-picked revolutionaries attack, either overtly or by means of "extra-ecclesial" advisory bodies, essential truths of the Catholic Faith.

The degree of the spin-doctoring is such that there are some allegedly tradtionally-minded commentators who believe that Joseph Ratzinger just had to misrepresent the truth in his accompanying letter to the conciliar "bishops" upon the issuance of Summorum Pontificum when he, Ratzinger, stated that the Novus Ordo and the 1962 version of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition constitute but two forms of the "one Roman Rite," in order to curry favor with the "bishops." Since when, please tell when, has God sanctioned lies in the advance of any cause? Yes, as Saint Thomas Aquinas, notes, one may not be required to tell the whole truth when asked a particular question. To state positively that something is so when it is not to accomplish a given end is the quintessence of Niccolo Machiavelli's "the end justifies the means." No sale.

Naturally, those who have written that Ratzinger just had to say what he did are engaging in pure conjecture. They have not one shred of proof that this is the case. Not one. This reminds me of how the authors of The Great Facade responded at a conference in Manhattan Beach, California, in May of 2003 to the contention of a "young theologian," who had attempted to "critique" The Great Facade, that Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II wanted to "get the most of out his curial appointees," which is why he, John Paul, permitted the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Joseph Ratzinger, and the President of the Council for Promoting the Unity of Christians, Walter Kasper, to engage in various colloquies publicly. One of the authors of the book being critiqued said that the "young theologian" had made a purely gratuitous assertion without any shred of evidence whatsoever, a conjecture that had no foundation in any stated fact. Well, the exact same thing is true of those who contend that Joseph Ratzinger just had to misrepresent the the truth about the differences between the Novus Ordo service and the Immemorial Mass of Tradition.

Even if the conjectures being made at present about what Joseph Ratzinger wrote in his accompanying letter to Summorum Pontificum are true, which is a most debatable proposition, then "papal" lying to accomplish an end has now been sanctioned by God, Who wants legions of others to justify the lie. Incredible. Preposterous. A total leap into the realm of the fantastic, if not outright blasphemy against God Himself. This is just as fantastic and preposterous as the claims by supporters of George W. Bush that he has has to call Mohammedanism a "religion of peace" in order to secure the cooperation of Mohammedan nations in the "global war on terror." Knowingly saying something that is contrary to the truth is a lie. Period.

Blasphemy? Who cares about that any more? I have yet to see any of the new enablers of Joseph Ratzinger (or the old, hard line anti-traditional conservatives) rise to defend the sacred honor of the Blessed Trinity to denounce, yes, to denounce, Joseph Ratzinger for daring to violate publicly the First Commandment by calling a mountain in Japan, Mount Hiei, upon which false worship is offered by the diabolical "religion" of Buddhism, which has been responsible for the persecution and deaths of many Catholics over the course of time, as "sacred." Sacred? Buddhism is an abomination in the sight of God. All false religions are abominations in the sight of God? Karol Wojtyla got blasted--and rightly so--for Assisi 1986 and Saint Peter's Square 1999 and Assisi 2002 (as well as the atrocious events that took place in his various"papal" Masses during the course of his false "pontificate"). Ratzinger, the "savior of the Mass," is given a free pass.

Catholics are assured over and over again that almost nothing that is said or done by the "magisterium" of the counterfeit church of conciliarism is anything to worry about because none of the documents and pronouncements that contradict the perennial teaching of the Catholic Church carry any "magisterial" authority, thereby making it unnecessary to consider the silly idea that those documents and pronouncements actually indicate that those responsible for their composition and approval have defected from the Catholic Faith by means of violating the Divine Positive Law, thus making them incapable of holding ecclesiastical office in the Catholic Church. Those who dissent from Church teaching, knowing what that teaching is and that what they are proposing is contrary thereby, expel themselves from her maternal bosom:

The Church, founded on these principles and mindful of her office, has done nothing with greater zeal and endeavour than she has displayed in guarding the integrity of the faith. Hence she regarded as rebels and expelled from the ranks of her children all who held beliefs on any point of doctrine different from her own. The Arians, the Montanists, the Novatians, the Quartodecimans, the Eutychians, did not certainly reject all Catholic doctrine: they abandoned only a certain portion of it. Still who does not know that they were declared heretics and banished from the bosom of the Church? In like manner were condemned all authors of heretical tenets who followed them in subsequent ages. "There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition" (Auctor Tract. de Fide Orthodoxa contra Arianos).

The practice of the Church has always been the same, as is shown by the unanimous teaching of the Fathers, who were wont to hold as outside Catholic communion, and alien to the Church, whoever would recede in the least degree from any point of doctrine proposed by her authoritative Magisterium. Epiphanius, Augustine, Theodore :, drew up a long list of the heresies of their times. St. Augustine notes that other heresies may spring up, to a single one of which, should any one give his assent, he is by the very fact cut off from Catholic unity. "No one who merely disbelieves in all (these heresies) can for that reason regard himself as a Catholic or call himself one. For there may be or may arise some other heresies, which are not set out in this work of ours, and, if any one holds to one single one of these he is not a Catholic" (S. Augustinus, De Haeresibus, n. 88). (Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum, June 29, 1896.)


So what if the Council of Trent's Decree on Justification was "improved," shall we say by the "Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification" that was reached between representatives of the counterfeit church of conciliarism and the World Lutheran Federation in 1999? This is not a "magisterial" document. No need for any real worry, huh? No need to bother oneself with any fret over the fact that the great "friend of the Mass," Joseph Ratzinger, whose interventions helped to bring about the final agreements that led to the "joint declaration," expressed the hope in December of 2005 that the Methodists would embrace that:

I have been encouraged by the initiative which would bring the member churches of the World Methodist Council into association with the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, signed by the Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation in 1999. Should the World Methodist Council express its intent to associate itself with the Joint Declaration, it would assist in contributing to the healing and reconciliation we ardently desire, and would be a significant step toward the stated goal of full visible unity in faith.

Dear friends, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and mindful of God's great and abiding Mercy throughout the world, let us seek to foster a mutual commitment to the Word of God, to witness and to joint prayer. As we prepare our hearts and minds to welcome the Lord in this Advent season, I invoke God's abundant blessings upon all of you and on Methodists throughout the world.


There is no ambiguity in those remarks. Joseph Ratzinger clearly sees no urgency to invite Methodists, most of whom support baby-killing, both surgically and chemically, to convert to the true Church so that they might partake worthily of the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of the God-Man, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in Holy Communion and to have their Mortal Sins committed after Baptism Absolved in the Sacred Tribunal of Penance. Oh, yes, I know. There was nothing "magisterial" in what Ratzinger said to the Methodists. (For an excellent dissection of the "joint declaration," see: His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn's Critical Analysis of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification.)

So what if the International Theological Commission has taken the first steps in the direction of a more broadly-based "mainstreaming" of the late Hans Urs von Balthasar's, shall we say, erroneous assertion of "universal salvation" by its assertion that unbaptized infants who die before they can be baptized go to Heaven? This doesn't "touch" the "magisterium" now, does it? It doesn't matter that Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI personally approved the document, that it reflects his own thinking to a tee. He's free to believe privately in the nonexistence of Limbo, which is, after all, just a "theological opinion" that binds no one, right? The popes of the past had this one as wrong as they had many other things wrong, such as the necessity of the confessionally Catholic state. We can just throw the following papal statements out the window. They belong to a "previous era in the history of the Church," to paraphrase paragraph fifteen from the General Instruction to the Roman Missal:

The doctrine which rejects as a Pelagian fable, that place of the lower regions (which the faithful generally designate by the name of the limbo of children) in which the souls of those departing with the sole guilt of original sin are punished with the punishment of the condemned, exclusive of the punishment of fire, just as if, by this very fact, that these who remove the punishment of fire introduced that middle place and state free of guilt and of punishment between the kingdom of God and eternal damnation, such as that about which the Pelagians idly talk,—false, rash, injurious to Catholic schools. (Pope Pius VI, Auctorem Fidei, 1794.)

"For who would not detest a crime as execrable as this — a crime whose consequence is that not just bodies, but — still worse! — even souls, are, as it were, cast away? The soul of the unborn infant bears the imprint of God’s image! It is a soul for whose redemption Christ our Lord shed His precious blood, a soul capable of eternal blessedness and destined for the company of angels! Who, therefore, would not condemn and punish with the utmost severity the desecration committed by one who has excluded such a soul from the blessed vision of God? Such a one has done all he or she could possibly have done to prevent this soul from reaching the place prepared for it in heaven, and has deprived God of the service of this His own creature." (translation by Father Brian Harrison, Could Limbo Be 'Abolished'?)

Children who die without being baptized go to limbo, where they don't enjoy God, but don't suffer either because whilst carrying the original sin...they don't deserve paradise but neither do they deserve hell or purgatory. (Pope Saint Pius X.)


Ratzinger put an exclamation point on his own personal belief in the work of the International Theological Commission, which even non-sedevacantist analysts at New Oxford Review stated quite correctly was demonstrative of Von Balthasar's "universal salvation" heresy, when he congratulated the commission for its work on the fate of infants who die before being Baptized:

On October 5, when he received the members of the International Theological Commission, the pope thanked them for their document The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die Without Being Baptized, of April 19, 2007. Benedict XVI hoped that the text would be “a useful reference point for Pastors of the Church and for theologians, as well as a help and source of consolation to members of the faithful who have suffered in their families the unexpected death of a child before he or she could receive the bath of baptismal regeneration.” He invited them to continue their reflection on this subject: “Indeed, it is necessary to penetrate ever more deeply into the comprehension of the various manifestations of God’s love for all human beings, especially the lowliest and the poorest, which was revealed to us in Christ.” -- On the negation of Limbo, see the study by Rev. Fr. Patrick de La Rocque in Christendom n° 11: “Limbo - victim of the new theology of universal salvation.” Benedict XVI thanks the International Theological Commission for its document on Limbo


Oh, well, this does not matter, right? Ratzinger was speaking in a non-magisterial capacity. He can believe privately in universal salvation, using Limbo as a wedge in this direction (see: Damning Limbo to Hell) and in religious liberty and in separation of Church and State and in the new ecclesiology (see Bishop Sanborn's Ratzinger's Subsistent Error) and false ecumenism all he wants as long as he does not seek to "impose" these beliefs by the extraordinary exercise of "his" papal infallibility. He can believe that Mount Hiei is "sacred." He can wish "God's abundant blessings" on the pro-abort Methodists and athletes who are participating in games in Rome to advance the cause of Zionism, which seeks to crush the Faith. None of that matters. These are just "minor" things. He can believe anything he wants privately as long as he does not seek to "declare" it in a binding way:

"Know this: it is by very little breaches of regularity that the devil succeeds in introducing the greatest abuses. May you never end up saying: 'This is nothing, this is an exaggeration.'" (Saint Teresa of Avila, Foundations, Chapter Twenty-nine)


The "Second" Vatican Council itself was simply a "non-binding" pastoral council, now isn't it? Nothing other than a few "ambiguities," a concept in an of itself that is foreign to the language of the Catholic Church, to be concerned about, little "misunderstandings that can be ironed out in, say, another century or two while more and more souls are catechized to accept heresies and errors that have been condemned by the Catholic Church, right? No need for alarm. None of this reflects the "magisterium." Summorum Pontificum is going to save the day once the new "clarification" of its "official "interpretation is written by "Pontifical" Commission Ecclesia Dei, true? Hmm. A clarification of a conciliar document dealing with the liturgy. Where have we heard that one before? Oh, how about five editions of the General Instruction to the Roman Missal, Sacram liturgiam, Inter oeumenici, Ecclesiae semper, Eucharisticum mysterium, Actio Pastoralis Ecclesiae, Memoriale Domini, Cenam Paschalem, Liturgiae Instaurationes, Conferentiarum episcopalium, Dominicae Cenae, Inaestimabile Donum, Liturgiam Authenicam, Ecclesia de Eucharistia, Redemptionis Sacramentum, and Sacramentum Caritatis, just to name a few that come to mind rather readily. Ah, yes, imagine the joy that will be had in Motu circles when the truly, absolute and positively and totally definitive interpretation of Summorum Pontificum is issued by "Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei" on its fortieth anniversary in 2047, perhaps to coincide with the centenary of Pope Pius XII's Mediator Dei.

People believe that George W. Bush is "pro-life" despite all empirical evidence to the contrary. People believe that Joseph Ratzinger is a "friend of Tradition" even though he believes in the Modernist conception of the "evolution" of truth, including dogmatic truth. Nothing will convince those who believe in things that are contrary to the actual facts when they are committed to believing their fairy tales. This brings to mind the statement that attorney Edward Bennett Williams, then the owner of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team, made to judge before he pronounced sentence on Williams's client, George Michael Steinbrenner III, who was pleading guilty of using his American Ship Building Company funds to make a contribution to then President Richard Milhous Nixon's Campaign for the Re-Election of the President (CREEP) in 1972 and then obstructing justice thereafter:

Your honor, my client admits making statements that are at odds with objective reality.


Conciliarism is at odds with the objective reality of the Catholic Faith. There is no real need to belabor this point. The rotten fruit of the wreckage of souls is quite vast, quite extensive. All one has to do is to talk to an average Catholic who has had any exposure to "catechesis" or "worship" in the conciliar structures to find out that there are plenty of baptized Catholics who have no idea what the Catholic Church is or what she teaches or how it is they are to lead their lives. To find so many so ignorant of the truths of the true Faith is appalling and heartbreaking. Souls are at stake. Souls are floundering. The jubilation in some circles at present brings to mind Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn's comment, made in his famous June 8, 1978, commencement address at Harvard University, "A World Split Apart, about the joy in Western countries as millions behind the Iron Curtain were being persecuted:

But the fight for our planet, physical and spiritual, a fight of cosmic proportions, is not a vague matter of the future; it has already started. The forces of Evil have begun their decisive offensive. You can feel their pressure, yet your screens and publications are full of prescribed smiles and raised glasses. What is the joy about?


The forces of evil are at work every day in the counterfeit church of conciliarism, starting with the offense given to God in the abomination that is the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo "service" and are to be found in what is preached from pulpits and taught in schools and colleges and universities and seminaries and professional schools and "update" programs and "workshops" and conferences and dispatches sent us by revolutionary headquarters in Rome itself. This is the great apostasy.

It is perhaps instructive to once again include the late Father Sylvester Berry's 1921 prophecy of the apostasy that has made itself manifest for all to see in the past forty years, admitting that its antecedent roots go back centuries:

“In the forgoing chapter [12] St. John outlines the history of the Church from the coming of Antichrist until the end of the world . . . In this chapter he shows us the true nature of the conflict.  It shall be a war unto death between the Church and the powers of darkness in a final effort to destroy the Church and thus prevent the universal reign of Christ on earth.

“Satan will first attempt to destroy the power of the Papacy and bring about the downfall of the Church through heresies, schisms and persecutions that must surely follow . . . he will raise up Antichrist and his prophet to lead the faithful into error and destroy those who remain steadfast . . . . . . The Church, the faithful spouse of Jesus Christ, is represented as a woman clothed in the glory of divine grace . . .  

" . . . In this passage there is an evident allusion to some particular son of the Church whose power and influence shall be such that Satan will seek his destruction at any cost.  This person can be none other than the Pope to be elected in those days.  The Papacy will be attacked by all the powers of hell.  In consequence the Church will suffer great trials and afflictions in securing a successor upon the throne of Peter.

“The words of St. Paul to the Thessalonians may be a reference to the Papacy as the obstacle to the coming of Antichrist:  ‘You know what withholdeth, that he may be revealed in his time.  For the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdeth, do hold until he be taken out of the way.  And then that wicked one shall be revealed.’

“ . . . St. John  . . . sees in heaven a red dragon with seven heads and ten horns . . . The dragon is Satan red with the blood of martyrs, which he will cause to flow. The meaning of the seven heads and ten horns must be sought in the description of the beast that represents Antichrist where they symbolize kings or worldly powers. (II Thessalonians 2:6-7)  . . . Satan’s attacks against the Church will be organized and carried out by the governments and ruling powers of those days.

“With the beast of Antichrist only the horns have diadems as symbols of royalty or governing power.  The heads are branded with names of blasphemy. (Apocalypse, 13:1)  Hence they symbolize the sins and errors that will afflict the Church . . . in this final struggle to prevent the universal reign of Christ all forms of sin and error will be marshaled against the Church . . .  all errors which have afflicted the Church may be summed up in these seven: Judaism, paganism, Arianism, Mohammedanism, Protestantism, rationalism, and atheism.

“The dragon is seen in heaven which is here a symbol of the Church, the kingdom of heaven on earth.  This indicates that the first troubles of those days will be inaugurated within the Church by apostate bishops, priests, and peoples, — the stars dragged down by the tail of the dragon.

“ . . .  The dragon stands before the woman, ready to devour the child that is brought forth.  In other words, the powers of hell seek by all means to destroy the Pope elected in those days.

“. . . It is now the hour for the powers of darkness.  The new-born Son of the Church is taken ‘to God and to his throne.’  Scarcely has the newly elected Pope been enthroned when he is snatched away by martyrdom. The ‘mystery of iniquity’ gradually developing through the centuries, cannot be fully consummated while the power of the Papacy endures, but now he that ‘withholdeth is taken out of the way.’  During the interregnum ‘that wicked one shall be revealed’ in his fury against the Church.” 

“It is a matter of history that the most disastrous periods for the Church were times when the Papal throne was vacant, or when anti-popes contended with the legitimate head of the Church.  Thus also shall it be in those evil days to come. 

“The Church deprived of her chief pastor must seek sanctuary in solitude there to be guided by God Himself during those trying days . . . In those days the Church shall . . . find refuge and consolation in faithful souls, especially in the seclusion of the religious life.

“ . . . Our Divine Savior has a representative on earth in the person of the Pope upon whom He has conferred full powers to teach and govern.  Likewise, Antichrist will have his representative in the false prophet who will be endowed with the plenitude of satanic powers to deceive the nations.

“ . . . As indicated by the resemblance to a lamb, the prophet will probably set himself up in Rome as a sort of antipope during the vacancy of the papal throne . . .

“ . . . The ‘abomination of desolation’ has been wrought in many Catholic churches by heretics and apostates who have broken altars, scattered relics of martyrs and desecrated the Blessed Sacrament.  At the time of the French Revolution a lewd woman was seated upon the altar of the cathedral in Paris and worshipped as the goddess of reason.  Such things but faintly foreshadow the abominations that will desecrate churches in those sorrowful days when Antichrist will seat himself at the altar to be adored as God.

“. . .Antichrist and his prophet will introduce ceremonies to imitate the Sacraments of the Church.  In fact there will be a complete organization - a church of Satan set up in opposition to the Church of Christ.  Satan will assume the part of God the Father; Antichrist will be honored as Savior, and his prophet will usurp the role of Pope.  Their ceremonies will counterfeit the Sacraments .” (Father E. Sylvester Berry, The Apocalypse of St. John, 1921, contained in the October, 2007, edition of Adsum.)


This is the time that God has known from all eternity that we would be alive. The graces He won for us by the shedding of every single drop of His Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross and that flow into our hearts and souls through the loving hands of Our Lady, the Mediatrix of All Graces, are sufficient for us to deal with the problems--personal, social, civil, ecclesiastical--that beset us in these our days. As the consecrated slaves of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, we give all of our sufferings and penances and mortifications and humiliations and prayers--especially for the Poor Souls during this month of November, especially on this day, All Souls Day--to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through that same Immaculate Heart of Mary that our sins pierced through and through with Seven Swords of Sorrow.

To be good slaves of Jesus through Mary we must be cleansed of our sins, making sure to get to the Sacred Tribunal of Penance on a weekly basis, if at all humanly possible, placing ourselves before a true bishop or a true priest who acts in persona Christi and who makes no concession whatsoever to conciliarism or any of its false shepherds. Our time spent before Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in His Real Presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Rosaries we pray will be all the more effective in planting seeds for the conversion of souls, starting with our own on a daily basis, if we ourselves are cleansed of even any attachment to Venial Sins by the frequent, worthy and devout use of the Confessional. Our Lady wants us to serve her Divine Son through her with clean hearts that are capable and willing of suffering much for the sake of the restoration of the Catholic City, for the Resurrection, if you will, of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church Militant here on earth.

Are we ready to be such slaves as we recognize that nothing the counterfeit church does has any magisterial status as it is "set up in opposition to the Church of Christ"? Are we ready to go to Our Lord through His Most Blessed Mother, counting it as our singular privilege to suffer all manner of calumny in defense of the truth that is under such attack from the conciliar revolutionaries? Are we willing to die, both literally and figuratively, for the good of the defense of the Catholic Faith?

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?

Vivat Christus Rex! Viva Cristo Rey!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us now and the hour of our deaths. Amen.

All to thee, Blessed Mother. All to thy Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, we love you. Save souls!

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint Luke the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Hilarion, pray for us.

Saint John Cantius, pray for us.

Saint Peter of Alcantara, pray for us.

Saint Hedwig, pray for us.

Saint Teresa of Avila, pray for us.

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, pray for us.

Saint Francis Borgia, pray for us.

Saint Edward the Confessor, pray for us.

Saint John Leonard, pray for us.

Saint Dionysisus (Denis), Rusticus and Eleutherius, pray for us.

Saint Bridget of Sweden, pray for us.

Saint Therese Lisieux, pray for us.

Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us.

Saint Placidus and Companions, pray for us.

Saint Bruno, pray for us.

Saint Wenceslaus, pray for us.

Saint Jerome, pray for us.

Saint Remigius, pray for us.

Saint Clotilde, pray for us.

Saints Cosmas and Damian, pray for us.

Pope Saint Linus, pray for us.

Saint Peter Nolasco, pray for us.

Saint Raymond Pennafort, pray for us.

Saint Raymond Nonnatus, pray for us.

Saint Thecla, pray for us.

Saint Matthew, pray for us.

Saint Eustachius and Family, pray for us.

Saint Leonard of Port Maurice, pray for us.

Saint Joseph Cupertino, pray for us.

Saint Januarius, pray for us.

Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us.

Saints Cornelius and Cyprian, pray for us.

Pope Saint Pius X, pray for us.

Saint Giles, pray for us.

Saint Stephen of Hungary, pray for us.

Saint Rose of Lima, pray for us.

Saint Nicomedes, pray for us.

Saint Joseph Calasanctius, pray for us.

Pope Saint Zephyrinus, pray for us.

Saint Louis IX, King of France, pray for us.

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, pray for us.

Saint Bartholomew, pray for us.

Saint Philip Benizi, pray for us.

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, pray for us.

Saint John Eudes, pray for us.

Saint Hyacinth, pray for us, pray for us.

Saint Agapitus, pray for us.

Saint Helena, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saint Clare of Assisi, pray for us.

Saint Athanasius, pray for us.

Saint Irenaeus, pray for us.

Saints Monica, pray for us.

Saint Jude, pray for us.

Saint John the Beloved, pray for us.

Saint Francis Solano, pray for us.

Saint John Bosco, pray for us.

Saint Dominic Savio, pray for us.

Saint  Scholastica, pray for us.

Saint Benedict, pray for us.

Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us.

Saint Antony of the Desert, pray for us.

Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us.

Saint Bonaventure, pray for us.

Saint Augustine, pray for us.

Saint Francis Xavier, pray for us.

Saint Peter Damian, pray for us.

Saint Turibius, pray for us.

Saint Francis Solano, pray for us.

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, pray for us.

Saint Lucy, pray for us.

Saint Monica, pray for us.

Saint Agatha, pray for us.

Saint Anthony of Padua, pray for us.

Saint Basil the Great, pray for us.

Saint Philomena, pray for us.

Saint Cecilia, pray for us.

Saint John Mary Vianney, pray for us.

Saint Vincent de Paul, pray for us.

Saint Vincent Ferrer, pray for us.

Saint Athanasius, pray for us.

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, pray for us.

Saint Isaac Jogues, pray for us.

Saint Rene Goupil, pray for us.

Saint John Lalonde, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel Lalemont, pray for us.

Saint Noel Chabanel, pray for us.

Saint Charles Garnier, pray for us.

Saint Anthony Daniel, pray for us.

Saint John DeBrebeuf, pray for us.

Saint Alphonsus de Liguori, pray for us.

Saint Therese Lisieux, pray for us.

Saint Lucy, pray for us.

Saint Dominic, pray for us.

Saint Hyacinth, pray for us.

Saint Basil, pray for us.

Saint Benedict, pray for us.

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, pray for us.

Saint Vincent Ferrer, pray for us.

Saint Sebastian, pray for us.

Saint Tarcisius, pray for us.

Saint Bridget of Sweden, pray for us.

Saint Gerard Majella, pray for us.

Saint John of the Cross, pray for us.

Saint Teresa of Avila, pray for us.

Saint Bernadette Soubirous, pray for us.

Saint Genevieve, pray for us.

Saint Vincent de Paul, pray for us.

Pope Saint Pius V, pray for us.

Saint Rita of Cascia, pray for us.

Saint Louis de Montfort, pray for us.

Blessed Humbeline, pray for us.

Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich, pray for us.

Venerable Pauline Jaricot, pray for us.

Father Miguel Augustin Pro, pray for us.

Francisco Marto, pray for us.

Jacinta Marto, pray for us.

Juan Diego, pray for us.

Father Maximilian Kolbe,M.I., pray for us.

Father Frederick Faber, pray for us.


The Longer Version of the Saint Michael the Archangel Prayer, composed by Pope Leo XIII, 1888

O glorious Archangel Saint Michael, Prince of the heavenly host, be our defense in the terrible warfare which we carry on against principalities and powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, spirits of evil.  Come to the aid of man, whom God created immortal, made in His own image and likeness, and redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the devil.  Fight this day the battle of our Lord, together with  the holy angels, as already thou hast fought the leader of the proud angels, Lucifer, and his apostate host, who were powerless to resist thee, nor was there place for them any longer in heaven.  That cruel, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil or Satan who seduces the whole world, was cast into the abyss with his angels.  Behold this primeval enemy and slayer of men has taken courage.  Transformed into an angel of light, he wanders about with all the multitude of wicked spirits, invading the earth in order to blot out the Name of God and of His Christ, to seize upon, slay, and cast into eternal perdition, souls destined for the crown of eternal glory.  That wicked dragon pours out. as a most impure flood, the venom of his malice on men of depraved mind and corrupt heart, the spirit of lying, of impiety, of blasphemy, and the pestilent breath of impurity, and of every vice and iniquity.  These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the Immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on Her most sacred possessions. In the Holy Place itself, where has been set up the See of the most holy Peter and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck the sheep may be scattered.  Arise then, O invincible Prince, bring help against the attacks of the lost spirits to the people of God, and give them the victory.  They venerate thee as their protector and patron; in thee holy Church glories as her defense against the malicious powers of hell; to thee has God entrusted the souls of men to be established in heavenly beatitude.  Oh, pray to the God of peace that He may put Satan under our feet, so far conquered that he may no longer be able to hold men in captivity and harm the Church.  Offer our prayers in the sight of the Most High, so that they may quickly conciliate the mercies of the Lord; and beating down the dragon, the ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, do thou again make him captive in the abyss, that he may no longer seduce the nations.  Amen.

Verse: Behold the Cross of the Lord; be scattered ye hostile powers.

Response: The Lion of the Tribe of Juda has conquered the root of David.

Verse: Let Thy mercies be upon us, O Lord.

Response: As we have hoped in Thee.

Verse: O Lord hear my prayer.

Response: And let my cry come unto Thee.

Verse: Let us pray.  O God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we call upon Thy holy Name, and as suppliants, we implore Thy clemency, that by the intercession of Mary, ever Virgin, immaculate and our Mother, and of the glorious Archangel Saint Michael, Thou wouldst deign to help us against Satan and all other unclean spirits, who wander about the world for the injury of the human race and the ruin of our souls. 

Response:  Amen.  


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