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           March 6, 2009

Naturalists and Their Bogeymen

by Thomas A. Droleskey

See that, children? That's the truck driven by the Bogeyman. He's taking away the bad children form the school right now to take them to Bogyeland. These children will not see their parents for a long, long time. Do you want to go to Bogeyland with the Bogeyman?


Thus spoke Sister Mary Virgilius to a group of a group of Kindergartners at Saint Aloysius School in Great Neck, New York, in September of 1956 as we peered through the barred windows of the basement classroom where our afternoon session of our first year in school took place. We were petrified. No one wanted to be carried off by the Bogeyman, who was played by Eddie Borden and Jack Raymond in Laurel and Hardy's 1934 motion picture, Babes in Toyland (also known as March of the Wooden Soldiers).

There was a vivid scene in that motion picture showing the Bogeyman carrying off children as they yelled and scrammed. No one in the afternoon session of Sister Mary Virgilius's Kindergarten class in the 1956-1957 scholastic year wanted to be carried off in that manner by the Bogeyman's truck (which was, I learned later, a newspaper delivery truck that look like the original 1939 Ford paddy wagon used in the pilot film and the first fifty-seven episodes of Ironside--I can't believe that Don Galloway, who played Detective Sergeant Ed Brown, is dead, having died on January 8, 2009, at the age of seventy-one). The Bogeyman? Bogeyland? Never see our parents again?

Sister Mary Virgilius, with whom I was in contact once in a while in the 1970s by means of my geometry teacher from Oyster Bay High School, the late Robert S. Neubert, who was a parishioner of Saint Aloysius Church in Great Neck, was a good teacher. She was trying to get our attention by means of her mythical Bogeyman. She got it! We looked out the window, pictured below in 2007, with great concern when we saw the big black "bogeyman" truck full of what we thought were naughty children. Oh, yes, the Bogeyman myth worked. We lived in dread fear of being carried off by the Bogeyman like the children in Babes in Toyland.

The set of windows on the bottom floor, the basement, is where we looked out to see the "Bogeyman" truck carrying off children during the 1956-1957 scholastic year. The truck would be seen driving westbound on Breuer Avenue as it left the Saint Aloysius Church parking lot that doubled as a playground during recess periods.


The "bogeyman" is a device that is employed in a most special way by social and ecclesiastical revolutionaries. Bishop Richard Williamson of the Society of Saint Pius X is serving this role right now for the ultra-progressive revolutionaries in the counterfeit church of conciliarism. The royalists and the nobility and the clergy (and anyone else deemed to be a "counter-revolutionary) serve that purpose for the French Revolutionaries. Tories (British loyalists) served that purpose for the American Revolutionaries. Capitalists and anyone who opposed Marxism served (and continue to serve) that purpose for Bolsheviks, whether in Lenin's Russia or elsewhere, including the United States of America at the present time. The Cristeros served that purpose for the Masonic and Communist Revolutionaries in Mexico and Spain. Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, served that purpose for former President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton. And the penultimate naturalist and narcissist named Rush Limbaugh is serving that purpose for the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama at the present time.

As I have pointed out in numerous commentaries over the years, Rush Limbaugh, though very talented and articulate, is a complete naturalist who believes in the semi-Pelagian myth of American self-redemption, that is, that Americans can do "anything they want to do" if they "put their minds to doing it." Limbaugh constantly extolled the ability of Americans to "overcome" all obstacles, only to find that he, lacking any understanding of First and Last Things and that we are called to offering up the sufferings we experienced in reparation for our sins, could not endure horrific back pain and had to turn to the abuse of prescription pain-killers, which he obtained illegally, to deal with the pain. Those who lack the true Faith--and thus lack belief in the necessity of relying upon Sanctifying Grace--will indeed be felled by the crosses that are sent their way by God for His greater honor and glory and their own sanctification.

Limbaugh's naturalism extends to his belief in American "exceptionalism" (that the United States of America is the "model" for the rest of the world) and is a quintessential Calvinist materialist, believing that material success is a sign, if not of eternal predestination, of being an "achiever" worthy of respect and emulation by others. Limbaugh is also a complete shill for the State of Israel, indemnifying the murderous policies of Israeli leaders at every turn, serving also as a mouthpiece for the Zionist-inspired "Global War on Terror" that was the "Bogeyman," if you will, of the administration of former President George Walker Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney.

Although he might have a few interesting insights on the purely natural level now and again (I stopped listening to Limbaugh on a regular basis in the late-1990s after I wrote a piece, "Mindless Blatherers," for The Wanderer and the old printed journal Christ or Chaos in May of 1999, I believe--does anyone have archived copies of the old journal?), Rush Limbaugh has no effective influence on elections or on public policy. Although his influence did help to stop the "back door" Congressional pay-raise that was to take place in 1989 and while it can be argued pretty persuasively that he played a role in 1994--along with Bill and Hillary Clinton themselves--in sweeping Republicans to a majority in both Houses of the United States Congress for the first time since the 1952 elections, Limbaugh's vast audience appeal has had zero impact in the almost every presidential election since his program was nationally syndicated on August 1, 1988.

Bill Clinton won in 1992 and 1996 despite Limbaugh's efforts. George Walker Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 (winning the presidency solely because he won the electoral vote in the State of Florida as a result of the fact that over 95,000 committed leftists voted for Ralph Nader rather than then Vice President Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.) and barely won re-election in 2004. Barack Hussein Obama won in a substantial manner over United States Senator John Sidney McCain III on November 4, 2008. As one of George Walker Bush's one-time neoconservative associates, David Frum, has noted pretty accurately, "If you’re a talk radio host and you have five million who listen and there are 50 million who hate you, you make a nice living. If you’re a Republican party, you’re marginalized" (Timothy Egan Blog. It could noted as well that there are some who love to use me as a "bogeyman" despite the fact that there are, on average, about 700 unique visitors to this site on any given day, seventy-three percent of whom are "gone" from the site in less than thrity seconds, not exactly indicative of a great deal of worldly "influence!")

That President Barack Hussein Obama has chosen to pick a fight, which is evidently consuming the "talking heads" on television (from what I read on various websites), with Limbaugh has nothing to do with the latter's "influence" on electoral politics and public policy. It has everything to do with finding a "Bogeyman" to isolate and criticize in order to distract the public's attention from his further socializing of the American economy as the size and power of the Federal government expands massively in ways that would warm the hearts of past. The strategy of identifying an "enemy," Limbaugh "the Bogeyman," and of isolating him comes from the "playbook" of the late Marxist theorist and community organizer, Saul Alinsky, in whose organizations Obama cut his political and organizing eye-teeth.

Obama's "Limbaugh strategy," devised evidently by the master demagogue and indemnifier of all things Clinton named James Carville, a pro-abortion Catholic in "good standing" in the structures of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, has been designed to distract the masses from the size and scope of $3.6 trillion budget that is causing even some of his "moderate" supporters to realize that Obama, far from being a "moderate," is indeed the socialist that many of us said that he was during the 2007-2008 election cycle. The "Limbaugh strategy" is thus a complete distraction from Obama's efforts to complete the job that had been undertaken by George Walker Bush to turn the United States of America into a de facto member state of the socialist European Union.

Here is just sampling of commentary from one "moderate" columnist on Obama's overt power grab for the nationalization of the United States economy:

Having praised President Obama's job performance in two recent columns, it is with regret that I now worry that he may be deepening what looks more and more like a depression and may engineer so much spending, debt, and government control of the economy as to leave most Americans permanently less prosperous and less free.

Other Obama-admiring centrists have expressed similar concerns. Like them, I would like to be proved wrong. After all, if this president fails, who will revive our economy? And when? And what kind of America will our children inherit?

But with the nation already plunging deep into probably necessary debt to rescue the crippled financial system and stimulate the economy, Obama's proposals for many hundreds of billions in additional spending on universal health care, universal postsecondary education, a massive overhaul of the energy economy, and other liberal programs seem grandiose and unaffordable.

With little in the way of offsetting savings likely to materialize, the Obama agenda would probably generate trillion-dollar deficits with no end in sight, or send middle-class taxes soaring to record levels, or both.

All this from a man who told the nation last week that he doesn't "believe in bigger government" and who promised tax cuts for 95 percent of Americans.

The president's suggestions that all the necessary tax increases can be squeezed out of the richest 2 percent are deceptive and likely to stir class resentment. And his apparent cave-ins to liberal interest groups may change the country for the worse.

Such concerns may help explain why the Dow Jones industrial average plunged 17 percent from the morning of Inauguration Day (8,280) to its close on March 4 (6,876). The markets have also been deeply shaken by Obama's alarming failure to come up with a clear plan for fixing the crippled financial system -- which has loomed since his election four months ago as by far his most urgent challenge -- or for working with foreign leaders to arrest the meltdown of the world economy.

The house is burning down. It's no time to be watering the grass.

This is not to deny that the liberal wish list in Obama's staggering $3.6 trillion budget would be wonderful if we had limitless resources. But in the real world, it could put vast areas of the economy under permanent government mismanagement, kill millions of jobs, drive investors and employers overseas, and bankrupt the nation.

Meanwhile, liberal Democrats in Congress are racing to gratify their interest groups in a slew of ways likely to do much more harm than good: pushing a union-backed "card-check" bill that would bypass secret-ballot elections on unionization and facilitate intimidation of reluctant workers; slipping into the stimulus package a formula to reimburse states that increase welfare dependency among single mothers and reduce their incentives to work; defunding a program that now pays for the parents of some 1,700 poor kids to choose private schools over crumbling D.C. public schools; fencing out would-be immigrants with much-needed skills.

Not to mention the $7.7 billion in an omnibus spending bill to pay for 9,000 earmarks of the kind that Obama campaigned against: $1.7 million for research on pig odors in Iowa; $1.7 million for a honeybee factory in Texas; $819,000 for research on catfish genetics in Alabama; $2 million to promote astronomy in Hawaii; $650,000 to manage beavers in North Carolina and Mississippi; and many more.

Meanwhile, the stimulus package is stuffed with spending such as "the $88.6 million for new construction for Milwaukee public schools, which, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, have shrinking enrollment, 15 vacant schools, and, quite logically, no plans for new construction," in the words of conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer.

Obama can take credit for keeping campaign promises (which he might have been wiser to defer) on health care, energy, and more, and for ending some of George W. Bush's budget gimmickry. But he has been deceptive in basing his deficit projections on phantom expenditure cuts and wildly optimistic revenue estimates, and in proclaiming "a new era of responsibility" to be paid for by raising taxes only on "the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans."

The numbers don't add up -- and still won't if and when, as seems almost certain, Obama ratchets up his so-far-fairly-modest new taxes on the top 2 percent. "A tax policy that confiscated 100 percent of the taxable income of everyone in America earning over $500,000 in 2006 would only have given Congress an extra $1.3 trillion in revenue," according to a February 27 editorial in The Wall Street Journal. "That's less than half the 2006 federal budget of $2.7 trillion and looks tiny compared to the more than $4 trillion Congress will spend in fiscal 2010. Even taking every taxable 'dime' of everyone earning more than $75,000 in 2006 would have barely yielded enough to cover that $4 trillion." (Stuart Taylor, Obama's Left Turn.)


The more "conservative" Manchester Union-Leader has offered this commentary on what is happening before our very eyes:

Just how massive is President Barack Obama's proposed $3.6 trillion budget? The current federal budget consumes 20 percent of America's gross domestic product. Obama's proposed budget consumes 22 percent. That's an extra 2 percent of a more than $14 trillion economy -- in just one budget.

Obama's budget is so large that it has succeeded in uniting Republicans and Democrats -- against it. Politico.com reported on Wednesday that a group of 14 "moderate" Democrats, including New Hampshire's Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, is working behind the scenes to cut a significant amount of spending out of the President's proposals -- both the upcoming federal budget and the $400 billion omnibus spending bill to keep the government running this year.

The President's budget contains $1.3 trillion in tax increases and a 12 percent increase in discretionary spending, according to the Heritage Foundation.

Remember the $500, scratch that, $400 tax credit we were all supposed to get? Now Obama says we'll get it only if Congress passes his cap-and-trade program for carbon emissions, which functions as a more than $600 billion tax increase on energy production. We will pay more in increased energy costs than we would get back from the tax credit.

Federal spending consumed 20.6 percent of GDP in 1968. It was 1981 before federal spending crossed 22 percent of GDP. President Obama takes it up two percentage points in a single budget and does this with deficit spending, not savings, as he claims.

Obama's budget creates a federal deficit of 12.3 percent of GDP. That is the highest since 1945 when the deficit was 21.5 percent of GDP. It hasn't exceeded 6 percent since then. FDR, fighting the Great Depression, never had a deficit larger than 5.9 percent of GDP.

This is not fiscal responsibility. This is recklessness on an unprecedented scale. (Obama's Budget: Wanton Recklessness.)


It is clear, therefore, that President Barack Hussein Obama needs to have a "Bogeyman" at which to poke so that he can preen and posture in front of cameras and to rouse the masses to his side. Rush Limbaugh makes for a better "Bogeyman" than, say, Sean Hannity.

Obama had every intention of proceeding with his monstrous plans when he was running for election last year, which is why he spoke in vague, nebulous terms, aided by the ever-present TelePrompter, without which he is as incoherent and inarticulate as George Walker Bush or Robert Joseph Dole, Jr. (see Obama's safety net: the TelePrompter and White House Memo - Obama Makes Full Use of Teleprompter), while never revealing the specific details of his plans. His plans are now apparent for all to do see, and those plans are nothing less than a complete implementation of Socialism, albeit with nice "TelePrompt-ed" prose as the people are distracted by false fights with Bogeymen and by their own immersion in bread and circuses (it is, after all, almost the time for "March Madness," which has become a means used by the devil to distract people from keeping their focus in Lent on making reparation for their sins and they keep glued to the television to watch semi-clothed human beings engaged in needless strike; please listen once again to Agony Contention And Sports).

What the self-identified "moderates" and "conservatives" among the ranks of naturalists do not understand is that the collapse of the American economy was inevitable because it has been founded and sustained on the falsehoods of Protestantism and the subsequent rise of Judeo-Masonry. Although I have explained this many times on this site, including several times in recent months, it is important, I believe, to attempt to do so yet again as people do forget points made in the past as the rush of bad economic news (joblessness at a quarter of a century high as the stock markets continue to fall) tends to focus people on the "trees" of problems rather upon their root causes (pun intended).

Dr. George O'Brien explained the fallacies of Capitalism and Socialism as stemming from the same root, the Protestant Revolt:

The thesis we have endeavoured to present in this essay is, that the two great dominating schools of modern economic thought have a common origin. The capitalist school, which, basing its position on the unfettered right of the individual to do what he will with his own, demands the restriction of government interference in economic and social affairs within the narrowest  possible limits, and the socialist school, which, basing its position on the complete subordination of the individual to society, demands the socialization of all the means of production, if not all of wealth, face each other today as the only two solutions of the social question; they are bitterly hostile towards each other, and mutually intolerant and each is at the same weakened and provoked by the other. In one respect, and in one respect only, are they identical--they can both be shown to be the result of the Protestant Reformation.

We have seen the direct connection which exists between these modern schools of economic thought and their common ancestor. Capitalism found its roots in the intensely individualistic spirit of Protestantism, in the spread of anti-authoritative ideas from the realm of religion into the realm of political and social thought, and, above all, in the distinctive Calvinist doctrine of a successful and prosperous career being the outward and visible sign by which the regenerated might be known. Socialism, on the other hand, derived encouragement from the violations of established and prescriptive rights of which the Reformation afforded so many examples, from the growth of heretical sects tainted with Communism, and from the overthrow of the orthodox doctrine on original sin, which opened the way to the idea of the perfectibility of man through institutions. But, apart from these direct influences, there were others, indirect, but equally important. Both these great schools of economic thought are characterized by exaggerations and excesses; the one lays too great stress on the importance of the individual, and other on the importance of the community; they are both departures, in opposite directions, from the correct mean of reconciliation and of individual liberty with social solidarity. These excesses and exaggerations are the result of the free play of private judgment unguided by authority, and could not have occurred if Europe had continued to recognize an infallible central authority in ethical affairs.

The science of economics is the science of men's relations with one another in the domain of acquiring and disposing of wealth, and is, therefore, like political science in another sphere, a branch of the science of ethics. In the Middle Ages, man's ethical conduct, like his religious conduct, was under the supervision and guidance of a single authority, which claimed at the same time the right to define and to enforce its teaching. The machinery for enforcing the observance of medieval ethical teaching was of a singularly effective kind; pressure was brought to bear upon the conscience of the individual through the medium of compulsory periodical consultations with a trained moral adviser, who was empowered to enforce obedience to his advice by the most potent spiritual sanctions. In this way, the whole conduct of man in relation to his neighbours was placed under the immediate guidance of the universally received ethical preceptor, and a common standard of action was ensured throughout the Christian world in the all the affairs of life. All economic transactions in particular were subject to the jealous scrutiny of the individual's spiritual director; and such matters as sales, loans, and so on, were considered reprehensible and punishable if not conducted in accordance with the Christian standards of commutative justice.

The whole of this elaborate system for the preservation of justice in the affairs of everyday life was shattered by the Reformation. The right of private judgment, which had first been asserted in matters of faith, rapidly spread into moral matters, and the attack on the dogmatic infallibility of the Church left Europe without an authority to which it could appeal on moral questions. The new Protestant churches were utterly unable to supply this want. The principle of private judgment on which they rested deprived them of any right to be listened to whenever they attempted to dictate moral precepts to their members, and henceforth the moral behaviour of the individual became a matter to be regulated by the promptings of his own conscience, or by such philosophical systems of ethics as he happened to approve. The secular state endeavoured to ensure that dishonesty amounting to actual theft or fraud should be kept in check, but this was a poor and ineffective substitute for the powerful weapon of the confessional. Authority having once broken down, it was but a single step from Protestantism to rationalism; and the way was opened to the development of all sorts of erroneous systems of morality. (Dr. George O'Brien, An Essay on the Economic Efforts of the Reformation, IHS Press, Norfolk, Virginia, 2003.)


Father Denis Fahey explained that the systematic overthrow of the right ordering of men in their temporal affairs, undertaken as these temporal affairs must be in light of man's Last End--the possession of the glory of the Beatific Vision for all eternity, is very much part of the goals of Jewish naturalism that are reflected in the naturalistic, anti-Incarnational, religiously indifferentist and semi-Pelagian modern civil state:

In the thirteenth century, the high water mark, so far, of man’s acceptance of the order established by God, Catholic Europe acknowledged the divinity of our Lord: it admitted the reality of the supernatural life of grace, and the divinely appointed right of the Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, to say what was opposed to that life and what favoured it, in other words, to be the judge of what was moral and what was immoral, whether in the actions of states or individuals.

The so-called Reformation saw this claim of the Mystical Body of Christ denied by a large part of what was once Catholic Europe. This meant rejecting the order set up by our Lord Jesus Christ while attempting to retain belief in His divinity. From the Jewish point of view, it was a big step in advance, for it meant the abolition of the supremacy of the supranational Mystical Body of Christ over a number of states. The state, in each country which embraced Protestantism, took the place of the Mystical Body of Christ. Thus a purely natural entity arrogated to itself divine functions, by organising its particular form of religion, composed of a mixture of natural and supernatural elements, as a state department. It is true that this natural entity, the state, still acknowledged that, as a society, it had a duty to God and retained some elements of supernatural religion.

The French Revolution carried a step further the process of decay in the acceptance of the divine plan. Religion was considered to be a private matter only; for the state, as a society, denied that it had any duty to God, natural or supernatural. This was complete social apostasy on the part of nations which had once been Catholic and, as such, had acknowledged the rights of Christ and of His Mystical Body on earth. Every country in which a Masonically directed revolution proved successful, as in France in 1789, began by decreeing the separation of Church and state. Thus country after country completely rejected the Mystical Body of Christ. In this way the supernatural Messias was dethroned, while at the same time, the way was positively prepared for the advent of the natural messias by the granting of full citizenship to the members of the Jewish nation. The Jewish writer, Bernard Lazare, expresses this very forcibly. “The Jew,” he writes, “is the living testimony of the disappearance of the State founded upon theological principles and which the Christian anti-Semites dream of reconstructing. The day when a Jew became the holder of a public position, the Christian State was in danger. That is perfectly accurate, and the anti-Semites who affirm that the Jews have ruined the idea of State could say with greater justice that the entry of the Jews into society symbolised the destruction of the State, that is, of course, of the Christian State.

When the Jews become citizens of the non-Jewish states, they still retain their primary allegiance to their own nation, which, according to them, is the chosen vehicle of divine order for the other nations. They still continue to look forward to the natural messianic era, that is, to the era when their nation will dominate over the others. Their advance to positions of power and influence, aided by their control of finance, has been utilised everywhere in the once Catholic states to eliminate from public life the influence of the supernatural life and the remains of the Catholic organisation of society. For example, when the Jew, Naquet, got the French state to pass a divorce law, this meant that France, as a state, no longer acknowledged the indissolubility of the union of Christ and His Mystical Body. Thus French society was brought a stage nearer to the new messianic era. Such is the inner significance of that historical event whose consequences in the natural order have been disastrous for France. 


There is unorganised opposition to the supernatural life of grace in each one of us, owing to the fall. This unorganised opposition of individuals leads to the formation of little anti-supernatural groups here and there, even without the concerted action of vast organised forces. The existence of united anti-supernatural action on the part of organised bodies is so far removed from the mind of the average Catholic that it needs to be stressed particularly and its aims made clear. The Christian framework of society is destined not only to aid us in attaining union with Christ but to serve as a bulwark against the assaults of the forces organised against our supernatural life. These forces are three in number, one being invisible, the other two visible. The invisible host is that of Satan and the other fallen angels, while the visible forces are those of the Jewish nation and Freemasonry. The Jewish nation is not only a visible organisation, but its naturalistic or anti-supernatural character is openly proclaimed by its refusal to accept the supernatural Messias and by its looking forward to a naturalistic messianic era. The Masonic society or group of societies is a visible organisation, but its naturalistic or anti-supernatural character is secret or camouflaged. The naturalism or anti-supernaturalism of its aims, as well as of its ritual and symbolism, is clearly grasped by only relatively few of the initiated. The pantheistic deification of man, which is the consequence of this naturalism, is the supreme secret of Freemasonry. Both of these visible societies, however, make use of subterfuge and secrecy in their modes of action against the supernatural life of the nations of the world. Accordingly, the most vitally real struggle in the world is that waged by those naturalistic or anti-supernatural armies, under the leadership of Satan, against those who accept the supernatural life of grace, participation of the life of the Blessed Trinity, under the leadership of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the work of elimination of the supernatural life from society, the Jewish nation has been powerfully aided by Freemasonry. Freemasonry is a naturalistic society, that is to say, a society which claims to make men good and true independently of the supernatural life which comes to us through membership of our Lord. Masonry thus, in fact and in deed, puts itself above the Mystical Body of Christ, and its action has powerfully contributed to the elimination of the Catholic tradition, based on the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the advent of the anti-supernatural or naturalistic mentality and outlook.

Masonic propaganda has so blinded the nations, even those that did not revolt against the Mystical Body in the sixteenth century, to the significance of naturalism, that it is difficult to rouse them to the full perception of the real issues at stake. The warnings of the sovereign pontiffs and the Judaeo-Masonic attack on the supernatural life in Spain have succeeded, it is true, in getting them to stir uneasily in their slumbers, but they cannot be said to be as yet awake. The Masonic Declaration of the Rights of Man of 1789 has contributed also to bewilder people with regard to the significance of the Communistic attack on private property. The real meaning of the equality of the French Revolution, the one behind which is all the driving force of Masonry, is that all men are equally God. Accordingly, in a properly constituted state, an absolute social equality should counterbalance natural inequalities. The right of private property as the greatest cause of social inequality must be abolished. We need not be surprised then at the lukewarm opposition to Communism wherever the virus of the French Revolution has penetrated. In this way the poorer members of society, who have had such sad experiences in the so-called Christian countries since the sixteenth century, are easily drawn to listen to Marx’s cajoling words. The proletariat, according to the Jewish siren, is a messianic class destined by its rule to bring about a new era in the world. People are slow to grasp that both the proletariat in general and the Russian proletariat in particular are only means for the messianic dreams of Marx’s own nation. . . .

On the one hand, we have to stand valiantly for the divine personality of Our Lord and for the transcendent claims of His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church, in which He continues to live and into which all must enter in order to be one with Him. The personality of our Lord, true God as well as true man, is not merely the subsistence of a created soul; it is the personality of the second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. The Jews as a nation have always rejected that divine personality and their efforts are directed to combating the influence of the supernatural life which He seeks to diffuse through the Catholic Church. We have to stand, therefore, unequivocally for the rights of Christ the King. Jewish efforts to eliminate the supernatural life of grace and faith in Jesus tend inevitably to drag life down to an infra-human level. We have, therefore, to resist and defeat Jewish efforts to dominate our society and mould it along naturalistic lines. In particular, the creation of money and the regulation of the volume of exchange-medium used by Christian peoples must be taken out of their hands. I have seen a saying of Meyer Amschel Rothschild quoted as follows: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”

On the other hand, our Lord, true man as well as true God is a Jew of the House of David, born of the Virgin Mary, the Lily of Israel. Our Lord’s individuality, that by which as a man He is distinct from other members of the human race and belongs to a certain environment and a certain descent, is Jewish. The Blood that was poured out on the Cross at the hands of the official leaders of His own nation for the restoration of the divine life of the world was Jewish blood. Our Lord’s Sacred Heart is a human heart and He loves His own nation with a special love. We must never forget that or allow ourselves to fall victims to an attitude of hatred for the Jews as a nation. We must always bear in mind that He is seeking to draw them on to that supernatural union with Himself which they reject.

The Jewish nation has gradually become the most strongly organised non-secret visible force working for the elimination of the supernatural outlook in society and for the installation of naturalism. The supernatural outlook insists that we are a race whose highest life, the divine life of grace, by which the Blessed Trinity dwells in our souls, was lost by the fall of Adam, but restored by our Lord Jesus Christ. Naturalism denies the existence of any life higher than natural life and maintains that social relations must be organised on that basis. As members of Christ we are bound to work for the return of society to our loving Saviour, so that social organisation may be permeated with the reality of the supernatural life of grace. Pope Pius XI insists on this in the encyclical on the Kingship of Christ. Let us now take two examples of how our efforts to combat naturalism will bring us into conflict with the Jews in their preparations for the naturalistic Messias. The first example will deal with the political, the second with the economic, organisation of the world.

States and nations are bound to acknowledge the Catholic Church as the one true Church. Pope Pius XI shows that the naturalistic spirit has gradually come to infect society, because “by degrees the religion of Christ was put on the same level as false religions, and placed ignominiously in the same category with them.” Previously Pope Pius VII had written: “By the fact that the freedom of all forms of worship is proclaimed, truth is confused with error, and the holy and immaculate Spouse of Christ, outside of which there can be no salvation, is placed on the same level as heretical sects, and even as Jewish perfidy.” Now, since the French Revolution, states have placed all forms of error on the same level as the Mystical Body of Christ, and Jews have been admitted as full citizens of the once Christian states. By granting full citizenship to members of the Jewish religion, the state, to all intents and purposes, gives free rein to the naturalistic moulding process pursued by the Jewish nation, in view of the elimination of membership of Christ and the inauguration of the new messianic, era. It thus shows itself indifferent in the struggle between the true supernatural Messias, who has come, and the naturalistic messias, to whom the Jews look forward.

In regard to the economic organisation of the world, Pope Pius XI insists that “then only will it be possible to unite all in harmonious striving for the common good, when all sections of society have the intimate conviction that they are all members of a single family and children of the same heavenly Father and further, that they are one body in Christ, and everyone members one of another (Rom. XIII, 5).” To have lasting peace in society we Catholics, then, must strive to bring back the great truth that employers and employed must treat one another as members of Christ. It is, as we have seen, part of what we promise Christ as King, when we make submission to our Heavenly Father along with Christ as Priest at Mass. Now, the aim of the Jewish nation is to substitute for the supernatural Messias in whom we are members of one body, the rule of the natural messias. Accordingly, in virtue of Catholic principles, we must oppose the efforts of the Jews to get control of the economic organisation of society. How can we succeed in getting employers and employed to treat one another as members of Christ, if we allow social organisation to pass into the hands of those who have persistently denied and rejected His divine mission and for whom the supernatural Kingdom of His Mystical Body is simply a fraudulent attempt to turn Israel aside from its destiny.

We have, therefore, to resist and defeat Jewish efforts to dominate social organisms and mould them along naturalistic lines, in opposition to our Lord and His Mystical Body. The guilds of the Middle Ages, which reflected the solidarity of the members of the Mystical Body of Christ in economic organisation, rendered wonderful services to their members in times of sickness and need, thus efficaciously preventing Jewish money lenders from gaining control of families and property. We too in our day must safeguard the poor and needy from being tortured by Jewish money lenders. Our action in this connection however, must not be merely the negative one of combating illegalities and getting laws suitably amended, but the positive one of setting up organisations which will render services similar to those rendered by the guilds. Besides this safeguarding of the poor and needy, there is the more far reaching question of the creation of money and the regulation of the volume of exchange medium used by Christian peoples. That power must not be allowed to fall into, some would say to remain in, Jewish hands, or to fall into the hands of nominal or erstwhile Christians, Masons and others, who are dependent upon, or in alliance with Jews. We must combat Jewish attempts to bring under their domination individual Catholics and Catholic countries, even more vigorously than we must struggle against Freemasonry, because the Jews form a more strongly organised and more cohesive naturalistic force than Freemasonry.

It is not easy to combat Jewish naturalism in public life and at the same time keep oneself free from racial hatred, which is itself but a form of naturalism. Yet it must be done. On March 25th 1928, the Congregation of the Holy Office abolished the association called The Friends of Israel, which in action and language had departed from the mind of the Church and of the Fathers and had adopted a mode of procedure abhorrent to the liturgy, thus falling into naturalism. Nevertheless in that same decree, the Church insists upon the fact that she “habitually prays for the Jewish people which was the custodian of the divine promises down to Jesus Christ, and this, in spite of, nay rather on account of, their subsequent blindness. Actuated by this spirit of charity the Apostolic See has protected this people against unjust treatment and, as it condemns every kind of hatred and jealousy between nations, so in a special manner it condemns hatred of the people once chosen by God, namely, that hatred commonly designated as ‘Anti-Semitism.’”

Particular attention must be called to the phrase once chosen by God. It is the second time that the Holy See uses the phrase in recent years, the other being in the text of the prayer approved of by Pope Pius XI for the consecration of the human race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Holy See is evidently insisting upon the fact that there is no longer any chosen people or race, except in so far as the Jews, who were the custodians of the divine promises until the time of Jesus Christ, despite their official rejection of the Supernatural Messias, have not ceased to be the members of His own race. Certain nations have at times shown themselves, to some extent at least, dazzled by the belief that they were the chosen people or race, in the natural order. The pagan cult of race is but a modern manifestation of naturalism.

The Jews look upon themselves now as the Chosen People, because they hold that they are the people destined to bring happiness to the world in the messianic era yet to come. Catholic writers would do well not to pander to this naturalism, by speaking of the Jews simply as the Chosen People, for thus they increase the confusion of thought in modern times. The Jews were chosen to be the custodians of the divine promises until the coming of Jesus Christ, of whom they were to be the fount according to the flesh. They have not ceased to be the race in which the “Word was made flesh,” and as such, they are the object of special love on the part of our Lord. But the naturalism by which they rejected Him and continue to hold that the happiness of the world is to come through their messianic aspirations is false and must be everywhere combated.

We have, therefore, a twofold programme set out before us. We must, on the one hand, defend our Lord’s rights and, on the other, seek to tear away the veil from the eyes of those whose blindness hurts Him in a special way. This is the programme set before us in these words of the Encyclical Letter, Quas Primas of Pope Pius XI. “If the faithful generally would understand that it is their duty to fight bravely and continually under the banner of Christ their King, then, fired with apostolic zeal, they would endeavour to win over to our Lord those who are estranged from Him or know Him not, and would valiantly defend His rights.”

Pope Pius X insisted in most appealing fashion upon the need for courage on the part of Catholics in the modem world, in the discourse he pronounced on the 13th December 1908 at the beatification of Joan of Arc. To St. Joan’s mind the coronation and anointing of the King of France were ever present, because that anointing did homage to the universal Kingship of Christ and linked up political power with the government of the Lord Jesus. She was the saint sent to remind the world, at the decline of the Middle Ages, of the formal principle of order in the world, the acknowledgment of the Kingship of Christ. The saintly Pope spoke of the heroism of Blessed Joan, and contrasted it with the timidity of so many Catholics in our day: “In our time more than ever before, the chief strength of the wicked lies in the cowardice and weakness of good men . . . All the strength of Satan’s reign is due to the easy going weakness of Catholics. Oh! if I might ask the Divine Redeemer, as the prophet Zachary did in spirit: What are those wounds in the midst of thy hands? the answer would not be doubtful: With these was I wounded in the house of them that loved me. I was wounded by my friends, who did nothing to defend me, and who, on every occasion, made themselves the accomplices of my adversaries. And this reproach can be levelled at the weak and timid Catholics of all countries.” (Father Denis Fahey, The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, pp.269-272; 274- 277.)


What is happening in the United States did not just occur overnight, as I have tried to explain in endless numbers of commentaries on this site. Adherents of the Talmud and their allied agents of naturalism have taken full advantage of the Protestant Revolution's overthrow of the Social Reign of Christ the King to organize and develop political, social and and economic structures that take no account of the true Faith and thus no account of man's Last End, around which all human activities must be organized and to which they must be referred. We are living through a chastisement for the failure of a true pope to consecrate Russia to Our Lady's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart with all of the world's bishops.

Although the matter of the proper consecration of Russia to Our Lady's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart has given rise to disputes even among traditionally-minded Catholics, it is my belief, as I explained in Our Lady Does Not Act on Her Own, that the collegial consecration of Russia by a true pope with all of the world's bishops is indeed a necessity. Our Lady said on July 13, 1917, that she would come to ask for the consecration of Russia:

"Sacrifice yourselves for sinners, and say many times, especially when you make some sacrifice: O Jesus, it is for love of You, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

"You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end; but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the pontificate of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father.

"To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world."

Mary specifically told Lucia not to tell anyone about the secret at this stage, apart from Francisco, before continuing: "When you pray the Rosary, say after each mystery: 'O my Jesus, forgive us, save us from the fire of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are most in need.' "  (Mary's words at Fatima.)


Our Lady appeared on June 13, 1929, to Sister Lucia dos Santos in the convent in Tuy, Spain, to ask for this collegial consecration:

At this point Lucia explained that she understood the apparition was a representation of the Holy Trinity, as she heard Mary speak to her: "The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father, in union with all the Bishops in the world, to make the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means. There are so many souls whom the Justice of God condemns for sins committed against me, that I have come to ask reparation: sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray."  (Mary's words at Fatima.)


Russia has indeed spread her errors, which are more than those of Marxism-Leninism. The errors of Russia include those of Orthodox, which have much in common with the errors of Protestantism and helped to pave the way for the rise of Judeo-Masonic naturalism.

Three of the theological errors of Russia are as follows.

1. Denial of Papal Primacy, presaging the errors of Martin Luther and John Calvin and Thomas Cranmer, et al.

2. Denial of the Magisterial Authority of the Catholic Church, leaving doctrinal decisions in the hands of committees of bishops.

3. The subordination of the Orthodox Church to the civil state, presaging the overthrow of the Social Reign of Christ the King and the separation of Church and State wrought by Martin Luther and cemented by the rise of Judeo-Masonry and other, inter-related forces of naturalism.

Obviously, the errors of Russian Orthodoxy helped to shape the nature of Russian government over the centuries, something that Greek Orthodoxy, finding itself immersed in the heart of Mohammedanism, could not do. Thus it is that Russian Orthodoxy helped to pave the way over the centuries for Protestantism and Freemasonry by means of its rejection of the Social Reign of Christ King as it must be exercised by the Catholic Church.The principle error of Modernity, the rejection of the Incarnation as an absolute necessity in the right ordering of men and their nations, had its antecedent roots in Russia.

The errors of Russia influenced, albeit indirectly at times and through many filters, the ideas of the so-called Enlightenment in the West. And the failure of those anti-Incarnational and, at times, anti-Theistic ideas to resolve social problems, which have their remote cause in Original Sin and their proximate causes in the Actual Sins of men, made possible the rise of all manner of utopian theories.

After all, if "heaven" is to be here on earth and men cannot resolve their problems by means of mere structural reform sanctioned by a majority of "reasonable men" (see Locke, John, Second Treatise on Civil Government), then men who do not realize that the state of nations depends upon the right ordering of souls according to the tenets contained in the Deposit of Faith entrusted exclusively to the Catholic Church and in cooperation with the graces won for men by the shedding of every single drop of the Most Precious Blood of the Divine Redeemer, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, on the wood of the Holy Cross and that flow into our hearts and souls through the loving hands of Our Lady, she who is the Mediatrix of All Graces, will gravitate all too naturally to increasingly more utopian schemes of naturalism, including Bolshevism. The failure of Western liberalism, which had been influenced in many ways by the errors of Russia, to "improve" the lot of man helped to create a fertile seed ground for Bolshevism.

The spread of the errors of Orthodoxy, especially as regards the rejection of Papal primacy and thus the Social Reign Christ the King, came back to bite the Russian czars themselves a well-armed, well-financed and well-organized minority of Bolshevik cadres took advantage of the weakness caused by Imperial Russia's involvement in World War I to begin the process in 1917 of exacting total control over an empire that had expanded greatly in the Nineteenth Century, although it took a three year civil war between the Red Russians (the Bolsheviks) and the White Russians to solidify that power. One solidified, however, Bolshevism began to spread a whole litany of errors, many of which have been adapted in the "democratic" West. Consider once again, if you will, some of the ways in which these errors have been spread into the midst of our own lands:

1) Although private ownership has been retained in the West, nationalization of major industries began common after World War II in the United Kingdom, France, the countries of Scandinavia and elsewhere. True, national socialism, practiced in Italy and Germany and Japan before World War II (and Argentina after World War II) also featured nationalization of some industries. However, the practitioners of national socialism also permitted a degree of private ownership of major industries as long as those industries manufactured what the state dictated and sold their products according to the prices it, the state, established.

Those Western countries, such as the United States, that did not nationalize major industries in peacetime began, however, even before World War II to confiscate private property, namely, the "wealth" of its citizens, by means of confiscatory taxation policies, most of which are absolutely unconstitutional under the terms of the Constitution of the United States of America, in order to redistribute income by means of government programs of social engineering. This confiscation of income, although not a strict abolition of private property as such, nevertheless limited the legitimate freedom of citizens and made their dependent upon the "largesse" of the civil state, making it more difficult for them to meet their own daily needs and, in man instances, forcing wives and mothers who wanted to stay at home with their children to go into the workplace simply to make income to pay these confiscatory taxes.

We see now that these errors are coalescing in the plans announced by Barack Hussein Obama to build on the work of the Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton and George Walker Bush administrations to create an American version of the European "nanny-state," a place where even legitimate liberties are restricted in the name of the "diversity" and "tolerance" and "pluralism."

2) Private property in the West has also become heavily regulated since the dawn of Bolshevism in order to realize whatever goals the social engineers believed were necessary to pursue at any given moment, whether it be the displacement of citizens to facilitate "economic development" favorable to corporations whose executives donate heavily to candidates of both major political parties or to realize the goals of "environmentalists" and "animals rights" activists to limit the just use of one's own property in the defense of his family (from, say, bears and other predatory animals). One is a prisoner on his own property to the dictates of various statists, whose whims change from moment to moment. This is one of the key goals of the Obama administration at the present time.

3) Political power has been concentrated increasingly in the past ninety years or so in a duopoly called the "Republicrats," shall we say, career politicians who seek more and more to increase the size of the Federal budget and to make ever more future generations of Americans indentured servants of the government as these same career politicians enable the robber barons of the credit industry to charge usurious rates of interest to finance loans for automobiles and homes, thereby keeping large segments of the population even more indentured at almost every turn of their lives. This duopoly of power justifies almost every effort to increase surveillance of ordinary citizens, using the old shibboleth of "national security" to cower people in a "republican" system of government to surrender voluntarily what the Bolsheviks had to take from the Russians by armed force.

4) "Information" is manufactured by the government and disseminated for popular consumption and acceptance. Obviously, "Russia" did not invent this. However, Russian Orthodoxy's rejection of the Social Reign of Christ the King and its subordination of the schismatic and heretical Orthodox "church" paved the way Protestantism's and Freemasonry's embrace and promotion of this same error, thereby making the state to be a "demigod" beyond criticism and whose "information" must be accepted in the name of "patriotism."

Thus it is, for example, that events such as the attacks on September 11, 2001 were used as a pretext for launching the "global war on terror" and for attacking Iraq, which had no role to play in those attacks whatsoever, to justify the pursuit of the American delusion of progress by means of "American civil liberty." This propaganda campaign could have been borrowed from the years of the Soviet's war in Afghanistan (1979 to 1989). Obama is engaged in his own propaganda campaign at present by using his fellow naturalist Rush Limbaugh as the "Bogeyman."

5) Any country that rejects the Social Reign of Christ the King, the linchpin of both Orthodoxy and Protestantism and all subsequent social revolutions, as it must be exercised by the Catholic Church must attack the rights of the family, seeking to destabilize the family so as to make more and more citizens dependent upon the state and its "experts" as to how to conduct their lives. Freemasonry's spirited push for the "liberalization" of existing divorce laws in the United States of America at the end of the Nineteenth Century, especially in North Dakota after it was granted statehood in 1889, was the logical consequence of Orthodoxy's and Protestantism's acceptance of divorce and remarriage.The later acceptance of contraception by Orthodoxy and by most, although not all, Protestant sects would further destabilize the family, mirroring Bolshevism's complete arrogation of the the rights of the family unto the civil state, which could accuse parents of "abuse" if their children were subjected to "counter-revolutionary" ideas.

Something quite similar has been occurring in the United States and elsewhere in the West as home-schooling parents are carefully monitored for any signs of "bigotry" or "intolerance" that might "deform" their children, thus necessitating the intervention of the civil state to "rescue" the children from these "backward" parents. The state must thus carefully construct and enforce curricula of study, imposing said curricula with "religious: zeal.

6) Constant warfare must be waged against the true Church, the Catholic Church, founded by Our Lord upon the Rock of Saint Peter, the Pope, and brought to birth this very day, Pentecost Sunday, as the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity descended in tongues of flame upon the Apostles and our dear Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the same Upper Room in Jerusalem where Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had institute the priesthood and the Eucharist some fifty-two days before. Some civil states in the West, most notably Canada, have imitated Bolshevism quite directly by waging relentless campaigns to silence Catholics about the truths of the Faith, especially as it relates to opposing baby-killing under cover of law and opposing the social promotion of perversion.

More commonly, however, the civil state in the West, aping Bolshevism, permits the most aggressive and vile attacks upon Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and Our Lady and the true Church in the nooks and crannies of popular culture, all in the name of a "false" civil freedom, the likes of which were condemned by Pope Gregory XVI in the passage from Mirari Vos, August 15, 1832, and Pope Pius IX, Quanta Cura, December 8, 1864. The constant warfare against the true Faith unites the naturalism of Talmudic-financed Bolshevism with the Judeo-Masonic naturalism of the Western liberalism and pluralism and religious indifferentism that made possible its ascendancy in the first place.

The errors of Russia helped to merge with so many other errors to produce the ethos of conciliarism itself, resulting in utter silence about Communism at the "Second" Vatican Council, the fruit of the "Metz Accord" (which guaranteed silence at the "council" about Communism in exchange for the presence of "observers" from the Russian Orthodox Church) and the betrayal of the late Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty, to say nothing of Joseph Ratzinger's recent sell-out of the underground Catholics in Red China nearly two years ago (see A Betrayal Worthy of the Antichrist).

What I wrote a few weeks ago is relevant once again:

When all is said and done, ladies and gentlemen, the fact of the matter is very simple: a world that rejects the Social Reign of Christ the King as it must be exercised by His Catholic Church must descend into the darkness of materialism and hedonism and crass commercial creed as governments themselves invert the teaching of Our King by making the pursuit of material well-being the ultimate raison d'etre of their existence.  Men and their instititutions must degenerate to the level of state-sponsored criminality when when men do not have recourse to the teaching and sanctifying offices that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has entrusted exclusively to His Catholic Church, as point that Pope Leo XIII made in Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus, November 1, 1900:

The whole object of Christian doctrine and morality is that "we being dead to sin, should live to justice" (I Peter ii., 24)-that is, to virtue and holiness. In this consists the moral life, with the certain hope of a happy eternity. This justice, in order to be advantageous to salvation, is nourished by Christian faith. "The just man liveth by faith" (Galatians iii., II). "Without faith it is impossible to please God" (Hebrews xi., 6). Consequently Jesus Christ, the creator and preserver of faith, also preserves and nourishes our moral life. This He does chiefly by the ministry of His Church. To Her, in His wise and merciful counsel, He has entrusted certain agencies which engender the supernatural life, protect it, and revive it if it should fail. This generative and conservative power of the virtues that make for salvation is therefore lost, whenever morality is dissociated from divine faith. A system of morality based exclusively on human reason robs man of his highest dignity and lowers him from the supernatural to the merely natural life. Not but that man is able by the right use of reason to know and to obey certain principles of the natural law. But though he should know them all and keep them inviolate through life-and even this is impossible without the aid of the grace of our Redeemer-still it is vain for anyone without faith to promise himself eternal salvation. "If anyone abide not in Me, he shall be cast forth as a branch, and shall wither, and they shall gather him up and cast him into the fire, and he burneth" john xv., 6). "He that believeth not shall be condemned" (Mark xvi., 16). We have but too much evidence of the value and result of a morality divorced from divine faith. How is it that, in spite of all the zeal for the welfare of the masses, nations are in such straits and even distress, and that the evil is daily on the increase? We are told that society is quite able to help itself; that it can flourish without the assistance of Christianity, and attain its end by its own unaided efforts. Public administrators prefer a purely secular system of government. All traces of the religion of our forefathers are daily disappearing from political life and administration. What blindness! Once the idea of the authority of God as the Judge of right and wrong is forgotten, law must necessarily lose its primary authority and justice must perish: and these are the two most powerful and most necessary bonds of society. Similarly, once the hope and expectation of eternal happiness is taken away, temporal goods will be greedily sought after. Every man will strive to secure the largest share for himself. Hence arise envy, jealousy, hatred. The consequences are conspiracy, anarchy, nihilism. There is neither peace abroad nor security at home. Public life is stained with crime.

Behold the criminal enterprises of the civil state and "private" sector as that which belongs to the people is taken to fund overt criminality.

Pope Saint Pius X noted in Vehementer Nos, February 11, 1906, that civil government must aid man in the pursuit of his Last End, namely, the possession of the glory of the Beatific Vision for all eternity. Governments must foster those conditions in civil society wherein citizens can better sanctify and thus save their immortal souls as members of the Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation and without which there can be no true social order. Pope Saint Pius X put the matter in very plain, stark terms that are, of course, rejected by the naturalists who control the world's governments and financial institutions and rejected by Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI and his band of conciliarists:

That the State must be separated from the Church is a thesis absolutely false, a most pernicious error. Based, as it is, on the principle that the State must not recognize any religious cult, it is in the first place guilty of a great injustice to God; for the Creator of man is also the Founder of human societies, and preserves their existence as He preserves our own. We owe Him, therefore, not only a private cult, but a public and social worship to honor Him. Besides, this thesis is an obvious negation of the supernatural order. It limits the action of the State to the pursuit of public prosperity during this life only, which is but the proximate object of political societies; and it occupies itself in no fashion (on the plea that this is foreign to it) with their ultimate object which is man's eternal happiness after this short life shall have run its course. But as the present order of things is temporary and subordinated to the conquest of man's supreme and absolute welfare, it follows that the civil power must not only place no obstacle in the way of this conquest, but must aid us in effecting it.


Alas, the governments of the "developed" world, including the United States of America, have placed obstacles in the pursuit of man's Last End, promoting various evils under cover of the civil law and within the larger content of their popular cultures, thereby serving as instruments of promoting disorder in the souls of citizens, who believe that human happiness is defined by various naturalistic measures of "success," including wealth and possessions. Governments and economic systems based on the glorification of the material to the opposition of the supernatural will collapse just as surely as failed enterprises in the past, such as the Roman Empire, collapsed.

No amount of the expenditure of "funny money" to attempt to rescue corporate entities that fund Planned Parenthood and related organizations can undo the debt owed to God for the multiple ways in which He has been offended by crimes against His own very honor and majesty and glory and against the rational creatures made in His own image and likeness that he redeemed by the shedding of every single drop of His Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross. No nation that offends God as it exploits His rational creatures and enslaves them in the midst of the various lies of naturalism is going to know long term economic prosperity at home or security from foreign aggressors.

Catholicism is the one and only foundation of personal and social order. The more that unrepentant sin abounds in the world and is promoted with abandon by the civil state will be the more chaos, disorder, confusion and economic array that will permeate the entirety of the world. As goes souls, so goes the world. No amount of "helter-skelter" socialism can put the "Humpty Dumpty" of the falsehoods of Modernity back together again when they have been the proximate source of our problems from the time they were posed as the replacement for the Social Reign of Christ the King nearly five hundred years ago.

Pope Pius XI, writing in Quadragesimo Anno, May 15, 1931, put the matter this way:

If Socialism, like all errors, contains some truth (which, moreover, the Supreme Pontiffs have never denied), it is based nevertheless on a theory of human society peculiar to itself and irreconcilable with true Christianity. Religious socialism, Christian socialism, are contradictory terms; no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist.


How many of the boiled frogs in this country, diverted by their endless array of bread and circuses, understand that the way of our mess is the conversion of every American and of the country itself to the true Faith as we seek to do reparation for our sins--and for those of our nation--as the consecrated slaves of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through His Most Blessed Mother's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. . . .

Holiness of life is a prerequisite to good stewardship of any unit of society, starting, of course, with our own families. No one reading this article can claim with a straight face that those in the civil government or in the corporate offices of banks and brokerage houses and the all-powerful Federal Reserve System are attempting to aspire to sanctity as a faithful member of the Catholic Church who is conscious of his need to make reparation for his own sins and those of the whole world by praying as many Rosaries as possible each day.

Yes, my friends, it is the Rosary that is, after Holy Mass and Eucharistic piety, the chief means by which the evils of the present day will be retarded and the seeds planted for the Triumph of Our Lady's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. Instead of babbling on about one naturalistic "solution" after another as more and more funny money is printed to indenture future and current citizens before some catastrophic war is deemed necessary as the ultimate "economic stimulus" and population control measure, those who hold office in the civil state and who control the levers of corporations and financial institutions ought to be promoting Our Lady's Holy Rosary, which speaks more powerfully of our total reliance upon Christ the King and upon her, Our Immaculate Queen, than all of the meaningless verbiage that passes out like so much gas from the mouth and is then lost the fogs of the minds of men.

We need an end to political and economic systems based on the falsehoods of Protestantism and naturalism. We need the restoration of the Social Reign of Christ the King, praying as many Rosaries as possible each day to plant a few seeds for this restoration.

Some might ask what should be done in this time of economic dislocation. I have no answer to such a question. I do know, however, that it would be very helpful to calm the wrath of God to stop promoting sin under cover of law and in every aspect of popular culture, to stop killing the innocent preborn by chemical and surgical means, to stop preventing the conception of children by the means of various pills and devices and surgical procedures that deny the Sovereignty of God over the sanctity and fecundity of marriage, to stop taking the private property of the people to fund statist programs that promote these and many other evils, including the evil of usury that is the foundation of the Protestant/Judeo-Masonic economic ethos. Yes, it would be a useful thing to stop the promotion of sin and to start making reparation for our sins as a nation whose patroness is, after all, the Immaculate Conception herself.

Pope Leo XIII, writing in Laetitiae Sanctae, September 8, 1893, noted:

The third evil for which a remedy is needed is one which is chiefly characteristic of the times in which we live. Men in former ages, although they loved the world, and loved it far too well, did not usually aggravate their sinful attachment to the things of earth by a contempt of the things of heaven. Even the right-thinking portion of the pagan world recognized that this life was not a home but a dwelling-place, not our destination, but a stage in the journey. But men of our day, albeit they have had the advantages of Christian instruction, pursue the false goods of this world in such wise that the thought of their true Fatherland of enduring happiness is not only set aside, but, to their shame be it said, banished and entirely erased from their memory, notwithstanding the warning of St. Paul, "We have not here a lasting city, but we seek one which is to come" (Heb. xiii., 4).

When We seek out the causes of this forgetfulness, We are met in the first place by the fact that many allow themselves to believe that the thought of a future life goes in some way to sap the love of our country, and thus militates against the prosperity of the commonwealth. No illusion could be more foolish or hateful. Our future hope is not of a kind which so monopolizes the minds of men as to withdraw their attention from the interests of this life. Christ commands us, it is true, to seek the Kingdom of God, and in the first place, but not in such a manner as to neglect all things else. For, the use of the goods of the present life, and the righteous enjoyment which they furnish, may serve both to strengthen virtue and to reward it. The splendor and beauty of our earthly habitation, by which human society is ennobled, may mirror the splendor and beauty of our dwelling which is above. Therein we see nothing that is not worthy of the reason of man and of the wisdom of God. For the same God who is the Author of Nature is the Author of Grace, and He willed not that one should collide or conflict with the other, but that they should act in friendly alliance, so that under the leadership of both we may the more easily arrive at that immortal happiness for which we mortal men were created.

But men of carnal mind, who love nothing but themselves, allow their thoughts to grovel upon things of earth until they are unable to lift them to that which is higher. For, far from using the goods of time as a help towards securing those which are eternal, they lose sight altogether of the world which is to come, and sink to the lowest depths of degradation. We may doubt if God could inflict upon man a more terrible punishment than to allow him to waste his whole life in the pursuit of earthly pleasures, and in forgetfulness of the happiness which alone lasts for ever.

It is from this danger that they will be happily rescued, who, in the pious practice of the Rosary, are wont, by frequent and fervent prayer, to keep before their minds the glorious mysteries. These mysteries are the means by which in the soul of a Christian a most clear light is shed upon the good things, hidden to sense, but visible to faith, "which God has prepared for those who love Him." From them we learn that death is not an annihilation which ends all things, but merely a migration and passage from life to life. By them we are taught that the path to Heaven lies open to all men, and as we behold Christ ascending thither, we recall the sweet words of His promise, "I go to prepare a place for you." By them we are reminded that a time will come when "God will wipe away every tear from our eyes," and that "neither mourning, nor crying, nor sorrow, shall be any more," and that "We shall be always with the Lord," and "like to the Lord, for we shall see Him as He is," and "drink of the torrent of His delight," as "fellow-citizens of the saints," in the blessed companionship of our glorious Queen and Mother. Dwelling upon such a prospect, our hearts are kindled with desire, and we exclaim, in the words of a great saint, "How vile grows the earth when I look up to heaven!" Then, too, shall we feel the solace of the assurance "that which is at present momentary and light of our tribulation worketh for us above measure exceedingly an eternal weight of glory" (2 Cor. iv., 17).

Here alone we discover the true relation between time and eternity, between our life on earth and our life in heaven; and it is thus alone that are formed strong and noble characters. When such characters can be counted in large numbers, the dignity and well-being of society are assured. All that is beautiful, good, and true will flourish in the measure of its conformity to Him who is of all beauty, goodness, and truth the first Principle and the Eternal Source.


I am neither a prophet nor a prognosticator of future events. I do know, however, that men and their nations are lost without the Catholic Faith and that no amount of "stimulus" plans proposed by naturalists will save a nation from the catastrophe it deserves for its promotion of the very thing--sin--that caused Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to suffer in His Sacred Humanity during His Passion and Death and that thrust those Seven Swords of Sorrow into the Immaculate Heart of His Most Blessed Mother. The future is not bright for the United States of America and the rest of the "developed" world.


We must build up the Kingship of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in our own souls every day, praying that by doing so we can be better able to reject the influences of naturalism in our own lives (refusing to be distracted by the "bogeymen" raised up by the false opposites of the naturalist "right" and the naturalist "left" and the naturalist "center") and be earnest about planting a few seeds for the day when all men, consecrated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, will exclaim:

Viva Cristo Rey! Vivat Christus Rex!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, triumph soon.

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us!


Saint Joseph, Patron of Departing Souls, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saints Perpetua and Felicity, pray for us.

Saint Collette, pray for us.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, pray for us.

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