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                May 17, 2012



Monkey Wrenches

by Thomas A. Droleskey

Will monkey wrenches make a monkey's uncle out of me for having predicted confidently that the "reconciliation" between the Society of Saint Pius X, founded and sustained on a false ecclesiology, and Oyster Bay Cove, Long Island, New York, and the officials of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, founded and sustained on the heretical principles of the "new theology" and its "new ecclesiology," will take place when all is said and done? Well, it does not take this matter to make a monkey's uncle out of me as I have demonstrated for seven days shy of sixty and one-half years that I am more than perfectly capable of doing this all on my own, thank you very, very much.

This qualification having been made, however, I still contend that there will be a "reconciliation" even though the letter to Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, from Bishops Richard Williamson, Alfonso Galaretta and Bernard Tissier de Mallerais opposing any "reconciliation" with conciliar authorities who occupy the seats of power in the Vatican in this time of apostasy and betrayal is slowing down the process, which is just what the bishops desired to accomplish.

Although the conciliar Vatican appeared ready to "regularize" the Society of Saint Pius X in 2009 shortly after the "excommunications" imposed upon the four bishops who had been consecrated on June 30,  1988, in Econe, Switzerland, by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre without a "papal" mandate and in the face of a "papal" canonical warning were "lifted" by Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI on January 24, 2009, the false "pontiff" had to apply the brakes after Bishop Richard Williamson's television interview for a Swedish television program was aired three days before, Wednesday, January 21, 2009. Bishop Williamson, of course, put into question the accepted history of the nature and extent of the crimes of the agents of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich against Jews and others. This unleashed such a firestorm against Ratzinger/Benedict that he had to do numerous "mea culpas" before his Talmudic masters and went so far as to write an Explanatory Letter to the conciliar "bishops" around the world to explain why he had "lifted" the "excommunications.

Yes, I have made reference to this letter quite a lot in recent articles. I want to do so again in the event that there is somebody out there in cyberspace who is still convinced that Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI wants to "restore" the Tradition of the Catholic Church by means of embracing the Society of Saint Pius X is, to put things as charitably as possible, not facing the reality of the following words, written by the man most people believe in the world is "Pope" Benedict XVI, that spell out very plainly his desire is to "pacify the spirits" of the bishops, priests, religious and laity of the Society of Saint Pius X by being "open" to their liturgical customs while at the same time demanding adherence to the conciliar revolution by means of his philosophically absurd and dogmatically condemned "hermeneutic of continuity and discontinuity:"

Leading men and women to God, to the God Who speaks in the Bible: this is the supreme and fundamental priority of the Church and of the Successor of Peter at the present time. A logical consequence of this is that we must have at heart the unity of all believers. Their disunity, their disagreement among themselves, calls into question the credibility of their talk of God. Hence the effort to promote a common witness by Christians to their faith - ecumenism - is part of the supreme priority. Added to this is the need for all those who believe in God to join in seeking peace, to attempt to draw closer to one another, and to journey together, even with their differing images of God, towards the source of Light - this is inter-religious dialogue. Whoever proclaims that God is Love 'to the end' has to bear witness to love: in loving devotion to the suffering, in the rejection of hatred and enmity - this is the social dimension of the Christian faith, of which I spoke in the Encyclical 'Deus caritas est'.

"So if the arduous task of working for faith, hope and love in the world is presently (and, in various ways, always) the Church's real priority, then part of this is also made up of acts of reconciliation, small and not so small. That the quiet gesture of extending a hand gave rise to a huge uproar, and thus became exactly the opposite of a gesture of reconciliation, is a fact which we must accept. But I ask now: Was it, and is it, truly wrong in this case to meet half-way the brother who 'has something against you' and to seek reconciliation? Should not civil society also try to forestall forms of extremism and to incorporate their eventual adherents - to the extent possible - in the great currents shaping social life, and thus avoid their being segregated, with all its consequences? Can it be completely mistaken to work to break down obstinacy and narrowness, and to make space for what is positive and retrievable for the whole? I myself saw, in the years after 1988, how the return of communities which had been separated from Rome changed their interior attitudes; I saw how returning to the bigger and broader Church enabled them to move beyond one-sided positions and broke down rigidity so that positive energies could emerge for the whole. Can we be totally indifferent about a community which has 491 priests, 215 seminarians, 6 seminaries, 88 schools, 2 university-level institutes, 117 religious brothers, 164 religious sisters and thousands of lay faithful? Should we casually let them drift farther from the Church? I think for example of the 491 priests. We cannot know how mixed their motives may be. All the same, I do not think that they would have chosen the priesthood if, alongside various distorted and unhealthy elements, they did not have a love for Christ and a desire to proclaim Him and, with Him, the living God. Can we simply exclude them, as representatives of a radical fringe, from our pursuit of reconciliation and unity? What would then become of them?

"Certainly, for some time now, and once again on this specific occasion, we have heard from some representatives of that community many unpleasant things - arrogance and presumptuousness, an obsession with one-sided positions, etc. Yet to tell the truth, I must add that I have also received a number of touching testimonials of gratitude which clearly showed an openness of heart. But should not the great Church also allow herself to be generous in the knowledge of her great breadth, in the knowledge of the promise made to her? Should not we, as good educators, also be capable of overlooking various faults and making every effort to open up broader vistas? And should we not admit that some unpleasant things have also emerged in Church circles? At times one gets the impression that our society needs to have at least one group to which no tolerance may be shown; which one can easily attack and hate. And should someone dare to approach them - in this case the Pope - he too loses any right to tolerance; he too can be treated hatefully, without misgiving or restraint. (Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church concerning the remission of the excommunication of the four Bishops consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre, March 10, 2009.)


Having been burned by the internal battles within the Society of Saint Pius X forty months ago now, officials in the conciliar Vatican are going to make sure that anyone within the Society of Saint Pius X who seeks to undermine the "pope's" desire for a "reconciliation" with the "integralists" will understand the consequences of their doing so:

Communique on the Society of St. Pius X

Vatican City, 16 May 2012 (VIS) - Early this afternoon, the Holy See Press Office issued the following communique regarding the Society of St. Pius X:

"As reported by news agencies, today, 16 May 2012, an Ordinary Session of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith met to discuss the question of the Society of St. Pius X.

In particular, the text of the response of Bishop Bernard Fellay, received on 17 April, 2012, was examined and some observations, which will be considered in further discussions between the Holy See and the Society of St. Pius X, were formulated.

Regarding the positions taken by the other three bishops of the Society of St. Pius X, their situations will have to be dealt with separately and singularly". (Communique on the Society of St. Pius X.)

In other words, each of the three bishops of the Society of Saint Pius X not named Bernard Fellay will be given an opportunity to "get on board" or face a series of canonical warnings that could result in the "reimposition" of their "excommunications."

It is clear that Ratzinger/Benedict wants to get a "deal" done so as to neutralize the most number of traditionally-minded Catholics as possible into a quiet acceptance of his conciliar revolution while they get an opportunity to express their gratitude to him for "permitting" them to have a modernized version of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition that was, if you will recall from previous articles, in effect on a worldwide basis in the conciliar church for only three years (1961-1964). He is willing to wait another two months or so before the Society's General Chapter meeting in Switzerland that could result in Bishop Fellay's ouster as Superior General and a complete return to the absurdity of the status quo ante in which a group of bishops, priests, religious and laity say they believe that he is a true Successor of Saint Peter while continuing to reject his authority over them, something that is the right of a true Sovereign Pontiff to exercise over his subjects. By that time, you see, the canonical warnings will have been issued and the Society of Saint Pius X will have been transformed into a "personal prelature" of Ratzinger/Benedict's under an entirely different name and structure approved by "Pontifical" Commission Ecclesia Dei.

So, yes, monkey wrenches or no monkey wrenches, I am willing to be called a monkey's uncle yet again for continuing to insist that a "deal" will get done. Far from concerning Ratzinger/Benedict, the current dispute within the Society of Saint Pius X  suits his purposes very well by bringing this factious warfare into the open after it has been simmering for a long time within its ranks.

There is no need to parse intermediate developments between now and the time the "reconciliation" is complete as there will continue to be a good deal of posturing by all involved.

The readers of this site are simply reminded that none of this farce can come from the Catholic Church, she who unites men around a common doctrine and who cannot give us liturgies that are incentives to impiety and offend God and that cannot give us doctrines that are ambiguous, if not entirely contradictory of articles contained in the Sacred Deposit of Faith. This is all the work of a counterfeit ape of the Catholic Church, the conciliar church, which is headed by men who are not bishops and who preside at liturgical services that are sacramentally barren and abominable in the sight of the Most Blessed Trinity. Those who refuse to recognize this either perpetuate a false notion of papal authority that makes them the chosen "sifters" of the teachings of a Sovereign Pontiff or are sucked into the vortex of the conciliar revolution to which they had been opposed.

Simply put, there can be no compromise with and no recognition accorded to those who defect from the Holy Faith no matter how many people in the world think they are what they are not: officials of the Catholic Church.

As I noted a few days ago, we must cling to the Cross of Our Divine Redeemer, praying as many Rosaries each day in this month of May as our state-in-life permits. The sufferings of this present life will pass. Christ the King will triumph over His enemies in our world of naturalism and in the the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Every extra moment we spend in prayer before Our King in the Most Blessed Sacrament and every extra set of mysteries of Our Lady's Most Holy Rosary that we pray will help us to be more and more conformed to the likeness of Our Divine Redeemer, Who endured the Cross, heedless of Its shame, to redeem us and to make us members of His Catholic Church.

We must always remember that this is the time that God has appointed from all eternity for us to live and thus to sanctify and to save our immortal souls as members of the Catholic Church. The graces won for us by the shedding of every single drop of Our Lord's Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross and that flows into our hearts and souls through the loving hands of Our Lady, the Mediatrix of All Graces, are sufficient for us to handle whatever crosses--personal, social and ecclesiastical--that we are asked to carry. We must give thanks to God at all times for each of our crosses as we seek to serve Him through Our Lady in this time of apostasy and betrayal, remember the words in the sky that were seen by the son of Saint Helena, the Emperor Constantine: In hoc signo vinces, in this sign, you shall conquer.

Yes, in the Sign of the Cross we shall conquer as the consecrated slaves of Christ the King through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Queen of Heaven and of Earth.

A blessed Feast of the Ascension of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to you all.

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?

Vivat Christus Rex! Viva Cristo Rey!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us now and the hour of our deaths. Amen.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint Paschal Baylon, pray for us.

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© Copyright 2012, Thomas A. Droleskey. All rights reserved.