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               March 8, 2012

Midget  Naturalists To Mowed Down By A Lord of the World

 by Thomas A. Droleskey

No matter who winds up wining the 2012 presidential nomination of the organized crime family of the false opposite of the naturalist "right," and I continue to believe that Midget Naturalist Willard Mitt Romney will be the nominee as he continues to gather delegates very robotically by garnering enough support from voters convinced that he is "electable" and that he is going to "fix" the economy that keeps him ahead of the other midget naturalists of the "right" who are dividing the anti-Romney vote among them, he will get mowed down by a veritable lord of the world, Barack Hussein Obama, the Marxist-trained, pro-abortion, pro-perversity, statist of a demagogue named Barack Hussein Obama.

Look at the facts, ladies and gentlemen. Look at the facts. Don't project your own fondest desires for the temporal well-being of the nation into the minds of other Americans. The facts tell us that Barack Hussein Obama remains very popular despite skyrocketing gasoline prices, despite a nearly five trillion dollar increase in the American public debt and annual Federal budgets that are running at around $1.3 trillion dollars annually. Former President George Walker Bush, whose "global war on terrorism" and massive domestic spending in the name of "compassionate" conservatism saw the size and power of the Federal government of the United States of America grow tremendously during his two terms as president, left office as a very unpopular man in large measure because of his own fiscal profligacy.

Although the late President Ronald Wilson Reagan used to be called the "Teflon President" until the Iran-Contra scandal broke on November 3, 1986, the "Gipper" was a piker in comparison to Obama.

All the monies sent down the rat hole represented by the 2009 version of the Troubled Asset Relief Program that wound up in the pockets of many of Obama's supporters and campaign donors around the nation?

Attorney General Eric Holder's stonewalling and cover-up of the "Fast and Furious" gun running scandal?


An effort to force religious ins ti tu ions to provide health insurance coverage for contraception and sterilization to their employees?

A refusal to protect the borders of the United States of America and the decision to sue the State of Arizona by daring to seek to protect itself from a wave of violent criminals who have crossed into this country from Mexico?

Bowing before foreign leaders, thus demeaning American national sovereignty?

More and more money sent down the rat hole of "green energy" and other junk science projects?

The refusal to permit more offshore oil drilling off of the coasts of the United States of America?

Rank violations of the Constitution of the United States of America, including his making a "recess" appointment to a new Consumer Financial Protection Board even though the United States Senate was in session (see Hugo Chavez Ortega Obama)?

Never mind the fact that Obama supports and is an unapologetic supporter of the nonexistent "right" of mothers to "choose" to kill their preborn babies? No, no. Never mind that.

Actually, yes, let's mind that very much as it is relatively easy for a man who denounces Rush Limbaugh and other naturalists of the "right" for a lack of "civility" but who is one of the chief practitioners of class warfare and demagoguery ever to serve in public office in the history of the United States of America to have his other policy decisions that are hurting Americans in the pocketbooks and enslaving them more and more to his apparatchiks in every nook and cranny of the Federal bureaucracy completely overlooked by large segments of American voters.

It would be useful, therefore, to remind readers, especially those who are newer to this site, of the fact that Barack Hussein Obama's ability to remain popular with somewhere around forty to forty-eight percent of the American public, depending on the vagaries of the presidential approval public opinion ratings, is eerily reminiscent of the late Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson's Lord of the World, which was published in 1908.

Monsignor Benson, who converted from Anglicanism to Catholicism in 1903 at the age of thirty-two, was ordained to the Catholic priesthood in 1904, embarking upon a prodigious career of writing in addition to his pastoral work. He had been a Catholic only for five years when he wrote Lord of the World, whose antagonist, Julian Felsenburgh, an American, certainly does bear some striking intellectual similarities with a certain Barack Hussein Obama.

Although an article in October of 2009, Figures of Antichrist Applauding Each Other, discussed the figures of Antichrist, including those in the counterfeit church of conciliarism, who applaud each other, perhaps the following excerpt from Monsignor Benson's Lord of the World will help us to realize the prophetic nature of that book and that we are indeed living in the sort of times foreseen by this convert from Anglicanism to Catholicism:

“We have had time,” he read, “to recover ourselves a little from the intoxication of last night. Before embarking on prophecy, it will be as well to recall the facts. Up to yesterday evening our anxiety with regard to the Eastern crisis continued; and when twenty-one o’clock struck there were not more than forty persons in London–the English delegates, that is to say–who knew positively that the danger was over. Between that moment and half-an-hour later the Government took a few discreet steps: a select number of persons were informed; the police were called out, with half-a-dozen regiments, to preserve order; Paul’s House was cleared; the railroad companies were warned; and at the half hour precisely the announcement was made by means of the electric placards in every quarter of London, as well as in all large provincial towns. We have not space now to adequately describe the admirable manner in which the public authorities did their duty; it is enough to say that not more than seventy fatalities took place in the whole of London; nor is it our business to criticise the action of the Government, in choosing this mode of making the announcement.

“By twenty-two o’clock Paul’s House was filled in every corner, the Old Choir was reserved for members of Parliament and public officials, the quarter-dome galleries were filled with ladies, and to the rest of the floor the public was freely admitted. The volor-police also inform us now that for about the distance of one mile in every direction round this centre every thoroughfare was blocked with pedestrians, and, two hours later, as we all know, practically all the main streets of the whole of London were in the same condition.

“It was an excellent choice by which Mr. OLIVER BRAND was selected as the first speaker. His arm was still in bandages; and the appeal of his figure as well as his passionate words struck the first explicit note of the evening. A report of his words will be found in another column. In their turns, the PRIME MINISTER, Mr. SNOWFORD, the FIRST MINISTER OF THE ADMIRALTY, THE SECRETARY FOR EASTERN AFFAIRS, and LORD PEMBERTON, all spoke a few words, corroborating the extraordinary news. At a quarter before twenty-three, the noise of cheering outside announced the arrival of the American delegates from Paris, and one by one these ascended the platform by the south gates of the Old Choir. Each spoke in turn. It is impossible to appreciate words spoken at such a moment as this; but perhaps it is not invidious to name Mr. MARKHAM as the orator who above all others appealed to those who were privileged to hear him. It was he, too, who told us explicitly what others had merely mentioned, to the effect that the success of the American efforts was entirely due to Mr. JULIAN FELSENBURGH. As yet Mr. FELSENBURGH had not arrived; but in answer to a roar of inquiry, Mr. MARKHAM announced that this gentleman would be amongst them in a few minutes. He then proceeded to describe to us, so far as was possible in a few sentences, the methods by which Mr. FELSENBURGH had accomplished what is probably the most astonishing task known to history. It seems from his words that Mr. FELSENBURGH (whose biography, so far as it is known, we give in another column) is probably the greatest orator that the world has ever known–we use these words deliberately. All languages seem the same to him; he delivered speeches during the eight months through which the Eastern Convention lasted, in no less than fifteen tongues. Of his manner in speaking we shall have a few remarks to make presently. He showed also, Mr. MARKHAM told us, the most astonishing knowledge, not only of human nature, but of every trait under which that divine thing manifests itself. He appeared acquainted with the history, the prejudices, the fears, the hopes, the expectations of all the innumerable sects and castes of the East to whom it was his business to speak. In fact, as Mr. MARKHAM said, he is probably the first perfect product of that new cosmopolitan creation to which the world has laboured throughout its history. In no less than nine places–Damascus, Irkutsk, Constantinople, Calcutta, Benares, Nanking, among them–he was hailed as Messiah by a Mohammedan mob. Finally, in America, where this extraordinary figure has arisen, all speak well of him. He has been guilty of none of those crimes–there is not one that convicts him of sin–those crimes of the Yellow Press, of corruption, of commercial or political bullying which have so stained the past of all those old politicians who made the sister continent what she has become. Mr. FELSENBURGH has not even formed a party. He, and not his underlings, have conquered. Those who were present in Paul’s House on this occasion will understand us when we say that the effect of those words was indescribable.

“When Mr. MARKHAM sat down, there was a silence; then, in order to quiet the rising excitement, the organist struck the first chords of the Masonic Hymn; the words were taken up, and presently not only the whole interior of the building rang with it, but outside, too, the people responded, and the city of London for a few moments became indeed a temple of the Lord.

“Now indeed we come to the most difficult part of our task, and it is better to confess at once that anything resembling journalistic descriptiveness must be resolutely laid aside. The greatest things are best told in the simplest words.

“Towards the close of the fourth verse, a figure in a plain dark suit was observed ascending the steps of the platform. For a moment this attracted no attention, but when it was seen that a sudden movement had broken out among the delegates, the singing began to falter; and it ceased altogether as the figure, after a slight inclination to right and left, passed up the further steps that led to the rostrum. Then occurred a curious incident. The organist aloft at first did not seem to understand, and continued playing, but a sound broke out from the crowd resembling a kind of groan, and instantly he ceased. But no cheering followed. Instead a profound silence dominated in an instant the huge throng; this, by some strange magnetism, communicated itself to those without the building, and when Mr. FELSENBURGH uttered his first words, it was in a stillness that was like a living thing. We leave the explanation of this phenomenon to the expert in psychology.

Of his actual words we have nothing to say. So far as we are aware no reporter made notes at the moment; but the speech, delivered in Esperanto, was a very simple one, and very short. It consisted of a brief announcement of the great fact of Universal Brotherhood, a congratulation to all who were yet alive to witness this consummation of history; and, at the end, an ascription of praise to that Spirit of the World whose incarnation was now accomplished.

“So much we can say; but we can say nothing as to the impression of the personality who stood there. In appearance the man seemed to be about thirty-three years of age, clean-shaven, upright, with white hair and dark eyes and brows; he stood motionless with his hands on the rail, he made but one gesture that drew a kind of sob from the crowd, he spoke these words slowly, distinctly, and in a clear voice; then he stood waiting.

There was no response but a sigh which sounded in the ears of at least one who heard it as if the whole world drew breath for the first time; and then that strange heart-shaking silence fell again. Many were weeping silently, the lips of thousands moved without a sound, and all faces were turned to that simple figure, as if the hope of every soul were centred there. So, if we may believe it, the eyes of many, centuries ago, were turned on one known now to history as JESUS OF NAZARETH.

“Mr. FELSENBURGH stood so a moment longer, then he turned down the steps, passed across the platform and disappeared.

“Of what took place outside we have received the following account from an eye-witness. The white volor, so well known now to all who were in London that night, had remained stationary outside the little south door of the Old Choir aisle, poised about twenty feet above the ground. Gradually it became known to the crowd, in those few minutes, who it was who had arrived in it, and upon Mr. FELSENBURGH’S reappearance that same strange groan sounded through the whole length of Paul’s Churchyard, followed by the same silence. The volor descended; the master stepped on board, and once more the vessel rose to a height of twenty feet. It was thought at first that some speech would be made, but none was necessary; and after a moment’s pause, the volor began that wonderful parade which London will never forget. Four times during the night Mr. FELSENBURGH went round the enormous metropolis, speaking no word; and everywhere the groan preceded and followed him, while silence accompanied his actual passage. Two hours after sunrise the white ship rose over Hampstead and disappeared towards the North; and since then he, whom we call, in truth, the Saviour of the world, has not been seen.

“And now what remains to be said?

Comment is useless. It is enough to say in one short sentence that the new era has begun, to which prophets and kings, and the suffering, the dying, all who labour and are heavy-laden, have aspired in vain. Not only has intercontinental rivalry ceased to exist, but the strife of home dissensions has ceased also. Of him who has been the herald of its inauguration we have nothing more to say. Time alone can show what is yet left for him to do.

“But what has been done is as follows. The Eastern peril has been for ever dissipated. It is understood now, by fanatic barbarians as well as by civilised nations, that the reign of War is ended. ’Not peace but a sword,’ said CHRIST; and bitterly true have those words proved to be. ’Not a sword but peace’ is the retort, articulate at last, from those who have renounced CHRIST’S claims or have never accepted them. The principle of love and union learned however falteringly in the West during the last century, has been taken up in the East as well. There shall be no more an appeal to arms, but to justice; no longer a crying after a God Who hides Himself, but to Man who has learned his own Divinity. The Supernatural is dead; rather, we know now that it never yet has been alive. What remains is to work out this new lesson, to bring every action, word and thought to the bar of Love and Justice; and this will be, no doubt, the task of years. Every code must be reversed; every barrier thrown down; party must unite with party, country with country, and continent with continent. There is no longer the fear of fear, the dread of the hereafter, or the paralysis of strife. Man has groaned long enough in the travails of birth; his blood has been poured out like water through his own foolishness; but at length he understands himself and is at peace.

“Let it be seen at least that England is not behind the nations in this work of reformation; let no national isolation, pride of race, or drunkenness of wealth hold her hands back from this enormous work. The responsibility is incalculable, but the victory certain. Let us go softly, humbled by the knowledge of our crimes in the past, confident in the hope of our achievements in the future, towards that reward which is in sight at last–the reward hidden so long by the selfishness of men, the darkness of religion, and the strife of tongues–the reward promised by one who knew not what he said and denied what he asserted–Blessed are the meek, the peacemakers, the merciful, for they shall inherit the earth, be named the children of God, and find mercy.” (Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, The Lord of the World, Book II: "The Encounter, Chapter I; the entire book is online on this site.)  


This is a description of Antichrist, one that suits Barack Hussein Obama all too comfortably. Willard Mitt Romney is going to take Obama down even on the level of pure naturalism?

Let me remind you once again of what the late Dr. Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn wrote concerning the power of the currents of the "left" to prevail in a purely secular environment:

As humanism in its development became more and more materialistic, it made itself increasingly accessible to speculation and manipulation at first by socialism and then by communism. So that Karl Marx was able to say in 1844 that "communism is naturalized humanism."

This statement turned out not to be entirely senseless. One does see the same stones in the foundations of a despiritualized humanism and of any type of socialism: endless materialism; freedom from religion and religious responsibility, which under communist regimes reach the stage of anti-religious dictatorship; concentration on social structures with a seemingly scientific approach. (This is typical of the Enlightenment in the Eighteenth Century and of Marxism). Not by coincidence all of communism's meaningless pledges and oaths are about Man, with a capital M, and his earthly happiness. At first glance it seems an ugly parallel: common traits in the thinking and way of life of today's West and today's East? But such is the logic of materialistic development.

The interrelationship is such, too, that the current of materialism which is most to the left always ends up by being stronger, more attractive and victorious, because it is more consistent. Humanism without its Christian heritage cannot resist such competition. We watch this process in the past centuries and especially in the past decades, on a world scale as the situation becomes increasingly dramatic. Liberalism was inevitably displaced by radicalism, radicalism had to surrender to socialism and socialism could never resist communism. The communist regime in the East could stand and grow due to the enthusiastic support from an enormous number of Western intellectuals who felt a kinship and refused to see communism's crimes. When they no longer could do so, they tried to justify them. In our Eastern countries, communism has suffered a complete ideological defeat; it is zero and less than zero. But Western intellectuals still look at it with interest and with empathy, and this is precisely what makes it so immensely difficult for the West to withstand the East. (Dr. Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, A World Split Apart. June 8, 1978.)


The evils of the "left" cannot be fought with the evils of the "right." Catholicism is the one and only foundation of personal and social order. Nothing else.

Many of you are very familiar with Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson's Lord of the World. Others of you have not been familiar with it, at least up until now. Re-read those passages, my friends, and I think that you will agree me that there is to be found within them a perfect and most prophetic description of the phenomenon that has accompanied the rise to power and near universal adulation given to the pro-abort, Marxist-trained Barack Hussein Obama. The era of spirit of Judeo-Masonry that preaches a "universal brotherhood" without regard to doctrines or beliefs, a spirit that is of the essence of conciliarism and its liturgical concoction, the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo service, is certainly well upon us.

It was a scant two years after Monsignor Benson published Lord of the World that Pope Saint Pius X, who some believe had mystical experiences, issued his encyclical letter, Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910, described the philosophy of The Sillon that was in and of itself a prophetic description of the spirit of the "lord of the world" and of conciliarism itself:

We fear that worse is to come: the end result of this developing promiscuousness, the beneficiary of this cosmopolitan social action, can only be a Democracy which will be neither Catholic, nor Protestant, nor Jewish. It will be a religion (for Sillonism, so the leaders have said, is a religion) more universal than the Catholic Church, uniting all men become brothers and comrades at last in the "Kingdom of God". - "We do not work for the Church, we work for mankind."

And now, overwhelmed with the deepest sadness, We ask Ourselves, Venerable Brethren, what has become of the Catholicism of the Sillon? Alas! this organization which formerly afforded such promising expectations, this limpid and impetuous stream, has been harnessed in its course by the modern enemies of the Church, and is now no more than a miserable affluent of the great movement of apostasy being organized in every country for the establishment of a One-World Church which shall have neither dogmas, nor hierarchy, neither discipline for the mind, nor curb for the passions, and which, under the pretext of freedom and human dignity, would bring back to the world (if such a Church could overcome) the reign of legalized cunning and force, and the oppression of the weak, and of all those who toil and suffer. (Pope Saint Pius X, Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910.)


Much like Father Frederick Faber, who wrote eight books in the sixteen years of his priesthood after his own conversion from Anglicanism to Catholicism, Monsignor Benson wrote thirty books in the ten years of his priesthood prior to his death over seventy-seven years ago now, on October 19, 1904. Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ certainly favored Monsignor Benson with a great prophetic insight into events that are now unfolding before our eyes.

We must remember, of course, that we are being visited with a chastisement and that, believe it or not, just as Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ told Blessed Anna Maria Taigi that he had raised up Napoleon Bonaparte as a chastisement for the sins of His wayward children, so is Barack Hussein Obama a chastisement for our sins and those of the United States of America. There is no way to "vote" one's way out of a chastisement.

It is not only for the sins of our nation throughout its sordid history of exporting evils throughout the world that we are being chastised at this time. We are being chastised for our own sins, our lack of fidelity to the truths of the Catholic Faith by our placing trust in everything but the totality of that Faith as the foundation of personal and social order. There has been so much short-sighted emphasis on attempting to "retard evils" by means of the ballot box that we have lost sight of the fact that evil has been advancing exponentially no matter who gets elected.

Indeed, the sleepiness of so many Catholics during the eight years of the torrents of evil that have flowed forth from the administration of President George Walker Bush and Vice President Richard N. Cheney that made possible, proximately speaking, the election of Barack Hussein Obama on November 4, 2008, was very reminiscent of a period in the middle of Third Century A.D. when there was a lull in the persecutions by the civil authorities of the Roman Empire. Catholics the believed all was well and returned to mirth and frivolity, much as most Catholics have in the past eight years refused to condemn their "pro-life" president for advancing one evil after another as they themselves thought that this false "era of peace" was going to last indefinitely. (See Y2K's Lesser Evil Has Brought Us Great Evils.)

Father A. J. O'Reilly's description of the historical scene in the middle of the Third Century A.D. should give us a little pause for concern in our day when so many are trying to devise the "grand strategy" to "regroup" politically for the future:

The hour of sunshine and peace is now drawing to a close, and the year 250 opened, even on its first day with one of the most terrible persecutions that the Church had suffered. The blessings and repose of peace had relaxed the morals of the Christians, and it pleased Almighty God to purify them once more by the fire of persecution. The great Bishop of Carthage, who was secreted in exile during the few months that the storm raged, describes the sad causes that drew once more the terrible sword over the Christian community. “Almighty God,” says the great doctor, “wished to prove His family; for the blessings of a long peace had corrupted the divine discipline given to us; our sleeping and prostrate faith roused, if I may so to speak, the celestial anger. And although we deserved more for our sins, yet the clement and merciful Lord so acted that what has passed has been more a probation than a persecution. The whole world was wrapt in temporal interests, and the Christians forgot the glorious things that were done in the days of the apostles; instead of rivalling their brilliant example, they burned with the desire of the empty riches of the world, and strained every nerve to increase their wealth. Piety and religion were banished from the lives of the priests, and fidelity and integrity were no longer found in the ministers of the altar; charity and discipline of morals were no longer visible in their flocks. The men combed their beards, and the women painted their faces; their very eyes were tinted, and their hair told a lie. To deceive the simple, they used fraud and subtlety, and even Christians deceived each other by knavery and underhanded dealing. They intermarried with unbelievers and prostituted the members of Jesus Christ to pagans. They scoffed at their prelates in their pride, and they tore each other to pieces with envenomed tongues, and seemed to destroy each other with a fatal hatred. They despised the simplicity and humility demanded by faith, and permitted themselves to be guided by the impulses of worthless vanity; they contemned the world only in words. Did we not deserve, then, the dreadful horrors of persecution that have burst upon us?” (Father A. J. O' Reilly, The Martyrs of the Coliseum.)


Sounds very much like our own time today, does it not? We deserve the same sort of punishment that befell our ancestors in the Faith from the middle of the Third Century A.D. to the Edict of Milan in the year 313 A.D. We should be grateful for this punishment as a sign of God's merciful love for us. After all, how long will God permit us to consider the killing of innocent preborn babies, both by chemical and surgical means, as a regrettable fact of daily live and that it is "no big deal" for one in public life to support such killing under some "limited" circumstances? We deserve a punishment for mortgaging the binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law to the career interests of professional politicians, whom Dr. Paul Johnson referred to in his Modern Times as the "scourge of the Twentieth Century."

In the midst of these truly astounding events, my few readers, we must remain perfectly calm as we trust in rest secure in the folds of the mantle of Our Lady, who soothed the spirit of the anxious fifty-five year-old widower, Juan Diego, whom she favored with her miraculous image on his tilma, with these words, spoken during her three different apparitions to Juan Diego in December of 1531, that are meant just as much for us as they were for him:

"Juanito, dearest Juan Diego."

"Listen, Juan, my dearest and youngest son, where are you going?"

"Know, know for sure, my dearest, littlest, and youngest son, that I am the perfect and ever Virgin Holy Mary, Mother of the God of truth through Whom everything lives, the Lord of all things near us, the Lord of heaven and earth. I want very much to have a little house built here for me, in which I will show Him, I will exalt Him and make Him manifest. I will give Him to the people in all my personal love, in my compassion, in my help, in my protection: because I am truly your merciful Mother, yours and all the people who live united in this land and of all the other people of different ancestries, my lovers, who love me, those who seek me, those who trust in me. Here I will hear their weeping, their complaints and heal all their sorrows, hardships and sufferings. And to bring about what my compassionate and merciful concern is trying to achieve, you must go to the residence of the Bishop of Mexico and tell him that I sent you here to show him how strongly I wish him to build me a temple here on the plain; you will report to him exactly all you have seen, admired and what you have heard. Know for sure I will appreciate it very much, be grateful and will reward you. And you? You will deserve very much the reward I will give you for your fatigue, the work and trouble that my mission will cause you. Now my dearest son, you have heard my breath, my word; go now and put forth your best effort."

"Listen to me, my youngest and dearest son, know for sure that I do not lack servants and messengers to whom I can give the task of carrying out my words, who will carry out my will. But it is very necessary that you plead my cause and, with your help and through your mediation, that my will be fulfilled. My youngest and dearest son, I urge and firmly order you to go to the bishop again tomorrow. Tell him in my name and make him fully understand my intention that he start work on the chapel I'm requesting. Tell him again that I am the ever Virgin, Holy Mary, the Mother of God, who is sending you."

"That is fine, my youngest and dearest son; you will return here tomorrow so that you may take the sign he asked for. Then, he will believe and no longer doubt or be suspicious of you; and know, my dear son, I shall reward your care, work and fatigue in my behalf. Go now; tomorrow I shall be here waiting for you."

"What is happening, dearest and youngest of my sons? Where are you going? Where are you headed?"

"Listen, put it into your heart, my youngest and dearest son, that the thing that disturbs you, the thing that afflicts you, is nothing. Do not let your countenance, your heart be disturbed. Do not fear this sickness of your uncle or any other sickness, nor anything that is sharp or hurtful. Am I not here, I, who am your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection? Am I not the source of your joy? Are you not in the hollow of my mantle, in the crossing of my arms? Do you need anything more? Let nothing else worry you, disturb you. Do not let your uncle's illness worry you, because he will not die now. You may be certain that he is already well."

"Go up, my dearest son, to the top of the hill, to where you saw me and received my directions and you will find different kinds of flowers. Cut them, gather them, put them all together, then come down here and bring them before me."

"My youngest and dearest son, these different kinds of flowers are the proof, the sign that you will take to the Bishop. You will tell him from me that he is to see in them my desire, and therefore he is to carry out my wish, my will. And you, who are my messenger, in you I place my absolute trust. I strictly order you not to unfold your tilma or reveal its contents until you are in his presence. You will relate to him everything very carefully: how I sent you to the top of the hill to cut and gather flowers, all you saw and marveled at in order to convince the Governing Priest so that he will then do what lies within his responsibility so that my house of God which I requested will be made, will be built." (Mary's words at Guadalupe.)


We have nothing to fear from the lords of this world or from the lords of the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Our Lady is with us. She is protecting us. She is standing with us now in our own individual crosses as she stood by the foot of her Divine Son's Most Holy Cross on Calvary, a Cross at which she stands mystically in every true and legitimate and valid offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. She will indeed make the words that she spoke to Juan Diego applicable to us if we continue to work hard for her Divine Son, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, through her Immaculate Heart of Mary as we pray as many Rosaries each day as our states-in-life permit:

"You will deserve very much the reward I will give you for your fatigue, the work and trouble that my mission will cause you. Now my dearest son, you have heard my breath, my word; go now and put forth your best effort."


Our Lady's Most Holy Rosary is more powerful than the lords of this world, including Barack Hussein Obama, or the lords of conciliarism and the praise that they offer to the lords of this world. Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will triumph in the world. We need to fear only one thing: dying in state of final impenitence, and for this, too, of course, we have recourse to Our Lady, the very Mother of God who was conceived without any stain of Original or Actual Sin, the Mediatrix of All Graces through whose loving hands flow the supernatural helps that come to us by virtue of the shedding of every single drop of her Divine Son's Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross.

Although we see very clearly now the entrance of the lords of this world onto the center stage of world affairs, we know that Our Lady's Fatima Message, replete with its request that we pray her Most Holy Rosary in reparation for our sins and those of the whole world, will see to their forcible exit from that stage. All we have to do is to surrender ourselves as the consecrated slaves of Our Lord through her own Immaculate Heart.

What are we waiting for?

Vivat Christus Rex! Viva Cristo Rey!

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?

Immaculate Heart of Mary, triumph soon!

Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.


Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us, especially on your feast day today!

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

Saint John of God, pray for us.

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© Copyright 2012, Thomas A. Droleskey. All rights reserved.