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                July 9, 2011

Makes Sense As Clear As Crystal

by Thomas A. Droleskey

"The Crystal Cathedral is neither crystal or a cathedral."


Thus spoke a "conservative" presbyter of the Norbertine order who is stationed at Saint Michael's Abbey in Silverado, California, well over ten years ago now. Although the conciliar presbyter is wrong about almost everything else, his statement concerning the so-called "Crystal Cathedral" that was built by the New Age, "positive thinking," self-redemptive Robert Schuller and opened its doors in 1980 is quite correct. The "Crystal Cathedral" is not made of crystal, and it is not a "cathedral," a church in which a bishops "seat" (sede) is to be found. This monstrous edifice, which we used to pass almost daily while going to what we realize now were simulations, no matter how exquisite (and they were exquisite), of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition in southern California off and on from 2002 to 2005, has never been a place of "worship" except that of the devil as it was built by a so-called "minister" of the "Reformed Church in America," which is one of many offshoots of the diabolical deceits that originated with the theological and liturgical revolutionary named John Calvin.

The egregious conciliar "bishop" of the Diocese of Orange, California, Tod Brown, a seminary schoolmate of Roger "Cardinal" Mahony and William "Cardinal" Levada (the three of them also co-own a pricey Manhattan Beach, California, townhouse), is concerned about the future of this monstrosity. Very concerned.

First of all, let's have a little review.

Who is Tod Brown?

He is the man who could not who could not even publicly acknowledge the fifty years of priestly service given by the late Father Daniel Johnson, who was the pastor of Saint Mary by the Sea Church in Huntington Beach, California, from 1979 to the time of his retirement in 2004. Father Johnson, who was ordained in 1954, was punished by then "Bishop" William Robert Johnson, who was no relation to him, for having refused to distribute what purported to be Holy Communion in the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo service by being "banished" to Huntington Beach, which was considered a remote outpost in the diocese. Undaunted, Father Johnson went about his pastoral work, walking the boundaries of his parish three times during the course of twenty-five years, bringing in 557 converts, including Jews and Mohammedans, as he knocked on every door, commercial and residential, within those parish boundaries. He conducted old-time convert instruction classes, not the so-called "Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults." And he began to offer a Sunday "indult" of the modernized version of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition in the 1990s. It was thus "indult" Mass that "Bishop" Brown sought to end upon Father Johnson's retirement, setting off a pitched battle between well-meaning Catholics who thought that they were "fighting for the Faith within the structures" and the diocesan authorities that resulted eventually in the simulation of the Traditional Mass by conciliar presbyters, mostly from Saint Michael's Abbey.

Tod Brown was silent upon the death of Father Daniel Johnson on March 18, 2007. Silent. No words of praise. Although I came to learn that Father Frederick Schell, S.J., who served with Father Johnson at Saint Peter Chanel Church in Hawaiian Gardens, California, at the time the American "bishops" launched "communion in the hand" on Sunday, November 27, 1977, the First Sunday in Advent that year, took the correct path in denouncing "communion in the hand" from the pulpit on November 20, 1977, before walking out of the conciliar structures once and for all, Father Johnson, a son of the Church who simply would not permit himself to admit the extent of the apostasy and betrayal that had taken place, cannot be faulted for following his conscience at a difficult and confusing time. Father Johnson was no friend of the adversary, and he was deeply devoted to the Mother of God and a zealous promoter of the Legion of Mary. And for his efforts to defend the Catholic Faith as best as he was able in these difficult times, my good and very few readers, he was despised by Tod Brown and his chancery factotums.

Tod Brown has been ever-so-friendly to and protective of clergymen who have engaged in perverse crimes. He shipped off one of his conciliar child-molesters to Canada to avoid prosecution. The Diocese of Orange has paid out over $100 million to eighty-seven victims of clergy abuse. Brown's support of the agenda of those inclined to and/or engaged in the commission of perverse crimes against the Sixth and Ninth Commandments has been as notorious as that of Roger Mahony and his friend, George Niederauer, the conciliar "archbishop" of San Francisco. It is legendary. A letter published on a "conservative" website, documents this quite thoroughly:

Bishop Brown,

It has been brought to our attention that you have expressed confusion and distress as to why many of the laity within your diocese should be unhappy with your leadership. As Catholics who respect the authority of Pope Benedict XVI, strive to be faithful to the Magisterium, and are informed about Church teaching, we care deeply about our diocese. This letter is intended to clarify the reasons for our extreme disappointment with your actions as our bishop.

First Impressions

Upon your arrival in the Diocese, you had an interview with the Orange County Register that appeared in their July 1, 1998 edition as a means of introducing yourself to your new flock. The article was titled, 'Middle of the road' bishop to lead O.C. Catholics RELIGION: Tod Brown is praised by his Idaho diocese, but his moderate views 'riled' some. In that interview, we were disappointed to see that you referred to yourself as a moderate. Was Christ a moderate, Bishop Brown? Did He introduce Himself to His disciples as "middle of the road"? We prayed that your moderation was not in regard to your fidelity to Christ and upholding the teaching of His Church. However, we had grave apprehension as our contact with some of the faithful in Boise had given cause for serious concern. ("Yes He Is! No He Isn't!" Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission, September 1998, http://www.losangelesmission.com/ed/articles/1998/0998cz.htm)

In the same interview, you listed your activism in the area of homosexual rights among your accomplishments. The article states, "...he has not been afraid to ruffle feathers, speaking out in favor of gay civil rights..." and later added that, "In one instance, some were upset when he refused to support an anti-gay initiative in Idaho. The bishop said it would have "contributed to attitudes of intolerance and hostility directed at homosexual citizens." We saw this as significant because, as you must know, first impressions are important. By letting us know upon your first introduction that homosexuality is an issue close to your heart, you revealed (perhaps more than you meant to) the direction you wish to take us.

We have for years seen the element of elitist dissenters that have sought to dissemble Church teaching inside the Orange Diocese from within the chancery office and in the structure of Religious Education within the diocese. We were disheartened to see these dissenters dance with joy when Bishop McFarland made way for your arrival. Imagine our further disappointment upon hearing that our new bishop describes himself not as faithful, but as a "middle of the road," gay rights activist.

Fr. Gerald Coleman & Support For Homosexual Domestic Partnerships

Our disenchantment with your leadership was only heightened by the Fr. Gerald Coleman debacle. In February of 2000, you sent each priest in the diocese two articles by Fr. Gerald D. Coleman dealing with the Prop. 22 ban on homosexual marriage. In the message you wrote that Fr. Coleman's article "expresses very well my own thoughts on this subject." In that article, Fr. Coleman argued, "Some homosexual persons have shown that it is possible to enter into long-term, committed and loving relationships, named by certain segments of our society as domestic partnerships." We have a copy of your memo. (See below.)

The story was chronicled in the Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission:

Damnable Falsehood, Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission, January 2001,


Studied Ambiguity — Reply to Father Coleman's Open Letter to the Mission, Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission, May 2001, http://www.losangelesmission.com/ed/articles/2001/0501cz.htm

Lynch Responds To Coleman, Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission, June 2001, http://www.losangelesmission.com/ed/news/0601news.htm

It is shocking that you felt secure enough in your position to fax an article to every priest in the diocese written by Fr. Coleman that claimed that homosexual partners are entitled to the same rights as married couples, adding that Fr. Coleman's sentiments are the same as your own. The Holy See has been made aware of this.

Sex Education Memo At Odds With Church Teaching

In 1999, Ruth Bradley, the director of the diocese's Office for Religious Education, and Carmela Treanor, director of the Office of Family Life, expressed in a letter written to you, their disapproval of an article in the former diocesan publication, the Diocese of Orange Bulletin, that highlighted a teen chastity program. They complained that the chastity program described in the Bulletin had a "pietistic approach and there might be an audience for it among home schoolers and fundamentalists." They also groused about references to sex education in schools being an "abysmal failure." Additionally, they stated their disagreement with those who believe that schools should not teach explicit sex education to children under the age of twelve. The spirit of this letter is deeply disturbing. It runs contrary to the spirit of The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, written under the direction of Alfonso Cardinal López Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family in 1995. Moreover, it was written to you by people in positions of authority in your diocese, despite the fact that it clearly contradicts the mind of the Church on these matters. Why did these women, who work for you, feel comfortable sharing with you about their disagreement with Church teaching in these areas? This could lead reasonable people to conclude that your staff knows that you are sympathetic to this contrary mindset.

Dodgy Diaconate Training

We want to know why many candidates in formation for the diaconate in our diocese who strive to be orthodox have been asked to leave the program? Why does your Institute for Pastoral Ministry offer classes for Catechists and Master Catechists that are taught by liberal dissenters? It is remarkable how many of those teachers can be traced to Sts. Simon and Jude Parish in Huntington Beach which is known to be the most liberal parish in the diocese (and has produced at least two priests who molested young men).

Strange Attitudes About The Holy Eucharist

During your first ad limina visit as bishop of Orange with Pope John Paul II, the pope specifically noted his pleasure with the program of perpetual adoration in our diocese begun under Bishop McFarland. Yet, within a short time of your arrival, you sent each parish two new directives. Both directives were sent through the office of the infamous Fr. Rod Stephens. The first directive stated that Catholics must receive communion in the standing position. (In other words, you intended to prohibit Catholics from kneeling for Holy Communion.) Your second directive stated that in all newly constructed or renovated churches, there was to be made a separate chapel for the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament. In establishing these new rules, you made clear to us that you side with the liberal elite who have deemed kneeling to receive the Holy Eucharist archaic and who believe that the Real Presence of Christ does not belong in the body of a church in plain view of the faithful.

We are all too familiar with this mindset. It is one that seeks to separate the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist from His people in the hope that when He is out of sight, He will soon be out of our minds. Frankly, we think those who aim to accomplish this are out of their own minds. They want to push Christ aside and bring their own agenda to the forefront. How can you honestly believe you are encouraging the devotion to the Blessed Sacrament the pope encouraged you to continue to foster when you require that the Blessed Sacrament must be hidden from the faithful and you deny them the right affirmed by the Church to kneel when they are receiving the God who made them in Holy Communion?

Persecution Of Kneeling Communicants

We have videotape and photographic evidence of you grabbing a woman in order to force her stand for Holy Communion. Bishop Brown, we remind you that you indicated that you opposed an Idaho initiative that you believe would have "contributed to attitudes of intolerance and hostility directed at homosexual citizens." Yet you seem to have no difficulty contributing to and actively expressing attitudes of intolerance and hostility directed at kneeling communicants and traditional Catholic piety. Why is that, Bishop Brown?

(See: Mean Tod Brown, http://closedcafeteria.blogspot.com/2006/04/mean-tod-brown.html)

The photograph and video shows that you first grabbed her folded hands and then tried to physically pull her up.

The woman related the following account of her interaction with you, which videotape of the occasion confirms, occurred within a matter of seconds:

    I am a Catholic from the Diocese of Orange, California. I attended the installation of Fr. Martin Benzoni as the new pastor of St. John the Baptist Church, 1015 Baker Street, Costa Mesa, California, 92626, Saturday evening, November 23, 2002...

    I was sitting on the side of the church, 3rd row, where Bishop Tod Brown distributed the Holy Eucharist, (in the video, I am the woman with short brown hair and glasses, wearing a black sweater and long white skirt sitting on the opposite side (from the camera) of the aisle in the center of the church) and upon approaching the Bishop to receive, I genuflected, out of reverence for the Sacred Species and remained on one knee to receive the Blessed Sacrament. Bishop Brown refused to give me Holy Communion. Bishop Brown said, "You need to stand up."

    I was in shock and didn't move or respond. He then reached out and took hold of my folded hands, attempting to physically pull me to a standing position, and said more sternly, "You need to stand."

    I looked up and whispered, quietly and respectfully, "Please, bishop," and he then grabbed my arm, and pulled me, as though to physically pull me up to a standing position (although obscured, you can see where he bends down and extends his right arm to grab mine) as he stated more loudly, "Get up."

    Still on one knee, I then asked very quietly and with genuine ignorance, "Why?"

    As he stood up straight he responded, very loudly and sternly, "Because THAT'S the way we receive communion. Now, GET UP, you're causing a scene.' (Capitalized words were accentuated [spoken more loudly] by the bishop. You can see in the video, if viewed frame by frame, that at that moment many heads turned toward the bishop, including a young girl and her mother in the other line of communicants and Fr. Pasqual Nguyen, in front and to the side of the bishop).

    Confused as to the problem, I lowered my head in a silent prayer, and not wanting to cause any further embarrassment to Fr. Benzoni during this holy occasion, I stood up and received Holy Eucharist.

Servite High School, Loretta Sanchez, & Respect For Life

On Tuesday, February 17, 2004, Servite High School held a public celebration of their campus' 45th anniversary. Additionally, this day celebrated the Feast of the Seven Holy Founders of the Order of Friar Servants of Mary. The community commemorated this milestone with a Mass celebrated by you, Bishop Brown.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez, a staunchly pro-abortion member of the House of Representatives (Democrat, 46th District) was also in attendance as an invited guest. Sanchez received Holy Communion at the Mass in view of the student body, some parents, and faculty. Sanchez represents a portion of Santa Ana, a portion of Fullerton, a portion of Anaheim, and a portion of Garden Grove (all of these cities are within the Diocese of Orange) in the United States Congress. Servite High School is in Anaheim, one of the areas Sanchez represents. She is a vocal advocate for "abortion rights" (including partial-birth abortion) and has attempted to use her status as a baptized Catholic to further her political career. She has done so, at times, with help from the priests in your diocese, including Msgr. Wilbur Davis, your vocations director. See: She's Okay, Vote for Her — Catholic Parishes Endorse Pro-Abort Candidate, Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission, July/August 1998, http://www.losangelesmission.com/ed/articles/1998/0798mg.htm

We are confused as to why there was no reluctance on your part in ordering a kneeling communicant to stand for Holy Communion in a way that can easily be perceived as demeaning, but you neglected an obvious teaching moment with a pro-abortion "Catholic" politician who had been inappropriately invited to an all school Mass at an all boys' Catholic school with students, some parents, and faculty in attendance. Why, Bishop Brown, did you not publicly correct Loretta Sanchez at this Mass? Why, knowing she was present, did you not, at the very least, take the opportunity to defend rights of the unborn? Why was Ms. Sanchez allowed to receive Holy Communion?

You have never publicly called Ms. Sanchez to fidelity (although your predecessor, Bishop Norman MacFarland told her not to speak in churches). Why is that, Bishop Brown?

Msgr. Wilbur Davis

Your appointment of Msgr. Wilbur Davis as Vocations Director further signaled the course you wish to steer this diocese. Msgr. Davis is known for his disdain for orthodox practice. We have received complaints that he is screening out vocation candidates who are openly orthodox. We are also aware of his preaching at Servite High School during the all school Mass on the feast of the Immaculate Conception in 1999. During his homily, Msgr. Davis told all present that if they had met the Blessed Virgin in Galilee 2000 years ago, they would not want anything to do with her. He described her as being "dark" (which is unbelievably racially insensitive), "unattractive" and "ugly" (also racist), and "ignorant" (which is intellectually elitist). Such comments are inappropriate when made in reference to any person, but they are especially offensive when referring to the Mother of God, who is as Wordsworth called her, "Our tainted nature's solitary boast." Msgr. Davis went on to say that he was grateful to have had Wednesdays as his day off during his tenure as pastor of St. Boniface. He explained that his gratitude stemmed from not having to endure the overly saccharine sweet devotions to the Blessed Virgin after Wednesday morning Mass, the chosen day for this devotion. How pastorally sensitive of your Vocations Director to mock the simple piety of his former parishioners! Msgr. Davis had a tremendous opportunity to foster vocations at an all boys' high school with a student body of eight hundred, and instead he chose to offend students and faculty alike by badmouthing the Mother of God and deriding those with a devotion to Her. In 1998, Msgr. Davis wrote a letter to Msgr. Lawrence Baird, who was then the Director of Communications. His complaints dealt with topics covered in the Diocese Of Orange Bulletin. Msgr. Davis referred to Catholic Family Radio as "extremist." He called Mother Angelica of EWTN an apostle of "religious intolerance and arrogance." He also criticized Steubenville University as "the home of Catholics United for the Faith, a pathetic organization of bitter people."

Msgr. Davis' activities have also been chronicled in the Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission:

She's Okay, Vote for Her — Catholic Parishes Endorse Pro-Abort Candidate, Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission, July/August 1998, http://www.losangelesmission.com/ed/articles/1998/0798mg.htm

I'm Outta Here: Convert Discouraged in Seeking Priesthood, Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission, November 2002, http://www.losangelesmission.com/ed/articles/2002/1102rk.htm

Just Innuendo and Hearsay? A Retrospect on Bishop Brown, Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission, June 2004,


This is the man you appointed to foster vocations in our diocese and that says a good deal about your judgment.

Fr. Gerald Horan, O.S.M., St. John the Baptist School, & Homosexuality (Again)

You have not done much better in choosing Fr. Gerald Horan, O.S.M. as the Superintendent of Catholic Schools. Fr. Horan is a known dissenter who has a history of persecuting orthodoxy. He does not believe in the teachings of the Church about sexual morality. Yet you have chosen this man to run Catholic education in our diocese.

Fr. Horan's progressive views on moral theology have made headlines since media attention focused on the presence of twin five-year-old boys in the kindergarten class at St. John the Baptist school in Costa Mesa who have been adopted by a homosexual (male) couple living in a domestic partnership.

This story has been widely reported in the press (not without some confusion as to the facts of the case) and is a potential source of confusion as to Church teaching. Details of the facts of the case were reported in the December 2005 edition of the New Oxford Review in an article by Michael Rose entitled, Homosexual Activism Meets Catholic Kindergarten:


    In a nutshell, Mike Farina and Ron Morelos enrolled two of their adopted sons in the kindergarten class at St. John's parish school in September 2004. The two men live in a same-sex domestic partnership with a total of four legally adopted children. St. John parents became aware of the couple's living situation after Farina and Morelos "very visibly" began to show up at the school, often together arm-in-arm with their younger children, to pick up their 5-year-old kindergartners at the end of the school day. According to parents, both men wore traditional wedding rings, signifying that they viewed their partnership as a "marriage," even though such a status has not yet been legally accorded by the State of California. Parents also discovered that Farina was quoted in The New York Times (Jan. 12, 2004) about his same-sex living situation in a favorable article about "married" homosexual men who choose to be "stay-at-home dads." Farina, identified as a 40-year-old who left his job as an engineer, recounted his struggle of trying to get his adopted children to bond with him.

    Questions about the same-sex couple's activism were raised when a St. John's parishioner accidentally received a newsletter in her mailbox at her home addressed to the same-sex couple. The newsletter, called "Family Tree," is the flagship publication of The Family Pride Coalition (FPC), whose slogan is "Equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents and their families." The FPC is clear about the intent of its organization: "It is vital that GLBT [Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered] parents and families play a leadership role in the next stage of our movement for justice. We must be visible and active in our neighborhoods, towns, schools, places of worship, city councils, and state legislatures. We need to use public forums, media attention, legislative hearings, lobby visits, and other opportunities to educate the general public and our elected representatives about the reality of our lives."

    One of the stated purposes of the "gay-rights" activist group is to "assist parents who want to improve the atmosphere and curriculum at their children's school." In the Autumn 2003 edition of "Family Tree," the FPC announced the publication of Opening More Doors: LGBT Parents and Their Impact on School Policy, a guidebook that "represents the second phase of the Family Pride Coalition's educational advocacy efforts and is a primer for parents on effecting policy change to create safe and inclusive schools for their children." In between articles condemning the Vatican's stance against same-sex unions and news items trumpeting the advances of the "gay" agenda by institutions such as the American Bar Association and the California Supreme Court, the Farina-Morelos same-sex "family" appeared in a photograph in that edition of the newsletter, attending an FPC picnic in Palm Springs, Calif.

    Rumors of the children's enrollment at the school were confirmed publicly in October 2004, when the St. John the Baptist family directory listed Farina and Morelos as "father" and "father" of the children. Jack Nixon, who had a son in the same kindergarten class, said he was especially disappointed to find that school and parish officials had given their public blessing of the situation by publishing the directory. More importantly, however, Nixon was concerned that the same-sex couple was going out of its way to be a visible presence at the school. "I object to children seeing this sort of thing," he said of the double fathers fetching their children together after school. "It's not a sexual issue so much as it is a political one," he emphasized. "It seems to me that these two had a political agenda to make [same-sex family arrangements] acceptable at a Catholic school."

    One mother, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution from the school, said her kindergartner was obviously getting a distinct message about the "diversity" of families: "He would come home and tell me that 'Joey has two daddies.'" She added that she was worried that Farina was making a "big impression" on her child. "Mike [Farina] was always surrounding the kids after school," she said, "and trying to be friends with them; but what really bothered me was that he would talk to my son in my presence but would never acknowledge me. That alarmed me." Jack Nixon agreed. He said his experience with Farina was similar. "In my book," he said, "that's an improper way of acting. It's a red-flag."

    In addition to the couple attending Mass (including the reception of Holy Communion given by the pastor until too many complaints were lodged) and attending school functions together as a family, Morelos was given the job of managing the school's website and Farina was made a teacher's assistant to the kindergarten class, giving other parents the impression that the same-sex couple was accorded a kind of favored status in an effort to show everyone how tolerant and compassionate the school was. In other words, the presence of the same-sex couple was not only ratified by the school administration; it became a cause célèbre. (Catholics lash out at California "bishop" .)

Although the man who wrote the letter, which evokes memories of my writing similar letters to chancery offices in the 1980s and of numerous articles in the pages of The Wanderer in the 1990s documenting such abuses, certainly has the best interests of Holy Mother Church at heart, he did not realize what I did not accept for so long: that such litanies of abuse and unbelief are manifest signs of one who has defected from the Catholic Faith, thereby expelling himself from the very bosom of Holy Mother Church. Tod Brown is no more a member of the Catholic Church than Robert Schuller. Tod Brown is an enemy of Christ the King and of the souls for whom Our King shed every single drop of His Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross. (The letter is, however, quite a remarkable accounting of Brown's offenses against God and souls, offenses that mean utterly nothing to his "boss," Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, and are without any precedent in the history of the Catholic Church prior to the "election" of Angelo Roncalli/John XXIII.

It is within the boundaries of the Diocese of Orange that the annual convocation of witches, warlocks (those are the correct terms to use when referring to pantheists who masquerade under various monickers of "spirituality") and associated New Age, ultra-progressive, lavender-friendly revolutionaries that goes by the name of the Los Angeles Religious Education takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center on Katella Avenue in Anaheim, California, directly across the street from Masonicland (perhaps better known to you as "Disneyland"). It is at this soiree of unbelievers that the likes of Father Richard Rohr (see What Are Richard Rohr and CAC Up To and Fr Richard Rohr joins conversations on Evolutionary Christianity), who is still an annual speaker at this hideous conference, and, among many others, Eric Law are featured speakers. Unspeakable acts of blasphemy and sacrilege take place there each year. "Bishop" Tod Brown approves it all. Yes, every single bit of it.

"Bishop" Tod Brown has promoted the career of "Bishop" Jaime Soto, profiled extensively four years ago on this site in Tone Deaf, who has, by way of summary, spoken at lavender-friendly conferences, presided over "Catholic Charities" in the Diocese of Orange at the time in 1996 when illegal immigrants were recruited to vote illegally to oust United States Representative Robert K. Dornan in favor of the pro-abortion Loretta Brixey Sanchez, who is now serving her eighth term in Congress, and, most tellingly, testified in behalf of a child-molster:

I cannot help but think of the old battle cry (Georg Buechner)"Friede den Huetten, Krieg den Palaesten" - "Peace to the huts, war to the palaces" - or chanceries in this case. The sickening, evil child rape and its cover-up by a clique of old buddies back from Camarillo (L.A.'s seminary) days really wants you to gather the villagers, pitchforks and torches and clean up, once and for all. The monsignors, bishops, cardinals responsible should all be rotting in prison. (To be fair, I know good priests who went through that seminary in recent years. These people represent earlier generations)

Fr. Andrew Christian Andersen, serial sex offender (his taste: adolescent boys). 26 counts. Prison time for these assaults ? Zero. Why? Fellow priests urged the judge for therapy instead. One of those priests ? The just-designated co-adjutor bishop of Sacramento, Jaime Soto, originally from Orange County.

Diogenes has the story

Today, boys and girls, we take up the edifying story of Father Andrew Christian Andersen, a former priest of the Diocese of Orange and a multiple molester of underage youths. Two years ago the L.A. Times gave us a synopsis of Andersen's adventures in pastoral ministry: It previously had been reported that Andersen was accused in 1983 of molesting a boy. [Then-Bishop of Orange William R. Johnson] ordered him into therapy, but he remained at his Huntington Beach parish, St. Bonaventure, and in charge of the altar boys. Three years later, the priest faced up to 56 years in state prison after being convicted of 26 felony counts of child molestation, according to court documents.

56 years in prison -- or a decent fraction thereof -- would have helped Andersen understand the gravity of his offense, as well as giving his victims a sense of justice done. Didn't happen:

The judge gave Andersen no prison time and instead ordered him to enter a Catholic rehabilitation center in New Mexico. Four years later, in 1990, Andersen was arrested in Albuquerque on suspicion of trying to sodomize a 14-year-old boy, and was ordered to serve six years in prison for violating his probation in the California case. Twenty-six convictions and zero prison time? How did that come about? Well, it seems Andersen's erstwhile spiritual director wrote the judge urging therapy at the Servants of the Paracletes treatment center in New Mexico as an alternative to the slammer. His reason? Andersen's victims may have confused innocent horseplay for, well, less-than-innocent horseplay.It's really difficult sometimes to tell horseplay from anal rape.

Here now the letter by Bishop Jaime Soto. Good luck, Sacramento.

Chris Andersen and I together attended St. John's Seminary College and St. John's Seminary. He and I developed during those years of study a friendship which was a great consolation to me especially during a very trying third year of graduate work. I grew to admire and respect Chris both for his insightfulness and well as the tender compassion he possessed for those who were suffering. As we entered the seminary together our friendship provided a mutual support during the fledgling days of priesthood and I saw him as a very capable and compassionate minister. He seemed to approach the ministry with a sense of confidence that was tethered by equal amount of humility.

Chris Andersen's present difficulties (euphemism of the year) pain me very much not only because he is a friend but also because he is an associate in the ministry. Our works brings us into intimate contact (a lil too intimate, no ?) with people's lives. In a time when the exchange of simple affections (and who among us doesn't show simple affection with their penis ?) within the most intimate of circles has become a rare commodity, our associations with others run the grave risk of being misunderstood by all parties including perhaps the priest himself. There is cause therefore to exercise prudence and right judgment while at the same time pursuing the mission of Church to bring healing and comfort. If Chris has failed in exercising such prudence or has in fact abused the privilege provided him by the people of God I would the hope the court would seek some remedial means of dealing with the case at hand as opposed to extensive incarceration.

Who was his spiritual director in seminary ? George Niederauer, who also asked the court for mercy for this pervert. More info:

It previously had been reported that Andersen was accused in 1983 of molesting a boy. Then-Bishop Johnson ordered him into therapy, but he remained at his Huntington Beach parish, St. Bonaventure, and in charge of the altar boys.

Three years later, the priest faced up to 56 years in state prison after being convicted of 26 felony counts of child molestation, according to court documents.

The judge gave Andersen no prison time and instead ordered him to enter a Catholic rehabilitation center in New Mexico. Four years later, in 1990, Andersen was arrested in Albuquerque on suspicion of trying to sodomize a 14-year-old boy, and was ordered to serve six years in prison for violating his probation in the California case.

Tuesday's release of documents added new details. A 1986 evaluation of Andersen by Kenneth Fineman, a consulting psychologist for the diocese, reported that "in the parish, fantasies involving young boys occupied 50% of his fantasy life" and that "incarceration would not be an effective deterrent for this man."

George Niederauer, Andersen's spiritual director at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo and now bishop of Salt Lake City, wrote to Luis A. Cardenas, an Orange County Superior Court judge at the time, and pleaded for leniency.

Andersen "might well have misjudged what was appropriate physical expression especially given the atmosphere of adult-child contacts in our society at present," wrote Niederauer, adding that the boys might have misconstrued "wrestling" or "horse play" as sexual abuse.

Jaime Soto, now auxiliary bishop of Orange, also wrote to the judge, downplaying Andersen's crimes.

"Our work brings us into intimate contact with people's lives," he wrote. "In a time when the exchange of simple affection within the most intimate of circles has become a rare commodity, our associations with others run the grave risk of being misunderstood by all parties including perhaps the priest himself."

Soto and Niederauer couldn't be reached for comment.

The documents also described how Urell and Driscoll devised a plan in 1994 to pay Andersen between $9,000 and $19,000 to quietly leave the priesthood, according to correspondence between church officials.

Msgr. Urell is the poor soul who had a nervous breakdown during testimony re: Orange County sex abuse and was shipped to Canada by Bishop Tod Brown.
In the interest of children reading, I cannot express my unbridled sentiments here.

What a wonderful time they all must have had in L.A.'s seminary.  Bp. Soto's plea for convicted priest-pervert


Soto expressed "regret" in 2005 for having written the letter in behalf of Father Andersen, saying that he did not know the "details" of the case. He has expressed no regrets over his involvement with the lavender collective or with asserting special "rights" for those who have entered this country illegally and have been so bold as to vote in our elections. What happened? The same thing that happened to William Levada's good friend, George Niederauer He got promoted. Who promoted him? Not the tooth fairy. Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, that's who. The unbeliever named Tod Brown was rooting for him all the way.

Why should we be surprised that Tod Brown is interested in having the Diocese of Orange make a bid at an auction for the "Crystal Cathedral" so that it can continue as a "place of worship"? Worship? Oh, go look at the quote for yourselves before I demolish this conciliar minion's idiocy:

A new and intriguing prospect for the Crystal Cathedral emerged Wednesday when the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange said it was considering buying the bankrupt church in Garden Grove and converting it to a Catholic cathedral.

The announcement by Orange Bishop Tod Brown came one day after Chapman University made a $46-million bid for the 40-acre site. The Crystal Cathedral had earlier reached a tentative agreement for a sale and lease-back deal with a real estate developer, subject to approval by U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Robert Kwan.

A sale to the Catholic Church would solve a longstanding problem for the Orange Diocese, which has no central cathedral for its 1.2-million parishioners. It has been planning for more than a decade to build a new, 2,500-seat cathedral in Santa Ana, but has gotten only as far as hiring an architect.

The Crystal Cathedral, designed by the late Philip Johnson, would provide an instant, 3,000-seat architectural landmark at roughly half the $100 million that was previously estimated for the Santa Ana project.

Such a deal, however, presumably would mean the end of the Crystal Cathedral Ministry's tenure on the site — a hard pill for the founding pastor, the Rev. Robert H. Schuller, and the church board to swallow. The bids by both Chapman University and the real estate developer, Greenlaw Partners, would allow Crystal Cathedral ministries to lease back portions of the site, including the cathedral itself.

The Crystal Cathedral filed for bankruptcy in October citing more than $50 million in debt. Documents related to the case have revealed generous payouts and tax allowances for church insiders and Schuller family members.

A sale to the diocese would be rich with symbolism. Schuller built the Crystal Cathedral as the physical expression of a Space Age ministry that eschewed orthodoxy in favor of a casual worship style and the self-help spirit of "possibility thinking." It stood in sharp contrast to the sort of dogma and ritual practiced by the Catholic Church.

Outside the Crystal Cathedral on Wednesday, volunteer gardener Fred Schwartz said many of the people with long ties to the Schuller ministry would be disheartened by its conversion to a Catholic church.

"If they saw it today, they'd probably cry," he said.

Schwartz, 67, who has been attending Schuller's church l since 1966, held two gallon jugs as he worked through the various flower beds surrounding the cathedral. He said it was a low point now, but predicted it would bounce back.

"I think it will," he said. "I'm hoping it will."

Brown said his diocese is merely exploring the possibility of a deal and has not decided whether to make a bid. The bishop asked a law firm and lay advisors to look into the matter.

"While we continue to develop plans for a cathedral in Santa Ana, it is prudent to evaluate the opportunity to engage in the pending auction of this property and to mitigate the chance that it cease to function as a place of worship, if acquired by others," Brown said.

Numerous groups have been sending out feelers about buying the Crystal Cathedral property, according to the ministry's bankruptcy lawyer, Marc Winthrop. Regarding the Catholic diocese, he would only say: "We might be interested.... If something formal is presented, the church will respond." (Crystal Cathedral: Diocese of Orange may consider buying.)


Hey, you, Tod Brown, that's right, you. The so-called Crystal Cathedral has never been a place of worship as every kind of false worship is inspired by and is offered to the devil no matter the "positive thinking" of those engaged in either an "hour of power" (as Schuller called his liturgical show) or an "old time Gospel hour" (which is what his daughter wanted to run at the non-cathedral). Evil is evil. Any and every form of Protestantism is evil. Who says so? The devil himself, who is so proud that he cannot help but boast of his perverse achievements that have deceived so many hundreds of millions of souls in the past nearly five hundred years:

As the strange circumstances of Nicola's possession became known everywhere, several Calvinist preachers came with their followers, to "expose this popish cheat," as they said. On their entrance, the devil saluted them mockingly, called them by name, and told them that they had come in obedience to him. One of the preachers took his Protestant prayer book, and began to read it with a very solemn face. The devil laughed at him, and putting on a most comical look, he said: "Ho! Ho! My good friend; do you intend to expel me with your prayers and hymns? Do you think that they will cause me any pain? Don't you know that they are mine? I helped to compose them!"

"I will expel thee in the name of God," said the preacher, solemnly.

"You!" said the devil mockingly. "You will not expel me either in the name of God, or in the name of the devil. Did you ever hear of one devil driving out another?"

"I am not a devil," said the preacher, angrily, "I am a servant of Christ."

"A servant of Christ, indeed!" said Satan, with a sneer. "What! I tell you, you are worse than I am. I believe, and you do not want to believe. Do you suppose that you can expel me from the body of this miserable wretch? Ha! Go first and expel all the devils that are in your own heart!"

The preacher took his leave, somewhat discomfited. On going away, he said, turning up the whites of his eyes, "O Lord, I pray thee, assist this poor creature!"

"And I pray Lucifer," cried the evil spirit, "that he may never leave you, but may always keep you firmly in his power, as he does now. Go about your business, now. You are all mine, and I am your master." (Exorcism of Nicola Aubrey)


Yes, a bit of proudly boasted honesty from the adversary, who prowls around the world like a lion looking for souls to devour.

There is also another source for condemning the evil of Protestantism: the very woman who has crushed the head of the devil, Our Lady herself:

Heaven was watching over Pierre [Port Combet, a Catholic who had converted to the Calvinist strain of Protestantism] and after seven years [after the miracle that occurred mocked the Feast of the Annunciation by striking a willow tree with an axe that poured forth blood], on March 25, 1656, Our Lady appeared to him. On that day, Pierre was working in the field and saw a Lady standing far away on a little hill. The Lady wore a white dress, a blue mantle and had a black veil over her head, which partly covered her face. As the Lady came toward Pierre, she suddenly picked up speed and in a flash, she stood beside him. With her beautiful, sweet voice, the Lady spoke to Pierre, "God be with you my friend!"

For a moment, Pierre stood in amazement. The Lady spoke again, "What is being said about this devotion? Do many people come?"

Pierre replied, "Yes many people come."

Then the Lady said, "Where does that heretic live who cut the willow tree? Does he not want to be converted?"

Pierre mumbled an answer.

The Lady became more serious, "Do you think that I do not know that you are the heretic? Realize that your end is at hand. If you do not return to the True Faith, you will be cast into Hell! But if you change your beliefs, I shall protect you before God. Tell people to pray that they may gain the good graces which, God in His mercy has offered to them." (See: If You Do Not Return to the True Faith, You Will Be Cast Into Hell!)


All forms of false worship are hateful in the sight of  the true God of Divine Revelation, the Most Blessed Trinity.

Let me repeat myself yet again: all forms of false worship are hateful in the sight of the true God of Divine Revelation, the Most Blessed Trinity.

Yes, including the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo service, which is why it makes sense as clear as crystal for Tod Brown to be interested in purchasing a place of false worship so that its wretched "legacy" can be continued under the aegis what he thinks is the Catholic Church but is actually her counterfeit ape.

Well, we have been warned about all of this. Although some contend that it is absurd even to think that the conciliar church is indeed a counterfeit, an ape, of the Catholic Church, we have been warned about all of this. One of those who warned Catholics was the great Biblical scholar Father E. Sylvester Berry, who wrote the following in the year 1921, the year of my own late mother's birth:

“In the forgoing chapter [12] St. John outlines the history of the Church from the coming of Antichrist until the end of the world . . . In this chapter he shows us the true nature of the conflict.  It shall be a war unto death between the Church and the powers of darkness in a final effort to destroy the Church and thus prevent the universal reign of Christ on earth.

Satan will first attempt to destroy the power of the Papacy and bring about the downfall of the Church through heresies, schisms and persecutions that must surely follow . . . he will raise up Antichrist and his prophet to lead the faithful into error and destroy those who remain steadfast . . . . . . The Church, the faithful spouse of Jesus Christ, is represented as a woman clothed in the glory of divine grace . . .  

" . . . In this passage there is an evident allusion to some particular son of the Church whose power and influence shall be such that Satan will seek his destruction at any cost.  This person can be none other than the Pope to be elected in those days.  The Papacy will be attacked by all the powers of hell.  In consequence the Church will suffer great trials and afflictions in securing a successor upon the throne of Peter.

“The words of St. Paul to the Thessalonians may be a reference to the Papacy as the obstacle to the coming of Antichrist:  ‘You know what withholdeth, that he may be revealed in his time.  For the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdeth, do hold until he be taken out of the way.  And then that wicked one shall be revealed.’

“ . . . St. John  . . . sees in heaven a red dragon with seven heads and ten horns . . . The dragon is Satan red with the blood of martyrs, which he will cause to flow. The meaning of the seven heads and ten horns must be sought in the description of the beast that represents Antichrist where they symbolize kings or worldly powers. (II Thessalonians 2:6-7)  . . . Satan’s attacks against the Church will be organized and carried out by the governments and ruling powers of those days.

“With the beast of Antichrist only the horns have diadems as symbols of royalty or governing power.  The heads are branded with names of blasphemy. (Apocalypse, 13:1)  Hence they symbolize the sins and errors that will afflict the Church . . . in this final struggle to prevent the universal reign of Christ all forms of sin and error will be marshaled against the Church . . .  all errors which have afflicted the Church may be summed up in these seven: Judaism, paganism, Arianism, Mohammedanism, Protestantism, rationalism, and atheism.

“The dragon is seen in heaven which is here a symbol of the Church, the kingdom of heaven on earth.  This indicates that the first troubles of those days will be inaugurated within the Church by apostate bishops, priests, and peoples, — the stars dragged down by the tail of the dragon.

“ . . .  The dragon stands before the woman, ready to devour the child that is brought forth.  In other words, the powers of hell seek by all means to destroy the Pope elected in those days.

“. . . It is now the hour for the powers of darkness.  The new-born Son of the Church is taken ‘to God and to his throne.’  Scarcely has the newly elected Pope been enthroned when he is snatched away by martyrdom. The ‘mystery of iniquity’ gradually developing through the centuries, cannot be fully consummated while the power of the Papacy endures, but now he that ‘withholdeth is taken out of the way.’  During the interregnum ‘that wicked one shall be revealed’ in his fury against the Church.” 

“It is a matter of history that the most disastrous periods for the Church were times when the Papal throne was vacant, or when anti-popes contended with the legitimate head of the ChurchThus also shall it be in those evil days to come. 

“The Church deprived of her chief pastor must seek sanctuary in solitude there to be guided by God Himself during those trying days . . . In those days the Church shall . . . find refuge and consolation in faithful souls, especially in the seclusion of the religious life.

“ . . . Our Divine Savior has a representative on earth in the person of the Pope upon whom He has conferred full powers to teach and govern.  Likewise, Antichrist will have his representative in the false prophet who will be endowed with the plenitude of satanic powers to deceive the nations.

“ . . . As indicated by the resemblance to a lamb, the prophet will probably set himself up in Rome as a sort of antipope during the vacancy of the papal throne . . .

“ . . . The ‘abomination of desolation’ has been wrought in many Catholic churches by heretics and apostates who have broken altars, scattered relics of martyrs and desecrated the Blessed Sacrament.  At the time of the French Revolution a lewd woman was seated upon the altar of the cathedral in Paris and worshipped as the goddess of reason.  Such things but faintly foreshadow the abominations that will desecrate churches in those sorrowful days when Antichrist will seat himself at the altar to be adored as God.

“. . .Antichrist and his prophet will introduce ceremonies to imitate the Sacraments of the Church.  In fact there will be a complete organization - a church of Satan set up in opposition to the Church of Christ.  Satan will assume the part of God the Father; Antichrist will be honored as Savior, and his prophet will usurp the role of Pope.  Their ceremonies will counterfeit the Sacraments .” (Father E. Sylvester Berry, The Apocalypse of St. John, 1921, contained in the October, 2007, edition of Adsum.)


Food for thought and prayerful reflection

While great attention has been focused in this article on some of the specific ways by which the conciliarists and their fellow revolutionaries in the social arena within the boundaries of the Diocese of Orange have sought to implement their programs, including by the stealing of elections, it would be quite mistaken to think that any expose of the associations between the like-minded ecclesiastical and social revolutionaries is going to "convince" the conciliar Vatican to "clean house." Oh, I used to think this years ago during the false pontificate of Karol Wojtyla.

Read Father Berry's commentary again.

Read it a third time.

You might have some idea of the fact that we are facing a wholesale assault against the Faith, and that Rome has indeed been captured by the very forces of the adversary himself, which is why we must take refuge in the shelter provided by true bishops and true priests in the Catholic catacombs, making no concessions whatsoever to conciliarism or to the nonexistent legitimacy of its false shepherds. The organized forces of naturalism and those of conciliarism are united in their efforts to sustain a world where it is not absolutely necessary to subordinate all things at all times (personally, socially, internationally) to the Deposit of Faith that Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has entrusted exclusively to the Catholic Church.

Just as there is no stopping the forces of organized naturalism in the midst of the world by this or that political strategy or effort, most of which strategies and efforts attack symptoms of problems and use naturalist means to explain and attack them, so is it the case that no amount of letters sent to the conciliar Vatican or exposes of the nefarious deeds or Judeo-Masonic/Communist/homosexualist inclinations of its "bishops" and their chancery factotums is going to change a blessed thing in the operation of the structures of the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Apostates are not interested in fidelity to the cause of the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ. They are interested in fostering the new world order, the novus ordo secolorum, the "civilization of love" that Ratzinger/Benedict himself has referred to on more than one occasion during his false "pontificate."

Our refuge must be in the Immaculate Heart of Mary during these times and apostasy and betrayal. She will protect us. We must remember that we our living at exactly the moment and precisely the time that God knew from all eternity that we would be living. The graces He won for us by the shedding of His own Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross and that flow into our hearts and souls through the loving hands of His Most Blessed Mother, the Mediatrix of All Graces, are sufficient for us to prosper under our personal, social and ecclesiastical crosses, giving all of the sufferings of our lives and of the present moment in which we live back to His Most Sacred Heart through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

There is nothing we can suffer in this passing, mortal vale of tears that is the equal of what one of our least Venial Sins caused Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to suffer in His Sacred Humanity during His Passion Death--and that have contributed very mightily to the sufferings of the Church Militant during His Mystical Passion, Death and Burial in the past 135 years. We must keep Our Lady--and all of the angels and saints--company every day in a true offering of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition by a true bishop or a true priest, remembering that each Mass re-presents the Sacrifice of Calvary to us in an unbloody manner and is also at the same time a foretaste of Heavenly glories. A little time spent with Our Lady's Divine Son in His Real Presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament is also not a bad idea

Pope Pius XI, writing in Quas Primas, December 11, 1925, explained the Providence of God in permitting us to live through difficult times as he discussed why he was instituting the Feast of Christ the King:



History, in fact, tells us that in the course of ages these festivals have been instituted one after another according as the needs or the advantage of the people of Christ seemed to demand: as when they needed strength to face a common danger, when they were attacked by insidious heresies, when they needed to be urged to the pious consideration of some mystery of faith or of some divine blessing. Thus in the earliest days of the Christian era, when the people of Christ were suffering cruel persecution, the cult of the martyrs was begun in order, says St. Augustine, "that the feasts of the martyrs might incite men to martyrdom." The liturgical honors paid to confessors, virgins and widows produced wonderful results in an increased zest for virtue, necessary even in times of peace. But more fruitful still were the feasts instituted in honor of the Blessed Virgin. As a result of these men grew not only in their devotion to the Mother of God as an ever-present advocate, but also in their love of her as a mother bequeathed to them by their Redeemer. Not least among the blessings which have resulted from the public and legitimate honor paid to the Blessed Virgin and the saints is the perfect and perpetual immunity of the Church from error and heresy. We may well admire in this the admirable wisdom of the Providence of God, who, ever bringing good out of evil, has from time to time suffered the faith and piety of men to grow weak, and allowed Catholic truth to be attacked by false doctrines, but always with the result that truth has afterwards shone out with greater splendor, and that men's faith, aroused from its lethargy, has shown itself more vigorous than before.


With a love for Christ the King and Mary our Immaculate Queen, let us pray as many Rosaries each day as our states-in-life permitting, trying, as unworthy as we are, to plant a few seeds for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the restoration of the Social Reign of her Divine Son.

Vivat Christus Rex! Viva Cristo Rey!

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?


Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us now and the hour of our deaths. Amen.

All to thee, Blessed Mother. All to thy Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, we love you. Save souls!

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint Luke the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

The Seven Holy Brothers, help us.

Saints Rufina and Secunda, pray for us.

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Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?

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