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Updated on July 11, 2012


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Meeting the Mets: A Quirky History of a Quirky Team

New Book About New York Mets published on Kindle

Contact: Thomas A. Droleskey

Meeting the Mets: A Quirky History of A Quirky Team,  volume one of a two-part retrospective on the history of the New York Mets, has been published on Amazon Kindle for $8.00.

A print-on-demand version, which runs 449 pages as a perfect bound, 6x9 soft cover book, may be ordered from Meeting the Mets: A Quirky History of a Quirky Team. The book will be shipped directly from the printer, usually in two to three days after the order is placed. this saves me, Thomas A. Droleskey, from having to order more books and the time and expense of shipping them. Order your books today! Order lots of books today for your family and friends.

Here is a description of the book:

The author, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey, attended over 1600 games at the Polo Grounds and William A. Shea Municipal Stadium between July 15, 1962, and July 16, 2002. While he has not attended games since that point for reasons that are described in the book, he was pretty visible in the stands as a very unofficial cheerleader for over a quarter of a century, known as “The Lone Ranger of Shea Stadium.”

Droleskey provides a personal retrospective on the origins of the Mets, highlighting some of the quirks of a quirky team, including memories of utterly meaningless games that might put a smile or two on the faces of those who have followed the team over the years. The books contains lots of trivia about the Mets and baseball, interspersed with personal many bits of cultural trivia and history that will capture the reader’s attention.

A vast revision and expansion of his first book on the Mets, There Is No Cure For This Condition, which was published in 2001, this book has been methodically researched and documented to assure its factual accuracy (memory can be a little tricky as the years pass by). There are also observations concerning the state of baseball and today, noting changes that have taken place in the past fifty years.

Rabbi Meyer Schiller, who is a reader of this site, had the following to say about Meeting the Mets: A Quirky History of a Quirky Team:

“Dr. Thomas Droleskey spent many years delighting in the simple pleasures of baseball, fun and human fellowship as a devoted follower of the New York Mets. Indeed, his genius in pursuing the aforementioned led him to assume the unique alter ego of the Lone Ranger of Shea Stadium. Here is the whole delicious tale related with relish and joy.

“Yet, this book is far more than a baseball fan's affectionate memoir, for it traces life's happiness to its Ultimate Source, Almighty God. Thus, the reader will learn of far more than a devotee's view of the Mets. This is a thinly veiled account of one man's deep yearning for faith and truth; a yearning so profound that it finally led him to abandon his personal field of dreams when its environs proved inhospitable to Divine Truths.

“Reminiscent of Belloc's Voyage of the Nona we have here a page turning classic which uses this world to teach us about Eternity.”

Reviewer James Bemis wrote the following in 2002 about There Is No Cure for This Condition:

“I always suspected my mad, private passion was singular, a fever raging within that no one else shared. Hour after hour, I'd study The Sporting News stats, play board games like Strat-O-Matic, constantly finger my baseball cards. It's immensely heartening to know that elsewhere in this gigantic country of ours, there was another kid as fanatical as me - maybe even more so.

“No book in recent memory captures the sheer fun of baseball's glory days so well as "There Is No Cure." Droleskey, a self-described "vagabond college professor/writer/speaker/pizza maker/marathon long-distance driver" is best known to baseball fans as the famed Lone Ranger of Shea Stadium. His love for both the game's nobility and its quirkiness are absolutely infectious.” (James Bemis, Review of There is No Cure for this Condition.”

The late columnist Joseph Sobran wrote:

“One who really had loved them all along was my friend Tom Droleskey, whose colorful presence at hundreds of Mets’ games earned him the title “the Lone Ranger of Shea Stadium.” He has written a funny, charming memoir of his life as a Mets fan.” (Joseph Sobran, Sobran’s, August 29, 2002.)

Mets’ fans in particular and baseball fans in general will enjoy reading Meeting the Mets: A Quirky History of a Quirky Team. And a few fans of the White Sox might recall Droleskey's two years at old Comiskey Park, which are recalled with fondness herein.

Hi-Yo, Silver, Away! Let’s Go, Mets!

Links for a two-part, twenty minute promotional video: Part 1  and Part 2

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