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September 12, 2013


Francis, The Out-Of Control and Uncontrollable Antipope

Part One

by Thomas A. Droleskey, Ph.D., Triumphalist, Restorationist

Perhaps an important key to understanding the increasingly bizarre, out-of-control behavior being exhibited by Jorge Mario Bergoglio as completes the first six months of his masquerade as "Pope Francis" is that he is now unfettered from the constraints imposed upon him by any superior authority figure for the first time in his nearly seventy-seven years of life.

Think about this for a moment, if you will.

This is the first time in his entire life that Jorge Mario Bergoglio has not had to answer to anyone here on the face of this earth who is above him, and he is flaunting his "freedom" from the "shackles" of authority just a little child would do when given free rein in a candy store. He is doing whatever his little heart desires.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio's constant screeds about traditionalism, to which he refers by a variety of epithets (see Francis The Slayer of Straw Men for a review of the list that should be pretty well-known by now), are based, it would appear, upon a deep-seated hatred of the "constraints" that the "no church" imposed upon his own expansive expressiveness in his youth from the time of his birth on December 17, 1936, to the time that he entered the Jesuit novitiate on March 11, 1958, becoming even more "liberated" during his Jesuit formation, all but seven months of which took place after the death of Pope Pius XII on October 9, 1958.

Bergoglio developed a deep hatred for the Immemorial Mass of Tradition and the Faith which it is best expressed and protected liturgically during his early years in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is why he persecuted traditionally-minded religious sisters in Argentina during his time as conciliar "archbishop" there from 1998 to March 13, 2013, and why he has authorized the persecution of the traditionally minded priests/presbyters and religious sisters of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

Here is a reminder of how Jorge Mario "Cardinal" persecuted the traditional religious sisters in Argentina:


"Msgr." Bergoglio is a cold and authoritarian man, in the service of a part of a certain modernist ideology. Now he is a "pope." A change in mentality perhaps, even if our degree of respect for him changes, given the loftiness of his office?

Let us look at the story of the excellent periodical "Página Católica". During the times of his being "archbishop" of Buenos Aires he disbanded the holy Order of nuns that was founded in the 18th century by Mother Antula, María Antonia de Paz y Figueroa, the Congregation of the Daughters of the Divine Savior, that had various colleges and constructed a House of Exercises in Buenos Aires, a jewel of colonial architecture and a placed blessed with so much graces.

Now, coming from the "Holy See", follows another act of despotism towards another Congregation, the Franciscans of the Immaculata with the same ferocity.

Reading the story demonstrates that there isn't any line added because it is sufficient for any Catholic heart to understand and repudiate such a horrible spectacle of ecclesiastical tyranny against the Faith, to holy vocations, and good customs.

Lamentably, it is not possible to reproduce the interviews given to the nuns thrown out on the streets by "Msgr." Bergoglio. But the can be found by opening the webpage of http://www.paginacatolica.blogspot.com.ar/2013/07/frailes-de-la-inmaculada-y-un-drama.html. [Droleskey note: This page no longer works. There is thus no need to write to me about this as I do not know where it can be found now. Thank you.]

Cosme Beccar Varela

July 30, 2013

Friars of the Immaculate and a "porteño" drama

The nuns of the Holy House of Exercises, an analogous case with the Franciscans of the Immaculata?

Modernism demands that the poor pay for their own destruction.

Today the walls of the Holy House of Exercises breath in solitude.

"Your preferred option has to be the poor," the Neo-Modernists tell us who are abundantly governing the Church, every time there is a clamor to celebrate the true Catholic Mass.

Thus, they foment an ideological animosity between Traditionalism and Charity, on one hand and an erroneous and automatic identity between Progressive Neo-Modernism and true charity towards the needy.

In effect, as sound Catholic doctrine teaches, Charity firstly corrects the erring and showing them the pathway to salvation. Thus true love is yearns for the good of the beloved; the good which is ultimately nothing other than to merit everlasting life.

By this, those who long for the diffusion of the traditional doctrine and liturgy, are the first who have opted preferentially for the poor, by trying to provide them the Mass that has brought holiness upon millions of Catholics throughout the last 2,000 years; and even in the mere human order, it is a monument of good taste and the most exquisite of human arts; incomparably more splendid than that "witches' sabbath" of the Neo-Modernists of the Novus Ordo that they have accustomed the universal church.

But those who proclaim themselves advanced in the solicitude of the poor, many times drop their mask without them knowing it.

We know that "pope" Francis has taken that name in order to demonstrate a life developed in poverty. Therefore we must suppose that the Friars of the Immaculata are truly poor.

Not withstanding, the decree signed in July 11 by which was intervened upon the Congregation by means of a Pontifical Commissary, that includes only three established conditions:

1. Designate Fr. Fidenzio Volpi, OFM Cap, Apostolic Commissar ad nuntum Santae Sedis of the Congregation, with all the applicable powers.

2. Dispose "that it corresponds upon the Institute of Franciscan Friars of the Immaculata, to reimburse all the expenditure incurred by the Commissary and the personnel that will be eventually designated, as honorary for their services."

3. Besides what has been mentioned, the "Holy" Father Francis has disposed that everyone of the religious of the Congregation of the Friars of the Immaculata are obliged to celebrate the liturgy according to the "ordinary" form and that eventually, the use of the "extraordinary" form (Vetus Ordo) has to be explicitly authorized by the corresponding authorities, for every religious and/or community that asks for it."

Thus, we see the knavishness as it manifests itself. Then, in the end, some poor monks will be bereft of the greatest of all treasures, the Traditional Liturgy of the Church. They have to pay for such a great price!

Those who might have doubts as to what this intervention can possibly mean should consider the following: the decree that we have analyzed can only have two dispositions: rob the Tridentine Mass and determine who will pay for the cost of such operation.

Go forth, standard bearers of the poor knowing that God will repay you abundantly and immediately for your great generosity!

The situation that has been raised has had a similarity with a dramatic case that occurred in Buenos Aires under the "archbishopric" of "Cardinal" Bergoglio. We have spoken for some time about this lamentable subject matter, but let us allow ourselves to return to it even if it be succinctly, then we can illustrate to ourselves about what to expect from the Institute of the Friars of the Immaculata.

Founded in the 18th century by Mother Antula and Maria Antonia de Paz y Figueroa, the Congregation of the Daughters of the Divine Savior has reached a degree of prosperity that, in our time, it has been possessor of various Catholic Colleges with thousands of students, one located in the exclusive Avenue of the Liberator in San Isidro, over all, of the terrain where they erected the Sanctuary of St. Cayetan in Liniers (a lot of money in alms) whose revenue was administered by the nuns.

At an opportune moment, "Cardinal" Bergoglio asked of the Mother Superior to transfer the property of the Sanctuary to the Archbishopric of Buenos Aires. Days later, after consulting her councilor Mother Hilda Ledesma responded to the Cardinal in the negative.

Having had a crystal ball maybe would have avoided the catastrophe of ceding to the disposal of the now "pope" Francis, in order to avoid the despoliation of all the goods and the near extinction of the order, as later accounted.

Because, in no time, he designated an apostolic visitor in the person of a Jesuit friend of Bergoglio: the current bishop Hugo Salaberry de Azul, in the province of Buenos Aires. The excuse: that close to 30 nuns lived in the Holy House of Exercises, some young women who in the majority are from Paraguay won for Christ by the zeal of one nun of that nationality, were there detained against their wills and isolated from society.

The isolation is concluded by the fact that these sisters were instructed in the same convent by professors designated as ad hoc, that which was made to avoid excessive contact with the world in which many nuns are used to nowadays.

A little later, in the first hours of the morning, when some nuns haven't yet groomed themselves, an unfolding of unusual Curial functions informed them that the "Holy See," with the signature of "Cardinal" Re, has designated as Apostolic Commissar on "Msgr." Horacio Garcia, Pro Vicar General of the Archdiocese. The lettered "priest" that was supposed to accompany him excused himself for not being in agreement. In his place came "Fr." Alejandro Russo, current Rector of the Cathedral of Buenos Aires (a favor in return for a favor?)

"Cardinal" Re reigned over the Congregation of the Religious and Institutes of Consecrated Life, who lived here and had one relative in the Archbishopric Curia. A man very close to Bergoglio, who was the one who earned for him the ring of the Fisherman is being flaunted by Francis and that he inherited from a secretary of Paul VI.

The end of this long story, that would give an argument by its vicissitudes to a drama that will be a sure best seller in book stores, ended with the Mother Superior confined to in Cordoba, the sisters returned to the world in such a manner that it can be said that the congregation ceased to exist, and the money and properties in the hands of the "Apostolic Commissariate" whose intervention is prolonged sine die.

An eminent example if how these Pharisees care for the poor, is the case of Mirna, a young Paraguayan woman who had been in the convent since 14 years of age and was bidden farewell by "Msgr." Garcia who put her in the streets without informing her parents, and without even giving her a single cent to look after her needs.

We put on video all of her declarations and we invite our readers to reread an old post of this blog where she tells her story.

The drama of Mirna (video can be seen in the cited reference above).

At this point of the story our readers allow us to vent with a phrase that is quite irreverent: to those who want to cheat, are good for nothing losers. You who call yourselves progressive, not only do you put souls in grave danger, neither do you know how to look after the needs of the body.

According to the very victims, the Apostolic Commissary disposed that the nuns and novices find out their true vocation, with a method that we can call an immersion in the world: psychoanalysis and including exposure to eroticism. About this, it has already been written in this blog
. (Translation provided by Mr. Juan Carlos Araneta.)

This persecution of anyone who is in least bit devoted to the immutable truths of the Catholic Faith and to the Immemorial Mass of Tradition represents a total rejection of everything to do with the "no church" that he believes had shackled him. Those he denounces as Pelagians and Pharisees and restorationists are reproaches to his conscience and a reminder to him all that he despised in his youth, all that kept "Bergoglio from being Bergoglio."

There is no longer any "conservative" Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II or "old man" Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI (who is only nine years older than Bergoglio/Francis even though the latter refers to his "the dear old man") to control his wildest impulses to speak his mind without concern for those things he believes "do not matter" to God, you know, such little things as "doctrine," integrity of worship," "purity of morals" and fealty to pastoral duties.

With all of the myriad problems within the counterfeit church of conciliarism, Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis sees fit to engage in a daily screed against traditionally-minded Catholics, who comprise but a tiny fraction of his false church's membership, and to consider as "divisive" those within it who are opposed to the revolutionary agenda of conciliarism, including, of course, the Protestant and Masonic Novus Ordo liturgical service. As noted last month in Francis Says ¡Viva la Revolución!, part two, Bergoglio/Francis has unleashed a war to suppress traditionalism, which is nothing other than Catholicism, of course, within the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculata and then to subject them to a program of "re-education."

Here is the latest news about this campaign of spiritual terrorism:

(Rome) The Apostolic Commissioner for the Franciscans of the Immaculate has appointed Father Alfonso Bruno as the new Secretary General of the Order. With this he has completed the first step toward rebuilding the traditional Order, as the historian Roberto de Mattei feared he would, as the decision of the Congregation of Religion became known to the faithful and growing Order placed under the coming under provisional administration.

Father Fidenzio Volpi, OFM Cap was the Commissioner appointed by the Holy See, with the sole power of decision, made Father Alfonso Bruno to his right hand and highest representative of the Order on the 5th of September. The new Secretary General immediately sent a statement to all the brothers of the Order, as he announced himself, that it is the responsibility of the Secretary, the Commissioner to help "the members of the Order and to the outside" help, "to handle all correspondence sent by the Apostolic Commissione, to publish all of the minutes of meetings set by the Apostolic Commissioner, to manage the General Archives of the Order and to update the statistics. The General Secretary shall act as the sole spokesman of the Order during the period of provisional administration."

The Neapolitan Father Alfonso Bruno is 44 years old. Until July 2013, he was the head of the media office of the Order and was mainly related to some incidents there. He was responsible of his website of the Order Mediatrice.net which published some dubious articles by Mario Castellano, where it praised the government of Mario Monti and the Eurokratenstaat EU. The same Castellano is close to Father Bruno, was known elsewhere through his articles in favor of Islam and for the construction of mosques in Europe.

While the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception actively supported March for Life in Italy and marched in it as an Order, Mediatrice.net was deathly silent in both 2012 and 2013.

The website recently published an exuberant praise of the Jesuit Paolo Dall'Oglio, who was kidnapped on 27 July 2013 by Islamists in Syria. Dall'Oglio, was murdered by Jihadists according to the report of an Arabic website on the 12th of August, but could be neither officially confirmed nor denounced accordingly, was active until his abduction in a dubious "inter-religious" role in Syria. First of all because of his self-confession as "Catholic and Muslim." Secondly, because of his call to the Syrian rebels to use chemical weapons against Assad's government soldiers.

Father Alfonso Bruno is Known for His Aversion to Traditional Catholics and the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

Father Bruno controls the Facebook page of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. There he mainly made known the fact that he himself gladly engaged in contradiction with the general attitude of the Order. Just as the provisional government of the Order was known, not a day went by without the media-savvy religious man to publish photos of himself in all possible variations from the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro.

His aversion traditional Catholics is also known to be raised against the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, the female religious branch, which he accused of an "intransigent" attitude. [I hope so.] It was he who,by misleading information to journalists, reported on the provisional government of the Order, which was known only to him, trying to steer in a certain direction against the Order's direction and against the Old Mass.

Father Alfonso Bruno is regarded as the real head of the then six-member dissident group who turned to the Congregation of Religious and then apparently was offered a welcome opportunity to intervene against the religious leadership. On 30 August, the most recent meeting between the Commissioner and the Apostolic Order took place with the displaced leadership. With the appointment of Father Alfonso Bruno as General Secretary and spokesman of the Order, it appears to be entering into what de Mattei predicted, that the Commissioner is according the antagonists of tradition in the Order and delivering the administration of the Order by the provisional government of the dissidents.

The leniency of the Founder with his ambitious pupil is taking a heavy toll. The picture shows Father Alfonso Bruno, who sat at the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, with Pope Francis. The change of pontificate seems to have delivered the decisive prerequisite for the action against the Order.

"The Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception, commencing with Father Manelli, run the risk of finding themselves outside of their Order," said Corrispondenza Romana. (Leader of the Dissidents Appointed General Secretary of the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception.)


In truth, of course, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not "Pope Francis" and his appointees are no more members of the Catholic Church than he is. They are imposters, each and every single one of them down to the very last person.

It is to shame, humiliate and eradicate traditionally-minded Catholics in the conciliar structures that Bergoglio/Francis has taken to use "papal" authority on others that he chafed under when it restrained him from fully embracing "liberation theology," which he is doing as the currently presiding universal public face of apostasy, especially by meeting with one of its chief progenitors, Father Gustavo Gutierrez, O.P.. a meeting that will take place within the next several days. (see Liberation theology finds new welcome in Francis' Vatican).

Thus it is that even though almost no one Catholic alive in the conciliar structures today has ever heard of the word "triumphalism," it is to chase out expel the "devils" and slay those straw men that Bergoglio/Francis must continue his daily assaults upon them as he conducts in his Ding Dong School of Apostasy, something that he did two days ago, Tuesday, September 10, 2013, the Feast of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino. There is simply no end in sight to this incredible out-of-control apostate's obsessive desire to slay straw men and tilt at windmills in the belief that he is advancing his revolutionary agenda:

(Vatican Radio) Christians are called to proclaim Jesus without fear, without shame and without triumphalism . Those were the words of Pope Francis at Mass this Tuesday morning at the Casa Santa Marta. The Pope also stressed the risk of becoming a Christian without the Resurrection and reiterated that Christ is always at the center of our life and hope.

“Jesus is the Winner who has won over sin and death.” Those were the words of Pope Francis on Tuesday morning during his Homily at morning Mass. He was referring to the Letter of St. Paul to the Colossians in which the Saint recommends we walk with Jesus " because he has won, and we walk with him in his victory “firm in the faith."

This is the key point, the Pope stressed: "Jesus is risen.

" But, the Holy Father continued, it is not always easy to understand . The Pope then recalled that when St. Paul spoke to the Greeks in Athens he was listened to with interest up to when he spoke of the resurrection. "This makes us afraid , it best to leave it as is." Pope Francis said.

Continuing his Homily the Pope recalled the Apostles, who closed themselves up in the Upper Room for fear of the Jews, even Mary Magdalene is weeping because they have taken away the Lord's Body . " …they are afraid to think about the Resurrection." The Pope noted that “there are also the Christians who are embarrassed. They are embarrassed to "confess that Christ is risen.

Finally, said Pope Francis there is the group of Christians who " in their hearts do not believe in the Risen Lord and want to make theirs a more majestic resurrection than that of the real one . These, he said are the “triumphalist” Christians.

"They do not know the meaning of the word ' triumph ' the Pope continued, so they just say “triumphalism”, because they have such an inferiority complex and want to do this ...

When we look at these Christians , with their many triumphalist attitudes , in their lives, in their speeches and in their pastoral theology, liturgy , so many things , it is because they do not believe deep down in the Risen One . He is the Winner, the Risen One. He won.

"This, the Holy Father added, is the message that Paul gives to us " Christ "is everything," he is totality and hope, "because he is the Bridegroom , the Winner". (No to triumphalism in the Church, proclaim Jesus without fear and embarrassment.)


Although this is not a new phrase for a conciliar "pope" to use as I heard Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II use it when I sat in the audience at McCormack Field House of The Catholic University of America in Washington, District of Columbia, on Sunday, October 7, 1979 the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, as he addressed Catholic educators. One will notice from a review of the text of the speech on the Vatican website that the word "triumphalism" is not there. He used it, though. I heard it. It was the first time that I had ever heard the word used. The version on the Vatican site does not include another of Wojtyla/John Paul II's deviation from its text that involved his joking about the fact that he "tried to be" a university professor Lublin, a self-effacing bit of humor that evoked a good deal of laughter and some applause. (I was told by friends who watched the event live as it was being televised on the National Broadcasting Company television network that the camera turned to me several times to show me leading the applause in a group of mostly liberal academicians, including Father Charles Curran, the notorious supporter of contraception, who was sitting in the row of folding seats behind me. Yes, I was a "papal" cheerleader without peer in those early days of Wojtyla's reign).

Thus it is that Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis's attacks on "triumphalism" are nothing new. As with almost everything else that comes down from his warped Modernist mind and out of his mouth or onto a computer keyboard, Bergoglio/Francis's screeds about traditionally-minded Catholics are simply standard issue Jesuit revolutionary propaganda that was minted in the late-1960s and popularized in the 1970s before the "cold chill" from in from the "Polish 'pope'" who, they believed, wanted to "stifle" theological discussion and academic freedom.

An inquiring mind, though, could ask the following questions of Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis about his triumphalist straw men.

First, Jorge, identify just one of these triumphalists. Just one. Name names. Be specific.

Second, name the speeches and identify the liturgy and the pastoral theology that supposedly prove your claim that triumphalists do not "believe in the Risen Jesus."

Third, do you believe in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

Fourth, do you believe in the Triumph of the Social Reign of Christ the King?

Fifth, if not, do you mean to condemn those who adhere to the immutable truths contained in the Sacred Deposit of Faith and who defend the beauty of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition for the honor and glory that it gives to the Most Blessed Trinity in a fitting, reverent and, just by the way, valid and thus sacramentally fruitful unbloody perpetuation or re-presentation of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ's offering of Himself on the wood of the Holy Cross to His Co-Equal and Co-Eternal God the Father in Spirit and in Truth?

If you do mean to condemn Catholics who believe in such things, then, please, get on the phone and write me an e-mail to send me your completely worthless Bull of Excommunication.

The putrid venom of this vile, ostentatious narcissist is just incredible to behold on a daily basis. Bergoglio/Francis is totally without any self-restraint. He is all impulse and showmanship as he seeks to prove himself better, more sincere, more humble, more caring, more just, more lovable and more "like us" than anyone who has ever been a true Successor of Saint Peter and even more sincere, more humble, more caring, more just, more lovable and more "like us" than any of his conciliar predecessors in his counterfeit church.

Alas, it is Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis who does not "truly believe" in Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as he disparages everything in the Sacred Deposit of Faith that Our Lord as defined and taught by Holy Mother Church, to whom He has entrusted the exclusively responsibility to safeguard and to teach It under the infallible protection of the Third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, God the Holy Ghost.

How can I prove this contention?

Who is my witness?


Jorge Mario Bergoglio, please enter this cyberspace and be seated to present the evidence:

(Vatican Radio) Does God forgive non-believers? Does absolute truth exist? And is God merely a creation of the human mind?

In a lengthy letter to the former editor of the Italian daily ‘La Repubblica’, Eugenio Scalfari, Pope Francis shares reflections on these three questions and urges all non-believers to engage with Christians in an open and sincere conversation.

In the letter published on Wednesday, the Pope laments the impasse that has grown up over the centuries with those who see Christianity as ‘dark and superstitious,’ in opposition to the ‘light of reason’.

Quoting from the recent encyclical ‘Lumen Fidei’, the Pope stresses that, on the contrary, faith must never be intransigent or arrogant, but rather humble and able to grow in relationship with others.

Responding to the three questions posed by the Italian journalist and writer, the Pope says the key issue for non-believers is that of “obeying their consciences” when faced with choices of good or evil. God’s mercy, he stresses, “has no limits” for those who seek him with a sincere and contrite heart.

Reflecting on the question of absolute truth, Pope Francis says he prefers to describe the truth in terms of a dynamic relationship between each Christian and Jesus, who said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’. The truth of God’s love, the Pope insists, is not subjective, but it is only experienced and expressed as a journey, a living relationship with each one of us, in our different social and cultural contexts.

Thirdly, Pope Francis considers the question of God as a creation of the human mind, who will thus disappear when human beings cease to exist on earth. In my experience, he says - and in that of so many other Christians past and present – God is not merely an idea but is a “Reality” of infinite goodness and mercy, revealed to us through his son, Jesus of Nazareth.

Reflecting on the originality of the Christian faith in relations to other religions, the Pope stresses the role of Jesus who renders us all sons and daughters of God, therefore also brothers and sisters to each other. Our arduous task, he says, is that of communicating God’s love to all, not in a superior way, but rather through service to all people especially those on the margins of our societies.

Finally the Pope spoke of his deep respect and friendship for people of Jewish faith – especially those with whom he worked so closely in his native Argentina. Reflecting on the terrible experience of the Shoah, he said, we can never be grateful enough to the Jews who maintained their faith in God, thus teaching us too to remain always open to his infinite love. (Antipope's letter to non-believers in Italian paper La Repubblica.)


Here are a few comments from readers of a news article in The Independent, a British newspaper, that carried a news report about Bergoglio/Francis's "letter to unbelievers" in La Repubblica:

This is the absolute most ridiculous statement any Pope could possibly utter and as such, he has just forfeited any authority or credibility he might have had. There should be a mass exodus from the Catholic Church. We shall see the fallout from this.

This Papal statement just decided me: I am going to join the Freemasons. If this Pope thinks they are a threat and a problem, then I'm on the side of the Freemasons. The good news is, so long as I believe I am acting rightly, I'll be sharing heaven with Francis, too ... no matter what I do, so long as it felt good and seemed right.

Wow. How loving of him - NOT. Lying to people so they feel good about themselves, all the way to hell. Either he believes that the Bible is God's word or he doesn't, and the Bible is VERY clear of how we get to heaven. What kind of a God would He be if He forced people who wanted NOTHING to do with Him their entire lives on earth to be with Him for eternity? God will give people exactly what they want in the end.

Well, I think that about wraps it up. As long as you don't personally have a problem with killing unborn children, stealing from the poor, and having [unnatural relations] with animals, there is a place in Catholic heaven waiting for you. As long as you conscience is clear -- as it always is with sociopaths -- you go to eternal paradise. If you persecute Christians and burn churches, you will go to heaven so long as it never bothered you. Francis, you've just changed the whole game forever. (Francis assures sceptics: You don't have to believe in God to go to Heaven.)


What these readers are shocked by is not really shocking at all as Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis, who now has free rein in the candy store of what he thinks is the Catholic Church without anyone to police him, has done in his "unofficial" (a status that some "resist while recognize" writers might use to protect themselves from admitting that Jorge Mario Bergoglio hath not the Catholic Faith) "letter to unbelievers" in La Repubblica is to present in cruder, more direct, more simple terms what what Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II taught obtusely and what Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI taught with his usual variety of complexity, contradiction and paradox.

Bergoglio/Francis has simply made it easier for the average person, both Catholic and non-Catholic alike, to recognize this what it is: the heresy of universal salvation that had been advanced by the late Father Hans Urs von Balthasar, who died before he could be given a cardinal's red hat by Wojytyla/John Paul, and about whom Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, a student of Von Balthasar's, said eight years ago was the "most cultured man" of the Twentieth Century (see Proud Of His Blasphemy And Of His Blaspheming Mentor). Bergoglio/Francis himself is a great admirer of Von Balthasar and of the "Communion and Liberation" movement that was created to champion his "contributions" to the "new theology" that was condemned by Pope Pius XII in Humani Generis, August 12, 1950 (see Francis, The Talking Apostate).

Bergoglio/Francis's "letter to unbelievers" in La Repubblica is just pure Modernism, starting with his false contention that Faith in Our Lord but it "is only experienced and expressed as a journey, a living relationship with each one of us, in our different social and cultural context," something that was explained and condemned by Pope Saint Pius X in Pascendi Dominci Gregis, September 8, 1907, although time and fatigue make it quite prudent for me to resist the temptation to a point-by-point refutation of the letter in this writing. Part two will present such a refutation.

Suffice it for the moment to say that Bergoglio/Francis was being completely faithful to the following exhortation made the conciliar archbishop of Krakow, Poland, Karol Wojtyla, at the "Second" Vatican Council:


His [Wojtyla's] stand on atheism puzzled many of the bishops, especially those from Communist countries. Archbishop Wojtyla believed that the human person should find the truth on their own and that conversion was unnecessary:

"Wojtyla was deeply convinced that personalist ethics--which stresses the uniqueness and inviolability of the human personality--would never allow the imposing of ideas on anyone. He took the same line when the council discussed the problems of atheism--a question that vexed the Council Fathers almost from the beginning to the end of Vatican II. 'It is not the Church's role to lecture unbelievers,' Wojtyla declared on taking the floor on October 21, 1964. 'We are involved a quest along with our fellow men. ...Let us avoid moralizing or suggesting that we have a monopoly on the truth.' ...Talk at the council of actual 'relations with atheism' meant dialogue with Marxists." (Carl Bernstein and Marco Politi, His Holiness, pp. 102-103, quoted in Tumultuous Times, p. 540.)

These were revolutionary ideas, especially at a time when the West braced for nuclear war and when much of the world was held captive under Communist tyranny. He further expressed his ecumenical and Modernist persuasions a week later.

"He began with several previously expressed comments on the Church and the world and the president of the session was on the point of stopping him, when he quickly and skillfully captivated his audience and silenced all the noise in the auditorium. In a loud and distinct voice, he clearly explained that the Church should no longer pose as the sole dispenser of Truth and Goodness... She should, he went on, be in the world but not above it. ...The Church must alter her teaching; she should encourage Revelation and no longer dictate it." (Catherine and Jacques Legrand, John Paul II, p. 68.)

"Although he was only forty-two when the council opened, Wojtyla made eight oral interventions in the council hall, a rather high number, and often spoke in the name of large groups of bishops from Eastern Europe. (Altogether he made 22 interventions, oral and written.) He was an unusually active member of various drafting groups for Gaudium et Spes, and even a chief author of what was called the 'Polish draft.' His voice as crucial to the passage of the document on religious liberty.''"(William Madges and Michael Daly, Vatican II: Forty Personal Stories, p. 33)

The Modernists Yves Congar, Henri de Lubac and Jean Danielou worked closely with Archbishop Wojtyla to draft the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World [Gaudium et Spes]. In his speeches of September 23 and 28, 1965, Wojtyla championed the heresy of religious liberty and encouraged dialogue with atheists.

"Archbishop Wojtyla then took up the question of atheism as a pastoral issue, as part of the Church's 'dialogue with everyone.' ...The Church's dialogue with atheism should begin not with arguments or proofs about the existence of God, but with a conversation about the human person's interior liberty." (Tumultuous Times, pp. 540-541.)

This is precisely the same thing that Bergoglio/Francis believes.

Moreover, "Pope" John Paul II put his own apostate beliefs into practice for over a quarter of century, something that will be explored, albeit briefly, in part two of this commentary.

"Pope" Benedict XVI expressed himself in very similar terms as Bergoglio/Francis.

And must it be pointed out that Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis is being completely faithful to the spirit of Nostra Aetate, October 28, 1965, the Feast of Saints Simon and Jude:


Religions, however, that are bound up with an advanced culture have struggled to answer the same questions by means of more refined concepts and a more developed language. Thus in Hinduism, men contemplate the divine mystery and express it through an inexhaustible abundance of myths and through searching philosophical inquiry. They seek freedom from the anguish of our human condition either through ascetical practices or profound meditation or a flight to God with love and trust. Again, Buddhism, in its various forms, realizes the radical insufficiency of this changeable world; it teaches a way by which men, in a devout and confident spirit, may be able either to acquire the state of perfect liberation, or attain, by their own efforts or through higher help, supreme illumination. Likewise, other religions found everywhere try to counter the restlessness of the human heart, each in its own manner, by proposing "ways," comprising teachings, rules of life, and sacred rites. The Catholic Church rejects nothing that is true and holy in these religions. She regards with sincere reverence those ways of conduct and of life, those precepts and teachings which, though differing in many aspects from the ones she holds and sets forth, nonetheless often reflect a ray of that Truth which enlightens all men. Indeed, she proclaims, and ever must proclaim Christ "the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6), in whom men may find the fullness of religious life, in whom God has reconciled all things to Himself.(4)

The Church, therefore, exhorts her sons, that through dialogue and collaboration with the followers of other religions, carried out with prudence and love and in witness to the Christian faith and life, they recognize, preserve and promote the good things, spiritual and moral, as well as the socio-cultural values found among these men. (Nostra Aetate, October 28, 1965.)

By the way, this is apostasy.

The only difference between what Bergoglio/Francis is doing now (after all, he has said the same thing before--see Francis Do-Right and what his predecessors has done in the past is to popularize in unmistakably clear terms that there can be no reconciling the teaching of the Catholic Church with what is held and taught by the likes of him and his fellow revolutionaries, something that is scandalizing those Catholics in the conciliar church who know better and reaffirming those Protestants who believe that the Catholic Church is the "whore of Babylon" in their prejudices as neither group understands that Bergoglio/Francis is not a Catholic and that the "church" that he heads, which may well be the "whore of Babylon, is a counterfeit entity, not the Catholic Church.

Bergoglio/Francis's "letter to unbelievers" in La Repubblica thus makes plausible claim of a young French Catholic, Christopher Tutino, that Bergoglio/Francis telephoned him to respond to a letter that he, Tutino, had written the false "pontiff" in which he revealed his proclivity to engaging in perverse acts against the Sixth and Ninth Commandments by saying, "“Your homosexuality, it doesn’t matter,” he recalled the pope saying. “One way or another, we are all children of God" (see Francis is on the line and everyone's talking) despite Vatican denials that the currently presiding universal public face of apostasy made such a telephone call. (What is spokesflack "Father" Federico Lombardi, S.J., going to say when his "boss" busts out of the Vatican in the twenty-year old Renault 4 sedan he was just given by an Italian presbyter and is seen all over Rome, something that the uncontrollable Argentine of Italian ancestry might very well do given his rebellious nature.)

To put this in very plain terms, Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis has made the devil delightfully happy with the work he has been doing for the past six months.

Even though part two will explore the teaching of the Catholic Church in great detail, suffice it for now to provide three quick reminders as to how far Bergoglio/Francis is from the mind and the Most Sacred Heart of the Risen Christ the King:


Bear not the yoke with unbelievers. For what participation hath justice with injustice? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever?

And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God; as God saith: I will dwell in them, and walk among them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore, Go out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing: And I will receive you; and I will be a Father to you; and you shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. (2 Cor. 6: 14-18.)

"We charge you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you withdraw yourselves from every brother walking disorderly, and not according to the tradition which they have received from us." (2 Thes. 3:6)

Be ye therefore followers of God, as most dear children;  And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath delivered himself for us, an oblation and a sacrifice to God for an odour of sweetness. But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not so much as be named among you, as becometh saints: Or obscenity, or foolish talking, or scurrility, which is to no purpose; but rather giving of thanks. For know you this and understand, that no fornicator, or unclean, or covetous person (which is a serving of idols), hath inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.

Let no man deceive you with vain words. For because of these things cometh the anger of God upon the children of unbelief. Be ye not therefore partakers with them. For you were heretofore darkness, but now light in the Lord. Walk then as children of the light. For the fruit of the light is in all goodness, and justice, and truth; Proving what is well pleasing to God:

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For the things that are done by them in secret, it is a shame even to speak of. But all things that are reproved, are made manifest by the light; for all that is made manifest is light. Wherefore he saith: Rise thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead: and Christ shall enlighten thee. See therefore, brethren, how you walk circumspectly: not as unwise. (Ephesians 5: 1-15.)

Here we have, founded by Catholics, an inter-denominational association that is to work for the reform of civilization, an undertaking which is above all religious in character; for there is no true civilization without a moral civilization, and no true moral civilization without the true religion: it is a proven truth, a historical fact. The new Sillonists cannot pretend that they are merely working on “the ground of practical realities” where differences of belief do not matter. Their leader is so conscious of the influence which the convictions of the mind have upon the result of the action, that he invites them, whatever religion they may belong to, “to provide on the ground of practical realities, the proof of the excellence of their personal convictions.” And with good reason: indeed, all practical results reflect the nature of one’s religious convictions, just as the limbs of a man down to his finger-tips, owe their very shape to the principle of life that dwells in his body.

This being said, what must be thought of the promiscuity in which young Catholics will be caught up with heterodox and unbelieving folk in a work of this nature? Is it not a thousand-fold more dangerous for them than a neutral association? What are we to think of this appeal to all the heterodox, and to all the unbelievers, to prove the excellence of their convictions in the social sphere in a sort of apologetic contest? Has not this contest lasted for nineteen centuries in conditions less dangerous for the faith of Catholics? And was it not all to the credit of the Catholic Church? What are we to think of this respect for all errors, and of this strange invitation made by a Catholic to all the dissidents to strengthen their convictions through study so that they may have more and more abundant sources of fresh forces? What are we to think of an association in which all religions and even Free-Thought may express themselves openly and in complete freedom? For the Sillonists who, in public lectures and elsewhere, proudly proclaim their personal faith, certainly do not intend to silence others nor do they intend to prevent a Protestant from asserting his Protestantism, and the skeptic from affirming his skepticism. Finally, what are we to think of a Catholic who, on entering his study group, leaves his Catholicism outside the door so as not to alarm his comrades who, “dreaming of disinterested social action, are not inclined to make it serve the triumph of interests, coteries and even convictions whatever they may be”? Such is the profession of faith of the New Democratic Committee for Social Action which has taken over the main objective of the previous organization and which, they say, “breaking the double meaning which surround the Greater Sillon both in reactionary and anti-clerical circles”, is now open to all men “who respect moral and religious forces and who are convinced that no genuine social emancipation is possible without the leaven of generous idealism.” (Pope Saint Pius X, Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910.)

It [the Holy Roman Church] firmly believes, professes, and teaches that the matter pertaining to the law of the Old Testament, of the Mosaic law, which are divided into ceremonies, sacred rites, sacrifices, and sacraments, because they were established to signify something in the future, although they were suited to the divine worship at that time, after our Lord's coming had been signified by them, ceased, and the sacraments of the New Testament began; and that whoever, even after the passion, placed hope in these matters of the law and submitted himself to them as necessary for salvation, as if faith in Christ could not save without them, sinned mortally. Yet it does not deny that after the passion of Christ up to the promulgation of the Gospel they could have been observed until they were believed to be in no way necessary for salvation; but after the promulgation of the Gospel it asserts that they cannot be observed without the loss of eternal salvation. All, therefore, who after that time observe circumcision and the Sabbath and the other requirements of the law, it declares alien to the Christian faith and not in the least fit to participate in eternal salvation, unless someday they recover from these errors. Therefore, it commands all who glory in the name of Christian, at whatever time, before or after baptism, to cease entirely from circumcision, since, whether or not one places hope in it, it cannot be observed at all without the loss of eternal salvation. Regarding children, indeed, because of danger of death, which can often take place, when no help can be brought to them by another remedy than through the sacrament of baptism, through which they are snatched from the domination of the Devil and adopted among the sons of God, it advises that holy baptism ought not to be deferred for forty or eighty days, or any time according to the observance of certain people, but it should be conferred as soon as it can be done conveniently, but so ,that, when danger of death is imminent, they be baptized in the form of the Church, early without delay, even by a layman or woman, if a priest should be lacking, just as is contained more fully in the decree of the Armenians. . . .

It firmly believes, professes, and proclaims that those not living within the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews and heretics and schismatics cannot become participants in eternal life, but will depart "into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels" [Matt. 25:41], unless before the end of life the same have been added to the flock; and that the unity of the ecclesiastical body is so strong that only to those remaining in it are the sacraments of the Church of benefit for salvation, and do fastings, almsgiving, and other functions of piety and exercises of Christian service produce eternal reward, and that no one, whatever almsgiving he has practiced, even if he has shed blood for the name of Christ, can be saved, unless he has remained in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church. (Pope Eugene IV, Cantate Domino, Council of Florence, February 4, 1442.)

Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis is outside of the Catholic Faith. It does not make any difference what he teaches in an "official" capacity. It is what he believes that casts him outside the pale of the Catholic Church, and he believes in the antithesis of what is taught by Holy Mother Church, which is why he must slay straw men by the using of various insidious epithets, including "triumphalists." 

Well, behold a triumphalist, who wants to remind the readers of this site why Bergoglio/Francis is outside the pale of the Catholic Church and thus cannot be a true and legitimate Successor of Saint Peter:


The Church, founded on these principles and mindful of her office, has done nothing with greater zeal and endeavour than she has displayed in guarding the integrity of the faith. Hence she regarded as rebels and expelled from the ranks of her children all who held beliefs on any point of doctrine different from her own. The Arians, the Montanists, the Novatians, the Quartodecimans, the Eutychians, did not certainly reject all Catholic doctrine: they abandoned only a certain portion of it. Still who does not know that they were declared heretics and banished from the bosom of the Church? In like manner were condemned all authors of heretical tenets who followed them in subsequent ages. "There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition" (Auctor Tract. de Fide Orthodoxa contra Arianos).

The practice of the Church has always been the same, as is shown by the unanimous teaching of the Fathers, who were wont to hold as outside Catholic communion, and alien to the Church, whoever would recede in the least degree from any point of doctrine proposed by her authoritative Magisterium. Epiphanius, Augustine, Theodore :, drew up a long list of the heresies of their times. St. Augustine notes that other heresies may spring up, to a single one of which, should any one give his assent, he is by the very fact cut off from Catholic unity. "No one who merely disbelieves in all (these heresies) can for that reason regard himself as a Catholic or call himself one. For there may be or may arise some other heresies, which are not set out in this work of ours, and, if any one holds to one single one of these he is not a Catholic" (S. Augustinus, De Haeresibus, n. 88). (Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum, June 29, 1896.)

There is no wiggle room here at all.

If one even "privately" dissents from one article contained in the Catholic Faith while holding, however tenuously, to others, he has expelled himself from the bosom of Holy Mother Church by virtue of violating the Divine Positive Law.

Saint Francis de Sales had noted this same point over two hundred eighty years before:


With reference to its object, faith cannot be greater for some truths than for others. Nor can it be less with regard to the number of truths to be believed. For we must all believe the very same thing, both as to the object of faith as well as to the number of truths. All are equal in this, because everyone must believe all the truths of faith--both those which God Himself has directly revealed, as well as those he has revealed through His Church. Thus, I must believe as much as you and you as much as I, and all other Christians similarly. He who does not believe all these mysteries is not Catholic and therefore will never enter Paradise. (Saint Francis de Sales, The Sermons of Saint Francis de Sales for Lent Given in 1622, republished by TAN Books and Publishers for the Visitation Monastery of Frederick, Maryland, in 1987, pp. 34-37.)

A Catholic must hold to everything that is taught by Holy Mother Church as she has taught it without a shadow of change from time immemorial. To try to rationalize a supposed "pope's" defections from the Catholic Faith is to engage in the same kind of reinvention of Catholic doctrine that the conciliar "popes" have used to justify one condemned proposition after another. To contend that one can "sift" through the words and actions of a true pope is to make a mockery of the doctrine of Papal Infallibility by have recourse, even if by inadvertence, to the false principles of Gallicanism that were condemned by Pope Pius VI in Auctorem Fidei, August 28, 1794, and mocked by Bishop Emil Bougaud, the Bishop of Laval, France, from 1887 to 1888:


6. The doctrine of the synod by which it professes that "it is convinced that a bishop has received from Christ all necessary rights for the good government of his diocese," just as if for the good government of each diocese higher ordinances dealing either with faith and morals, or with general discipline, are not necessary, the right of which belongs to the supreme Pontiffs and the General Councils for the universal Church,schismatic, at least erroneous.

7. Likewise, in this, that it encourages a bishop "to pursue zealously a more perfect constitution of ecclesiastical discipline," and this "against all contrary customs, exemptions, reservations which are opposed to the good order of the diocese, for the greater glory of God and for the greater edification of the faithful"; in that it supposes that a bishop has the right by his own judgment and will to decree and decide contrary to customs, exemptions, reservations, whether they prevail in the universal Church or even in each province, without the consent or the intervention of a higher hierarchic power, by which these customs, etc., have been introduced or approved and have the force of law,—leading to schism and subversion of hierarchic rule, erroneous.

8. Likewise, in that it says it is convinced that "the rights of a bishop received from Jesus Christ for the government of the Church cannot be altered nor hindered, and, when it has happened that the exercise of these rights has been interrupted for any reason whatsoever, a bishop can always and should return to his original rights, as often as the greater good of his church demands it"; in the fact that it intimates that the exercise of episcopal rights can be hindered and coerced by no higher power, whenever a bishop shall judge that it does not further the greater good of his church,—leading to schism, and to subversion of hierarchic government, erroneous. (Pope Pius VI, Auctorem Fidei, August 28, 1794.)

The violent attacks of Protestantism against the Papacy, its calumnies and so manifest, the odious caricatures it scattered abroad, had undoubtedly inspired France with horror; nevertheless the sad impressions remained. In such accusations all, perhaps, was not false. Mistrust was excited., and instead of drawing closer to the insulted and outraged Papacy, France stood on her guard against it. In vain did Fenelon, who felt the danger, write in his treatise on the "Power of the Pope," and, to remind France of her sublime mission and true role in the world, compose his "History of Charlemagne." In vain did Bossuet majestically rise in the midst of that agitated assembly of 1682, convened to dictate laws to the Holy See, and there, in most touching accents, give vent to professions of fidelity and devotedness toward the Chair of St. Peter. We already notice in his discourse mention no longer made of the "Sovereign Pontiff." The "Holy See," the "Chair of St. Peter," the "Roman Church," were alone alluded to. First and alas! too manifest signs of coldness in the eyes of him who knew the nature and character of France! Others might obey through duty, might allow themselves to be governed by principle--France, never! She must be ruled by an individual, she must love him that governs her, else she can never obey.

These weaknesses should at least have been hidden in the shadow of the sanctuary, to await the time in which some sincere and honest solution of the misunderstanding could be given. But no! parliaments took hold of it, national vanity was identified with it. A strange spectacle was now seen. A people the most Catholic in the world; kings who called themselves the Eldest Sons of the Church and who were really such at heart; grave and profoundly Christian magistrates, bishops, and priests, though in the depths of their heart attached to Catholic unity,--all barricading themselves against the head of the Church; all digging trenches and building ramparts, that his words might not reach the Faithful before being handled and examined, and the laics convinced that they contained nothing false, hostile or dangerous. (Right Reverend Emile Bougaud, The Life of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. Published in 1890 by Benziger Brothers. Re-printed by TAN Books and Publishers, 1990, pp. 24-29.)

Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis has given us ample proof of his apostasy, which is just out of control and uncontrollable, leading one to ponder whether there are any reasonably sane "cardinals" in the counterfeit church of conciliarism right now who might be having a bit of "buyer's remorse for what they did six months ago today.

Ah, but what these "cardinals" did was to give the world a man who is so clearly not a Catholic, so clearly undignified and uncouth, so clearly in love with himself to make it clear to anyone who wishes to put human respect and personal privilege aside by making it impossible to say that Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Francis holds the Catholic Faith in all of Its Holy Integrity. Bergoglio/Francis does not so, and no amount of not reporting the fact or stating it publicly can make it disappear from public sight as even "conservative" Catholics and some Protestants are able to see that Bergoglio is a fraud as a Catholic and as a "pope."

Pray your Rosaries.

Pray extra hard today on this great Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary.

The Most Holy Name of Mary is a name that must be on our lips at all times, and it will be so following the Triumph of her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart and thus the restoration of the Social Reign of Christ the King.

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?

Vivat Christus Rex! Viva Cristo Rey!

Most Holy Name of Mary, save us!.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.



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