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March 28, 2005

An Open Letter to Pope John Paul II:

Make a Public Plea to Save the Life of Mrs. Theresa Marie Schindler-Schiavo

by Father Lawrence C. Smith

Easter Monday: 28 March 2005

Dear Holy Father,

May Our Lord and Our Lady abundantly bless you in this most holy Season of Easter! Please know of the many daily and hourly prayers for you from the Faithful around the world. We are begging Heaven to keep you strong in mind, body, and soul.

I am sending this brief message to beg you to take action to preserve the life of Mrs. Terri Schiavo of St. Petersburg, Florida in the United States of America. She is being subjected to death by starvation and dehydration in a hospice facility even now. Today is the tenth day of her ordeal.

You have written clearly and eloquently on the fact that innocent human life is inviolate. On several occasions you have taught the Catholic truth that food and water are never to be denied a person in any state of health. There is no question but that you intend the Catholic Faithful to labor manfully to protect all innocent human life, from natural conception to natural death.

Please, Your Holiness, use the authority given you by God to bind and loose on earth and in Heaven, to stay the death sentence so mercilessly imposed on this child of God. The Holy See has diplomatic means to appeal for her. You as Sovereign Pontiff can bring your authority to bear on Bishop Lynch of St. Petersburg to require him to speak and act in keeping with the truths of our Faith. And, Your Holiness, you can speak personally to Governor Jeb Bush of Florida and President George Bush of the United States as you once spoke to Governor Mel Carnahan of Missouri several years ago on behalf of a condemned criminal -- winning a stay of execution for the guilty man.

Mrs. Schiavo is that hundredth sheep who needs her shepherd to leave behind the other ninety-nine to find her and save her. Your Holiness is our shepherd here on earth under our Good Shepherd in Heaven. Please, do everything in your power to spare her.

Again, be sure of our prayers for you. Please pray for the Flock entrusted to you by Our Lord. In the midst of this trying period of neglect of faith, hope, and charity among men of stony hearts, let us rejoice in our Risen Lord who makes all things new, is rich in mercy, and bids all men peace.

With fond filial affection, I am ever

Your humble servant and son,
Reverend Father Lawrence C. Smith
Tustin, California, USA


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