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         Republished on:  August 29, 2008

Continuing to Knight Infidels

by Thomas A. Droleskey

The unprecedented "papal" knightings of the ancient enemies of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the true Church that He founded upon the Rock of Peter, the Pope, are scandals of the most epic proportions. Members of Freemasonic lodges, such as News Corporation President and Chairman Rupert Murdoch, whose Fox broadcast television network broke ground in the field of producing and airing some of the most reprehensible and morally offensive programming in the history of American television, and Roy E. Disney (the nephew of the late Walter Elias Disney), whose company has distributed films mocking the Catholic Faith, were "papally" knighted the behest of Roger Mahony, the nefarious conciliar "archbishop" of Los Angeles, in 1997, the subject of an article I wrote at the time for The Wanderer. A pro-abortion, pro-perversion Talmudic rabbi, Dr. Walter Jacob, the Rabbi Emeritus of the Rodef Shalom Congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who is now active in helping to launch “Reform Judaism” in Germany, was "knighted" to the Papal Order of Saint Gregory by the then conciliar "bishop" of Pittsburgh, who has since succeeded Theodore "Allah" McCarrick as the conciliar "archbishop" of Washington, D.C., on June 18, 2005. Four other living adherents of the Talmud, which preaches great hatred against Our Lord and Our Lady, were "knighted" during the false pontificate of Karol Wojtyla.

Here is a description, taken from the conciliar Vatican's own website, about the Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory:

The Papal Order of Saint Gregory was originally founded by Pope Gregory XVI on 1 September 1831, in four classes - Knights Grand Cross (1st class), Knights Grand Cross (2nd class), Knights Commander, and Knights. The regulations concerning the grades and uniform were then expanded in a further Bull dated 30 May 1834. As part of the reform of the Papal Orders instituted by Saint Pius X on 7 February 1905, the grades of the Order were modified by the addition of a Star for a higher category of Knights Commander and the suppression of the 2nd class of Knight Grand Cross, paralleling the grades of the Ordine Piano and the newly founded Order of Saint Sylvester. Pius X also assigned to the Papal Knights a particular place in Papal processions and in ceremonies of the Church.

Awards of the Order are usually made on the recommendation of Diocesan Bishops or Nuncios for specific services. Unlike membership of the Military Orders (Malta, the Holy Sepulcher), membership of the Order of Saint Gregory does not impose any special obligations. It is thus the preferred award to acknowledge an individual's particular meritorious service to the Church. A Bishop wishing to recommend an individual for this honor will a draw up a suitable letter proposing the candidates name, with a c.v.,[curriculum vitae sheet] and forward it with his recommendation to the Apostolic Nuncio. The Nuncio may consult with the Bishop regarding the grade - if, perhaps, the grade suggested may be inappropriate - but will then usually forward the recommendation to the Secretariat of State. There the candidate's name is considered carefully and, if approved, a Diploma is drawn up in Latin (and the candidates forenames are translated into Latin) and this receives the signature and seal of the Cardinal Secretary of State. It is then delivered to the recipient. Usually, Papal awards give rise to a nominal "tax" charge to cover the expenses concerned - this charge may be paid by the Diocese but is usually reimbursed by the recipient.


Consider the reality of this: pro-abortion, pro-perversion adherents of the Talmud, which contains terrible outrages against Our Lord and His Most Blessed Mother, as Father I. B. Pranaitis, a priest in Saint Petersburg, Russia, explained in book published in 1892, The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians, are considered fit to participate in "papal" processions and in "ceremonies of the Church." Would Joseph Ratzinger confer "knighthood" on anyone who supported racism or advocated the killing of non-Catholics? Why, then, does he continue the example of his innovative predecessor in the See of Modernism to bestow knighthoods and medals upon enemies of the Cross of the Divine Redeemer who support the destruction of innocent preborn babies in their mothers' wombs under cover of law and who believe that those who engage in wanton, unrepentant acts of perversity must be bestowed the same "rights" as married couples by civil authorities?

Well, the answer is simple: upholding the integrity of the Catholic Faith did not matter to Karol Wojtyla and it does not matter to Joseph Ratzinger. Modernists in the necessity of innovations for the sake of appealing to the "needs" of the mythical entity known as "modern" man. Pope Saint Pius X explained this in Pascendi Dominci Gregis, September 8, 1997:


To penetrate still deeper into the meaning of Modernism and to find a suitable remedy for so deep a sore, it behooves Us, Venerable Brethren, to investigate the causes which have engendered it and which foster its growth. That the proximate and immediate cause consists in an error of the mind cannot be open to doubt. We recognize that the remote causes may be reduced to two: curiosity and pride. Curiosity by itself, if not prudently regulated, suffices to account for all errors. Such is the opinion of Our predecessor, Gregory XVI, who wrote: "A lamentable spectacle is that presented by the aberrations of human reason when it yields to the spirit of novelty, when against the warning of the Apostle it seeks to know beyond what it is meant to know, and when relying too much on itself it thinks it can find the truth outside the Catholic Church wherein truth is found without the slightest shadow of error."

But it is pride which exercises an incomparably greater sway over the soul to blind it and lead it into error, and pride sits in Modernism as in its own house, finding sustenance everywhere in its doctrines and lurking in its every aspect. It is pride which fills Modernists with that self-assurance by which they consider themselves and pose as the rule for all. It is pride which puffs them up with that vainglory which allows them to regard themselves as the sole possessors of knowledge, and makes them say, elated and inflated with presumption, "We are not as the rest of men," and which, lest they should seem as other men, leads them to embrace and to devise novelties even of the most absurd kind.


The awarding of "papal" knighthood to men who are enemies of the Cross of Christ and who publicly promote the very thing, sin, that caused Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to suffer unspeakable horrors during His Passion Death--and which thrust Seven Swords of Sorrow through His Most Blessed Mother's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart--is indeed a novelty of the most absurd kind. It is a novelty of the most blasphemous kind. Then again, of course, what's blasphemy and sacrilege to men who have gutted Catholic worship, going so far to remove the ancient Offertory and to replace it with "table prayers" from the Talmud, rewarded apostasy at every turn, indemnify perverts and their protectors, and who called mountains on top which sit temples devoted to false gods as "sacred"? What's blasphemy and sacrilege to men who make war against the very nature of truth (see: A Catechism of Conciliarism, part 1) and who embrace ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue and religious liberty and the fundamental error of the separation between Church and State, condemned by one pope after another prior to 1958?

Thus it is, ladies and gentlemen, that Joseph Ratzinger has permitted yet another pro-abortion, pro-perversion rabbi of the "Reform Judaism" Talmudic sect to be "knighted" as a member of the Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory. Although the news of the latest "knighthood" was announced five months ago, the actual conferral of the "knighthood," which took place three days ago now, on August 26, 2007, is no less scandalous.

Here is the story, which comes from the website of the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai Brith, which is a Masonic organization devoted to the promotion of every manner of social evil imaginable:

Interfaith Pioneer Klenicki Knighted By Pope For Historic Contributions To Jewish-Catholic Relations

New York, NY, August 27, 2007 … Rabbi Leon Klenicki, the Anti-Defamation League's Interfaith Affairs Director Emeritus, has been knighted by Pope Benedict XVI for his historic contributions in creating positive relationships between Catholics and Jews around the world.  Rabbi Klenicki was made a Papal Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great at a ceremony at the Vatican's Mission to the United Nations, presided by Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston.

Rabbi Klenicki becomes the second ADL interfaith official to receive papal knighthood. In 1986, the late Dr. Joseph L. Lichten became the first American Jew to receive the honor, from Pope John Paul II. 

A renowned scholar and theologian, Rabbi Klenicki joins a select group of living Jews, and only a handful of rabbis, who have been so honored by the Vatican.  Klenicki is the author and co-author of hundreds of books and papers dealing with the theological and practical aspects of improving relations between Catholics and Jews after nearly two millennia of tragedy.

"I am deeply honored by Pope Benedict XVI for my nomination as a Papal Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great," said Rabbi Klenicki, who recalled his many meetings through the years with the future pope -- then Cardinal Ratzinger -- whom he praised for "the depth and breadth of his knowledge."

"I cannot describe how much this honor means to me," he said.  "It is recognition of the importance of the interfaith dialogue that has been my vocation and my passion for more than 30 years."

Rabbi Klenicki, a native of Argentina, thanked his high school and university teachers, his family, and his wife, Myra Cohen, whom he called his inspiration.  He also thanked ADL "for the opportunities it has given me to spend more than 30 years in the field of interfaith work."

 "We are extremely proud that Rabbi Klenicki's decades of work to help reconcile the Catholic and Jewish people has been recognized by Pope Benedict XVI with this special honor," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.  "Leon is a true pioneer in interfaith dialogue and education. I can think of no better person to deserve this honor."

Leon Klenicki received a Rabbinical diploma in 1967 from the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati.  In September 1967, Klenicki returned to Buenos Aires, where he accepted the position of Director of the Latin American Office of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. He helped develop Reform Judaism in Latin America and lectured widely at the main Latin American Jewish centers. Rabbi Klenicki served as an advisor on interfaith affairs for the DAIA, the main Jewish organization in Argentina.

In October 1973, Rabbi Klenicki joined ADL as head of the Jewish-Catholic Relations Department. He became Director of ADL's Department of Interfaith Affairs in 1984, and ADL's Co-Liaison to the Vatican.  He held this position until his retirement in January 2001.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops recommended to all U.S. bishops and cardinals that they observe Holocaust  Memorial Day by using as a liturgy the service prepared by Rabbi  Klenicki and Dr. Eugene J. Fisher, "From Desolation to Hope: An Interreligious Holocaust Memorial Service."  In May 2001, Rabbi Klenicki was honored by the Holy See's Commission for Interreligious Relations with Judaism for his contributions to the interfaith dialogue.

Attending yesterday's ceremony at the Vatican Mission were leading Catholic and Jewish interfaith officials including Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Holy See's Permanent Observer to the United Nations and Father James Massa, Executive Director of the Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Interfaith Pioneer Honore


Imagine this, please. Leon Klenicki helped to "develop Reform Judaism in Latin America." In other words, Leon Klenicki helped to establish a branch of Talmudic Judaism that believes that a woman has a "right" to choose to "terminate her pregnancy" in almost any circumstance after consultation with her family and rabbi and her "health professionals." This is the sort of "contribution" that the conciliar Vatican desires to recognize?

Apologists of all things conciliar might contend that the conciliar Vatican has not honored Leon Klenicki for his support of "reproductive freedom" but for his work in "improving" conciliar-Jewish relations. The alleged "improvement" in conciliar-Jewish relations has come as the conciliar robber barons have made one concession after another, including discouraging "proselytism" among the adherents of the Talmud. Perhaps this is something the conciliarists believe that is necessary to recognize, which should say something about their desire to pay obeisance to men who hate the Name of the Divine Redeemer and whose organizations, such as the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai Brith, work at every turn to war against the Deposit of Faith that He has entrusted exclusively to the Catholic Church.

Doubters out there should consider the hard evidence that proves this point. Consider the amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs filed by the Anti-Defamation League in the case of Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England to oppose the constitutionality of the New Hampshire Parental Notification Act. Here is a summary of the brief, followed by the first few paragraphs of the actual brief filed with the Supreme Court of the United States:


Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, et al. (2005) This Supreme Court case involves the constitutionality of The New Hampshire Parental Notification Prior to Abortion Act. The Act prohibits abortions for minors unless the parents have been notified, but provides exceptions for abortions necessary to prevent death and for minors who have obtained a judicial declaration that they are mature enough to make a decision concerning abortion. The First Circuit Court of Appeals previously ruled that the Act was unconstitutional because it does not include a health exception and the death exception is too narrow. ADL, together with 41 other religious and religiously affiliated organizations, joined a brief authored by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. The brief argued, among other things, that in emergency situations, the Act unconstitutionally threatens the health and lives of young women, and undermines their right to choose an abortion in accordance with religious faiths that place great value on women’s health and lives. The variety of religious beliefs about abortion underscores the importance of maintaining a private sphere– free from undue government interference – in which women, including minors, can make choices to protect their own lives and health in accordance with their faiths. Although parental guidance in young women’s major life decisions, including whether to end a pregnancy, is important, state-mandated parental involvement can sometimes harm the minor, such as where the family is dysfunctional or where an emergency situation requires immediate action.

Amici are religious organizations and religiously affiliated organizations dedicated to preserving religious freedom for all persons and to protecting a woman’s health and right to carry or terminate her pregnancy in accordance with her religion and values.1 The statements of interest provided by amici, included in Appendix B to this brief, demonstrate their shared interest (from different perspectives) in the right of women of all ages to make reproductive choices in accordance with their individual conscience and free from governmental interference. A full listing of the forty-two (42) organizations signing this brief as amici curiae appears in Appendix A.

Because amici value life and health, and recognize the many divergent theological perspectives regarding abortion, amici agree that all women whose health is at risk should be free to seek the best available medical advice, without governmental coercion or constraint, in making the difficult decision whether to terminate a pregnancy. Adherence to these principles compels amici to support Respondents in this case.

Because amici, cherish human life and health as among their most important values. Many of these religions hold that it is morally appropriate for women of all ages to consider – in accordance with their faiths – the threat to their lives or health in deciding whether to terminate a pregnancy. The New Hampshire Parental Notification Prior to Abortion Act, N.H.Rev. Stat. Ann. §§ 132:24-132:28 (Supp. 2004) (the “New Hampshire Act” or the “Act”), lacks a health exception and an adequate life exception, as required by this Court’s precedents. In emergency medical situations, the Act unconstitutionally threatens the health and lives of young women, and undermines their right to choose an abortion in accordance with religious faiths that place great value on women’s health and lives.

The religious component of the rights of privacy and of reproductive choice have been repeatedly recognized in this Court’s opinions, including in cases as early as Pierce v. Society of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510 (1925), and as recent as Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833 (1992). Many Americans reflect upon their religious beliefs and moral principles when making important private decisions about family, marriage, and procreation. The variety of religious teachings and beliefs about abortion underscores the importance of maintaining a private sphere – free from undue government interference – in which women can make choices to protect their own lives and health in accordance with their faiths and their consciences. This private sphere extends to minor women who are faced with pregnancies that threaten their lives and health. Although amici support and encourage parental guidance in young women’s major life decisions, including whether to end a pregnancy, they recognize that state-mandated parental involvement can sometimes harm the minor, such as where the family is dysfunctional or where an emergency medical situation requires immediate action. The Constitution protects minors from such threats to their lives, health, and religious beliefs.


No one associated with an organization responsible for such a legal brief should be given any earthly awards or honors, least of all those that carry with the title of "papal knighthood," of all things. The Catholic Church used to denounce the efforts of Catholic-hating naturalists to fill the world all manner of social poisons, seeking to pray for the conversion of such people to her maternal bosom. The counterfeit church of conciliarism rewards those who are associated closely with organizations dedicated to the spread of social evils and who do not want the Holy Name of the Divine Redeemer uttered publicly, something that one conciliar prelate after another has more that accommodated himself to by refusing to mention that Holy Name of Jesus Christ in public with the adherents of the Talmud present.

Want more proof of the Anti-Defamation League's support for baby-killing under cover of law? Well, here is a press release from their own site, issued following the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in Gonzales v. Carhart, which was not a"pro-life victory (see An Illusion of a Victory), on April 19, 2007:

ADL Disappointed With Supreme Court Ruling On Partial Birth Abortion Act

New York, NY, April 19, 2007 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) issued the following statement expressing its disappointment at the Supreme Court's ruling upholding the federal Partial Birth Abortion Act:

We are deeply troubled by the ramifications of the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion.  By upholding, for the first time, an abortion statute which contains no exception for the health of the woman, the Supreme Court has undermined a woman's right to choose and to act in accordance with her conscience and the dictates of her faith.

We continue to believe that Americans should have the freedom to make difficult decisions of conscience and health without government interference.

ADL joined an amicus brief in the case filed by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Rights.


There is much other evidence that can be presented. One from 2005, used in an article I wrote for Catholic Family News, "Knighting Infidels," demonstrates the support of Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism, the particular sect to which "Sir" Leon Klenicki belongs and sought to "develop" in Latin America, for the "rights" of those steeped in lives of perversity against the binding precepts of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments:

WASHINGTON, June 21, 2005 – In response to today’s introduction of the Uniting American Families Act, Jane Wishner, Chair of the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism, issued the following statement:

We proudly welcome Senator Leahy and Representative Nadler’s introduction of the Uniting American Families Act (formerly the Permanent Partners Immigration Act) which extends to same-sex couples the same immigration rights and protections enjoyed by heterosexual couples. Approximately 75 percent of the 1 million green cards or immigrant visas issued each year go to family members of U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Yet, current immigration law discriminates against same-sex couples, refusing to recognize them as the loving family members that they are. The long-overdue Uniting American Families Act will rightly ensure that our immigration law treats all American families equally.

Jewish tradition places the utmost importance on the family as the source of education, stability, and values. According to Jewish tradition, “Kin and family resemble a heap of stones; if one stone is taken out of it, the whole collapses.” (Genesis Rabbah). Society is built on the foundation of strong families. This value is undermined when our immigration laws separate loving families or force them to leave their homes in the U.S. in order to remain together.


The same "Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism" issued a press release in 1997 to condemn the then pending partial, conditional ban on partial-birth abortions that had been passed by the United States Senate:

WASHINGTON, May 20, 1997 - The Senate's passage today of a bill to restrict late-term abortions was called "grossly intrusive" and "an ominous and unwarranted threat to women's health," by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Central Conference of American Rabbis, representing 1.5 million Reform Jews and 1,800 Reform rabbis throughout North America. Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, issued the following statement after today's vote:

Today's Senate vote in support of the so-called Partial Birth Abortion Act of 1997 is an ominous and unwarranted threat to women's health and reproductive rights. Unable to overturn the decision reached by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade, those who would greatly limit, or eliminate altogether, a woman's right to choose now seek with this legislation to undermine, weaken, or limit that ruling.

This grossly intrusive legislation interposes the government between a woman and her doctor and, in doing so, gravely curtails the reproductive freedom of women everywhere. The bill's narrow "life exception" fails to provide an exception to preserve the woman's health, no matter how seriously or permanently damaged the women's physical or psychological health or future fertility would be.

Jewish law mandates that protecting the life and health of a woman come before protecting her fetus. In fact, a woman is forbidden to give her life in exchange for the life of her fetus. Imposing a ban on the intact dilation and evacuation (D&E) procedure, a procedure used in the rarest of instances to protect the health and life of a woman, directly contradicts a basic tenet of our faith. In this light, the vast majority of the organized Jewish community has consistently affirmed its vigorous opposition to efforts -- no matter how disguised -- to weaken the Court's Roe decision.

The bill's proponents have sadly politicized the most personal and difficult of decisions a woman can make in order to advance the moral agenda of some; in doing so, the proponents have sacrificed the reproductive rights of women, their autonomy, and their ability to make the best health choices for themselves and their families. We call on President Clinton to stand firm in his promise to veto this legislation.

Religious Action Center - Largest Jewish Organization Calls ...


To point all of this out is not to wish harm to those who are steeped in the false religion of Talmudic Judaism. Catholics are taught to will the good of all others, which means that they must pray for their eternal good, which is premised upon their conversion to the Catholic Church. As has been noted in past articles on this sites, Fathers Alphonse and Theodore Ratisbonne worked in the Holy Land for the conversion of the people from whose false religion that had converted to Catholicism. Did they hate the people from whom they had taken their birth? No, the Fathers Ratisbonne sought the eternal good of their brethren, seeking to help them to be regenerated in the Baptismal font, to have their Mortal Sins committed after Baptism Absolved in the Sacred Tribunal of Penance, to be nourished by the very Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Divine Redeemer in the Most Blessed Sacrament in Holy Communion, to receive the Sacrament of Extreme Unction at the moment of their deaths. This is what every Catholic seeks for every person in the world, including those who belong to Talmudic Judaism. This is not hate. This is the essence of the Spiritual Works of Mercy.

Did the Council of Florence preach "hate" when Pope Eugene IV promulgated the Bull Cantate Domino in 1442?

The holy Roman Church believes, professes, and preaches that 'no one remaining outside the Catholic Church, not just pagans, but also Jews or heretics or schismatics, can become partakers of eternal life; but they will go to the everlasting fire, which was prepared for the devil and his angels,' unless before the end of life they are joined to the Church. For the union with the body of the Church is of such importance that the sacraments of the Church are helpful to salvation only for those who remaining in it; and fasts, almsgiving, other works of piety, and the exercise of Christian warfare bear eternal rewards from them alone. And no one can be saved, no matter how much alms, he has given, even if he sheds his blood for the name of Christ, unless he remains in the bosom and the unity of the Catholic Church."


Pope Pius IX wrote in Singulari Quadam, December 8, 1854, that we cannot be indifferent to the salvation of the souls of others. We must work for their salvation, keeping in mind the injunction that Pope Leo XIII wrote in Sapientiae Christianae thirty-five years and one month later that we must bear with our fellow men as kindly:

Another error, equally destructive, has taken hold of some parts of the Catholic world, as we see to our sorrow. It has sunk deep into the minds of those Catholics principally who think there is good hope for the eternal salvation of all those who in no wise live in the true Church of Christ. Therefore, they are in the habit of frequently asking what will be the future lot and condition after death of those who in no way have given adherence to the Catholic faith. Advancing the flimsiest of arguments, they expect a reply that will support this erroneous opinion. Far be it from Us, Venerable Brethren, to dare set limits to the divine mercy, which is infinite. Far be it from Us to want to penetrate the secret plans and judgements of God, which are a great abyss (see Ps. 35:7), impenetrable to human thought. But according to Our apostolic office, We want your episcopal care and vigilance to be on the alert to keep away from men's minds, with all possible effort, that opinion that a way of eternal salvation can be found in any religion whatever. With all the learning and ingenuity that is yours, teach the people entrusted to your care that the dogmas of the Catholic faith are not in the slightest opposed to the mercy and justice of God.

It must, of course, be held as a matter of faith that outside the apostolic Roman Church no one can be saved, that the Church is the only ark of salvation, and that whoever does not enter it will perish in the flood. On the other hand, it must likewise be held certain that those who are affected by ignorance of the true religion, if it is invincible ignorance, are not subject to any guilt in this matter before the eyes of the Lord. Now, then, who could presume in himself an ability to set the boundaries of such ignorance, taking into consideration the natural differences of peoples, lands, native talents, and so many other factors? Only when we have been released from the bonds of this body and see God just as he is (see 1 John 3:2) shall we really understand how close and beautiful a bon joins divine mercy with divine justice. But as long as we dwell on earth, encumbered with this soul-dulling mortal body, let us tenaciously cling to the Catholic doctrine that there is one God, one faith, one baptism (see Eph. 4:5). To proceed with further investigation is wrong.

Nevertheless, as charity demands, let us pray continually for the conversion to Christ of all nations everywhere. Let us devote ourselves to the salvation of all men as far as we can, for the hand of the Lord is not shortened (see Isa. 59:1). The gifts of heavenly grace will assuredly not be denied to those who sincerely want and pray for refreshment by the divine light. These truths need to be fixed deeply in the minds of the faithful so that they cannot be infected with doctrines tending to foster the religious indifferentism which We see spreading widely, with growing strength, and with destructive effect upon souls.


It is no contradiction, however, to oppose with vigor the efforts of the enemies of Christ to undermine the truths of the true Faith while we pray and work simultaneously for their conversion. It is a contradiction, however, to heap praise and to bestow honors and awards on the enemies of Christ while making a pretense of being faithful to the tradition of the Catholic Church. The conciliarists represent everything condemned by Pope Saint Pius X in Pascendi Dominic Gregis, proving themselves over and over again to be enemies of the souls for whom Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ shed every single drop of His Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross.

Herod the Tetrarch consented to the demands of his niece and step-daughter Salome to accede to the demand his sister-in-law and wife Herodias had made through for the head of Saint John the Baptist after she had performed a dance for him on his birthday:

But on Herod's birthday, the daughter of Herodias danced before them: and pleased Herod. Whereupon he promised with an oath, to give her whatsoever she would ask of him. But she being instructed before by her mother, said: Give me here in a dish the head of John the Baptist. And the king was struck sad: yet because of his oath, and for them that sat with him at table, he commanded it to be given. And he sent, and beheaded John in the prison. (Matthew 14: 7-10.)


Poor King Herod the Tetrarch. He could have been "knighted" by Joseph Ratzinger if only he could have stuck around for two millennia. Remember, Saint John the Baptist was freed from Original Sin in his mother's womb when the sound of the Mother of the One Whose precursor he was meant to be pierced his ears at the moment of the Visitation. Saint John the Baptist, just like his Divine Cousin, is in solidarity with every child in every mother's womb. Preborn babies are killed under cover of law today with those who claim, albeit falsely, lineage from the line that produced and sustained Herod the Great and Herod the Tetrarch. Why not a posthumous "knighting" of both Herods?  And while we are it, why not consider "knighting" posthumously the members of the Sanhedrin who scourged the Apostles and warned them never to mention the Name of "that man" again, which is exactly what the conciliarists have done and why they are rewarding men such as Leon Klenicki:

And calling in the apostles, after they had scourged them, they charged them that they should not speak at all in the name of Jesus; and they dismissed them. (Acts 5: 40.)


Perhaps the apostates known as conciliarists should be "knighting" themselves along with the infidel?

In these times of apostasy and betrayal, therefore, let us continue to stand by the foot of the Holy Cross at the offering of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition offered in the Catholic catacombs at the hands of true bishops and true priests who make no concessions at all to conciliarism or to the nonexistent "legitimacy" of their apostate prelates. We must stand by the foot of the Cross with Our Lady, the Co-Redemptrix and the Mediatrix of All Graces, our Mother and intercessor, Saint John the Baptist, who represents the pure of heart, which is what we must strive to be, and Saint Mary Magdalene, who represents the converted and reformed sinner shedding tears our what her sins have caused her Beloved to suffer, which is what we, sinners who seek to reform our lives on a daily basis in cooperation with Sanctifying Grace, must do with grateful hearts as we contemplate the Sacrifice made by Our Lord to the Father in Spirit and in Truth to redeem us.

As we stand by the foot of the Cross each day during this time of unprecedented apostasy and betrayal, of course, we must keep faithful to our prayerful recitation of Our Lady's Most Holy Rosary, trusting totally that she will vanquish the head of the serpent in these our days, mindful first and foremost that we must work out our own salvation in fear and in trembling, as Saint Paul reminded us in his Epistle to the Philippians:

Wherefore, my dearly beloved, (as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but much more now in my absence,) with fear and trembling work out your salvation. (Phil. 2: 12.)


Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our deaths. Amen.


All to you, Blessed Mother. All to your Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, we love you. Save souls!

Viva Cristo Rey! Vivat Christus Rex!

Isn't it time to pray a Rosary now?

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

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