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                  March 2, 2007

A Pictorial Essay, part 1

by Thomas A. Droleskey


I have decided that it is best to have a separate page for the photographs to accompany It's Still Better This than Purgatory (or Worse!), part 1.

The photographs below represent a random sample taken, mostly by my dear wife Sharon, during the period recounted in the above-linked article. It remains my policy not to display facial photographs of our daughter on the internet. Several below, including the first, show her from behind. Call me what you want. Call me an overprotective father. However, there is just too much danger lurking out there to take any unnecessary chances.

I hope that you will enjoy the little pictorial essay that follows:

Father and daughter overlooking Oyster Bay Harbor, May 25, 2006.

A view of Oyster Bay Harbor from Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park, Oyster Bay, New York, May 25, 2006.

Traffic on the Major Deegan Expressway, Bronx, New York, May 26, 2006. (No, that's not our motor home ahead of us.) You can see the joys of "religious liberty" displayed on the van in the right lane.

Atlantic Ocean, Nickerson Beach, Nassau County, New York, June 1, 2006.

A squirrel and his Ritz cracker, Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park, Oyster Bay, New York, June 3, 2006.

A foggy day in Oyster Bay, June 3, 2006.


Lucy feeding the sheep at a petting zoo in Melville, New York, not far from Saint Pius V School, June 3, 2006.

The home of my late paternal grandparents, Edward and Adrienne Droleskey, Queens Village, New York. The house was built in 1922. It was where my father lived, absent his time studying veterinary medicine at the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas from 1938 to 1943 and his time in the service of the United States Navy during World War II, until he married my mother in 1951.

The row of houses on 219th Street in Queens Village in my father's old neighborhood. This is a very typical scene of the houses that were built in Queens after the First World War.

Like father, like daughter. Can't you tell?

A friendly-looking bear posing for a photograph at Catskill Game Farm, Sunday, June 18, 2006.


The mighty Hudson River, Kingston, New York.

Lucy at a Catholic cemetery along Route 9-W near Newburgh, New York, June 24, 2006.

Our first attempt at miniature golf, East Durham, New York, June 25, 2006


Posing with a presidential candidate, Yogi Bear Campground, eastern Ohio, July 9, 2006.


Posing with a chancery official from the Cincinnati area, July 12, 2006.


The Carousel Center, Syracuse, New York, August 8, 2006.


100,000 miles and counting, well, I wouldn't go that far. Interstate 71, August 11, 2006.

With Bishop Pivarunas (right), newly-ordained subdeacon Mr. Randy Welp, his mother and sisters, and a little girl who is, quite fortunately, blocking her face, permitting me to use this photograph. Omaha, Nebraska, September 29, 2006.


This one slipped by the politically correct police at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. This photograph of an African tribesman reveals his devotion to Saint Joseph! Omaha, Nebraska, Saturday, September 30, 2006, my dear wife's forty-third birthday. (Yes, I robbed the cradle.)

Seminarian Dan Sullivan, seen from the rear, affixing duct tape to the right sideview mirror of our motor home. A conversation with Bishop Pivarunas (before he gave us the blessing that is only good until you cross the Nebraska state line). Omaha, Nebraska, October 4, 2006.

The smashed windshield. White Lake, South Dakota, October 4, 2006.

A closer view of the smashed windshield. White Lake, South Dakota, October 4, 2006.

The smashed windshield, seen as we were driving along Interstate 90 some hours late. You can see that spider web is widening and getting closer to me. October 4, 2006.

A close-up view of the damage. October 4, 2006.

Leaning a little to the left, you say? October 4, 2006.


Placing my hand inside of the motor home, showing the gap between the windshield and the motor home. Rapid City, South Dakota, October 5, 2006.

On two telephones at once. Rapid City, South Dakota, October 5, 2006.


Bears playing at Bear Country, USA, Rapid City, South Dakota, October 10, 2006. Watch out for your gall bladders, guys?

Crystal clear vision once again. Back on the road, western South Dakota, October 10, 2006.

Driving in the cold, western Montana, October 11, 2006.

All to you, Blessed Mother. All to your Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, we love you. Save souls!

© Copyright 2007, Thomas A. Droleskey. All rights reserved.